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1 Dingwall Childrens Nursery Day Care of Children 10 Fodderty Way Dingwall IV15 9XB Telephone: Type of inspection: Unannounced Inspection completed on: 14 February 2018 Service provided by: James Evans & Sons Limited Service provider number: SP Care service number: CS

2 About the service Dingwall Childrens Nursery is a private day care of children service situated in Dingwall. The accommodation within the nursery comprises of three separate playrooms for three to five year olds, two to three year olds and the under two's. All three playrooms have direct access to a large, secured outdoor area. The service has been registered since April The service is registered to provide a service to a maximum of 50 children aged between birth and those not yet attending primary school of whom no more than 12 are under two years and 18 between two and three years of age. Other conditions unique to the service are: the service will operate Monday to Friday during daytime hours and staffing ratios as stated in the National Care Standards - Early Education up to the age of 16 (Appendix A) must be maintained at all times. A minimum of two adults must be present at all times. We check services are meeting the principles of Getting It Right for Every Child (also known as GIRFEC), Scotland's national approach to improving outcomes and wellbeing for children by offering the right help at the right time from the right people. It supports them and their parent(s) to work with the services that can help them. There are eight wellbeing indicators at the heart of Getting It Right for Every Child: safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, respected, responsible and included. These are referred to as the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators. We are carrying out a pilot using the Short Observational Framework for Inspection (SOFI 2) tool. The tool supports inspectors to carry out focussed observations of children's experiences while at nursery. We carried out a SOFI 2 observation as part of this inspection which has informed our findings. The findings are threaded throughout the report. What people told us There were 28 children present on the day of inspection. All children appeared happy in their play activities and were confident exploring their indoor and outdoor environments. Most were involved in meaningful play experiences, having fun and enjoyed interacting with the adults present. We spoke to several children throughout the inspection. Comments included: "We've been learning about pirates, that's their ship and this is a map". "I like to go outside, there's lots to do". "I like the swings and slide; I can go down it all by myself". "We have a kitchen and in there we have a school where we can write numbers and letters". "You can jump in this puddle and splash; I have my wellies on so it's ok". "This is my picture; it has my name on it". "Outside we play on the slide and I can run, we can paint and draw and splash". "I like the nursery, I have friends and we play". We received eight completed questionnaires from parents and carers, who all told us they were happy with the service their child receives. We spoke with four parents and carers during the inspection. Comments from questionnaires and discussions included: "Very friendly staff". "Very happy with the nurturing environment for my child". "I am very happy with the service from Dingwall Childrens Nursery". "The nursery don't do pram walks or local walks much but in spring and summer the children get outdoors to for Dingwall Childrens Nursery page 2 of 7

3 play. All in all, I have nothing bad to say". "Very happy, great nursery". "Children are always happy to come into nursery" "Have no concerns or worries but if I did, I would speak to the manager or owner". "Really happy with the care. Staff are lovely and always happy to speak and tell you what's been happening". "They have a private Facebook page and can see what's happening". "Would like more feedback on learning and development". "Information not always shared regarding incidents...". "My child frequently comes home very dirty...". Self assessment The service had not been asked to complete a self assessment in advance of the inspection. We looked at their own improvement plan and quality assurance systems. These demonstrated the service priorities for development, detailing how they were monitoring the quality of the provision within the service. From this inspection we graded this service as: Quality of care and support Quality of environment Quality of staffing Quality of management and leadership not assessed not assessed 3 - Adequate What the service does well During the inspection we considered the quality of care and support, from the evidence gathered during our inspection we evaluated this theme as good. We also looked at the quality of management and leadership which we evaluated as adequate. Children and their families were welcomed in to the service in a friendly yet professional manner, and staff showed a genuine care for those attending the service. Consultation with parents and children was working well, with a variety of opportunities available for families to comment and feedback about the service, including a survey questionnaire. Information sharing throughout the nursery was of a good standard, and created an inclusive ethos with a focus on partnership working. We saw staff support children in a nurturing and positive manner whilst building caring and supportive relationships. The staff knew most of the children well and used their interactions to help support the children and families in appropriate ways, such as tailoring care when supporting additional needs. Children were happy and confident in their play activities, and most were familiar with the simple routines. Most children were engaged in their play throughout the inspection, with the children enjoying playing outdoors in the mud kitchen and climbing frame. Overall staff supported children well and interacted positively, offering additional assistance where needed; such as during outdoor play activities, changing clothing and at meal times. Staff encouraged children to be respectful of their peers and role modelled positive behaviour, whilst supporting them to be responsible for their own behaviour. Staff were clear about their roles and responsibilities for keeping for Dingwall Childrens Nursery page 3 of 7

4 children safe, healthy and protected. Staff were familiar with the service medication procedure and understood the importance of following this correctly. There was evidence to show how the children's voice is listened to and their interests taken into account such as an activity focusing on pirates, that had developed based on children's questions and ideas. Within the preschool department, staff worked creatively to support children's learning and experiences, bringing children's ideas to life and recording their understanding on a learning wall and within floor books. Staff had work hard to develop children's learning journals within the preschool department to record children's experiences, progress and development, including examples using the SHANARRI wellbeing indicators. There was good use of free flow between the indoor and outdoor environment for children age two years and over. Independence was encouraged for all ages, with staff supporting children well when needed, such as when getting changed to play outdoors. Outdoor play was well established, with children encouraged to play creatively using 'Loose Parts Play' resources. The staff team had contributed to the nursery improvement plan which identified the key priorities for development within the nursery based on the quality indicators. They received regular visits from the manager and local authority education support office, which are used to support development. The staff team met regularly and contributed to the quality assurance programme. As a team they were responsive to ideas for developing their practice and were looking towards the long-term development of the nursery. Staff told us that they felt well supported by the new manager and the provider. There had been a change of manager since the last inspection and they were working hard to implement new procedures and changes within the nursery. Some tasks were beginning to be shared amongst the staff team to enable them to develop their knowledge and skills; the manager explained their vision for developing this further. We saw evidence that parents were involved in the self-evaluation and auditing of the nursery. Formal questionnaires were used along with social media sites to gather parental views and opinions. The nursery improvement plan and action plan was available for parents, with these identifying long and short-term improvements and how these are being addressed. What the service could do better During our observations identified some areas for development within the baby and toddler departments. We discussed the layout of the rooms and the pace and flow of the day for the younger children, including free access to the outdoor area. We also discussed the use of more natural materials, in particular within the baby and toddler departments and how these could be used to support children's experiences and learning, including the development of a cosy, nurture area for children to rest and have a quiet time. The manager and staff were keen to review these areas and develop them further. A recommendation has been made in respect of this. (See recommendation 1.) Children's interests and ideas were evident in the activities available on the day of inspection within the preschool department. Staff reflect on what worked well with the children, and were eager to develop this further. We suggested using more open ended questioning to support more meaningful discussions with children to help extend knowledge and learning when speaking about activities and ideas. Within the nursery learning journals and observational records for all children were in place. These had recently been updated and we discussed the continuous development of the journals, and how outcome focused next for Dingwall Childrens Nursery page 4 of 7

5 steps can be used to further support children's learning experiences and development. We discuss the importance of auditing and quality assuring these as part of the improvement process. Transitions between different stages within the nursery were planned as children reached a specific age. Prior to moving on within the nursery, children had visits to their new room, and were accompanied by staff to help transition more smoothly. We discussed the possibility of providing more flexibility based on individual need rather than age. The manager was keen to take this forward and put plans in place for children approaching the transition stage. Staff were familiar with the nursery nappy changing procedures, however, guidance was not always followed. During the inspection, the procedures were updated and all staff informed of the amendments. The manager and staff were reflective and very keen to make the necessary changes. During an audit of staff professional registration with the Scottish Social Service Council (SSSC), we identified that one member of staff was no longer registered. It is a requirement that all staff working in the service are registered within six months of employment and maintain their professional registration. They were asked to cease working directly with the children until registration was in place. We discussed with the manager how to monitor this and prevent the situation reoccurring. Action was taken during the inspection to manage the situation. (See requirement 1.) The manager had made good use of quality assurance using 'How good is our early learning and childcare?', and had started to carry out observations of staff practice. We discussed taking this forward by exploring how observations can be used for focusing on outcomes for children and activities, including nappy changing; looking at how this can be used to support the staff to make improvements across the nursery. Requirements Number of requirements: 1 1. The provider and manager must ensure that all staff working in the service are registered within six months of commencing employment, and maintain their professional registration with the relevant professional body. This is in order to comply with: The Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland (Requirements for Care Services) Regulations 2011 (Scottish Statutory Instrument 2011/210) Regulation 9(1) A provider must not employ any person in the provision of a care service unless that person is fit to be so employed. Timescale - To be completed by 30 June Recommendations Number of recommendations: 1 1. To support children's care, learning and development, the staff should review the layout of the rooms, introducing more natural materials to provide more opportunities for children to explore and create through imaginative play. for Dingwall Childrens Nursery page 5 of 7

6 National Care Standards Early Education and Childcare up to the age of 16 - Standard 5: Quality of experience. Complaints There have been no complaints upheld since the last inspection. Details of any older upheld complaints are published at Inspection and grading history Date Type Gradings 19 Feb 2016 Unannounced Care and support 6 Mar 2014 Unannounced Care and support 13 Oct 2010 Unannounced Care and support Not assessed Not assessed Not assessed 8 Jun 2009 Unannounced Care and support 10 Jun 2008 Announced Care and support 3 - Adequate for Dingwall Childrens Nursery page 6 of 7

7 To find out more This inspection report is published by the Care Inspectorate. You can download this report and others from our website. Care services in Scotland cannot operate unless they are registered with the Care Inspectorate. We inspect, award grades and help services to improve. We also investigate complaints about care services and can take action when things aren't good enough. Please get in touch with us if you would like more information or have any concerns about a care service. You can also read more about our work online at Contact us Care Inspectorate Compass House 11 Riverside Drive Dundee DD1 4NY Find us on Facebook Other languages and formats This report is available in other languages and formats on request. Tha am foillseachadh seo ri fhaighinn ann an cruthannan is cànain eile ma nithear iarrtas. for Dingwall Childrens Nursery page 7 of 7