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2 CONTENTS On e Cover Teamwork is key to new discoveries scice advces heal care. This m, The brgs you a few stories about how e art of teamwork is flourishg at UF Table of Ctts 3 -it 4 Admistra: Shs Ccer Hospital 5 Patit Care: Electric medical records 6 Extraordary Pers: Cuc Tr 8 Educa: FDA scholarship 9 Educa: Advocates for kids 11 5 Quess: Americ Pharmacy M 12 Cover Story: Team HSC 16 Research: Scice of snakebites 18 Research: Befits of tai chi 20 Jacksville: Phyllis Hdry 22 Distcs 23 Profile: Peter Lg 23 A visi of medice s future UP FRONT Image no-size devices at measure ouss of blood elemts, DNA sequcers at rapidly cheaply decode persal gomes. Throw advced computers to sort rough ese huge amounts of data, now stored our medical histories. It is just a matter of time, accordg to Leroy Hood, Ph.D., who vted e sequcg technology at decoded e hum gome He will talk more about medice s future at 5 p.m. Oct. 28 at e HPNP Complex auditorium for Florida Getics 2009, e nual symposium of e UF Getics Institute. All are vited to attd Hood s presta. Hood ks medice will become far more nimble proactive e next 20 years, freeg healcare professials from simply reactg wh people get sick. The average doctor s office visit today might volve bloodwork a few measuremts, such as blood pressure temperature, Hood said rectly Newsweek. In e near future physicis will collect billis of bytes of forma about each dividual ges, blood protes, cells historical data. They will use is data to assess wheer your cell s biological forma-hlg circuits have become perturbed by disease, wheer from defective ges, exposure to bad gs e virmt, or bo. P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

3 PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL FREE VEHICLE CHECKS FOR OLDER DRIVERS The PHHP departmt of occupaal erapy will offer CarFit, a free naal program at gives older adults e opportunity to check how eir persal vehicles fit em. CarFit will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Nov. 13 e parkg lot at Carrabba s Itali Grill, 3021 SW 34 St., Gaesville. Traed occupaal erapy studts will lead mature drivers rough a 12-pot checklist wi eir vehicles, recommd persal vehicle adjustmts adaptas, offer community resources activities at could make persal vehicles fit better or hce drivers safety. For more forma, or to schedule a vehicle check, call Desiree Lford at GIVE EM THEIR PROPS Give a fellow UF employee e recogni ey deserve by nomatg em for a Superior Accomplishmt Award. Nomas are op now rough Oct. 30. Nomate employee who has ctributed outstg meritorious service his or her field or has made excepal ctribus to UF s efficicy, ecomy or quality of life. Each divisi-level wner will receive a cash award of $200 university-level wners will be eligible for cash awards of $1,000 or $2,000. For a noma form or for more forma, visit or call COPY THIS Now ere s oer way your Gator 1 card will come hy. The UF Libraries have disctued use of copy cards for prtg copyg. Instead, your Gator 1 card will now be used for is service. To trsfer your balce from your copy card to e Gator 1 card, visit Room C1-25 e HSC Library from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. rough Oct. 30. You should brg your copy cards Gator 1 card. The trsfer may take up to five days to go rough. Until, you c use a credit card to add a balce to your Gator 1 account at For more forma, visit TABOO TOBACCO As The PO ST rep epor orted last m, to ba cc o us e will no lo nger be perm rmit itte ted yw he re e HSC ca mpus or at Sha nd s Heal al Care faci liti es beg eg ni ng Nov ov. 1. Thi s clud udes out side of HSC Sh s buildi ngs (d ndoo oor use is alr lrea eady pr oh ib ited ed), park g lots ca rs whil ile stil l cam ampu s. For mor ore form rmat atio n or for sel elf- he lp res esou ourc rces, visi t www. w.to toba bacc of ree. e. heal.u.ufl.edu du. SCIENCE = ART Ever marveled at e beauty of a blueberry poll tetrad under a microscope? OK, maybe you hav t, but chces are if you re a scitist you ve found beauty places people may not always see. Now, UF s Marst Scice Library is givg you your chce to show oers e art of scice rough e secd nual Elegce of Scice ctest. Faculty, staff studts are vited to ter 2-D artwork images produced durg research or at corporate tools ccepts from scice. Prizes rge from $50 to $200. Entries must be received by Dec. 21. Awards will be prested e sprg. For more forma, visit Visit us for e latest news HSC evts

4 ADMINISTRATION October offers chces to get side look at e Shs Ccer Hospital Throughout October, Shs HealCare, UF Physicis UF Heal Scice Cter employees are vited to attd op houses special evts e new Shs at UF Sou Campus, where e Shs Ccer Hospital at UF e Shs Critical Care Cter at UF are located. The followg is a list of several evts leadg up to e hospital s Nov. 1 opg. Artists residce Employee artwork display at e Shs Ccer Hospital By Allis Wils Wh Shs Arts Medice Director Ta Mull wt searchg for artwork to display e Shs Ccer Hospital at UF, she realized she wouldn t have to look far. I decided to ask employees to ctribute eir creative selves to e decoratg of is new buildg, Mull said. The idea was, Let s communicate to patits at eir heal-care providers at all levels are more just heal-care providers. Let s decorate e new buildg wi eir artwork. Mull issued a 30-day call to employee artists to submit eir best nature photography to be csidered for display e hospital. After porg over more 1,000 submissis, she her team chose 68 artists 300 photos at will decorate patit rooms, waitg rooms, corridors, exam rooms, csult rooms e cafeteria. The work came from Shs employees UF Heal Scice Cter faculty staff. Everye submitted such wderful work, Mull said. It was special to realize at our employees medical staff would take is kd of time to submit someg, we wted to be respectful of all ose submissis. We wt rough each e diligtly, really what elimated 90 perct of e photos was simply a matter of e file size not beg large ough. The work was professial quality. P PHOTO BY ANDRE BOZEART Oct. 19: All-Employee Op House Wh: 7 a.m-9 a.m., 11 a.m.-1 p.m., 4 p.m.-6 p.m. Where: Shs Ccer Hospital Lobby Details: This evt is for all Shs HealCare, UF Physicis, HSC employees, medical staff, studts volunteers. Activities clude buildg tours, prize drawgs music. Light refreshmts will be served. Oct. 24: Public Op House Wh: 9 a.m.-no Where: Shs Ccer Hospital Lobby Details: This will be e largest evt for e gr opg of e new hospital e ly evt at is op to e tire community. Oct. 25: Clelight Celebra Program Wh: 6:30 p.m. Where: Shs at UF Sou Campus Details: Employees, medical staff, studts volunteers are vited to e Shs at UF Sou Campus. Jo state, community, Oak Hammock Gard of Hope dors for a short program clelight celebra to mark e opg of e new medical cter. Please see Shs News Shsgivg.org for more details leadg up to e evt. P Meet e College of Pharmacy Figurg out how to get accepted to pharmacy school may be stressful, but e College of Pharmacy is easg e stress by hostg its nual op house to help form terested studts. The evt begs at 1 p.m. Nov. 1 e HPNP Complex auditorium, Room Speakers will prest forma swer quess until 4:45 p.m. Oer topics of terest will clude applica procedures, pre-pharmacy coursework, distce educa sites, fcial aid, college Heal Scice Cter facilities, career opportunities, studt life doctor of pharmacy curriculum. For more forma, call e UF College of Pharmacy Office for Studt Affairs at P PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

5 e It s College of Medice clics makg switch to electric medical records PATIENT CARE By Laura Mize The switch to electric medical records at e clics run by UF s College of Medice beg at what some might csider unlikely loca: Family Medice at Old Town, a small clic tucked behd a Hardee s restaurt off U.S. Highway 19 about hour outside of Gaesville. The move puts e clic ahead of my medical facilities e na, said Marv Dewar, M.D., J.D., chief medical officer terim sior associate de of UF Physicis. I do k we re a little ahead of e curve, Dewar said. Staff at e clic beg usg Epic, electric medical records system, August. Shi Kg, C.M.A., a medical assistt at e clic who s be traed as Epic super user to help her colleagues wi eir problems wi e program, said e trsi has had its share of missteps, but she s optimistic about e d result. Switchg to e new system mes clic staff members have to ter forma from old paper records to e electric system, a time-csumg task. Despite some glitches at are still beg worked out e work of terg forma from old files, Kg said she believes usg e new system will befit patits. Everyg will be documted, she said. Nog will get rown away a piece of paper by accidt or yg like at. I m not sayg ere w t be holes at gs will fall rough, but I k, e lg run, I k it s gog to be better. Dewar agreed, sayg e new system should me safer care, higher-quality care, more efficit care. We ve got sites (from) Vero Beach to Lake City my differt specialties, he said. So wiout a sgle unifyg record, it s easy to underst how communicas sometimes isn t what it needs to be. Dewar said e itial cost to stall e system will be $8 milli, but he ticipates e college will get much of at mey back stimulus paymts e federal governmt has promised to beg makg 2011 to orgizas usg electric medical records. Clics run by e college Shs should all be usg Epic by early 2011, Dewar said. In addi to Family Medice at Old Town, Family Medice at Four Avue Family Medice at Haile Plta have begun usg Epic. Family Medice at Hampt Oaks is scheduled to beg usg e program late October. (It s) excitg time, Dewar said of e switch to electric medical records. The EMR rollout comes after several years of plng prepara. P PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL Shi Kg is a medical assistt at a clic run by e College of Medice Old Town, Fla. The clic, which beg usg electric medical records August, was e fi rst clic run by e college to make e switch. Shs HealCare: Is workg a ctract wi Epic for its facilities. Widespread use of electric medical records will beg College of Veterary Medice: Beg usg Idexx Cornerste November College of Public Heal Heal Professis: Clics e college s departmt of clical heal psychology are movg toward usg e Epic system chos by e College of Medice. Clics run by e college s departmt of communicative disorders trsied to a system called SmartChart mid-august. College of Dtistry: Does not use electric medical records but pls to beg usg em e future. College of Nursg: Is negotiatg e purchase of a new electric medical record system to be implemted at Archer Family Heal Care early It will replace e existg electric medical records system. College of Pharmacy: Does not mage y medical records, but faculty staff do use electric medical records clical settgs. Studts are traed to use electric medical records. Visit us for e latest news HSC evts. ts

6 (EXTRA)ORDINARY PERSON The journey to hope PHHP grad, Vietnamese refugee By April Frawley Birdwell The fi shg boat was small, just big ough for e fi sherm e 86 people packed to e hull, each pers lyg fl at still to avoid beg se. If e Vietnamese auorities caught em, ey could be st to pris or possibly killed. Cuc Tr, 3, huddled top of her moer s chest. It was 1988, about 13 years after e fall of Saig, Tr s moer had decided to flee wi her ty daughter. It wasn t e first time she had tried to escape. Her family ought her choice was foolish, but attempt after attempt, e schoolteacher her daughter kept tryg hopes of fdg a better life. The communist governmt oppressed us under eir rule, said Tr, now a project mager for e UF Emergg Paogs Institute. They tried to ctrol everyg our way of life, our ecomic situa our pot of view. Havg a chce at opportunity is much better odds no chce at all, my moer felt at takg e risk was e ly op wh faced wi e prospect of slowly wastg away under oppressi. They almost didn t make it. Miles from shore e middle of e oce, e boat broke down durg a typho, leavg e 86 people who were packed e vessel like sardes to survive wi no water ly powdered porridge to eat. We were close to dyg wh e fisherm from Malaysia saved us, Tr said. Tr s memories of is time her life are vague snippets from her year a refugee camp e Philippes, e class she took to learn English, e shock of movg to e United States 1990 but ese memories, however fuzzy, have shaped who she is. She wts to help people e way she has be helped roughout her own life. It s e of e reass she chose to pursue public heal after earng her undergraduate degree food scice hum nutri from UF. Now 25, Tr graduated wi a master s public heal from e College of Public Heal Heal Professis August is workg for e Emergg Paogs Institute, helpg lead a project to immunize all of Alachua County s schoolchildr for e flu. Composed of studts faculty from e EPI e colleges of Medice, Nursg, Pharmacy PHHP, e group hopes to immunize 70 perct of local childr. After spdg e past two ms educatg parts childr about FluMist, haled form of e vacce, e group is just begng to admister e immunizas is m. No oer group has be able to immunize 70 perct. We re hopg to be e first e na, Tr said. Tr got her start public heal after she joed e Gator Launch program while a UF undergrad. The career developmt program paired her wi a mtor at e Alachua County Heal Departmt, George Gibbs, a regial project mager for e Cters for Disease Ctrol Prev who is based at e heal departmt. Gibbs remembers how Tr jumped was immediate help to his office, which oversees STD outreach efforts for 16 counties Nor Florida. For her work ere, she received e Gator Launch award for outstg mtee, Gibbs said. I have met my studts Cuc is my top 5 perct of all e studts I have ever mtored, said Gibbs. Cuc is very mature, self-motivated. We were very impressed wi her. I have se her grow develop from a studt to M.P.H. We re lucky to have somee like Cuc public heal now. Tr beg workg e flu project about a year ago while alyzg data for UF researchers Parker Small, M.D., J. Gln Morris, M.D, M.P.H., director of e Emergg Paogs Institute. Sce, she s be volved almost every phase of e project has spt e past couple ms gog to schools helpg educate studts parts about e immuniza. Studyg e flu The UF Studt Heal Care Cter, e Emergg Paogs Institute e College of Public Heal Heal Professis have teamed up to study e impact of e fluza virus UF s campus. The study, a rom survey of e studt body performed weekly, will ctue for e next 40 weeks. I k we are really tryg to underst what role does a large stitu like UF play a community outbreak, said Phillip Barkley, M.D., director of e Studt Heal Care Cter. This could pottially provide solid data e epidemiology of fluza a college campus. Understg flu trds at UF could help leaders make importt decisis about policy how to respd to future flu outbreaks, Barkley said. April Frawley Birdwell Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

7 EDUCATION fi nds solace helpg oers PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL Durg a visit to a middle school, she spt some time talkg wi a female studt, not about e flu, but about her life. Typical stuff like college pls, hopes dreams. I saw myself her wh I was younger, Tr said. She needed somee to courage her let her know at she c make a differce achieve all her goals if she set her md to it. The cversa remded Tr of her four-grade teacher, Mrs. English. After immigratg to e United States at 5, Tr didn t fare so well her new school. She had to take a test before she started school color knowledge. She knew every color except e: gray. She didn t know e word for it. They gave me a bad score I was so upset, Tr remembered. But everyg chged four grade. Mrs. English took e time to expla why Tr missed certa swers recognized at she no lger needed to take e English class for n-native speakers She was a big fluce my life, Tr said. She was e of e first people to say You re really bright to help me. If my teacher didn t do at for me, my life would have turned out really differtly. It s not much of a surprise at Tr s goals cter so much helpg oer people. After she pursues her doctorate, she hopes to become a professor, providg opportunities to empower people who wt to chge eir lives communities rough public heal. People oft d t realize how big effect eir small acts of kdness c have a pers, Tr said. My life is proof at little chges people make do help. Because of ose little chges, I m now makg a big chge rough e flu program. P Rect College of Public Heal Heal Professis graduate Cuc Tr is part of a team at UF workg to immunize local school childr for e fl u is fall. Tr, who now works for e Emergg Paogs Institute came to e United States wh she was 5, a little more a year after she her moer (opposite page) escaped from Vietnam. PHOTO BY PRISCILLA SANTOS Blue Room undergoes rovas By Kim Libby HSC studts may fd emselves studyg wi a whole new sse of focus e 24-hour study hall. After summer rovas, e cter s 3,100-square-foot Blue Room reoped for studt use Sept. 28. Located e secd floor of e Communicore Buildg, it now features new carpet, ceilgs, furniture, doors freshly pated blue e walls to keep true to its name. Accordg to Marie Brown, a project mager terior designer for UF s Facilities, Plng Cstruc Office, e chges were necessary to rid e room of its old, shabby vibe. Whever somee didn t know what to do wi a chair, ey just stuck it ere, she said. The furniture was very rom e lightg was bad, which made people start to compla. The chges were maged by a plng advisory committee at csisted of Brown, Dnis Hes from e Office of e Sior Vice Presidt of Heal Affairs Laverne Burch from e HSC Library. Studts were also e committee, cludg four-year medical studt currt residt Omayra L. Marrero Kay Ji, a College of Dtistry studt. Old study carrels were replaced by new es addi to lg, wood tables. The committee picked out a color scheme, lightg, type of carpet wood. They wted e settg to sure a quiet space, particularly for studyg for board exams, stead of a lounge virmt. Laur Rittbaugh, a secd-year pharmacy studt, said she had ly be e Blue Room ce or twice before e rovas because she did not like e ty carrels old, tile floors. She said she now joys e new, bright lightg comes to e room oft to get her work de. The cstruc work was completed by e HSC Cstruc Auxiliary, headed by Dny Moore, ctues to be admistrated rough e HSC Library. P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts

8 EDUCATION PHOTO BY JOHN PASTOR UF teams wi FDA to tra clicis pharmaceutical outcomes policy scices By Kimb berlly Bucchho olz T his fall, e UF College of Pharmacy listed a few good m wom to graduate studies drug evalua, policy safety issues rough a new scholarship opportunity. Thee Fo Th Food od a nd Dru rugg Ad Admi mi nist stra rati s s C C te terr fo forr Dr Drug ug E Eva valu luat atio i n Re Rese sear arch ch,, wo work rk gg wi wi te he U U.S.S.. Pu Publ blic ic H Hea ealt l h Se Serv rvic icee Comm Co mmis issi si ed ed C Cor orps ps,, ha had d be be ssee eeki kg ng a n ed educ ucat atio ia nall pa part rtne nerr at at coul co uld d he help lp aatt ttra ract ct sci ci ti tist stss d he heal al p pro rofe fess ssio ia nals ls tto o fill a ggro rowi wg ng du dust stry ry n nee eed. d. Cap apt. t. G Gre regg Wo Wood od,, di dire rect ctor or o off ee CD CDER ER A Aca cade demi micc Colllab Co abor orat atio i n Pr Prog ogra ram, m, ccam amee to U UF F la last st yyea earr wi wi a n new ew p par artn tner ersh ship ip m nd. Thi hiss pa p rt r neers r hi hip p is e first s off it itss ki kd nd ffor or o our ur aage gc ncy, y, Wo Wood od ssai aid. d. Th he scho holarsship proggram pr p ovid ides ttui uiti,, sa sala lary ry a nd h hou ousi sg ng,, d guarteees a job o wi CD C ER E upo p grrad dua uati.. Workg co c lllaboratively wi dus ustr try, y, aaca cade demi miaa d ot oe herr pa part rt-ners is importt agcy go g all, Wo Wood od ssai aid. d. IImp mpro rovi vg ng te he dru rugg de de-velopmt review process is vi vita tal to imp mpro rovi vg ng p pub ubli licc he heal al ffor or e na In addi to meetg UF graduate admissi requiremts, studts must be commissied as officers e U.S. Public Heal Service Commissied Corps. For class program evts, ey wear e same service khaki uniform as e U.S. Navy, wi a special Commissied Corps signia. They must also be full-time studts agree to work for CDER for two years return for each year of paid tui. The federal agcy s public heal directive missi are to approve safe effective drugs to provide csumers healcare practiers wi accurate drug forma. This requires a greater dem for scitists heal professials traed regulatory safety scices, said Russ Abbott, director of e CDER Office of Magemt. Workg closely wi a graduate heal scice educaal program like e e at UF is a good way for e agcy to achieve its goals, Abbott said. Dielle Smi, who graduated wi a doctor of pharmacy degree from Florida A&M University sprg, learned she was e of five studts accepted to e new program at UF. It will allow me to furer my educa will guartee a job wi e orgiza at I wt to work wi up gradua, said Smi. It s a w-w situa. In July, Smi her classmates all commissied officers e U.S. Public Heal Service participated a e-week FDA orita Silver Sprg, Md., before attdg two weeks of officer basic course trag Lsdowne, Va. Jas Stiago, a studt from e Washgt, D.C., area, a learned of e program while workg for e FDA durg a studt rota to com o plete his doctor of pharmacy degree at Howard Univ i ersity. The program specializas pharmacoepidemiology, paatit safety risk evalua o directly correlate to o certa i offices div ivisis wi w CDER. The advced trai a ni n ng n com o pl p e of is proggra pr r m wi w lll hel e p make me imp porrtt asset et for ee cter, Sat ntia iago g said. Star St arti t ngg fa f ll , 0, up to o 20 ne new w st stud d e tss wil illl be aadm dmit itteed to e prog pr ogra ram. m. A Alm lmut ut W W nte tersstee, Ph Ph.D D., dirrec ector off e U UF F FD FDA/ A/CD DER Scho Sc hola lars rshi hip p Pr Prog ogra ram, m, is co cour urag ag gg qu qual alifi ifieed d st stud ud ts ts tto o vi visi sitt he coll co lleg ege e ss We Web b si site te, ww www. w.co c p. p.ufl fl.ed edu, u, for aapp ppli lica cati if nfor orma mati unn derr de ee de depa part rtme mt nt of ph phar arma mace ceut utic ical al o out utco come mess d po poli licy cy.. Wt Wi nter erst stei e, n, a n as asso soci ciat atee pr prof ofes esso sorr p pha harm rmac aceu euti tica call ou outc tcom omes es d po poli licy cy aatt UF UF,, ad adde ded d ee co coll lleg egee wa wass ho ho nore red d ee FD FDA A se sele lected ed iit as a n ed educ ucat atio ia nall pa part rtne ner. r. IIn n ad addi diti tto o it itss ex exis isti tg ng ccur urri ricu culu lum, m, e coll co lleg egee wi will ll ttai ailo lorr cl clas asss pr proj ojec ects ts tto o FD FDA A re rese sear arch ch n nee eeds ds tto o su sure re ta hatt stud st ud ts ts h hav avee ee be best st p pre repa para rati p pos ossi sibl blee fo forr a ca care reer er w wit i h CD CDER ER d be beyo yd nd,, Wi Wt nter erst stei e n sa said id.. I b bel elie ieve ve a hatt ee ex expe pert rtis isee our d dep epar artm tm tt d ee po port rtfo foli lio o of ourr sp ou s ec ecia iali liza zati ss fits w wel elll wi wi e F FDA DA n nee eed fo forr cl cl ic ical al rres esea earc rch h capa ca paci c ty ty, W W te ters rstee ssai aid. d P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

9 EDUCATION By April Frawley Birdwell Wh a baby is born, new parts are bound to agize over every ques: How oft should e baby dirty its diaper? What happs if e baby bleeds wh e umbilical cord falls off? What is csidered a fever a baby? The list could go. But while ese comm quess are importt, ey re not necessarily ccerns at justify rushg a baby to e emergcy room. To help swer comm quess parts have, a group of UF pediatric residts put togeer a small brochure, which was passed out at UF pediatrics clics. Last year, ird-year pediatrics residt Sara Slov, M.D., took part educa a step furer, teamg up wi a community group for new moms to offer e class Babies D t Come Wi Instrucs. Basically, Newborn 101. It was to improve parts knowledge base about normal newborn care improve eir comfort level, said Slov, who fished her residcy July is now a fellow at e Johns Hopks University School of Medice. For pediatric residts, teachg parts is just e facet of importt role ey are learng to play as pediatricis patit advocate. While most doctors specialists are advocates for eir patits, e role of advocacy pediatrics is ev more prounced, says Michele Lossius, M.D., a UF assistt professor of pediatrics. Why? Childr are too young to vote for policies at affect em cnot advocate for emselves. As pediatricis, we are csttly dog advocacy, Lossius said. You re affectg each child who comes your office, but you re also tryg to create local awaress heal chge. To better prepare residts to advocate for patits, UF pediatric residts Gaesville spd e m durg eir secd year advocacy rota. Durg is time, e residts work projects ey are passiate about for Slov it was e newborn class as well as visit legislators Tallahassee learn about local issues at affect eir patits. Each year, at least two residts also get e opportunity to attd a legislative day Washgt, D.C., spsored by PHOTO BY APRIL FRAWLEY BIRDWELL e Americ Academy of Pediatrics. Jacksville pediatric residts are also extsively volved advocacy work. Because kids d t vote, politicis who decide where e mey goes d t always worry about em, said Jay Robers, M.D., a ird-year residt who attded e AAP Legislative Cferce April wi fellow residt Kar Bodnar, M.D. They should. (Childr) are e future of e country world but ey get rown e backburner by a lot of larger groups, ev by some hospitals heal-care systems because ey are not necessarily a profitable sector as far as patit medice goes. In rect years, pediatric residts have worked wi e Florida chapter of e AAP to advocate for more strgt safety belt laws, have helped orgize UF s first Sports Medice Jamboree to educate young aletes have stood outside e ra to protest e possible veto of extdg fundg for e state s Childr s Heal Insurce Pl. And is is just a taste of eir volvemt. Last year, Lossius, who oversees e advocacy rota is a graduate of UF s pediatric residcy, added a new compt to e program to beef up e advocacy residts do durg eir time here. Instead of ly workg a project durg eir mlg rota, residts now start a lg-term project eir first year. But it doesn t always take a git project for residts to make a differce. Writg letters to e editor takg e time to call a cgressm to voice opi a heal-care bill at affects childr c effect chge, too. It c be little ty gs, like fliers to parts or callg to give opi legisla, Robers said. It takes mutes ultimately makes a huge differce. Alough she s no lger a UF residt, Slov still ks about Babies D t Come wi Instrucs. The newborn class has sce trsied to e hospital, which Slov says is a better loca for moms. A lot of residts may not realize e impact ey c have eir community, said Slov, who pls to stay community pediatrics ctue her advocacy work. This advocacy rota gives residts e opportunity to develop skills tools to take wi em wh ey practice so ey c advocate for eir own patits teach parts how to advocate for eir childr. P UF pediatrics residts spd a m advocacy rota, overse by Dr. Michele Lossius (cter). Two residts each year also get e chce to attd a naal AAP legislative cferce, a major advocacy evt. Residts Dr. Jay Robers (right) Dr. Kar Bodnar (left) attded is year. Visit us for e latest news HSC evts

10 RESEARCH Lg live e Drug extds life of older mice, has pottial for applica hums By Czerne M. Reid Extdg e lifesp of hums is a goal at has attracted my researchers worldwide. A UF group cludg assistt professor Christy Carter, Ph.D., Marco Pahor, M.D., director of e Institute Agg is takg part a Naal Institutes of Heal program to test a variety of drugs to see if ey c lg life mice. Called e Naal Institute Agg Intervs Testg Program, e itiative rectly met wi success: a ccer drug was found to extd e life of older adult mice. As reported e journal Nature, middle-aged mice fed e drug, called rapamyc, lived up to 14 perct lger mice at were untreated or giv differt drugs. The fdgs show at drugs c pottially crease lifesp ev if giv late life. That work, led by researchers at The Jacks Laboratory Mae, similar efforts could evtually lead to life-extdg drug erapies for hums. The biochemical paway which rapamyc acts is prest flies, worms, mice hums. While e drug was previously shown to extd life flies worms, is is e first CHRISTY CARTER, PH.D. time it has be shown to have a life-lgg effect mammals. That is importt for trslaal research, because is is e next step of e evoluary cha, so to speak, Carter said. So if we c mipulate e paway hums e same way as mice, it may have e same effect us. Oer dietary pharmacological tervs aimed at creasg lgevity mammals have had negative results, or results at were difficult to reproduce. But e currt study used large numbers of imals more 1,900, at ree differt MARCO PAHOR, M.D. study locas. It s very cvcg, said Andrzej Bartke, Ph.D., a Souern Illois University College of Medice professor of physiology ternal medice who, mouse studies, first demstrated at e muta of a sgle ge c extd life a mammal. UF s ctribu to e NIH testg program is suggestg e vestiga of alapril, a blood pressure medice shown hum studies to improve physical func older adults depdtly of its blood pressurectrollg effects. alapril reduces flamma oxidative stress, two processes at are associated wi agg possibly ctribute to e developmt of my diseases e shortg of e lifesp. But mice treated wi at compound did not outlive untreated es. While we were a bit disappoted at it didn t have effect lgevity, we re still workg to see what oer effects it c have, Carter said. alapril has already be shown to decrease body weight, so e researchers pl to vestigate e chges e body over time mice treated wi it. The compound at did extd life rapamyc was fed to 600-day-old mice age at correspds to 60 years hums. The researchers found at not ly was e medi age of mice extded, but also e greatest age reached before dyg was extded as well. Normally, e type of mice used would live about 32 ms. Extdg e medi age of dea suggests ere were improvemts e rates of disease occurrce. But extdg e highest age reached before dea suggests at lgevity wasn t just a result of curg disease but of alterg e agg process itself. That was borne out by e fact at wh treated mice evtually died, eir cause of dea was similar to at of untreated mice. They re tervg late life wi ese imals, so at s excitg it s not like you have to have lifelg terv wi ese compounds, Carter said. That s importt sce e paways volved affect normal developmt processes such as cell grow, which might be hibited if e drugs are giv roughout life. The fact at you c do someg middle age still get befit is very impressive has a lot of practical implicas, said Bartke, who studies e getics docrology of agg. Bartke also had his laboratory e lgest-lived mouse, which lived for almost five years twice as lg as getically normal mice. Carter says people should not just look to drugs but to proper diet exercise to improve eir heal. Increasg lifesp is not e ly goal, she said. It is also importt to improve healsp e lg of time people rema good heal as ey age. Who wts to live lger if you re gog to be diseased dysfuncal for a lger period of life? she said. P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

11 A pharmacist s life 5 QUESTIONS PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL By Mica Vigo Celebrated October, Americ Pharmacists M highlights pharmacists all practice settgs for eir ctribus to heal care commitmt to patit care. As part of e celebra, e Americ Pharmacists Associa-Academy of Studt Pharmacists at UF vited Gaesville Mayor Pege Hrah to e college Oct. 9 to issue a proclama share a few persal words about e impact of pharmacy her family e Gaesville community. In is m s 5 Quess, Tom Munyer, M.S., e APhA-ASP studt adviser a clical associate professor e UF College of Pharmacy, gives us e side scoop what it mes to be a pharmacist. Tom Munyer, a clical associate professor e UF College of Pharmacy, accompied pharmacy studts Sebra Ch, Meg Kloet Crystal Mas to meet Mayor Pege Hrah at Gaesville City Hall. Why is ere a m proclaimed for pharmacists? The Americ Pharmacists Associa s 2009 message Know Your MEDICINE, Know Your PHARMACIST for Americ Pharmacists M recognizes e vital ctribus made by pharmacists to heal care America hces e image of pharmacists as medica experts not just dispsers of medica. Pharmacy m also aims to educate policy makers e public about e key role played by pharmacists reducg overall heal-care costs by improved medica use advced patit care Beyd fi llg prescrips, what exactly is e pharmacist s role? My people believe all pharmacists do is count distribute pills. A few of our studts ev start out wi at misccep. UF pharmacy studts quickly learn at eir role is to help e patit/ customer underst medicas, how to take em what e patit c do if ey develop ccerns. Physicis determe what s wrg wi e patit prescribe a treatmt. Pharmacists help e patit eir prescribed drug erapies. Pharmacy studts spd four years learng drug erapy hum systems. They learn e differce betwe symptoms related to e drugs patits are takg symptoms related to a disease. Medical studts do not have ough time eir curriculum to focus solely drug trag, which is why professial practice doctors pharmacists create a perfect team. How has e pharmacist s job chged rect years? The pharmacist s most importt func is to promote safe effective use of medicas. Traed side-by-side wi physicis for e past 25 years, pharmacy studts today are fi ndg at new opportunities are opg up for pharmacists. For example, medica erapy magemt, or MTM, is a new key phrase used heal care. The pharmacist promotes safe effective use of drugs prescribed, helpg e patit to achieve e best erapeutic outcomes. I see e medical team relyg e pharmacists more more. Not just short-term heal care, but also hospital clics where patits are beg followed a lg-term process. We re also seeg it a csultt basis by community physici groups. I k at role is gog to ctue to exp because of e prov heal befi ts cost-effectivess of pharmacists. C pharmacists give fl u shots? Yes. Pharmacists are e most accessible heal-care clicis. In e year, a patit may ly visit eir doctor or clic two or ree times, but ey will visit e pharmacy my times for prescrip fi lls over-e-counter remedies. Pharmacists are traed extsively medicas more y oer heal-care practier. Pharmacists who admister immunizas have to receive special addial trag certifi ca specifi c to immunizas all e possible surroundg emergcy procedures. How are studt-pharmacists traed for eir professi? Pharmacy studts start out takg basic scice chemistry classes. Begng eir ird year, ey have gaed e knowledge qualifi cas to participate patit care -class activities at address heal ccerns like diabetes, high blood pressure, vacca acid refl ux. The focus eir sior year is patit-ctered erapeutic. This is wh ey go pharmacy practice rotas where ey work algside doctors nurses rounds. Their professors help em underst e heal-care system, cludg e strgs ccerns at exist wi e system. Studts also take courses at exp eir horizs wi e professi learn about research at vestigates e befi ts cost-effectivess of pharmacist tervs. P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts

12 COVER STORY ollabora is not easy. It s true. Workg wi a team of people who all have eir own ideas visis will always be harder just dog it yourself. But k about it is way: Who wts to watch e trigle player wiout e rest of e b? In heal care, wh experts come togeer, new discoveries are made, patits are saved studts learn. That s why is m, The is highlightg just a few of e new ways HSC leaders are workg wi eir colleagues patit care educa. There are possibly hundreds of collaboras across campus, but here we brg you e stories of a novel liver ccer clic e College of Medice, a new class focus collabora e College of Public Heal Heal Professis a new format College of Dtistry clics at has creased e patit visits by 25 perct Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

13 PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL By Czerne e M. Reid t 54, Bob House is rediscoverg e world rough e eyes of his 17-m old grs, Calv. He delights e first sightg of achipmunk or snake revels e shrieks of laughter of a toddler beg chased around e house. It s just such a beautiful g it gives me reas to live, House said. But he might not tbe alive to share ese momts wi his grs if not for a special team of UF doctors at has stried da variety of treatmts to help keep him alive, he says. Every day at ey give me, every new g at we try, it courages my spirit, he esaid. House ctracted hepatitis B e 1970s while servg e U.S. Air Force Soueast Asia. Decades later, e fec io led to cirrhosis of e liver. Th 2007 he was diagnosed wi a very large liver tumor. He found his way to e UF hepatology liver ccer clic to see R Cabrera, M.D., M.S., after a doctor his hometown of Tampa told him he d run out of ops should ter d-of-life hospice care. UF has programs at offer hope to patits who have hard-totreat liver disease ccer feel at ey have nowhere else to turn. Doctors are able to offer my pottial treatmt alternatives, cludg liver resec trsplta. In addi, various experimtal erapies are made available rough clical trials to patits wi oerwise limited treatmt ops. I was just absolutely blown away, because I had no idea ere were oer erapies, or at I would be eligible for a trsplt, House said. The liver clic Cabrera helps run is a unique e where hepatologists play a key role e simulteous magemt of e ccer e severely diseased liver from cirrhosis. Tacklg ccer patits who also have underlyg liver disease requires skillful ssitive hlg, as some treatmts could wors eir underlyg cirrhosis. Oer cters around e country have looked to UF as a model to start is type of clic, ic, e divisi of gastroterology hepatology has tered a partnership wi Bayer Pharmaceuticals to create ectug medical educa trag modules to teach oer stitus about e approach. The clic c serves as a hub for trslaal research, where, for example,,patits date blood to be used for research aimed at developg new ccer markers erapies at use a patit s own immune system. Some of e work cludes a collabora wi e H. Lee Moffitt t Ccer Cter Research Institute. Cabrera took House s case to a discussi group called e hepatobiliary ia cferce, oer novel UF program at provides a e-stop shop where a pel of experts from a rge of medical specialties meets to discuss complex cases come up wi a treatmt pl. That streamles e process bo for patits physicis gets people to care fast, savg em time, mey emoal trauma. To hce e chces of a good outcome, people who have a pottial liver ccer need to get evaluated treated quickly. But gerally, patits might see a gastroterologist eir community before beg referred to a radiologist, cologist a surge before a treatmt pl is decided. That whole process just took ree or four ms, you may have missed a critical opportunity to offer pottially curative erapy, said Dave Nels, M.D., director of liver trsplta hepatology. One visit is all it takes at UF. Every Mday at 7:15 a.m., e physicis hepatologists, hepatobiliary surges, gastroterologists, cologists, terval diagnostic radiologists, trsplt surges paologists gaer to discuss eight to 16 cases. Patits are referred to UF from around Florida oer Soueastern states. The week before, Colle Booker, R.N., coordates wi Visit us for e latest news HSC evts

14 PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL physicis to gaer patits names medical histories. Lab test results for liver func, tumor markers, past currt radiological studies biopsy results are compiled, alg wi a full patit physical history. Diagnostic radiologist Patricia Abbitt, M.D., orgizes images from alphabet soup of scs MRI, CT, PET, HIDA, US oers projects em to a large scre at e frt of e room as each patit is beg discussed. Imagg has become such a huge part of takg care of people, sometimes terpretas are adjusted a little wh we have e pictures right ere so people c see how extsive e disease is or how small, Abbitt said. Each expert comes to e discussi wi his or her own approach, knowledge of e scitific literature a giv field, biases about what is e best approach to a problem. That s where e art of medice comes a lot of is is also fesse, said Rob Kim, M.D., director of UF s Cter for Hepatobiliary Surgical Diseases, who leads e discussi groups. We re gettg everye volved gettg eir put what ey have to offer. That c give patits e best customized approach. And more ops. Doctors csider patits not just for route procedures, but for es at are rarely de, clical trials for people who do not have stard ops. The nice part too is at wh I m rough I c t do y more my treatmts failed, I c always re-chnel e patits say Does ybody have y suggess? said James Caridi, M.D., chief of e divisi of terval radiology. Each discussi leads to a pl of ac. Patits are directed to appropriate divisis for furer testg, liver trsplts, liver resecs at volve removg all or part of a liver lobe, or oer treatmt such as chemoerapy, emboliza /or tiviral erapy. Nurse practiers physici assistts so-called mid-levels play a key role educatg communicatg wi patits eir families about ose treatmt pls surg at ey are carried out. House s pl called for tiviral medica to suppress e hepatitis B, a pill for systemic treatmt for e ccer embolizas radia to burn away pors of e liver tumor until it was small ough for House to be eligible for a trsplt. Wh he got word he was relieved. There was a light at I could see possibly stay vertical a little bit lger, he said. Everybody knows at is disease is termal, but if you d t have to leave right away at s a good g. He was mitored closely tested frequtly to sure at e embolizas didn t cause worsg of his cirrhosis a flare-up of his hepatitis B. After more a doz embolizas e tumor beg to decrease size, but unfortunately, new es developed, makg him eligible for a trsplt. Wh e side effects of e itial systemic treatmt proved too severe, Cabrera switched him to oer experimtal drug. I appreciate e workarounds ey try to do, e differt ways at ey try to attack ese tumors, House said. They never give up, ey say at as lg as I m willg to keep tryg differt gs ey re willg to keep tryg too. He w t stop tryg, because every new effort mes e more momt to share wi Calv. By April Frawley Birdwell n a rom Friday early October, faculty members from e College of Public Heal Heal Professis snacked mgled a recep area e HPNP Complex. The purpose of e seemgly casual meetg? To meet new wfaculty whose departmt e College of Liberal Arts Scices rectly t merged wi PHHP. But e meetg also had a larger goal: It was e first of what will be my socials il e college will hold comg ms to get faculty members talkg to each oer, a step leaders hope will lead to new partnerships collaboras. ora The esocials are actually ly just e example of how PHHP leaders are workg to courage more collabora across e college. In February, e college established a Collabora Committee, which is workg numerous projects to get more people e heal professis public heal workg togeer, said Sherrile Class, Ph.D., M.P.H., O.T.R./L., who chairs e committee. We wt to make sure we provide opportunities for collabora wi our college, as well as across differt colleges e university, evtually wi oer universities around e country around e world, Class said. Through collabora we d t have to revt e wheel. We c tap to partnerships share expertise so all who are volved befit Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

15 PHOTO BY PRISCILLA SANTOS The committee also helped orgize a new class e college to help brg studts studyg heal professis ose studyg public heal more e same page. Several College of Public Heal Heal Professis faculty members teamed up durg e past year to develop e new course, which is led by Mary Peoples-Sheps, Ph.D. The class, now a requiremt for almost all new PHHP studts, gives studts a founda public heal shows em how at disciple applies to oer heal fields e college across e Heal Scice Cter. It gives studts e bigger picture, said Sus White, M.Ed., a curriculum developer for e college who worked wi faculty to develop e course. There are five modules each has two to four lectures by a public heal professor two lectures by a heal professis professor, who take e public heal forma apply it to how it affects patits. It s also e first class to brg togeer professors from every disciple e college, it probably w t be e last. Because e practice of heal care brgs togeer specialists from various fields is becomg creasgly more tegrated, e educa trag of heal-care providers is ly gog to become more tegrated, too, said Rald Rozsky, Ph.D., a professor of clical heal psychology who teaches two of e lectures e class. The future of heal care is gog to be tegrated care from e bedside research lab to e clic e community, Rozsky said. Every e of us practices side by side wi oer professials. This course is just a natural step e evolu of heal care our college. In her por of e class e troductory lecture Class explas how fdgs from a public heal study, which a vehicle crash database was alyzed, may help erapists heal providers advise siors wh ey come to e clic. For example, e of her studies showed at older drivers are more likely to be volved crashes at tersecs wh makg lef turns. Teachg older drivers how to better pl eir drivg routes could help em avoid situas more likely to trigger wrecks. Public heal is e of ose underrated, yet very importt services, Class said. You walk outside breae e air, you expect to breae good quality air. You d t know if you do. But it s because of public heal approaches at you probably are breag air of acceptable stard. So, public heal is a behd-e-sces disciple, takg care of people wh ey do not ev realize it. By April Frawley Birdwell ear after year, UF College of Dtistry admistrators heard e same complat from studts: The structure of e studt dtal clics was causg gridlock. Studts couldn t always get chairs where ey could see eir patits, as a result, patits couldn t always get for treatmt. Of course, e solu turned out to be so simple R Wats, D.M.D., almost dismissed it wh he first ought of it e night his kitch. Unlike a private dtal office where patits are treated for multiple problems e place, UF s studt dtal clics were orgized by specialty. Each dtal specialty had its own clics, held certa days roughout e week, it was up to studts to schedule eir patits e right day time try to get space e clic. It was stressful for studts because ey needed to see so my patits to get ough experices, said Wats, associate professor of operative dtistry e of 10 team leaders of e studt dtal clics. It was hard for patits because ey didn t always know how my chairs we were gog to have available. Wats s solu? Get rid of e specialty-ctered structure turn all five clics to geral dtistry clics, wi specialists comg to see e patits. Instead of patits shufflg from clic to clic, ey would always go to e same place. The revised structure would also free up more spots for dtal studts to work. Treatmt coordators were also hired to set up patit appotmts stead of studts makg e schedules emselves. After a few years of negotiatg fe-tung e idea, last year e College of Dtistry made e chge. Sce, e clics have se a 25 perct crease patit visits last year s crop of graduates raved about e chge durg exit terviews, said Boyd Robs, D.D.S, associate de for clical affairs. Now ere is virtually no problem ever gettg a chair is is someg we battled for 20 years, Wats said. It s so crazy how simple it is. Anoer perk has emerged, too. Wi specialists rotatg out of e clics at e same time, ey re communicatg more patit cases, givg studts a more complete look at dtal care ey saw before wh specialists were segregated eir own clics, Robs said. My biggest goal was puttg everybody e same clic kg about e educa of e studt, Robs said. Durg is cversa you are betterg e studt s educaal process so you are gettg a better product at e d of eir clical years. All e faculty have come togeer started talkg a lot more ey ever have. I d t k we will ever go back. It makes too much sse e way we are dog busess now. Visit us for e latest news HSC evts

16 RESEARCH PPHO HOOTO T BY BY SA SAR A R AHH KKIE IE WEL WEL Da D arryl arr rr yl rr y Hea earrrd d, n ass ssoc ociia oc atee pro rofe fesssor or t he UF UF Co C ollleg ege of of Vet e er er r ar nar ar y Medi M ed Me diici ce e ne, e, a nd R Ryy McC ccle Cle learr y, y, a Ph Ph.D Ph.D D. ca n id da atte bio olo logy gy, ha have ave ve col olla labo bora rate ateed tto o d vveelo de op a sa safee, re reliia ab blee d hum uma ne tech teech c n niiq qu ue fo for or collllllec co ectitg ec ng vom nom m fro om cco otttmo nm mo ou ut hss essse s nttia ial part pa r of e p prro occes ess o off mak akk g a nttiido dottees fo or sn snak ake` eb biite te viict ctim tim ims. mss.. ((Op Op O ppo ppo osi sitee pa ag gee)) La arrry Sey e mour mo m our ur is ssh how own n wi wi h h s tw hi wo ba ass sset eett hou ound ds, s, Marga arg ar ga ari ari rita t, n frro tt, heer co omp pio iio, n, Marriia ah ah, h,, at ho h om mee i ng Ga ai nes esvi svi villl e. e. Study of isolated snakes could shed light vom composi By Sarah Carey W S iet Sc ntis ists is ts useed a po ts port rtab rtab rt blee ner er ve stiimu mulaato mula torr to to extrac ex trac tr a t ve vo o nom fr f om m e neste heti tize ti zeed co zed ottt o m mo ous uts hs,, prod pr prod oduc duc uc gg mo more re c re o si sist s st e t ex extrrac actii n res esul esul ults t ts d g ea gr e te terr am amou amou ount nts of v om o, accco om cord ord r ng to to f ndi dg di n s publ pu bllis b i he h d Aug ugus ustt e jou ourrn rnall Toxi Toxi To x c co. The The Th stud st stud udy o off vv nom ms iiss imp mpor por ortt tat nt fo orr ma ny reeaass s, s s, sccie scie it nttis n ists ttss say ay. y. T The h hu um ma n d i nima mall heal ma heal he a b efi efits nccllud udee unde un d rs de rsta sta t nd n i ng e he co c m mp p e nts t of veo nom m t att caus ca u e us ju ury a nd d devel ev vellop op ng bett beett t er er t ntiv iv v n i, ssai aiid Darr Da rryl yll Hea eard rd d, B B..V..V. V M. M.S. S,P S. Ph h.d D.,. as a so oci c at atee prrof ofes esso es or i n e U UF F Co Coll oll l eg egee o off Vet e er err ar aryy ar M di Me d ccie n s d dep epar ep aarrtm tm nt of o smaall ll i n maal cl c nic ical al sccie ic ncces nces es.. I In n ad ddi d ttii,, he ve vo nom m co omp p e ntss have ha v e pot ve ot nti t al al to be u use sed se d fo forr diiaggno n sttic tes ests ts d ee deeve v lo lopm pm pm tt of new e m med ed dic ical al ccom al ompo om po oun unds ds. ds. B t Bu aadd d it dd itio io to ssho howi ho w ng e wi he ext x raact ctio i io n m me t od o is sa safe fer, fe r m r, mor oree ef or effe fect fe ctiv ct ivee iv d le less ss str tres essf es sful sf ul tto o bo bo h snaake a n h nd l dler dl e a er h n ee tr trad adit ad i io it aal mil m ilki il kig ng te tech chni ch niqu ni quee, q qu e H Hea eaard nd R Rya ya MccCl Clea eaaryy, a Ph.D Ph.D D. ca c ndid nd did idat a e at n UF F ss Co Coll lleg ll egggee of of Lib beerral Art rtss d Sc S ie i nc ic nces ess, di d sc scov ov ver ered ed e v o om fro o om es e e es paart rtic i ul ic u ar sna nake kess di ke diff fferrs fr ffer ff from om m a hatt of mai al l n d snak sn akes ak e, li es l ke kely ly b bec ecau ec ause au se of ei eirr un ei uniq iqu iq uee die u iett of d dea ead ea d fish d dro ropp ro pped pp ed db byy se seab abir ab irds ir ds.. ds P OST PHO PH H TO BBYY SA HO SARR AH KKIE I WEL hile studyg a way to more safely effectively collect snake vom, UF researchers have noticed e vom delivered by isolated popula of Florida cottmou snakes may be chgg respse to eir diet. Heearrd H d Mc M Cllea eary ry ccol olla ol labo la b raatteed to d bo dev evel ev elop op pa s fe sa fe,, re reli liiab able lee dh hum um um ne te tech chni ch niiqu quee fo f r co coll l ec ll ecti tg ti n ng vo ve nom no m fr from om m cot o to tm nmou nm ou ou t s as a parrt of a llar a geer sttud ar u y a spe peci ciifi ficc po p pu ulati lati la no off sn s ak akes es a hatt re resi s de si S ah Se ahor o se Keyy, iso or sola l te la t d issla l nd d nea earr Ceeda darr Ke K y n te hee Flo oriida da s s G Gul ullf Co oaasst. stt.. Thee veo Th nom m co c ll llec ecti ec t o stu tudy dy c nclu l de lu ded d da d taa fro om 49 ssna n ke na kess Sea eaho hors ho rsee Ke rs K y. Sna S n ke na kess n i hiss issla aare re not o ed for e h irr llar aarrgee siize ze,, sai a d He Hear ard, ar d a zoo d, oolo l gi lo gica caal me cal m di dicci cee vete ve teri te r na ri nari rii ri wit i h ad addi diiti al aall exp per erti tise ti see i n es es es es esia es ia.. He add ia dded ed ta hatt Ha ha Harv rvey rv ey L Lil illy il lyw ly whit whit ite, e e, Ph.D Ph.D D., a pro ofe fess ssor or of bi biol olog ol ogyy at U og UF F d Mc McCl Clea Cl eary ea ryy s pred pr red doc octo tora ral ad dvi visseer, r, has as c nfirm rmed ed d haat cco ott tto nmo mou uts hs Se Seah ahor ahor orse se Key ey eatt pri r ma mari r ly ly dea e ad fish fi sh dro r pp ped d by bi b rrd ds ds a laarrge ge sea e bi bird rd roo ok keery. ryy. Liill L llywhi y wh yw hiitee alsso dire diire rects ctts UF s UF F ss Sea e ho h rs rse Ke Key M Maari re e ne Laab L bo oraato torryy, lo oca cateed i n te he Ced he dar ar Key eyss Na N ti al nal al Wild Wi dlliife fe Ref efuggee.. MccC Cle lear eaarry ho hope pes to to b bui uiild u d ea e rrllie ier stud st diees ab abou bo ou ut ut ee ssn naak kes es ecol eccol olog ogy ogy to to exp xplo lo ore re whet wh e heer evvo ollut utio tiio a n ryy ch haag nges ng es mayy hav ve aafffe fect cted ct d e he comp co omp mpo ossittio i of of e he snaak kees s vom no om m. M My te tteere rest stt is e he eevo volu vo olu utiio narry assp peeect c, ct McCl Mc Cleary Cl eaaryy saaiid d.. If If e hesee sna hese n ke k s allre read ady ad dy ha have have v aab bun unda d da ntt sou urc rce ce of of dea e ad p prreeyy, w wh hy do do e heyy ne need ed d veo nom?? Prrel elim elim im im narry fi fd nd nd di ngs ngs gs sho how so some me d dif iifffeere nccess vveo nom co nom om mp p n tss, he ts he added ddeed dd d. Trraad diittio a nall alllly, y, v om m hass bee e n co c lllec ecte ctteed fr from om om veo nomo mous us sna nake kees by by m nua uall lly ly rreesttra ra ng ng e im im mal al beh h d nd e he he h ad d nd hav av vi ng it it bite itte a ru ubb b er e m mb me mbra brraae nee c n nne necctted ed to a co colllec ectig n chamb haam mb ber er. Thi T his re requ equ uiirres es e he cap ptu ure r of awa wake ke snaake ke ke, wh w hiicch crreaase sess t he ri risk sk of hu huma um ma nve vo oma mati tii nd iss alsso st stre reess ssfu ful to fu to e snake naake ke,, Hea eard rd d sai aid, id, d, add ad dig ng a hat ma m n nu ual a co ollle lect lect ctio iio of o v nom om als lso so do doeess no ot gu guar guar a nte tee hat all of t e ve vo nom no m is ccol olleectted ol e. Th he n neerv ve st stim tim imul mul ulat attor is is used used us d hu huma m m ma ness heessiiaa to o mea easu su urree te h eff he f eeccctt of of mus uscl c e rreelaxa laaxt xat n s. s. It de I d li live vers rss a serrie ies of o eele leect ctri riic ssttim tim imul ulli,, of ve u very ry low w v llttaagggee vo d aam mp peeera rage ra ggee, nd ca caus usses u es no paa or tiss tiissue sssue ue ju ju uryy,, Heard eaard d sai a d. d T Th he el elec ecctrrod des es aree pllaace ace ced ed behi be h nd hi d e h eye, yee, ac a ro oss s e he arreea ea off te he v o om m ggla l la nd. Thee ne Th nerv ve sttim mul u attor o se nds d a currret n acr cros cros osss t e gll, d cau d, a sig rrefl efl flex co t ntra raact ract ctio iio nd ex xpu uls lsio sio of of t e ve v no nom. m m. Th he teech hni n qu quee al allo ows ws ccol ollle lect ctio i n ffrrom m sn naak keeess t hat a miigh m ht no nott ot oh heerw r is i e gi g ve v u up p t ei e r ve v no n m, whi h ch h is a eess ssss nti tial al i n e pr proc occes e s of o cre reat at at ng nti tive vi ve ns ni nss forr v ct vi ctim im ms of ssna n ke na kebi b te bi t, He Hear ard ar d sa said id.. id The T he ssti timu ti m laato mu tor is battte tery ryy-p ry-p pow ower ered er ed rellat ativ ivvely elly ex ex xpe ps n iv ns ive, e, he e, h ssai aid. ai d In aadd d. ddit dd itio it i, io n, te h e he nest sste heti ticc ti we used, seed, d k kno nown no w aass pr wn prop opof op ofol of o, ca ol c n ea easi siily ly b bee tr tr nsp por orte ted. te d. d. P op Pr pof ofol ol,, wh ol whic icch ha h s be be n pro romi me mi nett i n ne news ws heead dli le ness rece ne reec cet ntly as be be i g li lk nked nk ed to ee de deat deat a h of o sg si nggerr Miccha h el e Jac acks k ks n, is a sho hort r -a rt -act ct ct gg nes es et etic et i ic admi ad mi mi n st ni ster e ed er db byy nttrrav av ou ouss ou je ject je ctio ct io. T The h dru he rugg is co omm m nly use sed d to ae n ste ne heti tize ti z i ze nima m ls vete ma veeteeri r na nary ry cl cl ic ical ic al p pra ract ra ctic ice, ic e, b but ut it is i not bel elie ieeve ved d to hav avee be be u ed tto us o es es es et etiz et izee sn iz snak akes ak es ffor or vv nom m col olle lect le ctio ct i io n. n. Visit us li for e latest news HSC evts.

17 RESEARCH RESEARCH The snakebite warrior By Sarah Carey W h Ma he Marg rggar arrit arit ita, a, a 100 ye year ar-o -old d bas asseet ho houn nd d,, wass bit itte tte t by b a cott co ott tt tt nmo mout u sn ut snak nak ake rreece ece nttlyy, heer qu quicckk- i nki kgg own wnerr russhe hed e do e dog og to t hee UF V Veete teri ra ra nary ry Med ry dic ical caall C ntteer fo for or tr trea eatm ea eatm m t. t. I doig In ng sso, o, S o, r dra Fiel Fiiellds F d Sey eymo eymo mourr, Ph h.d D.,, A.R R.N N.P P.,., a rec e ntl tly re reti tire ireed assso as oci ciat ate pr p of ofessso sor i n UF F s Co Collllleg egge of of N Nur urrssiig u ngg, a n nd her her hu he husb b a d, d, Lar a ryy, foll fo oll llow owed e a ccar ed ardi ar d naal ru ulee p prrev ev v ntg tigg dea ea t h or la last stti ng ti tiss s u ss uee d dam aam magge fr from om sn nak akeb kebit ebiitte eb n nim maall: Th They sou ugh ght im mme medi diiaatte ev eval aallua u ti o by a ve vete ete t riaari ria n. Margar Ma Marg rggaarrittaa,, who hosee own ner ers ha have ve nicckn knam nam meed dh her e Sn er Snaak keeb bitte Wa Warr rrrio or, r,, ssu urv r vivved ed heerr bit ites tes nd tod o aayy aapp ppeaarss no wo ppea pp worse rse fo rs for t he wear weear ar.. Maarg rgar gar arit itaa ar a ri r ve v d aatt ee UF V VM MC Jul uly 3 w wii two two wo strrik ike wo woun un u unds nd dss. So So o, heer ssiiggn ns off sweelllli ng, g, or e ve v no noma m ttii, n, ha had had cr ncr crease eaased. sed. se d. Vet eter er er er ar aria aria is s ns qui uick cklyy ck deci de cide ide ded to o adm dmis iste isstteer ti ttiive ni si six ix vviial a ss,, i n fa fact c. ct The si Th side de effffec e tss of sn snak nak akeeb bit ite cca vvaary ry gre reat a ly. at ly. Bi ly Bite tes fr from m rattl aatttl tles esna esna es na k kees, ess,, cottt co mo nm mo out uts hss h d cop oppe oppe p rh heeaads c rres eessul ult sev ever erre ti ere tiss issssue ue sswe w lll we ng, g, blo lood od-clot cl lot otti tg ng ab bn nor orm orma maali lities liti ttiieess, he h arrt ar a rrh hyt y hm hmias, ias, ia s, orgg a dam amag mag age d ttiiss ssue suee dea e arou ar ound ou und e h bit ite. ee.. A Al hou ough gh tiv gh ntivv nt e i c be liife fesaavvig fesa ng, how ho ow m mu uch uch ch to gi g ve ve iiss a ju udggme mt nt ccal all, al l, Mkey see, mkey see UF, UW researchers cure color bldness two mkeys Two squirrel mkeys housed at e University of Washgt were rectly cured of color bldness usg a ge erapy technique developed at UF. By John Pastor R a ee amo as moun un u nt off v nom m a ssn nak ke e s bi b te t iiss un u kn k ow wn. n IIn n ge g ne n ra ral, l, h how ow wev veerr, e mo m re r t n ivv n reccei eive v d qu ve quic iiccklly, e h bet ette ter, te r, vvet e er et e ar nar aria i ns ia n say ay. Unf U nfforrtu una nate teelyy, a ti t ve vi n ni n iss qui uite tee exp p si sive si ive n cc a b bee co c st-p st-p st pro r hi hibi biti bi tiivee f r so fo s m mee o own wner wn errs to adm ers m is issteer se iste seveera rall vi vial als, al s,, saaid d Katte Og Ogaw aw wa,, D.V V.M M.,., i te t rn rn i n sm maalll nim i all m med eed dicc ne a nd su s rg rger eryy who er wh ho ttrrea eate teed Ma M rggar arit i a. it A Add dit itio ia io nall na lly, ll y at y, n ivv nt e ffor or vet eter err ar aryy meedi ar dici ce ci n is cu ne urrr ntl tlyy no ot be be ng mau m nufa faactturred fact e hiss cou unttry ry.. Th h a kss to t he efffo fort rtts off UF sn snak akee ak nveo noma m ti ma exp xper ertt Mi er M ch chae aeel Sc Scha haer ha haer e, D V. D. V.M. M, UF M. F wass aabl b e to bl o pro rocu cure cu re a ti tive vei pr vi p od o uc u t fr from om Mex exic ico. ic o. Alto houg ugh ug h he ti tiive vi n n wa ni w s mau nufa f cttur fa u ed e ffor o p or peo eo opl ple, e UF ob e, obta ta ta ned per e mi miss s io ss i n fo forr im im mal use ffro rom ro m he Food Food Fo d Dru rugg Ad Admi mi mi nist ni stra st rati ra ti.. Re Reac aacc tii o s to t ntiv iv iv aree po ar p ss ssib ib ible blee aals lso, ls o, whi hich ch h iiss ot ote oe h r re reas as as o why vic i ti t mss o off sn s aak keb ebit itee ne it need ed d to bee m it ittor ored ed car aref eful u ly ffor ul o sev or ever e al days. er ayys. I wou ould ld u ld urg rgee pe rg peop op ple to pr p otec otec ot e t t em mseelv lves ess as mu much ch as po p ss s ib ible le fro rom m v no ve nomo mous mo us sna nake k s, as su ke such ch I c no n t re no reco co omm mm d d ki k lll g ng ee sn snak ak ke fo f r id id ti t fica ti c ti,, O Oga gawa ga wa ssai aid. ai d. Th Thee ti tive ti vi ve n n co ni t ntai as ai ns t ntib ibod ib od die iess ag agai as ai nstt ns he vo ve nom no m of m mos ostt sn os s ak akes es,, so k es kno nowi no w ng wi n eexa x ct xa c ly l wha hatt sn s ak akee it it was is no ot ne near arrly as impo im port po rt rt tt as get e ti tg ng tre reat atme at mt me n as so nt so n aass po p sssib ible le. le. P esearchers from e University of Washgt UF used ge erapy to cure two squirrel mkeys of color bldness e most comm getic disorder people. Writg le e journal Nature, scitists cast a rosy light e pottial for ge erapy to treat adult visi disorders volvg ce cells e most importt cells for visi people. We ve added red ssitivity to ce cells imals at are born wi a cdi at is exactly like hum color bldness, said William W. Hauswir, Ph.D., a professor of ophalmic molecular getics at e UF College of Medice a member of e UF Getics Institute e Powell Ge Therapy Cter. Alough color bldness is ly moderately life-alterg, we ve shown we c cure a ce disease a primate, at it c be de very safely. That s extremely couragg for e developmt of erapies for hum ce diseases at really are bldg. Millis of people around e world are colorbld, cludg about 3.5 milli people e United States. The problem mostly affects m, leavg about 8 perct of Caucasi m e United States capable of discerng red gre hues at are importt for everyday gs such as recognizg traffic lights. The discovery comes about 10 years after Jay Neitz, Ph.D., his wife Maure Neitz, Ph.D., bo professors of ophalmology at e University of Washgt, beg trag two squirrel mkeys named Dalt Sam. Workg wi e makers of a visi-testg technique, e Neitzes devised a way to test what colors e mkeys were seeg. Likewise, Hauswir UF colleagues spt decades developg a ge-trsfer technique usg a harmless ado-associated virus to deliver corrective ges to produce a desired prote. In is case, researchers wted to produce a substce called lg-wavelg ops e retas of e mkeys. This particular form of ops is a colorless prote at works e reta to make pigmts at are ssitive to red gre. About five weeks after e treatmt, e mkeys beg to acquire color visi, almost as if it occurred overnight. Nog happed for e first 20 weeks, Neitz said. But we knew right away wh it beg to work. It was if ey woke up saw ese new colors. The treated imals unquesably respded to colors at had be visible to em. P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts T 17

18 RESEARCH befits oft Ancit Chese martial art could help people wi diabetes PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL College of Nursg professor Beverly Roberts (far right) Rhayun Sg (far left) of Chungham Naal University discovered tai chi c help lower blood glucose levels durg a study of Kore wom. Durg her year as a UF visitg professor 2008, Sg led formal group at practiced tai chi outside e HPNP Complex. By Tracy Brown Wright A regular tai chi exercise program c help people better ctrol eir diabetes lower glucose levels, accordg to a UF study. In a study of adults diagnosed wi type 2 diabetes, ose who participated a supervised tai chi exercise program two days a week wi ree days of home practice for six ms significtly lowered eir fastg blood glucose levels, improved eir magemt of e disease, hced eir overall quality of life, cludg mtal heal, vitality ergy. Tai chi really has similar effects as oer aerobic exercises diabetic ctrol. The differce is tai chi is a low-impact exercise, which mes at it s less stressful e bes, jots muscles more struous exercise, said Beverly Roberts, Ph.D., R.N., e Annabel Davis Jks dowed professor at e UF College of Nursg. Roberts, wi Rhayun Sg, Ph.D., R.N., of Chungham Naal University, studied tai chi s effect older Kore residts. The research was featured e June issue of The Journal of Alternative Complemtary Medice. About 23.6 milli childr adults e United States, or 7.8 perct of e popula, have diabetes. It occurs wh e body does not produce or properly use sul, a horme at is needed to cvert sugar, starches oer food to ergy needed for daily life. Risk factors clude obesity, sedtary lifestyle, unhealy eatg habits, high blood pressure cholesterol, a history of gestaal diabetes creased age. My of ese risk factors c be reduced rough exercise. People assume at for exercise to be beficial you have to be huffg puffg, sweatg red-faced afterward, Roberts said. This may turn people off, particularly older adults. However, we have found at activities like tai chi c be just as beficial 18 Visit us for e latest news HSC evts. improvg heal. Tai chi is cit Chese martial art at combes deep breag relaxa wi slow, gtle circular movemts. This low-impact exercise uses shifts body posi steppg coorda wi arm movemts. Sixty-two participts, mostly Kore wom, took part e study. Half e group participated at least 80 perct of two supervised sessis e hour per week, wi ree days of home practice for six ms, e oer half served as a ctrol group. Those who completed e sessis had significtly improved glucose ctrol reported higher levels of vitality ergy. Those who participated e tai chi sessis actually had lower blood glucose at ree six ms, Roberts said. Those dividuals also had lower hemoglob A1c, which mes ey had better diabetic ctrol. In addi to improved blood glucose levels, participts also reported significtly improved mtal heal. This was very couragg especially because people wi less depressi are typically more active depdt, Roberts said. Tai chi has also be used for people wi arritis disabilities to crease balce, muscle strg mobility to reduce e risk of falls. It is wor vestigatg its effects oer cdis, especially older people, Roberts said. Tai chi provides a great alternative for people who may wt e befits of exercise diabetic ctrol but may be physically unable to complete struous activities due to age, cdi or jury, Roberts said. Future studies could exame if tai chi could similarly befit cdis such as osteoporosis or heart disease. Because tai chi is exercise at volves so my parts of e body also helps to relax e md, it is more likely participts will adhere to e exercise, said Paul Lam, M.B.B.S., a lecturer wi e University of Sou Wales School of Public Heal Community Medice a practicg family physici Sydney, Australia. This study shows at tai chi c have a significt effect e magemt treatmt of diabetes a significt growg heal challge for all Western countries, Lam said. P

19 RESEARCH Mappg AIDS PHOTO BY SARAH KIEWEL Scitists jo forces to expla HIV spread ctral east Africa UF scitists Marco Salemi (cter), Rebecca Gray Andrew Tatem led ternaal team of researchers explorg getic geographic factors to expla how HIV spread across e ctt. By John Pastor Scitists studyg biology geography may seem worlds apart, but togeer ey have swered a ques at has defi ed expla about e spread of e HIV-1 epidemic Africa. Writg e September issue of AIDS, a research team led by UF scitists explaed why two subtypes of HIV-1 e virus at causes acquired immunodeficicy syndrome, or AIDS held steady at relatively low levels for more 50 years west ctral Africa before eruptg as epidemic east Africa e 1970s. Esstially, e expla for e HIV explosi obscured until now volves e relative ease wi which people c travel from city to city east Africa as opposed to e difficulties faced by people livg e popula cters of e Democratic Republic of Cgo, e pot where HIV emerged from west ctral Africa its spread to e east. Later, as e epidemic raged e east, cities e Democratic Republic of Cgo a vast country almost as big as all of Western Europe remaed discnected isolated, explag why e virus affected ly about 5 perct of e country s popula, a level at has not chged much sce e 1950s. We live a world at is more tercnected every day, we have all se how paogs such as HIV or e swe flu virus c arise a remote area of e plet quickly become a global reat, said Marco Salemi, Ph.D., assistt professor of paology, immunology laboratory medice at e UF College of Medice sior auor of e study. Understg e factors at c lead to a full-scale pemic is esstial to protect our species from emergg dgers. Investigators used databases, cludg GBk from e Naal Cter for Biotechnology Informa, as well as actual DNA samples, cludg samples rectly collected Uga e vicity where HIV tered east Africa to follow e virus molecular footprts sce its emergce e 1920s. HIV mutates rapidly, said Rebecca Gray, Ph.D., a postdoctoral associate e departmt of paology, immunology laboratory medice. This is a successful strategy for e virus, because it evolves quickly develops drug resistce. But we c use ese chges e gome to follow it over time develop a history of its progress. Researchers wted to know why e virus smoldered durg e 1950s 1960s, before spreadg like wildfire rough east Africa e 1970s. A fateful piece of e puzzle came e form of geographic forma system data, which uses satellite imagery pastakgly takes to account e availability navigability of roads betwe popula cters, trsporta modes, eleva, climate, terra oer factors at fluce travel. We were able to use geographic data to terpret e getic data, said Andrew J. Tatem, Ph.D., assistt professor of geography e College of Liberal Arts Scices a member of UF s Emergg Paogs Institute. Getic data showed ce HIV moved out of e Democratic Republic of Cgo, it exped fast moved rapidly across Uga, Kya Tzia, all while stayg at low levels e DRC. What was happg was e virus was circulatg at stable levels e urb cters of e DRC, but ese cters were isolated. Once it hit east Africa, cnectivity betwe popula cters combed wi better quality trsporta networks, higher rates of hum movemt caused HIV to spread exptially. HIV was prevalt about 15 perct of e popula Kya 1997, alough it has sce dropped to about 7 perct, accordg to e Kaiser Family Founda. As of 2007, estimated 22 milli people were livg wi HIV/AIDS sub-sahar Africa. About 1.1 milli Americs have HIV or AIDS, estimated 5.1 milli people India are HIV-positive. In Eastern Europe, HIV fecs more doubled from 420, to 1 milli If we c predict e specific routes of epidemic, we c fd e geographic regis more at risk target ese areas wi medical terv strategies for prev, Salemi said. In terms of healcare applicas, couplg getic alysis wi geographic forma systems c give us a powerful tool to underst e spread of paogs cta emergg epidemics. P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts

20 JACKSONVILLE The 4 1 multitasker Inside e life of a pediatric emergcy medice physici PHYLLIS HENDRY, M.D. By Betty Poole Phyllis Hdry, M.D., keeps a framed photo of a young leukemia survivor her offi ce. She has oer homey knickknacks ere, like her comical plaques family photos. But e photos of her patits represt what mes most to her as a pediatric emergcy physici savg childr s lives makg families happy. The most challgg is how to balce beg a good clici admistrator, learng e field of research, takg care of e house childr payg e bills, said Hdry, who has worked at e UF College of Medice- Jacksville for 20 years. The work is never really de. Fresh off her term as presidt of e UF COM-Jacksville Faculty Council, Hdry s life lately has be a less balce. She hasn t se a typical day two decades, wedgg council committee meetgs to her already bulgg schedule. She works average of two to ree evg shifts a week e pediatric emergcy departmt at Shs Jacksville, serves as assistt chair of research is passiate about teachg pediatric emergcy medice to residts. She also has helped develop numerous naal pediatric resuscita courses has served as medical director of e state heal departmt s Emergcy Medical Services for Childr Program. But fittg e council her life was defitely wor it, she says. After 20 years, her percep of e college is, my ways, br new because of e time she spt e council. I came away so impressed wi e quality of people who run is campus, she said. It made me wt to be volved wi UF leadership represt e needs of our faculty. We have a lot of great programs, physicis diversity. David Vukich, M.D., chair of e departmt of emergcy medice, explas Hdry s ability to deftly juggle multiple tasks, leadership roles projects like is: Phyllis has e ability to focus like few oers; it s not fished until it s right, said David Vukich, M.D., chair of e departmt of emergcy medice. She accomplishes huge amounts of work is tireless. Vukich Hdry have worked togeer sce e late 1980s, wh she was a fellow pediatric emergcy medice. We cnected because she was extremely helpful to me as e departmt leader, he said. Her skills were obvious from ev is early stage of her career. Fortunately for us, she never left, jog e faculty I wted her my staff for several reass: she is oughtful, kd, tse, dedicated, fast, serious, pafully orough accurate. I cnot k of better attributes for academic emergcy physici. Pursug degrees microbiology food scice technology at a time wh most girls from her Md, La., hometown shied away from studyg scice, Hdry received a doctor of medice degree from Louisia State University School of Medice Shreveport. She chose UF COM-Jacksville because of its impressive pediatric emergcy medice fellowship program, e people she met here e opportunity to live at e beach for e first time. As a fellow, Hdry parked a dirt field, had no duty hours or meal card, tossed old mattress to her makeshift office e pediatric ER to nap wh she could. Back, pediatric AIDS was just comg to e forefrt sudd ft dea syndrome, septic shock haemophilus fluza still killed my childr. Pediatrics has chged so much because of prevtative medice, Hdry said. We did not have e trag we have now. Sce her days as a fellow, Hdry has held numerous leadership roles ev helped work a major emergcy medice textbook, servg as e sec editor pediatric emergcy medice. At e pot, Hdry took a diversi to childr s hospice care for a year, fulfillg a career-lg dream to work wi chrically ill dyg childr eir families. She served as medical director of Community PedsCare. Phyllis had a particular ability for is but e d she knew she needed to return to e emergcy departmt, Vukich said. She begs her ird decade emergcy medice particularly excited about her new research opportunities. At her 20-year mileste, Hdry briefly csidered movg closer to Louisia. But is is home, she said. P Visit us for e latest news HSC evts.

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are condemned to repeat it.

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Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа

Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко. Вышэйшая школа. Правообладатель Вышэйшая школа Н.В. Юхнель Е.Г. Наумова Н.В. Демченко CONTENTS UNIT 1. ABOUT MYSELF............................. 4 UNIT 2. HOUSES AND HOMES........................ 33 UNIT 3. EDUCATION................................

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Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip!

Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip! BUSINESS NETWORK Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip! Commencement Inside This Issue Dean s Message Inside Front Cover College Fact Sheet 1-2 Rockford Area Alumni

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