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1 Authors of Names of Bryophytes and the Present Location of Their Herbaria Author(s): Geneva Sayre Source: The Bryologist, Vol. 80, No. 3 (Autumn, 1977), pp Published by: American Bryological and Lichenological Society Stable URL: Accessed: 23/10/ :19 Your use of the JSTOR archive indicates your acceptance of JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use, available at JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use provides, in part, that unless you have obtained prior permission, you may not download an entire issue of a journal or multiple copies of articles, and you may use content in the JSTOR archive only for your personal, non-commercial use. Please contact the publisher regarding any further use of this work. Publisher contact information may be obtained at Each copy of any part of a JSTOR transmission must contain the same copyright notice that appears on the screen or printed page of such transmission. JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1995 to build trusted digital archives for scholarship. We work with the scholarly community to preserve their work and the materials they rely upon, and to build a common research platform that promotes the discovery and use of these resources. For more information about JSTOR, please contact American Bryological and Lichenological Society is collaborating with JSTOR to digitize, preserve and extend access to The Bryologist.

2 Authors of Names of Bryophytes and the Present Location of Their Herbaria1 GENEVA SAYRE2 Abstract. A list is given of all known authors of names, combinations and changes in status of names of Hepaticae and Musci, with their dates and the present location of their original herbaria and of a considerable number of duplicate specimens. A date in parentheses following an author's name, given when the date of birth or death has not been ascertained, is the date of a major publication. Institutional herbarium abbreviations are those of the sixth edition of Index Herbariorum, PRIV means that the original herbarium is still in possession of the author. Abbreviations in boldface indicate the original herbarium, if this is known; it is followed by others in the presumed order of quantity of specimens. When the name of a person is added to the herbarium abbreviation it usually indicates that the person so designated actually described the specimens, or that he is known to have acquired all or part of the original herbarium. The list of exsiccatae locations is incomplete; it merely suggests a number of places where a set can be found. The symbol + indicates that the type of a new name is a fossil. The list includes, in addition to bryological authors, persons in whose publications the new bryological names were supplied by others; this accounts for the presence of, for example, Asa Gray and Admiral Parry; when their own herbaria, if any, do not include bryophytes, the herbaria cited are those of the contributing authors. So that as many names as possible could be included, no cutoff date was established; thus the coverage of publications of the recent past is restricted to those immediately available to us. The preparation of this list would have been impossible without the generous cooperation of many people. The primary source of names and dates of muscologists was the list of authors which W. D. Margadant has prepared for his revision of the five published volumes of Index Muscorum; Margadant not only kindly supplied me with his manuscript list but also searched the extensive files of the Biohistorisch Instituut at Utrecht for information on other bryologists. An up to date source of herbarium locations has been the data collected by Zennoske Iwatsuki and his committee for the Bryological Herbaria project; Iwatsuki and Dale Vitt made available to me copies of the returned questionnaires as they were received. Iwatsuki has also been my chief source of information on Japanese bryologists. Marshall Crosby sent names of authors who will be cited in his supplement to Index Muscorum and useful references con- 1 The Society is offering a limited number of reprints of this list for sale for $2.00, postpaid. Orders with remittance should be sent to Marshall R. Crosby, Missouri Botanical Garden, 2345 Tower Grove Ave., St. Louis, Missouri Farlow Library and Herbarium of Cryptogamic Botany, Harvard University, 20 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts

3 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 503 cerning "problem" authors of other periods. To these four I owe a special debt which I gratefully acknowledge. Numerous persons have responded to inquiries about themselves and other bryologists, and more than twenty have been kind enough to scrutinize my entire list at some stage in its preparation. To all of them I express my thanks, and particularly, for the abundance of information they supplied, to Riclef Grolle, Pekka Isoviita, Andries Touw and Jiri Vaina. Among others who have willingly undertaken special investigations on my behalf, or shared their special knowledge of authors and herbaria are: K. R. Bapna, Howard Crum, Fernand Demaret, John Engel, Rob Gradstein, Suzanne Jovet-Ast, Timo Koponen, Ming-Jou Lai, Elva Lawton, E. M. A. Petit, Paul Richards, Wim Rubers, W. B. Schofield, G. A. M. Scott, Ilma G. Stone and Esbern Warncke. Acknowledging with graditude my indebtedness to all these contributors, I assume the responsibility for the inevitable errors, omissions and unwarranted assumptions of this final version. My own research has taken me to many herbaria and libraries, but most of the reference work has been done at the Farlow Reference Library and the library of the Gray Herbarium. I am grateful to the staffs of all these institutions. Professor Donald Pfister of the Farlow has been unfailingly helpful. Marsha Knoll typed the manuscript with assiduity over and above the call of duty. Finally, it is a pleasure to thank Professor Reed C. Rollins for the privileges extended to me at Harvard during the past five years. Abbot, Charles, LTN, LINN. Abeleven, Theodoor Hendrik Arnold Jacob, NBV. Aberg, Johann Gerhard ("Goran"), ups (14,000 Sphagnum), s, H. Abramov, Ivan Ivanovich, b LE. Abramova, Anastasia Laurentievna, b LE. Abruzzi, see Savoia. Acharius, Erik, UPs. Adanson, Michel, P. Adlerz, Ernst, OREB. Agardh, Carl Adolph, LD. Agnew, Shirley (1970). PRIV, BUH, NAI, BM. Agsteribbe, Etienne, L. Ahnfelt, Nicolaus ("Nils") Otto, s. Ahti, Teuvo, b H (1637). Aigret, Clement, LV. Albertini, Johannes Baptista von, Albertson, Nils, UPs. Albrecht, J. Huldrich, b z (1000), BM. Allison, Kenneth Willway, b CHR (18,000); exsicc. CHR, FH, Allorge, Pierre, PC; exsicc. FH, G, H, PC, Allorge, Valentine Selitsky, b PC; exsicc. see P. Allorge. Alston, Arthur Hugh Garfit, BM. Amakawa, Tairoku, b PRIV, NICH. Amann, Jean Jules, ZT, LAU, L. Ambroi, Josef, PR (dupl.). Anderson, Lewis Edward, b DUKE. Ando, Hisatsugu, b HIRO. Andrews, Albert LeRoy, cu. Angstrom, Johan, s, H, H-SOL, G. Anthony, Emilia Crane (n6e Royce), d Anzi, Martino, TO. Apte, V. V. (1942). Arcangeli, Giovanni, PI, Arens, Pedro Martin Jose, GRO, L, BO, BM-Verdoorn. Argent, Graham Charles George, b BM, E. Armitage, Eleanora, BRIST, NOT. Arnell, Hampus Wilhelm, UPS, LD, GB, H, S. Arnell, Siegfrid Wilhelm, UPS, s, GB, H, BOL. Arnold, Ferdinand Christian Gustav, M, Arnott, George Arnott Walker, GL. Arzeni, Charles B. (1958). MICH, FH-Bartram. Aubert, Gustave, Aublet, Jean Baptiste Christophe Fusee, Orig. dispersed; BM, PC. Augier, Jean, b ABT. Austin, Coe Finch, NY (Musci), MANCH (Hepat.), FH-Sullivant, MO; exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, NY, W, Bachelot de la Pylaie, Auguste Jean Marie, B-Bridel, PC, G, Bachmann, Ewald Theodor, Orig. destroyed at KIEL. Badhwar, Rattan Lal (1931). CAL. Baehni, Charles, G.

4 504 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 Bellardi, Carlo Antonio Lodovico, TO. Belli, Carlo Saverio, TO, PAD. Benedix, Erich Heinz, b JE. Bequaert, Joseph Charles Corneille, b BR (800), BM-Dixon, PC-Th6riot, FH- Bartram. Berendt, Georg Carl, Berggren, Sven, LD, H, C (1000), s, Baenitz, Carl Gabriel, Orig. unknown; H-BR; exsicc. PC, L, BM, Bagnall, James Eustace, BIRA, BM. Bailey, Frederick Manson, BRI, Bailey, John William, WTU, PC- Renauld. Baillon, Henri Ernest, P, PC. Balbis, Giovanni Battista, TO. Balfour, John Hutton, E, GL, BM, OXF, MANCH-Carrington. Ball, Oscar Melville Balme, Basil E., b Balsamo-Crivelli, Giuseppe Gabriele, MI, G; exsicc. FI, G, M, MPU, W, Bamberger, Johann Georg, IBF, L. Banwell, A. David (1951). PRIV. Bapna, Karan Raj, b UDAIPUR, S. Barber, Edwin Atlee, PC-Renauld. Bardunov, Leonid V. (1968). IRK, LE. "Barker, J." (Roth, Eur. Laubm. 2: 691) =? Barker, Thomas, MANCH, BREM-Roth. Barkman, Jan Johannes, b WBS, L (early coll.). Barnes, Charles Reid, NY, us- Evans, Pc-Cardot-Theriot, F. Barsali, Egidio, PAD, PI. Bartram, Edwin Bunting, FH (75,000), PH (early), F (Guatemala); exsicc. FH, NY, PC, Bastow, Richard Austin, MEL. Batsch, August Johann Georg Karl, JE. Battandier, Jules Aime, MPU- Trabut. Bauer, Ernst H., op (27,000), PR; exsicc. BM, E, FH, G, H, L, LD, NY, PC, S, W, Bauer, G. (of Berlin), Orig. destroyed at B; Baumgartner, Julius, w, Baur, Wilhelm, u (1000), B-Warnstorf, PC. Bayrhoffer, Johann Daniel Wilhelm, FR, Beauverd, Gustave, G. Beck, Lewis Caleb, NYS. Beck von Mannagetta und Lerchenau, Gunther, w, PRC. Beckett, Thomas W. Naylor, CHR- CANTY (12,000), MO, C (400), BM, Beckhaus, Konrad Friedrich Ludwig, Bluff, Mathias Joseph, MASTR, B. Beckmann, Carl Ludwig, HAN, Beher6, Jean Baptiste Joseph, Orig. unknown; ROUEN. Beilschmied, Carl Traugott, STR- Nees (dupl.). Belanger, Charles Paulus, G, PC, LE. GB, H-SOL; exsicc. BM, C, FH, H, LD, PC, NY, S, UPS, Berkeley, Miles Joseph, K, BM, E. Berndes, Wilhelm Eugene, GB (325). Bernardi, A., see Bivona-Bernardi. Bernet, Henri, G. Bernhardi, Johann Jakob, MO, B-Bridel. Berrie, Geoffrey K., b BM-K. Berry, Edward Wilber, Berthelot, Sabin, FI-Webb. Berthoumieu, G. Victor, PC, Bertoloni, Antonio, BOLO. Bertsch, Karl, STU. Bescherelle, Emile, BM (exotic Musci, 20,000), PC (misc. bryo.), MIN (Eur. bryo., 10,000), H-BR; exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, PC, Best, George Newton, NY (7797). Beyrich, Heinrich Karl, BM- Hampe, LE (600), MO, Bhardwaj, Dinesh C., b LWU. Bibby, Patrick Noel Sumner, MEL. Bilewsky, Felix, b HUJ. Binstead, Charles Herbert, BM-K, K, OXF, Bird, Charles Durham, b UAC. Bischler, H6elne, b PC, G, COL. Bischoff, Gottlieb Wilhelm, Orig. destroyed at LZ; HEID, M, Bivona-Bernardi, Antonio de, FI. Bizot, Maurice, b PRIV (23,000). Bizzozero, Giacomo, PAD. Bjornstrom, Fredrik Johan, GB (250), Blake, Sidney Fay, us, NY- Williams. Blandow, Otto Christian, Orig. unknown; exsicc. BM, G, PC, FH, Blatter, Ethelbert, BLAT. Blomquist, Hugo Leander, DUKE (Sphagnum). Orig. unknown. Blume, Carl Ludwig (Carel Lodewijk) von, L, STR-Nees, Blumrich, Josef, BREG. Blytt, Axel Gudbrand, o, LD, GB, Blytt, Matthias Numsen, c (1500), 0. Bock, Wolfgang von (1908). s.

5 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 505 Boeck, Christian Peder Bianco, Boehmer, Georg Rudolf, Orig. unknown. B0rgesen, Fredrik Christian Emil, C, H, FH. Bohlen, Ann (1950). WTU. Bolkhovitina, N. A. (1959). +. Bolle, Carl August, B (destroyed?). Bomansson, Johan Oskar, H (8085). Bonner, Charles Edmond Bradlaugh, G, LAU. Bonsdorff, Ernst Jakob Waldemar (1867). Borkhausen, Moritz Balthasar, Orig. unknown. Bornmiiller, Josef Friedrich Nikolaus, B (5000), JE, FH-Schiffner; exsicc. BM, G, L, PC, Boros, Adam, BP (80,000), w, OULU. Borszczow (Borshchov), Grigori Grigorievicz (1856). LE. Borszczow (Borshchov), Ilya Grigorievicz, LE. Bory de Saint-Vincent, Jean Baptiste Geneviive Marcellin, PC, G. Borza, Alexander, CL. Bosch, Roelof Benjamin van den, L. Boswell, Henry, OXF, MANCH, H-BR, BM-K, K. Bottini, Antonio, PI, PC, Boucher de Crevecoeur, Jules Armand Guillaume, Orig. unknown; Boulay, Nicholas Jean, LILLE, PC, MPU, Boulter, Michael Charles (1974). BM-+. Bouly de Lesdain, Maurice, Orig. destroyed at Dunkirk; PC, Bourquenoud, Francois, Bouvet, Georges, Bowers, Frank Dana, b TENN, PRIV. Braithwaite, Robert, BM, H-SOL; exsicc. BM, E, FH, G, H, NY, Brassard, Guy Raymond, b CANM, NY, PRIV (2000), NFLD. Braun, Alexander Carl Heinrich, Orig. destroyed at B and LZ; G, PC, S. Brayshaw, Thomas Christopher, b No personal herb.; UBC. Br6bisson, Louis Alphonse de, CN, PC, H-SOL; exsicc. BR, FH, PC, MPU, Breen, Ruth Olive Schornherst, b NY. Breidler, Johann, GZU, GJO, H, S, BP, Breutel, Johann Christian, BM- Schimper-Hampe, G, W, HAL, GLM; exsicc. BM, BR, FH, L, PC, NY, S, Bridel (-Brideri), Samuel Elis6e de, B (1200), FI, H. Britton, Elizabeth Gertrude (nee Knight), NY. Britton, Nathaniel Lord, NY. Brizi, Ugo, PAD, RO. Brockmiiller, Hans Joachim Heinrich, Orig. unknown; exsicc. G, L, NY, WRSL, Broeck, Henri van den, BR, PC- Cardot. Brongniart, Adolphe Theodore, PC. Brotero, Felix de Avellar, LISU, MO-Bernhardi. Brotherus, Victor Ferdinand, H-BR (120,000), H (Eur., Sphagnum); exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, NY, PC, S, Brown, John Thomas, b MONT-+. Brown, Margaret Sibella, NY (Musci), BM-K (Hepat.). Brown, Robert, BM, E. Brown, Robert, (ter), 1824? BM-Dixon, H, CANTY, AK. Brown, Roland Wilbur, us-+. Bruch, Philipp, LY, BM-Schimper, B-Bridel, BR, L. Bruehl, Paul Johannes, CAL. Bruggeman-Nannenga, Maria Alida, b u. Brunnthaler, Josef, w, wu, G, Brunton, William, LINN-Smith, HAMU-Winch. Bryan, Virginia Schmitt, b DUKE. Bryhn, Niels, c (1500), GB (400), LD (350), o, H. Buch, Christian Leopold von, Buch, Hans Robert Viktor, H (10,000). Buchanan, John, OTA (125), BM-K. Buchloh, Gunther, b PRIV, PC. Buck, William Russell, b PRIV, MICH. Buckman, James, Bunge, Alexander Andrejewitch von, LE, PC, G. Burchard, Oscar, c Burchell, William John, BM-K, Burgeff, Hans Edmund Nicola, b Burges, Norman Alan, b Burnham, Stewart Henry, cu. Burrell, William Holmes, LDS. Buse, Lodewijk Hendrik, L, NBV (Holland); exsicc. BM, FH, L, Buysson, Robert du (1885). PC, BM-Heribaud. Cain, Stanley Adair, b NY-Austin. Caldesi, Lodovico, Fl. Cambessedes, Jacques, MPU. Campbell, Douglas Houghton, UBC-DS. Campbell, Ella Orr (1954). MPN. Candolle, Augustin Pyramus de, G, PC. Cardot, Jules, Pc-Cardot (14,500 Musci, 600 Hepat.), G, H-BR; exsicc. see Renauld. Carestia, Antonio, TO. Carl, Helmut (1931). JE. Carr, Dennis J. (1956). CANB. Carrington, Benjamin, MANCH, BM;

6 506 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 exsicc. BM, C, E, FH, G, H, L, MANCH, PC, S, Carruthers, William, BM. Casares-Gil, Antonio, BC. Caspary, Johann Xaver Robert, Cassebeer, Johann Heinrich, FR, GOET, H-SOL; exsicc. FR, H, NY, Cassini, Alexandre Henri Gabriel de, PC. Castagne, Emile Etienne Edouard Joseph, b PRIV, BR. Castelli, Laurent A. L., b PRIV. Castle, Hempstead, b YU. Cavanagh, Lucy Mary, IA. Cavers, Francis, LDS? Cesati, Vincenzo de, RO, G. Chalaud, Germain, TL. Chalubinsky, Titus, Chamberlain, David Franklin, b E. Chamberlain, Edward Blanchard, FH (5000). Chamisso, Ludolf Adelbert von (Louis Charles Adelaide Chamisseau de Boncourt), LE, Chang, Man-Siang (1975). Chapman, Clara J. (1941). osc. Chavan, Appasaheb Ramachandaroo (1937). BARODA. Chen, Pan-Chieh, b PE; exsicc. NICH, NY, Chevalier, Auguste Jean Baptiste, PC, PC-Theriot, G-Stephani, CHE-Corbiere. Chevallier, Francois Fulgis, STR?, PC, FH-Schiffner. Chiovenda, Emilio, FI, FT (58), Chopra, Bashambar Nath, b w. Chopra, Ram Saran, b E. Christiansen, Tyge, b C. Christopherson, Erling, b o, BM-Dixon. Chuang, Ching-Chang (1973). UBC, NICH. Chudeau, Rene, BAY, PC. Clark, Lois, WTu. Clemente y Rubio, Sim6n de Rojas, MA. Clifford, Harold Trevor, b MEL-+. Cockerell, Theodore Dru Alison, COLO-+. Cogniaux, Celestin Alfred, BR. Cohn, Fredinand Julius, Orig. unknown; BP-Limpricht. Coker, Dorothy (Mrs. W. Rowland Coker), b NY. Colenso, William, WELT (2500), BM-K, MPN, G-Stephani, H, NY-Mitten, FH- Taylor. Conard, Henry Shoemaker, IA. Conklin, George Hall, ABSH, MICH, NY. Conradi, Frans Edvard, TRH, L. Cooke, Charles Montague, Jr., BISH (Hawaiian Hepat.). Cooke, Mordecai Cubitt, K. Cookson, Isabel Clifton, MELU-+. Coppey, Amedee, NCY, PC, Corbiere, Francois Marie Louis, CHE, CN, PC. Corda, August Karl Joseph, PR, PRM, w-lindenberg, STR-Nees. Corley, Martin Francis Vanner, b PRIV, BBSUK. Correns, Carl Franz Joseph Erich, M, H. Cortes Latorre, Cayetano, MA. Cortini-Pedrotti, Carmela (1965). PRIV (700), CAME (100), FI. Cosson, Ernest Saint-Charles, PC. Couper, Robert A., b WELT-+. Coutinho, see Pereira Coutinho. Coville, Frederick Vernon, us, MIN-Holzinger, NY-Underwood. Craig, Ethelda Jane (1939). Cranz ("Crantz"), David, BM- Dickson? Cretzoiu, Paul, BUC, FH-Schiffner. Crome, Georg Ernst Wilhelm, Orig. unknown; exsicc. BM, PC, FH, H, L, S, Crosby, Marshall Robert, b MO (10,000), DUKE (through 1966). Crozals, Andre de, Pc. Crum, Howard Alvin, b MICH, CANM (before 1965). Crundwell, Alan Cyril, b GL. Culmann, Paul Frederic, z (15,000), PC (3100), s. Curnow, William, CGE, OXF, BM. Curtis, William, Orig. unknown; LINN-Withering? Cuvier, Georges Leopold Chretien Frederic Dagobert, No personal herbarium. Cypers von Landrecy, Viktor, PR, PRC. Dalla Torre, Karl Wilhelm von, IBF, TR. Damsholt, Kell (1969). c, Herb. Schuster. Darlington, Henry Townsend, MSC. Davies, George, BM. Davies, Una Violet (1949). WTU. Debat, Louis, LY?, De Candolle, see Candolle. Dede6ek, Josef, Orig. lost; PR (Hepat.), PRC (Musci). Deguchi, Hironori, b HIRO. Dejean de Saint-Marcel, Gaspard, B-Bridel, P-JU. De la Pylaie, see Bachelot de la Pylaie. De l'arbre, Antoine, Orig. unknown. Delgadillo Moya, Claudio, b MEXU. Delile, Alire Raffenau, MPU.

7 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 507 Delogne, Charles Henri, BR (4000); exsicc. BM, BR, FH, H, LG, PC, S, Del Rosario, Romualdo M. (1968). PNH. Demaret, Fernand M. H., b BR, PC. Demeter, Karoly (Charles), BP? De Notaris, Giuseppe, RO, Fl, PC- Montagne, PC, H-SOL, H, KIEL; exsicc. see Balsamo. Desfontaines, Ren6 Louiche, FI- Webb, PC. De Sloover, Jean Louis, b NAM (15,000), BR, LG. Desmazieres, Jean Baptiste Henri Joseph, PC; exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, L, MPU, NY, PC, Desplanques, A. (1972). Despr6aux, J. M., FI-Webb, PC- Montagne. Desvaux, Nicaise Augustin, PC. Dickson, James, BM; exsicc. BM. Diels, Friedrich Ludwig Emil, B, Dietrich, David Nathanael Friedrich, JE. Dietzow, W. Ludwig von (1914). Dillenius, Johann Jakob, OXF, Dismier, Gabriel, PC; exsicc. BM, FH, L, NY, PC, STR, Dixon, Hugh Neville, BM (45,000), K (British, 9000). Doignon, Pierre, b PRIV. Dokturovsky, Vladimir Semenovic, Don ("Donn"), George, E, OXF; exsicc. BM, Douin, Charles Isidore, LY?, PC, Douin, Robert Charles Victor, b LY, PC. Dozy, Frans (Francois), L, U (Java), PC-Montagne, G. Drake, William Fitt, c LINN-Smith. Drege, Johann Franz (Jean Francois), PC, H, PR, L, G, W. Drummond, Thomas, BM-K, BM, OXF; exsicc. BM, E, FH, G, H, L, NY, W, Drygalski, Erich Dagobert von, H-BR, BRSL. Duby, Jean Etienne, G (exotic bryo.), STR (crypt.), BORD (Eur. bryo.). Duckering, Mae Webster, b WTU. Duda, Josef, b op (10,000), PRIV, BRA, HR; exsicc. BM, FH, NY, PC, Dull, Ruprecht, b PRIV (6000). Dumont d'urville, Jules Sebastien Cesar, CN, PC, Pc-Montagne. Dumortier, Barthelemy Charles Joseph, BR, L. Dunk, Klaus von der (1973). PRIV. Dunk, Kurt von der (1973). PRIV. Du Noday, see Noday. Dupret, Francois Hippolyte, MTJB. Durand, Elias Magliore, PC, PH, FH-James. Durand, Th6ophile Alexis, BR. Du Rietz, Gustaf Einar, upsv. Durieu de Maisonneuve, Michel Charles, BORD, PC, PC-Montagne, During, Hein Johannes, b PRIV. Dury, Marie-Noelle (1974). DI, Herb. Bizot. Dus6n, Per Karl Hjalmar, s, H, G-Stephani; exsicc. BM, H, PC, S, Duthie, Augusta Vera, d STE. Eaton, Amos, YU. Eaton, Daniel Cady, YU (60,000); exsicc. BM, C, FH, G, L, MICH, NY, PC, Eddy, Alan, b BM. Edmonston, Thomas Biot, BM-K, BM. Edwards, Sean Rowan, b Herb. P. W. Richards. Een, Gillis. ups, PRIV (20,000), s. Ehrhart, Jakob Friedrich, GOET, MW, LE, H-SOL; exsicc. GOET (complete), UPS, LINN, HAL, M, MO (p.p.), PH (p.p.), FH (p.p.). Eifrig, H. (1937). JE. Ekart, Tobias Philipp, JE, ROST. Ekstam, Otto Josef Agaton, s. Ekstrand, Emil Viktor, c, GB, Elenkin, Aleksander Aleksandrovich, LE. Emerson, Julia Titus, NY. Emig, William Harrison, CM. Emmons, Ebenezer, Type with L. C. Beck. Endlicher, Stephan Ladislaus, w. Engel, John Jay, b MSC (through 1971), F (from 1971), UWM (J. Fernandez). Engelmark, Fred Thor-Bj6rn, b s. Engler, Heinrich Gustav Adolf, Orig. destroyed at B; Erdtmann, Otto Gunnar Elias, s, S-+. Esteve Chueca, Fernando (1955). GDA. Ettingshausen, Constantin von, Evans, Alexander William, YU, NY. Everken, V. (of Griinberg, 1869). Orig. destroyed at B. Fagerst6n, Reino Rikhard, b H (4500), KUO (3000). Falconer, Hugh, BM-K, BM. Familler, Ignaz, Regensburg Bot. Ges., M, BP; exsicc. FH, PC, Farneti, Rodolfo, PAV. Faxon, Edwin, YU, FH; exsicc. (N. Amer. Sphag.), FH, NY, ; (Sphag. Bor.- Am., see Eaton, D.C.). Featherman, Americus, 1822-c NY-Austin.

8 508 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 Fedtchenko (Fedchenko, Fedcenko), Boris Alexjevich, LE, F6e, Antoine Laurent Apollinaire, RB, STR, BM-Bescherelle, G, Pc-Montagne. Fehlner, Carl, WU. Feld, Johann (of Godesberg, 1927). Felippone, Florentino, LIVU, H (325), H-BR, NY. Fergusson, John, E?, BM- Braithwaite. Fernandez, Joseph (1930). BLAT, BM-Dixon. Fiedler, Carl Friedrich Bernhard, Exsicc. BM, H, LZ, Field, John H., b PRIV (600). Fingerhuth, Karl Anton, Orig. unknown. Fiorini-Mazzanti, Elisabetta, FI, PC-Montagne. Fischer-Ooster, Carl von, BERN. Fischer von Waldheim, see Waldheim. Fitzgerald, Charles ("Carlo") (1881). JHU (phan.?), PI-Bottini (bryo.?). Fleischer, Max, FH (30,000), B (2000), BO, H, M; exsicc. BM, E, FH, G, L, NY, PC, U, W, Fliche, Paul Henri Maria Therese Andre, Flrke, Heinrich Gustav, Orig. destroyed at B; ROST, WELT, JE, UPS, W, S. Florschiitz, Peter Arnold, u (3500). Florschiitz-de Waard, Jeanne, b No private herb. Flotow, Julius Christian Gottlieb Ulrich Gustav Georg Adam Ernst Friedrich von, Orig. destroyed at B; BRSL (bryo.), STR-Nees (Hepat.). Flowers, Seville, COLO (12,000), UT (dupl. of orig.); exsicc. NY, Forster, Johann Georg Adam, BM. Fournier, Eugene Pierre Nicolas, PC. Frahm, Jan-Peter, b PRIV (4000), DUIS. Francis, Robert Bransby, 1768? LINN- Smith. Freycinet, Louis Claude de Saulces de, PC, Pc-Montagne. Freyn, Josef Franz, WU, Fries, Elias Magnus, UPs. Frohlich, Josef, s, w. Frolich, Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm, KIEL? Frolich, Joseph Aloys von, Orig. unknown; B-Bridel. Frye, Theodore Christian, WTU; exsicc. NY, US, Fiirnrohr, August Emmanuel, Regensburg Bot. Ges. Fiirst, Pius, b w. Fulford, Margaret Hannah, b PRIV (5000 Hepat.), CINN. Funck, Heinrich Christian, M; exsicc. BM, FH, H, L, PC, NY, S, Gaertner, Philipp Gottfried, TUB. Gams, Helmut, IB. Gander, Hieronymus, Gangulee, Hirendra Chandra, b PRIV. Garcia, Donato, MA. Gardet, G. (of Nancy, 1931). Gardner, George, BM, BM-K; exsicc. FH, Garovaglio, Santo, PAV (30,000); exsicc. BM, G, PAV, Garside, Sidney, BOL. Gasilien, Gerard (Frere Gasilien-Parrique), Pc-Cardot. Gatterer, Christoph Wilhelm Jacob, Gaudichaud-Beaupr6, Charles, Pc, Pc-Montagne. Gay, Claude, PC (S. Amer.). Geheeb, Adalbert, Orig. destroyed at B; dupl. many places including JE, L, BM, GOET, C, H. Geneau de Lamarliere, Jean Baptiste Leon, Pc? Genth, Carl Friedrich Ferdinand, Orig. destroyed at LZ?; HEID-Hibener, FR, GJO, HAL; exsicc. FH, G, PC, Gepp, Antony, BM. Gerber, G. (of Bavaria, 1860). Gerola, Filippo Marcabruno (1947). TO? Giacomini, Valerio, b RO. Gibbs, Lilian Suzette, BM. Gier, Leland Jacob, b NY (6500), PRIV (2500), MSJ (1500), wjc (1200). Giesecke, Charles Lewis (earlier, Karl Ludwig Metzle), BM, C, E-Greville, FH- Taylor. Giesenhagen, Karl Friedrich Georg, M, H (Musci). Giesy, Robert Marshall, b os. Gilibert, Jean Emmanuel, KW, PC. Gillet, Hubert, b PC. Gillet-Lefebvre, Jeanne (1965). NAM. Gillies, John, BM-K, OXF, E, FH- Taylor. Ginzberger, August, wu. Giordano, Giuseppe Camillo, NAP. Girgensohn, Gustav Karl (1850). TU, H-SOL; exsicc.? Glowacki, Julius, GJO, GZU, PC. Gmelin, Johann Friedrich, Orig. unknown. Godfrey, Judith Dean, b PRIV, UBC. Godman, Frederick DuCane, NY-Mitten, E. Godwinsky, M. I. (1963). AA? Goebel, Karl Immanuel Eberhart von, M, RV (Java), H, Goppert, Heinrich Robert, WRSL. Goiran, Agostino (Augustin), VER. Gola, Giuseppe, TOM, TO (Ruwenzori), FI-Levier, Gorodkov, Boris Nikolaevich, c.

9 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 509 Goswami, S. K. +. Hamlin, Bruce Gordon, WELT Gottsche, Carl Moritz, Orig. de- (8000), CHR (before 1954). stroyed at B; dupl. BM, C, G, H-SOL, PC, ; Hammar, Olof Niklas, s? exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, PC, S, Hammerschmid, Anton, Gradstein, Stephan Robbert, b u (2500). Hampe, Georg Ernst Ludwig, BM Grandidier, Alfred, pc-renauld- (31,000), G, H, GOET, FH-Sullivant; exsicc. Cardot. BM, L, PC, Gravet, Pierre Joseph Fr6edric, BR Handel-Mazzetti, Heinrich von, w, (5000), z (1000), L, H, H-BR; exsicc. BR, FH, WU, H-BR (China), H. G, H, NY, PC, and see Delogne. Hansen, Bertel, b c. Gray, Asa, FH-Sullivant, FH. Hantke, Rene (1974). +. Gray, Samuel Frederick, Orig. un- Hara, Mikio, b PRIV. known. Hardy, John, MANCH, BM-Wilson. Grebe, Carl, KASSEL, Harris, Thomas Maxwell, b Green, Thomas (1820, coll. Shropshire, Wales). Hartman, Carl Johan, UPS, H. B-Bridel? Hartman (fil.), Carl, UPs, Greene, Stanley Wilson, b BIRM, AAS. Harvey, William Henry, TCD, BM, Greenwood, William Frederick Neville (coll. US, DBN, H-SOL, FI. Australia, Fiji, ). BM-K. Harvill, Alton McCaleb, Jr., b ALU. Greguss, Pal (Paul), b Hasselquist, Frederic, SBT. Greter, Fintan, b Hasskarl, Justus Carl, L, H. Greville, Robert Kaye, E, BM, FH- Hatcher, Raymond Edward, UWM. Taylor. Hattori, Sinske, b NICH, TNS, TI; exsicc. Griffin, Dana Gove, III, b FLAS (5500), BM, FH, NY, TENN. Haynes, Caroline Conventry, NY, Griffith, William, BM-K, NY-Mitten, FH; exsicc. BM, FH, NY, FH, Hazslinsky von Hazslin, Friedrich August Grimme, Arnold T. (1936). KASSEL. (Frigges Agost), BP. Grinvall, Troed Axel Ludwig, L, S. Heard, Albert (1931). +. Grolle, Riclef, b JE, PRIV, B, M, NICH. Hebrard, Jean-Pierre (1969). PRIV (12,000), PC. Grom, Sezana, Sr. (1960). PRIV. Hedwig, Johann, G (10,000, mostly Grout, Abel Joel, DUKE; exsicc. BM, exotic Musci); for duplicates see Schwaeg- FH, G, MO, NY, richen. Giimbel, Wilhelm Theodor, Orig. Hedwig (fil.), Romanus Adolf, With unknown; BR, TUB. J. Hedwig. Guersent, Louis Ben, Heeg, Moritz, d w, GJO, FH-Schiffner. Gugelberg von Moos, Maria Barbara Flan- Heer, Oswald, drina, Hegewald, Eberhard Heiz, b PRIV Guillaumot, Marius Georges, No (8000). personal herb.; PC. Hegewald, Pirkko Dagmar, b With E. Guinet, Jean Etienne Auguste, G. Hegewald. Gunnerus, Johan Ernst, TRH. Heimans, Jacobus, b AMD, NBV. Gy6rffy, Istvan, BP (12,000), H-BR; Hell, Kurt Giunther (1969). sp. exsicc. B, P, L, Hennen, Joseph, BR (150). Hennings, Paul Christoph, Orig. destroyed at B; Henriques, Julio Augusto, COI, H. Habeeb, Herbert, b PRIV, F (second set); Henry, Ren6, PC (9700). exsicc. FH, NY, Heribaud-Joseph [Frere] (earlier, Jean Bap- Hadac, Emil Franziskov Lazne, b o. tiste Caumel), BM (5350), PC- Hassel de Menendez, Gabriela Gustava, b. Bonaparte BA. Hermann, Frederick Joseph, b us, WTU, Hagen, Ingebrigt Severin, TRH PRIV (4400). (40,000), o, L (1100), H. Hervey, Alphaeus Baker, NY. Hakelier, Nils (1976). s, PRIV. Herzog, Theodor K. J., JE, B (1000), Halacsy, Eugen von, wu. W, M, G, L, S, H. Halle (earlier Gustafson), Thore Gustaf, Hesselbo (earlier, Hansen), Christian August, s, ups, G, s c (4300), H-BR, S. Haller, Albrecht von, GOET, G, P. Hessler, Karl (1822). GOET? Hallier, Johann Gottfried, HBG, Heufler zu Rasen und Perdonegg, Ludwig Samuel Joseph David Alexander von,

10 510 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume (From 1865, Freiherr von Hohenbiihel; published as Ludwig von Hohenbuhel-Heufler.) WA, Heugel, Carl August, Heukels, P. (1973). GRO? Hewson (-Freund), Helen Joan, b No personal herb. Hiern, William Philip, CGE. Higinbotham, Betty Louise (n6e Wilson), b PRIV, WS. Higinbotham, Noe, b PRIV, WS. Hilferty, Frank Joseph, b PRIV, NEBC. Hill, Mark Oliver, b Hillier, Louis E. J., BESANCON?, PC. Hilpert, Friedrich Wilhelm, b JE? Hinneri, Sakari Lauri, b TUR. Hintze, F. (1912). B (7500). Hobkirk, Charles Codrington Pressick, DEWSBURY?, K. Hodgson, Emily Amy (publ x). MPN (15,000); exsicc. FH, Hoe, William Joesph, b PRIV (13,000), BISH, MICH; exsicc. BISH, L, Hohnel, Franz Xaver Rudolf von, FH-Schiffner, PC, W, H. Hormann, Hans, b Hoffmann, Gerhard'(1935). JE. Hoffmann, Georg Franz, MW, LE. Hohenbiihel, see Heufler. Holler, August, M, H. Hollick, Charles Arthur, Holmberg, Otto Rudolf, LD, GB. Holmen, Kjeld Axel, c, NY; exsicc. FH, G, PC, Holmgren, Hjalmar Josef, c, H, Holt, George Alfred, MANCH. Holzinger, John Michael, MIN (20,000); exsicc. FH, L, NY, Hong, Won Shic, b PRIV (30,000), NICH, HIRO, TNS. Hooker, Joseph Dalton, BM-K, BM, GL, FH-Taylor (Antarctic Exp.), FH-Sullivant (Herb. Ind. Or.). Hooker, William Jackson, K, BM-K, GL, BM-Wilson, FH-Taylor, NY-Mitten, H-SOL, W, S. Hoppe, David Heinrich, Orig. lost; a few bryophytes known at BM, BM-K, GOET, H, L, NY, OXF, W. Horikawa, Yoshiwo, HIRO (80,000); exsicc.? Horneman(n), Jens Wilken, c, LE. Hornschuch, Christian Friedrich, Orig. destroyed at B; dupl. known at B-Willdenow, w, H, BM; exsicc. S, Horrell, Ernest Charles, b NOT, E, BM, OXF, KEIGHLEY (60). Host, Nicolaus Thomas, w, B-Bridel. Houttuyn, Maarten, L, C, G-Burman. Howe, Marshall Avery, NY (32,000). Huard, Jean (1966). +. Hudson, William, Orig. mostly destroyed; BM, LINN. Hiibener, Johann Wilhelm Peter, Orig. destroyed at LZ; PC (1000 Hepat.), STR-Nees, HEID, BM, FB; exsicc. FH, G, H, PC, S, Hueber, Francis Maurice, b CORNELL- +, us-+ (from 1962). Hurlimann, Hans, b z (2000), PRIV, G. Hull, John, LINN-Withering. Hult, Ragnar, H-SOL, H, GB. Hult6n, Eric Oskar Gunnar, b s. Hunt, George Edward, K, BM, OXF, US, H-SOL, WELT. Husnot, Pierre Tranquille, PC (formerly at CN), NCY (France); exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, L, PC, S, Hutton, William, HAMU-+. Huzioka, Kazno (1960).+. Hy, Felix Charles, PC, G. Iisiba (Ihsiba), Eikichi, Orig. partly destroyed in 1919; H-BR (holotypes), NICH (isotypes); G-Stephani, TNS. Ingham, William, LDS (11,200), NMW. Inoue, Hiroshi, b TNS, NICH; exsicc. FH, NY, Inouye (Inoue), Tsutomu (1951). PRIV. Ireland, Robert Root, Jr., b CANM, US (before 1962), UAC (2300), H (1400). Irmscher, Edgar, HBG?, Isoviita, Pekka, b H (1778), TUR, OULU. Itzigsohn, Ernst Friedrich Hermann, KIEL, GOET. Iwamasa, Sadazi, b HIRO. Iwasaki, Niz5 (1941). BM-Dixon, SAP, Herb. Noguchi. Iwatsuki, Zennoske, b NICH. Jaap, Otto, HBG (2500), Jack, Joseph Bernhard, G (50,000), M; exsicc. BM, FH, G, NY, S, Jackson, Albert Bruce, SLBI, BM, K, Jacobs, Donald Leroy, b GA. Jacquin, Nicolaus Joseph von, Probably no bryophyte herb. Jaderholm, Axel Elof, S, H, GB. Jaeger, August, NY, Jaggli, Mario, G. Jahandiez, Emile, G. James, Thomas Potts, FH, PH, PC- Durand, MO. Jameson, Hampden Gurney, BM.

11 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 511 Jansen, Pieter, L, GOET. Janzen, Peter, Jardin, D6sire Edelestan Aim6, NTM (Africa), PC (N. Amer.). Jaume Saint-Hilaire, Jean Henri, Orig. unknown. Jedlicka, Josef, BRNM (13,187). Jelenc, F6odor, b Jennings, Otto Emery, CM (80,000), WVA. Jensen, Christian Erasmus Otterstr0m, c. Jensen, Thomas, c, GB, Jersey, Noel J. de, b Jezek, Vojtech, PL (coll ), BRNM. J0rgensen, Eugen Honoratius, BG, 0, H, FH-Schiffner. J0rgensen, Per Magnus ("P.J.," 1973). BG. Johnson, Anne, b SING, KLU. Jolyclerc, Nicolas, d Jones, Daniel Angell, NMW (5200), BM. Jones, Eustace Wilkinson, b PRIV, BM-K (Africa), BM, OXF. Jones, George Neville, ILL, WTU. Jones, John F. (1931).+. Jongmans, Willem Josephus, L, Jovet-Ast, Suzanne, b PC, RAB. Juel, Hans Oscar, s, Junghuhn, Franz Wilhelm, L, BM-K, PC, Juratzka, Jakob, w (20,000), L, Just, Johann Leopold, Kaalaas, Baard Bastian Larsen, BG, 0, H, L. Kabiersch, Waldefried (1936). B? Kachroo, Prem Nath, b Kalmuss, Friedrich, LE? Kamimura, Minoru, b PRIV (175,000), NICH. Karczmarz, Kazimierz, b LBL (83,000); exsicc. NY, Kashyap, Shiv Ram, LAH, K. Katie, Danilo Ljubissawic, b Kaulfuss, Georg Friedrich, Orig. destroyed at B; L, LZ, B-Bridel. Kaulfuss, Johann Simon (1895). s, H-BR, L. Kaurin, Christian, o, TROM, H. Kavina, Karel, Orig. lost; PR, PRC, H-BR; exsicc. FH, NY, UPS, Keil, Franz, Keissler, Karl von, w. Keller, Robert, z (2000), H. Kelly, Clara J., b WTU. Kennedy, George Golding, FH. Kern, Friedrich, WRSL, L, BP. Kerner von Marilaun, Anton Joseph, wu, Ketchledge, Edwin Herbert, b NYS, CANI, SYRF. Khan, Sultan Ahmad, b DACCA. Khanna, Lalit Prasad, d FH, NICH. Kiaer, Franz Casper, o, H, L; exsicc. L, PC, Kickx (fil.), Jean, BR, GENT, CN. Kilbertus, G. (1974). Herb. Bizot (PRIV). Killias, Eduard, CHUR, W. Kindberg, Nils Conrad, s, CANM- Macoun, H. Kingman, Chester Cole, NY, FH. Kirchner, Walter Charles George, b Kitagawa, Naofumi, b KYO (4000), PRIV, NICH. Kittel, Martin Balduin, Orig. destroyed at B. Klebs, Georg Albrecht, Klinggraff, Hugo Erich Meyer von, BP, KIEL, IBF, Klingmuller, Walter (1958). Knaf, Joseph Friedrich, PR. Kneucker, Johann Andreas, H-BR, KR. Knight, Charles, WELTU, K, Knowlton, Frank Hall, us-+. Koch, Leo Francis, b ILL (9000). Koch, Wilhelm Daniel Joseph, L (Germany), ERL, G. Kodama, Tsutomu (1956). PRIV, OSA, KYO (3000), NICH. Koehler, Max (1936). KASSEL. Kolderup-Rosenvinge, see Rosenvinge. Kolenati, Friedrich Anton Rudolf, BRNO, LE, Koltz, Jean Pierre Joseph, LUX. K6no, Gakuichi (1906). Koponen, Aune Kyllikki, b H (270). Koponen, Timo Juhani, b H (4400). Koppe, Fritz, b PRIV, LBL (500), MSTR, WRSL. Koppe, Karl, b PRIV, H. Kopsch, August (1916). H; exsicc. BM, FH, H, NY, PRC, U, S, Korczagin, Alexander Alexandrovich, b LE. Kotschy, Carl Georg Theodor, w. Kozlowski, Roman, b Krausel, Richard, FR-+. Krajina, Vladimir Joseph, b PRC (to 1949), UBC (from 1949). Krasilov, Valentin Abramovich (1973). +. Krause, Ernst Hans Ludwig, KIEL (orig.?), ROST, Krauss, Christian Ferdinand Friedrich von, FI (orig.?), Herb. Bruch? Kr6mer, Jean Pierre, Krieger, Walther (of Chemnitz, 1907).

12 512 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 Krusenstjerna, Axel Henrik Edvard Filip von, b upsv, PRIV. Kryshtofovich, African Nicolaevich, PR, LE-+. Ku6, Marian (1969). LBL (2500), KRAM (Poland, Antarctica), CANM (Arctic). Kucyniak, James, MTJB. Kumar, Dinesh (1971). LWU. Kunth, Karl Sigismund, H, BM-K- Hooker. Kuntze, Carl Ernst Otto, NY. Kunze, Gustav, Orig. destroyed at LZ; H. Kuwahara, Yukinobu, b PRIV, NICH. Labillardiere, Jacques Julien Houttou ("Houton") de, Fl, PC- Montagne. Lachenaud, Georges (1901). Pc-Theriot. Lacroix, Louis Sosthene Veyron de, BM-Schimper. Lacouture, Charles, Ladyzenskaya, Claudia Ivanovna, b LE. Lagasca y Segura, Mariano, Orig. destroyed; FI? Lai, Ming-Jou, b TAI, H, NICH, MO. Laine, T., see Lammes. Lamarck, Jean Baptiste Antoine Pierre Monnet de, P. Lamarliere, see Geneau de Lamarliere. Lambinon, Jacques Ernest Joseph, b LG (2000), BR. Lammes (until 1974, Laine), Tapio, b PRIV (7000 Hepat.), H. Lamy de la Chapelle, Pierre Marie Edouard, PC, BR. Lande, Max (1907). B-Loeske. Lange, Bodil, b C. Lange, Johan Martin Christian, c, w. Lange, Morten Thomsen, C (3400), Langeron, Maurice Charles Pierre, PC. Langlois, Auguste Barthelemy, LCU, US, FH, NY. La Pylaie, see Bachelot de la Pylaie. Larter, Clara Ethelinda, OXF. Latourrette, Marc Antoine Louis Claret Fleurieu de, B-Bridel. Latzel, Albert, BRNU, PRC, E. Laurer, Johann Friedrich, B? Lauterbach, Carl Adolf Georg, WRSL, Lawton, Elva, b WTU, US. Lazarenko, Andrei Sazontovich, b LWOW, LE. Leckenby, John, d Lee, Shin-Chiang (1964). PE. Leers, Johann Georg Daniel, Orig. lost? Lees, Frederick Arnold, MANCH- Carrington. Lehmann, Johann Georg Christian, Orig. partly destroyed at HBG in 1842; s, PC-Montagne, PC, L. Leiberg, John Bernhard, us; exsicc. NY, Leiner, Ludwig, G; exsicc. see under Jack. Leitgeb, Hubert, Le Jolis, Auguste Francois, L, Leman, Dominique S6bastien, P-JU. Lemmon, Betty Ann Elberson, b LAF, DUKE. Lepage, Ernest, b LCU, Herb. LeBlanc (Ottawa Univ.). Leresche, Louis Francois Jules Rodolphe, LAU. Leroy, V. (1947). BR. Lesquereux, Charles Leo, NEU (before 1848), NY, US, H-SOL; exsicc. see Sullivant. Lestiboudois, Gaspard Themistocle, Orig. unknown. Lett, Henry William, DBN, BEL, E, OXF. Leveille, Joseph Henri, Pc. Levier, Emile, Fl (47,000), G (30,000), H-BR; exsicc. BM, E, FH, G, NY, PC, Lewinsky, Jette, b c. Leysser, Friedrich Wilhelm von, LINN. Libert, Marie Anne, BR (350), LG; exsicc. BM, BR, FH, G, LG, PC, W, Lid, Johannes, o. Liebmann, Frederik Michael, c, G, H-SOL, E, BM. Lightfoot, John, BM-K. Lignier, Elie Antoine Octave, Liljeblad, Samuel, UPs. Limpricht, Karl Gustav, BP (16,000), H-SOL; exsicc. FH, PC, NY, S, Lin, Sang-Hsiung, b TUNGH. Lindau, Gustav, Orig. destroyed at B; Lindberg, Harald, H (1524), s, c. Lindberg, Sextus Otto, H-SOL (47,758), BM, S, LD; exsicc. BM, FH, H, L, LD, PC, S, W, Lindblom, Alexis Eduard, LD. Lindenberg, Johann Bernhard Wilhelm, w, G, STR. Linder, Theodor (1909). Orig. destroyed at B? Lindgren, Sven Johan, c; exsicc. c, FH, H, PC, S,

13 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 513 Lindley, John, CGE. Lindsay, William Lauder, E, BM. Link ("Linck"), Johann Heinrich Friedrich, Orig. destroyed at B? Linnaeus, Carl, LINN, FI-Micheli. Linnaeus (fil.), Carl, LINN. Lisa, Domenico, TO, PI. Lobarzewski, Hyacinth Strzemu von, Orig. destroyed at B? Loeske, Leopold, B (500), w, H, FH-Schiffner. Love, Askell, b ICEL (Iceland), LD (Sweden), MT (Canada), WIN (Canada). Love, Doris Benta Maria, b With A. Love. Loitlesberger, Karl, H-BR, W. Lojacono-Pojero, Michele, Lorbeer, Gerhard, d s-k.miiller. Lorch, Wilhelm, WAG, MB, Lorentz, Paul Gunther, M, B, NY ("isotypes"), GOET, H-SOL, W. Lou, Jian-shing (1976). +. Loureiro, Joao de, BM-Banks? Ludwig, Carl (1801). GLM (Krypt. Gewdchse Riesengebirges). Ludwig, Christian Gottlieb, Orig. destroyed at DR. Lunemann, Georg Heinrich, Lutken, Christian Frederik, c. Luisier, Alphonse, coi, LISE (120), H-BR; exsicc. BM, FH, US, Lundblad, Anna Birgitta, b S-PA-+. Lyell, Charles, BM, G. Maass, Wolfgang Siegfried Gunther, b PRIV, H. M'Andrew, James, E, MANCH, OXF. McClatchie, Alfred James, NY. McGregor, Ronald Leighton, b KANU. Machado Guimaraes, Ant6nio Luis (1919). MacKay, James Townsend, TCD, FH-Taylor (bryo. types). McKinlay, Alexander (1869). MANCH, BM- Wilson, OXF. Macoun, John, CANM, UBC, BM; exsicc. BM, FH, NY, PC, Macvicar, Symers Macdonald, BM, E, MANCH. Magdefrau, Karl, b PRIV (3800), M-+. Magill, Robert Earle, b TENN, PRIV (4000). Mahabale, Tryambak Shankur, b BSI, CAL. Maheu, Jacques Marie Albert, PC. Maire, Ren6 Charles Joseph Ernest, MPU, PC. Malmborg, Sten von (1933). ups. Malta, Nicolajs, RIG, H-BR, S. Mansion, Arthur, BR. Manuel, Monte Gregg, b PRIV. Marchal, Elie, BR. Marchal, Emile Jules Joseph, BR. Margadant, Willem Daniil, b PRIV. Marie, Edouard Auguste, BM- Bescherelle, PC. Marquand, Ernest David, STP, BM, E, OXF. Martelli, Ugolino, Fl. Martensson, Olle (Olof), b upsv, ups (5000). Martin, William, CHR (7000). Martius, Karl Friedrich Philipp von, BR (4000), M, BM, L. Marty, Pierre, b Maschke, Joachim (1976). Mason, Francis, NY-Mitten. Massalongo, Caro Benigno, VER, H-SOL, BM; exsicc. BM, E, FH, FI, H, L, M, Massari, M. (1897). Pi? Mathieu, Charles Marie Joseph, BR, G. Matouschek, Franz, b wu, BP, LE. Matsumura, Jinz5, TI. Matteri, Celina Maria, b BA. Matthew, George Frederick, Maximowicz, Carl Johann Ivanowicz, LE, H-SOL, B. Mayebara (Maehara), Kanjiro (1955). PRIV, MAK, NICH. Medelius, Sigfrid Olof, LD, GB (3700), c, H (120). Medwell, L. M. (1954). +. Mehta, Karm Chand, Meijer, Willem, b PRIV, AMD (Netherlands), L (12,000 Indonesia), BO (6000). Meissner (to 1861, Meisner), Carl Friedrich, Melin, Johannes Botwid Elias, b ups, c. Melliss, John Charles (1875). K, E. Melnichuk, V. M. (1960). LW. Men, Fan-son (1976). +. Menge, Franz Anton, WRSL, +. Menzies, Archibald, E, BM, NY- Mitten, FH-Taylor, S. Merat de Vaumartoise, Francois Victor, Pc. Meyer, Bernhard, FR. Meyer, Ernst Heinrich Friedrich, Meyer, F. Karl, d JE. Meyer, Hans (Johannes August Theodor), H-BR, FI. Meylan, Charles, LAU, G, Z. Michaux, Andre, P, Pc-Richard (bryo. types). Micheletti, Luigi, TO. Micheli, Pier'Antonio, FI. Middendorf, Alexander Theodorowitsch von, LE. Mielichhofer, Mathias, At one time in Herb. Hornschuch.

14 514 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 Mikutowicz, Johannes Mathias, RIGA?, H-BR; exsicc. B, BM, C, FH, H, Mildbraed, Gottfried Wilhelm Johannes, Many destroyed at B; HBG, H-BR, G. Milde, Carl August Julius, u (1000), S, BP-Limpricht; exsicc. NY, Miller, Harvey Alfred, b PRIV, BISH, MU, FTU. Miller, Norton George, b PRIV; MICH. Millspaugh, Charles Frederick, F, WVA. Miner, Ernest Lavon, MICH-Paleo. Museum-+. Miquel, Friedrich Anton Wilhelm, u, w (Asia), L. Mirbel, Charles Francois Brisseau de, PC. Misra, K. C. (1954). Mitten, William, NY (50,000), BM-K, K, E. Miyake, Kiichi, b SAP ("paratypes"). Mizushima, Urara, b PRIV (35,500). Mizutani, Masami, b NICH. Moller, Hjalmar August, s, GB (5200), LD, H. M0ller, Sophie Maren, o. Moench, Conrad, Orig. lost. Monkemeyer, Wilhelm, HBG (10,000), H-BR, S. M0rch (Moerck), Axel M0ller, C. Mohr, Charles Theodore, us. Mohr, Daniel Matthias Heinrich, w-lindenberg (Hepat.). Molendo, Ludwig, M, C, BR. Molkenboer, Julianus Hendrik, L, H-BR, U (Java). Monguillon, Eug&ne Louis Honor6, COLO (2000), PC. Montagne, Jean Pierre Francois Camille, PC (15,000), FI. Montin, Lars Jonasson, s. Moore (earlier, Muir), David, DBN, H-SOL, BM. Moris, Giuseppe Giacinto, TO. Moritzi, Alexander, Pc, G-Duby. Mos6n, Carl Wilhelm Hjalmar, s, H, WRSL, GB. Mougeot, Jean Baptiste, PC; exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, L, MPU, NCY, NY, PC, UPS, Muller, Carl = Johann Karl.August Muller of Halle, Orig. mostly destroyed at B; BM, JE, S, H-BR, H-SOL, NY. Mueller, Ferdinand Jacob Heinrich von, MEL, H. Miiller, Heinrich Ludwig Hermann, MSTR, FH (1000); exsicc. FH, M, PC, NY, Muller, Jean ("Argoviensis"), G, GOET. Muller, Karl = Karl Miiller of Freiburg, KR (5500 Hepat.), S, GOET. Muller, Otto Friederich, c. Muhlenberg, Gotthilf Henry Ernst, PH (c. 2000), H. Murray, Barbara Mitchell, b ALA, NY. Murray, Johan Anders (Andreas), BM-K? Myrin, Claes Gustav, S, Nachmony (-Baskomb), Shoshana (1955). HUJ. Nadeaud, Jean, BM-Bescherelle, PC, G; exsicc. BM, FH, NY, S, Nagano, Iwao, b PRIV. Nakai, Takenoshin, No bryol. herb. Nakajima, Tokuichiri, b OSA. Nakinishiki, Koji (1906). H-BR, G-Stephani, NICH. Naveau, Raymond Leonard, AWH?, BR, H, H-BR, BM. Nawaschin (Navashin), Sergius Gawrilowitsch, LE. Necker, Noel Martin Joseph de, Orig. unknown; B-Bridel? Nees von Esenbeck, Christian Gottfried Daniel, Hepaticae, STR, PC, S, w; Musci destroyed at B; LE (2718 Musci); a few bryo. at B-Bridel, G, Pc-Montagne, BM, L. Negri, Giovanni, Fl, FT (103), Nestler, Christian Gottfried, MPU, PC; exsicc. see Mougeot. Neuberg, Mariya Fedorovna, Geol. Inst. Moscow-+. Neumayer, Georg Balthasar von, Neuweiler, Ernst, b BM-Schimper. Newton, Martha Elizabeth (1974). AAS. Nichols, George Elwood, YU. Nicholson, William Edward, CGE, K, OXF. Nieuwland, Julius Arthur, ND. Nocca, Domenico, PAV. Noday, Olivier du (1877). Noguchi, Akira, b KUMAMOTO (30,000), NICH (46,000), HIRO. Nolte, Ernst Ferdinand, Nordstedt, Carl Fredrik Otto, LD, Norkett, Alan Henry, b BM. Norrlin, Johan Petter, H (2663), Notaris, see De Notaris. Nyholm, Elsa Tufvessen, b s. Nylander (Nijlander), William, H-BR, H (300). Ochi, Harumi, b PRIV. (25,000), L. Oeder, Georg Christian von, C. Oertel, C. Gustav, HAL? Ogura, Yuzuru, b

15 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 515 Ohinata, Z. (1912). H-BR (2). Okamura, Shftai, NICH, H-BR, H, FH. Onraedt, Maurice, b PRIV (10,000), BR, PC. Opiz, Philipp Maximilian, PR. Orbigny, Alcide Charles Victor Dessalines d', Orig. unknown. Orcutt, Charles Russell, UBC-DS, FH-Bartram, CANM. Osada, Takemasa, b PRIV (5800). Osterwald, Karl, B (10,000). Oti, Kazuo, b MAK-Sakurai. Pabst, Gustav (of Gera, 1877). Pagan, Francisco Mariano, Orig. priv. in 1942; YU, NY. Palisot de Beauvois, Ambroise Marie Francois Joseph, G, P-Jussieu, PC- Richard, Pc-Montagne; a few known at GL-Arnott, BM-Hooker, FH-Taylor, Pand6, S. K LWU. Papp, Constantine, IASI. Parihar, N. S., b BSA. Paris, Jean Edouard Gabriel Narcisse, REN, PC. Parriat, Henri (1951). Parry, William Edward, BM-K- Hooker. Pasquale, Giuseppe Antonio, NAP. Paton, Jean A., b PRIV (4500), BM, OXF, SOTON. Patouillard, Narcisse Th6ophile, PC. Paul, Hermann Karl Gustav, M, H-BR, L. Pavletic, Zlatko, b ZA? Payer, Jean Baptiste, PC. Payot, Venance, ANNECY, PC, BM, E. Pearson, William Henry, BM (Britain, 9000), MANCH (exot.). Peck, Charles Horton, NYS, NY. Pereira Coutinho, Ant6nio Xavier, COI. Perktold, Josef Anton, Perry, Matthew Calbraith, FH- Sullivant, us. Persoon, Christiaan Hendrik, L, Persson, John, GB, ups-arnell. Persson, Nathan Petter Hermann, b s. Peterfi, Marton, CL. Peterson, Wilbur Louis, b ALTA. Pettet, Antony (1964). NOT. Pfeffer, Wilhelm Friedrich Philipp, Pfeiffer, Ludwig Karl Georg, Orig. destroyed at KASSEL. Pflug, Hans, b Philibert, Henri, AUT, PC. Philippe, Xavier (earlier, Philippe Xavier Camus), 1802/ Pc, w. Philippi, Georg, b KR. Phillips, John, Piccioli, Elvira (1932). NEU? Piccone, Antonio, VER. Pichler, R. Alfred (1928). ZA. Pieper, Philipp Anton, MSTR. Pierrot, Raymond Bernard, b LR. Pilous, Zdenek, b PRIV. Piovano, Giovanni (1953). TOM, BM-Dixon. Pir6, Louis Alexandre Henri Joseph, Pc-Cardot (Musci), PC (Hepat.), BR. Pitard-Briau, Charles Joseph Marie, G, PC, L. Plamada, Emanuel, b CLCB (600), PRIV. Plaubel (of Gotha, 1826). B-Bridel. P6cs, Tamas, b EGR (44,000), BP, DSM (950), MO. Podpera, Josef, PR, BRNM (13,335); exsicc. BP, LD, FH-Schiffner, Poech, Alois Joseph, w. Poelt, Josef, PRIV, M (to 1965), BSB, GZU. Poetsch, Ignaz Sigismund, w. Pohle, Richard Richardowitsch, LE, H, Poiret, Jean Louis Marie, P-Lamarck, FI. Pokorny, Aloys, w. Polakowsky, Hellmuth, Types destroyed in Herb. C.Miiller, w. Polgar, Sandor, BP? Pollich, Johann Adam, Pollini, Ciro, VER. Polunin, Nicholas Vladimir, b PRIV, OXF, BM. Porsild, Morten Pedersen (before 1902, Pedersen, P. M.), c. Potier de la Varde, Robert Andre Leopold, PC (18,000), BR. Potonie, Robert Henri Hermann Ernst, Prahl, Peter, Prantl, Karl Anton Eugen, Orig. destroyed at B. Presl, Karel Boiiwog, PR. Progel, August, M, B, Proskauer, Johannes Max, uc. Prynada (Prinada), V. D. (Basil P. ), b Pursell, Ronald A., b PAC. Putterick, Alois, JIHLAVA, W. Raab (of Bayreuth), d Raatz, G. V. (1937). +. Rabenhorst, Gottlob Ludwig, Orig. destroyed at B; exsicc. at many herbaria incl. BM, BR, C, FH, G, H, PC, NY, S, UPS. Raciborsky, Maryjan, Radczenko (Radschenko), Georgii Pavlovich (1956). Leningrad Geol. Inst.-+.

16 516 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 Raddi, Giuseppe, PI, FI, CGE, E- Greville. Radian, Simion Stefan, Orig. destroyed at BUC. Rauschel, Ernst Adolf (1797). Rafinesque-Schmalz, Constantin Samuel, Orig. probably lost; may be a few at DWC, PH, wis-lapham. Rakestraw, Lulu (1948). WTU. Ramon de la Sagra, see Sagra. Ramond de la Carbonnieres, Louis Francois Elizabeth, Pc? Ramsay, James, GL? Rao, A. R., b CAL? Raoul, Edouard Fiacre Louis, PC. Rau, Eugene Abraham, NY (5000), PH. Rauh, Werner, b PRIV. Ravaud, Louis Celestin Mure, GR. Ray, John, BM?, NOT? Rebentisch, Johann Friedrich, Orig. unknown. Rechin, Jules, Rechinger, Karl, w. Redfearn, Paul Leslie, Jr., b NY, MO, ABSM. Reese, William Dean, b LAF (12,000), PRIV. Regel, Eduard August von, LE, Rehmann, Anton, H, PRE, G; exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, L, NY, PC, Reichard, Johann Jakob, Orig. unknown. Reichardt, Heinrich Wilhelm, w, Reichenbach, Heinrich Gottlieb Ludwig, w. Reid, Clement, K, TCD. Reid, Eleanor May (Mrs. Clement Reid, nee Wynne-Edwards), K, TCD. Reimers, Hermann, B (10,000). Reinhardt, P. (1961). +. Reinwardt, Caspar Georg Carl, L, NY, JE, Relhan, Richard, LINN. Renauld, Ferdinand, PC; exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, NY, PC, Renault, Bernard, Renner, Otto, Retzius, Anders Jahan, LD. Rhodes, Philip Grafton Mole, BM (Musci, 10,000), BIRA (Hepat.), NMW (300). Richard, Achille, PC. Richard, Louis Claude Marie, PC, Richards, Paul Westmacott, b BM, PRIV (tropical Musci), NMW (Eur. bryo.). Richter, Hermann Eberhardt Friedrich, HBG (2500). Riemann, Bo, b AAU. Riehmer, Ernst, DR. Rigaux, A. (1877). Rilstone, Francis, BM. Ripart, Jean Baptiste Marie Joseph Solange Eugene, "Docelles." Rivola, Milan, b CB. Robinson, Harold Ernest, b us, os (be-, fore 1962). Robison, Coleman R., b MONT (Paleo.)-+. Robyns, Frans Hubert Edouard Arthur Walter, b BR. Rodway, Leonard, HO. Rohling, Johann Christoph, STR. Roll, Julius, WBM, B, PC (America), s. Rose, August, Roivainen, Heikki, b H (13,000), FH- Bartram, OULU (1074), F (S. Amer.), s. R0nning, Olaf I., b TROM. Rose, Francis, b Rosenvinge, Janus Lauritz Andreas Kolderup, C, Ross, Nils-Erik (1949). ups-+. Rota, Lorenzo, FI? Roth, Albrecht Wilhelm, BREM, DUIS, JE, S, W, WELT. Roth, Georg, s, H, M. Roucel, Francois Antoine, GENT. Roumeguere, Casimir, PC, BR. Rouse, Glenn Everett, b Roux, Jean, Roy, Jessie (Mrs. William Roy) (1878). QK, NY- Austin. Royle, John Forbes, BM-K, CGE, NY-Mitten. Rubers, Wilhelmus (Wim) Vincentius, b PRIV. Rubel, Eduard August, Rungby, Svend, b c. Ruppius, Heinrich Bernhard, Orig. unknown. Ruprecht, Franz Josef Ivanovich, LE, Russell, John Lewis, BUF, VT, FH. Russow, Edmund August Friedrich, TU, S, Ruthe, Johann Gustav Rudolf, Orig. destroyed at B; BM-Hampe, Ryan, Elling, o, H, Sabransky, Heinrich, Saccardo, Pier'Andrea, PAD; exsicc. BM-K, W, Sadebeck, Alexander, Sadler, John, BM. Saelan, Anders Thiodolf, H-SOL, H, Sagot, Paul Antoine, PC.

17 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 517 Sagra, Ramon de la, PC, PC- Montagne, G. Sainsbury, George Osborne King, WELT (18,000), CHR (5000), F, COL; exsicc. AK, CHR, FH, Saint-Hilaire, J., see Jaume Saint-Hilaire. Saito, Kamez6, b PRIV (17,000), TKU, TNS, NICH. Saito, Minoru, b PRIV. Saksena, Shivdayal S., b Sakurai, Kyuichi, MAK (30,000), H (241), Salmon, Ernest Stanley, K, E. Salzmann, Philipp, MPU (p.p.), Sande-Lacoste, Cornelius Marinus van der, L, L-NBV (Netherlands), GRO, G. Sane, P. V. (1942). Sanio, Carl Gustav, POZ, H, BR. Sapehin (Sapiegan), Andrei Afanasievich, Saporta, Louis Charles Joseph Pc? Gaston de, Sappa, Francesco, TO? Sarasin, Karl Friedrich (Fritz), Sarnthein zu Rottenbuch, Ludwig (Lajos), IBF. Sasaoka, Hisahiko (1934). TNS (13,000), BM- Dixon, Sassi, Agostino, d Orig. destroyed at GE? Sauerbeck, Friedrich Wilhelm, Sauter, Anton Eleutherius, w, GFW, GLM, Savi, Gaetano, PI, FI. Savicz-Lubitskaya, Lydia Ivanovna, b LE; exsicc. FH, NY, PC, S, UPS, Savoia, Principe di = Abruzzi, Luigi Amadeo Giuseppe Maria Ferdinando Francesco, TO. Sayre, Geneva, b No personal herb.; types NY, FH. Sbarbaro, Camillo, b F. Schade, Alwin, b Orig. destroyed in 1945; GLM, S; exsicc. FH, L, Schauer, Theodor (1967). M. Schelpe, Edmund Andre Charles Louis Eloi, b BOL (172), BR, S. Scherbius, Johannes, FR. Scheutz, Nils Johan Wilhelm, Schiedermayr, Karl B., LI, w. Schiffner, Victor Felix, FH (40,000), wu (Brazil), PRC (before 1899), H (2224), PR, L, B (1500); exsicc. BM, FH, G, H, NY, PC, S, Schilberszky, Karoly, Schimper, Karl Friedrich, unknown. Orig. Schimper, Wilhelm Philipp, BM-K (5478), STR, H-SOL, FH; exsicc. BM, FH, G, MPU, PC, Schkuhr, Christian, HAL. Schlechtendal, Dietrich Franz Leonhard von, HAL. Schleicher, Johann Christoph, LAU, G; exsicc. BM, G, L, PC, Schlickum, August, b Schliephacke, Karl, JE, H-BR, S, NY. Schljakov (Schlyakov), Roman Nicolayevich, b LE, KIROVSK. Schmidel, Casimir Christoph, M. Schmidt, H. (of Freiburg, 1916). Schmitt, Ursula (1968). PRIV, TUB. Schnetzler, Johann Balthasar, LAU? Schofield, Wilfred Borden, b UBC, DUKE; exsicc. BM, C, FH, G, H, MO, NICH, S, UPS, US, Schornherst, Ruth, see Breen. Schrader, Heinrich Adolf, LE, GOET, KIEL. Schrank, Franz von Paula von, M. Schreber, Johann Christian Daniel, M. Schroeder, Julius Ludwig Bruno, WRSL, H. Schultes, Joseph August, M, G-Schwaegrichen. Schultz, Friedrich Wilhelm, Orig. unknown; exsicc. L, BM, FH, G, K, NY, PC, Schultz, Karl Friedrich, ROST, B-Bridel. Schultze-Motel, Wolfram, b B, L (Samoa). Schumacher, Albert, b PRIV. Schumacher, Heinrich Christian Friedrich, c. Schumann, Karl Moritz, Orig. destroyed at B. Schur, Philipp Johann Ferdinand, PC. Schuster, Rudolf Mathias, b PRIV, MASS, DUKE, S, NICH. Schwabe, Samuel Heinrich, BM- Hampe. Schwigrichen (Schwaegrichen), Christian Friedrich, Orig. with Herb. Hedwig at G; dupl. known at M, BM, H-SOL, FH-Taylor-Sullivant, L-Kaulfuss, S-Swartz, PH-Schweinitz-Muhlenberg, coi. Schwarz, Cornel, Schweinitz, Lewis David von, PH, FH, Pc-Durand. Scopoli, Johann Anton (Giovanni Antonio), Orig. probably destroyed. Scott, Edith Bohrer, b Herb. Harvey Miller. Scott, George Anderson Macdonald, b OTA. Sebille, Rene Leon, DI, H.

18 518 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 Sedgwick, Leonard John, BLAT, H-BR, BM-Dixon, US. Seemann, Berthold Carl, BM, BM- Wilson (Musci), NY-Mitten (bryo.). Sehlmeyer, Johann Friedrich, Sehnem, Aloysio, b PACA, B. Seki, Tarow, b HIRO, H (771). Seliger, Ignaz, B-Bridel? Semenov, B. B. (1921). Sendtner, Otto, M, W, L. Sequeira, Eduardo, b Sergio, Cecilia (1969). LISU, COI (1800). Setchell, William Albert, uc, us, Yu-Evans. Seubert, Moritz August, Seward, Albert Charles, Sharp, Aaron John, b TENN (types before 1934 burned), F. Shaw, John, d BM-K, Sherrard, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Edward Atwater Sherrard), b us, HNH, NY-DS. Sherrin, William Robert, K (Sphagnum), SLBI. Shimizu, Daisuke, b NICH. Shin, Toshio, b PRIV (27,380). Sibthorp, John, OXF. Sieber, Franz Wilhelm, Orig. dispersed; bryoph. in Herbs. Nees, Hornschuch, Schwaegrichen; exsicc. (all Pp.?), BM, FH, H, L, MO, Sikora (Sykora), Josef, d PR, PRC, W. Sillen, Olof Leopold, H, H-SOL; exsicc. H, UPS, NY, Sim, John, Orig. unknown (formerly Perthshire Soc. Nat. Hist.). Sim, Thomas Robertson, PRE, BM. Singhai, L. C. (1964). +. Sipman, Henricus (Harrie) Johannes Maria, b PRIV. Sirkar, Nagendranath (1929). CAL. Sjors, Hugo, b upsv. Skottsberg, Carl Johan Fredrik, UPS, S (orig. 1902, 1903), GB (Hawaii), Pc- Cardot, G-Stephani. Sloover, see De Sloover. Small, John Kunkel, NY, PH; exsicc. NY, FH, BM, Smarda, Jan, BRNM (35,000); exsicc. L, NY, Smirnova, Zoya Nikolayevna, b LE. Smith, Anthony John Edwin, b NMW. Smith, Christen, BM, STR-Nees. Smith, Douglas Roane, b GUAM (3000). Smith, Gary Lane, b NY. Smith, James Edward, LINN, BM. Snider, Jerry Allen, b DUKE, CINN. Solari, Silvia Susana, b BA. Solms-Laubach, Hermann Maximilian Carl Ludwig Friedrich zu, Orig. dispersed; GOET, GIESSEN, HAL, L. Sommerfeldt, Soren Christian, o; exsicc. FH, L, NY, STR, UPS, Sommier, Carlo Pietro Stefano, FI. Sonder, Otto Wilhelm, s, MEL, L. Spindler, M. (of Plauen, 1912). Sprengel, Kurt Polycarp Joachim von, Orig. dispersed; B?, HAL, G, W. Spruce, Richard, K, MANCH, NY, E-GL, YRK; exsicc. BM, CHR, G, FH, H, K, PC, Squivet de Carondelet, Joseph, MPU. Srivastava, K. P. (1957). PRIV. Stanislavsky, Franz Antonivich (1964). +. Stapf, Otto, BM-K. Starke, Johann Christian, Steere, William Campbell, b NY (from 1958), NY-DS ( ), MICH (to 1950). 5tefureac, Traian Ion, b BUCA. Stephani, Franz, G (100,000), BM, FH (3589), PRC (1000), EGR, M, PR, WELT; icones G, BM, FH, M, PC, S, WIS,? Sternberg, Kaspar Maria von, PR. Steudel, Ernst Gottlieb von, Orig. dispersed; STR-Nees, OXF, PC, L, CN. Stewart, Ralph Randles, b NY, MICH. Stirling, James, BM (British; foreign bryo. not inserted). Stirton, James, GL, BM-Dixon. Stolle, Emil, WBM-R11; exsicc. FH, Stolz, Friedrich, IB. St0rmer, Per, b o. Stone, Ilma Grace, b MEL. Stotler, Raymond Eugene, b SIU. Straus, Adolf, b Str0m (Stroem), Hans, B-Bridel? Stuntz, Stephen Conrad, wis? Sturm, Jacob, Sullivant, William Starling, FH (1739 Hepat., 16,200 Musci); exsicc. BM, FH, H, L, NY, PH, Suse, Theodor (1910). H (30). Suzuki, Hyoji, b HIRO. Sveshnikov, P. de (1898). Svihla, Ruth Isobel Dowell, WTU. Swails, Lawrence F., b CINN (types), PRIV. Swartz, Olof Peter, s, UPS, H-SOL, BM, G, PC, NY. Sydow, Paul, s, Syed, Hadiuzzaman (1973). DACCA. Szafran, Bronislaw, KRA. Szweykowski, Jerzy, b POZ; exsicc. FH, UPS, Szyszylowicz, Ignaz de, w Takahasi, Eitar6, b Takahashi, G. (1937). MAK-Sakurai. Takahashi, H. (1940). Herb. N. Takahashi?

19 1977] SAYRE: AUTHORITIES OF BRYOPHYTE TAXA 519 Takaki, Noriwo, b PRIV (47,000), MAK- Sakurai, F, H. Tarnavschi, Ion, b CERN, BUC. Tavares, Carlos das Neves, LISU, LISC. Taylor, Jane, b PRIV, K, CHR (1000 New Zeal. Hepat.). Taylor, Mary S. (Mrs. Bayard Rutledge Taylor, nee Mary Agnes Stump), b os. Taylor, Thomas, d FH (6316), BM-Wilson. Teixeira, Carlos (1948). +. Thedenius, Knut Fredrik, s, H, H-SOL, L. Theriot, Marie Hypolite Irenee, PC (26,000 Musci); exsicc. FH, PC, and see Cardot. Thompson, Arnold, BM. Thomson, Paul William, Thuillier, Jean Louis, G. Thunberg, Carl Pehr, ups (650), Thwaites, George Henry Kendrick, BM-K, BM, G, Timm, Joachim Christian, Orig. unknown. Tindall, Ella M.= Isabella Mary Tindall, RAMM. Tixier, Pierre, b PRIV, PC, KLU, BKF. Tolf, K. Robert, s. Tommasini, Muzio (Mutius) Giuseppe Spirito de, TSM. Tongiorgi, Ezio (1938). PI. Torka, Valentin, Poz?; exsicc. s, Torrey, John, NY, B-Bridel. Tosco, Uberto, b TOM. Tourret, Eugene Gilbert, Touw, Andries, b L (20,000), BKF (Thailand Musci), MO, FH. Townrow, John A., b Townsend, Clifford Charles, b BM-K. Toyama, Reizo (1935). KYO (8000), MAK. Trabut, Louis Charles, Original no longer at AL; MPU, PC, G, H. Trentepohl, Johann Friedrich, Trevisan di San Leon, Vittore Benedetto Antonio (Victor Benoit Antoine Tr6visan), PAV, GE. Tripp, Frances E. (1868). Tuomikoski, Risto Kalevi, b H (12,535), NFLD (Newfoundland Musci). Turner, Dawson, BM-K, FH-Taylor. Tuzibe, Masanobu, TI, NIGH. Udar, Ram (1971). LWU. Uggla, Wilhelm R., d. 1957? NY (13,000), s, UPS. Ule, Ernst Heinrich Georg, HBG, H-BR (1500), B; exsicc. BM, FH, G, NY, PC, Underwood, Lucien Marcus, NY (3300); exsicc. BM, FH, G, Unger, Franz Joseph Andreas Nicolaus von, w. Uno, Kakuo (1940). MAK-Sakurai. Urban, Ignatz, B, Vaarama, Otto Antero, TUR, H (220). Vahl, Martin, C, Vainio (Wainio to 1919), August Edward, TUR. Vaizey, John Reynolds, CGE? Vajda, Laszl6, b BP (25,000). Valentine, William, d BM-Wilson, OXF, Vania, Jiii, b PRIV (20,000), PRC. Vanden Berghen, Constant, b PRIV (3500 Hepat.). Vanek, Rudolf, BRNM (10,953). Velenovsky, Josef, PRC (10,000). Veloira del Rosario, Nieva E. (1959). PNH. Venitz, Herbert (1934). +. Venturi, Gustavo, TR, H. Verdoorn, Frans, b FH (12,000 Hepat.), BM (Musci), L, BO; exsicc. BM, FH, G, L, NY, S, Verejtinov, J. A. (1921). Viguier, Ren6, CN-+. Vilhelm, Jan, PRC. Villars, Dominique, GRM. Vitman, Fulgenzio, Vitt, Dale Hadley, b ALTA, NY (New Zealand), MICH. Viviani, Domenico, Orig. destroyed at GE? Voeltzkow, Alfred, b UPS, H, Vohra, J. N. (1964). LWU, BSI. Voit, Johann Gottlob Wilhelm, M?, Herb. Hedwig-Schwaegrichen? Vondriaek, Miloslav (1965). PL. Wachter, Willem Hendrik, L, Waddell, Coslett Herbert, DBN. Wade, Arthur Edwin, b NMW (2400). Wadhwa, B. M. (1964). BSI. Wager, Horace Athelstan, PRE (Dept. Agriculture), BM-Dixon (holotypes). Wagner, Kenneth A., b PRIV? Wahlenberg, Goran, s, ups (100), Waldheim, Alexander Alexandrovich Fischer von, LE? Waldheim, Stig, LD, S. Wallich, Nathaniel (earlier, Nathan Wolff), K, BM-K-Hooker, FH-Taylor, Wallnifer, Anton (1889). Wallroth, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm, PR. Walpers, Wilhelm Gerhard, Orig. unknown. Walther, Alexander (1868). M? Walther, Kurt, b HBG (2500).

20 520 THE BRYOLOGIST [Volume 80 Walton, John, GL-+. Wan, Thung-Ling (1958). PE. Wang, Chung K'uei, b PRIV, TAI. Wang-Yang, Jen-Rong, b TAI. Warburg, Edmund Fredric, OXF. Warburg, Otto, Orig. destroyed at B; H (52), H-BR, FH-Schiffner. Ward, Lester Frank, us-+. Wareham, Richard Thurman, b PRIV, OS, NY. Warncke, Esbern, b AAU. Warnstorf, Carl Friedrich E., B (1000 Sphagnum), BP (Hepat. and Musci; destroyed?), H, MICH, FH, PC, S; exsicc. BM, FH, NY, PC, S, Watanabe, Ryozo, b PRIV (25,000), NICH, TNS. Watson, Sereno, FH-James. Watson, Walter, BM. Watts, William Walter, NSW, SYD, H-BR, BM, G-Stephani. Webb, Philip Barker, FI, PC- Montagne, PC. Weber, Carl Otto, Weber, Friedrich, s-lehmann, w, M. Weber, Georg Heinrich, Orig. destroyed at KIEL; GOET?, W. Weber, William Alfred, b COLO. Webster, Ruth M. (1946). +. Weigel, Christian Ehrenfried von, Orig. probably lost; Weimarck, Henning, b LD. Wein, Kurt (1931). Weinmann, Johann Anton, LE? Weiss, Friedrich Wilhelm, GOET? Weitenweber, Wilhelm Rudolph, PRC? Welch, Winona Hazel, b DPU, PRIV (intended for DPU). Welwitsch, Friedrich Martin Joseph, BM, G-Duby, LISU, BM-K-Hooker, W, H-SOL; exsicc. BR, FH, G, NY, Westendorp, G6rard Daniel, z, BR; exsicc. BM, FH, NY, PC, Wettstein, Fritz von, wu. Weyland, Hermann, Weymouth, W. A., d NSW, H-BR, BM, S, G-Stephani; exsicc. BM, FH, MEL, NY, Wheeler, Louis Cutter, b use. Whipple, Amiel Weeks, FH- Sullivant. White, Francis Buchanan, PER, E. Whitehead, John, WERN, MANCH, BM-Wilson, OXF. Whitehouse, Eula, SMU (Texas), TEX (before 1946), MO (exotic), F (exotic). Whitehouse, Harold Leslie Keer, b CGE. Whitelegge, Thomas, NSW, Whittier, Barbara Ann (1974). FTU. Whittier, Henry Obermanns, b PRIV, BISH, FTU, NY. Wibel, August Wilhelm Eberhard Christoph, H-SOL (few). Wichura, Max Ernst, Orig. destroyed at B; H-BR, G-Stephani, BM. Wied-Neuwied, Maximilian Alexander Philipp zu, BR, STR-Nees. Wiggers (Wichers), Friderich Hinrich, Orig. unknown. Wigglesworth, Grace, MANCH. Wigh, Kai Erik Goran, b PRIV. Wijk, Roelof van der, b GRO (5000), L. Wilczek, Rudolf, b BR. Willdenow, Carl Ludwig, B, HAL, M. Williams, Claire Gertrude (nee Elliott, formerely Davison), With H. Williams (intended for TUP). Williams, Harry, b PRIV, CAN, TRTC. Williams, Robert David, b UBC. Williams, Robert Statham, NY, F, US, FH, H, BM. Willis, James Hamlin, b MEL. Wilson, Leonard Richard, b PRIV-+. Wilson, William, BM (50,000), MANCH, ABD (British), FH-Taylor, OXF, Winch, Nathaniel John, HAMU. Winkelman, Johannes, Poz. Winkler, Sieghard (1968). TUB, ITIC. Winter, Hermann, JE. Withering, William, LINN, BM. Wittstein, Georg Christian, Wolf (in Hiibener, 1833) =? Wolf, Johann W., Wolff, Herbert (1934). +. Wolle, Francis, PH, NY-Rau. Wollny, Walter, b FH-Schiffner. Wood, John Bland, MANCH. Woronow, Yuriy Nikolayevich (G. N. Voronov), LE, TBI, G-Stephani. Wright, Charles Henry, K. Wu, Pan-Cheng (1965). PE. Wiistnei, Karl Georg Gustav, Wulfen, Franz Xaver von, w. Wulfsberg, Nils Gregers Ingvald, H-BR, Wynne (-Hillier), Frances Elizabeth, b NY. Yamada, Kohsaku, b PRIV (10,000 Hepat.), NICH. Yamamoto, Kanjir6 (1935). PRIV. Yang, Bao-Yu, TAI. Yang, Ch'eng-Yuan (1936). BM-Dixon? Yano, Koji, b PRIV? Yasuda, Atsushi, TNS, Yasui, Kono, b

Reuters/Tony Gentile. THE WORLD s

Reuters/Tony Gentile. THE WORLD s Reuters/Tony Gentile THE WORLD s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014 Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 1986) Physiologist

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REUTERS/TONY GENTILE THE WORLD S MOST INFLUENTIAL SCIENTIFIC MINDS 2014 REUTERS/TONY GENTILE THE WORLD S MOST INFLUENTIAL SCIENTIFIC MINDS 2014 Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 1986) Physiologist

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written by co-created by designed by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur An amazing crowd of 470 practitioners from 45 countries

written by co-created by designed by Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur An amazing crowd of 470 practitioners from 45 countries You re holding a handbook for visionaries, game changers, and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and design tomorrow s enterprises. It s a book for the written by Alexander Osterwalder

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Writing: A Ticket to Work... Or a Ticket Out A Survey of Business Leaders S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 4

Writing: A Ticket to Work... Or a Ticket Out A Survey of Business Leaders S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 4 R E P O R T O F Writing: A Ticket to Work... Or a Ticket Out A Survey of Business Leaders S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS Summary 3 Introduction 5 Response Rate 6 How Important Is Writing

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The 100 Most Eminent Psychologists of the 20th Century

The 100 Most Eminent Psychologists of the 20th Century Review of General Psychology Copyright 2002 by the Educational Publishing Foundation 2002, Vol. 6, No. 2, 139 152 1089-2680/02/$5.00 DOI: 10.1037//1089-2680.6.2.139 The 100 Most Eminent Psychologists of

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The National Registry of Exonerations. January 27, 2015. 2014 was a record breaking year for exonerations in the United States, by a large margin.

The National Registry of Exonerations. January 27, 2015. 2014 was a record breaking year for exonerations in the United States, by a large margin. EXONERATIONS IN 2014 The National Registry of Exonerations January 27, 2015 2014 was a record breaking year for exonerations in the United States, by a large margin. The National Registry of Exonerations

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WILL WATCH 04 11 1841

WILL WATCH 04 11 1841 WILL WATCH 04 11 1841 The NZ Company s chief surveyor and second in command of the expedition, Frederick Tuckett, sailed in Will Watch. He was a staunch quaker. Just four months later he formed the committee

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English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks

English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks common core state STANDARDS FOR English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects Appendix B: Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks Exemplars of Reading

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The Future of Thinking

The Future of Thinking The Future of Thinking This book was made possible by grants from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in connection with its grant making initiative on Digital Media and Learning. For more

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Making the Right Moves

Making the Right Moves Making the Right Moves A Practical Guide to Scientifıc Management for Postdocs and New Faculty Burroughs Wellcome Fund Howard Hughes Medical Institute Second Edition Making the Right Moves A Practical

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A Brief History of Pixel

A Brief History of Pixel REPRINT author contact: A Brief History of Pixel Richard F. Lyon Foveon Inc., 2820 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara CA 95051 ABSTRACT The term pixel, for picture element, was first

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This was last publicly updated February, 2015. Scientists listed by doctoral degree or current position.

This was last publicly updated February, 2015. Scientists listed by doctoral degree or current position. A SCIENTIFIC DISSENT FROM DARWINISM We are skeptical of claims for the ability of random mutation and natural selection to account for the complexity of life. Careful examination of the evidence for Darwinian

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ASABE Guide for Authors

ASABE Guide for Authors ASABE Guide for Authors Style Guide for ASABE Technical Publications Numbers Units of Measurement Time and Dates Abbreviations in Text Abbreviations in References Abbreviations of States and Territories

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American Economic Association

American Economic Association American Economic Association!"#$%&'#()%*%+,'-.%/+(0%.1(2.-33#"#$(4"%5#62#..%+3 78.1/"9*:;(1#(7?#"%5-+(@5/+/?%5(A#B%#0C(D/'E(FGC(H/E(I(9J-"EC(IKKG:C(LLE(MFM6MFK 48&'%*1#$(&N;(7?#"%5-+(@5/+/?%5(7**/5%-.%/+

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Each copy of any part of a JSTOR transmission must contain the same copyright notice that appears on the screen or printed page of such transmission.

Each copy of any part of a JSTOR transmission must contain the same copyright notice that appears on the screen or printed page of such transmission. Reversal of Fortune: Geography and Institutions in the Making of the Modern World Income Distribution Author(s): Daron Acemoglu, Simon Johnson, James A. Robinson Source: The Quarterly Journal of Economics,

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Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories

Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories 5th Edition U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Service Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Institutes of

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"Being in the Field of Education and also Being a Negro...Seems...Tragic": Black Teachers in the Jim Crow South

Being in the Field of Education and also Being a Negro...Seems...Tragic: Black Teachers in the Jim Crow South "Being in the Field of Education and also Being a Negro...Seems...Tragic": Black Teachers in the Jim Crow South Adam Fairclough The Journal of American History, Vol. 87, No. 1. (Jun., 2000), pp. 65-91.

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More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing

More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing SOAA_FW04 9/12/05 7:05 PM Page 208 T H E A M E R I C A N A R C H I V I S T More Product, Less Process: Revamping Traditional Archival Processing Mark A. Greene and Dennis Meissner Abstract Processing backlogs

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Citations. Out of the Box. Frank G. Bennett

Citations. Out of the Box. Frank G. Bennett Citations Out of the Box Frank G. Bennett 2013 Copyright 2013 by Frank G. Bennett All rights reserved. This book is released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives license

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Less Pretension, More Ambition

Less Pretension, More Ambition Less Pretension, More Ambition development policy in times of globalization AMSTERDAM A M UNIVERSITY I PRESS S Less Pretension, More Ambition This book is based on a report that was published by The Netherlands

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alzheimer s from the frontlines: challenges a national alzheimer s plan must address

alzheimer s from the frontlines: challenges a national alzheimer s plan must address alzheimer s from the frontlines: challenges a national alzheimer s plan must address ABOUT THIS REPORT Alzheimer s from the Frontlines: Challenges a National Alzheimer s Plan Must Address summarizes the

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Rhode Island Bar Journal

Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Journal Rhode Island Bar Association Volume 60. Number 1. July/August 2011 Rhode Island Bar Association Officers 2011-2012 Association Annual Report and Committee Reports Annual Meeting

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WORLD REPORT ON DISABILITY WORLD REPORT ON DISABILITY WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data World report on disability 2011. 1.Disabled persons - statistics and numerical data. 2.Disabled persons - rehabilitation. 3.Delivery

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TCRP REPORT 123. Understanding How Individuals Make Travel and Location Decisions: Implications for Public Transportation

TCRP REPORT 123. Understanding How Individuals Make Travel and Location Decisions: Implications for Public Transportation TCRP TRANSIT COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM REPORT 123 Understanding How Individuals Make Travel and Location Decisions: Implications for Public Transportation Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration

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Economic History Association

Economic History Association Economic History Association Notes on the Social Saving Controversy Author(s): Robert William Fogel Source: The Journal of Economic History, Vol. 39, No. 1, The Tasks of Economic History (Mar., 1979),

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Why Susie Sells Seashells by the Seashore: Implicit Egotism and Major Life Decisions

Why Susie Sells Seashells by the Seashore: Implicit Egotism and Major Life Decisions ATTITUDES AND SOCIAL COGNITION Why Susie Sells Seashells by the Seashore: Implicit Egotism and Major Life Decisions Brett W. Pelham, Matthew C. Mirenberg, and John T. Jones State University of New York

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TCRP SYNTHESIS 99. Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation. A Synthesis of Transit Practice TRANSIT COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM

TCRP SYNTHESIS 99. Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation. A Synthesis of Transit Practice TRANSIT COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM TCRP TRANSIT COOPERATIVE RESEARCH PROGRAM SYNTHESIS 99 Uses of Social Media in Public Transportation Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration A Synthesis of Transit Practice TCRP OVERSIGHT AND PROJECT

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