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1 PARTNER SOLUTIONS GUIDE Optus Parters for Mobility Solutios. Your essetial guide to improvig productivity ad growig your busiess with cost-effective, comprehesive mobility solutios o the Optus Mobile etwork. Call us o or visit us at OPTUSBUSINESS.COM.AU/mobilesolutios

2 Table of cotets TM Itroductio 3 Parter Solutios 4 Ad IQ 5 AirData 6 Airloom 7 Colleagues Iformatio Solutios 8 DBSA 9 Delv 10 The Frame Group 11 Mercury Solutios Cetre 12 Microe 13 Mit Wireless 14 Mobilise IT 15 redcoal 16 Reflex Techology Group 17 Retriever Commuicatios 18 Si Parters 19 SkyNet Mobile Commuicatios 20 Whispir 21 Wireless IP Techology 22 2

3 Itroductio The explosive growth of mobile phoes ad SMS messages over the past decade was just the first phase of the mobility revolutio. Mobile data solutios are drivig a ew wave of techological developmet, allowig people to have iteret ad access as well as up-to-date live data from back-ed corporate systems wherever ad wheever they eed it. These iovatios are improvig efficiecy ad productivity, helpig compaies provide better customer service, streamliig processes, reducig costs ad eablig ew ways of doig busiess. The Optus Mobile etwork provides the platform to eable these mobility solutios. As part of its commitmet to deliverig exceptioal customer service, Optus aims to meet cliets idividual eeds by offerig a rage of parter solutios. To provide comprehesive busiess solutios, Optus combies its iteral capabilities with a extesive etwork of parters who have experiece workig i particular idustries ad with specific hardware ad software solutios. Together with its Mobility Parters, Optus will assist compaies to determie the areas of the busiess that ca most beefit from mobility solutios, ad the select the right solutio for their busiess eeds from a wide rage of optios. Field Force Automatio: The eed to improve efficiecy, productivity ad customer satisfactio, meas busiesses are ow lookig for mobile solutios that deliver cost savigs, work efficiecies, ad a retur o ivestmet. Beig able to access busiess applicatios remotely is a powerful productivity driver for a rage of persoel, from seior executives ad sales represetatives to techical teams, maagers ad small busiess people. Mobility is trasformig the way field staff, field service techicias ad sales teams work ad collaborate with differet areas of the orgaisatio. No matter what your eeds are, see what our parters ca do for you: Wireless itegratio: Wireless keeps mobile professioals coected to their ad importat iformatio while they re away from the office. It provides users with secure, wireless access to a full suite of busiess applicatios, icludig: , phoe, eterprise applicatios, Iteret, SMS ad caledar. Wireless lets mobile professioals stay coected ad productive, while givig IT departmets security features, cetralised admiistratio ad impressive ROI potetial i a prove wireless platform. Cosultacy: Whe it comes to mobility solutios, your eeds are as uique as your busiess, so oe size ever fits all. That s why our skilled mobility solutios cosultats take the time to uderstad your busiess uique requiremets, before they start talkig about techology. Our cosultig parters ca be used to aalyse busiess eeds, calculate returs o ivestmet ad develop custom solutios. Our rage of cosultacy services are desiged to eable a smooth progressio from iitial ivestigatio through to fully fuctioal solutios that have a immediate ad positive impact o busiess. This guide provides a list of Optus parters, detailig the solutios they offer ad the beefits they ca help your busiess achieve. It aims to help you make a iformed decisio about the solutio that best meets your busiess eeds to help it grow ad prosper. 3

4 Parter Solutios Field Force Automatio Field service Field sales Field logistics Wireless Itegratio services Cosultig Messagig & Itegratio services Ad IQ AirData Airloom Colleagues Iformatio Solutios DBSA Delv Frame Group Mercury Solutios Cetre Microe Mit Wireless Mobilise IT redcoal Reflex Techology Group Retriever Commuicatios Si Parters SkyNet Mobile Commuicatios Whispir Wireless IP Techologies 4

5 Cosultig Messagig & Itegratio AD IQ Ad.IQ is a mobile marketig solutio provider. They deliver highly sophisticated multi-chael services that optimise resposes across SMS, MMS, , mobile iteret ad voice chaels. This provides busiesses with rich itelligece o ad performace ad cosumer behaviours. Ad.IQ lauched i 2002 ad has built a techology platform that is oe of the most robust ad multi-featured i existece. Millios of cosumers i over a doze coutries have iteracted with it, to egage with hudreds of brads ad thousads of campaigs. Supported by experieced cosultats, customers ca ehace ad develop campaigs to meet most objectives, from brad-buildig through to direct respose. Solutios 13More. Cosumers ca use SMS to respod immediately to your commuicatios to request brochures, applicatio forms or iformatio packs. With SMS a preferred chael for may cosumers, 13More maximises respose without compromisig data quality or the prospect experiece, at a fractio of the cost of a cotact cetre. 13Mobi. The idustry leadig mobile cotet publicatio tool eables brads to develop rich mobile cotet sites that are optimised to the characteristics of idividual hadsets. Your site ca have all the fuctioality of 13More, 13Nearest ad 13Callback ad eve a paymet solutio. A lik to your site ca be seamlessly itegrated ito a SMS or MMS dialogue ad leveraged through highly targeted mobile advertisig. Beefits Gai a better uderstadig of the effectiveess of your advertisig. Ad.IQ maps respose data oto your media schedule to help you uderstad cosumer egagemet with each idividual advertisemet. Acquire more i-market prospects. Mobile respose makes it possible for cosumers to iteract o the go. This makes all forms of advertisig more resposive, but particularly prime-time TV. Icrease footfall at dealerships ad outlets Help to icrease sales 13Callback. With o requiremet for additioal ifrastructure, AutoCallback queues i your cotact cetre o behalf of cosumers who have texted i to request a telephoe coversatio. Oce coected to a aget, 13Callback recoects the cosumer. 13Callback is a cosumer-cetric way of esurig your cotact cetre resource is maaged efficietly, helpig you to maitai prospects, eve whe your cotact cetre is closed or extremely busy. 13Nearest. Icrease sales ad ehace customer service by puttig your store locator i every cosumer s pocket. 13Nearest gives you a fully automated meas to maage cosumer store equiries, ad ca offer directios based either o a submitted postcode or address. 5

6 Field Force Automatio Field service Field logistics AirData AirData is a leadig provider of eterprise mobility solutios ecompassig hardware, software ad cosultig services, data acquisitio, radio-frequecy idetificatio (RFID) ad wireless etworkig. AirData provides mobility solutios to cliets i various idustries, such as sales, merchadisig, asset maagemet, facilities maagemet, mobile workforce maagemet, warehouse ad ivetory maagemet, trasportatio, freight ad logistics. Solutios AirData s team of professioal software cosultats works closely with customers to develop practical, iovative ad cost-effective busiess solutios. AirData s services iclude: Busiess aalysis Project maagemet Software developmet System itegratio Legacy coversio Database desig Packaged applicatio implemetatio. AirData provides itegrated, best-of-breed solutios icludig: A leadig itegrated mobile software suite aimed at field ad sales service, merchadisig, asset, facilities ad mobile maagemet. This applicatio suite efficietly ad ecoomically assembles mobile applicatio compoets ad leverages existig busiess assets to optimise the mobile workforce. ItelliTrack affordable solutios for barcode, RFID, batch ad Wi-Fi data collectio. Applicatios iclude ivetory cotrol, warehouse maagemet ad asset trackig. Wavelik wireless commuicatios software for maagig wireless etworks, devices ad applicatios. Wavelik s techology solves the uique challeges ivolved i deployig, maagig ad cotrollig auto-id data collectio ad RFID. Beefits AirData s eterprise mobility solutios: Eable richer iteractios with customers by providig up-to-date iformatio Icrease maagerial visibility over field service staff Improve output ad accuracy with field staff accessig techical kowledge from a cetral source Lower operatioal costs so that savigs ca be ijected ito ew busiess areas Reduce admiistrative tasks, eablig staff to focus o core busiess. 6

7 Field Force Automatio Field Sales Wireless Itegratio services Cosultig Airloom Airloom is a leadig mobile techology services firm providig strategy, developmet ad systems itegratio services. Airloom uses its prove mobile solutios expertise to help compaies itegrate techologies so they ca operate, commuicate ad collaborate more efficietly ad effectively. Solutios Airloom s mobility solutios focus o four key areas: Mobility cosultig. Airloom s strategic ad operatioal mobility cosultig idetifies iitiatives that drive tagible returs. These iitiatives iclude areas such as mobility roadmap, readiess assessmet, busiess case ROI aalysis, etwork cost maagemet, etwork ad device plaig, ifrastructure desig, security services ad device maagemet. Sales force automatio. Airloom s mobile task automatio modules deliver o the followig mobile busiess requiremets: Order ad Sigature Barcode Capture Mobile Survey Payroll Maagemet Objective Maagemet Photo Capture Customer Maagemet Asset Maagemet Status ad Locatio Competitor Activity Capture Timesheets Expese Maagemet Call Pla Job Dispatch Distributio Maagemet Product ad Pricig Catalogue Task Maagemet Shelf Facig Gais ad Losses Wireless . Nokia Itellisyc wireless . Ackowledged by Nokia as Asia Pacific s first expert mobility parter, Airloom implemets the Nokia Itellisyc wireless solutio as the mobile extesio for Lotus Domio ad Microsoft Exchage Servers. Microsoft Exchage direct push . A Microsoft accredited parter, Airloom offers desig, implemetatio ad traiig services for the deploymet of Microsoft Exchage Server 2003 SP2 mobile messagig solutios with Widows Mobile 5.0 devices. Mobile device maagemet ad security. Airloom uses the Credat Mobile Guardia solutio for mobile device security ad maagemet. This is a fully itegrated, cetrally maaged mobile data security solutio, providig strog autheticatio, itelliget ecryptio, usage cotrols, automated key maagemet ad data recovery. Beefits Airloom s experieced cliet service teams itegrate diverse skill sets to complete cliet egagemets expertly ad efficietly. Its cosultats provide: Expert guidace where to ivest to maximise busiess impact Prove egagemet ad delivery methodologies Mobile iitiatives that help drive tagible returs Cost maagemet strategies Iitiatives to improve orgaisatioal efficiecy. 7

8 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales Field logistics Colleagues Iformatio Solutios Colleagues is a iteratioal solutios provider that trasforms the way orgaisatios collect, maage, use ad apply data. The provider eables customers to combie digital pe ad paper techologies with customised iformatio maagemet systems to improve the speed ad efficiecy of iformatio gatherig. Colleagues digital pe ad paper solutios eable busiesses to automate paper- ad form-based processes. Its products iclude applicatios specifically tailored for the costructio, isurace, healthcare ad maiteace sectors. Colleagues bespoke solutios eable orgaisatios with field service persoel ad mobile workforces that use paper-based forms to capture vital iformatio. SOLUTION The solutio uses ormal paper prited with the special Aoto dot-patter to record digital pe strokes o a form. It trasmits the data via Bluetooth ad the Optus Mobile etwork back to a cetral database. The pe cotais a digital camera ad a advaced image-processig uit that allows aythig writte with the pe o the Aoto pattered paper to be coverted to digital media ad trasmitted istatly. This: Eables writte iformatio to be uploaded directly to databases or systems, removig the eed to sca ad maually iput data Allows users to check form fields o a mobile hadset, idepedet of etwork coectio, before forwardig to a eterprise resource plaig system Eables users to trasmit photographs, barcodes ad GPS coordiates. BENEFITS Colleagues digital pe ad paper solutio helps busiesses: Streamlie ad automate existig busiess processes without retraiig the workforce Reduce maual compliace ad audit processes, which lowers error rates ad improves goverace Protect data by usig secure data trasmissio facilities Employ a sigle versio of the truth by uploadig the same data to multiple systems ad databases Improve productivity by elimiatig the eed for field workers to retur to the office to update data. 8

9 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales Cosultig DBSA DBSA Eterprises provides solutios that deliver wireless eablemet of eterprise busiess processes. The orgaisatio employs prove expertise of over 15 years to select the correct mobility tools ad compoets to meet the specific eeds of idividual customers. DBSA s methodology spas the etire process from workig with customers to idetifyig areas where mobility ca deliver the greatest beefit to evolvig the selected platform ad solutio to meet chagig busiess eeds. SOLUTIONS DBSA s solutios iclude a geeric messagig framework that supports multiple wireless solutios, icludig Microsoft Widows Mobile ad BlackBerry. Our orgaisatio ca also implemet prove out-of-the-box eterprise mobility toolsets provided by Research I Motio, Dexterra, Bright Software, Sybase ad Flowfiity. DBSA s developmet experiece eables it to deliver eterprisestadard systems across ay device or etwork. DBSA s mobility expertise spas: Cosultig, strategy ad solutios architecture Project ad chage maagemet Itegratio of curret ad legacy systems Applicatio developmet Multi-chael applicatio delivery Testig ad deploymet Hostig ad service maagemet Coachig ad metorig. BENEFITS Parterig with DBSA to wirelessly eable key busiess processes will: Esure the right mobility solutio is delivered Deliver a rapid, measurable ROI to your busiess Icrease users productivity, efficiecy ad job satisfactio Commuicate iovatio ad market leadership to your customers Provide a robust ad extesible platform for your future growth Begi a ogoig relatioship servig the dyamic eeds of your orgaisatio. 9

10 Wireless Itegratio services Cosultig Delv Delv provides cosultacy services to help orgaisatios adopt wireless ad remote access solutios. Delv complemets this offerig by providig professioal support for delivery of ICT solutios across a orgaisatio. This icludes cosultig o advaced ifrastructure deploymet, applicatio developmet ad systems itegratio. By devisig ew solutios ad supportig existig implemetatios, Delv works with cliets to improve retur o ivestmet, ehace productivity ad build better relatioships with customers, employees ad parters. SOLUTIONS Delv s professioal cosultig services: Help busiesses develop, implemet ad maage solutios icludig: BlackBerry wireless , phoe ad web browsig Microsoft Widows Mobile-based wireless solutios across multiple devices Thi cliet computig Virtual Private Network (VPN) itegratio Autheticatio ad authorisatio solutios Provide busiess aalysis ad plaig for the deploymet of ICT solutios Complemet your busiess ad techical maagemet teams to evaluate ad refie your ICT ivestmet Support deploymet of solutios based o leadig edge techologies Icorporate traiig ad support for wireless techologies such as BlackBerry. BENEFITS Delv s cosultig services will: Deliver o cliet requiremets ad expectatios i a timely fashio Meet security requiremets specified by govermet bodies such as the Defece Sigals Directorate ad Australia Govermet Iformatio Maagemet Office i guides such as the Protective Security Maual ad the ASCI 33 Australia Govermet Iformatio Techology Security Maual. This eables Delv to provide compliat solutios to govermet agecies ad fiacial istitutios. Provide quality service based o techical proficiecy ad experiece Comply with Delv s core values of commitmet, itegrity, hoesty, trust ad excellece. 10

11 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales Cosultig The Frame Group 11 The Frame Group desigs, develops ad itegrates solutios to make mobile techology a effective tool for your busiess. Its experieced cosultats source existig applicatios or custom develop solutios that itegrate with the cliet s existig eviromet. Frame deploys mobility solutios usig the Optus Mobile etwork for global fiace orgaisatios, professioal services firms ad govermet agecies. Frame s core capabilities iclude: Cosultacy ad strategic plaig (FRAME:BUSINESS) Techology desig ad itegratio, applicatio developmet (FRAME:TECHNOLOGY) Service ad ifrastructure maagemet (FRAME:OPERATIONS) Educatio ad traiig services (FRAME:EDUCATION). Solutios Frame s i-depth kowledge of the market ad techology allow it to match the best solutio to its cliets eeds. Frame s experieced cosultats work collaboratively with Optus ad cliets IT ad busiess staff to source existig applicatios, develop custom solutios or perform itegratio ad optimisatio work to achieve desired busiess outcomes. Frame s mobility specialists provides mobility cosultacy, egieerig ad applicatio services ecompassig: Mobility cosultig: This focuses o wireless strategy, requiremets defiitio, busiess case developmet, busiess process improvemet, desig, device ad system compoets selectio ad techology evaluatio. Deploymet: Frame s mobility specialists will istall ad cofigure mobile devices o the Optus Mobile etwork, while esurig optimum security. The compay also provides operatios service ad support after deploymet. Developmet: Frame ca itegrate mobility strategy with existig systems, implemet middleware ad third-party applicatios ad develop custom data gateways. It specialises i applicatios developmet for hadheld PCs, smartphoes, PDAs ad other mobile devices. Beefits Implemetig a mobile solutio by Frame will help busiesses grow by: Providig dyamic, easily available iformatio for mobile sales teams Streamliig iformatio maagemet Improvig operatioal efficiecy ad busiess productivity by replacig paper-based systems ad processes Ehacig employee collaboratio. Frame:Busiess Frame:Techology Frame:Operatios Frame:Educatio > Mobility strategy > Busiess cases ad ROIs > Aalysis of requiremets > Solutio desig > Custom build or source > Itegratio > Maaged hadset service > Service desk > Ed-user support > Custom user traiig > Executive oe-o-oe > BES admiistratio

12 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales Wireless Itegratio services Cosultig MERCURY SOLUTIONS CENTRE Mercury Solutios Cetre (MSC) specialises i wireless data solutios for cliets i Bakig & Fiace, Professioal Services ad Govermet. MSC provides a ed-to-ed BlackBerry Eterprise Server solutio that icludes wireless data strategy, desig ad implemetatio, device rollout, maaged services, ogoig support ad applicatio developmet. MSC works closely with Optus to uderstad customer eeds ad develop mobile strategies that support customers ad help them achieve desired busiess outcomes. MSC s core capabilities iclude: Wireless data strategy Desig ad implemetatio BlackBerry maaged services Applicatio developmet Traiig ad support. SOLUTIONS MSC s mobility solutios for BlackBerry focus o the followig key areas: Wireless data strategy. MSC helps orgaisatios alig their busiess with a supportig mobile strategy, usig a roadmap approach to differetiate the busiess model through mobility. Desig ad implemetatio. MSC esures orgaisatios wireless data strategies are well supported, with the most appropriate desig ad implemetatio of a mobility platform. MSC architects, desigs ad istalls the BlackBerry Eterprise Server for flexibility, maageability ad redudacy. MSC specialises i upgrades, migratios ad recofiguratios to meet ew busiess objectives. BlackBerry maaged services. MSC moitors, supports ad maages BlackBerry Eterprise Server eviromets with Service Level Agreemets. Services iclude hosted or remotely maaged BlackBerry eviromets; maiteace, moitorig ad evet respose; ed-user support through our service desk; capture ad maagemet of all service requests, such as provisioig, moves, adds ad chages; capacity plaig; ad reportig. Applicatio developmet. This icludes developig custom applicatios to meet specific busiess eeds; reviewig third-party applicatios to advise o suitability for customers eviromets ad requiremets, as well as assistig with implemetatio, itegratio ad support; ad implemetig market data applicatios such as Reuters ad Bloomberg. BlackBerry traiig services. Itroductory courses for ew BlackBerry users, ed-user traiig, admiistrator traiig ad support traiig. BENEFITS MSC s ed-to-ed wireless data solutios ca help orgaisatios: Streamlie operatios through improved commuicatios Use existig ad busiess applicatios wirelessly Improve customer service through quicker respose times Icrease user productivity by leveragig dowtime. 12

13 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales MicroE Microe specialises i iovative mobile wireless data solutios for a rage of idustries. The compay s award-wiig pocketwiz applicatio is desiged to help busiesses with mobile staff especially those i the sales ad service idustries improve productivity ad reduce costs. Solutios Microe s pocketwiz eables mobile staff to complete daily tasks o PDAs or laptops, sedig crucial iformatio back to the office i real time across the Optus Mobile etwork. Data created usig pocketwiz ca be directly itegrated ito most accoutig packages. pocketwiz ca capture vital iformatio such as customer sigatures ad deliver up-to-date iformatio o crucial busiess areas such as job status, ivetory levels ad customer details. It also itegrates with a sophisticated paymet gateway applicatio, eablig staff to accept credit card paymets remotely ad prepare ivoices o site. All Microe applicatios are developed locally, esurig that customised applicatios ca be deployed quickly ad full techical support is available from expert staff. pocketwiz offers five stadard applicatios. Each module is easy to use, paperless ad fully customisable: pocketwiz Sales allows sales represetatives to create call lists; view customer details, order history ad ivetory levels; refresh orderig; create sales reports ad sed orders back to the office i real time for dispatch while o the road. pocketwiz Service eables mobile techicias to receive real-time job updates; view customer, job ad history details; ad create service orders, time sheets ad sales reports. pocketwiz Merchadisig eables the creatio of a variety of reports, icludig distributio ad compliace, price check reports, promotios ad time sheets. pocketwiz POD allows your mobile staff the ability to schedule jobs, moitor delivery details ad capture sigatures. pocketwiz Forms gives your mobile staff the ability to create surveys, questioaires, reports ad time sheets quickly ad efficietly. Beefits pocketwiz offers a variety of beefits, allowig busiesses to: Icrease productivity by eablig staff to view up-to-date iformatio o the road Use electroic data etry to miimise errors, remove the eed for paper forms ad allow data to be easily stored ad retrieved Lower busiess costs by eradicatig repetitive work ad reducig travel time Reduce the risk of debt ad icrease cash flow by capturig paymets o site. 13

14 Field Force Automatio TM Field service Field Sales Field logistics Mit Wireless Mit Wireless Limited provides a portable paymet system for busiesses of all sizes, whether a sole trader, a frachise group or a large corporate. SOLUTIONS Mit is a easy-to-use portable paymet ad ivoicig system that eables busiesses to process paymets while they are out o the road. It ca be used with both BlackBerry ad Microsoft Widows Mobile smartphoes. With Mit, a smartphoe becomes a portable cash register that ca process ay type of trasactio (credit card, cash, cheque paymets ad accout trasactios), ad prit out a ivoice ad tax receipt o the spot, from wherever Optus Mobile etwork coverage is available. A subscriptio to Mit also icludes access to a persoalised olie admiistratio system for up-to-the-miute busiess reportig. All trasactios take o the smartphoe are stored i the olie system ad ca be dowloaded ito accoutig software reducig time-cosumig paperwork. Trasactios are protected by 128-bit SSL security the same techology baks use for iteret bakig. How Mit works: A busiess sets up its product or service list i the Mit olie admiistratio system. The list is the wirelessly trasferred oto the busiess smartphoes. A user eters the trasactio details o their smartphoe ad automatically geerates a tax ivoice by selectig the items purchased from the price book. If the customer pays by credit card, the user swipes their card i the card reader. Paymet details are set through secure, ecrypted commuicatios ad authorised by the baks withi secods. The user prits a tax ivoice with trasactio details, icludig approval sigature. Paymet is the deposited ito the busiess omiated bak accout. The accouts departmet ca keep track of paymets ad trasactios i real time usig Mit s olie system. Reports ca be dowloaded ito the compay s accoutig software, dramatically reducig maual data etry. Mit icludes: A mothly subscriptio to the Mit software for smartphoes with automatic upgrades A pocket-sized priter with itegrated card reader coected via Bluetooth Access to a persoalised olie reportig system Ogoig customer support ad traiig. BENEFITS Implemetig Mit will: Dramatically improve cashflow Reduce bad debt ad fraud Miimise the time spet chasig upaid ivoices Reduce paperwork ad maual data etry. 14

15 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales Wireless Itegratio services Cosultig Mobilise IT Mobilise IT is a highly specialised orgaisatio focused o helpig compaies improve busiess productivity ad process efficiecy by usig the latest mobile computig hardware ad Microsoft techology. A Microsoft Gold Certified Parter, Mobilise IT provides services, software ad ifrastructure that help its customers create a efficiet ad effective mobile workforce. What sets Mobilise IT apart is telecommuicatio expertise ad its ability to deliver a complete rage of mobility solutios ad services, from mobile mail usig the latest Microsoft techology ad hardware, through to itegrated sales, service ad supply chai solutios, to all idustry segmets. Solutios Field sales ad service solutios. The compay offers a fully customised ad itegrated solutio for i-field sales or service people. This ca be itegrated with Microsoft Dyamics GP ad NAV, SAP Busiess ad Arrow Fiacials. FormoPublish eforms. FormoPublish produces electroic forms usig Microsoft Office that work o Microsoft Widows Mobile 5.0 ad 6.0 devices. It requires o additioal hardware or software ad absolutely o codig. The solutio itegrates with Microsoft Office IfoPath ad Microsoft Widows SharePoit Services. Mail To Go. This eables cliets to set up wireless o the Microsoft Direct Push Mobile platform as a hosted service or to cofigure Microsoft Exchage Server 2003 ad 2007 for direct push . Mobility cosultig. Mobilise IT s cosultats cover a broad rage of areas, from mobile devices as a stadard operatig eviromet to customised workforce solutios. Developmet expertise. The compay offers customised developmet of solutios provided by Mobilise IT s team of expert techicias usig the Microsoft.NET developmet framework. Mobilise IT staff are back-office itegratio specialists. Beefits Itroducig a mobile solutio from Mobilise IT will: Empower your sales ad field forces to become effective ad efficiet Dissemiate iformatio to be accessed aytime, wherever Optus Mobile GSM (or the relevat etwork) has coverage Icrease customer satisfactio with speedy ad accurate iformatio Boost reveue by trackig customer iformatio i real time Elimiate maual paperwork, reducig duplicatio ad errors. Cosultig Services Plaig System Desig Applicatio Services System Desig & Developmet Hostig Services Operatio Maiteace & Support Mobilise IT provides the etire rage of services icludig cosultatio, desig ad developmet, hardware ad software through to hostig ad support. 15

16 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales Field logistics redcoal redcoal is a wireless iovatios compay specialisig i SMS, MMS, mobile iteret ad locatio-based service solutios. It provides off-the-shelf desktop to mobile messagig ad mobile workforce maagemet solutios as well as developer Applicatio Program Iterfaces for corporate customers lookig to optimise commuicatios spedig ad busiess processes. redcoal also has extesive experiece developig custom mobile applicatios ad messagig solutios for corporate customers. redcoal itegrates SMS, MMS, WAP ad Java fuctioality ito existig systems to provide custom busiess solutios. It was the parter of choice for the developmet of the Optus Mobile Directory service. Beefits Implemetig a SMS or MMS solutio from redcoal will provide: Outstadig ROI by replacig expesive calls to mobiles with coveiet SMS messages Optimisatio of existig busiess processes A customised solutio without the costs of additioal software ad hardware Ehaced commuicatio betwee staff ad customers, resultig i greater customer satisfactio. Solutios SimPoit mobile workforce maagemet. Uses the latest mobile phoe trackig techology to provide a low-cost field force maagemet solutio. SimPoit displays the positio of field staff o a Google map through a hosted web iterface ad allows the office to commuicate with mobile staff usig SMS. SMS desktop-to-mobile messagig. Allows users to sed ad receive SMS messages from a stadard computer. The solutio is desiged specifically for eterprises that eed to commuicate with a mobile workforce or customers usig SMS messagig. SMS Toolkit seamlessly itegrate SMS ito existig software. Gives compaies with i-house software developers the tools to build their ow custom SMS ad MMS messagig solutios. Custom-built mobile solutios. redcoal leverages the uique capabilities of its techology platform to develop custom SMS, MMS, WAP, voice, Java ad locatio-based service solutios that ca itegrate directly ito existig IT systems. 16

17 Field Force Automatio Field service Field Sales Cosultig Reflex Techology Group Reflex Techology Group (RTG) specialises i cosultacy, desig, implemetatio ad maagemet to deliver complex custom-built or off-theshelf mobility solutios. RTG parters with leadig vedors icludig Microsoft, Motorola ad Symbol. SOLUTIONS RTG delivers the followig solutios: RTG BlackBerry. Desig, implemet, customise ad maage all aspects of BlackBerry techology. RTG cosultacy. RTG cosultats have a soud kowledge of busiess systems ad procedures. They cosult across all aspects of IT ad ca itegrate mobility solutios ito back-ed systems. RTG mobile billig. Desig customised billig solutios for mobile applicatios, itegratig customer relatioship maagemet, fiacial ad database applicatios. RTG field force automatio. Vehicle ad boatig GPS locatio moitorig ad trackig, security itegratio ad billig. RTG logistics ad sales force automatio. Custom applicatios for logistics ad sales force ivetory ad billig, delivery-ru plaig, cliet sigature autheticatio ad storage, mobile receipt priters ad remote schedulig. RTG wireless applicatios ad services. Nokia sychroisatio, Microsoft Direct Push from Exchage Server ad security with the ability to restrict access to mobile devices. BENEFITS Choosig a mobility solutio from RTG will: Ope ew commuicatio paths to your staff or customers Deliver expertise i mobility ad secure itegratio with core back-ed systems Create modifiable billig solutios for cotrol ad visibility of mobility expediture. 17

18 Field Force Automatio Field service Field logistics Retriever Commuicatios Retriever Commuicatios specialises i improvig the productivity of mobile workers through wireless field force automatio. Retriever s solutios are desiged for a diverse rage of idustries icludig maufacturig, maiteace, facilities maagemet, miig, petroleum ad utility compaies. Solutios The three mai compoets of a Retriever field force automatio solutio are: Retriever Mobile. Applies uique busiess rules usig mobile applicatios delivered over the Optus Mobile etwork to all Microsoft-based devices icludig PDAs, smartphoes ad laptops. Retriever s mobile solutios typically ivolve pushig jobs ad job details to mobile workers who ca the update the job s status, capture sigatures for proof of delivery, capture parts, complete time sheets, checklists ad site risk assessmets ad attach photographs. Retriever Mobile allows 24x7 coectivity. Its real-time data sychroisatio ad securely ecrypted data trasfer make it a ideal choice for maagig mobile workers. Retriever Schedule ad Dispatch. Eables work to be assiged, dispatched ad dyamically maaged through a web browser. It provides the techology required for efficiet job plaig, assigmet ad dyamic field coectivity. Work views ca be split by regio, district ad work team. Field worker availability ad job status ca be viewed i real time. Retriever Applicatio Developmet Eviromet (ADE). A user iterface tool that gives compaies a low-risk platform for developig ad deployig mobile field force solutios. The solutio eables busiess aalysts to desig applicatio iterfaces that fuctio i a logical way without the eed for programmig. Beefits Ivestig i a wireless field force automatio solutio from Retriever will: Eable effective ad timely maagemet of field workers Allow field workers to complete more billable hours Provide greater flexibility i team ad crew assigmet Itroduce a better respose rate to emergecy work situatios Improve worker, equipmet ad vehicle utilisatio Reduce admiistratio overheads, icludig elimiatig the double etry of data. 18

19 Wireless Itegratio services Cosultig Si Parters Si Parters specialises i itegratig wireless ad IP commuicatios to give compaies access to secure data wherever Optus Mobile etwork coverage is available, aytime. Primary focus areas iclude the itegratio of third-party applicatios for BlackBerry over the Optus Mobile etwork, cosultacy ad desig of mobility strategies ad sales ad field force automatio. Si Parters has provided uique commuicatios solutios for: Healthcare pharmaceutical orders ad cliical test results Isurace claims adjustig, policy ad sales updates Retail customer look-up ad i-store merchadise locators. Colibri Mobile Office Premium gives BlackBerry users the fuctioality of a BlackBerry Eterprise Server without ivestig i hardware ad software. METAMessage eables BlackBerry users to access data o their corporate etwork usig coectors desiged by METAMessage. Forms ca be created to allow sales force ad field force users to receive ad update job iformatio. Beefits A solutio from Si Parters will: Solutios Si Parters wireless solutio eables BlackBerry users to access data wherever Optus Mobile GSM (or the relevat etwork) has coverage through a BlackBerry Eterprise Server. It itegrates tightly with existig eterprise systems, securely extedig wireless commuicatios ad corporate data to mobile users. Si Parters provides various tools for automatig mobile workforces: Improve efficiecy ad itegratio with mobile ad i-house staff Reduce etwork dowtime Create competitive advatage with real-time resposiveess to cliet queries Icrease retur o ivestmet with improved productivity, workflow efficiecy ad immediacy. Idokorro Mobile Admi eables IT admiistrators to securely maage, maitai ad moitor a etwork from practically wherever Optus Mobile GSM (or the relevat etwork) has coverage. Impatica for BlackBerry Eterprise Server ad Impatica ShowMate allow mobile users to project PowerPoit presetatios usig their mobile devices, Bluetooth coectivity or BlackBerry. Vettro 360 eables BlackBerry users to coect to eterprise applicatios such as Microsoft Dyamics, NetSuite, Oracle, Salesforce.com, CRM, SAP, Siebel or SugarCRM. Field force users ca receive, capture ad update iformatio o leads, cases ad accouts i the field. 19

20 Field Force Automatio Field service Field logistics SkyNet Mobile Commuicatios SkyNet provides wireless locatio-based products ad services to esure customers ca track valuable assets such as people ad equipmet. These offerigs rage from global voice ad data products to trackig applicatios for the lad trasport, aviatio ad marie idustries. SkyNet solutios combie the latest satellite ad terrestrial GSM techologies with a fully redudat data gateway, a web iterface ad robust security services. SkyNet gives customers access to a security cotrol room with escalatio capabilities or provides them with self-moitorig services. SOLUTIONS SkyNet s locatio-based services, may of which are accessible o hadheld devices such as the BlackBerry, provide: Global fleet coverage icludig lad, aircraft ad marie asset maagemet Trackig of marie craft icludig ati-theft moitorig ad ma overboard ad duress alerts Global flight maagemet ad trackig systems for aircraft ad developmet of predictive egieerig maiteace programs Low-cost, real-time vehicle maagemet, duress alarms, istataeous fleet data, moitorig of vehicle use ad cofirmatio of vehicle logs ad route reports Detailed custom reports ad street-by-street route iformatio accessible securely from ay iteret-capable computer A fleet-wide picture of vehicles ad curret status Self-admiistratio ad cliet-limited access. BENEFITS SkyNet solutios allow customers to: Make critical decisios i real time Ehace the profitability of ay workig fleet Maximise returs o techology ivestmet Improve productivity by eablig o-the-fly job reroutig ad trip aalysis Coordiate port logistics to expedite ship turaroud Maximise equipmet lifespa by coordiatig egieerig schedules. 20


ASSET MANAGEMENT SoLUTioNS www.eagle.org ASSET Maagemet Solutios www.eagle.org A Trusted Service Provider ABS Nautical Systems, the software developmet divisio of ABS, desigs applicatios to meet the eeds of the maritime commuity. ABS Nautical

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Outsourcing Toolkit. a special advertising supplement. published by asae & the center for association leadership

Outsourcing Toolkit. a special advertising supplement. published by asae & the center for association leadership Outsourcig Toolkit a special advertisig supplemet to the SEPTEMBER 2009 issue of Associatios ow published by asae & the ceter for associatio leadership 2009 Outsourcig Toolkit What s the best way to maage

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Scan More, Print Less - save your small business a small fortune

Scan More, Print Less - save your small business a small fortune Sca More, Prit Less - save your small busiess a small fortue Sposored by: About the As the o-profit associatio dedicated to urturig, growig ad supportig the user ad supplier commuities of ECM (Eterprise

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Securing your business

Securing your business Iteratioal Chamber of Commerce The world busiess orgaizatio Securig your busiess A compaio for small or etrepreeurial compaies to the 2002 OECD Guidelies for the security of etworks ad iformatio systems:

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Big Data. Better prognoses and quicker decisions.

Big Data. Better prognoses and quicker decisions. Big Data. Better progoses ad quicker decisios. With Big Data, you make decisios o the basis of mass data. Everyoe is curretly talkig about the aalysis of large amouts of data, the Big Data. It gives compaies

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Spin-out Companies. A Researcher s Guide

Spin-out Companies. A Researcher s Guide Spi-out Compaies A Researcher s Guide Cotets Itroductio 2 Sectio 1 Why create a spi-out compay? 4 Sectio 2 Itellectual Property 10 Sectio 3 Compay Structure 15 Sectio 4 Shareholders ad Directors 19 Sectio

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By Deloitte & Touche LLP Dr. Patchin Curtis Mark Carey

By Deloitte & Touche LLP Dr. Patchin Curtis Mark Carey C o m m i t t e e o f S p o s o r i g O r g a i z a t i o s o f t h e T r e a d w a y C o m m i s s i o T h o u g h t L e a d e r s h i p i E R M R I S K A S S E S S M E N T I N P R A C T I C E By Deloitte

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Putting Cloud security in perspective

Putting Cloud security in perspective Capgemii Immediate Istat. Flexible. Revolutioary. the way we see it Puttig Cloud security i perspective The move towards Cloud Computig will be see as oe of the defiig treds of 2010. There is growig acceptace

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SIP TRUNKING 101: A Primer

SIP TRUNKING 101: A Primer SIP TRUNKING 101: A Primer AUGUST 2012 KEY BENEFITS Cost reductio i the order of 30-50% Icreased flexibility, as umbers are o loger tied to locatios. Cost effective disaster recovery capability Support

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Business Intelligence and Logistics

Business Intelligence and Logistics Busiess Itelligece ad Logistics WHITE PAPER Authors: Sriivasa Rao P, Techical Maager, BI / DW Practice. Saurabh Swarup, Cosultat, BI / DW Practice. Over the last few decades the role of logistics maagemet

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Leadership Can Be Learned, But How Is It Measured?

Leadership Can Be Learned, But How Is It Measured? Maagemet Scieces for Health NO. 8 (2008) O C C A S I O N A L PA P E R S Leadership Ca Be Leared, But How Is It Measured? How does leadership developmet cotribute to measurable chages i orgaizatioal performace,

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World Bank Group Strategy. October 2013

World Bank Group Strategy. October 2013 World Bak Group Strategy October 2013 Cotets Executive Summary 1 World Bak Group Strategy 5 1. Itroductio 5 A. The Developmet Ageda for Reducig Poverty ad Sharig Prosperity 6 B. Focusig the WBG o the

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VIENNA. THE DIGITAL CITY. VIENNA. THE DIGITAL CITY. ICT Busiess ad Research i Viea Muicipal Departmet für EU-Strategy ad Ecoomic Developmet Imprit Editors: MA 27 Muicipal Departmet for EU-Strategy ad Ecoomic Developmet Christie

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Smart Connected Products & The Internet of Things

Smart Connected Products & The Internet of Things Smart Coected Products & The Iteret of Thigs Who we are Taget delivers Talet Globally. Established for 40 years we specialise i delivery of iovative & tailored talet solutios to customers aroud the world.

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What is IT Governance?

What is IT Governance? 30 Caada What is IT Goverace? ad why is it importat for the IS auditor By Richard Brisebois, pricipal of IT Audit Services, Greg Boyd, Director ad Ziad Shadid, Auditor. from the Office of the Auditor Geeral

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European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions

European Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions Europea Actio Pla for the Prevetio of Ruway Excursios Editio 1.0 ECAST Compoet of ESSI EUROCONTROL Europea Commercial Aviatio Safety Team Cotets 1. Statemet of Commitmet 5 2. Itroductio ad backgroud 9

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National Association of Community Health Centers

National Association of Community Health Centers Natioal Associatio of Commuity Health Ceters Parterships betwee Federally Qualified Health Ceters ad Local Health Departmets for Egagig i the Developmet of a Commuity-Based System of Care Prepared by Feldesma

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Managing deliverability. Technical Documentation Adobe Campaign v6.1

Managing deliverability. Technical Documentation Adobe Campaign v6.1 Maagig deliverability Techical Documetatio Adobe Campaig v6.1 2014, Adobe All rights reserved. Published by Adobe Systems Ic. Terms of use Privacy Ceter A trademark symbol (,, etc.) deotes a Adobe trademark.

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Work Placement in Third-Level Programmes. Edited by Irene Sheridan and Dr Margaret Linehan

Work Placement in Third-Level Programmes. Edited by Irene Sheridan and Dr Margaret Linehan Work Placemet i Third-Level Programmes Edited by Iree Sherida ad Dr Margaret Lieha Work Placemet i Third-Level Programmes Edited by Iree Sherida ad Dr Margaret Lieha The REAP Project is a Strategic Iovatio

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Giving Domestic Customers a Choice of Electricity Supplier

Giving Domestic Customers a Choice of Electricity Supplier Office of Gas ad Electricity Markets Givig Domestic Customers a Choice of Electricity Supplier REPORT BY THE COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR GENERAL HC 85 Sessio 2000-2001: 5 Jauary 2001 Office of Gas ad Electricty

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Implementing an Effective ESI Legal Hold Minimizing Risk While Ensuring Compliance

Implementing an Effective ESI Legal Hold Minimizing Risk While Ensuring Compliance Kow Whe to Hold Em By Kelly E. Joes ad Ala M. Wichester Implemetig a Effective ESI Legal Hold Miimizig Risk While Esurig Compliace I today s digital world, carefully ad defesibly preservig electroically

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Guide for Canadian Small Businesses

Guide for Canadian Small Businesses Guide for Caadia Small Busiesses 5&(5HY T he success of small busiess is a essetial part of Caada s ecoomic growth. At the Caada Customs ad Reveue Agecy (CCRA), our goal is to provide all the support

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Student Handbook. Regulations, Policies, and Procedures

Student Handbook. Regulations, Policies, and Procedures Studet Hadbook 2014 15 Regulatios, Policies, ad Procedures This hadbook complemets the uiversity s Studet Maual of Uiversity Policies ad Regulatios ad provides a statemet of policies ad academic issues

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BRUSSEL t. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Faculty of Economics and Business Campus Brussels. KU Leuven. Inspiring the outstanding.

BRUSSEL t. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Faculty of Economics and Business Campus Brussels. KU Leuven. Inspiring the outstanding. 2015-2016 BRUSSEL t Bachelor of Sciece i Busiess Admiistratio Faculty of Ecoomics ad Busiess Campus Brussels KU Leuve. Ispirig the outstadig. Friday 20 February 2015 Wedesday 18 March 2015 Saturday 25

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Our Health Begins with: The Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Plan

Our Health Begins with: The Michigan Health and Wellness 4 x 4 Plan Our Health Begis with: The Michiga Health ad Welless 4 x 4 Pla J U N E 2 0 1 2 Table of Cotets Itroductio... 1 Ackowledgemets... 2 Public Health Crisis - A Call to Actio... 3 Compoets of the 4 x 4 Tool...

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Child: Family: Place: Radical efficiency to improve outcomes for young children. Croydon

Child: Family: Place: Radical efficiency to improve outcomes for young children. Croydon Child: Family: Place: Radical efficiecy to improve outcomes for youg childre Croydo 2 cotets Foreword...5 Executive summary...7 1 Cotext...13 The public sector eeds ew models to improve public services...14

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Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

Things Your Next Firewall Must Do 10 Thigs Your Next Firewall Must Do Itroductio: 10 Thigs Your Next Firewall Must Do Much has bee made about brigig applicatio visibility ad cotrol ito etwork security. The reaso is obvious: applicatios

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Student-Specific Planning. A Handbook for Developing and Implementing Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Student-Specific Planning. A Handbook for Developing and Implementing Individual Education Plans (IEPs) Studet-Specific Plaig A Hadbook for Developig ad Implemetig Idividual Educatio Plas (IEPs) S TUDENT-SPECIFIC P LANNING A Hadbook for Developig ad Implemetig Idividual Educatio Plas (IEPs) 2010 Maitoba

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