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1 Buckle up! Fatalities rashes LOAL HIGHWAS to date office of highway safety LOAL HIGHWAS to date Back-2-Back Undefeated hampions: Tafuna Warriors B1 To the delight of the audience, Team American Samoa began singing as they prepared to enter Hunter Stadium for the Opening eremonies of the Special Olympics 2013 Asia Pacific games in Newcastle, Australia on Sunday. Over 2,500 Special Olympic athletes from 29 countries are competing in the games that began onday. [photo: Special Olympics Facebook page] samoanews.com 75 Sui Fa aulu Talosaga mo Fale 13 Daily irculation 7,000 PAGO PAGO, AERIAN SAOA Tuesday, December 3, 2013 $1.00 DO creates new rent rate for Industrial Park tenants While rent arrears stand at $1.27 illion by Fili Sagapolutele Samoa News orrespondent The ommerce Department has created a standard annual rental rate for tenants wanting to occupy space at the Daniel. Inouye Industrial Park in Tafuna and the new rates will apply to future tenants, while the status of current tenants are under review, says DO director eniseli Lafaele. The standard rate issue was first revealed in the DO s fiscal year 2013, fourth quarter performance report, which states in part that with the assistance and expertise of Dr. J. Sreeni, the DO which oversees the industrial park has been able to create a standard annual rent for all tenants of the park. According to the report, the annual rent is based on considering the median annual rate with inflation adjustments. Responding to Samoa News inquiries, Lafaele said DO is updating rates based on the inflation index and the reason for this move is that some of these rates have not been adjusted to inflation for several years. So we ve come up with a range of $0.25 to a $0.90 per square foot and the rate given to a business entity depends on the employment the business generates, original investment, the type of business, long term potential, and other factors hence rates will not be the same for everyone, Lafaele said from airns, Australia where he is part of the territory s delegation attending the 10th eeting of the Western and entral Pacific Fisheries ommission. (ontinued on page 11) Budget Office refuses to pay plant nursery for EOB plants ites sole-sourcing, lack of contract, no biz license by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu Samoa News Reporter There was no signed contract, Procurement s bidding process was circumvented and the plant nursery does not hold a business license to be conducting business with the Administrative Services Department were among the reasons the Budget Office cited for rejecting the third invoice of $600 to pay for the plants that are in the lobby of the AP Lutali Executive Office Building. Budget Director atherine Aigamaua Saelua declined to comment on the matter, however Samoa News obtained a copy of the third invoice of $600 which was returned to Administrative Services Director alemo Tausaga with specific instructions that it must be re-submitted with a signed contract, after it has followed Procurement s bidding process and the plant nursery must have a valid business license. alls to the Plant Nursery owner (who s an official with Treasury) were not returned as of press time, and Samoa News understands that the first two invoices that total $1,200 for the months of September and October 2013 have already been paid. According to the invoice, which was leaked to Samoa News, an official with the Department of Treasury owns the plant nursery. The name this person uses on the invoice is Levi Reese and the invoice is for plant rental. In response to Samoa News queries, Administrative Services Director alemo has denied circumventing Procurement s bidding process for the plants, noting that he can sole source to anyone whom he feels has the best quality plants, he told Samoa News. He confirmed that the third invoice was denied and said that he s currently sending off a letter to the Procurement office sole sourcing the contract to the current plant nursery saying that he looks at the quality of the plants. I have the authority as Director to sole source these contracts; it s not over $10,000 and I don t have to go through the Procurement s bidding process, he told Samoa News yesterday. Asked if these were the only plants that he looked at for the EOB, alemo said yes. He also confirmed that the other two invoices have already been paid and was puzzled as to why the third one was returned. (ontinued on page 10) Simeona Leo of Faga itua High School used feathers and other natural materials to create this ornament reminiscent of mist, ocean and coconut trees for the National hristmas Tree in Washington D.. It will go on display Friday, Dec. 6 Ia anuia le erisimasi to the nation from American Samoa. [photo: Don Hoffman] These plants are among the 30 plants at the AP Lutali Executive Office Building that cost the American Samoa Government $600 monthly. [Photo: JL]

2 Page 2 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Rash of police shootings renews calls for reform (ANSWERs on page 12) STRANGE BUT TRUE By Samantha Weaver It was American author Erica Jong who made the following sage observation: Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn t. Jon Bon Jovi is probably best known for his eponymous 80s hair band, but he s also quite a philanthropist, working on behalf of organizations including the Special Olympics, the American Red ross and Habitat for Humanity. In 2011, the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation opened a restaurant called JBJ Soul itchen, in which patrons pay only what they can afford, or can even volunteer in lieu of payment. Those who study such things say that all mammals, from rodents to elephants, urinate for approximately 21 seconds. This now is known as the Law of Urination. A poll conducted by Gallup determined that 42 percent of Americans believe that people are sometimes possessed by the devil. Scientists unearthed frozen 30,000-year-old plant tissue from fossil squirrel burrows in northeaster Siberia. This would not be remarkable, except for what came next: Researchers thawed the seeds and planted them. The seeds germinated and grew, producing viable seeds of their own, making Silene stenophyllathe oldest viable multicellular living organisms. If you die without any friends or family to attend your funeral, Amsterdam is apparently the place to do it. In that city, a civil servant will provide flowers and a poet will compose a eulogy in verse for those who would otherwise make an unaccompanied and unmourned final journey. If you leave a cold glass on a table, it s likely to leave a mark. The Italians (of course) have a word for that mark: cualacino. Thought for the Day The secret of success is to know something nobody else knows. Aristotle Onassis ALBUQUERQUE, N.. (AP) A rash of police shootings across New exico over the past month is prompting renewed calls for reforms in law enforcement training and oversight. Albuquerque police on Sunday shot and critically injured a man after a domestic call in what was the fourth shooting involving police in the state s largest city in just over a month. The Albuquerque Police Department is already under federal investigation for a spike in shootings and excessive force claims. The shooting comes on the heels of four shootings in a similar time period by state police officers, including the case of an officer firing at a minivan full of children. We are like in the Wild West, aren t we?, said Jewel Hall, president of the artin Luther ing Jr. emorial enter Board in Albuquerque and a leader of community activists and relatives of police shooting victims who have been calling for reform of the Albuquerque Police Department. There is something wrong with this picture. Albuquerque police have been involved in 33 shootings since 2010, including 19 in which suspects were killed. ritics have blamed the shootings on a departmental culture that fosters brutality, and the Department of Justice last year launched a civil rights probe of the agency. Five months later, hief Ray Schultz announced his retirement after an eight-year tenure. Police officials declined a request for an interview onday about the latest shootings and renewed new calls for reform. The department in 2011 ordered a study of the department and made changes in oversight, training and hiring of officers in response to a rise in shootings and several high-profile abuse cases. Police officials onday had not released details on the condition of the suspect in the most recent shooting or whether he was armed. The incident began when officers were called to a domestic disturbance, Acting hief Allen Banks told reporters at the scene on Sunday. A conflict ensued and the suspect was critically injured after at least two officers fired shots. One of the officers did call out that the suspect had a gun, Banks said, but it was unclear if the man was armed or what threat prompted the officers to fire. Banks also said the man had at least 12 felony warrants, but he did not release his name or any information about those warrants. State police have also come under scrutiny after four recent cases of officers using deadly force, including the shooting of 39-year-old Jeanette Anaya following a chase on the streets of Santa Fe. State police said an officer began pursuing her for driving erratically, and that she was shot after being pulled over and backing her car toward the approaching officer. Separately, two state police officers are under investigation for a chaotic traffic stop Oct. 28, when Oriana Farrell of emphis, Tenn., drove off from police near Taos after being pulled over for speeding and refusing to sign her ticket. After being stopped again, another dispute occurred that involved shots being fired as she drove away. Farrell and her attorney have said she feared for her safety and that of her children. Guam tests toxic mice to kill invasive snakes HAGATNA, Guam (AP) Biologists on Guam are trying to find out if mildly toxic dead mice can help eradicate an invasive species of snake that has caused millions of dollars in damages by creating power outages on the island. rews on onday distributed mice packed with 80 milligrams of acetaminophen on two plots in a test to kill brown tree snakes, which were accidentally introduced to the island about 60 years ago. Representatives from several federal agencies watched the aerial bait drop, Pacific Daily News reported. The mice should not affect other species, said U.S. Department of Agriculture wildlife services biologist Dan Vice, who has worked on snake eradication for more than a decade. A pilot project with 280 mice in 2010 led to more aerial bait drops that began in September. Research and the drops have cost $8 million annually with funding from the Interior and Defense departments. An estimated 1 to 2 million snakes live on the island. Aerial bait drops might be the most efficient way to control the population without affecting deer or pigs, Vice said. ice were dropped onday on two 136-acre plots, a combined area about the size of 210 football fields. Some mice were implanted with tiny radios to allow the USDA to determine whether mice were eaten. Biologists are also tracking populations of small animals, which will increase with fewer snakes. The mice drops are only for area where humans don t live, Vice said. No deaths from the venomous bite of a brown tree snake have been recorded, Vice said. ost bites cause no more damage to an adult than a bee sting, he said. But Brown tree snakes cause problems by creating outages on the Guam Power Authority power grid with damage reaching $1 million to $4 million annually, according USDA documents.

3 ASG delegates to Fisheries meeting told to sound the alarm on hina s tuna fleet by Fili Sagapolutele fish shipped to hina for processing, he said. learly, this allow overfishing to continue. is no excuse for decisions that Samoa News orrespondent American Samoa government s two-member delegaeries industry. that those negotiations have effectively destroys our fish- It s of grave concern to us tion to the Western and entral With the cost of doing immediately been taken into Pacific Fisheries ommission business for our canneries a small working group that is meeting in Australia are to being cost prohibitive due allowing only one observer impress on Pacific leaders they predominantly to the federal who is not allowed to speak must be vigilant in the protection of economic development the hina initiative signifi- back, she said. So essen- [mandated] minimum wage, and not allowed to report opportunities in the region, cantly jeopardizes the future of tially they have become fairly as hina is becoming aggressive in its fisheries develop- Iulogologo. lacking in the transparency our two economic assets, said closed door negotiations and ment, according to Iulogologo eanwhile, the U.S. based that we would expect out of a Joseph Pereira, the governor s Pew haritable Trust is calling body like this. executive assistant. on participants at the meeting Nickson says a consensus The 10th meeting of the to agree to tighter controls on must be reached during the commission is being held Dec. bigeye catches. decision making process and 2-6 in airns, Australia. Port Radio New Zealand International quotes Amanda Nickson, factor for all participating says political will is a driving Administration director Dr. laire Tuia Poumele and ommerce Department director vation for Pew, as saying there ment on tuna management. Director of global tuna conser- countries in reaching an agree- eniseli Lafaele represent the local government ASG. Department of arine and Wildlife Resources director Dr. Ruth atagi-tofiga was supposed to be part of the delegation but given that she had previous obligations she didn t travel, said Iulogologo, adding that travel costs are borne by the Western Pacific Fisheries ouncil. This particular meeting is geared more towards port security and impact of the ports on advancing the respective countries fisheries development agenda, said Iulogologo responding to Samoa News questions. He said the ouncil has been very supportive of our local fisheries development projects especially the economic development fisheries projects on anu a. He also said Gov. Lolo atalasi oliga has been briefed on the aggressive overtures being made by hina in fisheries development in the Pacific, wherein hina is subsidizing the construction of fishing vessels as well as fuel for these vessels. The catches from these vessels are destined for hina thus severely impacting our Fisheries Industry by eroding the competitive advantage of our two canneries, Starist Samoa and Tri arine International, he said. Asked what message the American Samoa delegation is taking with them to the meeting, Iuloglogo said, the message sent through our delegation is to impress on the Pacific Island leaders to be vigilant in the protection and preservation of economic development opportunities of the Island inherent in the fish stock within their respective Exclusive Economic Zones. hina is attempting to purchase fishing rights from the island nations to fish within their EEZs, with the samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 3 Federal appeals court to live stream proceedings SAN FRANISO (AP) A federal appeals court that meets in San Francisco and other Western cities will soon stream some of its hearings live over the Internet, the court announced on onday. The 9th U.S. ircuit ourt of Appeals said it plans to broadcast its en banc proceedings starting with five cases scheduled for oral arguments between December 9 and 11. It is believed to be the first time a federal appellate court will broadcast live video of a proceeding, said court spokesman David adden. An en banc court is used to resolve legal conflicts between 9th ircuit judges that are deemed of great importance. The court hears about 20 such cases a year. The Ninth ircuit has a long history of using advances in technology to make the court more accessible and transparent, 9th ircuit hief Judge Alex ozinski said in a statement. Video streaming is a way to open the court s doors even wider so that more people can see and hear what transpires in the courtroom, particularly in regard to some of our most important cases. The court currently posts video of en banc proceedings online after the hearing. It is also one of only two federal appellate courts to allow news cameras in the courtroom, according to adden. The court has granted more than 350 media requests for video and photo coverage since the early 1990s, the court said in its news release. The U.S. Supreme ourt does not allow cameras in court, or live stream or post video footage of hearings. It does post audio recordings after hearings, adden said. The first case scheduled to be broadcast live by the 9th ircuit involves a lawsuit against the state of alifornia over a law that requires police to collect the DNA of any adult arrested on suspicion of committing a felony. The plaintiffs are appealing a decision to deny them a preliminary injunction. FA AFETAI! FA AFETAI! FA AFETAI TELE LAVA! Ua to a manino nei i anu a lona faga i Foa. Ua le peau gase, ua le peau Tulolo, a ua peau mataloloa le seuga nai a au mamao. Ae o le a seu i fanua lo u va a, ona ua magoto le igafo sa. Ae taliu lava le Tautai ae popo e, aua ua to maliligi le sau na fatuga i lo outou aao mafola, ma le aao foa i o le atunu u, mai le vaosa o le Tui anu a mamana, seia paia le vao talatala o Sisifo. Lea ua ifo tonu i aao o le susuga i le toeaina ia To oto o Senoa ma le pulega a Ofu ma Olosega (EFAS). A o le paia lava lea i le Afifio o Afioga i Alii Faatui ma le fetalaiga i To oto o ma le mamalu o le anu atele. I taele o matou loto ma agaga, ua outou matitiva ona o le faamoemoe o lenei pulega e pei ona alo atu iai. Faafetai tele i la outou foa i. Ia alofa le Atua ia faatutumu mea ua outou foa i. E pei o la a le tusi, e sili le manuia o le na te foa i i lo le na te talia. Ia saga faatumutumu pea e le Atua outou fale saito i le manu. Faapei ona Ia faia i le fafine Sarefata, ia faapea foi ona le uma le suau u ma le falaoa i Ana faamanuiaga sautualasi. UA AE A LE SE I, A O NUERA NEI UA FAAANUIAINA: 1st $15,000 6th $2,000 2nd $13,000 7th $2,000 3rd $10,000 8th $2,000 4th $ 8,000 9th $2,000 5th $ 5,000 10th $2,000 Fa amolemole fa afeso ota i i le telefoni: , , mo le tuuina atu o lau fa ailoga i le Laoa o alemo i Fogagogo, Tesema 3, a le fa aaloalo lava. Fa afetai. O le Susuga i le Toeaina To oto o Senoa ma le pulega a le Faleluanu u.

4 Page 4 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Sea cucumbers vitally important to healthy reefs says the DWR Authorities concerned about possible overfishing in territory by B. hen, Samoa News orrespondent Overfishing of sea cucumbers has been reported as a problem in many South Pacific island countries over the last few years and according to Alice Lawrence, a fisheries biologist at the Department of arine and Wildlife Resources, there has been a noticeable increase in sea cucumber fishing activities in the territory over the past few months. In particular, Lawrence pointed out, several people were spotted on the reefs at Fagaalu and Utulei with coolers full of sea cucumbers last week. According to information from DWR, in most cases, the overfishing of sea cucumbers is linked to Asian businessmen who wish to export the dried sea cucumbers to high-value markets in Asia. Lawrence reported that a few months ago, there were local reports of fishermen receiving $3 per sea cucumber for the larger more valuable redfish cucumbers. It may be a worrying sign that as of last week the fishermen were only receiving $10 for a full bucket of the less valuable black-colored sea cucumbers, she said, adding that the redfish cucumbers are not usually as common on the reef as the spiny black ones, and following the recent fishing activity they might now be much rarer on our reefs. It may also be worrying to realize that many sea cucumber populations have already been wiped out in the region, she continued. According to Lawrence, other Pacific Island countries have imposed bans on the collection and export of sea cucumber in an effort to rehabilitate their stocks, following excessive overfishing. These countries include Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Tonga, the Solomon Islands and neighboring Samoa where a moratorium has been imposed on exporting sea cucumbers since 2007 because of overfishing concerns. The trend seems to be that businessmen target different island countries and once the cucumbers have been wiped out, they move onto the next country, Lawrence explained. In most countries, the businessmen pay chiefs and village community members to collect the cucumbers before they are processed and shipped off to Asian markets. The market price for dried sea cucumber can reach $200 per kilo, which may be due to its supposed medicinal properties and reputation as an aphrodisiac. In a statement from DWR yesterday, the department said that most people think sea cucumbers are useless and unnecessary on our reefs; however, they actually play a very important role in regulating the health of our coral reef ecosystem. Sea cucumbers move slowly across sandy areas of the reef feeding on dead plant and animal material in the sand. The sand is taken in, the dead material digested, and the clean sand is passed out behind. For this reason, sea cucumbers are important in cleaning and turning over sand on the sea floor, helping to recycle nutrients and assist with breaking down waste matter on the reef. Lawrence said sea cucumbers could be described as important vacuum cleaners that ensure our ocean waters and sandy sediments are stripped of excess nutrients. If all the sea cucumbers disappeared from our reefs, we would also lose these important cleaners and our reefs would quickly become unhealthy and unsafe places to swim and fish, she explained. Excess nutrients on the reef cause an increase in bacteria and algae which can grow over live coral, and eventually impact the reef enough that the fish populations also disappear. According to Lawrence, excess nutrients in the water was one of the main reasons behind the red tide algae bloom that we experienced in Pago Harbor last month, and with fewer sea cucumbers on the reef, we may experience more incidences of algae blooms in the Territory. For now, DWR is concerned about the level of fishing that has been reported and is currently taking management steps to address the issue. Osini Faleatasi Inc. reserves all rights. dba Samoa News is published onday through Saturday, except for some local and federal holidays. Please send correspondences to: OF, dba Samoa News, Box 909, Pago Pago, American Samoa ontact us by Telephone at (684) ontact us by Fax at (684) ontact us by at Normal business hours are on. thru Fri. 8am to 5pm. Permission to reproduce editorial and/or advertisements, in whole or in part, is required. Please address such requests to the Publisher at the address provided above. A two-car accident in atu u blocked traffic for a while early yesterday evening. A bus driver, who was a witness, told Samoa News that he followed behind a black Toyota (pictured) that was heading westbound when a blue Nissan driven by a woman rammed the Toyota. According to bystanders at the scene, the Toyota blocked the Nissan from crashing into people sitting in front of the Aveina Store. Two ambulances responded to the scene and took the Nissan driver and her daughter to the hospital for observation. Police said the driver of the Nissan fell asleep at the wheel. Witnesses say that the girl who was a passenger in the Nissan sustained a bloody nose while the driver and passenger of the Toyota appeared physically okay when speaking with police about the accident. [photo: JL] ompiled by Samoa News staff AUOEUALOGO URGES DPS NOT TO RUSH INTO ARING OFFIERS Former police commissioner Aumoeualogo Te o J. Fuavai is calling on the Department of Public Safety not to rush into arming police officers until there is solid evidence for such a need. The department has received a shipment of 24 Glock-17 guns and police commissioner William E. Haleck plans to begin training by mid-year 2014 for certain officers. Aumoeualogo says the territory should not rush into arming police officers until there is solid evidence and a need to do so such as a major crime wave involving the use of guns by people. He says he has not seen this type of evidence. He also says there was a time years ago when officers were armed but it was discontinued because officers were not prepared or ready for it. Aumoeualogo suggested that a specific law proving guidelines for the training and arming of police officers should be presented to the Legislature for approval. He says arming police officers will be something that will be difficult for the public to accept, but it s nothing new, as it has happened in the past. (The original Samoan version of this story was published in Saturday s edition.) NEW INSURANE OISSIONER APPOINTED In a Nov. 25, 2013 memo, Gov. Lolo atalasi oliga appointed Tau Tanuvasa as the new ommissioner of Insurance within the Governor s Office and the appointment went into effect on that date. Tanuvasa is responsible for carrying out all functions pertaining to the Insurance ommissioner, as mandated by law, and the appointment is indefinite, said Lolo. Local statute states that the Insurance ommissioner enforces local laws regulating the business of insurance in American Samoa. (Details of the commissioner s responsibilities and duties are found under ASA Title 29) Tanuvasa takes over the post held by anupo Turituri under the Togiola Administration. PROPOSAL TO BAN TARO FRO SAOA BEING ONSIDERED The Department of Agriculture is working with the Attorney General s Office in drafting legislation for submission to the Fono to ban the importation of taro from neighboring Samoa, thereby allowing local farmers to sell their produce to stores and restaurants. This was revealed by Agriculture Department director Lealao elila Purcell in a Samoa News interview following last week s two-day Farm Fair, where local farmers showcased their products, giving a clear indication that local farmers can supply taro and ta amu (or hinese taro) to local stories and businesses, who are now purchasing these products from outside the territory. Over the years, the question has come up over and over again on whether local farmers can provide for the community, as well as selling to stores, who depend largely on imported taro, said Lealao. y answer at this time based on what has been displayed during the fair is that our local farms can take care of American Samoa s needs, he said. A wide range of produce was showcased, as well as fruits and vegetables all grown locally. And this is a clear sign that we can depend on our local farmers. Lealao believes there are more local farmers serving the community than the 100 farmers who registered for the fair. He says some farmers may have been unable to participate due to other pressing issues within their families or communities. There were farmers at the fair interviewed by Samoa News, who said that it s time for the local government to prohibit the importation of produce such as taro, bananas and ta amu and this will give local farmers the chance to sell not only to the public but also to local stores and restaurants which use this produce as part of their cooked food. (ontinued on page 11)

5 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 5 Starting Today Until Dec 31st! 20 % OFF ALL ITES (Not including local goods!) All goods shipped from USA! PARADISE GIFT ENTER Paradise, Inc.

6 Page 6 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 ongratulations Tuli & Sasamamao harity Tupua Faitele November 30th, 2013 anuia le Aiga Fou.

7 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 7 ongratulations Tuli & Sasamamao harity Tupua Faitele November 30th, 2013 anuia le Aiga Fou.

8 Page 8 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Where it s at in American Samoa 1 THIS SPAE IS AVAILABLE! ISLAND BREEZE PURIFIED WATER Refill 1 GALLON - 5 GALLON Fagaalu across from atafao Ele. School Tel: or Gal. delivered to your home, business or office! How much will my lassified Ad cost? PERSONAL & HELP WANTED ONE DA $ 6 Two Days $12 Three Days $18 FOUR DAS $20 ($5 each day) Five Days $25 SIX DAS $24 ($4 each day) All additional days after 6 runs: BUSINESS & FOR RENT We re here for you! $ 8 $16 $24 $28 ($7 each day) $35 $36 ($6 each day) $ 4 each day $ 6 each day Tony s DeliRestaurant Samoan, Filipino & hinese food Specials: soup, fish & chips, popcorn chicken, BBQ/spring rolls and more... Food for special occasions - made to order Located on the first floor of the Lumana i Bldg. in Fagatogo (Beside Post Office) all Tony s Supermarket -F 5:30am - 8pm and Sat. 5:30am - 6pm After having their marriage license approved by the State of Hawaii, elissa Vomvoris, left, a licensed marriage agent, gives a high five to couple eola Akana, second from left, and Ethan Wung, right, as Rev. Brian Grieves looks on at the Sheraton Waikiki, onday, Dec. 2, 2013 in Honolulu. Hawaii became the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage onday, and couples were able to apply for marriage licenses after midnight. After receiving their marriage license, several couples held a group wedding at the hotel. (AP Photo/arco Garcia) NEWS IN BRIEF Gunman killed in rare German brewers make Iceland police shooting purity law world heritage LONDON (AP) Police in Iceland said BERLIN (AP) German beer brewers are onday they shot dead a gunman the first seeking a 500th birthday present for their famed time armed police have killed someone in the purity law: an official seal of approval as world nation. Iceland, which has a tiny population of heritage. The German Brewers Federation said around 320,000, has a low crime rate and gun onday it has applied to German officials and violence is extremely rare. Its regular police UNESO, the United Nations cultural agency, force does not carry firearms. to have the purity law the Reinheitsgebot Haraldur Johannessen, National ommissioner of the Icelandic Police, said onday s world s intangible heritage. recognized by the U.N. as a piece of the incident was unprecedented. Police said officers were called to an apartment in the Reyk- nothing but water, barley malt, hops and yeast The purity law dates back to 1516 and allows javik suburb of Arbaer early onday when a for brewing. Germany boasts some 1,300 breweries and 5,000 brands of beer. man fired a shotgun from inside the flat. Two policemen, who were not armed, were shot at If it wins a place on the UNESO list, the when trying to enter the gunman s apartment. purity law will find itself in diverse company Witnesses told local media that a smoke that includes the Argentine tango, the Spanish bomb was thrown into the apartment through a flamenco, the French gastronomic meal and broken window in efforts to subdue the man. A Turkey s irkpinar oil-wrestling festival. special armed unit then entered and fired at the $1.3 ega oney ticket man, who was rushed to the hospital, where he sold in iami to expire died. No one else has been injured. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) Florida Lottery officials say a winning ega oney ticket All available members of the police force were deployed, and they tried to subdue him, worth $1.3 million remains unclaimed. but it was not successful, Reykjavik etropolitan Police ommissioner Stefan Eiriksson told days after it was purchased. The numbers for The ticket expires Dec. 15, which is 180 a press conference, according to local media the June 18 drawing were and the website Visir. The man began to shoot out the egaball was 19. window of the apartment and it was decided Records show the ticket was purchased at a to take action. The motives of the man, who iami store, Davis Grocery. Lottery officials has not been named, are unclear. According to are encouraging players who may have gone to RUV, Iceland s national television station, the that store to go back and check their old tickets. gunman was a man in his fifties and had been Europe rights court to making threats to his neighbors. hear of secret IA prisons Shotguns are legal in Iceland. any Icelanders believe that the country rarely sees gun network of black site prisons across Europe that STRASBOURG, France (AP) The secret violence in part because handguns are banned. the IA used to interrogate terror suspects is NJ boy to be laid to rest getting a rare public hearing at Europe s human with full police honors rights court. RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (AP) A northern Lawyers for two terror suspects now imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay accuse Poland of var- New Jersey town is holding a funeral with full police honors for a 10-year-old boy. ichael ious human rights abuses in connection with its Feeney was named Ridgewood s honorary role in what they say is their torture at a remote police chief for 2013 before succumbing to Polish prison. cancer last week. The Hawes Elementary Tuesday s hearing marks the first time School fifth-grader was running for office at his Europe s role in the IA s extraordinary rendition of terror suspects reaches Europe s school and was a huge New ork Giants fan. Feeney had been struggling for four years human rights court. with Ewing s sarcoma, a rare, aggressive and One case concerns 48-year-old Saudi often fatal bone cancer that usually develops in national Abd al-rahim al-nashiri, who faces children and young adults. He is being laid to U.S. terror charges for allegedly orchestrating rest Tuesday with funeral service honors usually reserved for members of the police force. that killed 17 sailors. the al-qaida attack on the USS ole in 2000 Residents of the Bergen ounty town say the The second case involves 42-year-old Abu boy was an inspiration. The department plans to Zubaydah, a Palestinian terror suspect. name a future junior police academy after him. (ontinued on page 11)

9 The trial begins in legal challenge to no-fly list SAN FRANISO (AP) An eight-year any terrorist organizations. Ibrahim, 48, lives in legal odyssey by a alaysian university professor to clear her name from the U.S. govern- is dean of the architecture and engineering school alaysia with her husband and four children and ment s no-fly list went to trial onday in federal at the University of alaysia. court in San Francisco. Rahinah Ibrahim claims Ibrahim said her trouble with the government began Dec. 23, 2004, when two FBI agents she was mistakenly placed on the list because of her national origin and uslim faith. She has showed up at her home near Stanford University, where she was pursuing a doctoral degree in fought in court since her arrest at San Francisco International Airport in January 2005 to clear architecture. She said the agents told her alaysia her name. Several similar lawsuits are pending was blacklisted by the U.S. government and they across the nation, but Ibrahim s legal challenge asked her if she had heard of the alaysia-based appears to be the first to go to trial. terror organization Jemaah Islamiyah. Unlike a typical U.S. trial, where details important and mundane are disclosed in the name of group only through news accounts. She said she Ibrahim said she replied that she knew of the justice, Ibrahim s legal challenge has run head-on was also asked about her involvement with the into the U.S. government s state secret privilege uslim community in the San Francisco Bay that allows it to decline to disclose vital evidence if Area and told the agents where she and her family prosecutors can show a threat to national security. worshipped. The next month, she was detained Ibrahim s lawyer is barred by court orders at San Francisco airport as she was preparing to and national security provisions from delving too fly to alaysia with a stopover in Hawaii. She deeply into the inner-workings of the government caught a plane to alaysia the next day and has administration of its suspected lists of terrorists. been barred from entering the United States since. Federal prosecutor Lily Farel told the judge the Her lawyers have been arguing in court that government could not respond to any of Ibrahim s Ibrahim was mistakenly placed on the no-fly list claims because of national security interests. and bureaucrats and lawyers have steadfastly At one point onday, U.S. District Judge William Alsup cleared the courtroom of spectators or consider arguments for her removal. refused to disclose the reasons for her inclusion so three slides containing classified information Once you re in the system it s almost impossible to get out, Ibrahim s lawyer Elizabeth could be discussed behind closed doors. Before and after the closed session, federal prosecutors Pipkin told the judge onday during opening lobbed a steady stream of objections when Ibrahim s lawyer came close to discussing her cli- on the no-fly list through inadequate training of statements at the trial. Pipkin said Ibrahim landed ent s current no-fly list status and details of how list administrators and their bias regarding religious and national origin. Ibrahim came to be included on such a list. Ibrahim is even barred from entering the The U.S. government has refused to disclose United States to testify at the trial. Through testimony videotaped in London and shown onday drawn from the U.S. National ounter-terrorism how many people are on its no-fly list. The list is to the judge who will decide the case without enter list of suspected terrorists that authorities a jury Ibrahim denied she was affiliated with said contained 875,000 names as of ay. 12 Days of hristmas items top $114, PITTSBURGH (AP) The price of lords-a-leaping and ladies dancing has spiked this holiday season, but other items mentioned in the carol The Twelve Days of hristmas still cost the same as they did last year. Buying one set of the gifts mentioned in each verse costs $27,393 in stores, or 7.7 percent more than last year, according to the so-called hristmas Price Index that PN Wealth anagement updates annually. And if you buy all 364 items repeated throughout the carol, you ll pay $114, percent more than last year. Last-minute shoppers who turn to the Internet will pay even more for all the gifts about $173,000. We were surprised to see such a large increase from a year ago, given the overall benign inflation rate in the U.S., said Jim Dunigan, managing executive of investments for PN. The federal government s core onsumer Price Index rose only 1.7 percent this year. In the three decades since the list was started in 1984, yearover-year increases have averaged 2.9 percent, which is exactly the same number as broader U.S. inflation. But it s a fickle list because the price of some items has barely budged, while others have soared. Seven swans cost $7,000 this year, the same as in 1984, while the cost of a single partridge went from $12.57 to $15 during the same period. One pear tree to put that partridge in? Thirty years ago it cost $19.95, but will now set you back $184. The cost of nine ladies dancing is now $7,553, or 20 percent more than last year s $6,294, while 10 lords-a-leaping jumped 10 percent, to $5,243. Seven items on the list cost the same as they did last year, including gold rings and turtle doves, while pipers piping, drummers drumming, and the pear tree showed only modest changes up or down. The swans are the most expensive item at $1,000 each. The eight maids-a-milking still cost a total of just $58 because the federal minimum wage hasn t risen. At $7.25 each, they re the least expensive gifts in the song. PN Financial Services Group Inc. checks jewelry stores, dance companies, pet stores and other sources to compile the list. Among its sources this year were the National Aviary in Pittsburgh and the Philadelphia-based Pennsylvania Ballet ompany. samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 9 18th Annual hristmas Tree Sale Rotary lub of Pago Pago Faafetai Tele Lava to 100% of Proceeds Go To ommunity Service Projects FOR SALE 6-7 Trees $75 WREATHS $25 FOR INFORATION: Dennis Wellborn at Or Bill axey at E valani s Book our hristmas Parties & Special Events NOW. otu o Fiafiaga otel December Room Rates Special $50/night (deposit required) Party Plans To Fit our Budget Discounted Drinks & Beer Specials Extended Happy Hours in Pago No House Fee araoke & Disco Dancing Live Band By Request all / / Salon Sophia Let us get you looking and feeling your best. 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10 Page 10 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 NOW SERVING BREAFAST & Lunch ON-SAT From 7am - 2pm Oasis for Fine Dining monday-saturday 5pm to 9pm happy hour from 4:30pm to 9pm with free pupus! private party & banquet rooms available bar & restaurant ON thru SAT 7A-2A Located in Samoa SportS BuiLding, airport rd by Joyetter Feagaimaali i-luamanu Samoa News Reporter PATI JENNINGS ENTERS PLEA Among the five men charged in connection with the burglary of a home in apusaga, one of the men Pati Jennings has entered into a plea agreement with the government. In this case three juveniles and two adults were implicated, and Tokei Siua also known as isi is the adult co-defendant who s case is pending in High ourt. Jennings, who was initially charged with stealing, burglary and receiving stolen property, pled guilty to burglary and receiving stolen property, while the government moved to dismiss the stealing count against him. During the plea agreement, which was announced in open court the defendant admitted to removing the items. hief Justice ichael ruse accepted the plea agreement and scheduled sentencing in two weeks. According to the court filings in this matter, the homeowners were off island between June 19, 2013 and July 3, 2013 and upon returning, discovered the following items had been removed from their home: a single barrel 20 gauge shotgun with plastic carrying case and 48 shells; five pair of shoes, an ipod; a Verizon cell phone; a red odak Digital amera and a watch. During the course of the investigation, police officers found out who had the stolen cell phone and they picked up Jennings, who told police that PUBLI NOTIE from the OFFIE OF THE SERETAR OF AERIAN SAOA The Secretary of American Samoa wishes to inform all residents interested in obtaining a Notary Public ommission, or in renewing a ommission, that the next course on Notary Law and Ethics will be offered at the American Samoa ommunity ollege, Room TED 2, on Tuesday, December 10th, Wednesday, December 11th, and Thursday, December 12th, 2013, 5:00pm to 7:00pm. As is required by the Notary Act of 2007, Public Law 30-18, as amended, anyone who wishes to obtain a Notary Public ommission must undergo and successfully complete a ourse of Notarial Law, Procedure and Ethics. Please contact elesete Haleck or Sally Faumuina at the Office of the Governor at to register and for more information, or visit the website and click on the Secretary of American Samoa hyperlink to find out more. he and the juveniles had broken into the house. The government claims that Jennings then contacted another man who contacted isi whom Jennings then sold the gun to for $350. According to court filings, the shotgun was taken into police custody because it is illegal. DRUG DEFENDANTS ARRAIGNED IN OURT Lady Naomi crewmember, Liki erisimasi, and another man, Fatu Vagana, have been charged in connection with the smuggling of marijuana into the territory last week Thursday. Vagana and erisimasi were arraigned in High ourt on Friday and each is charged with unlawful possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and unlawful possession of marijuana. Defendants are being held on bail of $50,000 each. According to the government s case, Vice and Narcotics were informed of alleged illegal activities going on at Vagana s residence in Aoloau. ommanding officer of Vice and Narcotics, aptain Paulo Leuma was informed by a onfidential Informant (I) that he has known Vagana since 2008, as they work together. The I said Vagana would come to work with loose marijuana and hand rolled marijuana joints and during breaks Vagana allegedly sold marijuana to people at the work place. ourt filings say that the I rode in Vagana s vehicle and saw marijuana inside his vehicle. The I further stated that he also went to Vagana s residence where he saw marijuana, not only at his family residence but also at the shack located behind his house in Aoloau. The I providing information was used several times in the past, and was found to be a credible and reliable source, say court documents. A search warrant was executed on Vagana and police began surveillance on him last week Thursday when the Lady Naomi arrived in Port. It s alleged Vagana drove around the town area while police followed him. ourt filings say that he picked up erisimasi at the wharf when all passengers were through with clearance from Immigration and ustoms. According to the government s case, police followed Vagana after he dropped off erisimasi at the wharf, while Vagana proceeded to the Starist parking lot where the Vice and Narcotics approached the vehicle to execute the search warrant. Police found in the vehicle three bundles, which tested positive for marijuana. According to the government s case, when police questioned erisimasi he said he came from Apia with the package to be delivered to someone in American Samoa who would be calling him. erisimasi further told police he was suspicious that the package he had contained methamphetamine and that he became worried about it. DILAN TE O ENTERS PLEA A Pago Pago man accused of striking his brother on the head with a hammer has entered into a plea agreement with the government. Dicklan Te o initially asked the High ourt for a jury trial, however yesterday he moved to settle his case with a change of plea. Te o pled guilty to seconddegree assault and public peace disturbance, which he was charged with, and admitted to the court that he had struck his brother. Assistant Public Defender aren Shelley represented him while prosecuting for the government was Assistant Attorney General amille Philippe. hief Justice ichael ruse accepted the plea agreement in this case and scheduled sentencing for January 17, According to the government s case, police received a call from the defendant s wife who reported that her husband and his brother were arguing. According to the government s case, the police spoke with the defendant who admitted to doing the deed. The defendant explained the argument stemmed from an earlier argument regarding the immigration status of the victim s wife, who is sponsored by the defendant. He also admitted to the police that he was consuming alcohol on the evening of the incident. Budget Office refuses ontinued from page 1 Others have claimed that alemo should be looking for the lowest bidder because the current plant nursery has a conflict of interest with the Director, but he has denied this allegation. alemo made it clear that he has no personal relation nor is he related to the plant nursery and there s no conflict of interest. He said he has chosen the one with the best quality plants/ flowers. The issue came to light when other plant and flower nurseries asked how they could qualify to have their plants rented to decorate the EOB. One woman told Samoa News that although these may be petty issues to others, it s not so little to me, because this is what my family lives off of, and I hope it ll be done the right way and it must be up for bidding.

11 New rent rate for Industrial Park tenants ontinued from page 1 He said the current rental rates vary, depending on the effective year of the lease, adding there are some rentals with 10 to 20 cents per square foot. He also said the new annual rental rate is in effect for new leases but DO has yet to decide on current tenants. Again, the current rate adjustment is based on the inflation index and part of the overall effort to manage the industrial park more efficiently than in the past, he said. We re working on improving the park and attracting more businesses to be located in the park. Since the beginning of the year, the issue of rental rates at the industrial park has been raised by lawmakers, some calling on the government to look at a readjustment of rates, as rates have not been changed NEWS IN BRIEF LAX shooting suspect to appear in court Wednesday LOS ANGELES (AP) A man charged with killing a Transportation Security Administration officer during an attack at Los Angeles International Airport last month is scheduled to make his first court appearance Wednesday. Paul iancia, 23, will have his first hearing at the West Valley Detention enter in Rancho ucamonga, about 45 miles east of Los Angeles. He s been housed at the facility in federal custody, said Thom rozek, a spokesman for the U.S. attorney s office. iancia will not be asked to enter a plea during the hearing, rozek said. Phone messages left for iancia s attorneys, who are both deputy federal public defenders, were not immediately returned. Investigators said iancia had a vendetta against the federal government and targeted TSA officers when he pulled a semi-automatic rifle from a bag and fatally shot Gerardo Hernandez. iancia was shot and wounded by airport police in LAX s Terminal 3 on Nov. 1 as passengers scrambled to safety. He was initially listed in critical condition but was upgraded to fair at a Los Angeles hospital before being placed in federal custody. An autopsy showed Hernandez, 39, was shot a dozen times with bullets grazing his heart and piercing his bladder and intestines. iancia is charged with killing Hernandez and wounding three other people, including two other TSA officers. He could face the death penalty if convicted. an arrested in theft of copper from Apple UPERTINO, alif. (AP) A man has been arrested on suspicion of stealing from Apple after police found him hiding in the bushes near the company s corporate campus in Northern alifornia. Santa lara Police Sgt. urtis Stenderup says Apple security officials on Saturday reported someone had opened a gate on the company s property in the block of Pruneridge Avenue in upertino. After conducting a search of the grounds, police say they found 56-year-old Glenn artwright hiding in bushes. At first, he refused to come out from for a long time. The report says that average receivables per month from park tenants are about $43,759. LEGAL ISSUES AFFETING THE INDUSTRIAL PAR Also in the 4th quarter report, DO said industrial park staff continues to work with the Attorney General s Office to secure Lot 58, previously occupied by Pacific Products and later awarded by ANZ Bank to Tutuila Inc. It says the first option in trying to resolve this case is ASG proposing to swap other available lots within the park comparable to Lot 58 for Tutuila Inc. in order for the company to operate. The second option is for ASG to condemn this lot and compensate Tutuila the fair OUNIT BRIEFS market value of the buildings and land. Either way, said DO, ASG is securing the services of a local consultant to conduct an appraisal so that ASG will have a better understanding of the value of the lot to make an informed decision. Industrial park staff is also in the process of obtaining additional information regarding existing tenants with regard to the number of employees presently working; and whether the businesses have insurance coverage as required by the terms of their lease. And finally, at the end of the 4th quarter, DO said industrial park arrears stood at $1.27 million for 47 tenants and the Attorney General s Office is working on leases, which have been in arrears for more than 120 days. ontinued from page 8 his hiding place and was bitten by the police dog. Stenderup says police found artwright with copper piping and wiring that he had removed from an Apple building. He was treated for injuries at a local hospital before being booked for burglary and possession of burglary tools. Stabbing suspect leaps to death from A overpass GOLETA, alif. (AP) Authorities say a man suspected of stabbing his business partner has jumped to his death from a entral oast overpass. The Santa Barbara ounty Sheriff s Department says Thomas Hutchison died at around 4:15 a.m. onday when he jumped from the overpass in Goleta as deputies arrived. Authorities say 15 minutes earlier, the 66-year-old Goleta man broke into his partner s home and stabbed him several times as he slept. Fifty-six-year-old Rubel Trevino told authorities he managed to run outside for help. He was hospitalized and is recovering. Trevino owned and Hutchison worked for About the hildren in Goleta, which describes itself as providing non-attorney help to parents in custody disputes. The Better Business Bureau says it had 85 complaints in the past three years but all were resolved. Volvo to test self-driving cars STOHOL (AP) Swedish-based Volvo ar Group has joined the race to develop self-driving cars, saying it plans to build 100 such vehicles in a pilot project. The hinese-owned automaker said onday it will test its autonomous cars on 30 miles (50 kilometers) of selected roads in the Swedish city of Goteborg, starting in In what it called the world s first large-scale autonomous driving pilot project, Volvo said the vehicle would assume all driving functions, though the driver is expected to be available for occasional control. Parking would be fully automated, allowing the driver to leave the vehicle as it finds a vacant spot to park by itself. Autonomous driving is a long way off for legal and technical reasons but increasingly possible by equipping cars with cameras and computers. (ontinued on page 14) ontinued from page 4 Tafuna farmer eneti Onosa i said farmers had raised this issue for several years with the Togiola Administration, but the government s response at the time was that local farmers were not producing enough for the community. But following last week s farm fair, Onosa i said he truly believes that they are able to provide for the community, and therefore the government should help them by prohibiting exports especially from Samoa where the majority of taro originates. eanwhile, Agriculture plans to launch soon a program that encourages farmers to set up small businesses in order to help boost the territory s economy. At the same time, a separate program will be put in place to urge residents as well as stores to purchase from local farmers. samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 11 Where it s at in American Samoa 3250 Airport Road Pago Pago AS DAIL RATES WEEL RATES ONTHL RATES ALL NOW! 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12 Page 12 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013

13 tusia: Leua Aiono Frost o nogatupe e fa afou pe fa aleleia ai falenofo o le atunu u e ala mai se tinoitupe o toina mai e le atagaluega o Fefa ataua iga [DO] ae fa auia talosaga mai le Faletupe o Atina e o Amerika Samoa, ua mae a faia le se i mo le 75 sui e fa aulu latou talosaga mo nogatupe mo lea alamanuia. O lenei la asaga ua o o i ai talosaga mo nogatupe, o se ala sili lea ona tonu i le fa autautaga loloto a le atagaluega o Fefa ataua iga ma le Faletupe o Atina e, e tatau ona sailia mai ai se to a 75 o ni sui agava a e filifilia mai ai nisi e maua fa amanuiaga mo le motu o Tutuila ma Aunu u, ae o le masina o Ianuari 2014 o le a fili ai fo i i lea lava faiga, le 15 sui mo le anu atele. O le lona fa lenei o la asaga fa ataoto ua fa atautaia ai le filifiliga o ni sui agava a mo talosaga i nogatupe o le fa afouga o fale, ua mae a ona fa ailoa ia i latou uma mea e ao ina saunia lelei, a o le i o o mai i le la asaga ua tatou i ai nei. Afai la ae fa aulu lau talosaga mo se nogatupe, ae le pasia ona ua i ai se aiaiga o le talosaga ua e misia e le i mua i tapena, o le fa atamala lava o le sui talosaga. O se talanoa mai lea a agdalene Petaia o le DO. ai le toluselau o tagata na fa amoemoe e talosaga, ua sailia mai ai le 75 o nei sui, ma e le i faigofie fo i ona fa amalie finagalo o le to atele ua toe taliu i aiga e le i manuia lana numera, peita i, ua mae a fa ailoa ia i latou, e toe taumafai fo i mo lea tausaga i lona fo i alagatupe fa atulaga mo nei lava ituaiga o nogatupe. E le mafai ona fausia ai sou fale fou, pe fa atula ia ai sau pisinisi, ua na o le fa afouga pe toe fa aleleia le fale nofo o i ai i le taimi nei. O se tala lea a Petaia. O le sauniga lotu na si itia lea e le auauna a le Atua ia alaki Timu, ae sa susu atu le ali i sui peresetene o le Faletupe o Atina e Jason Betham ma le Sui Fa atonu o le DO Willie Le auanae e va ai patino i le fa atinoga o le se i e agava a ai mo ni talosaga fa aulu. O i latou na se ia numera, sa amata mai ia alaki Timu, soso o ai ma Betham, faapea Le auanae ma o o mai loa ina se ia e i latou ua mae a fa amanuiaina, ina ia eseese lava sui e se ia mai nu u eseese i Tutuila ma Aunu u. I le matau atu, o se faiga lelei tele ua fa atautaia ai lenei sailiga o sui agava a mo talosaga i nogatupe. Ua ilogale tonu ma ua agatonu fo i ma finagalo o le to atele sa le pale. Ua vala auina i latou uma ua umia numera sa se i, ia o o ane i le Faletupe o Atina e i Fagatogo e taua ao atu ai latou pepa talosaga e fa atumu mo nei nogatupe ma e mo omia e le faletupe o outou ID Amerika Samoa, lou pepa fanau ma le numera saogalemu. samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page Sui Fa aulu Talosaga mo Fale Le Lali O se va aiga i le isi vaega o i latou ua agava a fo i mo avanoa e fa atumu ai talosaga mo nogatupe e fa aleleia ai latou falenofo. anatua ia e toe tauaaoina lava lau numera pe a susu mai i le faletupe i le aso mo lea talosaga. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost] Lali O se va aiga i sui ua nofo filemu lava ua mae a lauina latou numera ua agava a ai mo talosaga fa atumu i le aso mai le Faletupe o Atina e mo le toe fa afouga o latou falenofo. [ata: Leua Aiono Frost] Lagolago ta ita i malo auala tete e atu ai fa ama i HIV/AIDS tusia Ausage Fausia to a 1.6 miliona na maliliu ona o le faama i o le I le avea ai o le aso 1 Tesema, 2013 o le aso e AIDS, o se vaega lea o le poloaiga faalaua itele faataua ai le tete e atu o le lalolagi i le gasegase a le alii kovana. mata utia o le HIV/AIDS, na fa aalia ai e ta ita i I le saunoaga autu o le sauniga na saunoa i o le malo, ekalesia faapea ai le atunuu lo latou ai le afioga i le Lutena ovana, sa ia faamamafaina ai le tatau lea ona malamalama ma silafia lagolagoina fo i o nei taumafaiga uma e tete e atu ai i lenei fa ama i, e ala i lo latou auai lea i se e tagata uma o le atunuu, tulaga pagatia ma le sauniga lotu sa faia i le malumalu o le Ekalesia matuia e o o i ai le tagata, pe afai ae maua i EFAS i Iliili i le afiafi o le aso Sa na te a nei, a uga o lenei gasegase. mo le tatala aloaiaina o lenei fa amoemoe. Ae mo i tatou uma e le o aafia i le siama o Na faamamafa e le ta ita i o le sauniga, lenei fa ama i, o la tatou galuega o le faalauiloa susuga Rev. Tony Hollister i lana saunoaga e lea o auala e puipuia ai isi o tatou uso a tagata, faapea, e leai se isi auala e sili e mafai e tagatanuu o Amerika Samoa ona faia ina ia tete e ola mama i totonu o le atunuu ma aiga, o se ina ia faatumauina ai pea lo tatou ola fiafia ma atu ai i lenei fa ama i, nai lo le ola mama ma vaega lea o le saunoaga a le afioga Lemanu. aua le fiafia i olaga tu inanau. Na faamamafa e Lemanu le taua o fesoasoani Saunoa le alii faifeau e faapea, afai na faia ma togafitiga ua mafai ona ofoina atu e le Vaega e le Atua le tagata o le paleali i o ana galuega o le Soifua aloloina i le lalolagi ma le atunuu, i le foafoaga, ma ia faaigoa le tagata o lona e fesoasoani ai i tagata faatoa a afia i le siama malumalu paia, lona uiga fo i e tatau i le tagata o le HIV, ina ia mafai ai ona vave foia le ono ona ola fiafia, ola mama ma ola e aunoa ma ma i tula i mai o se isi tulaga e sili atu ona matuia. mata utia e a afia ai lona soifuaga atoa. O le fautuaga mo le atunuu, fai ma siaki o O le afioga i le Lutena ovana ia Lemanu tatou tino i le falema i manu o lo o maua fesoasoani mo i tatou, e lelei lou ola mautinoa e Peleti auga ma lona faletua, na fai ma sui o le afioga i le ovana Sili ma lona faletua i lenei te le o aafia i se vaega o lenei fa ama i, o le sauniga, sa faapea fo i ona auai nisi o sui o le saunoaga lea a Lemanu. kapeneta atoa ai sui o le Fono Faitulafono, ma O se itu lelei mo Amerika Samoa i le taimi le mamalu o nisi o le atunuu lautele sa mafai nei, e pei ona saunoa le afioga i le Faatonusili o ona faatasi atu e molimauina lenei faamoemoe. le atagaluega o le Soifua aloloina ia otusa O le afioga i le alii faipule ia Lemapu Suiaunoa Tuileama Nua, e foliga mai e le o sosolo lenei Talo na faitauina le Poloaiga Faalaua itele a fa ama i i totonu o le atunuu, pe a fuafua i isi le alii kovana, e faalauiloa ai le avea o le aso atunuu o le lalolagi ma le Pasefika. 1 Tesema, 2013, o le aso lea e faataua ai e le Na pau faamaumauga lea o lo o maua e atunuu puipuiga uma ma auala o lo o faia e lala le matou matagaluega, e na o le toatasi lava le o le vaega o le Soifua aloloina i le lalolagi, e tagata o le tatou atunuu o lo o aafia i siama o le tete e atu ai i le gasegase o le HIV/AIDS. fa ama i lenei, ma o lo o i ai nei o ia i atunuu i Na taua e Lolo i se vaega o lana poloaiga fafo mo le faatinoina o togafitiga i lona soifua faalaua itele e faapea, o le faapitoa ai o le aso 1 maloloina, o le saunoaga lea a le alii faatonu. Tesema o tausaga taitasi e fai ma aso e faataua Ae ui i le na o le to atasi, na taua e otusa ai puipuiga mo lenei faama i mata utia, ua e faapea, e le o se alofaga lea e le tatau ai ona faapea fo i ona auai faatasi atu ai ma le malo ma aga i atu le atunuu e faia ni a latou siaki ina ia tagatanuu uma o Amerika Samoa, ina ia lagolagoina polokalame o lo o faia e malo aufaa- E tatau lava ona i ai se taimi e te sau ai e fai mautinoa o lo o soifua maloloina tagata. tasi (United Nation Program) e tete e atu ai i le sau siaki i le matou ofisa, ina ia saga faamausali sosolo fa a afi o lenei gasegase. pea le talitonuga, o lo o saogalemu pea Amerika I le o o atu ai i le 34.3 miliona le aofa i o Samoa mai aafiaga o lenei gasegase, o le saunoaga lea a le alii faatonu, ma ia talosagaina ai tagata o le lalolagi ua faamaonia le aafia i le siama o le HIV i le taimi nei, o le tausaga na le atunuu ina ia faafesootai atu le matagaluega te a nei sa faamauina ai le aofa i e 2.3 miliona i soo se taimi, mo ni fesili e fia malamalama o tagata fou ua aafia i le siama o le HIV, ma le auiliili ai e faatatau i lenei gasegase.

14 Page 14 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 tusia Ausage Fausia IOE JENNING I TUUAIGA A LE ALO O le faaiuga o le masina nei lea ua faamoemoe e lau ai le faasalaga a le alii o Pati Jennings i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga, i le maea ai lea ona talia e le faamasinoga o lana tali ioe sa tuuina atu i le vaiaso na tea nei, i lalo o se maliliega sa latou sainia ma le malo. Sa ulua i tuuaia e le malo ia Jennings i moliaga o le gaoi, talepe fale, atoa ai ma lona talia o ni oloa sa ave faagaoi, ae i lalo o le maliliega lea ua talia e le malo, ua tali ioe ai le ua molia i moliaga mamafa e lua o le talepe fale i le tulaga muamua ma lona taliaina o ni oloa sa ave faagaoi, ae solofua e le faamasinoga le moliaga o le gaoi. I le tali ioe ai o Jennings i moliaga e pei ona ta usala ai, sa ia tautino ai e faapea, i le va o le masina o Iuni ma Iulai 2013 i apusagafou, sa latou osofaia ai ma nisi alii se fale o se aiga ae ave faagaoi le tele o mea aoga sa i totonu. O le fale na aafia e pei ona taua i faamaumauga a le faamasinoga, o le fale o se ulugalii sa malaga i fafo ae tete i ina ua fo i mai ua tele mea aoga o le la fale ua gaoia ma faaleagaina. E toalima i latou na tuuaia e le malo i le mataupu lenei, ma o i latou ia e aofia ai Jenning, Tokei Siua poo isi, ma ni alii se toatolu e laiti i lalo o le tulafono. O le vaiaso nei lea ua faamoemoe e fofogaina ai le maliliega a isi ma le malo i le mataupu lenei, faatasi ai ma le isi fo i mataupu fou na molia ai o ia e le malo, i lona umia faasolitulafono lea o ni vaega o le pauta faasaina o le aisa. O lo o taofia uma isi ma Jennings i le toese ina ua le mafai ona la totogi tupe na faatulaga e tatala ai i laua i tua, ae o alii talavou e toatolu na molia faatasi ma i laua nei, o lo o faagasolo pea i luma o le faamasinoga faaitumalo a latou mataupu. OLIA FINAUGA, AVE TAAVALE A O SE I LONA LAISENE O le ali i lea na se i e le faamasinoga faaitumalo lona laisene i le fa masina talu ai, ina ua ta usala o ia i le moliaga mama o le ave ta avale ona, ua molia nei e le malo i le moliaga mamafa o le ave ta avale a o se i lona laisene, ma o lea moliaga pe afai ae faamaonia e le faamasinoga, o lo o fautuaina e le tulafono le faamalosia lea ona tuli o aso e 90 i le toese, ae le mafai ona sili atu i le 5 tausaga le umi e mafai ai ona faasala o ia i le falepuipui. O le vaiaso na tea nei na faila ai e le malo le moliaga faasaga ia Finauga, ma ua tatalaina nei o ia i tua e faatali ai le aso 10 Tesema lea ua faamoemoe e toe fofogaina ai lana mataupu. O Finauga na taofi e leoleo lana taavale i Iliili i le lua vaiaso talu ai, ina ua molimauina e ni alii leoleo sa tiute i lea itu o le atunuu le alu saoasaoa o le taavale ina ua latalata atu i le alae Tapolo i Iliili, ma ia tipiina ai ni ta avale se lua i le vaega o le auala e faasa ona tipi ai e le isi taavale le isi taavale. Na taofi e leoleo le taavale a Finauga i luma o le faleaoga a Lupelele Elementary ma fesiligia le tuuina atu o lana laisene ave ta avale, peitai na pepelo i ai le ua molia o lo o galo i totonu o le isi ana taavale lana laisene, ae ina ua faaauau pea suesuega a leoleo na manino ai, o le masina o Aokuso 2013 na se i ai e le faamasinoga faaitumalo le laisene a Finauga ina ua ta usala o ia i le moliaga o le ave taavale ona. I le aso na lau ai lona faasalaga, sa fautuaina ai o ia e le alii faamasino ia John L. Ward II, e le tatau ona ia toe faafoeina se taavale i totonu o le 6 masina lea ua se i ai lona laisene, ae afai e maua o ia o lo o ia faafoeina se taavale, o le a mafai e le malo ona molia o ia i le moliaga mamafa o le ave taavale a o se i lona laisene, ma afai ae faamaonia e le faamasinoga lea moliaga, e ono faasala o ia i le toese mo le umi e le sili atu i le 5 tausaga, ae faamalosia ai le tuliina o aso e 90 i le falepuipui. (Faaauau itulau 19) Department of outh and Women s Affairs Public Notice The Department of outh and Women s Affairs will host a Women s Bazaar on December 20, 2013 at 8:00 am to 12:00 p.m., and a Pre-hristmas Variety Show and oncert at 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. We are inviting all women who attended and completed training (s) in sewing, culinary, flower arrangement, fine mats weaving, handcrafts making, and hair styling, to display any items for sale. Event: Women s Bazaar Date: Friday, December 20, 2013; 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Venue: Su igaula o le Atuvasa The Bazaar will display all items created by women throughout this year and the public are welcome to view and purchase. Event: Pre-hristmas Variety Show and oncert Date: Friday, December 20, 2013; 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Venue: Su igaula o le Atuvasa Local artists will showcase their talents in promoting the month of December as National Drunk and Drugged Driving (3D) Prevention onth. Please register if interested to participate in our events by contacting Saini Vele or Tapumanaia Galu Satele Jr. at Registration will close on onday, December 9, NEWS IN BRIEF ontinued from page 11 ount of bodies in exico mass graves totals 64 EXIO IT (AP) An official in exico s federal government says the total number of bodies found in mass graves in western exico is 64. He says authorities finished searching the graves Saturday. He says many of the remains had been bound or gagged and some showed signs of torture. The official spoke onday on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the case The graves are in La Barca, a town in a remote area by Lake hapala, which is popular among tourists and American retirees. It is in a region where the nights Templar and New Generation drug cartels are fighting each other. Authorities were led to the graves by local police officers who confessed to handing over two missing federal detectives and other people to New Generation gunmen. Bruce Lee s famous yellow jumpsuit up for auction HONG ONG (AP) Bruce Lee fans who covet the original yellow jumpsuit that the martial arts legend wore onscreen will get a chance to bid for it at a Hong ong auction this week. It s part of a collection of 14 items including clothing and props going on the block on Thursday. Lee wore the yellow suit, with black stripes down the sides, in Game of Death. Lee died in 1973, before the movie was finished. An incomplete version was released that year, followed by a feature-length version in 1978 cobbled together with footage filmed after his death. Lee s death at 32 from an allergic reaction to painkillers came at the height of his fame. The actor s legendary kung fu skills and screen presence helped him become a global superstar and popularized martial arts films across the world. Quentin Tarantino paid homage to Lee s jumpsuit by dressing Uma Thurman in one for his ill Bill movies. Spink auction house estimates the suit will fetch 250,000 to 300,000 Hong ong dollars ($32,250-$38,700). The jumpsuit was custom-made for Lee by a Hong ong tailor but is smaller than its original size, having shrunk by about 15 centimeters (6 inches) when it was washed after the filming, said the auction house s vice chairman, Anna Lee. The auction house said Lee gave the items to his friend and former student Taky imura, who sold them to the collector. Brazil signs agreement with oil consortium BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) Brazil on onday signed an agreement with a consortium of five oil companies to develop a huge offshore field under the so-called production-sharing regime that gives the federal, state and municipal governments a 75 percent stake of the oil extracted. In October the consortium made up of Brazil s state-owned oil company Petrobras, Shell of the Netherlands, France s Total and hinese state companies NOO and NP won the right to develop the Libra offshore field. Located off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in the Santos Basin, Libra is a pre-salt reserve believed to hold up to 12 million barrels of recoverable oil. By signing this document we are establishing the basis for a more just and less unequal nation and for a period of prosperity that will benefit Brazil for many decades, President Dilma Rousseff said at the signing ceremony. Under the production-sharing system, part of the royalties that will go the federal government will be earmarked for social programs while another part will be used to fund health and education projects by the federal, state and municipal governments. Over the past several years, Brazil has discovered billions of barrels of oil in offshore reserves, off the southeastern coast. Liberian president marches to protest rape in country ONROVIA, Liberia (AP) Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and thousands of citizens marched through the main streets of onrovia onday to denounce rape which has remained a problem in the West African country since the civil war ended 10 years ago. Sirleaf, dressed in a purple suit, told the Associated Press as she marched that she and others were marching for a purpose, to stop violence against women. We are marching for a cause. Thousands of people lined onrovia s main Tubman Boulevard as the march brought the center of the capital city to a standstill. Gender and Development inister Julia Duncan-assell said that rapes are going on all over Liberia. Last year five children died from rape and in this year alone, we have 10 that have died; and their ages are from three to 13 years old, she said. The number of children that are dying because of rape in Liberia is an emergency. It should be declared an emergency. She said if the onrovia area, which is accessible to law enforcement agencies, currently has over a thousand rape victims, it is certainly worse in rural places Patients returning from the country s largest hospital, the John F. ennedy emorial edical enter, waved as the president and the marchers passed by under the sounds of drums and brass bands. (ontinued on page 18)

15 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 15 Starting Today Until Dec 31st! 20 % OFF ALL ITES (Not including local goods!) All goods shipped from USA! PARADISE GIFT ENTER Paradise, Inc.

16 Page 16 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Teen Ohio boy flashed gun before Saunia: L.A.F./Naenae Productions TAUVA LE APA STARIST TUNA A LE APA ELENI Afai ae taunuu le fuafuaga a le kamupani gaosi apa i a o le Starist Samoa e faaulufale mai i Samoa lana pusa apa tuna i kamupani oloa siiatoa i Samoa e faamatuu atu i le au faipisinisi, e ono tulai mai se suiga i le faiga o falavelave i Samoa nei ma o le a le toe vaaia foi ni pusa apa eleni e pei ona faaaogaina i le tele o faalavelave. Ua i ai foi kamupani i le taulaga ua latou faatauina mai toe faatauina atu ia pusa apa eleni. Ua mafua lea tulaga ona o le le lelei o le tulaga (quality) o nei apa eleni ma o nisi o tagata ua faatau atu pusa apa eleni e maua palapala-a-malo mo se seleni. O le a le toe tulai mai lea tulaga pe afai ae taunuu ona faaulufaleina mai pusa apa tuna a le Starist, aua e tele le eseesega i le tulaga lelei. Na faaalia e le susuga Letufuga Faafoi Palepua, o se tasi o sui sinia o le Starist Samoa lea sa malaga mai e faalauiloa a latou oloa gaosi i le faaaliga o oloa i le vaiaso na tea nei e faapea, e lelei mamao le tulaga o le tuna mo le fofoga taumafa nai lo o le i a o lo o faaaoga i apa eleni, ma o se tulaga foi e mitamita ai le agaga, ona o lo o gaosi lava e tagata Upolu o lo o galulue I le teritori ia oloa gaosi. Fai mai a ia, pau le tulaga o lo o popole i ai ina nei taugata tele le tau o le tiute e faaulufale mai ai i Samoa lea oloa gaosi, ae o lo o faagasolo feutagaiga i lea tulaga ina ia faafaigofie ona maua e tagata lautele lea oloa gaosi. TATALA LE VAIASO O TUPULAGA TALAVOU O le aso Gafua na sei mavae atu nei na faailoga ai le amataga o polokalama mo le Vaiaso o Tupulaga lea e maea i le aso valu o le masina nei. O le anavatau o lenei vaiaso o le O Talavou i le Fatu o Atinae Lelei, ma o lenei autu e uunaia ai tupulaga talavou e auai i polokalama faalauiloa e tapu e ai lo latou malamalama i mataupu mo le soifua manuia o tupulaga. O nisi vaega e faatatau i lenei vaiaso o le talanoaina lea o se sao o tupulaga talavou o le atunuu mo le Fono a Atunuu Laiti Tau Atia e o le Lalolagi lea e talimalo ai Samoa i le tausaga fou, o le uunaia o tupulaga talavou ina ia faia ni faataitaiga lelei ma taulamua i atinae lelei mo le manuia o aiga ma afioaga, faapea ai ma le malamalama i auala e foia ai faafitauli i totonu o nuu e tauala i taaloga. E silia i le to a 150 le aofaiga o tupulaga talavou i le va o le 13 i le 35 tausaga le matutua o le a auai i polokalama eseese o le a faatinoina mo le faailogaina o le Vaiaso o Tupulaga Talavou mo lenei tausaga. FOAI SAOA O TAGATA AAFIA I LE AFA Ua faamaonia e le apeneta le tuuina atu o se fesoasoani tau seleni i le aofaiga e $50,000 mo le atunuu o Filipaina e fesoasoani ai i tagata o lea atunuu o lo o mafatia ona o le afa malosi o Haiyan, lea sa afatia ai lea atunuu i le amataga o le masina ua tuanai. O le faafitauli aupito i tuga i le taimi nei o lo o feagai ma tagata Filipaina o le leai o ni taumafa atoa ai ma ni fale e tau ina mapu i ai mo lenei taimi. O le fesoasoani ua maau i ai le malo Samoa e le taumate o le a tele se aoga i galuega fesoasoani o lo o faagasolo mo tagata o lea atunuu. O le faaiuga o le vaiaso na sei mavae atu na faagasolo ai foi se sailiga seleni a tagata Filipino o lo o alala i Samoa e ala i se latou siva na faia i le falekalapu o le -Not i atautu-tai. O lo saili seleni foi isi faalapotopotoga ma pisinisi i le atunuu aua lava se fesoasoani mo tagata Filipaina. TATALA VAIASO O I LATOU E I AI ANAOGA FAAPITOA O le aso Lua na sei mavae atu nei na faailogaina ai le vaiaso faapitoa mo i latou e i ai manaoga faapitoa i le atunuu ma le lalolagi atoa, ma o polokalama faatulagaina ua saunia e le atagaluega o Tina ma Tamaitai, Atinae o Nuu, Afioaga ma Aga Fesootai e galulue faatasi ma le faalapotopotoga o le N.O.L.A. po o le Nuanua o le Alofa, faapea isi faalapotopotoga tumaoti o lo o faatinoina le tautua mo i latou o i ai manaoga faapitoa. O le autu o lenei tausaga o le foia o faafitauli o lo o saisaitia ai le taumafai ma tatala faitotoa mo atinae ma le auai faatasi o tagata uma. O le polokalama aloaia e tatala aloaia ai lenei vaiaso na faatautaia lea i Savai i i le maota o Tina i Salelologa. O le autu o le faatinoina o lea sauniga i Savaii ina ia mautinoa le auai uma o i latou e i ai manaoga faapitoa i le motu tele, ma faateleina ai lo latou silafia ma le malamalama i aia tatau o tagata ma manaoga faapitoa. O isi polokalama o le vaiaso e aofia ai se aoaoga faapitoa e faatatau i le feagaiga faavaomalo lea o lo o uunaia e faalapotopotoga tumaoti le sainia e Samoa, e faasino i aia tatau a tagata ma manaoga faapitoa. standoff at school TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) A 14-year-old student flashed a pellet gun inside an Ohio high school, setting off a lockdown and short standoff onday in a hallway before he was taken into custody and charged, police and a witness said. The student was kicked out of class and sent to a room for students serving in-school suspensions, where he told a school police officer that he had a gun and pulled it partly out his book bag, said ayla Williams, a student inside the room. We ran out screaming, said Williams, who was standing just feet away from the boy, who suffered minor injuries after officers fired a bean bag round at his feet to end the standoff. No one else was hurt, police said. The boy was being held at a juvenile jail and was charged as a juvenile with making terroristic threats and illegal conveyance of a dangerous ordnance. The Associated Press is not naming the suspect because of his age. The pellet gun looked like a real handgun, Toledo police spokesman Lt. ark ing said. The teen was taken into custody after he was isolated in a hallway. Negotiators talked to the boy during the standoff, but officials said he didn t give a reason for bringing the pellet gun to Scott High School, which sits just outside downtown Toledo. The boy was holding the gun but never pointed it at police during the standoff, ing said Williams, 16, said the boy was yelling and cursing when he came into the room for students who are serving short-term suspensions for breaking school rules. A teacher suggested the boy leave school and come back tomorrow, but he refused, she said. The school s principal also came in and told the boy to leave before she called for a police officer, Williams said. He kept saying he wasn t leaving, she said. The teen told the officer he had a gun and started to pull it out before shoving it back in his bag, Williams said. It looked real, she said. A woman outside the school, Loraine Foster of Toledo, said the teen is her nephew. She was there with the boy s mother, who was talking to police. That s just not him, said Foster, who didn t give the boy s name. I don t know what happened. She said she saw him about a month ago and that he was talking about playing football. He s a good, young kid, she said. I m glad he came out safe. Scott High School has about 600 students. The school has armed officers, but no metal detectors. Off-duty police officer fatally shoots firefighter ANSAS IT, o. (AP) Police have released details in the case of a third-generation ansas ity firefighter who was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer hours after the firefighter was married. Anthony Bruno was shot about 2:30 a.m. Sunday, just hours after he had been married Saturday, Fire Department spokesman James Garrett said. The officer, who has not been identified, was working an offduty job when he responded to a reported assault downtown on a cab driver, police said. When the officer approached, the man attacked him. During the assault, the subject pinned the officer to the ground and struck him multiple times about his face and head, Police spokesman apt. Tye Grant said in an onday. Fearing for his life, the officer eventually fired his handgun, striking the man. Bruno was pronounced dead at a hospital. It s a pretty devastating loss, Garrett said onday. We re all one big family. We intimately know the Brunos. Fire hief Paul Berardi said Bruno was a courageous and dedicated firefighter who had been with the department since He is survived by his father, who is a retired deputy fire chief, his mother, two sisters and his new wife. Grant said the officer was taken to a hospital with severe head injuries. He has been released from the hospital while his swelling goes down. Once it does, he will return to the hospital for surgery to repair facial injuries, Grant said. Grant said the investigation is still in progress. Garrett, with the fire department, said police have assured us it s going to be an unbiased, thorough investigation.

17 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 17 O le Sone Vevela Fa aliliu: Akenese Ilalio Zec Vaega: 49 Le Atua e, matou te fa apea atu, Ia vi ia lava Oe lo matou Atua, ona o le tele o lou alofa ma lou agalelei mo i matou. Fa afetai, o Lau pule lea, ia maualuga pea lou vi iga e le aunoa, Amene. Na muta mai la tatou tala, ina ua lagona e le tama ita i foma i o ayinga ua amata ona tigaina. Ua lagona le tiga tutui o lona ulu fa apea ma lona manava ma ua le mautonu ai lona mafaufau po o le a le mea ua tupu ia te ia. O lenei tama ita i e na o le luasefulu ona tausaga, o le i oi mata o ona matua, ua tapena fo i e malaga i Europa mo le fa alauteleina o ana a oa oga e ala lea i se sikolasipi sa ia mauaina. Talofa, ua le taulau le fa amoemoe o si nei tama ita i, aua o lea ua lagona le tigaina, ae na te le o iloaina pe o le a le mafua aga ua fa apea ai. Na i u lava ina toe fo i ayinga i le falema i i Ngaliema lea o lo o galue ai, ma talosaga loa ina ia taofia o ia mo togafitiga. O le falema i lea sa va aia ai loa uiga mata utia o le virusi, ua le toe tautala le tama ita i, ua suia ona foliga fa apea ma ona uiga, ua le toe fiafia, ae ua na o le nofonofo ma pupula to a atu i tagata ua foliga o se tagata ua leai se fa amoemoe. Ua tele fa amatalaga ua maua nei, ona o lea ua iloa, na alu le tama ita i i le a ai, ma e to atele tagata sa o latou fa atasi. E le gata i lea, a o le to atele o tagata i totonu o falema i sa sulu i ai mo se fesoasoani. Ua sosolo le uaea moso oi ma ua talatalanoa ai tagata uma. Ua o o lava i le au faitulafono po o faipule fo i o lo o faia le alo ua amata ona talatalanoa e uiga i le tama ita i lea na alu ane i le a ai ae ua maua i le fa ama i. Na o o fa amatalaga nei i le Fa alapotopotoga o le Soifua aloloina o le lalolagi atoa, po o le World Health Organization, ma na amata ai loa ona alu fa aaliga ina ia malu puipuia ai tagata uma. Fai mai le fa amatalaga a tagata na i ai i lea taimi i le tusi tala o Richard Preston e fa apea, na vaia foliga popole ma le atuatuvale o tagata ina ua fa alogo i lenei fa ama i mata utia. Na i ai le popolega o le WHO, po o le Fa alapotopotoga o le Soifua aloloina i le lalolagi atoa, o le a avea ayinga ma amataga o se fa ama i oti i le lalolagi atoa. O lea na taofia ai femalaga iga a va alele mai Europa i inshasa. O le mea moni lava, ua sao i fafo le tagata ua i ai le virusi ma ua a afia ai le to atele o tagata. Na liliu nei le ali i Peresitene o Zaire, o obutu Sese Seko, ma fa agaioi loa ana fitafita, ua si omia atoa le falema i i Ngaliema, fa atasi ai ma le poloaiga, ia aua ne i ai se tasi e alu i totonu, po o se tasi fo i e sau i fafo mai le falema i lea, ae se i vagana ai ali i ma tama ita i foma i. Na toe faia le isi poloaiga a le Peresitene, ina ia tapunia uma auala ma tuaoi mo le nu u o Bumba, ae na o le pau le feso ota iga o Bumba ma le lalolagi, o le vaitafe e igoa o le ongo. O le taimi lea ua iloa e kapeteni o va a e masani ona uia le vaitafe o le ongo River ua pepesi le fa ama i, ma na amata ai loa ona taofia malaga a va a e aga i atu i Bumba. Ua le toe maua se feso ota iga i luga o leitio e aga i atu i Bumba, ua le iloa e tagata o lo o nonofo i Bumba po o le a le mea ua tupu i le virusi, o ai ua feoti, ae po o le a fo i le mea ua tupu. Ua motusia le feso ota iga aga i atu i Bumba, ma ua mou ese atu mai le lalolagi i le filemu o le pouliuli. E faia pea Ua va aia nei tama ita i laufofoga fiafia o le Fale aiga DDW i Utulei ma ua latou fa ailoa mai, fa ato a mae a lava ona fa atuina le latou la au erisimasi ma ona teuga matagofie o figota o le sami. Ia manuia le erisimasi mai atumotu uma i le Atuvasa! [ata: Leua Aiono Frost]

18 Page 18 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Emergency responders from the South Pierce Fire Department respond to a grain processing feed mill owned by Wilcox Farms in downtown Roy, Wash., onday, Dec. 2, 2013, after one of its silos collapsed. Three workers escaped, but one is still unaccounted for. (AP Photo/The Olympian, Steve Bloom) American Samoa Government OFFIE OF PROUREENT INVITATION FOR BIDS IFB No: Issuance Date: November 29, 2013losing Date: December 30, 2013 No Later than 2:00pm local time 1.INVITATION Sealed bids are invited from qualified contractors for the ServiceW harf Rehabilitation, located in the Village of Fagatogo, Territory of American Samoa. 2. REEIPT & OPENING OF BIDS Sealed bids will be received by the hief Procurement Officer, American Samoa Government, Tafuna, American Samoa 96799, until 2:00 p.m. onday, December 30, 2013 at which time and place the sealed bids will be publicly opened and read. 3.PRE-BID ONFERENE A ANDATOR Pre-Bid eeting will be held on Friday, December 13, 2013, 10:00 a.m. at the Office of Procurement onference Room. Bids will not be accepted from bidders who are not present at the pre-bid conference. 4.ONTRATD OUENTS Electronic copies of bidding documents may be examined and obtained free of charge from the Office of Procurement during normal business hours. 5. The American Samoa Government reserves the right not to accept the lowest or any bid. 6. The American Samoa Government reserves the right to waive any informalities in bidding as may be in the best interest of the American Samoa Government. Equal Opportunity Employer / Affirmative Action TIAOTALAGA J.E. RUSE hief Procurement Officer NEWS IN BRIEF ontinued from page 14 Netanyahu gives the pope a book by father on Inquisition VATIAN IT (AP) Israeli Prime inister Benjamin Netanyahu on onday gave Pope Francis a book about the Inquisition in Spain written by his late father, an expert on the atholic hurch s forced conversion and expulsion of Jews in the 15th century. Netanyahu presented a Spanish translation of the 1995 book, The Origins of the Inquisition, to Francis during their 25-minute private audience. He also gave the pope a large silver menorah. Netanyahu s father, Ben-Zion Netanyahu, was an Israeli historian who died last year. A Zionist activist who opposed partitioning Palestine between Arabs and Jews, he was best known in academic circles for his research into the medieval Inquisition against the Jews of Spain. To his Holiness Pope Franciscus, a great shepherd of our common heritage, the Israeli leader wrote on the inside front page of the book. Netanyahu joked that while his father spoke perfect Spanish as a result of his research my Spanish doesn t exist. The Israeli leader and Argentine pope spoke through a translator. Francis thanked him and presented Netanyahu with a small bronze plaque of St. Paul. the United Nations to fly drones over eastern ongo INSHASA, ongo (AP) A new fleet of drones will make their maiden voyage this week in ongo s troubled east, where one rebel group was recently disarmed, but many more continue to occupy the area s thick jungles. United Nations peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous said the five drones will be an essential tool in the peacekeeping mission s military plan. Now that the 23 rebel group has been defeated, he said the U.N. needs to turn its attention to other militias operating in eastern ongo. Among them are the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda, or FDLR, started by extremist Hutus from Rwanda who took part in that country s 1994 genocide, then fled across the border into ongo. We need to take care of the FDLR, the ADF, the ai ai, said Ladsous in French after arriving in ongo s capital on Sunday. He is travelling to Goma for the launch of the drone program on Tuesday. We are going to use these machines and they will have an important deterring effect. The U.N. Security ouncil gave approval in January for the trial use of unarmed drones for intelligence gathering in eastern ongo. United Nations spokesman artin Nesirky said last week that the world body s peacekeeping division had chosen a model produced by Italian firm Selex ES, known as the Falco. It s capable of carrying several types of high-resolution sensors, and will be used to monitor the movement of armed groups. After years of criticism for alleged inaction, the U.N. has recently taken a more aggressive role in ongo s conflict, and a special U.N. intervention brigade created in arch was instrumental in helping defeat the 23 rebel group last month. The rebels, widely believed to be financed and backed by neighboring Rwanda, fled across the border in the face of a joint ongolese and United Nations campaign, including air raids with combat helicopters. Benin judge tries to flee to United States OTONOU, Benin (AP) A judge who angered the president of the West African nation of Benin says he fled the country over the weekend and is seeking political asylum in the United States. Angelo Houssou called The Associated Press Sunday from an airport in New ork, saying he had hiked into neighboring Togo, and then waded across a river separating Togo from Ghana, where he boarded a New ork-bound flight. He was told upon arrival that his visa had been revoked. He is now negotiating for asylum, saying he fears for his life in Benin. Houssou was the judge handling two high-profile cases, including an alleged coup plot this arch and an attempt to poison President ayi Boni in Houssou ruled on ay 17 that there wasn t enough evidence in either case. deaths from ERS virus reported in Gulf DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) Health authorities in the capital of the United Arab Emirates say a woman has died from a SARS-like virus that has been centered in neighboring Saudi Arabia. The health authority in Abu Dhabi reported the death of the Jordanian woman from iddle East Respiratory Syndrome, or ERS, on Tuesday. Her husband and son have also contracted the virus. It says they are in stable condition. The World Health Organization said in a separate statement issued onday that two other patients confirmed to be suffering from ERS in nearby Qatar have also died, on November 19 and 29. The WHO s onday statement said there have been 70 deaths from ERS, mostly in Saudi Arabia. The virus is related to the SARS virus, which killed about 800 people in (ontinued on page 19)

19 NEWS IN BRIEF calif. teen set on fire last month returns to school BERELE, alif. (AP) A Bay Area teen who was set on fire while riding a public bus last month has returned to school after nearly a month in the hospital. Eighteenyear-old Sasha Fleischman, who was born a male but does not identify as a man or woman, was asleep on an A Transit bus on Nov. 4 when 16-year-old Richard Thomas set Fleischman s skirt on fire, causing second- and thirddegree burns. Fleischman was released Wednesday from St. Francis emorial Hospital. Thomas, who told police he was homophobic, has been charged with a hate crime in the attack. TVU-TV reports that Fleischman arrived at aybeck High School in Berkeley, just after a doctor s appointment. Fleischman s mother, Debbie randall, told the station that returning to school had been on her child s mind for weeks. Wash. official: 1 trapped in grain silo collapse RO, Wash. (AP) A fire official says a Washington state farm worker is missing after a grain silo collapsed at a feed mill. South Pierce Fire & Rescue hief Bob Vellias said onday night that a Federal Emergency anagement Agency engineer was assessing the building to see whether a search dog could be allowed inside. Vellias said a male employee in his 50s was believed trapped by tons of grain onday afternoon. The man was not identified. The News Tribune reports that the chief says because of lighting issues, rescuers don t expect to be able to fully search the wreckage until Tuesday. It wasn t immediately clear what caused the collapse, which eventually filled an office and electrical area with corn. The missing worker was in that building. Vellias said Wilcox Farms officials were not speaking with reporters onday. A call to the mill rang unanswered. The family farm supplies eggs throughout the Pacific Northwest. Iran opposes US security deal with Afghanistan TEHRAN, Iran (AP) Iran s foreign ministry says a U.S. security deal with abul is not useful for Afghanistan, and also impact regional issues negatively. The Bilateral Security Agreement with the United States would keep thousands of troops in Afghanistan past a 2014 deadline. Iran is concerned about a U.S. military presence on its borders. Afghanistan s President Hamid arzai has endorsed but is delaying signing the agreement, even though a national assembly of Afghan dignitaries approved it last week. Iranian ministry spokeswoman arzieh Afkham said Tuesday that the Islamic Republic of Iran does not consider the signing and approval of the pact useful for the long term expediencies and interests of Afghanistan. A man won t face felony charge for trimming shrub SAN DIEGO (AP) San Diego ounty prosecutors want to drop a felony charge against a man for trimming overgrown shrubs on public property. The District Attorney s filed court papers onday saying that 46-year-old Juvencio Adame was charged with felony vandalism because police had estimated about $3,000 worth of damage to the shrubs. That s well above the $400 threshold for a misdemeanor count. Prosecutors said a city arborist inspected the shrubs last week and determined the foliage would grow back. German states START drive to ban FAR-right party BERLIN (AP) German officials are launching a new drive to have the country s main far-right party banned, insisting that they ve learned their lessons from the failure of a similar effort a decade ago. Parliament s upper house, which represents Germany s 16 state governments, planned to submit its application to ban the National Democratic Party to the country s highest court Tuesday. Germany s states allege that the party promotes a racist, xenophobic and anti- Tala o Fa amasinoga ai itulau 14 TETE E LE AU FA ALEAGA ASINI I TUUAIGA A LE ALO O ali i e to alua ia o lo o tuuaia i lo la faaleagaina o ni masini sua auala a le kamupani fai auala o le connell Dowell, ua la teena tuuaiga faasaga ia te i laua ina ua la tutula i i luma o le faamasinoga maualuga i le vaiaso na te a nei. I le tete e ai o Fred aloata ma Simi Vesi i moliaga o le faaleaga meatotino i le tulaga muamua, atoa ai ma le faatupu vevesi i nofoaga faitele, ua faatulaga ai loa le la ulua i iloiloga, lea ua faamoemoe e faia i le ogatotonu o le masina fou o Ianuari, O tuuaiga faasaga ia Vesi ma aloata, na tofu atu i le ofisa o leoleo ina ua faila e se sui o le kamupani a le connell Dowell se tagi faasaga i a latou masini sua auala sa paka i Leone ae ua faaleaga e ni tagata. O ni molimau sa latou faailoa i leoleo lo latou vaaia o Vesi ma aloata o lo laua talepeina masini sua auala, na mafua ai loa ona fesiligia e leoleo i laua ua molia ma i u ina molia ai. ontinued from page 18 Semitic agenda in violation of the country s constitution. Suspect arrested in Playstation 4 shooting case SAN FRANISO (AP) San Francisco police say they have arrested a suspect in the fatal shooting and robbery of a man who advertised a Playstation 4 gaming console for sale online. The shooting occurred around 3:30 p.m. Sunday on the street in the city s Bayview district. Police Sgt. Danielle Newman say the suspect, 21-year-old Ronnie ollins of San Francisco, was arrested on suspicion of murder and attempted robbery. Authorities say the console was taken and Uwakah shot after he arrived at a meeting place with his girlfriend to make the sale. The girlfriend was not injured. The San Francisco hronicle reports that the victim is 22-year-old Ikenna Uwakah of Daly ity. The paper said the police did not disclose the Web site on which Uwakah had advertised the gaming console but said it was not raigslist. Facebook suspect charged with 1stdegree murder IAI (AP) A iami man accused of fatally shooting his wife and posting a photo of her corpse on Facebook has been charged with first-degree murder. A plea hearing for Derek edina is set for Wednesday. edina had previously pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder with a firearm. edina told detectives after his arrest that he was acting in self-defense when he shot Jennifer Alonso at their iami home on Aug. 8. But a detective testified at an October hearing that forensic evidence indicates Alonso was on her knees with one arm raised in front of her at the time of the shooting. samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013 Page 19 Talofa Video OREAN, FILIPINO, EXIAN DRAA SERIES NOW FOR RENT NEW RELEASES: The Wolverine Immortal Instruments: ity of Bones Smurfs 2 Drinking Buddies Pavaiai Nuuuli Fagatogo Department of outh and Women s Affairs P UBLI N OTIE INVITATION FOREBERSHIP AERIANS AOA - ONTINUU OF ARE WORING GROUP American Samoa is eligible to apply for ontinuum of are (o) Program funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The American Samoa Government in partnership with the private sector is encouraged to collaborate in the development of a local strategic plan for o. The working group will be a community driven effort in order to apply for o funds. The o Program is designed to assist individuals (including unaccompanied youth) and families experiencing homelessness and to provide the services needed to help such individuals move into transitional and permanent housing, with the goal of long-term sustainability. Furthermore, the program is designed to promote community-wide planning and strategic use of resources to address homelessness; improve coordination and integration with mainstream resources and other programs targeted to people experiencing homelessness; improve data collection and performance measurement; and allow each community to tailor its program to the particular strengths and challenges within the community. Non-profit groups, faith-based organizations, government agencies and individuals who are interested in being a member are welcome to sign up now. embership is free! Please feel free to contact the following individuals to sign-up for this community initiative today. All interested parties and individuals must sign up for membership no later than Friday, December 6, Pa u Roy Ausage, Acting Director Department of outh and Women s Affairs Office Phone: (684) FAASALALAUGA SUAFA OEGU O OLOSEGA, ANU A O paia o Samoa e amata mai i le Taisamasama o le Tuimanu a, se i o o i le lua loto o Ali i i le itu i Sisifo, matou te fa atulou atu. Aua o paia ua uma ona tapui ma tosi lauti, e le gafatia e o matou tagata fa atauva a ona tautala iai, o le mamalu fo i o le nofo i Fa afeagaiga o le tala lelei ia Samoa, Tulou Lava. A o lenei fa asalalauga e fa asino i e tau gafa i le suafa OEGU o le afioaga o Olosega, anu a. atou te tatalo fa aaloalo atu ai i le paia i le nofo i faletama o alemo Iosefa: IOSEFA, NU UTAI, VIENA A IOTAO. Fa apea suli o ILOA, SELEPA ma OSO TALIA. O le a faia se tatou feiloaiga, se i saili ai se tatou te finagalo autasi iai e tauaveina le suafa OEGU o le tatou aiga i lenei vaitaimi. Ua fuafua lenei talanoaga e faia ia TESEA 14, 2013 i le itula e 9 i le taeao, i Pago Pago, i le aota e faasino ia Epenesa Uperesa Aumau-(Salau Aumau Siataga). Talosia i le agalelei o le Atua o le a tatou feiloa i i le manuia i le aso ua atofaina. a le fa aaloalo tele, O Suli o oegu ilo alemo Iosefa and Petti atila, PD oordinator Office of the Governor Office Phone: (684)

20 Page 20 samoa news, Tuesday, December 3, 2013

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