FIND/CONTACT US- OREGONCOASTPHOTOCLUB.ORG WHERE WE MEET: North Bend Senior Center Every 1 st and 3 rd Monday 6:30

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1 FIND/CONTACT US- OREGONCOASTPHOTOCLUB.ORG WHERE WE MEET: North Bend Senior Center Every 1 st and 3 rd Monday 6:30 **NEWS** 1. Show and Tell images are now being limited to 5 images or a 2-3 minute video. 2. We are Meeting at the North Bend Senior Center 1470 Airport Lane across the street from the Department of Human Services. 3. WWWW (Who, What, When and Where) for images now has to be within Oregon. 4. How to name your photos for competition: Your Name_Photo Title.jpg if you want your image critiqued, then it should read: Critique_Your Name_Photo Title.jpg. all images should be 1080 on the long side and no larger than 1 MB. for general sharing: Your Name_ Category.jpg (i.e. Theme, new to me, humor, critique, after and before, who what when and where, show and tell). 5. It is time to sign up for the 4Cs convention! IF you don t want to attend, you are certainly welcome to volunteer to host a field trip. We still have a few slots open. see Carol P. for available positions. 6. Malloween is coming up at the end of this month. Candy donations and volunteers to pass out candy at Pony Village mall would be appreciated. Costumes are not necessary but would be an added bonus and a lot of fun! Come join us! 1

2 COMPETITION WINNERS: Traditional Monochrome - Blayden Thompson Sinclair Gas Darla Parthemore Admire the Arts 2

3 Creative Graphic- Tony Mason Leucanthemum Circumvolution Tony Mason Twilight Pilings 3


5 Themes YAHOO! Now you can be prepared and go out and shoot with the themes in mind. Brilliant, huh?! Starting this fiscal year, we are doing two themes a month. The themes are: /2 - Monochromatic "lights"' 1/7 - Long Exposure 8/6 Bugs 1/21 Ice 8/20 - Leading Lines 2/4 Serenity in Nature 9/3 - Flower Petals and Parts 2/18 - Textures 9/17 Cars 3/4 Green 10/1 Reflection 3/18 Road or Path 10/15 - Fall Color 4/1 Showers 11/5 Metal 4/15 Still Life 11/19 Food 5/6 Historical places 12/3 Smiles 5/20 Technology 6/3 Rule of Thirds 6/17 Clouds CALENDAR OF EVENTS: 1 MEETING: Take in and social 6:30 Activities 6:45 Humor, Show & Tell, Critique, After & Before, 4 W s (Who, What, When & Where) & What s new to you? Competition - Traditional Monochrome (2/5) Monthly Photo Challenge Reflection Scavenger Hunt Starts 4 7 (see schedule) 4Cs Annual Convention (The Mill) 10/08 Board Meeting. 5

6 15 MEETING: Take in and social 6:30 Activities 6:45 Humor, Show & Tell, Critique, After & Before, 4 W s (Who, What, When & Where) & What s new to you? Competition - Creative/Graphic (2/5) Monthly Photo Challenge Fall colors 31 Mall-oween 5-8 pm Candy donations accepted 05 MEETING: Take in and social 6:30 Activities 6:45 Humor, Show & Tell, Critique, After & Before, 4 W s (Who, What, When & Where) & What s new to you? Traditional Color (3/5) Scavenger Hunt Turn in 12 Board Meeting Pony Village sale (Rue 21 store) 19 MEETING: Take in and social 6:30 Activities 6:45 Humor, Show & Tell, Critique, After & Before, 4 W s (Who, What, When & Where) & What s new to you? Scavenger Hunt Judging OCPA MEETING SCHEDULE /01 Meeting Traditional Monochrome (2/5), Scavenger Hunt Starts 10/04 07 (see schedule) 4Cs Annual Convention (The Mill) 10/08 Board Meeting 10/13 Shoot Out TBA 10/15 Meeting Creative/Graphic (2/5) 10/31 Malloween Candy donations accepted. Pony Village Mall 11/05 Meeting Traditional Color (3/5), Scavenger Hunt Turn in 11/12 Board Meeting 11/19 Meeting Scavenger Hunt Judging 12/01 Holiday Get Together (TBA) 12/03 Meeting Traditional Monochrome (3/5), Scavenger Hunt Awards 12/10 Board Meeting 12/15 Shoot Out TBA 12/22 Shore Acres Gardner s house - 6:45 9:30 PM 01/07 Meeting Creative/Graphic (3/5) 01/14 Board Meeting 01/21 Meeting Traditional Color (4/5) 02/04 Meeting Traditional Monochrome (4/5) 02/11 Board Meeting 02/16 Shoot Out TBA 02/18 Meeting Creative/Graphic (4/5) 03/04 Meeting Traditional Color (5/5) 03/11 Board Meeting 03/18 Meeting Traditional Monochrome (5/5) 04/01 Meeting Creative/Graphic (5/5) 6

7 04/08 Board Meeting 04/13 Shoot Out TBA 04/15 Meeting Scavenger Hunt Starts 05/06 Meeting 05/13 Board Meeting 05/20 Meeting Retro Night, Scavenger Hunt Turn in 06/03 Meeting Scavenger Hunt Judging 06/10 Board Meeting 06/15 Shoot Out TBA 06/17 Meeting Scavenger Hunt Awards 07/01 Annual Meeting, Elections & Image Invitational 07/08 Board Meeting 07/?? (see schedule) Coos County Fair From the President s Desk Renee s Ramblings 2018 October October ALREADY? Where does the time go? The convention is upon us and we still have things to do! Keep your fingers crossed that we get it all done before zero (0) hour. I d like to thank all the volunteers who made the conference possible. There are just too many to name and I d be afraid of forgetting someone and hurting feelings. One thing I did forget was to mention last month, was the Coos County Fair Best in Show in the photography department. A huge congratulations to Elise Ciarolo with her wolf image! Well deserved! Besides the convention, we have some fun events coming up. Halloween night we will have a table set up for us at Pony Village Mall for the annual Malloween experience! Last year was our first year passing out candy 7

8 and we all had a lot of fun. Carol Todd and I even went through the haunted house. She screamed, and I laughed! Mark your calendars for Wed, Oct. 31 from 5:00 8:00 pm. (Or until we run out of candy.) Bring a bag of candy to share with the kids in costumes. November finds us participating in our semiannual Pony Village Show and Sale. Take in and hanging of images will be Wed, November 14 at 5:30 I believe. The show is November th during the hours the Mall is open. Bonnie S. will have a sign-up sheet to babysit the show at our Monday meetings. Don t forget, if you enter photographs, you must take at least one shift during the show (or twist someone s arm to do it for you). Thanks Bonnie, you do a wonderful job! Another fun event in December is Shore Acres. We will be hosting in the Gardener s House, passing out cookies and Apple Cider. Our shift is 6:45 9:30 on Saturday, December 22 nd. Bring your camera and come early for some Shore Acre Lights masterpiece photography. Don t forget our Fall Scavenger hunt beginning October 1, Words (or phrases), directions and rules will be handed out at the October 1 st meeting. This is one of my favorite events our club holds! There is a $2.00 entry fee due at turn in. Before closing, I d like to welcome our newest members John and Violet G. If you have any questions, don t hesitate to ask one of us! Renee WHICH OF MY PHOTOGRAP HS IS MY FAVORITE? THE ONE I M GOING TO TAKE TOMORROW! ~IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM 8

9 BOARD MEETING MINUTES: OCPA Board Meeting Minutes for September 2018 September 10,2018 6:41 P.M., the meeting was called to order by President Renee Marcov at The Chambers home. Members present were: Curt Benward, Peggy Cooper, Renee Marcov, Tony Mason, Bonnie Smith, Carol Pomes, Dick Chambers and Kathy Chambers. Guests present were: Elise Ciraolo and Bonnie Graham. Curt moved and Bonnie S. seconded that we accept the minutes of the previous meeting as written. Motion carried. There will be a Treasurer report next meeting. 4C s Conference There will be a meeting tomorrow. Carol P. said that a few issues have come up with the speakers. We need to work on the Mingus Park field trip, the models and places to photograph. This convention will be the 60 th. Pony Village Show/Sale There will be a sign-up sheet at the next meeting and the locatio0n will be in the old Rue 21 locati0on. Shoot-Out The October shoot-out is canceled because it falls so close to our shootout. Renee will find out the dates still open. Website Elise has added more information today to do with the convention. Art by The Bay Carol P. gave a report on the show at Winchester Bay. There were lots of images displayed and plenty of help throughout the show. We got good reviews. We sold around $100 in raffle tickets on Coos Sand and Sea s raffle quilt as a thank you for the loan of their hanging system. We had good sales and accepted credit cards for the first time during a sale. Next year if we do it again we need to plan for the number of images and schedule the workers, so we won t be getting in the customers way. Customers were looking for local images such as the lighthouses, sand dunes, the bay and basin. $350 in sales were made and OCPA charged 10% plus a small fee if a credit card was used. Newsletter Bonnie G. reports that the newsletter is out. 9

10 4C s Competition Elise reports that for Mono images only three clubs have signed up to judge so it may be dropped. Renee hasn t received a list of judging clubs for color prints. Old Business Competition images are to be 1080 on the long side and no larger than 1MB. New Business Curt moved, and Don seconded to appoint Carol P. as Vice President as it is vacant because Don volunteered to take over Treasurer. Motion carried. Carol P. received an from Colleen Miniuk-Sperry offering to come to our club meeting on May 20, 2019 and do a workshop. Wine Walk D s Scissors in Coos Bay is interested in have a display of our work during the Wine Walk on the 1 st Friday of December. It was discussed but no action was taken. Tony moved, and Renee seconded for the Secretary to buy a thumb drive to keep OCPA records on. 32 to 64 GB would be good. Curt brought up the lengthiness of our meetings. We should keeping our Show and Tells to five or less images or a video to less than five minutes. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:02 P.M. Respectfully submitted, Kathy Chambers OCPA Secretary Current OCPA Board: Renee Marcov President - Carol Pomes Vice President Tony Mason - Bonnie Smith - Don Todd Treasurer - Kathy Chambers Secretary - Curt Benward - Dick Chambers - 10

11 CONTACT US is published monthly by the OREGON COAST PHOTOGRAPHERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. and is completely supported by membership dues. All articles, features and other material printed do not necessarily reflect the views of OCPA's Board of Directors, officers, membership, associated organizations or editor(s) of this publication. Any and all brands, products or business names listed are copyrighted, trademarked and/or registered and are not necessarily endorsed by OCPA (other than our corporate sponsors). Reprinting of articles from the PROOF SHEET, for use in non-commercial photography club newsletters, is permitted if the photo or article is not copyrighted, and credit is given to the author and this newsletter as the source of the information. Any other type of reproduction may be done with specifically written permission only. Inquiries about this publication may be made by directing them to the editor, c/o OREGON COAST PHOTOGRAPHERS' ASSOCIATION, INC., P.O. Box 5646, Charleston, OR or About OCPA Meetings: 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month at North Bend Senior Center, North Bend, OR. How to Join the OCPA Joining OCPA is very easy! Just come to one of our meetings and check us out. If you like what you see we'll take your membership dues and that is it! If you want to join, but can't make a meeting, just write a check and mail it to us: Oregon Coast Photographers' Association, Inc. PO Box 5646 Charleston, OR Membership Dues are $24.00 for individuals or $36.00 for families (up to 2 adults and any/all children 17 years and under at the same address, everyone will have all membership privileges except only 2 votes per family). Dues are prorated for new members for the remaining months from when they join until the next July first annual meeting. All information on club activities including, but not limited to, our by-laws, policies, and competition rules, can be found on our Website at Schedule changes are available on our Website and Facebook page. **All clipart images courtesy of: 11