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1 In A Manor of Speaking... Hereford, Texas (806) october, 2016 Katherine Smith: Determination and Resilience Katherine Smith moved into her duplex at King s Manor on February 11, 2006, one week after her 86 th birthday. Katherine has the type of determination and resilience that researchers look for in their subjects. One of my many fond memories of Katherine was made on a day when King s Manor staff were participating in a walk at Dameron Park: there were a couple of us walking as hard and fast as we could just to keep up with her, let alone pass her, as she executed her vigorous laps. Katherine s walk mimics her personality. She is purposeful and direct: She says what she means and means what she says. Her trademarks are her seemingly unbounding energy and her sense of humor. It is rare to talk to her that she doesn t laugh or poke fun at her own expense. She takes the cards she is dealt and says, I will take that, and raise you one. Mary Katherine Rogers was born and raised on a farm near Perryton, Texas, and graduated from Perryton High School. She was one of 6 children. In 1939, she married Hoyt Smith who farmed northwest of Friona, Texas. She laughs as she says, I thought I d moved to the back side of the world; however, she soon settled into farm life where she and Hoyt raised 2 sons and 2 daughters: Adelle, Danny, Mike and Linda. As a farmer s wife, she immersed herself in chores such as cooking for hired Katherine with grandson Landry Reed hands, canning, pickling and raising children. The family did move back into the center of the world in 1956 when they built a home in Friona, where they lived and enjoyed the friendships made in their community and church. In 1991, Katherine suffered the loss of her daughter followed by the loss of her husband in Fortunately, Katherine is a survivor and she somehow picked herself up and moved forward. She became a world traveler, joining the groups from Friona State Bank where she enjoyed trips to Washington DC, Hawaii, New York City, Nova Scotia, and Alaska, just to name a few. The source of Katherine s energy would be another fine research (Continued on Page 2) New Garden Home Coming Soon! King s Manor has some exciting news to announce: A very generous couple has come forth with the funds to build a single unit Garden Home next door to the Garrison House on Sunset Street. Their motives are pure and philanthropic but they also say that they are tired of looking out at a vacant lot! The donors are none other than our very own Jackie and A.W. Shoffit. They are anxious to watch the building process and thus plans are on the drawing board. The photo shown here is the general floor plan, but some changes will be made in order to accommodate wider doorways and a roomier master bath with a handicap accessible shower. If it is possible to be more excited than the Shoffits, the Board of Directors is at least equally so and is most appreciative of this generous gesture. The Board of Directors hopes that this is but the first of many more homes to be built in the Sunset Street Division of King s Manor s Retirement Living. The Directors envision lining the west side of the 400 block of Sunset with new Garden Homes to address the long waiting list that has been in place for many years for our existing homes, cottages and duplexes. Please call Shelly Moss if you are interested in partnering with us in an endeavor to expand our Inde- (Continued on Page 5)

2 Page 2 In A Manor of Speaking... topic. She says she has always had a healthy appetite and enjoys exercise. She recalls walking miles and miles in Friona, beginning each day walking to the Dairy Queen to have coffee with a friend every morning. She continues to be seen walking about the King s Manor campus. As Katherine s 86 th birthday approached, she decided to follow her desire to make a move before she had to and while she was still able to make her own decisions. Katherine informed her daughter, Adelle, that it was time for her to sell the house and move to King s Manor. Katherine says in that forthright way of hers, I wanted to make the decision myself and not put that on anyone else; additionally, I wanted to make the move in time to adjust and make new friends and just enjoy myself. Have I mentioned that Katherine is very wise in addition to her other attributes? Make friends is just exactly what Katherine did upon her arrival. She immediately made friends with Helen Langley and Joyce Jenkins and then Marie Stringer a year later when she arrived on the scene. They began their journey sitting and visiting out on the porch, enjoying the incomparable loveliness of Panhandle evenings amidst the backdrop of Katherine s stunning red geraniums. Katherine has such fond memories of those times. Her circle of friends grows as new residents join our family. She has remained active since her move; she went to Italy with the bank group after her arrival; she has traveled with her kids and grandkids; snow sledded down the hills of Tierra Katherine Smith: (Continued from Page 1) Blanca Creek with her grandson and even gone down the waterslides in San Antonio s waterparks. She has shared the joys of her 8 grandchildren and no doubt imparted some invaluable wisdom! Katherine has outlived 2 sisters and 2 brothers and she squares her shoulders a bit as she declares that she is the oldest member of King s Manor s Independent and Assisted Living. Although she does have a couple of complaints related to aging, she says that at 96, she feels blessed to be as healthy as I am. King s Manor is blessed to have this vivacious and generous individual in our midst. Shelly Moss Grievances: Just a Reminder If you have a grievance you would like to formally submit, there are forms available in the notebook on the table in the Westgate Activity Room with instructions. Also remember that survey results remain displayed on that same table. Save the Date! Hamburger Cookout for King s Manor Residents Monday, October 10th 12:00 Noon In the Lamar Room Assisted Living Week and National Housekeepers Week Sponsored by FIRST FINANCIAL BANK Program following on Exploitation, Fraud, and Scams

3 In A Manor of Speaking... Page 3 Our Appreciation... Memorials to King s Manor Mary Brown Kay Hall Walter & Velta Campbell Judy & Roger Williams Ruth Gray Kathy & Edward Allison Tom Hyer Judy & Roger Williams Joan & Carl Strafuss Camelia Jones Marlene Allred Durham Rudy Metz Alice Lueb Joe Don Noland Carol & Billy Gage Dr. Gerald Payne Helen & James Higgins Karen & Scott Keeling Nancy & Bob Josserand Lori & Scott Hall Dr. Trow Mims Glenda Marcum Peggy Cooper Emily & Kevin Knight Shirley & Roy Carlson Mrs. Clifford Trotter Yvonne & Ray Simpson Sheri & Norman Kerr Judy & Roger Williams Ruth & Herschel Black Marline Watson Karen & Temple Abney Evelyn Dowell Nance Perrin Peggy Higgins Karen & Temple Abney Charlie Stengel Karen & Scott Keeling Rayburn Strange G.C. & Gladys Merritt Lois Turpen Evelyn Dowell Garry Yosten Judy & Roger Williams Elizabeth Witkowski Jackie & A.W. Shoffit Karen & Temple Abney Memorials to Samaritan Hospice Tom Hyer Margaret Bell Marilyn & Jimmy Bell Nancy & Bob Josserand Denise & Jerry Teel Rich Kendrick Peggy Cooper Poka Lambro Telephone Co-Op Miles Caudle Paula & Ronnie Thornton Donations to Samaritan Hospice L Allegro Study Club Donation to Founders Karen & Scott Keeling Memorials to Benevolence Fund Anna Brashear Marlene Allred Durham Barbara Hardy Mary & Leland Shelton Tom Hyer Barbara Rule Camelia Jones Marlene Allred Durham Kerry Hall Marnell Jim Perrin Dr. Gerald Payne Jim Perrin Catharine Russell Doris Neely Memorials to Bus/Van Fund Kerry Hall Marnell Carolyn Darden Ruth Gray HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Westgate: Ada Johnson... 10/03 Alberto Morales...10/04 Guadalupe Leal...10/06 Jolene Bledsoe....10/17 Employees: Kesha Warner...10/02 Mary Valdez... 10/05 Veronica Mungia....10/05 Donicia Gaitan....10/09 Elizabeth Ramirez... 10/09 Charletta Fry...10/13 Llolanda Rodriguez...10/16 Carmela Brock....10/18 Mary Brinkman... 10/21 Beverly Snook...10/23 April Thomas...10/23 Robin Mickler...10/27 Ana Hernandez- Velazquez...10/27 Childcare: Trew Baird /17 Colin Matthews /29 WELCOME! King s Manor extends a Warm Welcome to: Independent Living: Jerry & Willie Roberts Doris Dobbs Westgate-Skilled: Ruth Lueb Alberto Morales Troy Fowler Petra Garza Dorothy Settell Long-Term Care: Bess Williams Elmer Reinart Dwain Pittinger

4 Page 4 In A Manor of Speaking... Manor News What an amazing time we had here at the Manor in September! We celebrated Assisted Living Week with lots of fun and great groups. On the 12th, we started out the day for Housekeeping staff with refreshments and fellowship. That afternoon, we had a great time relaxing. Frank Phillips Beauty School indulged our residents and staff with a Spa Day. We are so thankful for the ladies coming from the school, and plan on going to their facility on October 7th at 1:00. Becky Williams and I started Balance Therapy class on the 13th with our first group of twelve residents. This class will last till the end of October, and we will start a new class the first Tuesday in November. Sign-up has already started, so please be sure and let Becky or I know that you are interested. We can only have twelve in each class. What a great opportunity this has been for me and what a great time we are having. Family Night on the 15th was so much fun! We had fried chicken with all the trimmings, a great attendance and lots of fun getting to share our activities with the families. We look forward to seeing everyone again on November 17th for our Annual Cake Auction. The residents and I celebrated the first day of Autumn at the E.B. Black House on the 22nd. What a great time we had looking at the memorabilia of Deaf Smith County! I would like to thank the ladies from the Museum for allowing us to use the E.B. Black House and Activity News letting us look at all the great history books they have put together. October is my favorite time of year. I love the coolness in the air and the beauty of the colors that God so wonderfully painted for us. I have several special events planned for the residents, so be sure and check your calendars for all the daily special events. May you have many blessings this month. See you soon. brenda Blacksher dir. Activities Westgate News Summer is gone and autumn is here. Special events this month: October 6th - Cookie decorating; October 12th Nachos; October 18th - A Taste of Autumn; October 19th - Men s Luncheon and a Fall Fest one-card in the afternoon. Everyone have a blessed and safe month. Westgate Activities chris & Bertha Start Planning Thanksgiving Dinner! The 7th Annual King s Manor Dessert Auction will be held: Thursday November 17, :00 p.m. We are jumping up a week in order to not interfere with your Thanksgiving plans the week of the holiday. All desert donations should be items that will either keep refrigerated or can be frozen.

5 In A Manor of Speaking... Page 5 pendent Living offerings. There are some opportunities extended to the donor worth discussing. What better opportunity to leave a lasting legacy in Hereford? Spa Day New Garden Home Coming Soon!: (Continued from Page 1) Covered Patio The Month of September we celebrated both Assisted Living Week and National Housekeepers Week. The residents and staff had a great time filled with spa services, new exercise classes amongst the other programs and wonderful food. Thank you to all of you who worked so hard to make it special for both groups! Amazon will donate.5% of the price of your eligible Amazon Smile purchase to King s Manor you shop on Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices and service. Just designate King s Manor Methodist Retirement System, Inc. as your charity of choice and you can buy your goods and support King s Manor at the same time!

6 Page 6 In A Manor of Speaking... Manor Activity Calendar October, 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Appreciation Month :00 Worship Services Coffee 3. 1:00 Resident Council 4. 10:30 Balance Therapy Remember When 5. 11:00Exercise 6:00 Prayer Meeting 6. 7:00 Eggs Benedict Coffee Chair 7. Coffee 1:00 Frank Phillip's Beauty School ( Outing ) 14. Coffee game's 2:00 Nail Care :00 Worship Services Coffee :00 HB cookout/lr Nail Care 17. Nail Care 11.10:30 Balance Therapy Trivia :00Exercise 6:00 Prayer Meeting 13. Coffee Patio :00 Worship Services Coffee 6:00 Church 18.10:30 Balance Therapy Memory :00Exercise 12:00 Men's Luncheon 6:00 Prayer 20.7:00 Eggs Benedict Coffee Birthday Party 21. Coffee game's 2:00 Movie /30 9:00 Worship Services Coffee Halloween Trick or Treat w/ CC Fall 25.10:30 Balance Therapy Family Feud :00Exercise 6:00 Prayer Meeting 27. Coffee Crafts :00 Balance Therapy / Graduation game's 2:00 Fall Re- 29.

7 In A Manor of Speaking... Page 7 Westgate Activity Calendar October, 2016 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 4:00 Mail 1on1 s Between Groups Calendar Subject To Change 1 Puzzle News & Leisure 2 Rosh Hashanah begins 3 4 Shopping Day 5 8:30 Newspaper 6 7Shopping Day 8 9:00 Worship-LR Refreshments LR 2:00 Table The Price is Right 10:30 Bible Study 2:00 Lobby Gathering in Rooms Exercise 1:30 Cleaning & Sorting Chips Trivia/Gazebo 4:30 Sing-a-Long 9:00 A.M. Devotions 9:30 Nail Care 1:30 Word Seek Birthday Party w/childcare 9:00 A.M. Devotions Exercise 1:30 Magazine Club Cookie Decorating 4:30 Sing-A-Long Coffee Break Talk 2:00 Loteria Game Puzzle News & Leisure 9 9:00 Worship-LR 10 11Shopping Day Shopping Day 15 Refreshments LR 2:00 Table The Price is Right 10:30 Bible Study 2:00 Lobby Gathering in Rooms Exercise 1:30 Popcorn Bakery Breads 4:30 Sing-a-Long 8:30 Newspaper 9:00 A.M. Devotional 9:30 Nail Care 1:30 Word Seek Cooking Class (Nachos) 9:00 A.M. Devotion Exercise 1:30 Fold Towels Spelling Bee 4:30 Sing-A-Long Gather s Music Talk 2:00 Patio Outing Puzzle News & Leisure 16 9:00 Worship 17 18Shopping Day 198:30 Newspaper 20 21Shopping Day 22 Service/Lamar Room Refreshments LR 2:00 Table The Price is Right 10:30 Bible Study 2:00 Lobby Gathering in Rooms Exercise 1:30 Popcorn Taste of Autumn 4:30 Sing-a-Long 9:00 A.M. Devotionals 9:30 Nail Care 12:00 Men s Luncheon 1:30 Music & Memory 2:00 Scenic Outing Table 9:00 A.M. Devotion Exercise 1:30 Magazine Club Down Memory Lane 4:30 Sing-A-Long Coffee break Talk 2:00 Ice-cream Treat Puzzle News & Leisure 23 9:00 Worship Shopping Day Shopping Day 29 Service/Lamar Room Refreshments LR 2:00 Table The Price is Right 10:30 Bible Study 2:00 Lobby Gathering in Rooms Exercise 1:30 Cleaning & Sorting Chips Resident Council 4:30 Sing-a-Long 8:30 Newspaper 9:00 A.M. Devotions 9:30 Nail Care 1:30 Word Seek Crafts Pumpkin Carving 9:00 A.M. Devotion Exercise 1:30 Fold Towels Autumn Reminisce 4:30 Sing-A-Long Gather s Music Talk 2:00 Movie Matinee Puzzle News & Leisure 30 9:00 Worship Service/Lamar Room Refreshments LR 2:00 Table 31 The Price is Right Trick or Treat Childcare-Room to Room 2:30 Fall Fest One Card -L.R. w/manor HAPPY BIRTHDAY ada Johnson 10/3 alberto Morales 10/4 Guadalupe Leal 10/6 Jolene bledsoe

8 KING S MANOR METHODIST RETIREMENT HOME, INC. 400 Ranger Drive Hereford, Texas non profit org US Postage Paid Permit No 247 Amarillo, TX King s Manor Staff (806) Executive Director...Shelly Moss Westgate Administrator...Joanna Kluck Chief Financial Officer...Jim Layman Director of Nursing...Kari Snow Services/Admiss... Becky Williams Activity Dir.... Brenda Blacksher Billing Coordinator... Janet Coleman Medicare Billing...JoAnne Valadez Human Resources... Missy Wilcox Dir. Housekeep./Trans... Stella Delgado Dir. of Maintenance... Larry Carlson Dir. of Dietary Services... Rosie Tijerina Assisted Living Director...Kaye Hansard Chaplain... Dennis Latham Child Care Director...Mary Rocha Administrative Assist... Linda Davis King s Manor Board of Directors Chairman: Dan Higgins Members: John Perrin, Michael Carr, Julia Laing, Scott Keeling, Brenda Fuentes. Ex-officio: Kevin Bushart FUMC King s Manor Methodist Retirement System A Continuing Care Retirement Community offering Independent Living: Houses and Cottages Assisted Living: Private Apartments 24-Hour Nursing Care: offering long-term care, respite care, physical and occupational therapy and quality nursing services. Private Pay, Medicare, Medicaid and Insurance. Child Care Center: Open to the community and Staff, 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Mon - Fri. High staff ratios to provide love and care for your children. Samaritan Hospice: Local professionals specializing in rural care in your home or in the facility of your choice. Home Health: Featuring excellent therapy services and skilled nursing care. King s Manor is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that all persons are entitled to equal employment and do not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment, training, or advancement because of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, or disability. If you do not wish to receive this publication, please your name and address along with a request to be removed from the newsletter list to: