OCTOBER H, 1914., V(lL'XIX, r:jo. 42,.,."

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1 OCTOBER H, 1914, V(lL'XIX, r:jo. 42,.,."

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5 Spotlight CALENDAR 'Tri-Village FISH '- Call 43g~3578 for voluntary service -;24 hours a day the year 'round - offered by residents of Delmar, Elsmere and Slingerlands to their neighbo-~s in nee-d of help in arjy ~mergency". Bethl~hem Jaycees '"meet".first a'nd third Wednesdays of the mor.1th, 8 P.~. ~.Center Inn, 9W,.Gtenmo,nt..' W.Ic~ Wagon' - Newcomers and mothers of 'h~w habies-- call. ' , Mon. thru Sat., 8:30'.A.M.-6-:00 P.M. so you may ha~e a' -Welcome Wagon.c~11. Bethktham Memo;ial Auxiliary to Post #3.185, 'Veteran~ of Foreign Wars, meets the third Monday,of every month, at- the Post Rooms, elaw_are Ave'" -Delm~r.. ~Tha Alberty.county Pistol :Ctub:,'Winne Place and Maewin _ Driv"e, O'elmar, welcomes -"guests ~ at - its indoor pistol range ~very'ttiespay' at 8 P.M. I~form.ation: Dave Herbach, or Tom,.Corrigan, ,. Monarch ~iub of Alba~y' meet.s e~-_ ery Tuesday night' at'6 at the Center Inn, Glen,:,wnt.. Giva and Taka Shop,. staffed and stocked by residents.of Delmar, clot~ing for all. occasi.ons, all ages, a'll si~es, av{!ilable to everyone., Basement. St. Thomas. Apostle Church &.Rectory), Mon.. 9:30-1'1.:30 A.M., Tues. 1-3 P.M., Sat. 10 A.M.-12 Noon. ' Every Thursday at 7 P.M.; Delmar Reformed Church, scout meeting,for.han.d!capped, Troop 15.9'.. Kiwanis Club of Delmar meets e'very Monday 'night ~t 6: 16 at The' Cf.'!nter Inn,. Route 9W, Glenmont:,- Ba"'~~em Lion s. (:Iub meets 1 st and 3rd. Wednesdays of the month 'at The Center Inn, Route 9W Glen: mor:t,.:6 :30 P.M. ' AARP. meets 12:30 P.M., t.hird Tuesday of month,.. Delmar First United Methodist Church;' Kenwood 'Avenue, Delmar... The ~e~~~r 'Con:.ni~nitY Or~hestra rehe~rses every "Monday evening frop' 8' to 10 at the. First < United Methodist Church,of DelmClr..thleh.~. Junior Woman's c"i:ub meets 2nd Wednesday of each'. month, S P.M.; Bethlehem' Public Library... Bethlehem -Aecycm10 Pr~gram (paper, CahS, glas!?.l, Town Garage,. 114 A?ams. St., Delmar. Mon. thru Fri.,'S A:~.-4 P.M. Papers should DELAW~REPLAZA 19th ANNIVERSARY be.tied,. cims' flattened, bottles clean w/rhetal removed, ' R~sary.:... St'; Thbma~ Chur~h,' Adams Place, Delmar, e~ery Thursday at 11 :45 AM... Natharlial -Adams, BI'anchard'~ Post #1040, American Legion A.~xiliary, meets third Tuesday of month except July & Aug" 8 P.M." Post.rooms. Nathaniel Adams BlilOchard' Post #1040, 'American Legion,' meets first. af")d t~ird ryl'onday of month (when roliday.occurs, m.ove;' to Tu~sd~y) except July:and Augus~. 8:30 P.. M. 8:~5 P.M., meeting, every WedneSday, Gam-Anon, wives of com-! Rulsive. gamblers, s1." 'Pi:us Church Loudonvjlle or P.O. Bo~ P.M. Visitors-welcome. -Info: Bob Jones, Glenmont' Homemakers meet 3rd "Wed. 'of month; Glenmont Comm. '(:;hurch, 8 P.M.. 8 P.M., monthly meeting,." last Thursday of each month, 'Elsmere I=ire'" Co. 1.'-5' P.M.( Trap 'Shooting, Bethle~ hem. Sportsman's 'Club, Dunbar H~llow Road,. Clarksv(lIe,,every Sunday starting May 5, free in'. structions noon to 1 p,m. and every Wed.,7 P.M. starting June 5. Nonmembers Welcome. More informa- tion: " ' Bethlaham Lodge meets. on ;'st and 3r.d Wedne.s.day. of 'every.month, Ladies' Auxiliar"y 'meets on' 2nd Wedn~sday of every month, 23,.~lbany.. Bethhih~m YDuth E'mployment 'Ser~ One~U8thaw O.E.S. meets ~n the vice',' 114, Adams Street, Delma'r.. first and th~rd Wednesday of every. Schoo!. year. schedule, MondayrQO'bth at the Masonic Temple in Friday, 1 :00-4:30 P.M. Telephone Del",., Glenmo'nt Lions Club' meets 2nd Bethlehem Museu"" Rt. 144 and. and 4t.h- Tuesdays of the month at II Clapper R~ad fe~turlng "Children's LaCasa Restaurant,. S.elkirk, if: 30. " Toys - Dolls and Their Houses,".....', I 1lIIIIIISi 19th Anniyers~ry " Special., -, 3,DAYSONLY..' ' el/ery Sunday through Oct. 20th, 2:00-5:00 P.M.. The' second' Saturday of each.month there i~ a waste paper drive at the town parking lot an Kenwo'od J\ve. just above the four corners. This drive" is sponsorel=l 'by the '. youth groups of the' Reformed and the Methodist Churches of Delm ar.. They will pick' up.papers f~om Senior Citizens or shijt-ins. For' pick-up.call the' 'church offices, d~ring the preceeding week. ~HURSD~Y; OCTOBER-n 9:30 A.M." meeting; League. of Women. Voters, Bethlehem Public Libr~ry.. Informat.i~n: 43~ P.M. MEETING; Bethlehem Senior Citizens, Cafeteria.of _ Middle School. 5 P.M. 7 P.M., "Percentage Day,.-' for Association.of Retarded Children by McDClnalds, North Broad-. way'; Menands, 50% 'of Ca'sh"regis~. ter procee~s go to_a.r.c.. 8 P.M. Meeting, Slinge'rlands home owners, at Beth. Libr?ry.. OUR ENTIRfslOCK SHOES. BOOTS SNEAKERS -!)lens, WOMENS, CHILORENS ALL NEW FALL STOCK.- DELAWARE P~AZA, ' ".,., _' '0 t ~ ".-. -:, -The Spotlight October 17, ;- PAGE 5

6 '...:... ~_---,-_~ D..:...E_L_A_W_A_R_E~P..:.L.:...A~ZA 19th ANNIVERSARY r- 7:30' P.M., Back-to.-School Nig'ht 12 NOON, Drama and Ml;!sic "Grol,lp of Progr.ess Club luncheon, Aura,nia Club, Albany. JETZON TIRES. JONES SERVICE QUAKER STATE OIL (BUD) 14. GROVE' STREET, DELMAR Wheel Alignment & 2. Brakes 3. Ignition Service 4. Electrical 5. Air Condition 6. Lubrication 7. Tire Service - Jetzon Tires. 8. OfficiaIN.Y.S. Inspection Station - All groups 9. AAA Road Service. 10. Toviing Service 11. Cooling System Problems. 12. Gas Tank Repairs. r A.M.-6 P.M. MONDAY thru FRIDAY 7 A.M.- t P.M. SATURDAY Happy Anniversary 10 Delaware Plaza and a lot of Happy Savings for you' All Our POLYESTER Sin91e I!ndDouble KNITS Special Group of WOOLENS Solids, Plaids,. Stripes Reg ,98.' Reg $1.99 yd. $1:.99 yd. WOOl.FLANNELS Coatings,Suitings Reg. to /3' OFF DENIMS SUMMER FABRICS SEERSUCKERS WHITE GOODS All our other fabrics Prints, Corduroys, Polyesters, Velour,. Velveteen 20% OFF ALL OUR KITS Needlepoint, Crewel,. eto. 113 OFF 20% OFF' Come On.ln -- Have A Ball! DELMAR DECORATORS DELAWARE PLAZA, DELMAR Mon:-Fri. 1 0:OOAM.-9 P.M. Saturday 10 A.M.-5:30P.M: Program, parents of B.C. Mid,dle School 6th gr;aders, auditorium. "6:30 P.M., Pot Luck Su'pper, Mount Holyoke Alumnae, home of Marcia G.reenb~rg, Kr:umhill" Rd., Slinger-' lands 4~ :30.P.M., Be Wind Ensemble Harvest Hoedown &- Dinner. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18 8:00 P.M., Dance.. sponsored by Deca Club, BCHS Featuring:."t.:ady Luck." $ :30 P.M.~ Mee.ting. Bethlehem Tomboy's, Community Room, Beth.". Library. 3 P.M. Annual Bazaar" Onesquethaw. Chapter Q,E.S.,. Del,mar. Ma 'sonic Temple, 421 Delaware Ave.,. Card Par1y.7:30. $ A.M.-2 P.M., Rummage Sale, St. Stephen's Church, Elsmere Ave.,- Elsmere.. 8 P.M. Meet Jack Barner,: Dem. Candidate for Albany County Tr~,asurer, home of Aliqe,& Tom Hamill,482 Huron Rq., ~elmar. 'SATURD~Y,OCTOBER19 WEDNESDA", OCTOBER 23 8:00 P.M., Meeting B.C. Board' of Education, 90 Adams PI. 7 P.M. Meeting, Cub Scout Pak,',59 Hamagrael "acco'mpanied by parent. THURSDAY; OCTOBER 24 7:30 P.M., Back-to-School.Night, Rrog-ram, parents of 7th &' 8th grade pupils, B.C. Middle School auditorium. ' Annual Chi'eken Supper and Bazaar al Jerusalem' Reformed' Church, Feura Bush, Dir:ln~r': Reservatio~s: P.M. Meeting, Bethlehem Senior Citizens,. Cafeteria of. Middle',School.. FRIDAY, OCTOBER A.M. Annual BaZaar, Ones 11"'A. M. Bazaai,.St. Paul's Church, quethaw. Chaptet D.E.S., Delmar 21 Hackett Blvd., Albany. Roast Masonic Temple, 421 'Kenwood Beef Dinner, 6:00. Ave. Roast Beef dinner, begins 4:45. $3.50. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 30 8 P.M. Art Auction, a'nd Indian 10 A.M.- Koffee. Klatch, parents Jewelry' sale, by Women's Ameri-. of pupils at El'smere. Elementary, can ORT, 'at ~Knights' of Columb s' cafeteria. Halt, New Karner Rd., Colonie. 6:30 P.M., New. Scotland Women's 10.4 P.M., ~se~ Boy -& Girl Sco'dt' Republican Club, covered dish din 'uniform '&'eq"uipment'sale, Delmar ner, ~e~ Salem Firehalt. Methodist Church... THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31 10:00 A.M., "Christmas in Octo 'ber.sale," by East Berne Volunteer Fire Company' Auxiliary, ~t Firehouse. 9:!)0 A.M. Rummage Sale, Unitarian Church, Robin & Washington Aves.. MONDAY, OCTOBER 21 8 P.IVi; "Artists'in Concert," at Albany Institute of History and Art. Tickets at Door. TUESDAY, OCTOBER 22 7:30 P,M., Meeting" Delmar Elementary P.T.A. 7 P.M., Helderber'g Rjdge Runners Snowmobile Club, Safety Course, Clarksv!lle Fire House. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26. HAPPY.HALLOWE'EN ONLY II: YOU WANT THE VERY BEST auofold Hayer Underwear The one and only HIVh PBrlonnsnca underwear ON SALE AT B.. Lodge & Co. 75 No, Pearl St.': Albany , Master Charge. 19th Anniversary Special Frisch Uebfraumilch -. $1.59 DELAWARE PLAZA LlOUOR STORE PAGE 6 - October '.. The Spothght

7 CHURCH DIRECTORY FIRST REFORMED CHURCH " OF BETHLEHEM Route 9W, Selkirk ~ars. & Study Ph. 767~3406 Office Phone Jack Hilbrands" B.D. -. Pastor II FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 428. Kenwood Ave., Delmar 439,9976 Pastors: Robert B. Thomas, Thomas D. Peterson, Sang'~ahn,. GLENMONT COMMUNITY CHURCH (Reformed) 3 Weiser St., Glenmont Rev. Jack Cooper, Pastor FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, SCIENTIST 555 Delaware Ave., Delrryar BETH'LEHEM LUTHERAN - CHURCH 85 Elm Ave:, Delmar' Rev. Paul H. Gassmann DELAWARE PLAZA 19th ANNIVERSARY FIRST'iJNITARIAN CHURCH OF,!'LBANY _ Washington Ave., Albany. Office Phpne:' BETHLEHEM COMMUNITY CHURCH ',' 201 Elm Avenue, Delmar David P. Mcpowell ---' Pastor ",CLARKSVILLE COMMUNITY CHURCH (R~form.d)', , Rev. MelchiorVan Hattem, Pastor' ---'-----" DELMAR PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 585 Delaware Ave., Delmar ' George H:Ph~lps, Pastor..., THE BROTHERS OF FRANCIS OF ASSISI The Chapel of Regina Pacls.. "Queen of Pea-ce" 19 CentralAve., Ravena, N,Y Bro. Carlo of J.ohn - Rastor DELMAR REFORMED CHURCH (Founded 1841) 386 Delaware Ave., Delmar, N.Y:... Pastors: GerardJ. Van Heest,. David L. C9.oper. COMMUNITY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 1497.N. Scot. Rd., Slingerl~nds.,Bryson M. Smith, Pastor ,.,..-""II ,.,--"'... -'III:,;.-"tlltI--..w,.,.-~n The Spotlight HALLOWE'EN COVER CONTEST Best Hallowe~en, cover designs will appear on the Spotlight' Cover ; October 31 st. Two age groups: 3-6, 7;10.. Take or send your pictures:.;;e~",,": Editor, The Spotlight 154 Delaware,Avenue Delmar,I'\I.Y, Prizes: McDonald's Gift Certifica'ies r ~--~~ ~~==========================~,.., SAVE"CASH GET TRIPLE U S" BLUES-T AMPS A'TYOUR'FRIENDLY DELAWARE PLAZA, DELMAR, N.V., OpenHOl.lfS 9 to 9 every day, Closed Sundays, DOUBLE STAMPS EVERY WED. The Spotlight October 17, PAGE 7

8 . 'oelaware PLAZA 19th ANNIVERSARY ~--~~~~--~--~---c--~ "19th Anniversary,.'.. THANKS.TO '.. CUSTOMERS & FRIENDS.. FOR' THEIR SUPPORT Slimnastics... slfmnastics - exerci.se, fun, rhythmic i)1ovement to music,. -plus' volleybal,l 'or" swimming. Offered by the Town' of Beth. lehem Parks and 'Recreation De-. Bethlehem Y.outh Hockey pa.rtmeht under;,aduli Recrea PrOgram _... tion. t.lasse$' are Mondays An-important me'eting-for. in-. 7: :30 P.. M: j"n'the Middle terested" parents will be -held School, Girls' Gym. Registraon Thursday evening;' Octob~r tion fee is $5.00.-N,ext Class will 24, 1974 ilt 7:30 P.M. at the.be October.21., Call Elaine Bethlehem Public Library.. Holbrook or Parks Delaware P.!aza Sh~p. Ctc. This: outstandi~g p~ogr,~rn is. and Recreation Department Ie-Wanda... HE !n I),eed of volunteer, coaches,.' Your T rusted Jew~le,r both off ice ~nd on ice, and any.. L.R. Wilson,. Jr. interested yo~th. or adult, that Director ot"recreatio'lj. could offer... a service to help the total program and the,youth partici,pating ".'I(ould be grea.tly. 'Subscribe 'to T~e Spotlight. appreci"ated. r---~-----~-----'---,,~~~----~~~--~~--~~--~----, (., ATTENTION WEARE NOW' LOCATED BETWEEN ALFREDs'DlsCOUN1FABRICS,.'. AND WESTERN AUTO '..., 10% OFF (on all items). During Our 19th Anniversary 'Celebration, COME IN & BROWSE AROUND C~. M.CROVER STATIONERS. ~""""e.;./... ei.9k."-(.5i.~iwa? 20 Delaware Plaza. DeImar;N:Y,. (518) PAGE 8 -=- Octo'~er 17, 1974 The Spotlight (.O(lS to S(Oh' ol "And Finally, the Sophomore' Election Results. 1" Finally, af\er many delays and 'much confusion, the Sophomore 'elections for Stude-"nt Co.unci!' were held, The story behind this._.ove rdue e-iectipn is o-~e.t~at clearly,shows: thaf the' state, and federal governments don't have. the' mono'pol.y on bokhed up. elections.,, '. The voting for Student' Co'unci! was._supposed to be',held la&t sprill'g, but neither the advisor, - no'r the,student. Council that,was serving at that -time, knew' who was supposed 'to ru!1 the',eh~ctions, 'When thfs' schpol; year rolled around, the'sophomore-,class ~as without ieadershi'p:.it became' necessary to'"' expedite the election as soon as' possible. The nomination sheets were put up on a Thursday morning (Friday was a vacati,on) and, taken,down 'on' that Tuesday'- afternoon. That was au wel.l and gooq except that s.upposedly.there exist's a,stu-. dent Council r\jle tha~ 'sta,tes; that nomination sheets must be left up for at least a 'week, There ~, were gr'umblin"gs about','that oversight' in t,he Student. Senate, NeverJ~eless ~he nominations were- a,ccepted. Finally', ' the',elect jon was 'held and it. seem'ed that would be that. Rob- The Spotlight

9 ert Myers was elected as' presi- ' 'dent by a significant margin and Donna Ure was elected 'as~ sec' reta'ry, The race's for ViCe Preside'nt. and Treasurer w:ere' 'so close, that extra time had'tp"be taken to provide fqr a run-off' The results were: Dav.e Herman, 'vic~ president and, Mary Me-, Nary"tre~surer.; arid with all po 'sitiof"!s filled, the election was officially over. The word <'.'officially", mijst be stres~e,d, however,' since there are rumors', that a petition is, being circu,lat-' ~d by.potenti?' nominees, calling' for, 110t only a 're-election." but -a complete renomination,, because cif the circumvention of the n~miriation rul~s, All' of this political, perplexity ~ust: ha've". an air of familiarity to thos~, of you who are'wel-! acquainted with the custom' of voting in public -elections,,'. And it is at times :Iike these-thch we reepll the words of WilliC!m Shakespeare, VII,ho (as. he anticipat'ed the 1974 B.C,H,S, Sophomore/elections) was heard, to say: "Oh, e, at a tangled \-yeb. we weave," Jill Baker 'B.C. School New,S The.DECA Club at B'ethlehem Cent~al High S'chool he_ld their 'annual officer,electiqns ' 6n~ Tuesday, 'September 24, Sjx of-. 'ficers were 'elected,'and are congradulated, The officers are as,follows: Pres'ident: Brian' Wjcke~; Vice Presid~nt: Jim,McCarroll,; SecrC,tary:, DBbbie -An'astasi; Treasurer: Dave Bee' keit;',hist~rian: Dona Sche~er; Publicity'Chairma'n: Cheryl Lazare, ".: DECA WQu,ld also-,i-ike to ex~, 'tend their' appreciatio~ to 'all. ",ivho help'make our. car wash' su-ccessful. The car wash was.. hejd' Sunday, at, McC'arro.ll's Meat Market from ,to raise' money for the club: A sum of $'60,00 wa~ made, '. Che:yl Lazare HaJvest Hoedown 'The Bethlehem' Central Wind' 'Enser.nble wil,l sppnsor i,ts 'an.nual Harvest 'Ho,edown tonight (Thurs" October 1J), in the Bethlehem-Ce'ntral High School-' ca,feteria,, ' Thi~'annual event includes a roast beef dinner served 'from 5:30 to\7 P.M., an d, then,squar'e dancing from 7.:30 to', 10 :30 PM" '. '"... Tickets f,or. ~2.50 can be purchased, from " Wmd ~i1semble,. The Spotlight members or at the door. The, pubjic 'is cordiarly j'nvited., Emission Control Course. Offered A second five:week cou-rse in "Automobile,Emission Control Systems" will be offer'ed ~ and,open- to the Pllblic - startjng Tuesd~y,' October,29" Jls part of the. Bethlehem Central School District's Continuing EducaJion Program. Mr. Peter Rosenfeld" Contin~ uing, Education Director, 'has' armounced that person's, may enroll by'5"lling 439,4921, Ex.t. 320;between 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. Registration is limited, so only: the first 20 -callers )Nill be enrolled: Bethlehem Central 'School,' Distr'ict., r:esi,dents will' be given preference': There wiil be a $5 fee for the course; which'will meet ~n five successive Tuesday eve~'i,ngs (excltjding.nov, 5 which is-el'ec- tion?ay,) ".', BC Student Wins Awa~d '.1 Andrea Good'm~n,: a B,ethlehem Centra!" High School jun ~or, has 'been awarded the first prize'o'f $200 i,n a Social S-ec~r-: ity Essay Con,test' sponsor~d by the Golden R,ing C\?ur:cil of!:;i~n"-".. '.. DON 'AVERILL'S. Cocktail.Lounge. SANDWICH MENU..1) AMERICAN CHEESE,. 2) SWISS CHEESE 3) LETTUCE & TOMATO 4)EGG SALAD. ' 5), TUNA SALAD' 6) LIVERWURST '. 7). ~ACON,.LETTUCE& TOMATO TRY OUR GOURMET SANDWICH 8),'HAM 9) TURKEY 10).ROAST BEEF 11) HAM & CHEESE. 12) CORNED BEEF " (served on white or rye ~r'ead). GtuB.SANDWICH. 13) TURKEY 14)'HAM 15) ROAST BEEF S '1.90 1,90. 1, SPECIAL FOR DIETERS LETTUCE, TOMAT,O, COTTAGE CHEESE,.CHOICE OF MEAT '.,.. '1.50 BEVERAGES COFFEE, TEA.25 MILK, SODA.35 ;89 Daily.Specia, on Cocktails &.'Hight,alls.89.,,(Senied 11,00 A.M.,8,OOP.M. <I"Iy).. Manhattan Sour. Martini. Old Fashioned,., (Bar L:iquor -O~ly) Dancing - Thurs., Fri., Sat. ights ~, ALL PRICES INCLUDE TAX 99 DELAWARE AVE. TOUHEY WANTS A-NEW' TAX. -. ' VOTE YOUR 'POCKETBOOK - VOTE NOLAN!! * Howard Nolan, Democratic candidate for'the State'Senate from' Albany and Gteehe Counties wants to lower your taxes. The candidate of the.,republican, party, wants a new _ tax 'on' 'advertising, a tax which Y,iill be surely passed on to you,. the consumer, The people of New' York are already the!!lost heavily tax'ed,in the country. '.,' Octob~r'1-7, ~974 - PAGE 9 \, '.

10 .. ~ ;" ~"""",,~""~..,-..".--.." _ _ '.~.." ", N OW'S THE SMART TIME TO\.\ tome in 'and trowje~ ) :--...:..--: ~ With e~citing new selectio1ls arriving almost daily; this is a great time to stop in and see what's new and "right" for. you. So do plan to come in and.. browse:.. very SOf"'! t"f- Phone ddi "'C "...,~. 282 DELAWARE AVE. ~V Delm.ar, N.Y. HOURS; doi ly 9. a,m. to 5:30 p~m._ "Albany 'County desperately' needs a rape crisis center.. ~ If I'm elected on November 5th, I promise to make this one of my... '. firstprioriti,es.".'.' DEMOCRAT ROW B- A LAWYER WITH 26 YEARS EXPERIENCE iar Citizens Clubs, an organiza.tion of retired people in New York State. Miss Goodma[1 and l:1er faculty sponsor:, Mr. Dominick De. C~cc'o, plan to attend a, ceremonial'luncheon in New York City on.october 25, at which the' contest prizes will Qe awarded. - Be Pupils Honored A total of 30 Bethlehem Central High -School pupils have been honored by the 'National Medt Scholarship Corporation' in the competition. Seven of,the Be-pupils.have' qualified as semifinalists, which mea'ns that they 'are in. the running for scholarship aid-, The finalists will'be,nam'ed la~ ter:, The semifinalists are: Glinda S. Cooper, (who has already graduated) Shirley J. Huang, Michael L. Katt,'(now attending' Harvard. U-niversity but, will, gradu'ate with his class in June) Wendela C, Moore, DIanne M, Pohlsander,. David E. Quinn, and Mary Joan Wengraf. An additional 23 Bethlehem seniors received. Letters "of Commendation, which does not qualify them for National Merit scholarship_ aid; but, indicat.es th~y_,rank in ihe upper two per. cent of High 'SclJQol seniors' throughout' the' country. These commended students include:,robert.a. Burnett, Sharon Lee Carnahan,,'Matthew A. Casimo,..Christi"ne A. Clyne, 'Debra A. Cohn, Richard F.. Dorsey, Sally. A.: Edwards; Glenn S. Foster,' Steven L. Grossman, and Richard,B. Hand. Also, Laura M. Ha'nsel!', Rich. ard B.-Haverly, Audrey S. Hend 'Icr, Dcborah Logan" Cindy A. Messina,.. Jani~e. G. Heis?ig, James' C, Scnanz, _Loretta E. - Shapero, (who has moved from.'the' area) Richard J.. Stickley, Mark L. Stulmaker, Teresa A;' Sullivan, (who' a'ccelerated her. c;;ourse,schedule, and gra'duated last June) L.:hnstopher J.' Wall', and Wendy S. ~einb~rg, 'Students ObserVe' Cou'rt Cases On "October- 2 stjjdents from' Bethlehem Centrai' High School observed several cases.in' Small Claims Court' -and received an explanation of th"'e court : from Juc!ge Whalen, presiding judge. The.judge intends' to visit th~ school in early November as a follow-up to the sessio-ri., Mr. Merle -Miller, the Business Education Departme~t Chairman PAGE 10 ~ 9ctober 17, 1974 The ~tli9ht

11 and Personal Law teacher.accompanied' his students "and Maledrivers,single, under-25.. \'I1_"i_'. ' UNWANTED M J ' AD' 'b - h Automobileinsuranceaslow:as M.D.A.FLOOR HAIR PROBLEMS'! rs., 0- nn avles roug t ftave'an-elec,;olys;s students _ from her Business,219 COVERING, INC. '",,.::,' '. ~~:I~:~~ ~~~e'i:~ Law and - Machine Shorthand immediate FS 21 E-Z payments RIVER RD., GlENMONT.)~-:,... _ Overpay? dasses. Mrs. Davies arranged ratescou~e5yofcountrywidelns.co :00n " IT PAYS TO COMPARE PRICES. - with Mr, A. Johnas, a,court BARRY'SCOTT INSURANCE AGENCY ARMSTRONG - BIGELOW - le'es,pamela StuartSvstem reporter, to speak to the Ma- CARPETS ' 2;3 Standard Bldg.,.112 State $1., Albany 9.oS:rATEST. '. Mon. 10 A.M. to 8 P.M.;'Tues., Wed. & ~~;~~n~h~~~~t~e~~r~~:~s a~o~~ AlB~NY, N,Y,,. W:~~;uTs~O~~c~~~~~~,~~sO::!~. Thurs.,10. to c~,i ~~;i6~o to 6 p,m,. ca r'eer, Those students who attende'd were:', Rosemary Sar-- ba, T!m Bentz, Rich Bruni, Mark Bryant, Sandy Butcher, -Mike Cassidy, Darlene Chase, Seth Cohn,' John, Cozzy, Clayton Dedes, Lisa DosPassos, Charmain F.Lilston, Alln Futia, Carol George,. Kevin Grady,' Keith, Gunner, Louene Haning'ton, Jeff Hickey, John Higgins, Dale Hilchie, Debbie Irons, Kim', Kent, Mar,k Kerrigan, Tom Klim,,Renee Laurent, BOb Mallery".Pat Meany, Jan Mi"care, Charlje Milham, Dave Nostrand, Sue O;Connor, Mike Pauquette, Nancy P-edersen, Elane Salis-' bu-ry, Dana' Scherer, Pat Sill, Bob '. Storm, Lyn _ Stowers, AI Tarwerdi,' Sandy Van -Valkenburg, Sue Walter, anc( Cherie Zable, Anthony S~aks t~ Class Recently, Mrs. Margaret Wes- - tervelt, a Business Ed.ucation Teacher at Bethlehem Central High School had two guest speakers in her, -Personal F,i-. nance.. Clas's. Mr. Burton An-'. thony of Clark Insurance' Agency, pelmar, spoke on-,automo. bile insurance with emphasis on New York State's no fault law. Mr. Anthony durrentfy' is on the faculty of Siena College. Mr'. Richard -Brown of. Brown Insurance Agency s'poke to the' class about term and. whole life in,sur.ance _ both as an investment'and as a source of borrowing~ High School Day at ' University ~ On October 4, Business ~ducation students from-bethlehem Central High School attended the annual High School Day at the State University of New York Agri.cultural and Techni-. cal College at Cobl,eskilL The' students competl.3d in con.tests in Typewriting, 'Shorthand and Transcription '1, II, General Business Informa,tion 1,- II, Rapid Calculation, Office Procedures, and Bookkeeping.. Mrs. Kathleen Venter, 'a Business Education teacher at _ the High Sr.hnol, R(::com- L_4_6;.:2~-9=7=96=. =====4=62=-=9B=9='l~~~~~~~~:.;;",:-::::::;~~==: :C':":":W:,::;te:f:":F':":B:":':h':":-'~...J Kelly Clothes, Troy's famous factory store, always _. gives you your money's..,. worth, Not only i"nthe price you pay, but in the. quality you get.for the. price, Kelly's in depth stock also means you'll find preciselyihestyle. you're looking for, and you can be assured of a superbly tailored fit, and free; expert' alterati'ons, Free parking available in Kelly's own lot, You may use your Master Charge, -BankAme~icard.. or Kelly charg!!; Shqp. Kelly's for your money's worth,and then some! The Spotlight Oct.ober 17, PAGE'11

12 .~. /.. CHECK. /.... YOUR.FAIRSHARE The UNITED Way,, panied the group a'nd attend ed an infor,mal coffee hal. sponsored by Mr. Frederick Smith, Business Division Chair man at Cobles'kill. rv1rs, 'Ven~ ter was also the gulist of the President' 'at a luncheon at Prentice Dini~g Hall.. Those st~dents who > tour~d th~ 'campus and entered co~petition were: Janice Allyn, Mary' Appleby, De'borah Argiris, Laura,Bernard, Alice Bough 'ton, Michelle, Bradt, Donna. VERSfORY Kiwanis Instal~s New President :. Senior Citizens.... ', :., Fre~ Payment, Orders;. NOW from... theme. Bank... N'ow.. free lo'senior citizens (Over 6~2) -or anyone 9n SO,cial Securify -you can get ailihe payr:nent orders you need for:, buying things.and 'paying,bills. 'No minimum deposit. No ~ -.' minimum balance. r;.jo mont.hly ser~jce charge.. Cerone, Jean Corbett, Carol Dickert, Patricia' Dillon, Kathleen Dole, Lee, 'Ebert, Laurie G~el, Dale Hiichie, Kathlee~ Hodc;ier., Janet Houck, 'Karen. Junco, Kimberly Magli6cca, Vicki Martin, Suzanne May, 'Li-, sa Mqmberger, Marilyn,Mu~grove, Susan Q'Con,nor, 'Cynthia Olkowski, Amy Robinson, J.ulie Robinson, Brenda' Stannard~ Lynn Vadney, Sandra Van Valkenburg, an'd, Debor~ah Wig~ gand. ' ~ C:;larence J, Strzemienski", 529 Wayne 'Place, Del!l1~r, was-installed as President of the Kiwanis Club of Detmar by Lt. Governor Leona~d 'Friedlander at the organizatior{'s 3'5th Annual Installation I' meeting, Monday, October 7, at the Center Inn, Glenmont.. Strzemienski :succeeds Kel.1elm T.- Thacher as President of th~ service organizat,ion. He,'is a.retired Comma,[lder of the:u.s. Navy and currently j's a,safety Engineer with Aetna,Life and Casualty Co... ~Also in.stalle,d at the meeting ~ere:.thache;,,-imm~diate past President; John G. Easton,.Jr., F.irst Vice-President;, Robert J. Rose.nfield, Secon,d Vice-President; Robert L. Sager, Treasurer; Charles 8. Fritts, Secretary" New 'Directors include Edward'Smith" John Gliertze.alJd James Rosf..,,' '. In accepting his new office, St.rzemienski pledged~his a~minis-, tration 'to.fellow the 'Kiwa~nis major emphasis efforf$; namely,, suppoft of the elderly "Greater Ye~rs" program and support of the young. In help~ng those,with.l.ea~ning dis.abilities... ~ Pictured on the cover from, left to right ar,e: Lt.-Governor ~eo~a'rd Friedlqnder; Kenelm Thacher, Past President; and Pre:sident Clarence Strzemienski. Photo'by ~'im Fuller 'We 's~g~est -you bring your Social Security che.ck to any' ~ ME Ban,k offlce.and open a,no.n-interest bearing' Pay No,v., account (In due tlme,the,trea.sury Department"expects to. make It possible for you to have your,soclal Security check' m'al1b:d directly to!he ME;Bank,Also. for addltlg~al secimty. open a companion- Save Now acgounl currently earnlilg 5"~?u mtecest,'compounded dal,ly Wlt'h both Pay Nov''''.anti.. 'Save' Now jcco~',its the ME Bank- will'send you monthly statements SO yau il h~ave ca~nplete recards StoP',ln at any af aur se~e'n olfl~es, N'OW'. Th[;r(', with)!.:,i fl-r: 01 S3 (X) Ie), any 'tt;!m rhurn(,d'io',' tn~utf'c({'nt Of lineol IE:Ct.0d lunels, an(1 S2 00 iet' fo, any stop p<lyrnenl fc<;ut:'st NO,ovo,r[J,a'jt sh311 be.ppr.mllted mechanics exchange... savings :bank M~n1bTer'Federal Deposit'lnsurance Corporatiori".' Albany,Saratoga C_oble~kill O~neO~la. Phone (518) 43~-0811 page 12 ~ October 17, ,GOP HAPPENINGS - Five representatives atte[1ded an in- ' formal gathering.of the Bet,hlehem Women's Republican,Club la.st, Tuesday. Carl Tou,hey, running for State Senate replacing retjr.ing Walter 8. L,an,g,ley; Ralph Smith,.Atbany c.ounty D.A., seeking re-election; Clarence Lal1e, State Assemblyman, seeking re-election; Wayne Wagner, State congre.ssional hopeful; Am<;ato candidate for Family Co'urt Judg'e. These men along 'with a ~epresentative for Jacob Javit,s r;ningled comfortably 'with member,~' & gue~ts answeri'ng all questions 'posed, to them: The 5p<>tbght

13 Dean's List Honcir$. course!; with an.. ayerage of 3:6 Rob.ert G. Ha~risor:l~ so~.qf or better. Mrs. Joyce "'Harri~.on.of Flint Drive, Delmar', and Mr: Ronald.. Harrison... of NO'rth Car:ol;'na'wps ~, recently honored for having Here &. There ;'a.c~ieve~. Dean's List. standing at the Fall Honors Convocation of Gordon Cc;>lIege,;.Wel1ham; Insurance Women to Meet Massadlusetts, Bob. was, one Mrs. porothy Brow.n of He r- "\. of 101 me~bers oj th~ student ber Avenue, D~lmar al"')d Vice body of 1000 to receive :Such an President of Butl~r.and. Brown hol!or. To qualify for the Dean's Inc. is.serving as Gen'eraf Chair List for a given term a'student. man of the 3i"d Mid~Term l1"'!ust carry at least three Meeting, and tl:l~ l1t-t'j Annual R/J Cramer Dist~, Inc. to so. BLVD. (A~ Delaware.Ave,) BOILERS -. FURNACES WATER HEATERS AIC EQUIPMENT PLUMBING. FIXTURES. " MONDAY'FRIDAY 8 5 SATURDAY EACH YEAR THE FLOWER. BOXES 'in the rage, are evaluated.to see which mercha nt :deserves recognition for caring foj" and develop ing the best looki~g box.,this 'year the 'co~mittee.djose the Roger Smith Paint and Wallpaper S ~ore,,253. Delaware Ave. for the award. The boxes are prov ided by the Bethlehem Env.ironm.ental Im.proVement Association a nd ~he, merchant who,wants a box "gives a contribu.fion toward, th - ex:' pense of pl;;nting the flowers. This work is done.by Delmar, members of the Albany Men's G'arde n Club. Picture take.n by Alice Porter.. ',. Ref. $ Hide-A. SOFA.S 20%Savings. LIMITED TIME ONlY! NOW NOW SAVE $11.00 SAVE $95.00 SAY: BEDSPREADS.AND MATCHING DRAPERIES. By "Heritage ~uilts" Spel;;~' offer 25 %. OFF: 18 NEW STYLES TO C!'IOOSE FROM. EX TING NEW PRINTS SOLIDS STRIP.ES PLAIDS. SOME STYLES ARE PER RESS! npmoe,", ic candidate for the State from AIbanyand <?r~ene "O"Ofi~<, campaigned.,with Elizabeth Holtzman of Brooklyn and a i"n.ember: of the House Judicia'ry' Committee. Nolan and Rep. Holtzman campaigned extensively in Albany; inc luding a prolonged visit to the Phav:Sholom Apartments, an~ t~e kenwood Academy Bazaar.. STUYVESANT PLAZA,ALBANY

14 4.DRAWER FILE letter size, full depth, ful!" sus- '--~-") pensiofl, in black. tan' or MFG.. PRICE. $83.00 DISCOUNT" PRICE $65 90 FREE PARKIIQ HtS. Mon.-F,i. 9-4:30 Sa"!) MARTIN UPTOWN,150 CENTRAL AYENUE, ALBANY,N.Y. PHONE Not bad 'ora guy,who pushes pencils allweek. I did it myself. and it was a snap.. First.1 talked with my Armstrong retailer. He gave me t~ps on installation, tools, and helped 'rne chor)se the- right ceiling for my room. He even gave me a "how to" booklet. Then, in'much less time than I thought it would take... done! Suddenly my living room is new. again... and.the ceiling ties everything together-beautifully!, PAGE October 17,1974'. DOUBLE. PEDESTAL DESK Steel 60" x 30" desk with walnut plastic top. MFG PRICE $ DISCOUNT $ PRICE.. SECRETARIAL CHAIR Be~~tifully styled with vinyl bock ond matching upholstered seat, ~Iimed' chrome bose.. MFG. PRICE. S65.po DISCOUNT "«;~=-'~e=~~'!it PRICE G G $53 90 C~I~--<- =. BEAUTIFUL OFFICES START HERE! ~J"";;,;;",, CASH & CARRY DELIVERY EXTRA WAREHOUSE. SHOWROOM 1325 BROADWAY, ALBANY, N.Y. (REAR) PHONE 46S Chatham bold two-lone. go.-wlth. anythlrlg,\!!~g; ; ;,;!lj styling GOUfmet Ihe pel.!ec! cellmg tor your kitchen. Irs vmylcoated KARL A,PAULSEN & SONS. MILLWORK AND LUMBER. RAILROAD AVE., ALBANY 438~6811 Seminar of Federation of. New YO'rk Insurance Women's Clubs to be held on October.18, 19 and -20th, 1974 at the Rowntowner Motor 'Inn, Hqn. Eratus.Corning, 2nd, Mayor of the City. of. Albany will speak, to -the delegates at the Luncheon on Saturday, Oct. 19th.,Guest speaker for the Saturday Night Banquet will be Mr. Neal'L. Moylan, Commissioner.of Commerce for New 'York State. On Sunday, October 20th! a tour of the City of Albany will be held for the delegates, to conclude the three day meeting: Art Exhibition at Library The' Bethlehem 'Art Association "Annual Juried Show can be viewed at the D.elmar.Library throu9h Oct. 28th. The exhibition was judged by Jane.Kirstel, 'noted artist and area teach er. The awards went to Virginia Perez, first prize, Mar-' ijo Fasulo, sec.ond prize, Carol Turner,.third prize and honorable: mentions to Florence Siegel and Valerie Introne. Sponsors for the. awards are.lewis Fr.ame. and Art Shop', Northea'st Framing,. Arlen"e's Artist Materials, W.L. Cqughtry Co.. and Delmar Toy and Hobby Shop. B!I'rner at Open"House. Jack Bamer,. Democratic candidate for' Albany County treasurer, will' be present at an "Open House" -at the home of Alice and Tom Hamill, 482 Huron Rd., Delmar on Fri'day, Oct. 18 at' 8 P.M. Those interested' are invited to meet and talk with the candidate an.d bring their qu'estions about county govern.ment. Jack Barner was elected to the Albany Co.unty Legislature 'in 1.9~ 1 as the first Democrat. so.elected from Colonie in 87 years. He has been active in founding 'the Col~nie Young Democratic organit?ltion and in building a two-party system in' Colonie. He and his wife, Shirley, have three children, Jackie, Mary Jill a.nd Mic;hael. As a county legis lator, Jack sends. a monthly newsletter about his activitjes' and ~elcomes suggestions from his constituents. He is in favor of opening up county govern~e!1t and making it more' accessible-to the people. Choral Society to _Present Program -\..',,..The Caf?"itol ~ill Choral So~ \ The Spothght

15 ROOFING,INSULATION CEMENT LUMBER Apples.. ;. PANELING PLYWOOD SHEETROCK Evel:ything to b~ild with...:... We Deliver - 5 minutes from Slinger,lands PICK YOUR'()WN AND PICKED $4.00/bushel (p.y_o.) SS.oO/bushel (others) Also Drops PICARD ROAD I MACS - DELICIOUS - SPYS _ BALDWINS _ GREENINGS - POlJNDSWEETS. ALTAMONT RIESs. NEW SALEM 1l>l!_-', ALBANY. " '.tiorll~~f: ~lii)'j fit. flthle All sayings ba'nk services will' be yours at the new National Savings Bank office in Delmar. Completion target date, is lale this year. Two drive-in,teller slat ions will be easily accessible from both Delaware and Kenwood Avenues' and Ihe parking,area, adjacent 10 the, bank building, will accommodate twenty-five cars. Planlers, trees imd benches.will create a park-like atmosphere at the corner interseclion of the lot on which the bank is being constructed..' Services will includ~ time deposits, savings ac;;cqunts, home mortgages, home,improvement loans, Savings Bank Life,Insurance, safe, deposit. boxes and student loans. Watch for the grand opening announcement of your neighborhood bank.. The Spotlight 'lsi,' "NATIONAL., SAVINGS BANK Member ED.l.e ALBANY DELMAR SARATOGA' SPRINGS, PLATTSBURGH October 17, :... PAGE 15'

16 ... LIVE FOOTBALL I SHEREI. Bethlehem "Pop Warner" Teams THIS SUNDAY, OCTO~ER-;!O MIDGETS vs. TWIN TOWNS. attwin Towns, 2 P.M. JR. MIDGETS vs. ST. JOHNS Bethlehem Middle School, 2 P.M. Suppor~ Bethlehem Football, Go. To A Game.. '. ".., THIS AD DDN!,TED BY Trotta's Restaurant 1691 rielawareave~ue. Delmar at,. ar'!ce Compan'y', New York F~um, Bureau anq Ocean D~ta Systems, hie. are obser:ving Fire Prevention" Week in' co'operation with the Glenmont ElementarY Scho~l: The pupil~ of-ea~h class at the school have. made,annual "Chri tmas in October. Sale" Saturday,' October 19, at- the- East Berne Firehouse from i 0 A.M. until 4 P.M.. Proceeds from the 'sales of, -merchandise will', be used 'to enhance the building fund and p.osters depicting fire prevem- help keep t~e Auxiliary r,untlon activities, a selection of ning, which is on displ-ay a,t the com- ' p~mies' headquarters this week.' Dr. Vaughn Electe'd A panel of jqdges fromthe t'om- Dr. thurman C" V<;Iughn Jr:,, panies selected a win'ner from 53, -a small anima] practitioneach.ci'ass and awarded a cer- er from Delmar, 'was elected' tificate of recognition, to the' President Elect,of the,,' New winner at an assembl,y at tne, York St,ate Veterinary,Medical s,choolop Friday, Octob~r' 11, ' Sociefy ~ecent-ly at' the, 83'rd Also' during fire p'revention Business Meeti'ng of the NYS 'weel<., Mr, Arnold Bostick of the VMS held' 'at,the,statler-hilton, S~lkirk Fire, 'bep~rtment will' 'Hotel, Buffalo, give a demonstration of how:to Dr. Vaughn will'take o.fficeoperate a,fire' extinguisher,to on January 1, 1'976.' He'- will ~II 'interest~d employees and succeed D.r. Gerald L Thorlng'~, teachers from the school ' ton,' Rushford, 'N.Y. " This project was, organ'ized'. Born 1n Greenville, N.Y., Dr": by the Safety Comnilttee com- Vaughn 'recei'ved his Doctor posec;:l of Betty G'raham, Chair- of Veterinary Medicine degree man; Dreqa VanDer~ee" secr.e- 'from the New York State Vet~ry an,d Dqnna Lauffer, 'Chris ~ teriner,y College,' Cornell Uni- Redmond and 'Ernie Marre. versity., in 1944, He Astablish- News Item' ed his' Q\iVon,prac.fice in ',Clarks- "The East 'S'erne Vo'lunteer ville, N,Y" in' 1948 and in Fire Company Auxilia~y' wi Ii' 'he moved to Delmar, N:Y" -be sponsoring their second" where he e,stablished the Del-,. Sometimes. Our Pizzas are seasoned with Italian Birth Control Spices.. GARLIC. ONIONS so come.to. and get a pizza the action PAGE 16 - Qctober 17, "..,MR.,AN,D MRS', LYLE VAN DYKE, SR, will celebrate their 50th Weddi~g AnnIVersary Octol?er,18th,' T:he Van Dyke's reside in, F.eura Bush, ' P,hoto by Jim Fuller' The Spotlight

17 m~r An,'~al',,' Hospital 'on~' DeJawar~ Avenu'e. In,the J6 'year:; since he ha~ been at "that location,- the practice has grown -, to' ac;co"mmodate' two other'..veterinari~ms.. HI? ha,s: been' very "active in community affairs : He is Past Master -of Jame's M. Austin" 19dge R, &A. M, and he als'; '. served on the' -Bethlehem Central School Board: ~- Dr. Vaughn, -his.wife June (Carlson) and their four' children (eside in GI'erimont, N:Y. M8tuck Re.:8lected Mrs; 'Bert Matuck, of Berne,' was 're-elected' president. of_ the' Berne Hi,storieal Society " for 1975 at the recent -annual meeting. of that group. The Society has. 'decid.ed to open the B'ern~ 'Historical Center, located' in.the Berne'Town - Hall,' on the afternoon' of Registration Day,' October. 10, and. E:lection Day" November 5. The' '\en rooms-of 'histdry," which were arranged by members-, will n)i,js be,av.ait'able to.v.isitors from two to five'on those days. Again, 'the Bern'e Histof"ical Society will.sponsor the', Yor~-' et Club: for the coming year. The' present. -members. of '!he Cl'ub contributed' c'onsideraply to the current 'census of, old bui'idings in' the Town of Berne. Youqg peopie wboar'e inter:es't ~d in the' history of' the are'a are encouraged to join the' York-,,, ers, Neeley Elect~'d to BOCES 'Board John J.. Neeley',. a member of the Ravena - Coeymans ~'. Sel- kirk, Boa'rd of Education was' elected to the Albany-Sctioharie-SchEmectapy' BOCES' Board'.~ Neeley fill~ the' remainder of the term of Wy~an Oster~out;,The Spotlight,. E'ngine, Tune-up Front EniA[ignm~nl. ~ Automatic., Transm~ssion Service. Mod~rn_ Eq'ui'prnerit'. Skilled Mechanics CLARA~S RESTAURANT-' (8:00A,M,-3:00A:M,) ~izza.,-saridwi~hes Legal' Beverages, SATUROAv NIGHT Musi!) Dancing', Featuring, "THE SOUNDS',' 9:30 P.M,-2,:00A.M,, Rt. 9W,Glenrnont, N,Y,' Pre-Seas()n Special ori ~-stage electric start. models safet;.gri~v,.-,' System Y, SafetY'grip automatically shuts 011 engine; "~afcty reverse" returns' to neutral when yottle! go.,. ' '~'.,, Hu~lirig. - Fan ~.,Larger fan alld impe!1cr de~iglled to help prevent clogging in de,<p snow. Pivoting Scraper Blade. 5IlOw.. For a'li~ited time'; pi'ck.up a'toro' 2-stage sn0wthrower with electric, 'start'and'sat;e $100. ' : It's a fully-eq~ipped Taro with features like: a.safety-g~ip system' which ;;:huts the engine off when you "' let go;' 2-stage action which can hurl up to a fan ohmow'a minu.te,.'. Plus electric,start-perfect for thbse ' sub-zero, sni:}\vbound mornings.,. Hurry and sav'e $100!.~1fr.'s 5~lggested retail pric~ for basic model plll.< ckct,ric "~ta~t aeecssl?u:' Fair Trade States onl}. " S,MP EIe'~rlc Stal1.. Model>31'625 :~41'94(} ,Haven't you d()i]e without a u)lulong enough?. WRo... " TAYLOR &, VADNEY: "Where, Service Is Impol1ant" CENTRAL'A"E.' , ',October 17, ' PAGE 17 "

18 If you have. a problem or aque~tion about your BlueCross.or Blue Shield claim., Please feel free to call us or. write to us. But to' speed things up in either cas'e, have yo~r Identifica:" bon Number' handy when you'.call - or be sure to include it when you write us, TJ:anks -a lot. Blue Cross. Blue Shield, 01 ~iortheastem New York who resigned. His term of office run~ tlntil April, '1"975',. when annual meetirig el~ctio.ns are held. He is state Government M'anag'er for th~ XEROX Cor,por:ation.in' Albany.. His duties include coordinati"ng. business for XEROX on a State 'level. Neeley's other affiliations include membership ill the Sel~ kirk Fire Department; and the Bethlehem Historical Society. He resides in Selkirk with his wife Ruth and three sons, John, Brian and' Fr.ancis, who are enrolled in the Ravena Coeymans~Selkirk Sc~ool Distr.ict. I Gallery Open The Sales-Rental Gallery of the Albany Institute of Histocy a~d Art, announce the, Fall. opening of the Gallery, October 1 st.' The p'ublic is in'vited to view the newly selecte~ works of art in the exhibit t.itled, "Direction's and T~ends -' /1. The Gallery 'is located at Washing!on.Avenue, ~.Albany, Dove Street Entrance pnd the hours.are 11 A.M. til.3 P.M. every Tuesday, Wed.ries~ day and Thursday... T~Y.,. RENTAL AS low AS $2.00 Black & White Or CoJo~.. 13", 17" or 19".1AY~N!AL 343- New Karn~r- ~d. Rt."1S5. Colonie Near K -Ms,rt PIIone IT WAS TROPHY PRESENTATION'DAY for the Beth'lehem Recreatiomil League as Sam Cap,one, league organizer pre'sented Bertram Kohinke~ Town Supervisor, the Be'rtram E. Kohi.nke Trophy. Bruc~ Austin, manager of the Fo'ur Corners Launderease acc:;epts the 'award for'the First Place Team. The Le'ague Standings.are as foilows:. Four Corners Laundereas 8-4 Bethlehem Leg. Team 7-5 Bethlehem F & P...Masons 5-7 Ge'neral Electric Plastics 2-10 Anyone. interested in playing baseball in'the ' season should call Sa~" Capone at Jim Fuller Photo PA~E 1'8 - October 17,1974 '.. The Spotlight

19 Your _i;;hairman' screwe(;j. up Fellows please forgive me. once again, there was a five Other than the few ljlistakes: 'way tie: for Low Net; b~t" the we all had 'a good time and,your man with t.he second low gross chairman was pleased ail went of 81 was entitled to it; "how- well.. 'every, their names should have Our next Golf Day can ev'en.been menti'oned at ihe time. the be better if more participate prizes were being 'awarded. and a' little more he"lp could be Y9ur chairman is truly sor.ry so used., I'll mention them now.- They Herr Appointed Engineer were: Robert Bair;.Jim ~ogel, The New York Thr.uyvay Au Fra~k Miller and- Tom Golden...'; I ;;;;:;;;-::;'"-:-;--:-:;-:;~;;;;;;;;:I ~ ~ ~nl.i ~'I;~...,f., _,.,.. 'I t~~~~jft TWENTY MALLG\JILDERlAND. N.Y.. merlcan~ifhf& ccessorll's BALDWIN BRASS. FENTON GLASS INTERNATION~ PEWTER CAROLINA SOAP AND CANDLES ;:~~~r7~~. WILTON ARMETALE... NEW ENGLAND CLOCKS OLD DUTCH CqPPER. KAY DEE PRINTS. CROWNFORD CHINA. AND MANY. MANY MORE.I., P;cturedab'DVe are winners of the Blanchard Posf Golf Day. "Left to rigfl.t are: Walter Trombley, accepting for.robert Bair, closest to pin-4th hole'; Neil Cummings, longest drive; Ed Zaremski; low net; A<;lY Caliagan, cha.irman; Pal,J1 Wasserback, low gross and Tom Neary, closest to- pin-12th hole. Get the COMPt;ETE story of this area in the Spot-,. light' every week of the year. One way to be as-. sured of,receiving the next 52 issues is t6 fill in the blank below. Yes, we'd like to add y'0ur nameto an ever-growing, listof PAID subscribers! -'--~------~~-~~ ~-- '0 renewa:. Please entsr,my..,.d.new subscription to the Spotl,ight., have enclosed $4 for the next 52 issues. ~AME STREET ADDRESS PO ZIP he SpotUght. Octobe'r' 17,1974'- PAGE 19

20 WINES; & LIQUORS UNLlM-ITED 'A THOUSP.,ND WINES in stock,".., A THQUSAND DECANTERS on display all, tit discount prices.. Rt.,g,W, 'Raven,a OCTOBER 2.4'h An... 1 Chicken Supper' and Bazaar, l'hur:scfay, October 24th at)erusalem "Reformed 'Churc~, Feura Bush, N.Y.... Servings P.M. Adults $4.25, children $2.00. Res.: /. Menu Hot chicken,' biscuits, gravy, mashed 'pot!'ltoes, r'!'jixed 'v~g~tables, chicken salad,', Harvard beets,,rolls, butter, pumpkin or. appl,e pie, coffe~, milk of.j.ea. If you're lookiflg for the best value in 110R~' OWnt~1 Insurance you'll find it at State Farm Give me a. Gall. today. You'li. disgoverwhat's made State Farm. the number.on~ honieowners in-. surer in the world.,. thority a'nnounced to~ay.. the' ers and. Chamber. members to appointment of Charle.s A." Herr, b~co.nie acquainted. 115 Mosher.Road, Delmar:, as. Mr. George George, Presi T~affic and, Saf.ety Engineer" dent of the 'iocal' Chamber of effective October 3. Mr. Herr. Commerce,. greeted a will. succeed the,late John I. 'omately 65 people 'at N,,,tansicle Man.ning,: of Cobleskill, who' Country' Club., In,addi~ion to died August.15. teadiers' and.chamber mem- 'Prior to his new assignment,. bers, school board.members,mr., H'err was 'supervisor'of the a'nd school administrators en'-. Standards & Policies Section, joye~the.meal.. Divisio~ of fraffic anp Safety,. Bethlehem' Hi.storieal of the 'State Department of 'Associ'ation Meets' Transportation. He will tram~-. The Bethlehem Historical. fer to the Thurway Auttiority Assodafion will meet at 8 P:M. in his present CiVil Service.. October 17th at the Museum o"n 'status as 'an "Associate: Civil Route 144 and Clapper. Road. Engine.er (Traff,ic).. FollowiQg the regular meeting He 'earned,a degree of. Bach- trere will be a talk on'the "Hise,lor of Civil' Engineering from tory _of Silver" by Mr. W;illiarn the Cooper Union School of Pillsbury," Curator' of.collecineering, N~w York, 'and. i~ lions, at the AlbanY,'lnstitute 'licensed professiona'!" engir:-- of History and Art,,Albany, eer in N~w York State. He' is N.Y. 'Members a(e requested a_ fe!low~ in,tho_ Institute' of to bring a favorite, silver heir-i Traffic Engineers and a mem- loom. A refreshment hour'vl(ill ber of the Advisory Panel ~f c.lose the meeting. the National Coo.perative High- Plans are being made. to 'ho,ld way Re~earch. p" r 9g r '!lm. a Tai.lgate 'Sale ~nd Flea, Mar- 'Ann~al Chamber of,com:merce ket on November'. 2nd from. Dinner Held -Noon to dusk 'at the Mu seum. Ort- Thursday even'.ing of last' Mr. Louis E. B. Ha.uf, Jr.. a we.ek, th~, Bethle~em: ChalTl~er Mrs.' H. Carlton Kelley are 'of Commerce, sponsored its Chairman and Co;-Chairman a's ~nnual dinnw in recbgnitiqn of. sisted by Mmes. Harold. Wi I: new teachers. 'The Chamber' Iiams, M. Elizabeth Van.Oostensupports ttiis acti:ijity in order brugge and :Mr,. Myron_,(Skip} -to: welcome',te~hers to. the" Flagg.. M\ss -Marjprie Ter~ell "Del'mar area. As in the past, all is chairman of the bak'e gqdds teachers r'few t~ Delmar schools sale.. ' were invited to dtnner'as guests. The xh-ibit of dolls and doll of the Chamber. The event also' houses wi,11 be' ~howri. every provid4?s,a means for the tea~h~.sunday f~rou9h,october 20th.. I 'ED" '. BERGMANN, 50A Delaware Ave.: Deimar, 482.IF71 Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there... 'State Farm Fire and Casualty Company.. Home Office;. Bloomingt~n, Illinois Wayne E: Wagner, Independent Republican Candic;iate for U.S. Congress, announced recen'tly that he proposed a F~derarTax Credit.on reside'ntia! mortgage loan income to polste-r the sagging 'c~nstruction industry.an~ to allow our young people.to buy "their Qwn homt!s. Wagner discussed this-propos'al in Washi~gton with Abraham Weiss, Assistant U.S. Secre-, tary of Labor for Economics anq PO'licy. PAGE 20 ~ Oct'Gb~r 17, 1974: The Spotlight. '.

21 . \. from 2-5 P.M. and.the public is wei-cor.ne. " Fire Prev8otio'n Week Ki<:koH Fire~ is a terrifying' experience. All-the more so for older people, invaljds or "the infirm. The terror of the experience breeds 'panic- ang in" the p.a'nic lives are lost. '... Worse still: valuable time a'nd lives are,~st w~en responding firemen,are unaware that peopl~,may be caught in a burning home. "A mear:1s of i dentifying- areas of homes_ "for immediate search has long be'en needed,,', PROJECT; RESCUE, will be introduced during Fire PreventionWeek, by the Town of Bethle~em Fire Department's an<d '~-rhe Charles ~R. Bryant. Insurance Age.ncy.,It is simple I'n,its operation. 'and' thereil"!. lies it~ effectiveness. Mr. B~ya~.t -is pr.oviding free of 'cost to the 'Town 'Fire Dep~rtme'nts" distinctiye, decals to be plac~d in the upper right hand corner of wil1dows where elderly people or invali'ds sleep or are confil1ed., In re,spond~ ing to a fire or other emer-gency; fire personnel. will look for these decals and 'iilit'iate an im ~ediate search and re:scue, if. necessary: The only requirertlent on the part of our.citizens is. to no, tify their -Fire Dep'~rtm'ents,of their, need for a- decal and you. 'will be prdyjded with one. Did You Know?' THAT WE CARRY LADIES' SIZES to. 46 BLOUSES' SLACKS. LARGE SELECTION CO-ORDINATES. SLEEP WEAR DELMAR. DEPARTMENT. STORE 4 CORNERS THE COUNTRYTR.UNK BUI.LDING DDwnt:Dwn.AIt:.mDnt:. Candiidates Carl Touhey, A,ssemblyman fred i and- Howard Nolan made an_ appea'rance at the start of the Americ'an Cancer Society's Se~ cond,annual Bike-A-Thon. Assemblyman Field rode 'the 14 mile route and 'finished fifth in 'a field 'of over 150 riders. A first prize 'of a 1 0- speed. bike -will be awarded to.the rider who collects the most funds! The bike was given' jointly by Alb~'ny Dodge and Herman's' Sporting Good~. -r:here will be awards-for first'and second runner-ups and certificates fo('those who participated. Special than.ks go to th,e officers and men of.the 1.05th '. MP Company'who acted as.g-liards and guides for the route. Refreshments. were served to all thos:e who rode.. A Very Unique Gift: Bhop. Gift:s, Antiques.& Vilrlous. Goodies,. the..'., COUlfTBITBUl1 Downtown Altamont \ Noon to 5 p.m. everyday exceptsun. & Mon. RUGGED RUNNER \\,AlK OFf MAll.. SINCE 19}5 CARPET WORK ROOM...' _.. I dtacked Down Carperillg" Cleaned ill Your HOllie Oriental & Dpmestic RlIg~~ Cleaned ill Our Mode,,; Plant - Laying - Biriding~ Ser~ing - Repairing - -Weaving Hoover Ckaner Sales:- New'_Steam Cleaning. Phone for Free Estimate 465,7870 Pick /Ip & De'livery.j 'LEKTRO-KLEEN UO. We Operate,OUR OWN PL.~NT,at 27 Sher~an 'Str~et.Albany, New Y?rk )22,10. The Spothght. October. ~7, ~ PAGE ~1

22 , by louis J. Carciobolo, Owner CANDlb"& FORMAL Lt.\l'R/01JS!"Elf' STUDIO FACILlTlf:S Eng~gernent., Chi.(drfm - Family And Executive Portraits, ARDSLEY RD. WESTMERE.. Just OH Western Av.. I Mile West of Northway ~~,.~~~~~~~~~~~.~ ~~~~~~.~.' I' We Make House Calls NOW IS THE TIME FOR SCREEN AND WINDOW REPAIRS ,7 ROGER SMITH"PAINT & WALLPAPER,COMPANY,' 253 Delaware Ave. Delmar, N. y Boy Scouts Elect' Leaders S,coutmaster Gerard De Meur announces that the Boy Scouts" of Troop 75 have elected their leaders for the' new year. They are: Senior Patrol Leader,' Brian Ellsworth; Assistant Senior Patrol I:..eader, Ben 'Riehl; p.a 'trol Leaders, Bruce DeGroff, Brian. Robinson, ~abert Hieneman, and Mark Dempf. Former. Senior Patro.l leaders,!<.ip Robinson and Peter Guard, have advanced to Juniar Assistant Scautmaster and f'ormer' Patrol Leaders, Dave Holler and John B.ryso.r\.are in.the Leadership Corp. ~ The 'Tr'oaps first fa.11 acti ~ity will be a camping trip to Devils Tombstone in the Catskills. fn Octaber, the camping activity will oe the District.Ca~poree.. A ski trip 'in Febru ary and a New York City trip in March are among the activi 'ties plann'ed,'for.iater in the year..., The meetings are held Thurs day nights at.the Delmar United Methodist Church at 7:15. and bays who 'are 11 years of age or o"ver who are interested in a scouting program that emphasises. camping are invited to. jain. The Troop is sponsored by the Mens' Club qf the Church... Wildlife Conservation Award Many folks talk abaut helpin.g wildlife but the Bethlehem Spor:tsmen's Club has done,it, They have been na'med "Conservatian Club af the Vear" by.the New Yark State Canservatian Cauncil for their,.l?oo haurs' af wark, carried aut by valunteer Club members, improving t'he habitat for wildlife an' the CI'ub ~an'ds,nea'r Cla rksville. The imp~rtance and' praductivity " of the work has 'been'recognized by the' Rl)ffed Grouse $ociety of Narth America who. have s~l~cted the praperty as ane o.f th~ir few demonstratian areas in tne.united States.. The praject cansisted pri-'marily af liberating,. foodproducing trees ~md shrubs - aspe,n; ap,ple, hawtharne, black cherry and serviceberry.- from campetition by overtapping vegetatian and by ~~tablishing a. matrix of food -and shelterproducit;lg bushy areas scattered through the preddminently waodland habitat. The Cauncil esta.blished the award 'to giv~ proper recognition to' those individual's 'and org~nizations. SHUTTLE HILL CULINARYHEJ(BS 'r/r BLENDS SPICES,-~ SEASONINGS of FINE TEAS HERB TEA5' JAM5 and JELLIES ANTIQUE COLLECTABLES it SHAKEQ. -INDIAN-' BASKETS SHUTTLE HILL HERB, PLANTS, HERB-WINE, VINEGARS PAGE 22 - October 17, 1974 UNUSUAL IHU'-"'''' PL~NrS SEEDS ~ARDS and NOTEPAPERS DRIED DISTINCTIVE GIFTS,,-, P">a,,,ssClub this month starts its 74th year.of service to the;. the leadership of newly el cted officers shown here. "Mrs. Otis Dic.kinson, Treasurer; Mrs. Neal C. Baldwin, G. Earl Hay, Vice-President; and Miss Frances Haner, Corresponding Secretary.,_ Other officers are MrS. Edward W: landoli, Second Vice-President and Mrs. Robert Brenner, Secretary.. ELECTRIC TRAINS Repairs - PartS - Sale. Std.,- "0", S,HO & N G.auge, CHUCK LONG , MEN'S AND WOMEN'S Jewelry - Watches ALL NEW':" GUARANTEED 50% OFF 434,6668 The Spotlight

23 N.Y.. S. OFFICIAL Inspection Center L& H. B'ro'k'e & Front E~d Service '115 Adom's Street, Delmar HE Alignment Whee! Balon'ce Muffler;; & lair'pipes. who make outstanding,e~ucationa I and informational contributions to the, natur.al resources of the, State :of New Yo k Judo-Karate at "Y" Beginning'Monday, November 4. Albany YMCA will be: conducting". Judo arid Karate courses. The Judo course will be. held on' Monday a'nd Wednesday. even.ings, and the' Ka- 'rate. course will run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Both' courses wi I r run for twelve week block. Classes will' be -'broken down into skill cate~ gortes which makes the classes availabl,e to both begi.nner an'd advanced students... Both classes are available fa the 'public. For further information. about either course, contact the Albany YMCA at B ~ ~ ~ ~: End l1li II llill II "" """ II III Springs Fall FI avor Festival of. - ~t: ~~e'::;;':'*,*11 Ci.~m:;;~~:M.!"'ki. t ~ ;g~~r~~~~e ;~rj- "'j,... TOli GATE J:. WII,h _ ",LUNCHES.& DINNERS., -... _.... == P RA TpTA ~ ~ SMB E RT in' exc!u<.!\'c' Calrhra/f'r{ Ed Dillon EMPIRE PAIIIIT COMPANY 142 Central Avenue. Albany, New- York Phone: Coi:)r" j I. IRllln;iUU"i;"U"nlmll""lillllll"""IIIill~n"""IIIIIrnlllllllllllllIIIlilllllllllllllll-. I TEN~IIS RACKETS Restrung - Regripped VIOLINS REPAIRED BOWS REHAIRED C.M. LACY.3 Becker Terr. " Jefferson would have loved this ceiling_ Con?titution is. the most elegant Cha.nd~1ier Cell-, ing by Armstrong. lis authentic-looking deslqi) blends antique gold tracings into a deeply em-. bossed classic white background. And,.like 'al).easy Does ItChandelier,Ceilings, Constitution. hides the seams: SO Its beauty flows uninterrupte9 from. wall. to wall Here's Something Worth.. Shouting About! Our extr.a care in your remodeling is what makes the difference.. FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 'CALL ANnlME I40MI.'MOOIlING HIAOQu.unl'. " OHI CAU. OOfS ALL UTiMAns inan( ING' c.onsnucnoh oiu"'''''."i' -._,;"9.. Sidl,..... throe.... 1_", Add!flon. "'''''tii'. s,....., 'loon"c.,... We have an Outs.tanding Collection of Berha Hummel Figu- rines -'- in stock now. Have them wrapped Free'of Charge in our beautiful Christmas paper... PEARL GRANT RICHMAN'S STUYVESANT PLAZA. Install with Armstrong's new Integrid Furring.Channel. Ask. ~ for a demonstration.-. IW~SU G~lYll.. U BE"~; 10 FOURTH AVE. ALBANY, I M" Soultl, r1.114 ItM.. "'... " !t. ecairo e JOHNSTOWH e Spotlight Octob~rI7, PAGE 23..

24 .'.~., FASHION CAREER L1KE.To. OV\i'N' A DRE~S' SHOP? ALL NAME BRA'ND LADIES' WEAR FACT DRY fresh LATEST STYLES YOUR CUST6MERS SAVE UPTO 50. Complete l~ventory... B~autiful Redwood Fixtures... 'Cdmplete Training Program VERY HIGH EARNINGS 'INVESTMENT $12,500.VISIT OUR STORES...TALK TO OWNERS CROICE AREAS AVAILABLE CALL COllECTMR. TODD ! , OR WR ITE HY - STYLE SHOPPE P.O'. Box 2q009.. J,Bcksonville, Fla ' I " AII.t~rough i-~~========:::==:::======~~~ I the. 1 ~,th HELP US CELEBRATE OUR 1 sl ANNIVERSARY One Taco or One Enchilada FREE with this ad with 'any, purchase over 50'P, ',limit one per person ~.JD8t a leetle tasi~ol Mexieo" La Grq~vV Co~bo..:... ~, :'.,'... (taco, ench., tosta da) " ~..'.. " Odd C, OUP, Ie Combo :... I,,,0,0,,,(taco, bu<ger;soda) -, (~ '. '. 'TAUO J~~C.~, S77 New Seod_d Ave., AlllaD,.,. ~ lapp. St. P.t8,'S Hospital) JOTIINGS by Joni Sd~~OI,: Physi~~1 -Ed,ucatlon classes were the, same every year:. For an ex ample, l'ii'use "the trampoline. From the first year our -school had one"('feurth grade) ~hr.ough grade, we were taug~t the'same moves. We, never pro-" Igressed to the more compli-. cated ones.:after a'ccomplishing the'simple ones.- By ta'iking ie-' my nieces and nephews, it's still the'sam~way.. If other :ctasses can b~ divided, into, lean1.ing potential, why 'nof Physi~al Education.? Why' should the' advanced studerts be held back. from learning and the slp~er ones 'pu's'hed too hard or forgotten'comple,teh"? '. Take Outs' Tues; Sat. 11 & TOO LATE TO CLASSifY c', ,. Sun. 3-8 MERCHANDISE FOR SALE' L.,...,---'-- ~ --'-~:...,..---""---.:..-.w. BICYCLE,:... Girl's 18"'Raleigh Robin Hood, 3 speed, $ :.. Thanksgiving Arrangements, C. B. CLARKE, INC., " ' FOR, INSURANCE CALL Burt Anthony IF YOU WINTERIZE YOUR CAR; WHY NOT WINTERIZE YOUR INSURANCE POLICIES WE'LL DO IT FREE FOR YOU. CALL , ' 339 Delaware Ave. Delmar Pharmacy. Topics Snow" Removal (BY SNOWBLOWER PROCESS),, ' IOP~NOR CONTRACT RATEI RESIDENTIAL - SPECIFI,CALL YIN,, KENAVI:.ARE DEVELOPMENT, (KENWOOD AVE; TO OELAWARE TO CHERRY TO, KENAWARE AVE.)' CALL439.~919 Days '60 Evenings DON HALSODliF VET'S GARAGE PAGE,24'-'Octaber 17, 197.d.,.., GIFT & PLANT,BOUTIQUE 1:44 Main St., Rav'ena Open 10-5_'daily, Fri.!til 8 VIKKf DEMASE 756'2098 'TREESCAPE' ARBORICUlTURALSERVILES HAROLD C; Macl~TOSH, Pr~P. -. The People Who care About Your'. Trees &, You Pruning,,.Tr~e Remova!. Bracing' Feeding ~'Tree Surgery:. Planting Cabling '. VIsta Cutting.. Wo{)d Lot Impr()vement Stump -Removal 24 Hr., Emergency SerVice' 1 4, " [,I;m.", ~ Free,. FIREWOOD Mall Address: Bolt 14, Slingerlands,. _N.~:IZip I by Tom. I.:pngtin",.- Doctors,r~mind u~ that tak'ing two or more medicines at the same.time may alter their chemical reactions; so,that t~ey act differ~nt, Iy if? your body, Consult your doctor.... New blood test can diagnose a pregnancy almost 'immediately. It can ev~n,tell whether the preg-, nancy is a normal. uterine one, or ectop!c. '. Tourniquets are no more; current first~aid guides' recommend direct pressure on wound with sterile.. 'gauze' dressing.. Pres_en ted as a friendly service 'by NeW Scotland. Pharmacy, Inc., Pho.ne Stqne""-,,ell Shopping ~enter Slingerlands, N. Y. ' The Spotlight

25 .',..',.,"""...,.. -. **************************************************************," Sll()~! Ufl! ~c\~~o~a~~ l '75 Snowmobile Designs Offer, Snowmobile' Safety. CoUrse Wid'; Variety, The Helderberg ~idge -Run- Improved/designs that conner Sno'('Jmobile Club will spon- tribute to easier.handling, safe ~or a snowmobi_le safety cou~se and. comfortabie' ride', efficient. for al'l children 1 years of age fuel and power usage, fast or older., It is mandatory for. braking, quleter opera~io~, anyone to pass the course rider convenience and'" mini.and.o.btain their license' in or~ mum m-aintenanc,e are featured der to operate a. sno.wmobile. in new 1975 snowmobile's,avail-. in New York' State. The course. able' to buyers t~is fall -and wi!, be' h~ld at the Clarksville. winter.,. fire house, oeginning at' 7 P.M. With these design :jrhprove- 'on Friday" October 25. ~ ryu'1nts is a wide.variety of siies' and fea'tures to satisfy the whims of vi dually every snow 'me.biler. Take the,1975 snowmobiles from- Hom'bardier- Limited;. for instance; Thete are seven Ski Doo series, ~anging' from li,ghtwe'ight. Elan compacts (Iowestpriced models basi,cally for oneperson. 'riding) upward through new family-style Olympiques, sporty TNT fan-cools,. high' flota.tior'! TNT Everest, sty tch-. tracks' (chosen' Snowmobile ~f It's symmetry of motion as three snowmobilers put -<I. t~ r., rear tc. front: new '75. Cn,ma, TS 4PC, and 'Nuvik 'machines through th.ejr paces... the Year in 1974 e..liff-davis,.publishing), high-performance.tnt,free Airs, -workhorse AI "pine twintracks ~nd 'luxurious side - l?y -, side sea~ing 'Elites:'. There are also' six. Moto-Ski sncwmobile. ~series, ranging, fr.om crie,.of' the longest 'ma "chines,oil the ma'rket, the Chi,mo" to' one,of the smallest, the: C~det. I.n between thes:e series, include_-the racy TS 400, the.family-styled' Futura, completely-new Nuvi'~', and luxury- '. designed Grand Sport. ' _Am.ong' the imprc'yements' available' bn"' various S'ki-Doo or Moto~Ski machines are re-. bessed: ski_ runners, new' ~Iide, suspe~sioris, new engine cool~, ing systems,_ 9-i-nch disc brakes. with minimum -parts for easy maintenance,' exte'rnal. Gablatch handles, -cltjtch and en~ gine. variations,- chan'ges,ih. ski, i:::o'ntour,' new track styles,. an.d. new_ seat contours, 'each' planned 'better for, '75 sn'owmobiling'... For quiet Qpe~ation' and noise reduc~ion, t~ere: are' special muffler and,. sound-deadening' features engineered.' to each model. For leoks, the new '75's are colorful in 'variol!s!lighg.loss 'combinations.' Eacn'_series has. its own..!?ab styling; chassis',d,esign, opera,ting feat.ures, al)d prie:e range. ~"nl"tional INSTRUCTION FOLLOWING THE, ICE,SKA TER GROUP.'INSTRUCTION. '9 Week 'Course ' WEEKLY CLASSES: II:? hour of' instruction per class.., 1st Term ' 2nC: Term Sun,day~ 1:09 PM 3:00 PM -,-'3:45. PM 5:45 PM "Sunday O,tI.~20 Dec. 15 lan, 12 March 16 Tuesday_ Oct. 22. Dec. 1.7 Jan. 14 March 11 Tuesdays' 9:30 AM 11:30, AM. Thursd3Y, Oct. 17 Dec. 19 Jan, 16. March 13 Thursdays 9:30,AM, 11:30 AM.Clas;es minimum of 6 _ maximum of 10,' For information call Box office open Monday.Saturday 9 AM. 5 PM; Sundav.12 Noon 6 PM. ) FIELD HO-USE RPI ~URDm and PEOPLES AVE~ _,.. TROY, N. Y ' _,,"=-~~-.-:.:.~~=...::.:c..=':"=-=-_---,,--'--'-_.-.j,,. -f':':.::...;.~,~;:::., I,Char ~Sims, Mis's Ski-Doo and former. Miss Minnesota, smil-es prettily as she shows' off 'new T'NT outfit 'toppecl by sh"earling fur: cap. Snowmobile -,' is new Olympique,model. October 17, PAGE 25 "

26 Spotlight.,, AlTIRAIiONS BLACKTOP MARIANI'S BLACKTOP 'driveways,.!laiage floors, ALTERATIONS AND DRESSMAKING. Jo Clark.' sidewalks. Also iennile sealer., 4~ " ' tf ALUMINUM SIOING COMPLETE 'line aluminum products. tnstallatj"on. local references on request:" Gualanteed workmanship" free estimates. Dick Oomermuth tf, ALUMINUM SIDING, new plastic coated all colors in stock, no down p-avment, 30 year guarantee "Fr-ee estimates.' Statewide Modernization Corll.,. 104 Quail St., IV tf APPLES APPLES CIDER WINTER SQUASH' PUMPKINS' Now Featured at HASWELL FARM Feura Bush Road at, Murray Ave, OPEN MON. thru SAT.. 1 P.M.,6 P.M. APPLIANCES Bob Sowers' DELMAR "APPLIANCE Complete line of RCAVictoreWhirlpool SALES "&)';ERVICE 239 Deraw~I"e' Ave.." Delmar '''Our Prices Are Reasonable" LIUZZI BROS, Blacktop Specialists Residential, (:ommercial, Industrial -: Fully Insured Free estimat~ -' cv PIIVING. r~sidential~ commercial. folly insured:,jennite sealer, all work guaranteed for free estimate.'. - 26tt031 capital ROAD IMPROVEMENT. Residential, coni,!' - 'mercial,' industrial. Free estimates. Fu'IIY insured > d. Blacktopping At prices you can af-, ford, We specialize in. driveways, wal'ks, floors, ' etc; Call for. free estiinate, CAPITOL PAVlfllG. parking al'eas, sidewalks, ga rage floors. Free estimates or 456-,5170:. tf h".m't'v ~tairs, CARPENTRY... doors, windows, general re:' 6 8 P.M , tf CARPENTRY - MASONRY..., Painting - Repairs -' "No Job Too Sma'I!.". Call 'Cliff tf ADDITIONS. GARAGES. 'dormers, siding, porches, roofs, small repairs. VanCans, tf. COVENTRY, CARPENTRY, cellar to rciof, remodel ing, kitchen, garages, a.~dition~ " tf CARPI! ClUNING L- ~P~~~n=e_4=3~9~~72=3~~--J.,II, ~===================; - I. JENNE'S CARPET CLEAN',NG I SERVICE BICYClES steam extraction carpet clean ,--~~,:..~_-... ing in your home or.office, free'. ::;:::'. 00' Center. Salas -Accassori!!' '. Rapa.ir All Makes.' -' - I.. '.,j'.i. ~:tlil,:~t~~7_~~~~~nable prices. CHILD CARE iiew Scotland Rd (j U1VEl{ COUNTRY HOME. 24 hour SeNici!. 50C. perhour.? tf IlICTRICAL CONTRACTORS DUFF.Y ELECTRIC - residential & commercial wiring - 24 hour emergency setvice. 439, 5177: tf FIREPLACE WOOD MIKE SHULTES: mixed; dry, hardwood. 820,00 a face cord. Delivered tl0l0, MAPLE. ASH. OAK and Cherry. Will deitver ' SEASONED FIREWOOD: well split, hardwood, face" c(nds and kindling. Delivered, , lotl1~8 FIREWOOD: seasoned, higli Quality, hardwood, delivered & stacked ~1114 _ FIREWOOD - mixed: seasoned hardwood. By trucklo ad. Delivered or pick up yourself. ~Call anytime -?67-2~19. 3tl024 FURNITURE REFINISHED EXPERT FURNITURE refinishing. D;apes made to order. Also antiques for sale. Phone H HORSES BOARDED JOSEPH'S TROUBADOUR STABLES, riding 1;5so'n 'pony rides. Training. RI. 9W tf TORCHrs TACK SHOP Jer"icho Rd.', Selkirk RO 7,2701 RO 7,2468' Mon.-Sat. 9"-9 Boarding & Training Sfable~ Riding Supplies & Saddles Indoor Arena j RINGS, JUMPS - pastures; lessons English ~niy;. call 869,2482 or Roundabout Farm. tf LAWNMOWERS LAWN MOWER SALES' Repairs - most makes. pick-up & delivery MEYERS LAWNMOWERCENTER 1958 New'Scotland Rd. 439,5966 INIIRIOR DECORATING INTERIOR DECORATING - Oelnfar Dacorators, Delaware Plaza;,Call 43,9 4J..3G. tf JlWILRY, -EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRS. Dia mond setting, engraving, wedding and engage. men! rings, reasonable. Your 'trusted jeweler.. LeWanda, Delaware Plaza Shopping Center. HE tf MASON WORK AREA MASONRY SpeciaJ.ize Concrete work, additions, floors', patio, walb,. foundatiohs All types of repairs!. Chimney, stucco, slate, waterproof lng, etc,. ~,Free estim~te' ' MOTORCYClES, YAMAHA. TRIUMPH MOTORCYCLES Sa.les. j & Service Parts & Accessories DAVE FLACK Rt. 9W, Raven~ MOTORCYCLE REPAIRS w~ service all motor~yc!es. Parts & Accessories CHUCK LONG...: ~ Mori.-T ues.-wed. after 6 P.M. Other days 10-8 PAINTING & PAPERHANGING VOGEL, PAINTING Contractor,. interior, exterior painting, paperhanging. Free estimates. Guar.: anteed. Ins~red. JIM HE or JOHN Hf ,.... tt' INTERIOR PAINTING: El[perie~ced, reason'able Call John Bruce 4' , 4tl031. A & MPAINTING Interior and Exterior FREE ESTIMATES FULLY INSURED or 482,2645. 'f:' ",. PAINTING CO'TRACTOR BILL WRISTQN.. 1: ~...,.:;, ". F~IIY I~sured. /.~'~~ ~~~ ~. Resrdentlal EYJftIU 'i:x'perienced. all types masonry, new.or repairs. ~i4w/ii(r.' Paper Hanging Guidara. HE evenings. tf 'IL --. ~ 4,;;5:.:9.:-2:.:5~37.:.,:or_4:.:3.:9.:.3.:'6.:6:,J.PAGE 26 - October The Spotbght

27 '11" D.L. CHASE I,'. Painting, ~"', Contractor,' Residential Specialists Phone 768:2069 PAINTING CON'TRACTOR:.exterior,.interior, paper hanging. Insured. Don Vogel ,4' personal MAKE MOI'JEY QUICKLY.stufling enve'lopes in your spare time. Stamps, names, envelopes fur nished. $100 per week can easily be made. Rush stamped, self addressed envelope for in 'formation. Spence, Dept. EF, 80x 23, leonia, New Jersey t1024 PLUMBING B. P. WOOD Plumbing & Heating 24 Hour Service Phone ' Roofing Roofing Roofing Roofing Roofing Roofing.. Roofing Roofing. Roofing Roofing Roofin'g Roofing SHINGLE, FLAT HOT ASPHALT, COMMERCIAb ANO RESIOENTIAL Emergency Repair~,"""., RICHARD >l' 00 8 ġ MARTIN, JR.. ROOf; ,00".0 ORIENTAL RUGS AU SIZES AND Varieties at illiporter's prices. liiew, used and antiques; washing 'and repairj il1g; free decorator advice; new.colonie shawroom; since Rustam K, I\ermani Company. 159jC Ce'nlral Ave., 11!2 mile west of Northway:,_ , ~ , tf MOVERS. D. L MOVERS, INC local and long distance, no job Ion sm~il tf DAN DONNEllY "MOVING and trucking. Delivery service. Free estimates tf SEPTIC lank SERVICE. NORMANSKfLL SEPTIC TANK Cleaners. We.install dry wells, septic tanks, drain fields ti DELMAR SANITARY CLEANERS.Service Tri.Village area over 20 years. HE 9:1412. ti ROOFING "'ASP'HALT, slate, wood shingle, 'ice slides, gutters,. repairs. Van Ca~s..: '. ti. M,& V ROOFING Glenmor:1.t," ALL TYPES OF ROOFING.Residential ~Commercial All work guaranteed SPOOR & SHELHAMER, ROOFING' Talk to the' men who do the wo"rk for a free estim'ate on A ROOF r------~-~, :......,i.. ', I NEMER' Rt. 7 West of Latham Circle Latham; N.Y : MASONS INC; : DUAlITY MASONRY Cement and Plastering : "THE BEST FOR LESS'".:. Walks and patios,.etc _.. :. All types of repairs. : : A, Loux - 439,3434 ': : R, Tice l48: ". WA PERSO~ALSER.VICE + PROMPTLY and PROFESSIONALLY for ALL of your REAL ESTATE' ~eeds includ~ ing relocating you' any place in the U.S. and Canada., Klersy.;Ross Rea lty,inc. 439~7601 "A NUMBERIT.PAYS TO Glenmont Ran(h Home.' Te<;l drih' a S JIrontDTive, UDaru Itc,o~dcutyour ~', " gas bills ;_ " " _ idbaif, ~:J!-;)f' w., could _nil, ~ on g_ mu~ilgo:. ilion." B.ul Ihere's so much more~ Sc., il.nd le.1. FRED CARL'S New Salem Garagt' Alea's Oldesl and Largesl Dealer!... wrlh-wmplete- ~~rts'dept ANO SERVICE I Spotlight New Salem,N.Y Slides, Guaranteed. FREE ESTIMATES VANCAN$ ROOFING /. f~~'-,..... 'C-. Serving the ".:- '. Bethlehem Communi~ :}'~. \..... for. years. -, Vanguard Roofing Co. Where Superior 'Workmanship, Still Means Something I. Call JAMES STAATS for a free e~timate Flawless-three bedroom home within Bethlehem School Dis-' trict- attractive living room, country kitchen with range. hardwood floors throughout ~ partially finished basement with outside entrance: One car garage -large wooded lot - ex'cellent neighborhood location. Call today for an appointment - immediate occupancy. $32,900. ' REALTORS 'Delavvare Avenu~; 'Delmar October PAGE 27

28 . " EPAIR.' on lv SlIrIOl. R.dio, -: Reasonable Rates elf' MARK SPELLMAN.ite, 4: &,. OULEVAIlD DE CC)ltATO RS Specializing in c~st(;mi ma~e. REUPHOLSTERY (1 0 d~y delivdry) SLIPCOVERS Fab~ic.~r. Plas"tic DRAIl!IERIES '. Our-owFl.~orkrooms Fabrics io'stock. SHOP AT'HOME FREE Decorator' Seniice FIREWOOD 6x8-x18 DELIVERED, ARIROSE ~9059 HOME. REMODELING &' ADDITIONS. Kitchens,:Sathrooms. and Family R()oms Re.asonable,Prices & Quality-Work, call A~ T. ZAUTNER & SON, INC.,. DELMAR,' NY New Homes For Sale 3:bedroom ranc~ ~ $35,900 Also? 4 bedroom Colonials PAGE 28 '-.'October 17,1974 SCISSORS SHARPENED 0 SCISSORS. SHARPENED -,!isd lawn~dwers, saws, chain saws: knives.. pinking shears. garde~ tools '.~ ' tf, PERMANENT WAVING SPECIALIZING,+'N B'reck, Realistic' Ravette ~nd' Carvl Richards permanents, liair tinting and 'bleaching. MElE'S BEAUTY SALON: Plaza Shop ping.ce~ter..h~ :.tt TABLE PADS TABLE PADS - made to-order: Delmar UecoratClIS luhnlrutll OtJr low'cost-toperation pol'lcy enables os to bring' you BIG 'SAVINGS on NEW furniture, rugs, bedding. : :. tf _I. BURRICK FURNITURE 560 Delaware Ave" Albany TREE SERVICE 'ERM'S TREE SERVICE, Coli IV H23 I. rt I BROWNIE'S TREE SERVICE' - tree stump removal. Insured: 45fl 7660, tf HERM'S TREE Service, callly tf, TREESCAPE - Arborieultural Services. 439: H.C. Mac Intosh, Prop... tf TRUCKING SERVICE PIANOS. APPLIANCES. light trucking. free estimates WINDOW SHACES Call for~ ti CLOTH 'SHAOES in stock ani! to order - custom wood shades and narrow slat blinds: Oelinar. Oecorat!,rs ,- ti MERCHANDISE FOR SALE 'PIANOS! ORGANS: 1!30'in stoc'k. Brown Piano Or gan Mart ' tf KNAPP SHOES. 'Cushioned comfort. H. Russeli Weiss;' Glenmont t126 BLUE LUSTRE not onlv rid~. carpets' of soil' but. leaves pile soft ani! lofty. Rent electric shani. paller S 1. Hili:hie's American Hardware, 235 Oela.wa.re Ave., Delmar. If, BEDROOM LIBERTY Mobile.Home, 12' x-' 60: in tr~iler park: Skirted, shed included, stove" a~d refrrgerator. Reasonable ~B. tt <DON'T STAND IN LINE! get your snowblowers in. early for. fall tune-up,. ~ Brf_i''l'g in your Lawn'mowe'rs & Tractors..:for W\hter Service- & Sto~age' Sale~ - Service JOHN S.. ALBANO & SONS " 15 Main:St., Havena M-W-F 8-8, T.-Th ti-alloween. CAKES &. cupcakes,. birthd~vs, 1111 occasion: Carol p'connor GARAGE SALE: househll!d, haby items, toys, cloth '. ing, pet ,,10 4.,29 Brightonwood. SNOWBLOWER, electric; 14 inch, also 22",lawn mower. reasonable , 2 FIRESTONE-snow tires, H78x15, like ne~, tube less, white wall, mo'unted, $ 'NEIGHBORHOOD garage sale, Oct. 19th, 10 5, single bed: che'st ',& desk.. Ski boots & much more. 5 Salisburv Road.. BASEMENT AND Garage Sale, antiques, oriental rugs, teakwood table, snow tires G70 15 on 'wheels, misc. 'Oct. 19 & '20, 10 to , 75 The Crosswav. just across the Thruway Bridge. in Alba.ny 4fi1S-S'112 "SUPER 'SALE - refinished antiizues: cllesls of drawers' Icherry. illld pine). small 'Ilak chest, slant frant desk, trunks (round top and flatl.. blanket chest, brass and iron.tied,,candlesticks, 2 air conditioners, snow hlower, -cri~.' lamps, denim hats, pinecllne wreaths, p~tchwork pil lows, etc. Saturdav, Oct. -19 from 9:30 4:00 at 10 Darroch Road, Delmar.. HYDRAULIC RAM and hose; truck or tractor chain linh. brand new;- Go!den Spike,30/30 (ille, never used -, collector's item; Avon bottles; _Rolloflex GTS92 Snowmobile. 439, 8436.' ", HECTRIC RANGE, -30" Hiltpoint. Used 14 months. Excellent condition alter 5:00 or weekends:..'. GARAGE SALE - Oct. 19, -rain date Oct Misc. 12 Murrav Ave., Delinar. ~EIGHBORHoOO Garage Sale - Sat., Oct. 19, Carstead Or.; Slingerlands, 10 4., Babv equip' ment, orig.inal.artwork, insuia,tors, "ki boots, bathroom fixtures, snowblower, N gauge I jin equip., gas stove:, desk, much' more. Several lamilies participating. TWO SNOW' TIRES; studderl and o'n:rims; 8.25 'x 15; excellent; S55; ,2. IMITATION FIREPLACE 'with logs and andirons tv Stand S J ELECTRIC stove. S 'STUOOEo SNOW TIRES, pair, F76 15' plus wheel :6374.after 6 P.M.. TWO OYNEGLASS snow tires, SID' each. Cail mornings '. - PUMPKINS - apples-, potatoes, squas, John Geurtze's Woodridge Farms, Rt. 9W Inext to Car Wash), tl031 PITS '2COUNJRY"KITTENS, 7 ~oed, long haired, -j ti!ler,.1 black & white , 7fi FOR' SALE -.pedigree'miniature Schnauzers, 5,weeks.old, or 768: tl024 IRISH SETTER pups A.K.C. born 8111, 45 cham pions in,5 generalions for show_ or field. 'Call after AUTOMOTIVE 0 CAPITOL.-... VW' Rte. 9W, Glenmont ' 2 1/2 mi. so. of'thruway Exit 23. home of 1 OO%'-guarante~d used cars '73 BARACUOA. power steering, b'ucket' seats. Costom console:.':;118", blue with', black in terioi. Asking Call alter 5:00 P.M '. '. Of. STORM WINDOWS REPAIRED Thermoglass Plexiglas '-. Lexan Custom Picture Framing, '. matting a.nd mounting. Capitol Glass Co. formerly HeldelMrg Glass' 43 So; Main St., Voorheesville' ' ,234 RUMMAGE 'SALE ST. ST.EPH,E:N'S CHURCH ElsmeTf~ Ave., Elsmere 'October 18 ' '1974' 9 A.M>2 P.M. New Unic;raft..MAUSQLEUM. Lowerstheeost of Above Ground Interment.-, CALL MEMORY STUDIOS CentrafAve. 1.'!5!17!1 _Onfv Authorized,_. :. Rock 01' Ages ~ti<\ Dealer. Dr in Albanv County.~W The SpotlIght

29 o, \ " \ ' on new cars. STOP,.. RUST on old cars. With our system, we RUST~PROQF complete under _carria_ge, inside doors. inside rocker: panels;inside t'runk. Appointment...:, JOE KELLER'S MOBIL " Rt.9W 0 Glenmont,, AUTO 'BODY WORI(. - complete paint iobs to minor repairs. rlo-'essional work - low price. General auto raoair. F.lII\ t""'6''',slu!ciaj,-.save on parts and labol. t.;a I I'J \lhi. ro, tor appointmeni & free estimate.. tf FOR SALE Yamaha Enduro Road & trail bike. S90D ~,. 'WANTED TO BUY AU kinds bought for cash - Moore,'s'. Post,.9W, Ravena ' tf WATCH REPAIRING EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRS. Diamond settings, engraving w~ddin!l and engage ment rings, reasonable; your trusted jeweler. Lewanda, Delaware Plaza Shopping Center, HE, " tf' WATCtUS 'REPAIRING,:expert,workmans'hip, Ail' work guaianteed'., Also engraving. diamond, s~t ring watch bands. Harry l. Brown. Jeweler. 4.Corne.r~, Oel.mar If. - HIlP WANTED 0 ~,.,. ' WANTED -' reliable. loving person 10 stav with. '. 2 children'after school and 1/2'day Wednesday. Call alter 5. 2tl017 I ~~~--~, AVOII WANT to PUT A 8 I~G P'RESENTe UNDER.YOUR,C,HILOREN'S CHRISTMAS TREE? '"Earn extra money as an Avon Representative. Sell qual. ity Avon products whjle the' kiddies are in School. I'll sho\\, you'how!,call,. Mrs.. '-Colisto,. ST , HELP 'WANTED We need. a few individuals'interested in 'giving quality care.to patients. Coin petitive: salaries.<3l)d benefits. For NURSES, LPN'S and NURSING AIDES, Flexible'hours ~ all shifts., Call Direc tor of Nurs'ing, Eden, Park Nursing 'Home, Alba'ny ,for ap.polnt. me,n!. HELP '(AWYER Law-reo 'Iated work 'in, Albany approx. Nov, thru June, annually; must be cae pableof handlingde-' tail. Repty Box No.,10" PET SITTER: needed person to care fo,r d?y in own home during the week.,cecker.spaniel. Call weekends: D'. L MOVERS, INC., man lui! time. Furniture & '. appliance helper. ' , 2tl024 BABYSITTER: 'three to livl! times a week All day, My home. OWn transportation. Experienced. Call a Mondavs:Thursday or weekend., Spotlight ROOM-WITH BOARD PARENTS BOARDED; lovelv country 'home. Visit with them anytime., tf. REAl ESUTI FOR RENT ATTRACTIVE HOUSE FOR RENT 7 year old sput level on nicely treed fot in pleasant neighborhood, 3, bed. room, 1 1/2 baths, family room, gao rage, carpetin'g, drapes included, Oc~ cupancy.-,-----' Nov, 1st, or 456,0877. SEWING MACHINE REPAIRS SEWING MACHINES REPAIRED. Work guaranteed,' Oelmar [ecoratar5-, 3 Delaware Naza, Delmar }0. If WELL KNOWNMOHN BESSON repairs all makes of sewing machines: in your home. free estimates, Sells second hand sewing machines,. guaranteed for one Vear If. SITUATIONS WANTED BABYSITTING, my home days. Elsmere Ave, 43!) 7547,.. ' LOVING', LONESOME two vear old boy in Elsm'ere desires plavmates while YOU play. res!, work... study, Will share familv, toys, crackers. etc, lor an hciur or all, week , ' GENERAL HANDYMAN -. no job too s'mall, P.aint ing, roofing, pan'uing. ceilings, cellars & 'reo p,airs, ,. 4~1024 GENERAL CARPENTRY, roofing' &,painting" Ex perienced, reasonable rates. Call , LOST & FOUND LOST - CAT, pure white. blue eyes, blue collar, o answers to' "Iggy," Needs medicine. Reward ' a,fter 5 and weekends, '. ExP9ri~nc9d.$~r99ri9d, ' Insured MEDICAL PERSONNEL POOL A National Service -.Albanv JENNE'S CARPET CLEANING SeRV'ICE steam extraction carpet" cleaning in your ho'me or office,- fre,e estimates. Reasonable prrces. Call at , NORTHEAST FRAMING 1526 New 'Scotland Avenue:, Slingerlands, NY NOW OPEN SATURDAY,10 4 rues., Wed.: Thurs, 10 to.4 or by app't :6953' Subscribe.to T~e S'POllig~t ' NO~ '~T PU:.R~ ",NEW STORY 11' There's'room for yciu to try the machines. Many models of Hoover and Eureka on display and"of course, always the. ELECTRO.' HYGIENE Trade ins Welcome MasterCharge, BankAmericard LEXINGTON VACUUM CLEANER 'REBUILDEI1S', 562 C,entral Ave., Albany, 482~ ':.PBP Aueql'v' "15 )j13 86 ~ olcnu ~P,31/11"O S:J!1U8!?JOOd, - ss::>!jd 45(H 9NLLNIHd,vw.rsnJ S34aJBI/II '1008 SS3u'!Sn8 ~ /. CHECK ~A YOUR \ FAIR SHARE :The UNITED Way WEST BEND '~, ' ' ~niaiic Corn Popper, Btitter melts, drips down onto ''Popping corn. No",' steck inside; clear coveris,erver. 4',qt Delmar" Hardware. 340 D.elilWMe Averiye, Delmar SEND IN YOUR SPOTlIGHT CLASSIFIED AD ON THIS HANDY ORDER FORM., Fill IN BELOW PLEASE PRINT: '~~, CCLASSI"CATIO"~.,.'., NAME" A,~DRES5 " SPOTLIGHT, INC. ',54 DElrAWAl?f AVE, DELMA-R,N Y 15C per word:, 51.50,minimum Phone number counts' as. one word.----oa.tes TO RUN-----, I. PHOHE " 'W : " PAYABLEINADVANCE :, ' W', ',e -: '!Ie.' '..,... '. October.17, 1974':"" PAGE 29

30 c54pplebee.'puileil11. Wome.qq: 403 Kenwood Avenue Delniar, New York HALLOWEEN SAFETY POSTER CONTEST. Supervisor' Bertram E. Kohink"'e announces that the Youth Bureau of the Bethlehem P-olice Department, under the direction of Sgt. Leo E.. Dorsey, and assisted by Thomas Kuli"kowski, Manager of McDo.nald's in 'Elsmere, will. be sponspring a' Halloween Safety Poster contest' through October 25.. All pre-kindergarten through fifth grade children in the Town of Bethlehem are eligib!e. and are urged to take part in this Safety Poster co'ntest... Mr. kohinke states that" the posters which are e~tej-ed' in the conte'st whi be on display throughout the Town and also in McDonald's restaurant: Judging wilf take plat;:e on Sund,ay,' October 27, at 2:00. P.M. at McD~nald's in Elsmere, lfhe 'entrees will be judged for each grade level separately and -decisioris will be based on neatness and best illustration of subject matter, "Halloween Safety:" Each 'child entering a poster will receive a special gift w~en post~r is ente'r:ed at McDonald's restaurant. Rules for Poster Contest '1.,Child mus"t live within the Town of Bethle~e~, 2. Ch.ild must be in pre kinder'garten through fifth grade, 3,' All po.sters must be.taken to MqDonald's Res.taurant.at 132.Delaware Avenue, Elsmere, N.Y., 4, Drawings must be on 'pos~er paper size 1-2 'x -18, or larger if- needed. H~y G.als! Jorfull Nutrition BUY.. ' BATTER WHIPPED SUNBEAM 'BREAD '. ' ". Available Almost Everywhere PAGE 30 - October 17, The Spotlight

31 .._cornrnunily co~.. I i ').(0 r t HALLOWEEN PROGRAM Winners of the _Bethlehem Art Association.Annual Juried Show are left to right: Virgi~ia Per"ez, Florence Siegel, Marij.o Fasulo and Carol. What: Holly-Check Coupon Program When: October 19 thr.u October 30 Mr, & Mrs. Walter Ku[k~la, and Joseph Corbett. Last October, Walter Kurkela, owner of the Duso Travel:Agency.in P'oughkeep,sie, signed up for' a Swissair familiarization trip to Switzerland. '" Last October, Marge Caccamo, 'of Myers Travel in Delmar, signed'up for a Swissair.familiarization trip to Switzerland.. This August, t?oth. Marge arid Walter returned to Swjtzerla'nd.: Not on a familiarization trip; on their honeymoon: They were married\n June. The role of Cupid in this tale of trt,lvel ;3gent love was played by Joseph Corbett, Swissair's Albany District Manager, who led rast year's familiarization trip for area agents. Joe, of course; gives 'credit to.the romantic influence of,the' Swiss mountains and,lakes. For his efforts, whatever they were, Joe was rewarded with an invitation to fhe wedding and a three-way handshake by the ca~e. That's' Joe". at right, with the liappy couple, now living in Poughk~ epsie. ' The"Bethlehem Jaycees are sponso~ing this 'program to cop~ with' teft1pered~with candy ard fru-it '-in tri~k-or-treat bags. Holly Check Coupons. may be purchased by.adurt~ for.5if:.. 'each ira.m" The Delmar News '& Car'q Shop, Mullen's Pharmacy, The E-Z Sho"ps in DelmGir &' Slingerlands, Grover's' Stationery and Woofwo~t.h's at Delaware PJa?a. The tickets are given't~ the chhdren instead of candy, who then may redeem them at the above "listed stores until. qecember '1" st. Any adults having coupons left over may also use them towards a purchase in the same stores. BETHLEHEM TOMBOYS What: General Membership' meeting When: Friday; October 18, 1974, 7:30 P.M.. Where: Community Room, Bethlehem Library The Board of Directors invites all parents of the Tomboys to 'attend, this General Membership meeting. fi!,. r~port will be given on our 1974 season and election of Boa'rd mjlmbers for the 1975 season will be held' " Be an int.eres'te~ 'pa;ent - ihi.s is you'r gi~'s softball league. We urge you to attend this meeting. Communlfy Corner.,a puqllc service column of Important c:ommu0ity.. events. IS sponsored by the people of the P L.A 5 TIC 5 D I V I 5'1 ON,G EN EHAL. ELECTRIC --_.- SELKIRK, M,W YORK I I' i I ',. I I I, Spotlight October 17, PAGE 31

32 , RED DELICIOUS' " ' L. "~~~; ::N SPY//~.~;;'1 GOL?EN DELICIOUS (...,.' :..-~y f'(':"":~"'://' _.. ~~',~... ~~~t '.,. ~ '.. ':\~ :\/~~ LA. ~, /, ': " '.l.'/ WATCHUS MAKE~''y :~,~. CID~R. '/~I/LAI)Df..\l ~~..,,. '/,2 'mlles W.Voocheesvdle /,; on Rt Weekdays: 10~6 Sundays 'RENTA KEG OF CIDER' " AND BUY SOME DOUGHNUTS.' FOR HA~LOWEEN... RE ELECT, AN EXPERIENCED.. SUPREME. COURT,..., JUSTICE,0' A Supreme Court Justice must have experience'..;. Justice Staley does.. '. A Suprem'e Court Jus\ice must have proven ability.,,justice, Staley does.,0 A Supreme Court Justice must be well qualified... The New York State Bar Association says he is.-. RE-ELECT Ellis'). Stale~Jr~,SUPREME COURT,JUSTICE 'APPLE DALE I 10 choice, large size, b~ildinglots adjoining. Sycamore Golf,Course offrt.143, Ravena Town Road, underground'electric - 1-1/2 to 2-1/4 acres each.,,. ' j Phone or Higl;1er fuel bills? ''. ~e can help...'...' Insulate to save dollars; The older the house, the harde( it is.to. heat., And even If yo!jr holise is Ollly.1 fev~ '. years old, you could be wa,tir)g a lot or ener::gy ar1d'dol,lars becaus-c of injcleq'uate ins,:,"l:.1.inn' O\~en s-corn.ing Fiberglas :insul;'t,ion is' the best ther'e is.,our insulation specialists \'vill blow this clean; cost-saving insulaliol) into your JUie.:"in.i:ust a fe'v\lllours, \tvith ' absol~iely no mess', no bother for you, '" Tet 'us i'nsulate you r home: And-save as. milch as 30%,a year on to\al heating/. 'cooling costs.if your holne. is:uninsulaied,j for an e"til""i.tp. on insulating your home call",., 439 9!l2'4,NATlorliAL INSULATION CO., INC.. '64 Hudson Avenue, Delmar"., ". An Independen~ O.;.yenS:-Corning C;oniractqr. ' ',... 17SOZI)jOjOA M3N'Oj1;l1'l130,,-'. 3.nN3/W 38\fM\f ',' Olll.l.LI;I,O "r 13'<iH::ltV-I"1Jv-!'." r. PAGE 32 - October 17!.1974