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1 Welcome to POLKA s Extended Donor Profile POLKA voluntarily provided the following information which will be disclosed to future parents as an aid in their selection General information and characteristics Weight: 93 kg Build: Muscular Shoe size: 43 Clothing size: Medium Skin tone: Medium Facial shape: Round Lips: Medium Eyebrows: Brown Beard: Dark brown Hair: Brown, medium thick and straight Words that describe my personality would be: Open-minded, creative, ambitious and spontaneous. I am also a visionary guy. POLKA does not use prescription lenses. He does not suffer from any allergies, medical conditions or physical abnormalities. POLKA resembles the Australian actor Travis Fimmel. Click here for photos of Travis. Academics POLKA went to school for a total of 12 years. After finishing high school, he went to Denmark to study. Currently, he is studying an AP degree in automotive technologies. Besides that, he is also trying to build a career in entrepreneurship. POLKA s career goal is to start his own business and to make the world a better place. He is planning on spending an additional 7 years studying. His former jobs include working as a chef assistant and as a salesman. He has carried out several types of voluntary work - as an example being a scout and a nature helper. POLKA s native language is Roman and he also speaks English. He has not served in the military. I study an AP degree, and I also try to build a career in entrepreneurship.

2 Q&A with POLKA POLKA answers questions about his life, experiences, and good memories Which words describe your personality? Open-minded, creative, ambitious and spontaneous. Describe your strong sides: I have an entrepreneurial mindset. I am a good leader. I work very well with people and I can manage problems. I am a visionary guy with a passion for problem solving and risk taking. Always open to new experiences. Describe your weak sides: I tend to get disappointed if the reality does not match my expectations. What is your marital status? Girlfriend. Do you have any children? No. Religion: Christian. How many hours of sleep do you get on an average night? 7. Do you eat healthy? Always. Do you smoke? Sometimes. Do you ride a bicycle? Often. How much alcohol do you drink on average per week? 0. Which types of sport do you play or have played? Soccer, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, rugby, fitness, crossfit, swimming. Which countries have you visited: Romania, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria. Describe the best holiday you have had: With my girlfriend in Paris. 5 days full of love, great food and new experiences. What do you like the most about your own country: The nature. The kindness of people. Which other types of sports are you interested in? Adrenaline sports. Any new experience. List any other hobbies you may have or have had: Leadership, motorsport, traveling and gastronomy. List which musical instruments you play or have played: Piano.

3 Q&A with POLKA - continued POLKA s dreams, favourites and experiences Who are your idols/heroes/heroines? Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Batman, Elon Musk, Muhammad Ali. What are your goals in life? To be healthy, wealthy and happy! What were your childhood dreams: Becoming the best Formula 1 driver or special forces soldier. Which values do you rank the highest? Dignity and honesty. Greatest sorrow: The only time I listened to people who told me that I could not do something I wanted (choosing career). What is your favourite colour? I do not have one. What is your favourite animal? Phoenix (can t be killed). What is your favourite kind of food? Sushi (fresh, healthy, full of flavour). Which childhood experience made the biggest impression on you? - Which was your greatest experience or moment? When I found out what I wanted with my life. Happiest: When I fell in love last time. What is your favourite kind of music? Opera, classic, rock. What is your favourite kind of car? Mercedes-Benz (safety, elegance, power). What is your favourite kind of pet? Dog (loyalty). Funniest: Too many moments to choose between. Scariest: A car accident. Proudest: When I passed my final exams in high school. Most dangerous: A car accident. What is your favourite time of year? Summer. What is your favourite book and/or author? The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. What is your favourite movie and/or director? The Pursuit of Happyness.

4 POLKA s family tree Information about POLKA s siblings, parents and grandparents Paternal Grandfather Age: 82 Education: High school Occupation: Blacksmith Weight: 80 kg Health: Died from an infarction Paternal Grandmother Age: 75 Education: High school Height: 170 cm Health: Died from addison s disease Maternal Grandfather Age: 80 Education: Professional school Weight: 85 kg Health: Died from gastric cancer Maternal Grandmother Age: 85 Education: Professional school Height: 170 cm Father Mother Age: 57 Age: 60 Alive: Yes Alive: Yes Education: Professional school Education: Medical school Occupation: Mechanic at an oil rig Occupation: Nurse Height: 172 cm Height: 160 cm Weight: 80 kg

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