Love one another as I have loved you. John 15:17. Our Weekly Prayer

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1 eart beat Love one another as I have loved you. John 15:17 H Our Weekly Prayer 18 th March 2015 Week 8 Term Yesterday we celebrated the Feast of St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. St Patrick is said to have written the following prayer to ask for God s protection to strengthen him. St Patrick s Breastplate Christ be with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ on my right, Christ on my left, Christ where I lie, Christ where I sit, Christ where I arise, Christ in the heart Of everyone who thinks of me, Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me Christ in every eye that sees me, Christ in every ear that hears me. Our Lady Help of Christians Parish Mass Times Saturday 6pm Sunday 8.30am & 6pm

2 COMING EVENTS Thursday 19 March CLASS LITURGY 9am Transition Room 3 CLASS LITURGY 9.45am Transition Room 4 First Holy Communion Classes began Sunday 15th March 8am or 5pm First Holy Communion 14th June 2015 PARRS Come & Try Day Rugby Wednesday 18th March Soccer Tuesday 31st March From the Leadership Team Dear Sacred Heart Families and Friends, We have many wonderful children here at Sacred Heart Catholic School. The overwhelming majority of students make positive choices about their school work and their behavior. Sadly, our attention easily passes over these students to focus on those who have difficulty making positive choices. It is easy (and often necessity) to get caught up in the immediate need to work with those having trouble making positive choices and forget to acknowledge and appreciate our students who are doing well. We are constantly impressed by our children's' willingness to include others and their readiness to pitch in and help to get things done. This is especially evident during the times that the whole school is gathered together such as the morning games that occur on the netball court before school begins. Regularly our older children make adjustments to the game, and their participation, to ensure that younger children have the opportunity to play and sometimes win. We are blest in that we see similar examples of initiative and care for others on a daily basis. We regularly see students collecting rubbish, assisting teachers prepare and set up activities, working together on projects, consoling friends, and much more. All simple things, things that contribute to the harmonious and effective functioning of our wonderful community. Mobile Phones, Ipods, MP3 Players and the like Sacred Heart has long had a policy of not allowing mobile phones, ipods, MP3 players and cameras at school. There is no need for any student to have access to these items during school time and much angst is caused if they become lost or broken. If someone needs to contact a student during school hours, they may ring the office and the message will be relayed to the student concerned. If it is necessary for a student to bring these items to school, they must be handed to their teacher, where they will be placed in the Office Bag to be locked in a filing cabinet until 3.00pm when the student may collect it. If a student is seen with these items at the school they will be asked to hand it to a staff member. They will be packaged, named and given to Mr Luck. Confiscated items will only be returned to parents in person. Duty of Care and the Supervision of Students Our school strives to provide a safe learning environment for all children to achieve their potential. We are conscious of the great responsibility we share with you in educating and caring for students during the time that they are at school. To enable you to make informed decisions about where and when your children are at school please be aware that Sacred Heart provides only limited supervision of students before and after the designated school day, which is between 8.30am and 3.00pm. Parents are to make their own arrangements in respect of the whereabouts and transport of their students pre and post the supervised times and places provided by the school. These are defined below: Last Day Term 1 Thursday 2nd April Term 2 Commences Monday 13th April OFFICE OPEN Wednesday 8th April Friday 10th April 8.00am 3.00 pm 1. Supervision of children, prior to school, commences at 8:05 am. Students are to hang their bags on the hooks outside their classrooms and make their way to the courtyard, undercover area or netball court. 2. No supervision is provided for students who arrive before 8.05am. 3. Supervision will be provided after the end of the school day in the Undercover Area and Church Carpark until 3.20pm. Parents are reminded that children need to be collected, walk or ride home, at 3.00pm unless they are attending After School Care or extra-curricular activities approved by the school whether by foot, bus, parent or other transport. And this week especially... May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go, and guide you in whatever you do-- and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always. Lyn, Cate, Gez and Lindsay.

3 This week our appreciation goes to Appreciations to Mel and Emma from Catholic Care for facilitating the "Ditto's Keep Safe" program in our school over the last four weeks. The skills taught are crucial for our children to avoid and deal with potentially damaging situations. to David Orme for coming to the rescue and quickly repairing our Early Childhood playground. Our Transition and Year One children are very pleased! Assembly Spotlight FRIDAY 12.15pm Welcome to Our School Community A warm Welcome to Reilly Schofield Room 1 Transition Room 3 We pray that you settle in quickly and, make new friends and enjoy your time at Sacred Heart Publication Permission Note Earlier this month, every student was given a note requesting parents or carers advise us of their permission regarding the printing of photos of student and students work in various formats. Although we have had a great response, this is important information that needs to be updated regularly for each student. If you did not receive this note or need another copy please contact Zoe, to arrange. This information is vital in ensuring that your intentions are carried out regarding your child and we would regret publishing any photographs of students or work that was not permitted. Please return Scholastic Book Club Book Club Issue 2 closes Wednesday 18th March. Caritas CUPS FOR COINS FOR CARITAS In week 9, on Friday, 27th March each class will be given a milkshake cup to fill with coins. The money raised will go to Caritas. First Holy Communion Classes Preparations classes will begin Sunday 15 th March 2015 Classes will be held at Our Lady Help of Christians Church Meeting Rooms, Corner of Emery Avenue and Harrison Circuit Woodroffe on Sundays 8am OR 5pm before Mass Children need to be in Year 3 or older First Holy Communion will be 14 th June 2015 If you require any further information please call Father Tom

4 Class of the Week Transition Room 3 We have been having so much fun this term learning and being with our friends at school. We would like to share with you the things we think are the best! The best thing about school is Art with Mrs Delaney. Molly The best thing about school is playing with the rhyme puzzle. Bobbie-Lee The best thing about school is learning about letters. Genevieve The best thing about school is learning how to sit. Dolly The best thing about school is playing with my friends. Cameron The best thing about school is getting to read books. Lily The best thing about school is learning how to read. Anabia The best thing about school is learning about the weather. Daniel The best thing about school is being able to run around in Sport. Finn The best thing about school is running around. Regan The best thing about school is getting to have lunch. Abisha The best thing about school is seeing Oliver in the morning. George The best thing about school is being able to buy an icy pole. Rebecca The best thing about school is being able to run around and play with my friends. Cooper The best thing about school is getting to play with the sand in the play area. Eduard The best thing about school is going to the library at lunch to make maps. Oliver The best thing about school is getting to play in the playground. Kaylee

5 Student of the Week Awards Week 7 Transition Room 3 Leo Poullas Abisha Sanja Transition Room 4 Lily-Jade Cullen Yiannis Mousellis Year 1 Room 1 Tyrone Fearby Mitchell Hancock Year 1 Room 2 Aidan Groves Ella McGavin Year 2 Room 7 Molly Suradi Jorge Godinho Year 2 Room 8 Mia Marques Tye Allan Year 3 Room 5 Aaliyah Nichols Alani Adetoro Year 3 Room 6 Tynan Hobbs Bridie Horsfall Year 4 Room 11 Bailey McKinney-Smith Honey Bommagani Year 4 Room 12 Jacob Brown Brad Tanner Year 5 Room 9 Jennifer Ju Zac Horsfall Year 5 Room 10 Acel Gandia Sarah Brown Year 6 Room 14 Jaimond Stephens Khalehla Cartwright Year 6 Room 15 Breanna Williams Erin Murphy Indonesian Art Joshua Hanslow PE ELC Good On Ya Recipients Week 7 Congratulations to : Zachary Hancock Room 2 Mitchell Hancock Room 1 Mitchell Brown Room 1 Tegan Genockey Room 11 Karina Williams Room 10 DSTA THIS IS A REMINDER TO ALL PARENTS PLANNING TO BE AT THE PARADE THIS SATURDAY. WE PLAN TO MEET OPPOSITE THE END OF THE MALL NEAR OLD WOOLWORTHS SITE AT 9:30AM. DEFENCE STUDENTS THAT ARE HOLDING THE BANNER ARE TO ATTEND IN THEIR SCHOOL UNIFORM. PARENTS PLEASE BE AWARE THAT FILMING AND PHOTO MEDIA WILL BE HAPPENING AND YOUR CHILD IS LIKELY TO BE INVOLVED. THANK YOU MARGARET HOWE DSTA Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Fast Five with Hannah Wright Year 6 Room Favourite Food: Ravioli Favourite Animal: Ducks and Snails Favourite TV show/movie: Dance Moms Future Dream: To travel the world Favourite thing about Sacred Heart: All the lovely teachers and the awesome students

6 P & F Easter Raffle Skoolbag App Parents are now encouraged to advise of absences or change of contact details using our new skoolbag app. We will begin to use this convenient method of group communication more, as our audience grows. So please register NOW. New from The Finance Department ANNUAL DISCOUNT: Entitlement of 5% discount is available if school fees are paid in full before the end of Term 1, Thursday 2 nd April. Please make the full payment of fees before the due date if you wish to take advantage of this discount. SCHOOL FEES: If you have not received your school statement please contact the office and begin making instalment ASAP. The earlier the better and even a small amount, regularly will avoid large outstanding amounts later in the year. BACK TO SCHOOL VOUCHER is still available to use until the end of term 1. Please contact the office if you have not signed the voucher for your entitlement. Allocation of the BTSV that goes to resources will be applied to the School Fees account in term 2. STUDENT BANKING will not be available in week 10 of Term 1. Apologies for any inconvenience. School banking will resume in week 1 of term 2 every WEDNESDAY. Learning to save is learning of a lifetime, so start your child/ren banking today. ELC and ASC accounts need to be two (2) weeks in advance at all time for continued use of the facilities, thus regular payment toward your account is highly appreciated.

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