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2 Dear Ex-5 RAR member, Well at long last your Committee has progressed sufficient Iv with the lqqo Reunion to produce this, the first of reoula~ newsletters to all members that join the newly formed 5th Battalion (RAR) Asso~iation. Your Committee, dulv elected at the meeting held at 5f' RAR (Mech) on 6/12/88 is as follows: CHAIRMAN - -.lohn WARR CO-CHAIRMAN - Colin KHAN, ~ohn HOOPER, K. NEWMAN SECRETARY - Ron HAMLYN TREASURER - Bob FENWICK MEMBER HIP/ PUBLICITY - Geoff PEARSON COMMITTEE Brian (~lue) StHAFER Col COOFER R. MARGETTS '(CO 5/7 RAR (MECHl Over past Reunions (curr ntly held In Sydnev each 5 YearS, which coincide with the Battalion Birthday in March). we have accumulated numerous names/addresses/etc of ex-s RAR members to move towards the formulation of this Association. At this time we have approx 700 names/addresses on ou~ computer file (yours obviously one of them and we desoeratel need funds to carry on the Association. Each time we send 3 mailout (newsletter/etc), the cost IS approx $700 (printing/envelopes/letterheads/labels/oostage etc), so you can see, with a meagre $600 to our name at this time, we are unable to afford any future correspondence. let alone operate, without your help. What we are asking, IS for yourself, and as many other ev-s RAR members as possible to join the Association NOW. The cost of membership (which carries you through to the 1995 Reunion is $ For your $ you receive a ~ RAR Association lapel ba8ge, plus all newsletters keeping vou well informed of all future activities within your state, and any input/articles that YOU may wish to include within any future newsletter. You also have access to the Association records, should you wish to obtain the address/phone number of any member listed on file.

3 2 5 RAR ASSOCIATION TIES We still have a number of ties left from our inltial o~de~. but you had better be quick. If we are to place angther order (which may take some months to arrive) we obviousl\ will have to sell all those already held. The tles is of blue/black colour. with vertical gold stripes and a roaring tiger head suita~ly positioned. with 5 RAR under. The cost of the ties is $15-00 with all profits from the sales going to the Association. If you wish to order the ties wi~h your membershio. the total cost of membership and ti~ will dnly be $35-00 for a li~i~ed time only. A saving of t5-00'o~ the cost of a tie. Should you wish to order d tie ONLY, please for"'jard vo'j ~ $15-00 and the attached order coupon d i.rec t to our PO Boy listed on the newsletter. MEMBERSHIP/TIES Please complete the attached order coupon and forward ~o the ~O Box as listed, and PLEASE give some consideration fo~ the person that is trving to decipher vour handwriting. PLEASE PRINT ALL THE INFORMATION REQUESTED - INCLUDING POSTCODES * PHONES NUMBERS * AREA CODES * to ensure that ~e waste as little of our time as possible inputting the information onto our computer. 5RAR BANNER Eat-Iy last yea!"""". a number of Sydney based members at-t-anged for the making of a SRAR banner; which has been used for the last Sydney Anzac Day March, and the Vietnam Veterans International Reunion in 'Melbourne. It would be ideal to have similar ones made (Dr alternatively. another design) for each State to enable them to use it for similar occasions. Please give us your thouqhts on this. bearing in mind that the cost of the Sydney banner was well over $ not taking into account the poles and associated materials, WhICI, was provided by those people that originally paid for the banner. A copy of that banner is hereunder for your comments

4 5/7 RAR (I"',ECH) For those that n~~ some yea~-,=, ac3c. 'L- ~ In the same b~r-~cl t hv). ~ ~ ;-~ 1 -l CJ;-' ~." ~-.' ~ e d ~!,-! '.:-~.~ t- f"-' ---, :-' ( l -=, e d sections havir-'g B" :' fct'. service and 1cc:l ;~f~,o'- The Ba t t 3 1 i CWI 1 ", \:-' ':-'.>Ji' "'Ie have been e :": t,- ;"'c':=-:'}.. associatlon Hit\--, -, e-, ~- ::. and So close 1 n -f olc t. facilities -:>1 t',~c ::':i Now before not what 1 t The Date<=, -, -t -,. t c,, 1 co f (i 1 1 Ov~s FRIDAY 2ND a CJet -: he C 1 t \.' ad\.".i,:-,p::-4. "',..-; i 1 ~-.=<,- t + - ";J~' -:. h e ~- SATURDAY 3RD

5 4 EVENIl'lG Regifl'ental Din",=T at ':,/7 RAR fl"lech) (1"IEf\1 DNLV). A ~,ep,-<~-ate Ladie"', -+,_,n,:tion IS not planned at this ~oin+ in time. The Battalion can handle add~o~ 500 diners fo~ a Buffet 5tvle meal. ~nrl ~so apd~ox io~ a full sit down Regiwental ~;nner. We obviously ~ e qui ref 0 ~ ma I a d v i l c' ':J -+ n "t rro b e ~ sattendin g t 0 en a b 1 e '_I ",. toor d e t- t!- L' '. c""j./ 1~1 i n e an.j tv p e 0 f function needed. COST It Jooks as thou~h the total cost (fodd/d~ink etc) wi~] be no more than $25-00 De~ head. Fu 1 1 8a t td 1 ion Pardd=/Drum Head Church Service 5/ 7 RAR (f'1;fch) f=, 1\1 C"'JL"d b'/ a f u I I ooen dav at the Ba~~ac~s I [Ale a~e ':: er tlai n t.o ha'l.' 2 'J'.I i n tus Lt us at the Parade". The Battalion boast t}-,ei~ o~."n Museum, SDo~tsmans Club, Recr2ational Club. and we can ass Li r e you t hat yo'-i -, ;-, d yo1i ;- f am i 1 y will h a v e a most e~joyable dav. Al} the APes will be on display, and the ~ids (as well as big kids) will be able to have rimes. It is also envisaged to have small bore shooting ventll~e pat~ols, flving fo</,- t,. A Bar-B-Que lunch will be orovided. which should cost no mo~e than $S-()(} ~)er he'a:j ~ cp-!)()-s)() per faltli 1 v.. TRAf\ISPORT ACCOMMODATION INTERSTATE TRAVEL There is now a Railway Station right at the entrance to 5/7 RAR (Mech) and we can assu~e you, we will arrang~ pithe~ buses o~ military vehicles to fill thp na~s. At thi", stage. \'Je er:c-r"_n-age as many "'embers as poss~b]e to endea'~ur to stay with friends, but l..,:e will also he'.",' 3 limited (male only) accommodation withii' the Sa,-racks. with a number Hotels/Motels 'which we will advise you at a }at;c=>,- date) '-'Ih('" e dice.counts ~",i II be offered to rnembet-"', i'>'f!d thei~ fami lies. As with previous Reunions, we "'IiI} again endeavour to obtain some form of group discounts with either Australian Ai~lines o~ Ansett. Mo~e about this in futu~e ne""ls 1et te~s. The Committee would like to make this Reunion (The 25TH) the best yet. and would appreciate your thoughts on the program so far.