Principal s Message. Friday 18/3/16. Interschool Sport. Kevin Leathwaite Friday 18th March ANIMALS IN THE SCHOOL

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1 Telephone Principal Deputy Principal (Prep to Year 2): Deputy Principal (Years 3 and 4): Deputy Principal (Years 5 and 6): Head of Special Education: Friday 18/3/16 Mr. Kevin Leathwaite Mrs. Chris Czislowski Miss Suzie Stathis Mrs. Donna-Maree Cech Mr. Ian Edwards Principal s Message Interschool Sport Kevin Leathwaite Friday 18th March ANIMALS IN THE SCHOOL There are only a few exceptions where animals are allowed in the school grounds. In all instances the following will need to occur prior to an animal being allowed to enter the school. All Easter Raffle tickets to be returned to office by Tuesday 22nd March 1. A Deputy Principal, HOSES or Principal will need to be consulted as to whether there is a real need for this to occur. 2. A risk management plan will need to be written and approved by the Principal. This includes risks and safety measures put in place. This includes educational visits such as: The Bug Lady, Henny Penny or Reptile Park visits. It also includes animals involved in fetes, animal husbandry visits from other High Schools, and animals used at the school by staff for educational purposes. One such case is Bentley the dog in the Special Education Program. He is used as a therapy dog and extensive risk assessments and protocols were put in place. These have proved very effective and Bentley has become a valued member of staff. Please do not bring your pets to school without consultation, and even then School Holidays Friday 25th March-Friday 8th April. School resumes Monday 11th April 8.20am it is unlikely that it will be approved unless there is a compelling medical reason that is clearly documented. This is not to be difficult but to ensure the safety of all our students! 1

2 BREAKFAST CLUB AND BEFORE SCHOOL PROCEDURES Breakfast Club is available most days of the year outside the Dean Hall. It is sponsored by the YMCA and local businesses. No-one is turned away, however there are some rules that we enforce. We would appreciate parents help with these. If parents don t encourage all their children to follow these rules, then we are teaching them that it is okay to ignore instructions, rules and to disrespect our staff and this community. It is through being consistent with everyone that Marsden SS has earned a reputation for being a happy and safe place to be. Please ensure: Children who are eating are sitting down. Children not eating, go and line up in the hall if they are in years 2 6. (Otherwise they miss important messages) Preps and Year 1 s sit outside their rooms with a parent/carer. (By all means take them to breakfast club, but have them eat there). If you have trouble enforcing these rules with your children, please ask for assistance from a staff member. They are usually wearing a fluorescent vest. Thank you to all the families who work so well with us to ensure a calm and settled start to the day, which helps improve learning! 2

3 Junior School Update PAGE 3 Prep Grade 2 Chris Czislowski A very big reminder that our Junior School Easter Parade is fast approaching on Wednesday 23rd March at 9.00am in the Dean Hall. We have lots of fun at this parade and our teachers and students spend lots of time creating their beautiful Easter Attire. Join in the fun and come in your Easter Best for a chance to win prizes. Also at the end of this parade we draw out the Whole School Easter Raffle Prizes. Our Year 1 Students have had a visit from the Bug Lady and I have enjoyed reading lots of student work and have learnt a song about the parts of the Insect. Thank you to Isabella, Anari and Dante from 1OB who taught me the song when they proudly came to show me their writing about what they learnt about from the visit. Here are some photographs of the visit. 3

4 Many Year 1 students attended the Bug Lady incursion. It was an exciting event and students were given an informative talk about insects, were shown a variety of preserved insects and even got to hold a stick insect. The incursion was planned as part of the Science Unit Mini-beasts being taught in the Year 1 classes this term. As part of an assessment item, students will be making a salt-dough butterfly and labelling all of the parts, which they are able to take home towards the end of the term. A big thank-you to Mrs Binns (1OB) for organising this fantastic event! Students were excited and interested about insect facts and seeing the many preserved insects. The incursion included a presentation on many insects. Jasper Hall (1JB) being very careful holding a stick insect. Thank you to 2KC and 2DM for hosting our parade. They sang their Number Song enthusiastically and did a great job entertaining us all. Congratulations also to our Award winners this week: 2RS Kevin 1AD Samar PKS Zachery 2EM Emmanuel 1JM Joshua PEB Chance 2JO Ronaki 1JB Leon PST Chase 2YC Cecelia 1PC Marcus PSM Joana 2KC Dontae 1OB Jack PKF Harry 2DM Maihi 1KW Sophie PSB Pauline 1KH Hteemoo Our first Bronze badge winners were also presented with a certificate as they have already received 250 Vivos. Congratulations to : Brendan 1PC, Sara 1JB, Shanelle 1JB, Thomas 2DM, Marley 1JB, Gabrielle 2EM, Emmanuel 2EM, Xavier 2YC, Alexis 2YC, Zarlie 1JB, Kevin 2RS, Leon 1JB, Ashleigh 1KW, Chelsi 2EM, Mohana 2EM, Marcus 1PC, Dante 1PC 4

5 Middle School Update Suzie Stathis Grade 3-Grade 4 The end of next week marks one quarter of the school year as complete! So much has happened in the last nine weeks and our children have certainly learnt many new and exciting things. Please take the opportunity to reflect on your child s term with them to help them be proud of their achievements and to be able to set new goals for the upcoming term. Research proves there is a direct link between parents who actively engage in their children s learning and the academic growth of the child. Over the last nine weeks I have been meeting with the teaching teams of year 3 and 4 on a regular basis to discuss what we have achieved so far, and to set new goals for term two. In particular we have been focusing on the progress of reading in our students. Each student in our school has a reading benchmark as identified by their Fountas and Pinnell reading assessment. At the beginning of next term your teacher will be working with your child to identify attainable targets for your child to aim for in improvement in reading. Once they have set a target they will identify goals that will help them reach that target. These targets and goals will be reviewed in week 5 and then reflected on at the end of term. To help your child achieve their reading target you can encourage home reading and provide your child with as many opportunities to read as possible. Things like reading an article out of the newspaper to you or reading a recipe as you cook can all help to get our children engaged in reading. If your child does 20 minutes of reading a night, five nights a week by the end of the year they will have completed 3600 minutes of reading. The added advantage of all that reading is that your child may develop a love of reading, which can only be good for their learning and academic development in ALL areas of schooling. Thank you to Miss Ferguson and 4KF for hosting a fantastic parade. Congratulations to the following award recipients: Jaylea & Dennis 3RM, Nathaniel & Masina 3LA, Rosalia & Julienne 3GA, Lincoln & Madison 3AC, Kassandra & Callum 3LK, Penina 4JT, Xavier & Mariah 4KM, Tamera & Joe 4KF, Bonnie & Olivia 4EP, Andy & Gemma 4TH. You should all be extremely proud of yourselves!! 5

6 Year 3 Amy Cocciolone Teacher This term during science, the year 3 students have been exploring and learning about living and non living things. One of their tasks was to predict, plan, reason and observe a seed growing. The students absolutely loved this activity, and some may have already brought theirs home to show you. Ask your child why a seed is living? What makes it a living thing? What do living things need to grow/stay alive? Here a few pictures of some of the experiments from the term. 6

7 Senior School Update Grade 5 Grade 6 Donna-Maree Cech It s hard to believe this term is almost over! The students and teachers are still hard at work, however there s always time for some fun. Fun was certainly had at Cross Country on Wednesday and it was wonderful to see students so enthusiastic. The students ran hard, and one student who took a tumble, jumped right back up and soldiered on. The House Captains did an amazing job with motivating their House Teams. It was hard to pick the most enthusiastic and loudest team they were all committed to cheering their teams on. Although we Missed Mr H, it was a great morning of which I was pleased to be a part. Interschool and intra school sport is on again today. There are so many benefits to playing team sports and participating in physical activity. Obviously there s the physical health benefits. But in addition there s quite a bit of research which talks about the benefits of team sports. I included a snap shot out of one such article, which I thought you may be interested to read. At a glance (Some key points) Team sports provide kids with important lessons on personal values. Children who play team sports are less likely to feel isolated. Team sports can encourage parents to become active with their kids. Team sports help kids deal with winning and losing. Team sports can help kids overcome shyness. Learning about values Playing a team sport provides kids with important lessons in personal values, Ross says. "Kids learn that things aren't going to go their way all the time, and that they need to respect their peers as well as referees and sports officials." These experiences can influence them throughout their lives such as when it comes to working for a boss, or respecting the police or other authority figures. Kids learn that things aren't going to go their way all the time, and that they need to respect their peers. Ross Morrison, NSW Department of Education and Communities Team sports can also be good for a child's mental health. Children who play team sports learn how to be more resilient when presented with a setback, and are less likely to feel isolated, Ross says. " there is evidence to suggest that physical activity might increase numeracy and literacy. It's like that old adage, a healthy body, a healthy mind'." Full article can be viewed at: On Friday 18 March our School Leaders attended the student Grip Leadership Day Conference, with me. This is very rewarding day for our leaders. They get to listen to motivating and informative speakers and learn about how to be effective leaders. There will be some photos and a reflection from our leaders in the next newsletter. Due to this week s Parade being cancelled, we have now rescheduled this for next Monday afternoon at 1:50pm in the hall. This will be our final parade for the Term. Hope to see lots of you there! 7


9 Interschool Sports Lindsay Houston PE Teacher Interschool sports: Friday 18th March. Games are as listed below; Friday 18th March Netball-All games are held a Ewing Road Netball Courts Seniors Juniors Marsden 1 vs Springwood Road Marsden 1 vs Groves Marsden 2 vs Crestmead 1 Marsden 2 vs Woodridge 3 Marsden 3 vs Woodridge 2 Soccer -Gould Adams Park Seniors Juniors Marsden vs BYE Marsden vs Groves 2 Touch Football Harris Fields State School Seniors Juniors Marsden 1 vs Crestmead Marsden 1 vs Groves 1 Marsden 2 vs Burrowes Marsden 2 vs Burrowes Rugby League Marsden 10 s AT Woodridge High 1 and Marsden 11 s and seniors at Logan Brothers 1 Seniors Juniors Marsden ss vs Chatswood Marsden 10s vs Crestmead Marsden 11s vs Groves Netball Juniors Marsden 1 lost to Woodridge 1 Marsden 2 lost to St Pauls 2 Seniors Marsden 1 won against Marsden 2 Results Friday 13th March was cancelled due to wet weather. Friday 4th March Rugby League Juniors Marsden 10 s lost against Woodridge Marsden 11 s won against Springwood Seniors Marsden SS won against Soccer Touch Football Juniors Juniors Marsden 1 BYE Marsden 1 lost to Crestmead Seniors Marsden 2 lost to Groves 1 Marsden 1 BYE Seniors Marsden won against Groves 9

10 Chappy Corner Chaplin Helen Jordon Term 1 has flown by and here it is nearly time for holidays. I m looking forward to spending quality time with my children as I m sure you are yours. What s been happening I have had a great start to the year getting to know so many new faces and spending time with your children in various activities. Below you will see some photos of children having fun at Craft Club on Monday in the Howard Centre Kitchen and on Fridays in Chappy Open House in my Office. Anyone is welcome at either of these activities so feel free to encourage your child if you think they would enjoy them. My role as Chaplain means that I get opportunities to speak with children on a one on one basis and listen to them as they talk about various things happening in their life. I get to be that listening ear at school whenever they want it. Teachers do an amazing job educating your children and sometimes they just need someone else who has the time to sit and listen to the child when the child needs to talk. I m that person. Spending time with Chappy is always meant to be a rewarding experience. It s never threatening and children get the opportunity to play games/chill out and talk about whatever they want to. You also can access me if you have anything you would like to talk about. Just call the office and they will put you in contact with me. Upcoming Events in Term 2 (Watch out for more information) Chappy Pancake Breakfast Week 3 AND Week 7 Chappy Week Week 6 Chappy Family Afternoon end of term (TBA) 10

11 Positive Behaviour for Learning Tammy Chappell Behavioural Specialist This week our year 5 students have been learning about wearing our school uniform with pride at Marsden State School. Wearing our uniform helps to identify us in our local community and helps us to feel part of our school. When we wear our school uniform it helps us to BE SAFE BE A LEARNER BE RESPONSIBLE AND 11

12 John Sharp Special Education Programs SEP News SEP students have commenced an upgrade of their gardens. The small garden outside the main entrance has been rebarked and flowering plants are growing in the pots. Thanks for Blake and Harley for their contribution in helping to weed, put down new bark and selecting the plants from Bunnings. During next term we will replant in the other gardens. Students are also developing a pride in their area by regularly picking up any rubbish. EATSIPS Cultural Club Sharlene Blanco Homework Club Co-ordinator Cultural Club will now enjoy cooking on Thursdays instead of Wednesday. This week we learnt how to make Jam Drops. 12

13 Community News Uniform Shop From next Monday 22/2/16 will be open twice per day. Uniforms, both new and second-hand, will be sold from Monday Thursday and then again from 8.50am, outside of the Howard Centre until required. Fridays from 8.50am only. Second-hand shorts are still in desperate need. If you have any pairs that do not fit your children, please donate them to the school. Breakfast club Breakfast is served daily outside the Dean Hall from 8am-8:20am. Please remember to use your manners. 13

14 Fundraising for Air-Conditioning We would like to thank everyone for their continued support to date, but this long summer has been hard on our students and teachers in the 19 classrooms that are not yet air-conditioned. Please help us reach our goals by supporting us in some of the following ways. Sharing our Go Fund Me page on Facebook with family and friends far and wide. Through selling tickets in our Easter raffle Or by making a donation directly to the school via the Voluntary Financial Contribution All donations are greatly appreciated 14

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