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1 Issue 03/2009 Hydraulikpresse Magazine for customers and employees of the HANSA-FLEX group of companies Knowledge you can use International Hydraulics Academy (IHA) opens officially 4 A look back at the HANNOVER MESSE 06 Hydraulics on the stage 18 Advanced qualification as hydraulics specialist 24

2 content hydraulikpresse Hansa-fleX at the Hannover Messe Hydraulics onstage at the Bad Hersfeld festival 06 XWorld tour on the road 08 in the "Middle kingdom" The 7th Hansa-fleX football 14 tournament in Belgium 18 advanced qualification as 24 hydraulics specialist certified photo: Karl schönholtz photo: hansa-flex event gmbh news 04 knowledge you can use internationale hydraulik ak ademie opens officially 20 everything is still different in elze "fluid training" prototype passes test for employees and customers 21 system partnership going from strength To strength new "plant-in-plant" at terex delmenhorst 22 THe gentle charm of THe clüverhaus hansa-flex supports new project for the Waldheim foundation 08 social commitment hansa-fle X supports aid project for children trade Fairs & events 06 Hannover Messe 2009 hansa -fle X marks successful presentation with new concept 14 football TournaMenT 2009 the 7th hansa-flex football World cup in Belgium XWorLD 08 in "THe Middle kingdom" driving through china's "Wild West" PraCtiCaL 10 in demand all over THe World trumpf sets international standard in intelligent sheet metal working 16 eggs-act reproduction in praise of the eggbox WorK & LiVe 12 unpleasant atmosphere in THe office? fairy tale or harsh reality: do printers and copiers really fill the air with ozone and fine dust? FasCination technology 18 Big flap great story hansa-flex employees in action at the Bad hersfeld festival education & training 05 Training seminar schedule of THe iha - June/July 24 certified advanced Training for Hydraulics specialists federal employment office supports professional development initiative 25 current vacancies WiTHin THe Hansa-fleX group rubrics 03 editorial impress 26 news Ticker 26 did you know...? a history of oil hydraulics 27 quiz facts & figures preview 02 hansa-flex Customers magazine

3 impress editorial dear readers, april and May have been filled with many interesting events. as before, the year's foremost meeting point for international industry was the hannover Messe, which was held in mid-april. at this most important technology event in the world, companies in an enormous range of industrial sectors presented their latest developments to the trade fair visitors. naturally, hansa-flex was among the exhibitors, and with a new, much bigger stand, a mark of the company's confidence. the intention was to set a mood despite the generally difficult economic times, and to convey the message that hansa-flex continues to grow. a description of the trade fair appears on page 6. the ceremonial opening of the rebuilt internationale hydraulik akademie (iha) took place just before our press date, on May 22 in dresden-weixdorf. classes are already in session. one of the foremost research institutions and advanced training centres in the field of hydraulic line equipment and fluid technology, the iha closes the gap between theory and practice. the training programme is designed to improve the way people manage the technology of hydraulics in their daily work. hansa-flex and the iha have established a close working relationship, which facilitates intensive exchange of information and will lead to the development of practice-based applications. to learn more about this cooperation and the state-of-the-art facility, see page 4. the new construction at the elze agency was the scene of another official opening. the company had simply outgrown its old home. almost immediately, in april the new training rooms were used for running the prototype of a new seminar, entitled "fluid service training", which had been developed jointly with the iha. on page 20, we will reveal whether the seminar was a success. editor / publisher: Hansa-fleX Hydraulik gmbh Zum panrepel Bremen phone: fax: the traditional hansa-flex football tournament was also held in early May. this year, it was organised in tongerlo, Belgium. a large number of hansa-flex agencies from all over europe had put teams together which now faced each other in friendly competition, each one hoping for the chance to raise the challenge cup. turn to page 14 to find out which team emerged as champions and where the tournament will be held next year. compilation: enrico kieschnick, Jan-christoph fritz articles: dirk Brunne, Jan-christoph fritz, axel Hausmann kommunikation, Horst otto (papp Werbeagentur) layout: Jan-christoph fritz, nadine Beneke print: Berlin druck responsible for content: Wolfgang rink frequency: Bimonthly subscribe to the Hydraulikpresse on our website. pefc/ ivw certified 1st quarter 2008 THe executive ManageMenT dieter H. seidler, uwe Buschmann, Thomas armerding issue february th year photo on front: istockphoto HYDrauLiKPresse

4 Title story Official opening of the IHA Knowledge you can use Internationale Hydraulik Akademie opens officially The ceremonial opening of the Internationale Hydraulik Akademie (IHA) in Dresden-Weixdorf took place on May 21, Teaching began in the new facility in early May. The IHA, one of the foremost research institutions and advanced training centres in the field of hydraulic line equipment and fluid technology, closes the gap between theory and practice. The training programme is designed specifically to improve the way people manage the technology of hydraulics in their daily work. industrial fitters, or even repair and maintenance department managers. Teaching is done in two lecture halls with recently developed teaching stands, a room for theory and a workshop for producing hose and pipelines. Up to three courses can be conducted at the same time. "certified educational institution" The training staff of the IHA looks forward to successful cooperation from l. to r. Frank Weigel, Wolf-Rüdiger Schmidt, Anne Schmidt, Dierk Peitsmeyer, Silvana Schubert, Ulrich Hielscher and Carsten Kempfert. As a cooperation partner of the IHA, HANSA-FLEX will work closely with the training centre. Of course, there will be an intensive exchange of practical experience. But cooperation in work on fundamentals will also become much closer. For example in the form of research requests that are completed in close cooperation with the chairs of the Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) and the University of Applied Sciences (HTW Dresden). In this way, the latest discoveries in fundamental research are assimilated into practical applications. For example, for determining the service life of hydraulic cylinders under precisely defined operating conditions. But HANSA-FLEX also uses the test facilities at the IHA - the universal hydraulic test stand and the fire or salt spray test installations. The hydraulics service provider will also run important parts of the training programme for its employees there. By users for users According to the head of the training centre, Ulrich Hielscher, the ground-breaking philosophy of the IHA is based on "providing instruction in a manner that is engaging and relevant to real situations." To this end, the Akademie is equipped with the most up-to-date training facilities, with many models, animations, and teaching stands that closely resemble the operational equipment. Students can work on the integrated hydraulic circuits under load conditions. All processes have been designed interactively, because this is the only way to instil the prospective hydraulic specialists with the confidence they need for working with this technology. An experienced training staff consisting of respected professionals has adapted the subject matter in the many courses specifically to the needs of people who face these questions in practice: service technicians, Photo: Julia Ahlers Managing Director Jürgen Böttger is especially proud that the IHA has been approved to AZVW as an educational institution for the advancement of vocational training. This means that employers and employees can apply for assistance from the German Federal Labour Office, in the form of an education voucher for example. These vouchers can be used for basic courses on fluid technology, or also for advanced training towards qualification as a hydraulics specialist HWK. Participants in the hydraulics specialist course, which extends over several weeks, sit their examination for "State Accredited Hydraulics Specialist" before a trades association examining board. Anyone who has completed their business or technical training successfully can take this course. Once the certificate is Photo: Julia Ahlers 04 HANSA-FLEX Customers magazine

5 official opening of the iha TiTle story THe official opening ceremony of THe iha was attended by many industrial and political leaders. awarded by the trades association, a range of interesting professional opportunities opens up. Because there is an urgent need for well qualified specialists. it should be noted that at the moment there is no recognised professional discipline called "hydraulics technician" or "fluidtronic engineer" or anything like that. this is one situation that the iha is committed to changing. it is actively pursuing ways to have the professional profile of "hydraulic specialist" defined and established as a general skilled profession. for example, when compared with the electrical professions, it seems even more incomprehensible that no structured vocational training exists for the key technology of hydraulics. no industrial concern would allow an unqualified worker to tamper with its electronic control cabinets. But industrial fitters, who have acquired their knowledge of hydraulics by simple experience, are expected to perform flawlessly. even though complex electronic controllers have become more and more prevalent in hydraulics over the years and even physical and safety-critical considerations demand more knowledge than is generally available. the iha offers a step on the path to improving the education situation, with special training courses for trainees from technical professions such as mechanical engineers, agricultural machinery technicians and mechatronics engineers. in this respect, the akademie is the ideal partner for companies that offer training. drawing on his many years of experience as a trainer in a vocational training institution, peter fründt also provides expert guidance for the trainees who are taking courses at the iha in addition to their operational training. good start at THe Hannover Messe industrial Trade fair the capabilities of the akademie were demonstrated with the aid of a teaching stand during the iha presentation at the hannover Messe industrial trade fair, and have already sparked considerable interest among customers. digressing from the prospectus, which can be viewed at de, customers were asking about special seminars for their employees. for instance, there are manufacturers in the increasingly demanding field of mobile hydraulics that are working with the iha to organise a series of introductory seminars in the near future, to familiarise their service technicians with all aspects of hydraulics. they are systematically prepared for carrying out challenging service tasks on the manufacturers' machinery. in these areas, the customers benefit particularly from the specialised knowledge of trainer dierk peitsmeyer. after working as a trainer with Bosch rexroth for more than ten years, he has now joined the training staff of the iha. he has considerable experience with practical requirements, such as are particularly prevalent in mobile hydraulics. at the same time, his experience as a service technician stands him in good stead. he has often been involved in developing and optimising prototypes and in commissioning hydraulic systems. he is very glad to pass on this wealth of knowledge. deposit voucher take knowledge As an approved educational institution, the iha is certified to AZVW for the advancement of vocational training. this means, for example, that it can accept education vouchers issued by the german federal employment office. hansa-flex advises its customers to have their employees trained at the iha and receive government aid for doing so. this is advantageous for all sectors of industry in which fluid technology is used. the advanced training can be used to qualify employees, which in turn will improve the efficiency with which they handle hydraulic systems. the following advanced training courses are eligible for assistance purposes: Principles of fluid technology, parts 1, 2 and 3 course number 074/75/09 course length: between 4 and 5 days, dates available on request Hydraulics specialist HWK trainees take the examination for qualification as "State Accredited hydraulic Specialists" before a trades association examining board. course number 074/102/09 course length: August 2009 to May 2010 (1 week in the month, total of 9 weeks of instruction) this option is also of interest to companies that are looking for ways to maintain staffing levels, to keep their employees as permanent staff in these difficult times. it is important to quote the course number when applying for government assistance. this reduces processing times. issue training seminar schedule June July grundlagen der fluidtechnik teil 2 dresden-weixdorf grundlagen der fluidtechnik teil 3 dresden-weixdorf grundlagen der fluidtechnik teil 2 dresden-weixdorf grundlagen der fluidtechnik teil 1 dresden-weixdorf grundlagen der fluidtechnik teil 2 dresden-weixdorf grundlagen der fluidtechnik teil 3 dresden-weixdorf Metallschläuche grundlagenseminar boffzen/höxter grundlagen der leitungstechnik bremen grundlagen der fluidtechnik teil 1 dresden-weixdorf HYDrauLiKPresse grundlagen der dichtungstechnik eisenberg for more information, please contact Ms. Schmidt or Ms. Schubert at:

6 Trade Fairs & Events Hannover Messe 2009 HANNOVER MESSE 2009 HANSA-FLEX marks successful presentation with new concept Again this year, the most important technology event for the industrial community in Germany was held from April 20 to 24 the HANNOVER MESSE. More than 6150 exhibitors from over 60 countries converged on Hannover to present their latest technical innovations to an audience of specialists. This time, everyone involved was keen to show that, during this time of global economic crisis, they would tackle difficulties resolutely with new solutions. There was no question but that HANSA-FLEX would be among the "mood raisers". and clean hydraulic oil right there at the customer's factory. Regular oil care effectively helps to reduce component wear and malfunctions or even production stoppages, thus helping to ensure uninterrupted operation. Because of the high level of interest shown in this vehicle, an employee was in attendance almost permanently to answer questions from everyone. Another product that was exhibited at the HANNO- VER MESSE was the new "ClickClamp", which was designed to clamp pipe and hose lines. The innovative feature of this clamp is that is does not require screws, so the associated assembly effort can be reduced by more than 85% especially in original equipment. They also afford a certain amount of flexibility, which in turn helps to reduce the damaging effects of abrasion considerably during operation. In accordance with this intention, HANSA-FLEX had thoroughly overhauled its concept for the Messe and designed a completely new stand well in advance. The mere fact that the company's display area was more than twice as large as it had been in 2007 was enough to announce loud and clear: there is no stagnation here, we are facing the future with confidence! The stand was modern, with an open plan design to make access as easy as possible for visitors. Even its colour scheme was striking, and the HANSA-FLEX stand was unmistakeable from afar. The concept worked and was well received by the visitors to the Messe. Visitors to HANSA-FLEX came mainly from Germany and its European neighbours and this was also true for the Messe in general. HANSA-FLEX's many customers had come at our invitation and made appointments to learn about new developments in individual meetings. On the other hand, many specialists from the various business areas of the HANSA-FLEX Group were present to answer questions and talk about fluid technology product groups, fields of application and solutions. New products at the Messe HANSA-FLEX also took advantage of the opportunity to attract attention outside the exhibition halls. Parked outside were an original off-road vehicle from the XWORLD tour and a HANSA-FLEX hydraulics workshop - one of the fully equipped workshop containers. But the centre of attraction was a brand new Fluid Service vehicle. This mobile laboratory is equipped with everything that is needed to analyse Photo: Julia Ahlers A special area of the HANSA-FLEX stand was dedicated to recruitment. Since HANSA-FLEX is constantly looking for new workers to sustain the company's continuing growth, the event was also used to attract The bright, spacious lounge area provided ample room for individual discussions and exchange of information. Photo: Julia Ahlers 06 HANSA-FLEX Customers magazine

7 hannover Messe 2009 Trade fairs & events Hydraulics presented vividly by trainers of the iha using a hydraulic training system. potential employees. there were 100 specific posts to fill. staff from the hr department were on hand for the duration of the Messe to answer questions from potential candidates and to establish initial contact. a notice board was also set up with a list of all the vacant positions that need to be filled, and applications of opportunity were also welcomed. used to set up and test hydraulic systems for teaching purposes. in this fascinating presentation, visitors were shown the effect of hydraulic circuit technology and how hydraulic motors are made to work by raising and lowering loads in a controlled manner. the newly built iha is equipped with eight of these double test stands and accompanying test trolleys for a total capacity of sixteen practical teaching positions. iha trainer dierk peitsmeyer explained the test setup to an interested audience and answered questions about the academy's training programme. Many thanks are due to the entire Messe team, who worked so hard before, during and after the event to ensure that hansa-flex was represented with immense success. hansa-flex's partner company, the internationale hydraulik akademie (iha), also made a presentation under the auspices of our trade fair presence. the point of interest in this case was the new "hydroprax" training system, a special test stand that is THe Hansa-fleX Messe TeaM stages successful trade fair presence. HYDrauLiKPresse

8 XWorld stages 27 to 29 In "the MIddle KIngdoM" driving through china's "Wild West" dusty tracks, daring river crossings, dried-up reservoirs faulty wheel bearings, difficulties with the chinese vehicle inspection agency, collisions in the convoy roads that only exist on the map, locations undetected by gps and a mountain bike as special luggage: stages 27 to 29 in March and april 2009 served up wonders and challenges of every kind. this latest leg of the adventure began quietly enough in Bangkok, the capital of thailand, in early March. for the first four days, the six land cruisers passed through northern thailand, and after a further six days of laborious driving over muddy tracks littered with dusty rocks, they reached THere Were Many obstacles To overcome on the long road from Thailand through china to Tibet. the Mekong. there, as one participant wrote in her expedition journal, "the formalities for leaving thailand and the conditions for entering laos became an exquisite form of torture". But the agonising entry formalities (which were familiar from earlier stages in the region) were merely the prelude to a small cascade of accidents, bad luck and breakdowns: "the horror began with about 40 kilometres to go before we reached our stage destination: the warning lights came on in one of the vehicles, a troubling noise was coming from the front left of the vehicle. We decided to push on the end of the section anyway and wait until later to investigate the noise." But the teams' confidence was unfounded. five kilometres farther on, the occupants of the vehicle had to leave it behind - the wheel bearing was broken. local mechanics repaired the land cruiser overnight - we could go on (see photos). But unfortunately not for long: quite soon afterwards, the clutch on the hilux gave out; this vehicle will be towed back to china by the "great Wall" land it was christmas 2007 when hansa-flex first decided to make a charitable donation abroad instead of buying christmas gifts for its customers and partners. that first year, the money went to support a children's home in Brazil (we reported). thomas armerding had decided to donate 100 euro for every country in which hansa-flex is represented by an agency. last year, hansa-flex export manager frank schmidt decided to support an organisation in thailand "fcd foundation for children with disabilities". the fcd runs a large rehabilitation centre for sick and disabled children and also helps their families. Mr. schmidt's contribution of 3,800 euros cruiser where of course it will fail the technical inspection. thank goodness the necessary spare parts were in the vehicle - the hilux is roadworthy again by the morning and then passes the technical inspection without any problems. the participants in stage 28 (hong Kong to chengdu) also experienced these Hansa-FleX supports aid project FoR children children are delighted with the aid brought by kitisak suwanwong and his Hansa-fleX team. photo: Kitisak suwanwong/hansa-flex thailand photo: Melina lindenblatt / hansa-flex event gmbh a cycle ride in THe HiMalayas five-time World champion Hanka kupfernagel packed her bike. was used to buy food and equipment to make the children's life easier, such as wheelchairs things that are simply beyond the financial means of many families there. Kitisak suwanwong, the managing director of hansa-flex thailand, personally made sure that the aid was directed to where it was needed most urgently. hansa-flex intends to continue this kind of rapid aid, unhindered by bureaucracy, to bring a little joy to children all over the world at christmas. if you know of any projects that are deserving of our support, please contact us. photo: tino Köcher 08 hansa-flex Customers magazine

9 stages 27 to 29 XWorld overnight repairs. But in that case, the cause of the failure was not wear and tear on unforgiving terrain, but a lapse in concentration in traffic... the result of a collision within the convoy. the "tiger" was disabled at the end of the leg and had to be towed more than 200 kilometres to a toyota workshop. to further complicate matters, there were only four days left before the start of the next stage which included a weekend and a chinese holiday. and all that was required to render the vehicle drivable again were a few indispensable spare parts. these had to be brought from germany because there were none in all of china. We once again blessed our good fortune that one of the tour partners is dhl, and the delivery was expedited. even before the crash in which no one was hurt the adventurers on stage 28 had already grappled with other problems. on about the seventh day, just before the longest day of driving much of which would be on highways. it was just unfortunate that the road shown clearly on the map had not actually been built yet... and there were still other hindrances to overcome like the himalayas for example. Because at an altitude of 3,000 metres even the "It has always been one of my dreams to travel through China and Tibet" best equipped all-wheel-drive vehicle sometimes struggles and refuses to start. But even these tribulations were not enough to ruffle participant hanka Kupfernagel: she came along for stage 29 and brought her mountain bike with her, lashed securely to the roof of one of the land cruisers. the reason: hanka wanted to be able to continue training whenever possible she is an exceptional german cyclist. hanka has already been crowned world champion five times, european champion three times, and has won nearly 30 national titles. she is also versatile, and has competed in other cycling disciplines, including road racing, time trials, cyclocross, MtB and track. hanka "blames" her participation in the XWorld tour on one of her coaches from the cyclocross season: hansa-flex employee tino "tornado" Köcher. he had recounted his experiences on the stage through indonesia in such glowing tones, and hanka had always wanted to travel through china and tibet anyway. that was reason enough for her to write an internet journal for the first few days, until it became impossible to access the World Wide Web. XWoRld on the internet the latest links the latest news from the XWoRld tour is available not only our Website but here as well: Anyone who wants to learn more about hanka kupfernagel's adventures in china and tibet can follow this link to her internet journal The exact route of stage 28 can be followed at there, simply enter the link /hf_etappe_28.kml and click on "find maps" the exact route will be displayed. There has been a dedicated group in the XiNg business network (www.xing.com) since mid-april 2009 simply search on keyword "XWoRld" under groups. Membership is free. We are collecting all of the videos we receive from the XWoRld tour on a dedicated channel in the youtube video portal. for an overview, go to user/xworldtour. photo: Melina lindenblatt / hansa-flex event gmbh HYDrauLiKPresse

10 Practical Sheet metal working In demand all over the world Trumpf sets international standard in intelligent sheet metal working Photo: TRUMPF The steel sheet is four metres long and weighs almost 100 kilograms, but the robot picks it up as if it were a toy and turns briskly to feed it to the press brake. The upper and lower tools close the clamping bar on the machine, the robot raises the sheet slightly, and in a few seconds the sheet metal part is bent to exactly the right angle, in top quality. machines are so versatile that each one is capable of performing an enormous variety of tasks. Whether large or small, complex and simple components can be produced with Trumpf's patented bending equipment, and the thinnest of flanges can be bent. Each TruBend is designed to perform two bending operations free bending and embossed bending. In free bending mode, the machine bends angles between 30 and 180 without the need to change tools. The Automatically Controlled Bending (ACB) angle measurement system was introduced in 1997 and is considered a milestone in bending technology. It ensures that the bending angles are correct from the start. The angles are measured quickly and precisely by eight angle sensors. Machine stoppage times or even rejected parts at the start of a production run are things of the past. Parts no longer need to be remeasured or reworked either, which shortens throughput times in production and greatly benefits the cost structure. Photo: TRUMPF In embossed bending, only extremely small leg lengths are bent. Unlike free bending, for this the This operation is one of many "handling jobs" in sheet metal working. Particularly in machine building, the bends in the steel panels must be perfect. The machines that bend them are a speciality of Trumpf Maschinen Austria GesmbH & Co KG. One of more than 50 subsidiaries of the Trumpf group, which was founded in 1923, this company has established itself as the world's leading manufacturer of manufacturing technology, with technical solutions and innovative products for sheet metal working tasks, using lasers in production processes and electronic applications. Sheet metal parts are needed everywhere, in industry, in the home, on the roads, even in health care. The Trumpf group's competence centre for bending technology in the Upper Austrian municipality of Pasching manufactures the specialised machines that are used to work them: TruBend press brakes, the Trumpf BendMaster, and laser-hardened bending tools. From the first idea to the finished and shaped part, Trumpf assists its customers with machines, automation installations and software for bending, punching, laser cutting and laser welding high-quality products. Two processes, one machine Bending technology is an important part of the sheet metal processing chain. With the TruBend series of bending machines, its manufacturer covers a wide spectrum of practical requirements. The Precisely bent steel panels are essential, especially in machine building a speciality of Trumpf Maschinen Austria GesmbH & Co KG. Photo: TRUMPF 10 HANSA-FLEX Customers Magazine

11 sheet Metal WorKing practical robots are used To automate production and can shift parts weighing as much as 100 kg on the bending machines. machines must be fitted with a different tool for each angle. By using the Bending aids options or the BendMaster bending robot, the system can even be automated incrementally. the robot handles the heaviest work. it can position sheet steel parts up to a maximum weight per part of 100 kilograms and 4,000 millimetres long with pinpoint accuracy. the trubend series is equipped with every conceivable technical refinement, but that's not all. its makers have also furnished it with an innovative drive concept: the patented four-cylinder unit was unveiled in 2004 and transfers compressive forces to the clamping bar rapidly, precisely and evenly. a trubend can exert from 50 to 320 tons of pressing force. audits strengthen TrusT photo: trumpf given the enormous pressures with which the tru- Bend press brakes work, unsurpassed quality and safety standards are imperative. the reliability of the hydraulic drives for the machines is assured by hose lines with fastening systems, some of which are subject to utility model protection. trumpf therefore chose hansa-flex in linz as a system partner; the fluid services provider not only supplies the assembled connecting elements, it also offers technical solutions and an expert consulting and delivery service. the hydraulics experts in linz support the machine builders in every way during development of the line equipment, which is subject to extremely complex design considerations for the bending machines. to accelerate the process, sample parts are also produced at short notice. and since the machine builder's equipment is in use on every continent, the replacement parts service provided by hansa-flex represents one more advantage for the customer's global service commitments. Just as trumpf delivers first-class products for all sheet metal applications and places maximum importance on optimal manufacturing processes, hansa-flex too has developed special solutions to satisfy the production company's uncompromising specifications. With a special supply system, a true cornerstone of its logistical system, hansa-flex has adapted to the needs of its customer. components are produced exactly according to the production order, rinsed to the highest purity class, put together in kits and supplied exactly when needed. depending on the machine type, all hose lines and accessories are delivered directly to the appropriate point in the manufacturer's production process in stackable synchro trolleys that have been constructed specially for this purpose. this ideal interchange between trumpf and hansa-flex is periodically confirmed by regular audits and vendor evaluations conducted by the machine builder. recent checks regarding delivery reliability revealed that the services by the supplier hansa-flex were well in the green zone, with a reliability rating of 100 percent. deliveries to the trumpf assembly positions arrive precisely on the day of production, and no earlier than the previous day. in the vendor evaluation, hansa-flex received a quality rating of close to which is one hundred percent ok with this customer. optimal production processes are assured by precisely timed deliveries of kits, which Hansa-fleX puts together exactly as specified on the production order. all hose lines and accessories are delivered to Trumpf in special, stackable synchro trolleys. This ideal interchange is confirmed by regular audits. photo: a. lukesch/hansa-flex linz photo: trumpf photo: trumpf TrueBend Bending MacHines are extremely versatile and are capable of carrying out several different types of bending process, such as free bending and embossed bending to a range of angular measurements the acb (automatically controlled Bending) angle measurement system relies on eight sensors to monitor angles with extreme accuracy, thereby preventing scrap. HYDrauLiKPresse

12 Work & live fine dust and ozone unpleasant atmosphere In the office? fairy tale or harsh reality: do printers and copiers really fill the air With ozone and fine dust? your eyes begin burning soon after you arrive at the office, by midday your throat is sore, by the end of work your head is pounding. the phenomenon has a name: "sick Building syndrome". the suspected culprits include fine dust and ozone from the copier, fax machine and laser printer. But is this really true? and more importantly, how can you combat it? i have noticed that if i am in the office while a lot of printing is being done, these symptoms are more pronounced, particularly the burning and prickling. you feel this prickling sensation on your skin, as if someone was sticking needles in your face." this account was broadcast on the norddeutscher rundfunk television magazine show "Markt" in an interview with ursula B. from oldenburg. she is one of about 2,000 sufferers who have registered with "interessengemeinschaft tonergeschädigter e.v.", an interest group for people who are susceptible to emissions from office equipment. the association asserts: "dust from toners can make you sick!". But the truth is not quite so simple there is no definitive scientific evidence to prove this case. as a result, the argument is raised constantly, without any resolution. the facts of the matter are: toner itself is a complex chemical that is capable of causing health problems it contains wax, heavy metals, and volatile hydrocarbons; it should be handled with care (see "tips" box). its exact composition is an industrial secret of the manufacturers. in 2001, "Öko-test" magazine tested ten toners, and only two received a rating of "recommended". one analysis that kicked up a lot of dust: "Öko-test does not publish any information about quantities of heavy metals detected. c't found various heavy metals even in toner that was rated 'recommended' according to Öko-test - albeit in such small concentrations that they would probably fall below the limits for sand in children's playgrounds", appeared in the very next issue of computing magazine c t. other scientific investigations and press reports have been similarly contradictory: conclusions range from "toner is a carcinogen" and "fine dust causes allergies" to "study gives all-clear" "bad news" is "good news" after all. there is complete agreement on only very few points. ozone and its effects the pungent odour of ozone is becoming less and less frequent in modern office technology. the reason: "previously, toner was charged electrically through the 'corona wires' so that it would adhere to the paper. nowadays, this function is performed by a roller in the device, and smaller electrical currents create less ozone", explains Bernd flock of Bremen-based comkopie, a service provider for digital printing and copying machines. technical research confirms this: Modern devices release very little ozone. however, ozone is highly unstable, and soon decomposes to form normal oxygen again: its concentration is halved within about 30 minutes. Working properly with copiers and the like ozone pollution and the risk of fine dust from laser devices can be reduced significantly in the workplace (and also in the computer corner at home!) simply by following a few tips that have been compiled by the professional associations: Purchasing: New laser equipment should bear the "blue Angel" environmental seal of approval or the "bg-prüfzert" label. When buying a new device, make sure as well that it is easy to operate: toner cartridges should be sealed and easy to replace; do not use refill containers, because toner may spill out during refilling. Setting up: Make sure that the workplace is well ventilated allow air to circulate regularly and set up machines so that their fans are not directed at the user. ozone can be smelled in very small concentrations (like chlorine); however, the nose becomes accustomed to the smell very quickly. in very high concentrations, ozone causes the eyes to burn and dries mucous membranes out. the maximum workplace concentration (MaK) permitted for ozone is currently 0.1 ppm (parts per million) this corresponds to 0.2 milligrams for every cubic metre of air in the room. at ground level, ozone occurs naturally during storms and other such phenomena. "Man-made" ozone is created, among other places, in tanning beds, during discharges from camera flashes and welding arcs, in the electric motors in household appliances, in swimming pools where the water is disinfected with ozone created by uv lamps. fine dust from THe copier a fine dust is blown out of a printer or copier as soon as it is switched on. But the exact composition of What these devices puff out remains a mystery to researchers. this is because the technical process of Operating: When copying, the cover should be in position over the original this prevents unnecessary ozone formation and saves toner. Avoid skin contact with the toner wear disposable gloves when changing tone cartridges. if you spill toner, do not blow it away or allow the device to suck it up! Wipe it up with a damp cloth. toner on the carpet can be removed with a vacuum cleaner but the vacuum cleaner should be equipped with a fine dust filter. last, but not least: have all such devices serviced and maintained regularly by trained personnel. 12 hansa-flex Customers magazine

13 fine dust and ozone Work & live laser printing whether in the copier, the printer, or when faxing - is so complex. the toner particles are heated to temperatures of more than 200 degrees celsius and burned onto the paper; the paper itself is subjected to strong compression and pulling forces, the fixing rollers are oiled, and the list goes on. it is inevitable that fine dust and various volatile chemical compounds will escape into the room. however, toner dust is unlikely to be among them: "the tiny particles given off by laser printers do not come from the toner at all". this discovery was made by the fraunhofer institut early this year. "these particles are emitted even when there is no toner in the printer," the report continues. researchers at the fraunhofer Wilhelm-Klauditz-institut (WKi) and the queensland university of technology in Brisbane, australia had removed the toner and paper before printing with standard commercial machines - the minute particles still showed up. dr. Michael Wensing of the WKi thinks that "the root cause is the fixing unit - a component which heats up to 220 degrees celsius during printing in order to fix the toner particles on the paper". at these high temperatures, volatile substances such as paraffins and silicone oils evaporate and combine to form nanoparticles, which escape into the room. a study by the "Bgia the german institute occupational safety and health" reached a similar conclusion: "it was revealed that modern laser printers that passed the test release very small quantities of substances. specifically, no toner dust was detected." Moreover, experts at the institute for interior and environmental toxicology of the university hospital, gießen conducted a longterm experiment with respect to routine office tasks, and they discovered no significant values that would represent a threat of bodily stress by fine dust. illnesses imaginary? so illnesses caused by fine dust and ozone are all in the mind? "there is a small number of highly sensitive people who have experienced health problems caused by the mixture of particles exhausted from office machines", irene lukassowitz, a spokesperson for the german federal institute for risk assessment (Bfr), qualifies this statement. "however, the cause of these reactions unclear." according to frau lukassowitz, heavy metals and volatile substances such as benzene or toluene were measured, but the values for all such substances were below permissible limits. accordingly, anyone who wants to be completely certain should only switch printers and copiers on when they are really needed (this also saves electricity); think about whether every really needs to be printed out (saves paper) and ensure that office spaces are well ventilated. the following only applies to those who still smoke in the office: Just one cigarette creates more fine dust and volatile hydrocarbons than 100 pages of printed paper. dust and ozone from printers and copiers are suspected as possible causes of illness. While this has not yet been proven once and for all the equipment should still be used sparingly, not least for the sake of the environment. HYDrauLiKPresse

14 Trade Fairs & Events Football Tournament 2009 Football tournament 2009 The 7th HANSA-FLEX Football World Cup in Belgium The traditional HANSA-FLEX football tournament 2009 was held on the first weekend in May. The venue for the "7th Football World Cup" this year was the town of Tongerlo in Belgium. In all, 28 teams travelled to Tongerlo from all over Europe to decide who would be the new champions in honest competition. Some of the teams from the various HANSA-FLEX agencies covered a lot of miles just to get there, with their supporters in attendance. In the end, more than 500 HANSA-FLEX employees arrived, and stayed for three exciting days. For ex ample, the heavily occupied double decker bus from headquarters in Bremen arrived well behind schedule. The tournament winners with their cups First place Belgium (Peter De Meyer, middle). Second place: Dresden- Weixdorf (Claus Kühne, left). Third place: HFG team 1 from HANSA-FLEX headquarters in Bremen (Michael Pohl, right). Photo: Julia Ahlers But in the end, everyone reached their destination safely, and the matches began the following day. The marvellous weather more than made up for all the inconveniences and the first games kicked off promptly at 10 o'clock the next morning. For these, as always for the HANSA-FLEX tournaments, a standard football pitch was divided in two. On each of the two half-size pitches, two seven-man teams confronted each other for 10 minutes. If the playing time were any longer, it would not have been possible to play all the matches. Initially, the 28 teams were divided into four groups of seven teams each, and the games on the Friday decided the qualifiers from each group. Encouraged by the passionate shouts of their fans, the teams gave their all. At the same time, fairness was on everybody's mind, and the referees were not overly taxed - after all, everyone was "in the same camp". Besides a number of teams from the various German agencies, HANSA-FLEX ball wizards representing Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Austria, Poland, and of course Belgium, also took part in the competition. Since the Belgian team had won the title the previous year, HANSA-FLEX Belgium had the honour of hosting this year's competition. The expansive, modern sports facility in Tongerlo turned out to be ideal. The playing fields and accommodation were located very close to each other. A stream of supporters arrived throughout the day on Thursday and late into the night, and for some the process was fraught with difficulties. The "Venus Kickers" were the only all-ladies team to take the field in the challenge cup competition in Belgium they reached 18th position in the competition and were clear winners in the hearts of the fans. Photo: Julia Ahlers 14 HANSA-FLEX Customers Magazine

15 football tournament 2009 Trade fairs & events Winners on BoTH sides after the exciting group matches, saturday's games would decide rankings, and these often had to be decided on penalties. finally, the semi-finals saw the hosts Belgium pitted against a team from Bremen headquarters ("hfg team 1") and dresden-weixdorf facing "glasbier rangers" from saarlouis. after the semi-finals, reigning champions Belgium faced the team from dresden in the final, and after an energetic, and technically very skilful game, emerged victorious by 4 goals to 0. no one had expected the Belgians to win the challenge cup for the second year in a row. however, next year the tournament will be organised by the dresden-weixdorf agency so there were two winners in this game. one team received special support throughout the tournament: the "Venus Kickers" were the only allwomen team in the competition and they won the hearts of all the fans, reaching 18th position in the final placings. after the games, players and supporters alike celebrated exuberantly over glasses of good Belgian beer. and many took advantage of this time to strengthen contacts within the hansa-flex group, particularly with the agencies from outside germany. fortunately, there were very few injuries during the competition only two players had to receive medical attention. performance display By THe MarkeTing department in the background, the hansa-flex Marketing department used the football tournament to introduce itself and its services to the participants. in a large tent, visitors were invited to learn more about the latest catalogues, brochures and other advertising materials. some company vehicles were driven to Belgium for the express purpose of showing off the latest vehicle configurations. and the department employees stood ready to discuss and answer any questions, suggestions, and even criticism. "The HANSA-FLEX football competition for the coveted challenge cup was characterised by tough but fair play!" HYDrauLiKPresse

16 practical increasing efficiency eggs-act RepRoductIon in praise of the eggbox some people throw them away without a second thought, others collect and use them again, to hold more eggs, or as crafting materials, or as soundproofing in their home sound studios. We are talking about common or garden eggboxes made from recycled paper. the retail boxes protect the eggs, they can be stacked in the refrigerator, and their forms in patterns of 6, 10 or 12 make them easier to count. and since they are for sale, the packaging should also be attractive and eye-catching. in a variety of colours, pink, yellow or green, with extra decoration, intricate labels or viewing windows, eggboxes are designed to stand out clearly on supermarket shelves. that humble staple of daily life, the egg, is a hotly contested commodity in today's retail market. Manufacturers of these eggboxes ensure that the most ambitious ideas of their designers are also technically feasible. at omni-pac in elsfleth the german production facility for the us packaging corporation pactiv specialists from the design department are involved in the process from original concept until release for volume production. production does not even begin until all design questions have been resolved. in this factory, more than 500 million eggboxes a year are produced on several production lines in a process called fibre casting. here beside the river Weser, over 450 people are at work constantly, round the clock, except for a few weekends during the year. to supply production, omni-pac recycles waste paper by the ton, a constant stream of lorries brings more 16 hansa-flex Cusomers magazine

17 increasing efficiency practical waste paper or pulp night and day. the heavy bales of waste paper are delivered by barge to the company's own jetty. production is interesting from an ecological viewpoint, as well. having been delivered to the plant, the waste paper undergoes a series of processes in which staples, sticking tape and other undesirable products are removed. printing ink is removed and the paper is sterilised in a single de-inking process. a certain amount of new, long-fibre pulp is added to the mass of waste paper to give it a consistency that meets quality requirements. finally, the paper pulp is coloured according to the design specification. since the process generates practically no waste, making eggboxes from recycled paper makes good ecological sense as well. TiMe for a quick solution photo: istockphoto at the heart of the omni-pac production line are the dry press units for the fibre-casting process. this is where the boxes, which have been poured into moulds, are given their final, sturdy shape. to do this the tools for the upper and lower mould halves are pressed together with a force of about 40 bar. for about one tenth of a second the pressure is even increased to 150 bar. this makes the surface structure smooth so that the boxes can be printed or have adhesive labels applied in the next work step. the production line and all the machines come from the usa, their dry press units are traditionally equipped with a hydraulic swivelling drive that has been working successfully for decades. even so, because there are so many moving parts, a considerable amount of effort is expended in repairs. since the hydraulic swivelling arm equipment was also somewhat overburdened by the cycle numbers, the idea was born to take an entirely different approach and develop a fundamentally new solution for the dry press units. With this in mind, thomas stadie, the technical director at omni-pac, contacted clemens otte of hansa-flex industrial service, oldenburg. the technical specifications were defined collaboratively by the sides, and then clemens otte took over the engineering and developed the layout of the hydraulic system. to do this, he calculated all of the performance parameters for each unit and component, such as the electric motors, pump capacities, cylinder stroke and pressing force, valves, hydraulic connecting members, and the control unit. the decision was made to use hydraulic cylinders, to ensure that the system efficiently satisfied all of the technical requirements placed upon it. these cylinders are capable of applying a pressing force of 40 bar against the lower mould half, and also increasing the contact pressure as required for a tenth of a second. the entire machine configuration is centred on these hydraulic cylinders, and it had to be adapted accordingly. Hydraulic system from oldenburg steps up THe pace once clemens otte had obtained all the components he needed, he and his team built the units and took charge of on-site installation, including the line equipment and system controlling. there was no previous example of a hydraulic solution for this kind of eggbox production, so hansa-flex industrial service oldenburg was entering completely unexplored territory. after all, this was a production line that would be used to manufacture several million eggboxes per year. this level of performance can only be assured by hydraulic cylinders that are capable of performing 15 million cycles per year. industrial service remained committed throughout commissioning and running in. since there was nothing that could be used as a reference, of course the system had to be optimised, and on one occasion technicians were called out in the middle of the night to work on the hydraulics. omni-pac plant engineer andreas haberer took care of preventative and predictive maintenance during this period, as well as during daily operations as necessary. "We are still at the stage of learning how long the system's service life will be," he explained to hydraulikpresse, "but it has been running for more than a year now with no significant malfunctions." thomas stadie's confidence in hansa-flex industrial service oldenburg has been rewarded. the new technology has enabled the cycle speed to be increased by 43 percent for each dry press in controlled operation. Maintenance and repair costs have been minimised because there are now fewer moving parts. and if a hose line should occasionally develop a fault, it can be replaced in minutes. hoses in all required nominal diameters and lengths, all furnished with X-code, are hanging in neat rows, ready to use in the control room for the four powerful units. after all, each unit drives three cylinders, and every minute of stoppage time means about 130 unproduced eggboxes. stoppages of that kind are to be avoided at all costs. the enterprise services packing stations for egg retail companies all over europe, and delivery deadlines are extremely tight. THe c ycle speed Was increased By 43% by optimising the dry press units with the latest hydraulic technology Hansa-fleX took charge of the layout and engineering of the hydraulic systems. hydraulic drive unit neat as a new pin After defining all parameters with thomas Stadie, the technical director for the eggbox manufacturing company, clemens otte took charge of all subsequent tasks, such as dimensioning and purchasing all components: 4 x triple vane pumps, capacity 540 l/min. each 4 x vane pumps for contact pressure, 48 l/min. Working pressure: 40 bar Contact pressure: 160 bar 4 x electric motors, 45 kw/1500 rpm each. 12 x NG25 direction control valves 12 x NG06 contact pressure valves 12 x NG06 support arm valves 12 x dual action hydraulic tie rod cylinders with adjustable end stop damping at both ends Pistons: mm, rod 50.8 mm, stroke 176 mm 4 x 1500 l tanks with integrated oil/water cooler 20 l accumulator with accumulator safety block and tüv-certified pressure limiting valves Step no.: max. 45 double strokes/min. Contact pressure time: approx. 0.2 sec. HYDrauLiKPresse

18 fascination TecHnology stage decoration big Flap great story hansa-flex employees in action at the Bad hersfeld festival photo: ultraviolett.net the word "ruin" has many associations. for example, old or dilapidated. perhaps even demolition or earthquake. But "theatre" is hardly the first word that springs to mind. except in Bad hersfeld in northeastern hesse, where different rules apply. for it is in the monastery ruins here that the Bad hersfeld festival has been staged every year since 1951 probably the most famous, most entertaining summer theatre anywhere under the sun. the hansa-flex agency in niederaula has been actively supporting the festival for the last three years. the monastery that now stands in ruins in Bad hersfeld was founded in 736 as a hermitage. after a history stretching back more than 1000 years, the ruin served the local populace as a source of stone until the 19th century. from 1828 onwards, master builder of the hesse electorate leonard Müller worked successfully to preserve the ruins. festive events and choral recitals were held here before the second World War. the Bad hersfeld festival was inaugurated in 1951 and since then its fame has spread well beyond the theatrical community. and since the festival often presents opportunities for exploring new stage techniques, the hydraulics experts from hansa-flex are ready to lend a hand. "in 2007 we constructed flap on the stage for the play 'faust ii'", recalls Manfred Wichers, operations manager for the hansa-flex agency in niederaula. the flap was raised hydraulically. "the inside was fitted with a mirror and there was a water tank below it. the spectators looked into the mirror and they could then see what was happening in the tank," explains Wichers. and since budgets in the cultural and theatre scene are rather tight, "we worked for free over Whitsun," he adds, smiling happily at the memory. the following year, our job was incomparably more difficult. the team installed another flap, for a production of "the Maid of orleans". But this time it was eight metres square, and it was supposed to be set up during the performance. the short lever stroke enabled five hydraulic cylinders to lift a load of 35 tons without a sound. of course, both projects were planned meticulously and approved by the tüv in advance. "Without the support of hansa-flex, we would not have been able to build the installations like that," says stephan Kuno, the technical manager for the festival in a note of personal thanks to operations manager Manfred Wichers, his deputy heiko göbel, and factory employees elmar Wegfahrt and axel Köbe. the same is true for this year's productions of the musical "West side story". this modern adaptation 18 hansa-flex Customers magazine

19 stage decoration fascination TecHnology of the tale of "romeo and Juliet" would be unthinkable without a balcony. 'the balcony will be raised by hydraulic cylinders," explains Manfred Wichers. But the stage poses a particularly difficult technical challenge. it is only about a metre high. "the balcony is a very long structure, and because the stage is rather flat, we can only use small cylinders," he goes on. this problem too was solved and approved by the tüv. "the most important thing is that the actors can go up and come back down again in complete safety," says stephan Kuno. photo: Manfred Wichers photo: h.h. dohmen the commitment of Manfred Wichers and his colleagues also gladdens the artistic director of the festival, elke hesse. as a small gesture of appreciation, in 2007 she invited the entire staff of the hansa-flex agency in niederaula to attend a performance of "faust ii" with their partners. "that was a really wonderful 'works outing'," Mr. Wichers remembers it fondly to this day. about THe Bad Hersfeld festival Bad hersfeld is famed and feted for its festival far beyond germany's borders. a loyal following of theatre-goers makes the trip to the productions from all corners of the globe year after year plays staged in the largest romanesque church ruin in europe, a venue that captivates almost all who come. the high dramatic quality of the productions and the unique setting guarantee a truly unforgettable theatrical event, unequalled by any other open air theatre in germany. nowhere else are demands made on the actors' stage presence, voice and diction such as are expected in Bad hersfeld. only actresses and actors with the finest technique and voice projection can be heard in the very back row and in the quietest of whispers. TecHnical creativity for THe stage from the Hansa-fleX agency in niederaula: a prototype version of a balcony that rises up directly from the stage for the current production of "romeo and Juliet" (left) or a burning cross of hydraulic components in "Maid of orleans" from 2008 (right). The "ruin Bath" and its outsize trapdoor was constructed for the performance of "faust ii" in 2007 (far left). photo: Karl schönholtz connoisseurs readily agree that the character of the monastery ruin is equal to that of the felsenreitschule in salzburg or the popes' palace in avignon. even many actors are unable to break free of the spell of the ruins. Klaus Maria Brandauer was "rendered speechless" by it, and even the performer Karl John raved: "the spatial experience of the ruins is incredibly powerful. you have to stand in it, only then do you feel the size and grandeur of that space." it's small wonder then, that every year an international troupe of celebrated acting personalities from theatre, film and television can be seen on the stage in the monastery ruin. the programme has and still does include the great works of world literature. for information about the festival and ticket booking, go to: THe inner Workings of THe large Trapdoor are not visible to the audience. its noiseless, completely smooth movement was made possible by the hydraulics experts from the Hansa-fleX agency in niederaula, headed by operations manager Manfred Wichers (right) and his deputy Heiko göbel (left) axel köbe and elmar Wegfahrt lent their fitting expertise. artistic director elke Hesse (centre) is delighted by this practical support for the festival. HYDrauLiKPresse

20 News Official opening at Elze Everything is still different in Elze "Fluid Training" prototype passes test for employees and customers One of the oldest of HANSA-FLEX's agencies anywhere is in Elze, in the district of Hildesheim. The region, to the South of Hannover, is predominantly rural: the River Leine flows through fields of corn and maize and minor roads are lined with broad-leafed trees. In such an avenue stands the HANSA-FLEX agency, in the community of Wülfingen in Elze. This is where the new agency building was opened in January Students in the "Fluid Service" training prototype, which took place in the new building at HANSA-FLEX Elze. Scarcely have you walked in but you are greeted by Walter Rehkopf. He is an employee from the very earliest days. For 30 years, he has looked after the needs of his customers, many of whom he greets like friends. "I started in 1972, then in 1987 we moved into a building that had just been bought in the town. Now, after another 20 years, the company has grown too big for this building too. Work on the new facilities was begun in After it was completed in January 2009, we proceeded to demolish the old buildings," explains Mr. Rehkopf. And it was in the training rooms of the new premises that the prototype of a new seminar was presented in April. Entitled "Fluid Service Training" the first version of the Elze training course covered the principles of hyd raulic oils and effective oil care, and was attended by four HANSA-FLEX employees and Mr. Besen from Kiesel Berobau GmbH & Co.KG. "The aim of this training course is to qualify our own employees and customers and to make them aware of the issues relating to hydraulic oil," explains Ulrich Hielscher, Head of the IHA Training Centre. Oil is an important structural component of hydraulic systems. Contamination of any kind can damage machinery and bring it to a standstill. That costs time and money. HANSA-FLEX believes that the best way to avoid this is through education. "The course has both theoretical and practical elements. In the theoretical part, we explain what can happen if hydraulic oils are stored, aged or mixed incorrectly, or if they are allowed to become too dirty, and how this affects our work 75% of all malfunctions in hydraulic systems can be traced back to these errors," adds Mr. Hielscher. The Photo: Julia Ahlers Photo: Julia Ahlers idea here is to prevent fires, then you don't have to put them out. This is why Fluid Service Specialist Rudi Apic explains in detail how important it is to check the hydraulic oil in the system regularly, and to institute a fluid management system. Theory begets practice While the theory may sound rather dry, the practice is really fascinating. A wheel loader, provided by Kiesel Berobau GmbH & Co. KG, was given a thorough going over, with special reference to its oil. Max Krumpeter, a member of staff with HANSA-FLEX Fluid Service showed the participants how to take a representative oil sample. One of the most important considerations is where the oil is taken from, and for example that the sample is taken while the machine is working. Then, the students were able to have a go at taking oil samples themselves. The Fluid Service vehicle is on hand and equipped with every- Thumbs up for the new training prototype From l. to r. Dieter Hohnen (head of the HANSA-FLEX Industry and Mobile Service), Thomas Armerding (Managing Director, HANSA-FLEX) and Marcell Ollesch (Managing Director, Kiesel). Photo: Julia Ahlers 20 HANSA-FLEX Customers magazine

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