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1 11 12 Project GreenMan (ELRI-177) Comparative study of tree management software Date: November 30, 2012 Author: OÜ Kino Maastikuarhitektid Tartu 2012

2 Table of Contents Introduction 3 1. Overview of tree inventory and management software market Fast pace of changes Three directions Emergence of open source solutions Influence of general GIS trends 6 2. The MATRIX - overview and comparison 7 3. The software descriptions Ezytreev Isiman product family: IsiMobile, IsiLite, IsiManPro i-tree Eco i-tree Street OpenTreeMap TreeTracker TreeKeeper TreeSites TreeWorks Trims Tree Inventory Suitability of ESRI ArcGIS for tree inventory and management 31

3 Introduction This document is developed for the purpose of the Project GreenMan (ELRI-177), within the work package Green Education (AP3). The aim of the study at hand is to provide a reference document for the project partners in order to support choosing or developing a suitable tree inventory and management software application for the municipalities of Tartu, Pskov and Rezekne. Chapter 1 presents a brief overview of the current situation in the market of tree management software. Chapter 2 presents the comparative tables of the software. Each software is described and illustrated in more detail in chapter 3. Based on the findings chapter 4 looks into the functionality of ESRI s ArcGIS Desktop 10.1 and describes briefly what are the possibilities of adapting functionalities of other programs on this platform. It is also pointed out, which of the studied software from chapter 3 have high level of interoperability with ArcGIS. ArcGIS has been chosen, because several GreenMan project partners will be implementing this software for their individual goals and thus it provides a common technical platform for cooperation. To procedures of conducting the study composed of the following activities: A list of relevant questions and points of comparison was developed according to which each software was studied. The initial questionnaire was improved based on two previous studies (Olig & Miller ; Andreu, Brown et al ). The questionnaire was also improved during the process of study of individual software solutions themselves. The providers of the tree inventory and management software were identified based on thorough internet searches, the previous studies and personal communication with local arborists and GIS specialists. The descriptions and comparison data of the software were obtained by studying the websites and online presentations of software providers. When available, demo / trial versions were downloaded, installed and overviewed. User manuals, help documentation and support videos were studied. Several software providers were contacted via to ask for additional materials (manuals and trial versions, when missing) or for missing answers to the questions of the questionnaire. Although some software providers were contacted several times, there are still several instances, where some of the questions remained unanswered. In the comparative tables of chapter 2 such cases are marked with a question mark (? ). The functionality of ArcGIS was evaluated after the rest of the software. Limiting factors The list of software is not comprehensive and contains only the most well-known and English language based software solutions, that had relatively good online presence and were thus findable 1 Olig, G. A., Miller, R. W A Guide to Street Tree Inventory Software. Available at: spfo/pubs/uf/streettree/toc.htm. 2 Andreu, M. G., Brown, E. M et al Comparison of Urban Forest Tree Inventory and Management Software Systems. Available at: 3

4 through internet searches. Some of the found software were omitted from the study due to the lack of information or the unsuccesful attempt to contact the software provider to request more information. Nevertheless the study provides a good scope of differences and similarities in the build-up and functionality of different tree inventory and management software and gives an overview of the general directions where this kind of software is heading. All general market directions are examplified and covered by examples. 1. Overview of tree inventory and management software market 1.1 Fast pace of changes A fine illustration of the situation of the tree inventory and management software market was provided by an answer by marketing coordinator of UFIS tree inventory software, Mr. George Barker: Currently we are in the process of some major system changes to our entire line of software and thus have temporarily suspended sales until we have the new system operational. As you know there have been major changes to the computing world over the last several years and we are looking at a total revamping of all of our software products to capitalize on these changes. Compared to the tree inventory study from 2009 mentioned earlier, several software presented there have changed their business model, have been discontinued / abandoned or had terminated their online-presence (i.e. were not possible to find on web). The following software providers could not be reached via ArborAccess, ArborSoftWorx, Streets Ahead, Trees in the Hood. StrataPoint has changed its business model to partner model and are servicing only US-based customers. UFIS, as shown above, is currently totally revamping their whole line of software. Development of some software found from the study and also internet searches have clearly been abandoned last modifications of websites of some of those go back as far as the year of Among this group are STEMS (Street tree electronic management system), MCTI (mobile community tree inventory), Asset Manager. The exact reasons for going out of business are unknown (besides UFIS) but the reasons can be assyned. The reasons might include diminishing user base, too high development costs to keep up the competition or in case of freeware / open-source software too shallow base of interested developers. 1.2 Three directions Currently three main business models can be discerned among the studied software: 4

5 Conventional software built from ground up custom tailored closed source software that can be run as single or multiuser versions and which is provided as arborist company s by-product or as a prodyct of a software company. It has all the functionality or modules programmed from ground-up. More or less regular updates are provided by the developing company. The following software belongs to this group: Eazytreev, Isiman product family, i-tree (freeware) product family, TreeKeeper and Trims. This might be the riskiest group in terms of software sustainability and keeping up to the competition. The development costs are rather high and speed of issuing updates and bugfixes might be low. Extension to existing software. Certain functionality is programmed as an extension to an existing platform such as ArcGIS or MS Access. Out of the studied software TreeWorks (built on ArcGIS) and TreeTracker (built on MS Access) belong to this group. Another software of the kind is KeyTree 3 (, which is built on AutoCAD data format. Software as an extension is cheaper to develop and enjoys the high interoperability and additional functionality provided by the platform software. Cloud / Software as service (SaaS) / on-demand software. In this case the software and the data is hosted in a cloud (in online server) and users can access it through a web browser or another kind of light application. This is well-acclaimed and increasing trend in software industry. One of the reasons is, that SaaS software can significantly reduce costs on company s IT-infrastructure (i.e hardware and software maintenance). Other advantages are, that in case of SaaS software client pays only for the services he currently needs while the system can be easily scaled up when necessary. SaaS software can more easily provide a highly collaborative environment (i.e. between different project partners in different cities, field and office workers etc.). Out of the studied software TreeSites and OpenTreeMap belong into the group of SaaS software. Among them are also other software that have developed on online or cloud component as an extra feature. Eazytreev, Isiman product family, TreeKeeper and Trims belong into this group. The disadvantage of SaaS software is that the internet upload-download speed can become a bottleneck of the workflow. IT-experts predict that the future of software will be SaaS 4 and open source. 1.3 Emergence of open source solutions There are two open source or public domain software solutions among the studied software. Theseare itree product family and OpenTreeMap software. Both seem to be enjoying rather large popularity among users and are unlikely to fade out of due to lack of interest of developers or users. In fact, itree has a growing number of partners joining in to collaborate. Several software solutions in the current study make use of itree s functionality by providing compatible export formats. OpenTreeMap seems to have a wide base of interested developers behind it. One of the reasons might be that the software is built upon several other open source technologies such as PostGIS, Python, GeoServer, PosgreSQL etc. Such more successful open source or public domain software 3 As this software was discovered on the last hour of the study, it is omitted from Chapters 2 and

6 solutions might be or become a good alternative t0 commercial software although so far their implementation requires experienced IT-personnel. There is also a rapid development going on in the area of open-source GIS software, database types (i.e. PostgreSQL) and open data (i.e. For example a considerable alternative to ESRI s commercial GIS solutions is a software called Quantum GIS or simply QGIS ( QGIS is claimed to have all the basic GIS tools that are present in ArcGIS (such as simple data viewing, symbolisation, simple editing). If advanced spatial analysis tools are not the requirement QGIS could be implemented instead of ArcGIS. Due to limited timeframe the functionality and fit-for-purpose of QGIS is not furher studied in this report. 1.4 Influence of general GIS trends Concerning the fact that tree inventory and management software is more or less a subgroup of GIS tools, it might be worthwhile to bring out some of the more general GIS trends that are also influencing the developments in the software of our interest. GIS directions: Mobile GIS. In recent years the computing power of mobile devices (tablet computers, PDAs, smartphones and rugged field devices) has increased tremendously enabling to extend GIS functions from office to the field and decrease task redundancy. The technology of high resolution cameras, GPS, scanners, RFID etc have only recently become small enough that they can be integrated into mobile devices rather than being seperate devices as was the case before. The devices are becoming more powerful and cheaper which means the growth of productivity of field work. In terms of tree (and other urban asset) inventory, software without any mobile device support have a serious disadvantage. Cloud service capacity mentioned above is growing vastly throughout the whole sectore of GIS. In addition to the points mentioned above, another advantage needs to be brought out. Cloud services provide an intense feedback loop between users and developer teams, which allows to create a user experience that was not possible in traditional development cycles. This brings about the enhancements in the ease of use and user interface. Enhanced linkage between GIS and CAD systems. GIS and CAD are said to be at their core complementary technologies that so far have evolved largely independently. Developer of ArcGIS ESRI has focused much research on how CAD data can be better used as GIS content and vice versa, how GIS content can be made usable in CAD environment. One of the examples of this development is the ArcGIS for AutoCAD plug-in 5. The issue of CAD and GIS refers to a more general trend of enhanced data interoperability. A software in the field of GIS with low support of formats and low level of interoperability is having increased difficulties to compete on the market. More on the topic of GIS trends can be read here: 5 More information 6

7 NAME ArcGIS,Desktop,10.1,Basic Climate,zone, suitability Species,name,lists Currency All#kinds#of#data#can#be# inserted#including# different#species#names# and#currencies Demo,version,/, Online,presentation Sample,data Operation, web,/,desktop,/, Language Up;to;date Support,options Product;family system mobile,tools? English#and# 1#year#support#+#software#updates#from# Extensive#product#family.#See# Windows#XP#/#7# desktop The#softwares#do#not#have#out?of?the#box#and#ready?to?use# wide#range#of# local#reseller#upon#purchase.#subscription# /#8#/#Server#2003# tree#management#and#inventoring#solutions#available.# languages# can#be#extended#each#year#for#a#fee. s#for#details /#Server#2008#/# These#solutions#can#be#scripted#or#bought#as#add?ons. (including# Server#2012 Russian) Multi;user,(network), installation? Customizable,data, fields? Work,order,/,tender, generation Customization,of, reports Tree,(maintenance), history,tracking Inventories,of,other, assets? Support,of,field, devices,/,syncing Manual,entry,form, Service,request, management Add,photos,of,assets ArcPad English#and# wide#range#of# languages# (including# Estonian#and# Latvian) *#Windows# Mobile##5#/#6.0#/# 6.1#/#6.5#/# Embedded# Handheld#6.5 *#Windows#XP#/# Vista#/#7 mobile,#desktop Ezytreev? Common#&# Latin;# editable#lists? UK#English *#On?going#ezytreev#support#is#available# during#office#hours *#On?site#Training *#Online#Training? Data#management,#mapping# and#collection#modules Windows#7#/# *#mobile# Vista#/#XP#/#2000# *#web#(cloud) /#Android *#desktop i;tree,eco Isimanpro Isilite Isimobile Limited#(US? based# climate# zones) Common#&# EUR Latin;# editable#lists Common#&# Latin English,# German,# Spanish,# French,# Italian,# Latvian Yes#(2012) USD#only US#English Yes#(Nov#2012).# "Updated# constantly" *#Tutorial#videos#covering#the#whole# functionality. *#Member#section#on#the#web#site#for# support.# *#Several#training#workshops#organized# (by#treeconsult).# *#No#user#forum *#Phone#&#e?mail#support. I?Trees#platform#has#a#active#User#Forum,## Manuals#and#Workbooks,#Trainings.? *#IsiMobile,#IsiLite,#IsiPro,# IsiWebGIS#form#a#compatible# Windows# Mobile#6#/#7 mobile?? N/A product#family#for#different# tasks. Windows#XP#/## desktop? *#Has#good#interoperability# Vista#/#7#/## with#other#data#formats Server#? desktop 2003/2008 #(full# version ) I?Tree#Vue,#I?Tree#Streets,#I? Windows#XP#SP2# desktop#and#web# Trees#Canopy,#I?Trees#Design,#I? or#higher# based#databases Trees#Hydro (including# Windows#7) i;tree,street Limited#(US? based# climate# zones) Common#&# Latin USD#only US#English Yes#(Nov#2012).# "Updated# constantly" I?Trees#platform#has#a#active#User#Forum,## Manuals#and#Workbooks,#Trainings. #(full# version ) I?Tree#Vue,#I?Tree#Streets,#I? Windows#XP#SP2# *#desktop Trees#Canopy,#I?Trees#Design,#I? or#higher# *#mobile Trees#Hydro (including# Windows#7) OpenTreeMap Editable#on# set?up Editable#on# set?up Front?end#can# be#in#any# language *#mailing#lists#for#developers#and# administrators *#IRC#channel *#Wiki *#technical#support#option#for#a#fee Fully#working# community#tools Fully#working# community#tools No#immediate#product#family Cross?platform web#only

8 TreeTracker TreeKeeper Common#&# Latin USD#only US#English Yes.#Minor# updates#are# provided#free#of# charge#for# customers. *#Extensive#user#guide *#No#forum? Common US#English Yearly#updates Manual#is#provided#with#purchase#and#on? site#training. Compatible#with#MS#Office# products#but#no#product? family TreeKeeper#Subscription,# Standalone,#Network Windows#XP#SP2# desktop /#Server#2003# SP1#or#later Windows *#desktop *#mobile limited? TreeSites Lists#set#up# according#to# clients# needs USD,#EUR US#English Yes,#on#server# side.#updates# based#on#user's# requests#are## provided. *#Free#professional#training#provided *#E?mail,#phone#support *#GoToMeeting#online#live#meeting#option *#Video#tutorials#and#user#manual live#online#demo# option? TreeSites#Mobile,#TreeSites# Desktop Windows#/#OS#X# /#ios#/#android *#web *#mobile can#be#set#up#by# clients#needs can#be#set#up#by# clients#needs? TreeWorks Limited#(US? based# climate# zones)?? US#English Yes#(2011) *#phone *#e?mail *#basic#online#documentation TreeWork#Mobile,##TreeWork# Desktop. Same#as#for# ArcGIS#Desktop# versions *#desktop *#mobile Trims,Tree,Inventory Common#&# USD#only US#English Yes.#Yearly# Latin;# updates editable#lists * #RapidAssist #feature# #one?on?one# online#training#/#support *#Animated#Help#Movies# *#Online#chat *#Phone#&#e?mail#support *#Inside#application#help#documentation# Tree#Inventory#is#one#module# of#trims#grounds# Management Windows#2000#/# desktop? XP#/#Vista#/#7

9 NAME ArcGIS,Desktop,10.1,Basic ArcPad Database,issues, Coordinate, Automatic,data,import,options Import,(which,formats) export,(which,formats) /,formats systems SQL,%OLE%COM,%XML,%KML,%CAD%data,%other% CAD,%Collada,%Coverage,% Interoperability% Every%type% GIS%formats,%raster%data%etc.%Support%of%web% dbase,%geodatabase,% with%ibm%db2% supported services%such%as%ogc%(i.e.%wms,%wfs,%gml)% KML,%Raster,%Shapefile%etc Universal% and%so%on Database,% Oracle,% Microsoft%SQL% Server,% PostgreSQL%and% others CheckOout%/%CheckOin%data%from% ArcGIS%Desktop.%Synchronization%of% data%with%arcgis%server Esri%Shape,%ArcPad%AXF,%StreetMap,%MrSID% MG2,%MG3,%JPEG,%GIF,%TIFF%(sh%GeoTIFF),% PNG,%BMP,%CADRG%etc.%Data%from%online% servers.%cad%data%can%be%used. Export%all%graphics%&%data% to%arcgis%/%synchronize% with%arcgis%server%in% native%format%(.shp) GPS,support What,kind,of,map, shown,/,added?, OnFmap,editing, tools?, Unlimited% possibilities% applying%onomap% tools? Extensive%onOmap% tools%(incl%queries) GIS,component,/, interoperability Data,quering/filtering CAD,interoperability? Pricing,plans ArcGIS%Desktop%10.1%Basic% Single%use%lisence%O2500%EUR 900O1000%EUR any,assessment,/,environmental, benefit,/,methodologies,integrated? Ezytreev Windows%XP%Tablet%PC s%or% Windows,%Mobile%PDAs ArcGIS,%Arcview,%MapInfo,%Street%Gazetteer% via%addresspoint/nlpg%import,%% NTF/DXF/TIFF/BMP/SR,%Os%MasterMap% GML/GLZ,%MS%Office ArcGis,%Mapinfo,%MS% Office?? Os%MasterMap,% ArcGis,%Mapinfo Various%plans%for%different% modules%(data%analysis,%treeo works%ordering%,%mapping% modules,%data%interchange% between%on%field%devices,% etc.)%see%chapter%3.1? Isimobile Isilite Automated%data%exchange%options% between%product%family's%members? unknown Longitudinal%and% *%OpenOsource%map *%on%map%editing% tools latitudinal% degrees% (WGS84)? Excel,%CSV.sdf%file%format *%OpenOsource%map *%on%map%editing% tools limited%(minio GIS) limited limited?? Isimanpro iftree,eco TopoL%BLK,%ArcView%SHP,%microstation%dgn,% Mapinfo,%DXF,%raster%for%georeferencing MS%Access%data%fields MS%Access%(*.mdb) Excel%Tables,%charts,%text% (*.cvs%*.xml) *%TopoL%BLK,%ArcView% Shapefile,%MapInfo,%DXF *%update%tags%on%shp%file? *%Rich%importO export%options *%Extensive%onOmap% editing%tools %(integrated% GIS%tools) MS%Acsess,% textual%data% fields,%paper% data%entry% utility,%*.mdb% datafiles.? ArcGis,%Google% Maps? limited Public%domain Council%of%Tree%and%Landscape% Appraisers%(CTLA)%formula% methodology%to%determine%the% structural%value%of%trees%within%the% United%States. iftree,street MS%Access%data%fields MS%Access%(*.mdb) (*.pdf,%*.doc,%or%*.rtf) MS%Acsess,% textual%data% fields,%paper% data%entry% utility,%*.mdb% datafiles.? ArcGis,%Google% Maps limited Freeware Council%of%Tree%and%Landscape% Appraisers%(CTLA)%formula% methodology%to%determine%the% structural%value%of%trees%within%the% United%States.

10 TreeSites TreeKeeper TreeTracker OpenTreeMap Tree%data%can%be%added%individually% or%uploaded%into%the%system%as%a% datasets.% Existing%inventory%data%can%be% imported%and%converted%by%tree% Tracker%staff%for%a%fee%(750$) Automatic%import%from%mobile% devices *%Basemap%layers,%orthophoto%and% species%lists%can%be%imported%by% TreeSites%staff *%Existing%inventory%data%can%be% imported.txt,%.csv%and%gis%shapefile%import% supported. From%frontend:%KML,%CSV,% Apache% Shapefile webserver,% Postgre%8.4%+% Postgis%1.5% reccomended? *Excel%(data%sorting% options) *%ArcGIS%Explorer *%Google%Earth *%Google%Maps%My%Places *%iotree%data%format MS%Access% Latitudinal%and% database%(.mdb) longitudinal% coordinates,% WGS84 View,%add,%edit,% search%via% interactive%map Secondary%(GPS% coordinates%can% Open%source%maps% (Google%Earth,% be%turned%on%and% ArcGIS%Explorer)%% collected) can%be%used%for% illustration%purposes% and%placing%trees%on% map no%gis%tool,%but% high%data% inteoperability% (shapefile% importoexport) OpenOsource Ecosystem%value%calculation%is% derived%from%itree%software%which% means%there%might%be%challenges%of% getting%accurate%climateoregion% specific%results. limited 1800$%(includes%1%year%of% unlimited%phone%support,% updates,%single%or%multiple% users) Esri%ArcView ESRI%ArcView?? ArcView??? Existing%inventory%data%O%preferred%as%spatial% data%o%gis%(.shp,%.mdb)%or%cad%format%(.dwg% or%.dgn).%prefferred%format%o%esri%arcgis% 10.1,%although%other%formats%can%be% converted%by%treesites%staff. *%Excel,%Access%or%hardcopy%data%has%to%be% converted%into%spatial%format%(can%be%done% by%the%staff) *%Excel *%Print%to%PDF%or%directly% to%plotter *%GIS%tree%data%cannot%be% directly%exported%by%the% user%but%on%client's% request%the%staff%can%send% it%in%any%format%(for%free). TreeSites%data%is% stored%in% Microsoft%SQL% Server%(data%can% be%exported%out% to%a%postgresql% database) Every%type% supported MapObased% limited%gis% software,%layers,%ono component% map%editing%tools, (additional%gis% data%conversion% &%analysis% provided%by%the% TreeSites%staff)?? TreeWorks Trims,Tree,Inventory Not%by%user.%Existing%data%can%be% converted%by%treeworks%staff Data%from%PDA%or%handheld.%? *%Excel%tables *%PDF%reports *%ArcGIS%Shapefiles%(.shp) *%iotree%streets%data% format *%MS%Access%data%format% Existing%Inventory%data%can%be%converted%by% Trims%staff 32Obit%Open%Database% Connectivity%(allows%tree% data%files%to%be%exported% into%microsoft%excel,% Access%and%Word); *%PDF%reports ESRI%Personal% Geodatabase% format%(ms% Access%.mdb) TRIMS%is%built% around%the% Pervasive%PSQL9 Every%type% supported% (ArcGIS) *%Extensive%on%map% tools%o%same%as% ArcGIS%Desktop.% *%Tree%data%can%be% inserted%by%clicking% on%ortophoto%or%by%? *%raster%and%dxf% files%can%be% georeferenced *%limited% compatibility%with% ArcGIS%Desktop%for% mapping% %(fully% compatible%with% ESRI%ArcGIS) Depends%on%user%needs.% Yearly%support%and%updates%O% ca%460%eur limited limited Multiple%prising%plans% available.%standard%2ouser% licence%o%ca%1160%eur.% Additional%270%EUR%per%year% for%continued%technical% support%and%software% updates. TreeWorks%employs%the%widelyOused% Cost%Approach%established%by%the% Council%of%Tree%and%Landscape% Appraisers %Guide%for%Plant%Appraisal,% 9th%Edition%(CTLA)

11 3. The software descriptions For more details of each software please also refer to the comparison table in the previous chapter. 3.1 Ezytreev Developer: ra Information Systems Website: General description. Ezytreev is state-of-the-art tree management system, that is claimed to be suitable for any person or organisation responsible for the management and maintenance of a large number of trees. It has been used to gather data about tree records. The software consists of modules with different functionality. Different modules can be combined and incorporated into a wide range of tree management scenarios. For example, it can be used my independent tree consultant, but also a team of local authority tree officers within a corporate IT environment. Features: Tree Inventory, by location/site/map and basic reporting Data collection synchronisation Advanced querying options Tree inventory management tool-box Customizable data analysis and reporting Supports tree work rates 11

12 Os tile management module & support for seamless map display.shp import-export for ArcGIS file import-export for MapInfo integration User-defined & imported overlays via.shp file Street Gazetteer via AddressPoint/NLPG import NTF/DXF/TIFF/BMP/SR map data import utilities Os MasterMap GML/GLZ data import Data collection modules for tablets Online Cloud module supported OnlineEzytreev hosted server available with subscription Integrated tree risk assesment feature The Core Modules are required in order to run any version of the Ezytreev system and are fully compatible with third-party applications, such as GIS, MS Office, Call-Centre Systems, Planning Systems, GPS and other on-site Equipment. Additional modules can be purchased later such as Enquiries & Complaints Management, Tree Works Ordering & Budgeting, TPO Data Management, ezymapinfo Mapping System or ezyarcgis Mapping System. Mobile. Other Software can be ran on desktop, web or tablets, or mobile devices (Android). The Pocket PC software requires Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 2005 or 2006 supporting devices, including Windows Mobile based smart phones with either an SD or Compact Flash slot available for storage cards for secure storing of mapping and tree data. Data import options: Windows 7 Tablet, or any Windows Mobile 6.1 or 6.5 PDA, Android devices, Smart Phones to Tablet PC, GPS and Laser assisted technology such as LaserAce and TruPulse 360, Manual data entry form Data import from Windows XP Tablet PC s or Windows Mobile PDAs Data import formats: ArcGIS, Arcview, MapInfo, Street Gazetteer via AddressPoint/NLPG import, NTF/DXF/TIFF/BMP/SR, Os MasterMap GML/GLZ, MS Office, AutoCAD s.dwg and.dxf Multiple digital photos and other documents (PDF s, Word documents, s etc) can also be associated with each tree record, allowing user to capture and store all relevant information in one location. System requirements 512mb RAM 1.8GHz Processor High performance graphics card Monitor 17 or larger Resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels 12

13 Pricing Plans 3.2 Isiman product family: IsiMobile, IsiLite, IsiManPro Developer: Brudi & Akontz GbR Website: General description. Isimans product familiy is professional tree inventory and management system based on GIS. It s different products are intended for ergonomic and efficient way of working. The products are claimed to make regular controlling and documenting efficient. The product family consists of the IsiMobile, IsiLite, IsiManPro and IsiWebGIS products. The product family is great for both small projects with under 100 trees to large projects for entire city. Features of IsiMobile: Designed for using on Pocket PCs and smartphones. Optimized fo initial data entry and inspection. Integrates open-source map (OpenStreetMap) 13

14 GPS support Adding photos on site Barcode reading support Data filtering Showing data on online maps Issuing tenders in the field Features of IsiLite: Mini manager of trees on desktop Data is collected with Isimobile can be viewed and filtered but not edited. Quick tender generating tool Mini-GIS tool integrates an open-source map where tree locations can be edited Photo tool (view, add, remove) Report and tender generator Export.xls and.csv tables Data exchange and input with Isimobile Suitable for inexperienced user. Features all the most important tree management tools. Features of IsiPro: Desktop application for tree management with rich set of features and a powerful GIS-appli- 14

15 cation, where data can be added, edited (also on-map), queried. Add / edit / remove tree data, add tree tracking history, add photos and other related documents to trees. Detailed descriptions can be added to trees like the shape of the crown. Printouts of thematic maps, analysis of geodata, precision filters, editable lists of data Efficient tender management module Report and alert management module IsiPro is suitable for complex tasks and can be used by more experienced users with solid computer knowledge. Integrated GIS system supports GPS and has extensive map tools, data filtering, graphing functions, distance measuring, map querying etc tools. Compatible with Isimobile and IsiLite. Supports a large variety of data formats for importing and exporting (including.dgn,.shp) IsiPro includes the following modules: Projects, Data Entry, Map manager (i.e. for exporting data), Queries, Contract Manager, Diagrams, Dendrology (general photo catalogue for species, trunks, leaves etc). IsiWebGIS is a related cloud service for assessing the data from anywhere. Data import and export. Isipro can import the following formats: TopoL BLK, ArcView SHP, microstation dgn, Mapinfo, DXF, raster for georeferencing. IsiPro can export the following formats: TopoL BLK, ArcView Shapefile, MapInfo, DXF. Attribute classes for export can be selected. There is also a possibility to update the SHP file. System requirements for IsiMobile: Operating System : All Windows Mobile devices running Windows Mobile 5 or 6 times 15

16 Processor: min 624 MHz processor, 806 MHz or higher processor better Free memory: min 250 MB in the device and 2GB SD Card screen: capacitive touch screen or optimized for displays with at least 240x320 pixels Software: Microsoft ActiveSync for data exchange between PC and PPC GPS function: built-in SIRF III GPS receiver Built-in camera with at least 5MB resolution System requirements for IsiLite and IsiPro: Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003/2008 Processor: min 2 GHz (32 or 64bit) RAM: at least 2 GB Monitor resolution of 1024 x 768, 1280 x 800 pixels Graphics: minimum 256 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card 3.3 i-tree Eco Developer: USDA Forest Service Website: General description. i-tree Eco provides a broad picture of the entire urban forest. It is designed to use field data from complete inventories or randomly located plots throughout a community along with local hourly air pollution and meteorological data to quantify urban forest structure, environmental effects, and values to communities. i-tree Eco is developed for urban forest assessment and therefore is able to conatin a large number of records of plots and trees. i-tree Eco is currently designed to provide accurate estimates of: Urban forest structure (e.g., species composition, number of trees, tree density, tree health, etc.), analyzed by land-use type. Hourly amount of pollution removed by the urban forest, and associated percent air quality improvement throughout a year. Hourly urban forest volatile organic compound emissions and the relative impact of tree species on net ozone and carbon monoxide formation throughout the year. Public health incidence reduction and economic benefit based on the effect of trees on air quality improvement. Total carbon stored and net carbon annually sequestered by the urban forest. Effects of trees on building energy use and consequent effects on carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. Yearly tree canopy rainfall interception summarized by tree species or land use. Compensatory value of the forest, as well as the value of air pollution removal and carbon storage and sequestration. 16

17 Tree pollen allergenicity index. Pests risk analyses based on host susceptibility, pest/disease range and tree structural value. Features: Web-based data collection system for mobile devices Google Maps based sample plot generator for simple random sample projects Complete i-tree Pest Detection Protocol reporting Pest risk analyses based on host susceptibility, pest/disease range and structural value Estimations of the health impacts and economic benefits occurring from trees effects on air quality using EPA s Environmental Benefits Mapping and Analysis Program (BenMAP) Standard PM2.5 and biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) reporting capability Rainfall interception reporting Tree species invasiveness reporting at state level Improved interpolation routine for air pollution processing Expanded functionality for all Australian and Canadian territories Inventories includes plot information (address, GPS coordinates, sketch), permanent reference data for locating the site in the future, land use and cover data, ground cover, shrubs, and trees. For complete inventories, this includes general location information, tree characteristics, land use type, and building interactions. i-tree Eco can be used internationally but has limitations. Eco requires three categories 17

18 of data: field, meteorological, and air (pollution concentration and boundary layer height). The first would be collected locally. Meteorological data is readily available to the Forest Service who manually process international Eco projects. International users would, however, need to supply their own hourly pollution concentration and boundary layer height data. Data import and export. Data can be imported in MS Access format (.mdb). The software supports KML (Google Earth maps). Database is based on MS Access. The software features a paper data entry utility. i-tree Eco s data can be used by ArcGIS s extension Spatial Analyst. Data can be exported as.csv and.xml formats. System requirements: Windows XP service pack 2 or higher OS (including Windows 7) For PDA users, ActiveSync 4.5 or higher for windows XP or Mobile Device Center 6.0 or above for Vista and Windows 7 (included in i-tree installation). Pricing. The tool is in public domain and freely accessible. 3.4 i-tree Street Developer: USDA Forest Service Website: General description. i-tree Street is meant for assessing street tree populations. The software is an analysis tool for urban forest managers that uses tree inventory data to quantify the dollar value of annual environmental and aesthetic benefits: energy conservation, air quality improvement, CO2 reduction, stormwater control, and property value increase. The software can be used for big scale projekts like urban forests, green mass, etc. Features: Streets describes the species composition, age distribution, species importance values, and canopy cover of the urban forest, helping managers anticipate future planting needs and the potential impact of pest threats. The core of Streets is its capacity to analyze the ecosystem services, i.e., the function, the urban forest is providing. These services include energy conservation, air quality improvement, stormwater management, and carbon dioxide reduction. Increased property values due to aesthetic and other benefits are also calculated. Streets quantifies the environmental and other benefits that the urban forest is providing, both in unit terms (e.g., kilowatt hours of electricity conserved) and in dollar terms. Management costs can be included in the analysis to determine the return on investment the trees are 18

19 providing. If tree inventory data is related to tree condition, maintenance requirements, infrastructure conflicts, or pest threats, Streets produces reports that will help make use of this information for management and budget planning. The software is not recommended for use outside the United States. Benefit calculations are based on regionally specific tree growth measurements, hourly climate and air pollution concentration data, and building construction information for U.S. climate zones. Because these factors can vary a great deal from region-to-region, let alone continent-to-continent, users only obtain reliable results when using data from the climate zone where the tree resource is located. International users will have to decide if the assumptions and limitations of applying Streets abroad will meet their objectives. Data import-export. Streets is based on MS Access database (.mdb). Data can be imported as.mdb. Data can be exported as.pdf,.doc and.rtf. System requirements: Windows operating system: XP service pack 2 or higher, including Windows 7 Microsoft Excel Microsoft Data Access Component (MDAC) 2.8 or higher (included in installation) 19

20 .NET 2.0 framework (included in i-tree installation) Adobe Reader 9.0 For PDA users, ActiveSync 4.5 or higher for Windows XP, or Mobile Device Center 6.0 or above for Vista and Windows 7 (included in i-tree installation) Crystal Report 2008 Runtime (included in i-tree installation) 1600 MHz or faster processor 512 MB of available RAM Hard drive with at least 500 MB free space Pricing. The tool is in public domain and freely downloadable. 3.5 OpenTreeMap Developer: open source software (Project of Azavea and Urban Ecos) Website: General description. OpenTreeMap is an online platform that allows the community to set up public, collaborative and interactive inventorying website. OpenTreeMap can be used in a single municipality or cover a broader geographic region, anywhere in the world. For example, Open- StreetMap has been adopted in Philadelphia, San Fransisco, San Diego and a few more large US cities. In a review OpenTreeMap is described as follows: 20

21 Applying social media-type tools, the software encourages community members to get involved in urban forestry, work with the municipality or managing organization, and collaborate with other participants. The program has the potential to complement the efforts of urban forestry professionals and augment existing public outreach programs. - Res Kocher, 2012 Features: The public can access the tool and add or edit data via any web browser or via smartphone or other mobile device. The software is built upon serveral open source technologies including Python, GeoServer, Django, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Base Maps (OpenStreetMap,, etc). Software can be installed on hosted server or on-premises server (municipality s / university s etc own server). Trees can be seached by species, location and other filters like diameter, date planted, or botanical characteristics (such as flowering) Edit and add information about existing tree records including species name, location, height, plot size and type, conditions, actions needed, funding sources, data owner Upload tree photos Ecosystem benefits can be automatically calculated (greenhouse gas, water, energy, air quality) based on a tree s species and diameter. The benefits are derived using itree software which are partly designed for US climate zones. 21

22 There is an option to integrate a tree key to help in identifying tree species The system is completely customizable so any community can set it up according to its specific needs. Monitor user accounts, comments, and system edits. The information collected by the public (volunteers) can be inaccurate, quality control can be applied administrators can review the information before it is published. The tree site entries that are suspected to be duplicates of the same data are automatically flagged by the system for the review by administrators or field crews. The software is open-source and can be freely downloaded and improved by people with programming skills. Setting up the software requires advanced technical expertise. The implementation includes database development, software configuration, graphic design, upload of tree datasets from local organizations, software customization and hosting. Data import-export. Tree data can be added individually or uploaded into the system as a datasets. Latter can be done by administrators. I.e. tree species list can be imported into the system in the format of.txt file. Existing trees can be imported in.txt or.csv format. The import file must contain proximate geographic coordinates and species names at minimum. Geography can be imported from standard shapefiles using the PostgreSQL tool shp2pgsql. The frontend users can export tree lists as KML or CSV. Data can be also exported as Shapefile by users. System requirements for setting up the OpenTreeMap on on-premises server: Webserver - Apache2 is recommended Database - Postgres postgis 1.5 is recommended, Something compatable with Django required Map tile renderer - GeoServer(java) on tomcat is recommended (port 8081) SMTP service - sendmail is recommended tile caching service - tilecache is recommended (port 8080 through apache) Python 2.7 Fors further details see Pricing. OpenTreeMap is open source software released under GNU General Public License v3 although the initial set-up and customization need monetary resources. 22

23 3.6 TreeTracker Develeoper: Developed by three individuals Ben Askren (arborist), Jason Knowles (forester), Jeff Kest (IT-specialist), based in USA Website: General description. Tree Tracker is a tree inventory software which is designed by people with forestry background. It is said to be affordable for any kind of community wishing to manage trees. The scalability of the software is not specified. Features: The software is based on based on Microsoft Office Access. All Tree Inventory information addresses, tree and site attributes, service requests and work histories are presented on one screen. There is a feature for Tree Rsik Assessment by analyzing size, location and maintenance data. Tree risk is calculated within an adjustable twenty point system. Data fields are designed to be compatible with USDA Forest Service s i-tree Streets software Data import-export. Database is based on MS Access (.mdb). Existing inventory data can be imported and converted by Tree Tracker staff for a fee (ca 580 EUR). Data can be exported to MS Excel, ArcGIS Explorer, Google Earth, Google Maps My Places. Pricing. ca 1400 EUR which includes 1 year of unlimited phone support, updates, single or multi- 23

24 ple user licence. 3.7 TreeKeeper Developer: Davey Resource Group Website: General description. Complete solution for conducting tree inventories and managing trees. TreeKeeper allows to gather a variety of information, including tree conditions and costs associated with hazard reduction pruning. The software also includes call management, work orders, and flexible reporting features. There are internet, intranet, and desktop versions available. TreeKeeper is suitable for managing tree records of whole urban neighbourhoods. Features: Tree inventory management. There is an option to associate any type of digital documents to a tree site (i.e. JPEG, Word, Wordperfect, Excel, Lotus, PDF files). Managing calls received from residents of a community Managing work orders created internally and from calls received Creating flexible reports for all data Providing an integrated mapping system with no additional software required. TreeKeeper Interenet keeps data in TreeKeeper server. The advantage is that it is less expensive solution in short term and allows simultaneous access for the end users. Upgrades and support are quicker. The disadvantage is that in long term this solution is more expensive. The internet speed can be a bottleneck. TreeKeeper Desktop Single user keeps all data in one PC. This makes data transfer much faster. There is a single payment for the software. The disadvantage is that upgrades cost extra money. Client is responsible for protection and backup of their data. Also - only one user at a time can use the software. TreeKeeper Intranet stores data in client s server. It allows multi-user access and the application usually runs faster than Internet service s subscription. The disadvantage is that upgrades cost extra money and the client is responsible for protection and backup of their data. Also network equipment can be expensive and requires technically oriented people. Data import-export. ESRI ArcView s maps can be used as underlaying maps. Other formats are not specified. 24

25 System requirements depend on choosed TreeKeeper type (Internet, Standalone or Intranet): Pentium II 400 MHz+ or compatible with 64 MB+ RAM. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. High-speed Internet connection (T1, cable modem, DSL, or ISDN). Web-enabled PC capable of viewing Internet pages with cookies and Java enabled. Pentium III 600 MHz+ or compatible with 128 MB+ RAM. Windows 2000 Professional with IIS 5.0 Web Server or Windows XP Professional with IIS 5.1 Web Server. 25

26 Cold Fusion Server MX (included in our application package). Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with cookies and Java enabled. CDROM drive (for installation). // Pentium II 233 MHz+ or compatible with 32 MB+ RAM. Windows 98, 2000, or XP. LAN connection for Intranet. (Must be able to gain access to the Server PC). Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with cookies and Java enabled. CDROM drive (for installation). 3.8 TreeSites Developer: Foth engineering company Website: General description. TreeSites is cloud-based (online) tree and other asset management software hosting GIS-data, which provides easy to understand visual representation of representation of assets, which makes communication between staff, decision makers and residents easier. The software is developed by a civil and environmental engineering company Foth. It is proclaimed that the software helps to save money for municipalities and business because it eliminates the need for additional desktop software and IT. TreeSites allows to store unlimited amount of tree records. Features: Conduct tree inventory, update existing data, set maintenance or removal tasks in the field All data is stored and accessed from online servers Updating the data in the field can be viewed live in the office. No intermediate docking nec- 26

27 essary Features ipad and Android apps Biomass calculator, value estimation and other tools Software helps to manage emergency situations Helps to plan new tree purchases Suitable for storing data also about utilities, employees, equipment, analytical data etc. All data is stored in cloud server - it offers expandable bandwith, backup data retrieval, updates and bugfixes on developers side Customized reports, tools and functions can be built into the software for additional fee. Printing and export feature of maps with auto legend and associated feature attribute data displayed Back-end GIS engine is based on ESRI GIS latest format. TreeSites data is stored in Microsoft SQL Server (data can be exported out to a PostgreSQL database). Data import-export. Existing inventory data can be imported by TreeSites staff. Preferred data type is spatial data GIS (.shp,.mdb) or CAD format (.dwg or.dgn). Prefferred format - ESRI ArcGIS 10.1, although other formats can be converted by TreeSites staff. Excel, Access or hardcopy data has to be converted into spatial format (can be done by the staff). Data can be exported as Excel spreadsheets. Maps can be printed as PDF or sent directly to plotter. Tree data cannot be directly exported as GIS file (i.e. ArcGIS shapefile) by the user but on client s request the staff can send it in any format (for free). Pricing was not specified by the vendor. It is said that the price is based according to each client s individual needs. Customizations and data insertion, data analysis can be done by TreeSites staff for extra price. 3.9 TreeWorks Developer: The Kenerson Group Website: General description. Tree works is a tree care software developed in cooperation of GIS developers and arborists. It allows tree inventories easily to be carried out and later updated with PDA or Tablet PC. TreeWorks also includes management tools to manage workflows and calls from community. TreeWorks is a fully integrated extension to ArcGIS and ArcPad Features: Fully integrated, standard extension to ArcGIS Desktop and ArcPad. TreeWorks includes a mobile component that runs on PDA or Tablet PC. There is a checkout / check-in system functionality that allows the user to keep the data synchronized with the master database at the office. 27

28 Mobile component allows orthophotos to be taken out in the field for highly-accurate tree mapping. The GPS-enabled data capture is also possible. Adding a tree is simple user just has to tap on the on-screen map and fill in the tree and maintenance info into the pop-up form. Tree maintenance descriptions are fully modifiable. Service requests can be entered, as they come in to the office. This info can be taken out in the field for inspection and response. Maintenance data can be queried, work orders can be created and printed out. Completed work can be logged out in the field or office. There is a function for automated tree appraisal calculation, based on ISA (International Society of Arboriculture, species ratings and formulas and user s inputted local parameters. Planting and tree sites can be created and tracked. What kind of data can be collected? Add specific tree data including species, diameter, location (street address), growing environment, current condition, defects, risk assessment, cultural information, maintenance needs based on a series of tabs and drop-down menus. Photos can be added in the field (applying the GPS features) or later in the office. Query tool questions of the data in their inventory can be asked identifying data based on specific site attributes, geographic location or on combination of physical and geographic features. 28

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