St Lawrence & Mary Immaculate Parish Balcatta: Parish Priest: Fr Emil Ciecierega SDS Assistant Priest: Fr Leonard Macionczyk SDS

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1 St Lawrence Primary School 386 Albert Street Balcatta WA Telephone: Fax: Home Page: Newsletter No July 2017 School Vision Statement The vision of St Lawrence Catholic Primary School, Balcatta is to share the message of God s love and friendship in a community of learners, developing the full potential of each child. St Lawrence & Mary Immaculate Parish Balcatta: Parish Priest: Fr Emil Ciecierega SDS Assistant Priest: Fr Leonard Macionczyk SDS Today is the Feast of St Joachim and St Anne, parents of Mary and grandparents of Jesus. I would like to thank all the grandparents who make such a significant difference for the students of St Lawrence. In our busy world grandparents seem to be doing more and more for our children. ST LAWRENCE SCHOOL FEAST DAY The school will be celebrating St Lawrence Feast Day on Friday 11 August. The plan for Friday 11 August is as follows: 8.30am School commences as normal 11.40am Whole School Mass in the Church 12.40pm Lunch with families provided by our P&F and canteen 1.30pm 2.30pm Fundraising activities for Kora Childcare run by the Servite Sisters We see St Lawrence Feast Day as an opportunity to celebrate our Patron Saint but also an opportunity to continue his work by donating funds to those most in need in our community. ST LAWRENCE SPORTS CARNIVAL The students of St Lawrence Primary School are starting their preparations for the St Lawrence Sports Carnival which will be held on Friday 15 September. This is a great opportunity to showcase the many talents of our students. In preparation for the carnival all students from Week 3 are expected to wear their faction t-shirts. The faction t-shirts will help with easy identification during physical education lessons and further develop a sense of pride in their factions. If parents could please get a faction t-shirt from the School Uniform Shop as soon as possible.

2 COMMUNION Last night all Year Four students participated in the Communion Family Workshop. Thanks to Melinda Italiano, Emma Reid and Jacki Tucker for preparing and co-ordinating First Communion which will be held on the weekend of 5 and 6 August. FATHERING PROJECT On Wednesday 23 August at 7.00pm in the school hall, dads and granddads are invited for a talk about testicular cancer. This will be followed by a drink and chat about future fathering project activities. It would be pleasing to see many dads attend this informative evening. With God s Friendship and Love we Grow John Rose Principal St Lawrence Deacon & Martyr Thursday 27 July: Running Club Friday 28 July: PUPIL FREE DAY Monday 31 July: Tuesday 1 August: CoderDojo Communion Retreat

3 FROM THE ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS FIRST EUCHARIST Last night, our Communicants and their parents attended the Family Workshop in preparation for receiving the sacrament. It was an informative and interactive evening and I am sure that both parents and children were enriched by the experience. The children will participate in a Eucharist Retreat day on Tuesday 1 August that will be run by Sister Chitra. Our first Eucharist masses will be held on Saturday 5 August at 6pm and on Sunday 6 August at 8.30am. Please keep the children and their families in your prayers. CATHOLIC PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL Our school choir has been working very hard in preparation for their upcoming performance on Thursday 24 August. This is a wonderful opportunity for the children to perform in front of an audience and to listen to choirs from different schools. The St Lawrence Primary School Choir will be singing in the 1.00pm to 2.30pm timeslot. A note will be sent home outlining further details next week. NO NUTS AT ST LAWRENCE A reminder that our school is a nut friendly zone which means that students should not bring ANY items of food where the key ingredient is nuts. This means pastes such a Nutella and peanut butter, raw nuts or food with nuts as a main ingredient such as muesli bars or chocolate bars containing nuts. We ask that any of these food not be brought to school for the safety of students who are allergic to these products. Thank you for your cooperation. We are excited to be taking part in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program again this year. You can help our school by collecting Woolworths Earn & Learn Points when you shop at Woolworths between Wednesday 26 July and Tuesday 19 September. When you shop at Woolworths, you can collect stickers from the checkout operator. For every $10 spent at Woolworths, you earn one sticker. Anyone from our school community staff, parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends can collect stickers. Please place the stickers, or ask your child to place the stickers in the earn and learn boxes located at the school in the Learning Centre and office. The more stickers we collect, the more resources we can redeem for our school. There are thousands of products available through the Woolworths Earn & Learn program. Products in the range include resources for Mathematics, English, Science, Art & Crafts and sports equipment. We are grateful for your continued support. Mrs Gabrielle Brennan and Mrs Jacki Tucker

4 CLASS NEWS PRE KINDY Just a reminder that we will have a short meeting in the Library at 2.00pm tomorrow relating to the Take Home Story Books. This will be very helpful for developing the children s oral language. You will receive your child s package - a story book and a reminder letter which is a guide for what to do. At the conclusion of the meeting your child can be picked up for home time. In our class, the children have some great toys and games to play with that will help them to learn about Sensational Shapes. They are coping very well with all our activities and games. We wish to say a BIG thankyou to Mr Tonge for the wonderful playground he has created for us. Thanks also to Mr Rose and our wonderful P&F for helping to make it happen. Mrs Kaylene Bozich, Pre Kindy Teacher KINDERGARTEN We had a great start to the term last week and the children have settled back well into the routine. We have a short week this week as there is a Pupil Free day on Friday. Our focus for the next few weeks is 'Community Helpers' and we start this week with Police Officers. We will talk about how to recognise these people and what they do to help us. A big focus this term is 'Independence'. We are encouraging the children to do more for themselves and to 'have a go'. They are more capable then we think and by giving them opportunities to show independence, we are helping them to become better learners and build their self-esteem. This is as simple as letting them dress themselves and carry and unpack their bag each day. Have a wonderful week. Mrs Simone Covich, Kindergarten Teacher PRE PRIMARY The Pre-Primary students would like to thank the P&F for funding the new additions to their playground. We would also like to thank Mr Tonge for the absolutely fantastic work he put into creating the new structures. The Pre-Primary students have been creating new games and their excitement towards play is beautiful. Thank you both Mr Tonge and the P&F for allowing us to expand our playground. Miss Laura Byrne, Pre Primary Teacher

5 YEAR ONE The children are continuing to work hard this term. In Science, we are looking at weather and are enjoying looking outside to see the different types of weather. We have seen sunshine, rain, black, grey and white clouds and the direction that the wind is blowing the trees and the rain. In Geography, we are looking at natural, managed and constructed environments and will be focusing on farms as distinct environments. If you have any resources you are happy to share with the class please bring them in. A reminder that Friday is a pupil free day. Have a great week. Mrs Roselyn Pizzino, Year One Class Teacher YEAR TWO We had great fun this week with one of our Team Builders called Straws. You may like to ask your child to teach your family how to play this game the next time you are looking for something to do on a rainy day. This week during our Literacy time, we have been reading Ernie Dances To The Didgeridoo by Alison Lester. This book is about a boy who spends a year in Arnhem Land and tells about the different seasons recognised by the Aboriginal people. We have also been learning some words in Noongar and it has been challenging getting our tongues around some sounds that are unusual to us! During our Numeracy time, we have been learning about different strategies to help us improve our mental calculations. Some of the strategies we have been looking at are using doubles and near doubles, looking for a pattern and using our ten friends. We also collected some data about the colour of cars in the teacher s carpark and we used tallies and MAB ones to record the information we gathered. Our news topic for this week is My Favourite Holiday. Please note that we will be telling our news on Thursday this week as Friday is a pupil free day. Next week s news topic will be My Favourite Season. Mathletics homework will commence from next week. Mrs Jacki Tucker, Year Two Teacher CLASS REPRESENTATIVE NEWS Year 4 Mums Let's get together Friday 8 September 2017 at The Oxford Hotel 368 Oxford Street, Leederville, 7:00pm. RSVP 1 September Dee Year One students rewarded with their teddies!

6 LIBRARY NEWS Term 3 is once again a very busy time for us in the library as we celebrate Children s Book Week with a range of activities. The theme for this year s Book Week is ESCAPE TO EVERYWHERE. This theme allows us to focus on how reading books allows us to escape this world and go into places where we can experience other countries, cultures and times both real and imaginary. In our library lessons this term, we are focusing on some of the books on the Children s Book Council Short List. So far, we have listened to, and looked at, The Snow Wombat; Nannie Loves; Rockhopping and Out. Our celebrations will include the following activities: Week 6, Tuesday, 22 nd August: Book Character Dress Up Day for Years K 6. Children are invited to come dressed up as a book character or as something connected with this year s Book Week theme. There will be a grand parade in the School Hall commencing at 8.40am. All are welcome to come and join us for this event. Week 6, Tuesday, 22 nd August at 1.30pm: School Incursion for Years PP 6 Super Duper a Book Week Musical presented by Perform Educational Musicals. Week 6, Friday, 25 th August, am : Mad Hatter s High Morning Tea Party. 24 lucky children from Years 3-6 will join us for a Mad Hatter s themed High Morning Tea in the library. Books are for people who wish they were somewhere else. (Mark Twain) Mrs Lyn Archer, Teacher Librarian UNIFORM SHOP NEWS FACTION CARNIVAL T-SHIRTS Factions t-shirts are available for purchase from the Uniform Shop for Pre-Primary to Year 6 students. Students may commence to wear faction t-shirts on sport days commencing Week 3, 31 July for sports carnival training. Sports Faction Carnival will be held on Friday 15th September. Faction t-shirts are available in Blue, Red, Green and Gold in sizes 4 to 16, selling price is $12.00 each. OPENING HOURS Wednesday 8.30am am & Thursday 2.30pm pm Mrs Angie Miola, Uniform Shop Manager

7 CANTEEN NEWS FRIDAY 11 AUGUST 2017 Thanks to the P&F, all students will receive a hamburger and a juice box. Parents and siblings are also welcome to join us for lunch. A flyer has been sent home for you to complete for catering purposes. Please return the slip by 4 August MENU SPECIAL Order a Mac Cheese or Satay Chicken with a Lol for only $5.00. Sushi Thursday 10th August any Sushi order you will receive a bottle of water complimentary. Cost is $6.50. Teriyaki Chicken, Tuna, Combo or Crispy Chicken. All orders in by the Wednesday the 9th of August. MENU CHANGE Please be aware nuggets will not be available on Thursday instead will now be available on a Wednesday. Hotdogs will be available on a Thursday and Friday only. There are many events happening! If you are able to help in the canteen, we need volunteers for the following events: St Lawrence Feast Day Father s Day Sports Carnival Please see us in the canteen if you can spare some of your time at any of these events. Your help is always very much appreciated. THANK YOU To Mary Mucciarone and to Antonella Crupi for your help on the last day of Term 2. We really appreciated your help. Mrs Amanda Xigas, Canteen Manager, Nancy Donatelli and Christina Russo Canteen Assistants

8 NETBALL NEWS We had a slightly wet return to netball on Saturday, but then the sun came out and it was beautiful netball weather. The morning started with another wonderful win by our Year 2/3 team under the guidance of their manager and temporary coach Antonella Deluca. There were big smiles all around, which is clearly evident in the photo below. Thank you to Carlo Deluca in Year 2 for filling in while teammates are away. Thank you also to Anthony Russo (Year 2) who will be filling in this week. The Year 4 and Year 5 teams played some tough matches, but they didn t go down without a fight. I know more wins will come their way very soon. Saturday finished with a fabulous win by our Year 6 team who are first on the ladder in their division, and heading towards playing finals in September. A very big thank you must go to my volunteers, Alan and Carrie who are Takari parents from the Year 3 team. They joined me at the barbecue area on Saturday to assemble burgers and rolls. We were all resplendent in our hair nets and gloves. Reminders: 1. Photos: Please take photos of games and training sessions so that I have something to work with for the end of season trophy presentation day. 2. Team photos: Team managers will be organising to take team photos at some stage in the coming weeks. 3. Spring Season in Term 4: Is anyone keen to play? Probably Wednesdays afterschool for 8 weeks in Term 4. Details have not been finalised yet but the approximate cost is: Year 2/3/4 teams: New player: $ Year 2/3/4 teams: Existing player: $$75.00 Year 5/6 teams: New player: $ Year 5/6 teams: Existing player: $ New netball committee: Anyone interested in volunteering for the new netball committee for next year, please let me know as the current committee will finish at the end of the year as we are all Year 6 parents. If you have any queries please contact me on or Good luck everyone for this Saturday, and remember to have some fun out there. Mrs Paula Bulich, St Lawrence NC

9 P&F NEWS Saturday 19 th August is our Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser at Balcatta Bunnings. As it is a whole day event, we would appreciate helpers on the day. Please return the slip below to the office. Shifts will be divided into three timeslots being: 7am 11am 11am 2pm 2pm 5pm We know that time is precious so any offer would be greatly appreciated. Class Reps have been ed all the information. Please contact your class rep if you can help. Helpers are needed in order to make this event a success. Donations of drinks to be sold on the day would also be welcome. Donations can be left at the office. Drinks can include: Cans : Coke Zero, Sunkist/Fanta, Pasito Thank you in advance. P&F MINUTES Minutes of the P&F Meeting held on 12 June 2017 are attached. Caterina, Anja, Fran & Laura P&F Committee Please complete slip and return to the school office. Bunnings BBQ Fundraiser I am able to help with the Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 19 th August. My preference of time is: 7am 11am 11am 2pm 2pm 5pm NAME CONTACT NUMBER