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1 2016

2 Message from the Chairperson Dear friends: Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation celebrated its 35th anniversary in Our work over the last 35 years was made possible by your support, which will continue to be critical as we look forward to another 35 years! In 2016, we ve continued to accompany our clients on the road towards recovery. Burn survivors from the 2015 Formosa Fun Coast Water Park Dust Explosion have continued their rehabilitation process and are progressively returning to school or to work. Also, in order to create a friendly and accepting society, Sunshine has continued to promote Face Equality and for the first time, we used an artistic exhibition to promote this message to a broader public. Your support allows us to reach out to our clients wherever they are and we sincerely thank you! With gratitude, MA Hae-Shya Chairperson Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation

3 Enhancing the autonomy and social participation of our clients, elevating their quality of life Core services of Sunshine Physical Rehabilitation In 2016, a total of 434 clients received physical rehabilitation services at Sunshine s Rehabilitation Centers, for a total of 27,940 sessions. In addition, 437 clients benefited from 730 home rehabilitation visits. A total of 12,622 pressure garments were made. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Social work services, psychological counseling, social participation In 2016, social workers worked with a total of 2,653 clients and 739 of them were new clients. Successful completion of service program (discharge) reached 93.4%. A total of 360 clients benefited from 2,171 sessions of individual psychological counseling. In addition, 218 group support activities were organized. Among the social participation activities organized by Sunshine, a total of 670 students received over NT$3,350,000 in scholarships, while 236 supportive activities were organized to encourage sharing among clients, with 5,971 attendances. Vocational Rehabilitation Sunshine provided employment services to 125 clients. Sunshine successfully referred 30 clients to regular jobs, and 18 of them maintained stable employment. Housing Services In 2016, Sunshine Half-Way House and New Taipei Sunshine Half-Way House provided short-term housing services to 60 people with major burns in need of intensive physical, psychological and vocational rehabilitation. Sunshine Half-Way House offers wound/scar care services, as well as independent living training.

4 Financial Aid While undergoing rehabilitation, many clients cannot immediately go back to work. In order to free our clients from everyday worries so that they may concentrate on their physical and psychological rehabilitation, we provide financial aid that covers the expenses of medical treatment, rehabilitation, pressure garments and other assistive devices, daily living and transportation. In 2016, 2,235 financial aid subsidies were given, totaling NT$29,995,229.

5 Promoting appearance equality and transforming the environment to create an equal and healthy society Social education Reduce the incidence of betel nut-related oral cancer cases Sunshine continues its efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of betel nut, organizing in 2016 a total of 432 educational activities attended by 33,290 people. At the same time, Sunshine is involved in social advocacy efforts by taking part in the Cancer Prevention & Control Policy Commission of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, as well as by participating in the Taiwan Alliance for Areca Nut Control and Oral Cancer Prevention. Promote Face Equality In order to create a friendlier environment where people with facial disfigurement will be treated with respect, Sunshine continues to organize social education activities with the public, while at the same time raising the awareness of people with facial disfigurement about their rights by involving them in Face Equality activities and campaigns. In 2016, Sunshine organized 160 social education activities on the topic of social acceptance and respect of rights that were attended by 48,860 people. Furthermore, in May, Sunshine organized the third Face Equality Day. Enhance public awareness about burn prevention and first aid In 2016, Sunshine organized 67 social education activities that emphasized burn prevention and correct first aid methods, these events were attended by 9,373 people. Through its activities, newsletters and media reports, Sunshine was able to enhance burn prevention awareness of 210,996 people.

6 Creating social enterprises that benefit workers, customers and supporters Social enterprises Sunshine Carwash Centers Sunshine Carwash Centers employed in 2016 a total of 68 people with disabilities. Sunshine Gas Station In 2016, the Sunshine Gas Station employed 49 people with disabilities. Professional training courses were held and attended 57 times. A total of 23 people benefited from job referral and among them, 20 people maintained stable employment for more than 3 months. Become an active participant in the international field of burns and disability International participation Enhancing the capacity of partners to deliver burn rehabilitation services In 2016, Sunshine launched a new three-year cooperation project with its partner APROQUEN in Nicaragua, for the training of burn therapists in the rehabilitation of the burned hand. A one-week training course was held in Managua in September and was attended by 11 therapists from 8 countries in Central and South America. Enhancing Sunshine s international visibility In 2016, Sunshine took part in the conference held by the International Society for Burn Injuries (ISBI) and presented papers discussing capacity building for burn professionals, as well as major burn disaster response. Sunshine also presented a paper during the Cross-Strait Psychology and Education Testing Symposium discussing the use of implicit association test to assess people s attitude towards disfigurement.

7 Physical and Psychological Rehabilitation Services for the Survivors of the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park Dust Explosion Social workers provided support and services to 328 people. 249 people required physical rehabilitation services. Another 237 people received pressure garment services. The Half-Way House provided short-term accommodation, wound care and independent living training to 34 people, of which 22 people were able to return home. Sunshine organized 16 rehabilitation seminars with an attendance of 301 burn survivors and family members. A total of 148 support group activities were organized and attended 3,443 times.

8 2016 Summary Financial Statement Unit: NT$ Income Type of Income Amount % Donations 158,989, % In-kind donations 1,236, % Services 5,190, % Assistive devices 3,584, % Rehabilitation 3, % Charity sales 2,398, % Interests 4,712, % Dividends % Subsidies 27,222, % Income from projects 16,804, % Income from business department 1,485, % Income from social enterprises 15,086, % Total Income 236,713, % Expenditures Type of Expenditure Amount % Psychological rehabilitation services 56,924, % Physical rehabilitation services 52,196, % Supported employment services 9,017, % Short-term housing services 18,491, % Financial aid 39,720, % Scholarships 10,764, % Oral Cancer Survivor Family Support Project 11,222, % Social education 12,683, % Social enterprises 8,429, % International participation 3,020, % Fundraising and resource development 23,929, % Organizational development 37,148, % Social enterprise development 45,370, % Total expenditures 328,918, % Balance -92,205,577 For a detailed financial statement, please refer to the 2016 Audited Financial Report

9 Future prospects for 2017 In 2017, we extended our care services provided in our Half-Way House to the community by arranging home visits to provide wound/scar care, as well as independent living training services. This will allow burn survivors recently discharged from hospital to receive the care they need, regain their ability to do things independently and achieve a better quality of life. Our centers across Taiwan are also organizing physical fitness projects for our clients by arranging regular physical fitness assessments and providing guidance on exercise, so that our clients achieve better physical health and better quality of life. Burn survivors from the Formosa Fun Coast Water Park Dust Explosion have been undergoing rehabilitation for the last two years, many of them have achieved a good recovery, but now they are faced with uncertainties and questions about their future: What do I do next? What career would be right for me? Sunshine has planned in 2017 a series of activities to help these young people explore their interests and possible career path. Sunshine continues to promote Face Equality Day in 2017, with a traveling exhibition that will stop in Taipei City, Hsinchu City and Kaohsiung City. Address: 3F, 91, Nanking East Road, Section 3, Taipei City 104, Taiwan Telephone: (886-2) Fax: (886-2) Website: