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1 BSC 2094C MOCK EXAM B GROUP A: MULTIPLE CHOICE TRUE-FALSE ITEMS: 1. The mehnism of swllowing involves: 1. foo eing mixe with sliv n fore into the phrynx 2. involuntry reflexes move the foo into the esophgus 3. foo is trnsporte to the stomh 4. peristlti ontrtions of the stomh. 1, 2, 3. 1, 3. 2, 4. 4 e. ll of these 2. Pnreti seretions re regulte y: 1. prsymptheti impulses stimulting pnres to egin relesing igestive enzymes 2. seretin using pnres to inrese seretions rih in ironte ions 3. holeystokinin using pnres to inrese seretions rih in igestive enzymes 4. symptheti impulses stimulting pnres to inrese seretions. 1, 2, 3. 1, 3. 2, 4,. 4 e. ll of these 3. Aneroi respirtion is hrterize y: 1. rekown of gluose to 2 pyruvi i moleules 2. retions tht our in ytoplsm 3. retions tht our in the sene of O 2 4. energy eing relese n trnsferre to form ATP moleules. 1, 2, 3. 1, 3. 2, 4. 4 e. ll of these e

2 GROUP B: MULTIPLE CHOICE - SINGLE ITEM: 4. Whih of the following is protein-splitting enzyme foun in pnreti juie?. trypsin. zymogen. mylse. nulese e. none of the ove 5. One of the methos in mngement of gstri ulers is rug tht inhiits the proution of HCl in the stomh. If person took this meition for long perio, the igestion of whih of the following woul e ffete the most?. rohyrtes. lipis. proteins. nulei is e. ll of these woul e ffete the sme 6. Whih of the following is the orret sequene for the igestion of lipis? 1. formtion of hylomirons 2. emulsifition y ile 3. issolve in the epithelil ell memrne 4. hyrolysis y pnreti lipse n proution of mielles 5. iffusion into ltel uts. 4, 3, 2, 1, 5. 2, 4, 3, 1, 5. 2, 1, 4, 3, 5. 3, 2, 4, 5, 1 e. 4, 5, 2, 3, 1 7. All the essentil mino is must e present in the oy t the sme time for growth n tissue repir euse:. it tkes the oy too long to synthesize the essentil mino is. the neessry enzymes will e roken own if they re sent. the protein synthesis proess nnot our if they re sent. too muh energy will e use up if they re sent e. none of the ove

3 8. The iret use of oesity is:. physiologil ftors. psyhologil ftors. negtive energy lne. positive energy lne e. vilility of foo 9. The ells tht re most epenent upon ontinul supply of gluose re those of the:. musulr system. respirtory system. igestive system. nervous system e. heptoytes 10. During norml onitions, proteins re essentil to the oy for ll the following exept:. proution of energy. proution of some hormones. proution of enzymes, lotting ftors, n ntioies. formtion of funtionl moleules like hemogloin n ytohromes e. synthesis of kertin, ollgen n elstin 11. Dietry fier seems to inhiit the evelopment of olon ner y:. inresing the seretion of ile slts. eresing the seretion of ile pigments. eresing the ietry intke of proteins. promoting the movement of intestinl ontents e. inresing the utiliztion of rohyrtes 12. The onition ssoite with lk of intrinsi ftor n erese sorption of ynoolmin is:. perniious nemi. pellgr. meglolsti nemi. survy e. erieri

4 13. A peptie on is forme y n it hols together.. on etween H n O toms; mino is. on etween C n N toms; mino is. on etween C n O toms; proteins. on etween C n C toms; orgni moleules e. on etween N n O toms; inorgni ompouns 14. Cellulr respirtion is efine s the:. proess y whih energy is relese from moleules n is trnsferre to other moleules. proess y whih ells rethe or tke in O 2 n give off CO. proess y whih ells proue energy from O 2 n sor het. proess y whih energy is sore from gluose n is trnsferre to CO 2 e. ll of the ove 15. The glyogen normlly store in the liver n musle tissues is suffiient to meet the t rest energy emns of oy ells for out:. one hour. six hours. twelve hours. twenty-four hours e. forty-eight hours 16. The esirle weight for n iniviul n e esrie s the:. weight for tht height n uil tht gives optiml performne. weight for tht person s uil tht gives him the slimmest look. verge weight of persons yers of ge for tht height n uil. weight for tht height n uil tht gives the lowest loo pressure mesurement e. weight tht mkes you feel like fether 17. Digestion of whih of the following woul e ffete the most if the liver were severely mge?. rohyrtes. lipis. proteins. nulei is e. none of the ove

5 GROUP C: MATCHING SETS: 18. Protein splitting enzyme tht is tive only in n lkline environment e 19. Hormone tht uses gstri glns to inrese their seretions 20. Enzyme tht reks triglyeries into ftty is n monoglyeries. Pepsin. Gstrin. Choleystokinin. Pnreti lipse e. Trypsin 21. Hormone tht uses erese in gstri motility 22. Protein splitting enzyme tht is tive only in n i environment

6 Questions (Some hoies my e use more thn one.) 23. Use in the proution of prothromin tht is neee for loo lotting 24. Goo foo soures for the preursor of this vitmin re yellow vegetles n fruits. Vitmin A. Vitmin D. Vitmin E. Vitmin K 25. Helps to prevent oxition of unsturte ftty is n holesterol 26. Promotes sorption of lium n phosphorus 27. Lefy green vegetles, ge, uliflower, n pork liver re goo soures 28. Neessry for synthesis of visul pigments 29. Proue in skin expose to ultrviolet light 30. Oils from vegetles, nuts, whole grins n mrgrine re goo soures 06/06