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1 Trade mission from Flanders construction & infrastructure Poland, November 2011 Gaucheretstraat 90 I B-1030 BRUSSELS T I F I

2 FLANDERS INVESTMENT & TRADE Gaucheretstraat 90 B-1030 Brussels T F ORGANISER General Manager: Mrs Claire Tillekaerts The Flanders Investment & Trade agency promotes sustainable international business, in the interest of both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises. Whatever sector you are involved in, Flanders Investment & Trade will help you establish contact with the Flemish companies you are looking for. This includes not only products or services you may be sourcing, but also various types of business relationships, from joint ventures to technology transfers. At another level Flanders Investment & Trade enhances Flanders position as the gateway to Europe for inward investors. The agency identifies, informs, advises and supports overseas enterprises by establishing production and research facilities, contact centers, headquarters, logistics operations and the like in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium. This broad focus on international business, involving outward trade as well as inward investments, requires not only a thorough knowledge of the Flemish economic tissue, but also an extensive network outside of Flanders. We have just that for you. Do visit our website and discover our worldwide network. With over 70 offices we are bound to be conveniently located near you, wherever you are.

3 VLAAMSE CONFEDERATIE BOUW Lombardstraat B-1000 Brussels T Website: IN COLLABORATION WITH DELEGATES FLANDERS INVESTMENT & TRADE BRUSSELS Karine De Vleeschouwer Area Manager T Website: Pieter De Spiegeleer Assistant Area Manager Marc Dillen General Director Christophe Maes President Joeri Aleksander van der Have Project Coordinator The Flemish Building Confederation (VCB) is the most representative organization for the building industry in Flanders and has more than members. The VCB represents not only the largest Belgian contractors but also SME s and self-employed contractors as well as subcontractors. The field of competence encompasses all construction professions (building, infrastructure, installation, finishing). In her activities VCB defends and promotes unequivocally her members economic interests and assists these members in social, technical, legal and economic matters. FLANDERS INVESTMENT & TRADE WARSAW Luc Strybol Economic & Commercial Attaché Al. Ujazdowskie 51, Warszawa - Poland T F Anna Pyrcak Commercial Deputy


5 AANNEMINGEN JANSSEN Van Doornelaan 2 B-2440 Geel T F Website: ABESIM Europalaan 26 B-9800 Deinze T F Website: Theo De Wolf Executive Officer General Manager Marcin Filipczyk Chairman of Board of Directors from Janssen & Philips Development Radek Paruchala Managing director General Contractor: - Residential Buildings - Industrial Buildings - Civil Engineering Buildings - Logistics & Retail Buildings Engineering bureau specialized in polluted soils and water.

6 AG PLASTICS Spinnerijstraat 100 B-8530 Stasegem T F Website: AIRDECK Molenweg 41 B-3530 Houthalen-Helchteren T F Website: Dieter Pillen Commercial Director Export Przemislaw Kawala Managing Director Lumiterm Richard Clare International Business Development Manager AG.Plastics is a Belgian production and distribution company of a large range of plastic products for the flat roof. We manufacture domes (ŚWIETLIKI KOPUŁKOWE) and continuous rooflights (PASMA ŚWIETLNE) in polyester. Skylights are available in 180 different sizes, acrylic and polycarbonate, round, square, rectangular, in clear and opal. We offer special skylights for low U-values. Our skylights are CE certified and we have different smokevent systems certified to EN We have all accessories (upstands, frames, ventilation systems ). Our company is the inventor and international patent holder of an innovative lightweight concrete floor system. It offers savings of raw materials and full recyclability as well as a wide range of total building concept benefits, including architectural design freedom, building strength and stability, technical system flexibility along with building hygiene, safety, noise and comfort advantages. Proven major energy savings can be realized when used in combination with concrete core activation. By design, it is easy to incorporate the advanced technology of concrete core activation during construction. Our continuous rooflights have ITB approval.

7 ALGEMENE AANNEMINGEN VAN LAERE Antwerpsesteenweg 320 B Zwijndrecht T F Website: BASF CONSTRUCTION CHEMICALS Nijverheidsweg 89, Ravenshout no 3711 B-3945 Ham T F Website: J.M. Kyndt, Civ. eng. Administrator, General Director J. Wens, Civ. eng. Chief Engineer Katrien Van Loock Account Manager Eastern Europe Van Laere is a General Contractor situated near Antwerp and specialized in civil works, water works and quay-walls (Aqua Shell), non-residential constructions, office, health, education and commercial buildings, residential construction. Our special quay-wall solution Aqua-Shell the capping beam system can be exported to all places all over the world. THORO, part of BASF Construction Chemicals, offers with her wide range of cementituous waterproofing, concrete repair products and protective coatings, innovative and job specific solutions for the construction industry. Flexible solutions where dynamic movements cause water leaks, polymer modified mortars, normal or fast setting, for concrete repair and finally coatings with esthetical and elastomeric characteristics to protect structures from chlorides, frost, de-icing salts and mildew. Today THORO is represented in almost all countries in North-and West-Europe and in Russia. THORO products are widely applied, for example in the reconstruction of the Bolshoy Theatre as well as in the concrete repair of some metro stations in Moscow, harbours in Finland, waterproofing of an ecological swimming pool in Tarragona Spain,

8 BELTRAMI Venetiëlaan 22 B-8530 Harelbeke T F Website: BEPOLUX (Belgian Polish Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce) A. Reyerslaan 80 B-1030 Brussels T Website: - Gosia Andrusiuk Account Manager East and Central Europe Jean-Marie De Baerdemaeker Managing Director BEPOLUX - President Flemish Polish Chamber of Commerce Beltrami is a Belgian wholesaler specialized in sales of natural stone (granite, marble, slate, blue stone, etc.). The company was founded in 1986 by Herwig Callewier. During the 25 years of activity Beltrami became an important player on the European market of natural stone. Since 2000 Beltrami has also his own logistics company. Beltrami is specialized in the sales of stone tiles, strips and wall furnishings. Each year again, Beltrami profiles itself as an innovator in its sector either by the introduction of new natural stone materials or by adding new finishes or formats. Some exclusive innovative items are the BELTRALINE tiles (thin, calibrated tiles to stick on your existing floor or for wall tiling) and BELTRALINEA strips for wall cladding and floor covering. Presently there are 4 branches of Beltrami in Europe (UK, Italy, Southern France and Poland). Bepolux, created in 1958, is a Internationally Certified Chamber of Commerce. It is an independent non profit organization of private companies, federations, business men and women, with Belgian-Polish business experience; investment and trade. Its main mission is focused on the promotion of Belgian and Luxembourg investments and exports to Poland, but can also support the cooperation of Polish businesses with Belgian and Luxembourg companies. Bepolux organizes business to business contacts and information activities and through its network offers professional advice adjusted to the needs of its members interested in doing business with or in Poland. With the headquarter in Brussels - capital of Europe - the Chamber forms a direct link with various international organisations and institutions.

9 BESIX Gemeenschappenlaan 100 B 1200 BRUSSELS T F Website: DAMMAN CROES Spanjestraat 55 B-8800 Roeselare T F Website: Ir. Mark Beyst Commercial Director Lode Belpeer CEO BESIX Group is the largest Belgian construction group, a conglomerate of companies active in the construction, engineering, environmental, real estate and concession sectors. The Group was founded in 1909 and since then has known impressive and regular growth. BESIX and its subsidiaries cover practically all fields of the construction industry and are operating in Western Europe, in Central and Eastern Europe, North and Central Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and in the Caribbean. Our main activities include: Damann-Croes develops and produces complete precast concrete batching plants, custom made or standard versions. We install separate machinery and components or complete turn-key solutions. We also adapt and modernize existing batching plants. Buildings (high-rise buildings, airports, hotels, hospitals, banks, offices, commercial centres): The Burj Khalifa (Dubai) - Dubai, UAE; EU Parliament - Brussels, Belgium; Marine works (jetties, harbours, quay walls, breakwaters, LNG terminals): LNG Jetty - South Hood, UK; Al Gurm Resort Marina & Villas Abu Dhabi, UAE; Environmental works (water treatment plants and reticulations, water intakes, water supply schemes): Sewage Treatment Plant - Sjarjah, UAE; Biodiesel - Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Infrastructure works (motorways, railways, tunnels, bridges): El Ferdan Bridge Egypt; HST 1301 Brussels Paris; Industrial projects (power plants, refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical facilities, petrochemical plants, desalination facilities, cement factories): Al Taweelah Power & Desalination plant - Abu Dhabi, UAE; Oil Tanking - Antwerp, Belgium.

10 DE WAAL PALEN Voshol 6A B-9160 Lokeren T F Website: DERBIGUM Bergensesteenweg 32 B-1651 Lot T F Website: Olivier Rens CEO Piotr Kusnierz Project manager De Waal Polska Gauthier van der Heyden Export Manager Assistant De Waal Palen is specialized in the execution of piled foundation. The company was founded in Belgium in De Waal Palen is specialized in the execution of precast piles and drilled cast-in-situ soil displacement piles. The company is the market leader in Belgium in the execution of drilled piles of small diameters (less than 60cm). De Waal has developed his own system for drilled soil displacement piles. With this system you can make piles with a small diameter and a high bearing capacity, higher than with CFA piles with the same diameter. The system is also very fast. A production of 250m/day is easily possible. With its baseline Making Buildings Smart, the Belgian company Derbigum clearly presents its new strategy: to develop innovative products and services for the sustainable construction and renovation sector. Specifically, Derbigum wants to offer building owners smart roof solutions to save energy, reduce CO 2 emissions and produce renewable energy via the roof - a much wider action field than the traditional roofing that made Derbigum the global player it is today. De Waal Palen is known for his quality and flexibility. With about 20 machines on the Belgian market we can make a lot of piling works in a small delay. De Waal Palen is also active in the North of France and the Netherlands. Four years ago De Waal started with a company in Poland: De Waal Polska.

11 DREDGING INTERNATIONAL Haven Scheldedijk 30 B-2070 Zwijndrecht T F Website: ECOBETON WATER TECHNOLOGIES Hasseltsesteenweg 119 B-3800 Sint-Truiden T F Website: Johny Van Acker Area Manager Finland, Baltic States and Poland Dredging International NV is an operating company of DEME NV. The Belgian dredging and hydraulic engineering group DEME NV has won a prominent position on the world market in a number of highly specialized and complex hydraulic disciplines. The company fosters a strong innovative approach and has indeed been a trend-setter and a pioneer in technical innovation throughout its history. The Group can look back on nearly 150 years of experience in its core dredging and land reclamation activities and hydraulic engineering. The company has executed major works of marine engineering infrastructure such as new ports, waterways, airports, artificial islands, residential and recreational areas, industrial areas, roads, bridges etc on all continents. In support of DEME s dredging activities, and to enable them to offer their clients total solutions for their port and waterway developments and large-scale land reclamation projects, the Group offers an impressive range of services in the environmental field, sea aggregate winning, complex marine construction such as foundation and installation of offshore windfarms, offshore heavy-lifting, maritime infrastructure and general maritime services. The DEME Group has developed new techniques so as to dredge in an environmentally friendly way, treat and clean contaminated sludge and polluted soil, construct landfills and dumping areas for industrial and domestic waste. DEME has created a network of branch offices and agencies on all continents. Today, the company is active in over 90 different countries and has a permanent workforce of 4,000 dedicated people. DEME companies can rely on a dredging fleet consisting of 90 main vessels backed by a broad range of auxiliary equipment. The current investment programme until 2012 involves the construction of 9 more major dredgers and hydraulic engineering vessels, 7 of which will be delivered before the end of In 2010 at Group level a turnover amounting to 1.8 billion EUR was generated. Christian Steppe Export manager We are a Belgian company and have celebrated our 100th anniversary last year. Initially a producer of precast concrete products, we have been specializing for more than 35 years in biological water purification, and more specifically in Small Wastewater Treatment Systems (our main business is 4, 5 and 6 PE), and are a manufacturer of high quality concrete tanks. We are n 1 in Belgium, with over SWTS installations delivered, and known for the high quality of our products. Our purification systems are CE certified and tested. We use the very best and most recent purification technologies and we follow the latest developments in solutions for domestic (individual) water purification. We are looking for a client / partner with knowledge, skills and vista to offer the best possible, very compact purifying installations of superb quality and at a correct price, license based, in order to start a long-term relationship. We do not wish to sell any concrete tanks, but work together with a company that can manufacture or buy the proper tanks in concrete or plastic, according to our standards and product specifications.

12 ECOBALANCE J. Van Gijsellaan 3 B-1780 Wemmel T Website: / GROUP BIESMANS Vaartstraat 7 B-3600 Genk T F Website: Servaas Van Den Noortgate Managing Director EcoBalance is supplying renewable energy technology & turn key solutions, in the Polish market, with the focus on: - building integrated solutions: CO 2 reduced or neutral buildings (commercial real estate, hospitals, schools) - industrial process related solutions: heat, steam & electricity for industrial processes - district heating plants. EcoBalance only provides proven technology: - Biomass fired boilers & CHP plants - GAS CHP engines & turbines - Heat pumps & geothermal heating and cooling - Biogas plants & biogas equipment - Solar. Rudy Evens CEO Group Biesmans is active in the waterproofing of flat and inclined roofs and the covering of facades. Today Group Biesmans has a network of 10 companies spread over Belgium, Poland and Hungary and in the future Group Biesmans wants to expand his activities to the Romanian market. With more than 230 employees, we have great expertise as roofing and cladding specialist and we always offer new and creative solutions with a high added value. Group Biesmans annually realizes more than m² waterproofing throughout the whole of Belgium and achieves a global turnover of 40 million. Our team guarantees flexibility, perseverance, creativity and security on the roofs entrusted to us. Group Biesmans is a business group in full expansion and aspires an excellent reputation of quality, trust and service. EcoBalance is exclusive agent in Poland for Vyncke NV Harelbeke (www.vyncke.com), Terra Energy (www.terra-energy.be), En-Bio (www.enbio.com), Vanwingen (www.vanwingen.be) and the Swiss companies Schmid (www.schmid-energy.ch) and CTA (www.cta.ch).

13 HELIOSCREEN Dijkstraat 26 B-9160 Lokeren T F Website: IL-D (Industrial and Logistics Development Gebuurtestraat 2 B-9052 Ghent (Zwijnaarde) T F Website: Yvette Vereeken Area Sales Manager Helioscreen is a world-wide supplier of solar shading. We build standard and tailor made solar shading systems. With its integrated range of products from weaving of screen fabrics to the servicing of complete systems, Helioscreen enjoys an exclusive position on the market. One of our recent references are: Bella Sky Hotel (Kopenhagen), Financial Center (Abu Dhabi), Princess Nuria University (Saudi Arabia), Taipei 101 (Taiwan), Chambre de Commerce Luxemburg/Palais des Beaux Arts (Brussels). Bart Dehavert General Counsel / Shareholder IL-D develops build-to-suit industrial, logistics and retail real estate all over Europe with focus on Central Europe. In close collaboration with the client, the specialized IL-D team develops, as from the design phase up to hand-over, a building that perfectly fits the particular requirements and needs of the client. The client has the choice to lease the building from IL-D on a long term basis, or to buy it at hand-over for a pre-agreed fixed price.

14 JAN DE NUL Tragel 60 B-9308 Hofstade Aalst T F Website: MATEXI GROUP Franklin Rooseveltlaan 180 B-8790 Waregem T F Website: Kobbe Peirs Area Manager Gert Groot Nibbelink Regional Manager Marketing Sjef Frantzen Director International Developments People and vessels. This is the driving force behind Jan De Nul Group. Thanks to skilled employees and the ultramodern fleet, Jan De Nul Group ranks at the top of the international dredging industry as well as being one of the largest civil engineering and environmental contractors. For more than 50 years, Jan De Nul Group has executed numerous international dredging and reclamation projects from start to finish: capital dredging and maintenance works in ports, deepening of channels, rock or sand bank dredging in open sea, protection by rock dumping, rock dumping around offshore pipelines and platforms, presweeping, beach replenishment, etc. Civil works are also an important part of group activities and enable Jan De Nul Group to offer clients a complete package from inception to completion. All key activities, from design to execution, are carried out by its engineers and equipment, whether it involves buildings, wastewater treatment plants, sewerage or pipe works, quay walls, tunnels, bridges, roads or locks. Soil and groundwater rehabilitation, remediation of polluted soils and environmental dredging, processing of other specific wastes: Envisan is experienced in all fields of environmental technology. Here, as well, Jan De Nul Group stands for an integrated approach, from design to execution with the group utilising its own equipment and sanitation centre. Matexi Group is a private holding company whose business extends over three areas: Real estate development, residential housing construction and investments. Matexi Group is a major player in the Belgian real estate community. The company is still controlled by the founding shareholders family. In October 2010 Matexi Group established a Polish subsidiary: Matexi Polska Zp.z o. o. This company will concentrate its activities on the development of residential real estate projects in Warsaw. For the design and construction of these projects Matexi Polska will rely on external partners. Matexi Polska already acquired the land for the first project in the popular Bemowo district in Warsaw. The start of the construction is expected to be in the first quarter of 2012.

15 ME CONSTRUCT Industrieterrein Peerderbaan 1113 B-3960 Bree T F Website: RECON GROUP Oude Weg 39 B-9991 Maldegem (Adegem) T F Website: Ben Bomhals Managing Director ME Construct is part of the ME group, the specialist in roof and cladding for industrial and office building. Its years of experience and its own engineering, assembly and workshop department enable it to accomplish even the most complex sites. ME Construct is always looking for new techniques and materials, such as stainless steel, zinc, aluminium, corten steel, This makes ME Construct the ideal partner for architects, consultancy offices, constructors and contractors. Vic Huys Director Recon Group is a Belgian homebuilder and general contractor, active in the market of new homes and renovation. Recon Group directly employs around 100 people and partners with multiple subcontractors. The group is mainly active in Flanders and Brussels. It has achieved sustained revenue and profit growth during the past several years and during the financial crisis. References abroad: Ferrari Abu Dhabi, Central Station Rotterdam, Power Plant Pont-sur-Sambre France.

16 REYNAERS ALUMINIUM Oude Liersebaan 266 B-2570 Duffel T F Website: ROTERO Wayenborgstraat 10 B-2800 Mechelen T F Website: Dirk Bogaert Regional Director Reynaers Aluminium NV Rafal Sadzynski Operations Manager Reynaers Polska Sp. z o.o. Thomas Heise Account Manager Ventilation Reynaers Aluminium is a leading European provider of architectural aluminium systems. The offer includes a wide variety of window and door systems, curtain walling, sliding systems, sun screening, conservatories, skylights, screens and systems to incorporate blinds and ventilation. Reynaers provides not only the profiles but also the accessories, software, tooling and machinery. A dedicated team is available to develop bespoke solutions. Reynaers systems increase the architectural value of buildings, both new-built and renovated, on the residential and non-residential markets. The company was founded in 1965 and today the group headquarters is still located in Duffel, Belgium. The group has offices in 30 countries and sells its products in more than 60 countries worldwide. Rotero Belgium bvba is a highly specialized retailer in the field of electrical motion and control and sees itself as a specialist in electric propulsion technology, actuators, magnets, relays for engineering and apparatus manufacturing. Ventilation is an own division and represents itself under the brand SMART-FAN. That is to read in respect of our latest model of DCmotors which are silent, very efficient, compact and programmable. That motor in combination with a tangential ventilator allows individual optimized ventilation with very low current input and is therefore very interesting for domestic as well as for industrial climate control devices. Due to our success within BENELUX we strive to expand abroad. In Belgium we are entitled to name JAGA NV as a reference, in Germany we are chosen supplier for a global player in the segment of heating devices. Reynaers private test centre, the Reynaers Institute, is considered as one of the largest in the industry. Its availability helps to further enhance the quality and the performance of the products. In ddition to the products Reynaers provides technical and commercial support to fabricators and prescribers, including training and testing.

17 SAVEYN ALLUYN Hoogmolenstraat 12 B-9770 Kruishoutem T F Website: TELEVIC CONFERENCE Leo Bekaertlaan 1 B-8870 Izegem T: Website: PatrickSaveyn Director Astrid Van Huffel Legal Advisor Simon Talloen Export Manager With over 40 years experience in construction SAVEYN ALLUYN NV has risen to an extremely solid an versatile contractor, whose daily management is in the hands of engineer Patrick Saveyn. General construction company SAVEYN ALLUYN NV is a very dynamic company in full growth, with experience in renovations, new construction and concrete work. Televic Conference is a developer and manufacturer of professional conference technology for discussion, voting and simultaneous interpretation activities. The headquarters of the Televic Group are based in Belgium, employing more than 200 people. Televic is a real innovator in the conference business and offers digital added value conference solutions for entry-level to high level customized congress facilities. The company is active in this business segment since more than 40 years, and is a preferred supplier of large international public and corporate institutions such as: European Parliament and European Commission in Brussels and Strasbourg, United Nations offices in Geneva, European Parliament in Luxemburg, Deutsche Bank and Daimler Headquarters in Germany, KPMG offices Netherlands, Large oil companies worldwide, Local councils worldwide,town halls. The systems are available almost worldwide, and are being imported by skilled system integrators or professional AV distributors. Televic is present in Europe, Asia and North-America and aims to expand its representation worldwide. The core strengths of Televic are innovation, added value and flexibility. Our mission is to offer added value, reliable and innovative solutions for any situation.

18 VANDERSANDEN STEENFABRIEKEN Riemsterweg 300 B-3740 Spouwen / Bilzen T F Website: VERGOKAN Meersbloem Melden 16 B-9700 Oudenaarde T F Website: Rudy Nelissen Area Sales Manager Karol Brożyna Sales Manager Poland Bernhard Moll Export Manager Creative with bricks. That s the challenge Vandersanden Group has chosen. As Belgian market leader and leading European manufacturer, we are known for our craftsmanship, creating quality facing bricks, brick slips, pavers and sustainable brick solutions since Thanks to efficient investments and an open vision, innovative solutions are developed in order to meet the continuously changing demands of builders. The choice for the right building materials is a decision that lasts a lifetime. It is therefore essential that we choose sustainable and ecologically sound products. A home is only truly sustainable when it has been built with sustainable materials and these materials have also been produced in a sustainable manner. Brick is a very good choice. After all, brick is a natural, high-quality, user- and maintenance-friendly product that is sustainable in all phases of its life cycle. Brick production serves a valuable social and economic role in society and does so with respect for the natural environment and surroundings. The Vergokan Group, specialized in metal processing and finishing, offers a complete range of Cable Support Systems based on its fully integrated activities. The Vergokan Group has its headquarters in Oudenaarde, production units in Kruishoutem and Moeskroen (Belgium), and a branch in Redkino (Tver region, Russian Federation). Special focus is given also to floor installation systems, where Vergokan offers as one of the leading producers the following systems: Concrete floor systems, Raised floor systems and Flush floor trunking systems. Vergokan is constantly investing in its future by giving product development, quality and automation ample consideration, while relying on an efficient production and distribution network (e.g. Innovation Award Winner in Brussels and Dublin). This enables Vergokan to give its partners the assurance of a longterm cooperation. The easy-to-mount cable support systems offer the user a considerable timesaving. Especially the Quick & Click products can be assembled and mounted very rapidly, compared to traditional mounting systems. Thanks to the interaction between partners, customers and Vergokan, we offer a range of products capable of meeting the needs of an ever changing market. The cable support systems in their various applications are used in countless cable management solutions. Vergokan s products (Floor Installation Systems) are successfully installed in many new buildings and renovation projects, in Poland e.g. in: Horizon Plaza Office Building in Warsaw, University Library in Katowice, Copernicus Centre in Warsaw.

19 VERO DESIGN WILLEMEN GROUP Goudbloemlaan 10 B-2980 Zoersel T F Website: Boerenkrijgstraat 133 B-2800 Mechelen T F Website: Daniel Verlinden Senior Technical Adviser Reinhild Roland Manager Olivier van Esch Managing Director Central & Eastern Europe Sven De Vos Development Manager Vero Design designs and produces open fire places on gas, all within the CEnorms. Besides a huge range of different standard measurements we are also specialized in tailor-made units. From Antwerp/Belgium we export into all European countries, and into the UAE. Willemen is a family owner building company with a yearly turn-over close to 400 Million Euros and collaborators. The companies of the Willemen Groep are specialized in residential buildings (Willemen General Contractor), real estate development (Willemen Real Estate), industrial or commercial buildings (Cosimco), large civil and concrete works (Franki), in road works (Aswebo), roofing (Albitum), suspended flooring (Daltechnic) and steel structures (WP Steel). We also have a piling division with an existing branch in Poland (De Waal Palen). Willemen Groep is benefiting of a positive experience in Poland with his piling division De Waal Polska and a successful residential development in Poznan with Willemen Polska. We are seeking contact with large and medium size building companies in Poland, developers and investors, to establish new partnerships or collaborations, with the eye on increasing our market penetration and make another successful step in Poland.


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Providing global energy solutions Providing global energy solutions Welcome to our world Welcome to our world The wisdom of reducing carbon dependency to boost environmental and cost performance is universally accepted, but the best route

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W OW O Hannual report 2010

W OW O Hannual report 2010 HOW HOW annual report 2010 Each amazing achievement by humankind leaves us wondering How? It is often impossible to comprehend exactly what has occurred to permit an awe-inspiring end result. Many of

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ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2003/2004 ANNUAL REPORT FISCAL YEAR 2003/2004 October 1, 2003 to September 30, 2004 The Company Wincor Nixdorf is one of the world s leading suppliers of IT solutions to the retail and the retail banking industries.

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2014/2015. Member Directory

2014/2015. Member Directory 2014/2015 Member Directory ADVERTISEMENT? In the CEE region we offer the following services: TRANSACTION CONSULTING VALUATION PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CAPITAL MARKETS 2 Member Directory Netherlands-Polish Chamber

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Annual Report 2006. Changes

Annual Report 2006. Changes Annual Report 2006 Changes Contents Changes 01 Letter to the Shareholders 02 Report of the Supervisory Board 04 Our Strategy 12 GFT International 16 Our Staff 24 Innovation and Development 32 GFT Share

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SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 2013 NEW FRAMEWORK Adoption of a fully integrated sustainability framework OUTSTANDING Noda and Carré Vert obtained BREEAM Outstanding certificate TRANSPARENCY First Sustainability Report of Wereldhave SUSTAINABILITY

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