Vendor of Record Program Three Year Outlook January 2018 to January 2021 (Updated Quarterly)

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1 Ontario Shared Supply Chain Ontario Division Final Copy Program Three Year Outlook January 2018 to January 2021 (Updated Quarterly) June 26, 2018

2 Note: 1. This schedule is an advance notice to the marketplace in the form of a list of significant procurements for projects, goods and services that Ontario s Supply Chain Ontario (SCO) has identified for the period covered. Ontario does not guarantee, however, by providing this schedule, to purchase all or any of the projects, goods or services listed. 2. For items on the schedule, Ontario may not have yet conducted its market research or prepared a significant procurement plan including how it will approach the market. This research and subsequent plan will determine when to go to the market and the appropriate procurement methodology. 3. This schedule is not intended as an invitation to submit tenders or proposals and there are no procurement documents available at the present time. 4. s are estimates only and are subject to change by Ontario. 5. Items are organized by the Quarter in which the estimated contract start date falls. 6. Please be aware that the tendering process may be proceeded by stakeholder engagement typically 60 days prior to tendering. 7. Suppliers interested in how the government procures goods and services may be directed to the How to do business with the Ontario Government webpage for further information: How to do business website 8. To view all active Arrangements (VORs), please refer to SCO s online listing: VOR Listing Please consider the environment before printing this document. Should you need to print this document, please consider printing double-sided in black and white where possible. 26/06/2018 2

3 2018 Quarter 2 Replacement Management Consulting VOR Business Analytics, Data Integration, Quality Tools and (BADIQ) Renamed to Data Integration, Visualization and Analytics (DIVA) Vendor Of Program OSS Jan-2018 Jun-2018 OSS Feb-2018 Jun-2018 Experience Design OPS N/A Mar-2018 Jun-2018 Quarter 3 Open/Refresh #1 General Vehicle Acquisitions OSS Feb-2018 Jul /06/2018 3

4 2018 Quarter 3 Vendor Of Program Consolidated Groceries OSS Jan-2017 Aug 2018 Tape Backup Hardware OSS May-2018 Aug-2018 Unix Servers OSS May-2018 Aug-2018 Web Collaboration Solution & Quarter 4 Replacement Tasked Based I&IT VOR OSS Feb-2018 Sept-2018 OSS Sept-2018 Oct-2018 Security Guard OSS Oct-2018 Dec /06/2018 4

5 Quarter 4 Vendor Of Program Replacement I&IT Solutions Consulting OSS Oct-2018 Dec-2018 Quarter 1 Experience Design - Refresh Laboratory Hazardous Waste Collection and Disposal Oct-2018 Jan-2019 OSS Sept-2018 Jan-2019 Commercial Print OPS OSS Oct-2018 Feb-2019 Quarter 2 Low Earth Orbit Satellite Phone Equipment & Carrier OSS Sept-2018 May /06/2018 5

6 Program: Three Year Outlook 2019 Vendor Of Program Quarter 2 Replacement IT Research Subscription OSS Jan-2019 June-2019 Open/Refresh # 1 OSS Jan-2019 June-2019 Management Consulting Cloud Computing OSS October-2018 June-2019 Quarter 3* Open/Refresh #2 General OSS Mar-2019 Jul-2019 Vehicle Acquisitions Data Protection Solution NEW Oct-2018 Aug-2019 Scanners, Large Format Printers and OPS OSS Jul-2018 Sept /06/2018 6

7 Quarter 4* Vendor Of Program Open/Refresh #1 I&IT Solutions Consulting OSS Aug-2019 Dec-2019 Quarter 1 IT Security Products and Software as a Service (SaaS) Enterprise Project & Portfolio Management Solution Managed Print Equipment and Technical for Event Staging OSS Aug-2019 Jan-2020 OSS Aug-2019 Jan-2020 Aug-2019 Jan-2020 OSS OSS Sept-2019 Jan /06/2018 7

8 2020 Quarter 2 Vendor Of Program Adobe Volume Licencing Agreement MGS-ADOBE-VLA Nov-2019 Apr-2020 Adobe Reseller Desktop Management and Products OSS_ OSS Nov-2019 Sept-2019 Apr-2020 May-2020 Snowmobiles & All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) Information & Information Technology Resourcing OSS Sept-2019 May-2020 OSS Oct-2019 June /06/2018 8

9 2020 Quarter 3 Vendar data Citrix Volume License OSS_ Jan-2020 July-2020 Agreement Long View Systems Corporation OSS Jan-2020 July-2020 Agreement (Citrix Reseller) Office Seating and Furniture OPS&BPS OSS Jan-2020 July-2020 Courier OPS&BPS OSS Feb-2020 Aug-2020 Forms Design & Forms Development Quarter 4 OPS OSS Jan-2020 Sept-2020 Internal Audit OSS Apr-2020 Nov-2020 Cleaning Supplies & Sanitary Papers OPS&BPS OSS Apr-2020 Dec /06/2018