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1 News From Volume 57, No. 1 January 2019 Published for the residents of the Northern Bedford County School District Mission Statement The mission of the Northern Bedford County School District is to uphold high standards to educate each student to be a responsible member of a global society. SUPERINTENDENT S MESSAGE I hope you had an enjoyable and happy Christmas and New Year. Within the pages of this newsletter are examples of the many great things that are happening here at NBC. Northern Bedford exemplifies what it means to teach the whole child. Our NBC family requires our students to think, investigate, persevere, and overcome. I am proud, as I am sure you are, of the performance of our students not only in academics, as our scores demonstrate, but in respect, charity, kindness, and humility. Last year, I mentioned how often I hear about the positive conduct of our students. These comments have continued throughout the current year. It is a clear indication of the values you as parents instill in them. The staff of NBC reinforce those values on a daily basis. We will continue focusing on our primary goal of ensuring that students will graduate NBC with a learned ability to think, accept challenges, problem solve, research, persevere, and achieve. If you have not done so, please check out Northern Bedford News on Facebook. There are many pictures of students and the activities that they are doing as a student. It is a great place to see the tremendous opportunities NBC provides for our students. Northern Bedford s cross country team won the District V title along with the individual championship for boys. I could see the spirit of grit and determination as the athletes worked throughout the year to achieve their goals. I am confident they will continue to work this year as well. State Testing According to our Future Ready Pennsylvania Index results the elementary (grades 3-5; science is grade 4 only) scored the following: NBC State average Subject Competency Growth Competency Growth ELA Math Science The results for the middles school (grades 6-8) and the Keystones (high school) are as follows: Subject NBC Competency Growth State average Competency Growth ELA Math/Algebra Science/Biology Attendance College/Career Graduation Industry Based Learning Advance Score Industry Based Competency Rigorous Courses Of Study You can go to the following website if you would like to see additional results or look at other schools:

2 Budget Information for School Year Overview The winter 2019 Northern Bedford Newsletter provides information concerning the budgetary processes of the district. The article touches on Act 1, where the district receives its revenues, expenditures, fund balance, taxes, and budget projections. It will also highlight our budget surplus and how it will be used, and what the major expenditures are that drive the district budget. At the January board meeting, the Northern Bedford County Board of School Directors will determine if they will need to raise taxes above the index which is set at 3.2%. As we begin the budget process again this year, you can be assured that the principals and I will present a budget to the board that will be fiscally sound. This means the proposed budget is administratively scrutinized and then reviewed with the budget committee. The highlights will be reviewed publicly with the board in April, tentative approval in May, and final budget approval in June. We must approve the school budget before the state approves theirs which means we are taking an educated guess on how much educational money we will receive. Currently 67% of our funding comes from state subsidy. Below are some relevant questions and answers that you as a member of the school district may have in regards to the fiscal operations of the district. What are NBC s revenues? NBC receives 3% of the revenue from the federal government, 30% from local/property taxes, and 67% from the State. The State revenues come in various forms and can change from year to year but include basic educational subsidy, reimbursements related to social security tax and retirement, transportation, and special education subsidy. The state legislature approved a new educational formula in The hold harmless formula means that no district is to receive less state subsidy in any fiscal year than what was received in fiscal year Unfortunately, with declining enrollment, as with many districts in the western half of the state, we may never receive more than subsidies. With continued increases in expenses, we shall remain ever vigilant in our finances so that we can continue to provide a quality educational experience for our students. It is important to remain informed of the educational impact our state representatives can have on public education and let your voice be heard. For example, if they would remove the hold harmless caveat, NBC would be in a very difficult financial situation. Please check our website and our Facebook pages for periodic information on school related topics. What are NBC s major expenditure drivers? The major drivers are salaries, retirement, health care, transportation, and cyber school. Retirement costs have risen by 25% over the past twelve years. It is projected to remain over 32% until The state pays approximately half of the retirement costs for each employee; the increase in the retirement rate has a large impact on both state and local budgets. This directly impacts how much money can be used for instruction and education programming. NBC continues to explore ways to reduce the impact of health care costs over the years to come through negotiating various health care options. NBC is a member of the Bedford Somerset Health Consortium- a member school district consortium which pools its resources in order to negotiate lower premium rates for the member districts. Wages and benefits are determined by negotiated bargaining agreements. The current collective bargaining agreement for professional employees (teachers) is in effect until The CBA for the support staff is in effect until June Cyber Schools cost NBC $12, for a regular education student and $23, for a special education student. Although the majority of our state politicians think this is a great deal for Pennsylvanians, NBC has made use of an actual cyber school that provides an on-line program for a flat fee of $5,000 dollars per student. Using regular cyber charter schools is not cost effective considering the results of student test scores. This year, a court ruling stated that districts must use BUDGETED dollars instead of ACTUAL dollars spent when paying cyber school costs. This means that in one year our cyber school costs for a regular education student increased by $3, and a special education student increased by $6,500 dollars. As much as the board does not want to raise taxes, there is a very real possibility that increased taxes will be necessary to offset the cyber increases. Raising taxes by 3.2% will bring an additional $125, Our state legislators could easily amend the law to address this issue without impacting those constituents that demand school choice. There just has been no desire from the public at large to make this a priority for the politicians. 2

3 Transporting students to and from school is also a major expense. There has been discussion in Harrisburg about a new funding formula regarding transportation, but to date nothing has been determined. We are not sure what the final outcome will be in this area. Currently the state subsidizes 70% of the costs, but if cuts are made in this area by the state it has the potential of a tremendous financial crisis for our budget. How has our conservative budgeting fared during this uncertain climate? The general fund balance experienced a surplus of $152, between the adopted budget and the final audited statements for There are many contributing factors to this. Many personnel changes occurred from the time of the budget adoption and throughout the school year which contributed to savings in the 100 and 200 object areas of the budget. The district takes the approach of budgeting conservatively in expenditures and revenues. If we saved so much, why consider raising taxes? The district was fortunate that no tax increase was needed with the budget. Unfortunately, the lack of legislative action to curb cyber school costs to legitimate levels will very likely necessitate the need for a tax increase this year. Does Northern Bedford do budget projections into the future? Absolutely! The projection model uses as much actual information known for years going forward such as salary and retirement rates and makes conservative estimates for all unknown variables. The surpluses obtained over the past three fiscal years aids in our fund balance (savings account) preservation for future years. What is the district doing with surplus monies? The recommendation will be for the board to move the $152, into the capital reserve for future capital projects that will be required. The capital reserve fund is used for major building/mechanical repairs or building upgrades. The money from this fund once designated cannot be used for other reasons. What is the end goal for NBC school district? Northern Bedford's goal is to have a fiscally sound school district that is able to provide an appropriate amount of opportunities for students to develop their skills to think critically and be productive citizens when they graduate. Weather Calls We all know that weather can be very finicky and that the forecast is not always on target. I have been asked as recently as December how delays or cancellations are determined. First, are the roads passable and acceptable for buses? Second, will conditions improve or stay the same in a two-hour block of time? If the first answer is yes and two hours will not change the conditions, then we go on time. If conditions would change significantly, then I would delay. If the answer to the first question is no and conditions are not going to improve then I will cancel school. I look at the latest information from multiple weather sites and have communications with our bus contractors, township personnel, school maintenance supervisor, and principals as necessary about our road/school conditions to make a decision. I am making the decision for NBC not any other school. The issues that cause another school to delay may not be an issue for us. Early dismissals will be determined by the intensity and timing of a storm. PennDot has shift changes at 12 noon and our early dismissal time is 1:00. Therefore, an early dismissal may not be advantageous for NBC. A regular dismissal may be the more appropriate decision to allow time for the state and township to properly plow and treat the roads. Some schools delay due to temperature. I look at the temperature change from 7:00 to 9:00 and would only consider delaying if there was a significant improvement in the temperature. Otherwise, we go on time unless significant cold temperature/wind chill dictates closing for exposed skin, fuel issues with buses, or school issues. 3

4 NBC MS/HS Presents Annual Christmas Concert The senior high chorus, select choir, middle school chorus, and middle school band spread Christmas cheer on Sunday, December 16th. Shared Values of NBCSD 1. Learning is a lifelong process. Middle School Chorus 2. Parents or primary caregiver are a child s earliest teachers and remain critical influences. 3. All children can learn. 4. Every child deserves the best educational opportunity the school district can provide. 5. The developmental processes of pre-school children are enhanced through school-based early childhood program services. 6. Learning is a shared responsibility among students, teachers, parents, and community. 7. School is a focal point of the community. 8. The school is a moral force that both shapes and reflects community values. Senior High Chorus High School Select Choir The NBC music department will present the Broadway Musical You re A Good Man Charlie Brown March 14-16, 2019 at the NBC HS Auditorium at 7 PM each evening. Tickets ($8 each) are available by calling the District Office. 9. A safe, orderly, and disciplined environment is essential for learning. 10. Curriculum and instruction must address the differing needs and learning styles of each student. 11. The high school diploma represents the acquisition of a core of academic skills. 12. The school strives to lead the community in the use of technology. 13. The school fosters an environment which builds positive relationships among all students. 14. The school stresses appreciation of the varied cultural influences which shape the world. 15. All school personnel serve as positive role models. 16. The school provides a caring influence which promotes emotional stability. 4

5 Nurse s Notes by Starla Snyder, Certified School Nurse Three Things You May Not Know About CPR People who have cardiac arrests may benefit from CPR, yet many people who witness cardiac arrest do not perform CPR. Learn about CPR so you can be prepared. What Is CPR and When Should I Use It? Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an emergency procedure that can help save a person s life if their breathing or heart stops. When a person s heart stops beating, they are in cardiac arrest. During cardiac arrest, the heart cannot pump blood to the rest of the body, including the brain and lungs. Death can happen in minutes without treatment. CPR uses chest compressions to mimic how the heart pumps. These compressions help keep blood flowing throughout the body. Cardiac arrest is not the same as a heart attack. A heart attack happens when blood flow to the heart is blocked. A person having a heart attack is still talking and breathing. This person does not need CPR -but they do need to get to the hospital right away. Heart attack increases the risk for going into cardiac arrest. Learn some surprising facts about CPR, cardiac arrest, and how you can be prepared to help save a life. 1. CPR Saves Lives Currently, about 9 in 10 people who have cardiac arrest outside the hospital die. But CPR can help improve those odds. If it is performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest. CPR can double to triple a person s chance of survival. 2. Cardiac Arrests Often Happen at Home About 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of hospitals each year and about 7 in 10 of those happen at home. Unfortunately, about half of the people who experience cardiac arrests at home don t get the help they need from bystanders before an ambulance arrives. If you see cardiac arrest happen (side bar), call right away and then do CPR until medical professionals arrive. Keep reading to learn how to perform CPR. 3. You Don t Need Formal Training to Perform CPR You don t need a special certification or formal training to perform CPR, but you do need education If cardiac arrest happens to someone near you, don t be afraid just be prepared! Follow these steps if you see someone in cardiac arrest: Call right away. If another bystander is nearby, save time by asking that person to call and look for an automated external defibrillator (AED) while you begin CPR. AEDs are portable machines that can electrically shock the heart and cause it to start beating again. Give CPR. Push dow n hard and fast in the center of the chest at a rate of 100 to 120 pushes a minute. Let the chest come back up to its normal position after each push. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends timing your pushes to the beat of the song Stayin Alive. This method of CPR is called hands-only and does not involve breathing into the person s mouth. How Can I Tell Whether Someone Is in Cardiac Arrest? The person is unresponsive, even if you shake or shout at them. The person isn t breathing or is only gasping. If you see someone in cardiac arrest, call right away and then start CPR. Keep doing CPR until medical professionals arrive. Most cardiac arrest happen outside of the hospital, either at home or in public places. If CPR is performed in the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, it can double or triple a person s chance of survival. Continue giving CPR until medical professionals arrive or until a person w ith formal CPR training can take over. 5

6 Cafeteria News by Jennie Miller, Food Service Supervisor Healthy Starts with Happy! Holiday meals are often a time we splurge, but a couple of small changes could keep everyone happier and healthier this season: Before you start cooking, put some pep in your step with a family walk or run. Start with a healthy appetizer like fresh fruits and vegetables. Enlist some helping hands get the kids involved! This could be prepping vegetables or making desserts. Here s to a Healthy New Year! NBC s school nutrition program wants to share our resolution with you along with a happy holiday; we also want to have a healthier new year. We are serving more delicious and nutritious meals with at least 51% whole grains, featuring lean meats, reduced-fat dairy, and more fruits and vegetables than ever before! We hope you will agree that is something to really celebrate! The Fact s on Fats We hear all the time that fats are bad but that is not necessarily true! Studies show that incorporating a mix of good fats into your diet actually helps maintain a healthier body weight and boosts brainpower! Healthy fats you can incorporate in your home cooking include oils like olive and coconut, avocado, and Omega-3s from fish and flax. NBC school meal s keep bad fats in check. Weekly average for NBC school meals 18 Ways to Rethink Happy & Healthy in 2019 Laugh it off! Laughing 100X is equal to 15 minutes of exercise on a stationary bike! ZZZZ. Sleep more than 7 hours a night and you ll actually live longer! Breakfast boost. Eating oatmeal provides serotonin, calming the brain and improving mood. Eat school breakfast. Kids who eat school breakfast score 17.5% higher on standardized math test. Eat eggs. The amino acids in eggs can help improve your reflexes. Move it! The human body has more than 650 muscles. Fish facts. Omega-3s in fish make up 40% of the polyunsaturated fats in the brain. Apples help reduce bad cholesterol to keep your heart healthy. Go for it! The antioxidants in chocolate improve blood flow and protect against UV damage. More, More, More! Research shows kids are eating 16% more vegetables and 22% more fruits at school lunch. Build muscle. Even at rest, muscle is 3x more efficient at burning calories than fat. Open a book. People who read live an average of 2 years longer. Reading also reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 67%. Clean up. Daily chores produce similar health benefits as a trip to the gym. Wash those hands. Over 200 different viruses cause the common cold. Take your pick. Even with changing nutrition standards, kids have more cafeteria choices than ever! Drink up! 5 glasses of water a day can reduce heart attack risk by half. Keep moving! At 7,500 steps per day, the average active person walks the Earth 5 times in a lifetime. Less than 10% saturated fat 0 grams Trans fat 6

7 Technology in the Classroom and Beyond!! By Mike O Dellick, High School Principal All students in grades 6-12 are provided a school issued laptop as part of the MS/HS one-to-one (1:1) computer initiative. The vision of the initiative is to empower teachers and students with a multitude of educational information and engaging learning experiences. Some of the specific benefits to the 1:1 computer program are as follows: Greater student engagement More creative learning outlets Tailored learning experiences Improved student/teacher communication Canvas is a new teaching/learning web application that is being utilized this school year that allows teachers to provide instructional support, class calendars, assignments, and resources for students in a safe online environment. For traditional face to face classes, Canvas is an integral part of a shared, blended classroom setting. Additionally, Canvas extends the learning environment beyond the classroom as it provides educational resources available after school hours in a safe online learning format. Students are using the Canvas student app to connect their cellphones with Canvas. Students are using the Canvas student app to connect their cellphones with Canvas. The student app enables students to quickly and easily access their course content and assignments through their cellphones. The student app allows students to stay up-to-date with their upcoming assignments. Second year music and chorus teacher, Mr. Brett Keith, shares some of his successes with implementing Canvas into his classroom: Canvas has had a positive impact on my classroom and the students using it. It is a powerful tool that allows me to expand the reaches of my physical classroom to be an arena for so much supplemental material that students can access 24/7, including days they are absent. This eliminates a disruption in curricular continuity, that we as educators know is extremely important. This is important even in a performance classroom such as chorus and music. It has been very beneficial for myself and students to receive work, and feedback (grades/comments/submissions) in a more efficient manner. Thus enhancing the importance of meaningful and quick feedback upon assessment. I have noticed an increase in student awareness in assignment completion and attention to their grades. Overall, I have seen a greater student responsibility and awareness to their expectation and work completion. Specific Student Feedback (shared by Mason Detterline, Dakota Korzec and Madison Shaulis): The Canvas student app has helped us stay organized with all of our class assignments since they are all located in one place. The digital agenda and calendar are examples of organizational tools that we use with the student app. Through the student app we are able to view upcoming assignments and even submit assignments through our cell phone app which has been really helpful. The Canvas app has helped us stay on top of our classwork. To learn more about the Canvas student app visit - and type in the search window in the top right canvas student app or canvas parent app. 7

8 Athletic Department Update by Jeff Batzel, NBC Athletic Director/District 5 Vice-Chairman ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION UP, CLASSIFICATIONS EXPLAINED Athletic participation is on the rise again at the high school. This fall 71 boys and 66 girls in the senior high participated in an athletic program. That equates to 52.2% of the boys in the entire school and 42.0% of the girls. With the winter and spring seasons numbers not finalized, I fully expect us to top 60% in total participation percentages by the end of the school year, said Athletic Director Jeff Batzel. The national average for students participating in athletics is 52% according to the National Federation of High School Athletics. PIAA Classifications have been realigned for the 2 year cycle beginning this year. Some people may be curious why we are Class A in Boys Basketball but AA in Girls Basketball. The PIAA separates boys and girls enrollment numbers and sports and divides the number of schools into groups, or classifications, based on the enrollment numbers submitted, explained Batzel who is also the PIAA District 5 Vice-Chairman. We are also Class A in Baseball but AA in Girls Softball, said Batzel. This is because we have 101 boys in grades while we have 118 girls. We fall above the A/AA line in girls and just below in boys for those two sports. PIAA sport information can be accessed at the website: On Tuesday, October 23 the Boys Cross Country team captured the District V Cross Championship earning a birth in the PIAA State Championship meet. At the State Meet, the boys finished 13 th as a team capping an outstanding season that also saw them win the Inter County Conference Dual Meet and Championship Meet titles. Individually at the State Meet, Ian Zimmerman earned the 13 th place medal. 8

9 Student Recognition Congratulations to Each of You for Your Accomplishments! The Northern Bedford FBLA traveled to St. Francis University for the Regional Leadership Conference on November 30 th. Sixteen of our students will move on to States in Hershey based on their performance at the regional level. The following NBC students participated in the Blair County Senior High Chorus Festival, held November 19 and 20, 2018 at Altoona Area School District: Grace Burke, Madison Cottle, Gretchen Keith, Mara Laird, Abby Mickle, Bethany Shawley, Eric Smith, Paige Snider, Paige Snyder, Josh Strayer, Brook Troutman, Tavian Walter, Alyx Weidler, and Heyleigh Wilkins. The 2018 Middle School Spelling Bee was held on Thursday, December 20 th. Participants of the spelling bee are in grades six through eight. We had 30 participants this year. Mrs. Kristi Musselman and Mrs. Jennifer Klavuhn are the advisors. The students attended an informational meeting and run-through before the day of the bee to polish their spelling skills. Collin Yeatts (grade 8) was the winner. Caleb Foor (grade 8) was the runner up and River Troutman (grade 8) came in third place. The top three places received a cash prize compliments of the Middle School Pride Team. 9

10 Ashley Brennan, joins our elementary staff as Learning Support Teacher. Ashley holds a bachelors degree in elementary education from Penn State and a Masters in Special Education from Western Governor s University. Previously she worked as a learning support teacher in the Spring Cove School District. Her hobbies include spending time with her family, outdoor activities, and sports. Ashley commented, When you are a graduate from NBCSD, no matter where you go, you will always have a piece of Northern Bedford in your heart. While life took my family and I on adventures to other places, we always knew that someday we would plant our roots in the Panther Community. Life feels as though it has truly come full circle with having the opportunity to teach at my alma mater. The high academic and behavioral expectations and family atmosphere are just a few of the wonderful things that make me Panther Proud! Del Hoover, a Roaring Spring resident joins our maintenance staff at the high school. Del enjoys bow hunting and his wolf/shepherd. Del commented, NBC is like a large family. Everyone works well together. Tyler Hrivnak, rejoins our maintenance staff at the elementary school. As a NBCSD alumnus Tyler is happy to be back and working with the friendly staff at NBC. He enjoys hunting, fishing, making maple syrup and metal She obtained her BS in Elementary Education K-6 at UPJ and is currently working on her Masters Degree in Reading through Wilkes University. Marty Guyer, a resident of New Enterprise joins our maintenance support staff as a MS/HS Custodian. Roy Sunderland, joins the maintenance support staff at the elementary school. Roy enjoys hunting, hiking, biking and bowling with friends. Roy commented, I delivered parts to NBCSC and found the people here were nice and friendly and thought it would be a nice place to work. Brittany Smith, joins the middle school as the 6th grade ELA/ Computer Literacy teacher. Her favorite place to be is on the beach in Kitty Hawk, NC with her husband Jeremy and three sons Parker, Easton, and Grant. She also enjoys attending her oldest sons football and baseball games, reading and gardening. Brittany commented I am overjoyed to be given the opportunity to teach at NBC. I can t wait to meet my students, attend school functions and be a part of the Panther Community! 10

11 Richard Lafferty, is a graduate of NBCSD and has joined the maintenance staff in the middle school. Richard enjoys hunting, fishing and hiking. He commented, Northern Bedford is a wonderful school and I can t wait to give back to the school for what was given to me. Sabine Debski, joins the NBC family as an Instructional Assistant. She obtained her Associates Degree in Education from ACM. Her hobbies include hiking, gardening, cooking, and reading. Staff Gingerbread House Decorating Contest To kick off the Christmas season the district office initiated a gingerbread house decorating contest. There were to be at least 3 staff members per team and no student assistance. The teams were each given a basic gingerbread house kit and they could add to it from there. Fourteen teams participated and the finished products were displayed in the respective elementary and high/middle school lobbies. Students voted ($.25 per vote) and $300 was raised and donated to the Christmas Carol program sponsored by FROGGY All staff that participated received a t-shirt and the gingerbread house raising the most money was announced at the staff Christmas party on Thursday, December 6th. The winning team was Donna Detterline, Brandi Dibert, Brenda Cottle, and Carol Smith. Sabine commented, I am excited to join the Panther Community and to work with the students. Welcome To Our School Board Meetings The Northern Bedford County Board of School Directors meets the second Tuesday of each month in Room 136 of the Middle/Senior High School in Loysburg, PA, at 6:00 PM unless otherwise advertised. 11

12 A Time of Giving NBC Students FCCLA Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America FCCLA is a nonprofit organization in Family and Consumer Sciences education. Every year, club members organize this food drive with advertisements and details of how the drive will run. They are assigned homerooms for daily pick up and volunteer their study hall time to sort and bag the food items. The food drive has always been an important project because the focus is on family and community. Our NBC school family is helping families in our community who are experiencing challenging times. This year s drive was a success with almost 1100 food items donated through the generosity of the students and staff in the high school and middle school. In fact, the middle school was responsible for over half of the donations, however, many high school students, as well as staff, made monetary donations. Although the drive seems to start out slow, it is truly a blessing how our school fills the lobby tables which helps to fill so many tables in our community. ELEMENTARY STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVITIES OF COMMUNITY GIVING The 5th grade chorus traveled to Homewood in Martinsburg to sing Christmas carol s to the residents December 17th. Elementary Student Council Food Drive The 5th grade Student Council members delivered 522 food items to the Woodbury Food Pantry. These items were collected during the elementary school food drive this month. Thanks to all of our little Panthers and families that participated. Great job!!! 12

13 St. Jude Collection NBC Elementary collected money during the month of November for St. Jude Children s Research Hospital. Not surprisingly, $1000 was collected and will be donated to St. Jude. Thanks go out to all of the students and others who made such generous contributions. Veterans Day NBC Elementary celebrated Veterans Day on November 9 with an assembly at the school. The Little Panthers recognized and celebrated 40 veterans that were in attendance. Air Force veteran, Dan Dainty was the guest speaker and had the students repeat several times to the veterans in attendance, "You are our Veterans!" Walmart Donation There was special music and students made Veterans Day cards in art class to share with the special guests in attendance. The Bedford transportation office of Walmart Distribution chose Northern Bedford County Elementary School to receive a $1,071 donation as part of Walmart s commitment to education. Private Fleet truck drivers for Walmart are already among the safest drivers in the country. They drove extra carefully during the week from July 21 through July 27, For every accident-free mile they drove during that week, the Walmart Foundation made a financial contribution to local schools. The Walmart Foundation donated 1.5 cents for each accident-free mile driven by the drivers at each Walmart transportation office. During this year s program, the drivers of the Bedford Walmart transportation office drove 71,417 accident free miles. The Bedford Office has 44 drivers. 13


15 15

16 Published for residents of Northern Bedford County School District Upcoming School Events School Board Members Randy A. Wiand President W. David Chisholm Vice President Teri L. Biddle Secretary/Business Manager Tammy L. Reasy Treasurer Steven F. Cottle John L. Eshelman Chad W. Mickle Michael W. Miller C. David Potchak Ralph R. Scott Administrative Staff Todd B. Beatty Superintendent Michael C. O Dellick Senior High School Principal Wayne E. Sherlock Middle School Principal Trevor M. Replogle Elementary Principal Lindsay A. Cherry Special Education Supervisor Teresa L. Crawford MS/HS Guidance January No School (Act 80 Teacher In-Service) February MS Chorus, Band & HS Band Concert February No School (Make Up Day #2) February No School (Make Up Day #4; Presidents Day) March Musical You re A Good Man Charlie Brown March No School March Strawbridge Spring Pictures (Elementary, MS and HS) March End of Marking Period 3 April No School (Good Friday) April No School (Make Up Day #5; Easter Monday) April No School (Make Up Day #3) April Two Hour Early Dismissal (Act 80 Teacher In-Service) May th Grade Chorus Concert (MS/HS Auditorium) May Prom Altoona Grand Hotel May Spring Keystone Exams May No School (District 5 Track Meet at PCS; Make Up Day #6 w/ 2HR ED) May No School (Memorial Day) May Academic Awards Assembly May Baccalaureate (MS/HS Auditorium) May Last Day for Students (2-Hour Early Dismissal/Graduation) May Teacher In-Service Day Emily J. Swanseen MS/HS Guidance Lewis Elias Elementary Guidance Starla J. Snyder School Nurse HOME OF THE PANTHERS Northern Bedford County SD 152 NBC Drive Loysburg, PA Ph Fax Web Address: 16