Principal s Column. Term 2 begins. Bhutan and the READ Literacy Centres. A male/female balance in our schools

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1 191 The Avenue Peregian Springs QLD 4573 Subscribe: Phone: Fax: April 2017 Principal s Column Peregian Springs State School Learning for Today and for Tomorrow! Happy children and staff who can t wait to get to school every day! Term 2 begins Welcome back to school for Term 2. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has returned rested and ready to go Term 2 is shaping up to be super busy so keep a check on the calendar on our website - Calendarandnews/Eventscalendar/Pages/Eventscalendar.aspx I am on leave for this first two weeks of Term 2. Dave Foxover, our DP, is acting as Principal for this time, with Veronica Reid and Michael Slocombe as Deputy Principals. You are in safe hands, as always! A male/female balance in our schools Just before the holidays I was in the senior covered games area watching our Year 6 boys play handball (it s always interesting to watch the interactions between children but that s another story). I happened to glance around the playground and was struck by the number of men I could see either on duty or going about their business during their break. There was Dave and Michael S on the oval, and there goes Pete to join them after he s spent his lunch negotiating art timetables; and there s Jono in the central covered games area; and there goes Andrew and Nick deep in conversation on their way down the path; here comes Justin to start his duty for the second half of lunch; and Alex has just popped out of the Japanese Room; here comes Sandy with a pile of wood under his arm on his way to prepare for yet another project in his classroom; and Chris W has just finished working with Tech Club (all girls this year); I can see Cam on the multi-purpose courts texting madly on his phone (I find out later he s elated at Harry Wright s medal at the State Swimming Championships in Brisbane). And I know that Michael T and Chris C are in their rooms deep in planning and preparation for another exciting afternoon in 3T and 4C. And I bet Kent is counselling a child to make better choices while trying to eat his lunch. We re very lucky in our school to have an almost gender balance in our teaching staff. We also lucky to have the benefit of Stan as a teacher aide. We are even more lucky in the fact that the men in our school are the best role models any child could have quiet, respectful, skilled in their interpersonal relationships, funny, focused on kids, and willing to give whatever it takes to help a child be successful. Yes, we re very lucky indeed. Bhutan and the READ Literacy Centres Last week I was in Bhutan what an amazing experience! I had the opportunity to visit two schools and a READ Literacy Centre. I was struck by how parents and children in this developing country view education as such a privilege and are so thankful for every day they spend at school. Many children (and adults) in Bhutan struggle with their eye sight. Thank you to the generosity of parents in our school I was able to take a bag full of spectacles and donate them to the READ Centre to distribute. The smiles on the faces were a sight to behold. Many thanks to parents who noticed my last minute plea for help and brought glasses into school before the holidays. I had

2 more than 50 pairs to donate to children and adults anxious to be able to see the print in their books! Springers Newsflash David Foxover Veronica Reid Rose Marszalek Deputy Principal Deputy Principal Curriculum Congratulations All of us are over the moon about Harry Wright s performance at the State Swimming Trials last term. As a result of his excellent swims, Harry will be competing at the Pan Pacific National Championships in December in Adelaide. Congratulations, Harry all those hours in the pool are starting to pay off Newsletters this term Newsletters this term will be published in weeks 4, 8 and 10. Our next newsletter will be published on Thursday 11 May Facebook Follow us on Facebook! We are regularly posting news and reminders. (Children must be 13+) Until next time Gwen Michael Slocombe Anne Slattery Kylie Westlake Student Support Diverse Learners Master Teacher Michael Grose Parenting Tip Sheets This week s article is about how to grow kids into leaders. There are many things parents can do to foster their child s leadership potential. Contact Details Have you recently changed your address, workplace or phone number? Formsanddocuments/Pages/Changes-to-contact-details.aspx Current Excursions, Camps and Events For details and forms relating to all current excursions, and events available for online bookings please visit our website; Excursions,-Insursions-and-Camps.aspx whats-happening/office2016.html 2

3 Performing Arts News Visit our Performing Arts page on our school website: Subjectsandprograms/Pages/Performing-arts.aspx Every Tuesday is a Nude Food Day Just a reminder that Nude Food Day is every Tuesday! Nude Food is all about having no rubbish or wrappers in your lunch box (or in everyday life). We want everyone to participate in these days. This will help reduce waste on The Earth and in our school. Japanese Cultural Exchange Visit 2017 Seeking Host Families Sofia Hobson Resource Centre News For general Resource Centre information and current news visit our school website page: Resource-Centre.aspx Maree Johnson Teacher-Librarian Sports News For current information regarding upcoming sporting events visit our school website page: Sport.aspx Until next time, In July Peregian Springs State School will again participate in an Exchange Homestay Program involving Japanese students from Sagami Women s University Primary School (SWUP) in Tokyo. Sagami and PSSS have a Sister School relationship and every year participate in mutual exchange visits. Sagami students visited PSSS last July for the first time and the tour was a huge success! There will be a mixed group of boys and girls aged years accompanied by a teacher from their school in Tokyo. Arrival Monday 24 July 2017 Departure Monday 31 July 2017 If your family is interested in having a Japanese student to stay in your home during this Exchange Tour, or would like more information, could you please express your interest to the school office. Uniform Shop See link below for details and opening times. In Term 2, the Uniform Shop will only be taking online orders through School Shop Online. We have phased out Flexischools, please see instructions on how to close your Flexischools account by visiting our website page. Pages/Uniformshop.aspx P&C Easter Raffle Congratulations to all the winners of the Easter raffle and a big thank you to all our sponsors for their donations. Mr Hutchins 3

4 P&C Tuckshop A reminder to everyone that we now don t use Flexischools, but have moved to Schoolshop Online. Visit our school website page for details and for our current menu: Pages/Tuckshop.aspx Get involved in the School Banking program. Tuesday is school banking day each week. For more information on School Banking please visit our website: School-Banking.aspx 4

5 Student Celebrations We have amazing kids in our school achieving in their chosen interests at high levels. If your child has achieved something wonderful outside school please let us know either through the office, your child s teacher or We love to hear about what our kids are doing! Remember to mention our school if you or a friend is selling through Jodie Curran at Agent 4573 so that our school can benefit from a large donation when the property sells! Love Your Door Step will donate 5% of monthly fees for businesses who sign up to the local directory and quote the referral as from our school. Love Your Doorstep also make regular contributions to our school based on referrals from our families. Make every day count in 2017 Research shows that students who have good patterns of attendance are more likely to achieve at school both academically and socially. If your child is going to be away from school please notify us by: using your QParents account ringing our Absence Number and leave a message ing ing your child s teacher Please discuss longer periods of absence with your child s teacher and the school office. 5