PSSA sport - Softball/Teeball and Cricket at Coral Sea Park. AFL at Heffron Park. AFL at Heffron Park

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1 Parent Bulletin MALABAR PUBLIC SCHOOL Week 6 Term 1 4 March 2014 WHAT S ON AT MALABAR WEEK 6 Wednesday 5 March Friday 7 March WEEK 7 Monday 10 March Friday 14 March YMCA meeting 6pm in the hall BEAR training session in the library 9am PSSA sport - Softball/Teeball and Cricket at Pioneers Park AFL at Heffron Park 4C Assembly - SRC Badges to be presented PSSA sport - Softball/Teeball and Cricket at Coral Sea Park AFL at Heffron Park PRINCIPAL S REPORT Hello everyone, With summer now officially over and the mornings and nights becoming increasingly cooler, our attention becomes well and truly focused on the business of learning and achievement. The distractions of summer and the pursuit of leisure activities become a distant memory and the demands of school assessment become more tangible. In the coming weeks our students will be exposed to internal assessment with their class teachers, optional external assessments with competitions such as the UNSW ICAS tests and then there is NAPLAN for Years 3 and 5. Some students relish being put into a test situation and look forward to the challenge of expressing their understanding of the taught content. I know that it was always a highlight for my own daughter whenever a test opportunity presented itself through her schooling. However tests are not exciting challenges for all students. Some of our students can become anxious and quite distressed at the thought of not being as successful as they would hope. Or worse still as successful as their parents and family would hope. I have witnessed students making themselves physically sick at the prospect of an upcoming test or using avoidance strategies to miss an exam. Unfortunately our Schooling and Tertiary education systems use exam procedures as an integral component of the evaluation process and it will be a measuring device that will be prevalent over the many years of their schooling life. So it won t simply go away.

2 What can we do for our students to help alleviate the pressures of exam-time and tests if they are uncomfortable with the whole process? Being there emotionally During times of stress, children usually need extra nurturing, comfort and understanding from their parents and carers to help them feel secure and confident. Be open and receptive to how children are feeling as well as provide comfort and attention when needed. Discuss feelings Encourage children to talk about how they feel. Listen with empathy so they feel understood and know that their feelings are normal. Help your children to understand that talking about feelings can help to manage them. Support children s confidence Teach children to be brave by showing them you believe they can do it, and encourage them to have a go even if they are feeling nervous. Providing positive feedback for effort, celebrating successes and encouraging them to keep trying will help your children to feel confident in approaching assessments. Help with relaxation skills Breathing slowly to calm down and helping them to imagine themselves coping well during a test are really helpful ways of managing anxiety. Doing it with them is a fun way to start. Teach helpful thinking Instead of saying to themselves I can t do this encourage them to say I ll give it a go. Lead by example Show your child how you cope positively with feeling anxious or stressed by thinking out loud e.g., I feel a bit nervous, but I m going to try my best. Remaining calm and positive when your child is feeling anxious can help them to feel more confident. Help your child have clear expectations Talking through what will happen. You may even wish to talk to the school about where the test will take place and see if you can visit beforehand. Discuss problem-solving Brainstorm situations that might arise during the test and then come up with possible solutions with them. For example, ask them what are three things that they might be able to do if they freeze in the exam and feel sick possible strategies include taking 10 slow breaths to calm down and refocus, taking a sip of water if it is available or letting a teacher know they feel unwell. Teach confidence-building tricks For example, looking through the paper and completing questions they know they can answer first before trying more difficult ones. If you feel your child s level of stress or anxiety becomes excessive then some options to consider are: Talk with your child s classroom teacher about how your child is managing at school and the resources your school can offer. Ask to speak to the school counsellor. Talk with your GP or paediatrician who can help to explore what is happening for the child and family and also provide referrals to other practitioners who may be able to help if necessary. We all want our children to achieve the very best that they can but to exert unreal expectations can be damaging for all concerned. Just ask your child to do their best and we will all be proud of them! On a final note: If you re a footy follower I hope your team starts the year with a win As long as it s not the Rabbits! Neil Atwell Principal

3 IMPORTANT PARENT SURVEY SECOND NOTICE Thank you to the parents who have contacted me or the school about the broken link for our ICT survey. Due to the way that the school s ICT system works, it is asking you to log in as a student to the DET internet system. The work around is to copy the link and paste it into a separate web page. (Fingers crossed it should work.) The school is continuing to look at the ways technology is used at home and at school. We are hoping that you could complete a short survey to provide some important feedback. We are looking to expand our ICT focus in the primary class in 2015 and this information will help guide our decision making process. Thanks Mick McCann Parent survey NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION AGAINST BULLYING AND VIOLENCE Our school is taking a stand against bullying and violence in 2014 Our school has registered to be part of the 2014 National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence, being held nationwide on Friday, 21 March. The National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (National Day of Action) is Australia s key anti-bullying event for schools. It s a day where school communities across Australia take a stand together against bullying and violence. Malabar PS is dedicated to creating supportive school environments, free from bullying, harassment and violence. By working together we are sending a clear message to young people that bullying and violence, in or outside of school, are not okay at any time. We have a number of programs and initiatives in place to counter bullying. These include class lessons, activities and poster competitions. Every Malabar student will be given a Wrist Band exclaiming Bullying-No Way to wear on this day. The National Day of Action is an initiative of all Australian education ministers and is coordinated by the Safe and Supportive School Communities (SSSC) Working Group, with representatives from all Australian educational authorities. The SSSC is also responsible for the Bullying. No Way! website which offers practical resources and information to help schools, parents and students counter bullying, harassment and violence. Also available on the site is the Take a Stand iphone app, to keep tips and advice on dealing with bullying close at hand, as well as The Allen Adventure ipad app, designed for children under 8 years. Download these free apps now in the Student's section of We will keep you informed about our plans and activities to celebrate the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence on Friday, 21 March 2014.

4 YMCA MEETING On March 5th at 6pm a meeting will be held with the YMCA, Principal and parents. We would love as many parents to attend and invite you to bring your ideas for YMCA to the meeting. What would you like YMCA to provide for our children? How can YMCA improve their service at Malabar? This is an evening to come along with your ideas, positive thinking and suggestions. Hope to see you there. LIBRARY NEWS Thank you to Kathy Charteris, Karen Pearce and Angela Aristides for covering library books this week. Please see Mrs McBride in the library if you are able to take home a small pile of books to cover. All contact for covering purposes is supplied and no experience is necessary! All students will receive a Book Club form during their library lesson this week. Book Club closes on Friday 14 March. Credit card or cheque payment only. A huge thank you to Alison Gibson for volunteering to manage Book Club again in Karen McBride Teacher Librarian


6 LEARN FRENCH AT MALABAR PS Wednesday mornings (8:00 9:00 am) will see the start of French classes at Malabar. These classes will be run by LCF Fun Languages and will start on 12 th March. LCF Fun Languages are well established in Sydney s east and run many language programs at schools in and around Sydney and nationwide. The cost is $22.00 (+GST) per lesson with the first lesson being free. Please see the advertisement below for further detail. If you would like further information, or would like to register your interest, please contact Elizabeth Cummings on or or Parent Coordinator, Mandy Cooper (mum of Ellie, 2F and Kyra, 1A) on

7 WEEKLY CLASS PAGE In 4C we have been working on writing narratives. To help us with our writing we have been reading Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Alsburg. Last week we decided to work on adapting the text of Two Bad Ants, and turning it into some of our own writing. The following are pages from Two Bad Ants, and the adaptations that some students came up with. The news moved swiftly through the tunnels of the spider world. A group of spiders had returned with a yummy green cricket. When the spiders presented the cricket to the spider mother she took a small bite, then gulped the whole thing down. Preston The magical ponies were wide awake when the machine turned, tipping them from a frightening height. They twisted and turned through the forest in a shower of leaves and fell into a steaming hot cup of magical cocoa. Payton and Molly

8 Then the giant dragon stirred violently back and forth. Crushing waves fell over the dragons. They struggled hard to keep their scaly heads above water, but the giant dragon kept spinning the hot brown liquid. Leo The strange boot stomped here and there and over there, splashing cement over the spiders. They tried hard to keep their chubby bodies above the surface, but the boot kept stomping on the dark grey cement. Ethan

9 Please join us and enjoy the learning experience! Location: Room AR004, Admin building Malabar Public School Class Time: 3:30pm 5:00pm Every Wednesday Start from the second week of Term 2 Class Fee: $135 per Term. We are the Confucius Classroom which is authorized by Hanban China (Headquarter of Confucius Intuits). We provide the Afterschool Chinese (Mandarin) language courses for schools in NSW. Please contact Eva Zhang, our language consultant for more details. Phone:

10 Child s Name Class MATHLETICS I give permission for my child to participate in the mathletics program. I agree to pay the annual subscription cost of $12 Signed Dated GYMNASTICS I give permission for my child to participate in the Gymnastics program. I agree to pay the tuition fee of $54.00 Signed Dated WORLD BOOK WEB ACCESS I give permission for my child to have access to the World Book Web and agree to pay the access fee of $1.25 Signed Dated TEXTBOOKS I am happy for my child to be issued with textbooks and agree to pay the costs associated with these. Signed Dated

11 MALABAR PUBLIC SCHOOL SCHOOL CONTRIBUTION/TEXTBOOKS/FEES FOR 2014 Textbooks etc. Kindergarten Textbooks I.T. Levy Mathletics Subscription Surfing Scientist Incursion Year 1 Textbooks I.T. Levy Mathletics Subscription Surfing Scientist Incursion Year 2 Textbooks I.T. Levy Mathletics Subscription Surfing Scientist Incursion Year 3 Textbooks I.T. Levy Mathletics Subscription School Magazine Surfing Scientist Incursion Year 4 Textbooks I.T. Levy Mathletics Subscription School Magazine Surfing Scientist Incursion Year 5 Textbooks I.T. Levy Mathletics Subscription School Magazine Surfing Scientist Incursion Year 6 Textbooks I.T. Levy Mathletics Subscription School Magazine Surfing Scientist Incursion Cost Library Visit & Web Access Voluntary Contrib.# Art Enrichment Gym & Dancesport Total Due # For families with two children the voluntary contribution will be a total of $80/family.For families with three or more children the voluntary contribution will be a total of $100/family.


13 Malabar Public School Canteen Menu 2014 Orders must be in by 9.15 for break Sandwiches or Jaffles (Wholemeal) Ham,Cheese, Tomato, $ Toppings $4.00 Jam or Honey or Vegemite $2.50 Burgers Chicken Burger $4.00 Noodles with or without veggies $3.00 Lasagne $4.00 Melted Cheese Roll $3.00 Sausage Roll garlo s $3.50 Beef Pie Garlo s $4.00 Hot Dog $3.50 Pizza $4.00 Tomato Sauce.30c Hash Brown Triangles $0.50 Fruit Apple or Watermelon (sliced) $2.00 Drinks/ Ice Blocks Water 600ml/poppers/milk assorted $2.00 Icy Poles $1.50 Orange/Apple Frozen Cups $2.00 Dixie Cups $2.50 Billabongs $2.00 Frozen Yoghurt $2.50 Frozen Cups ABC or Half Jelly Cup $0.50 Quelsh Stick $1.00 Biscuits Homemade $1.50 Half Banana Bread $1.50 Choc Muffin $2.00 Jj s chicken,s&v, $1.50 Popcorn $1.00 SPECIAL DAY EVERY WEEK Wednesday Sushi tuna or chicken avo $3.50


15 P&C NEWS P&C AGM, Tuesday 11th March 6.00pm (Library) At this meeting we will present the annual report and elect the executive for We will have a presentation from the Assistant Principals on the bubble reward system and Mr Atwell will be presenting the school s strategic plan. If you are interested in joining the executive the roles descriptions are in the draft Agenda. You can also contact me if you would like more information. Look forward to seeing you all there! Class Parents Thank you to our full complement of Class Parent Reps! The Class Parent Reps are currently sending out letters to every family in their assigned classes asking for contact details. All received contact details will be used to create a text message list. This will enable the Class Parent Rep to send families text messages specific to class, School and P&C information. Eg of text messages include child awards being presented at assembly, end of term class party details, Mufti day reminders, P&C fundraising events, changes to school events. Thanks to Anna Mungovan for co-ordinating and pulling this network together. KL: Kristy Oberg KW: Kate McDonald & Tanya Sgouras 1A: Jo Clarke 1H: Faith Anderson 2C: Cathy Charteris 2F: Natalie Martin 3G: Suzi Crook 3/4W: Karen Osborne 4C: Dragica Timms 5/6M: Jean Small 5/6L: Pauline Jongma Bicycle Network s Super Tuesday (4 th March, 7 9am) Annual Bike Count Earn $50 for our school Australia's biggest visual bike count, Super Tuesday provides reliable annual figures about bicycle commuting. This year's Super Tuesday is on 4 March Each person who successfully volunteers and completes the process for Super Tuesday, can nominate their school to receive $50 as reward for their work. The more people who participate and nominate our school the more money we will receive. Register and find out more information via the following link : You can register for a location to count. Please enter Malabar Public School as your chosen charity. If you have any queries please contact Lina Engelen at Linda Caporusso, , P&C President









24 Professional Guitar & Keyboard Tuition at School We have an amazing opportunity to offer professional guitar and keyboard tuition to students starting in Term 2, The program is run by Music Stars Australia s leading provider of school music tuition. Music Stars provides: Group guitar and keyboard tuition Caters for all grades & music levels Weekly 30 minute sessions Convenient! Lessons at school! Very Affordable! $110 per term 70% less then out-of-school lessons + early bird & family discounts available End of year reports and certificates Guitars and keyboards supplied for use during lessons Registrations Close Soon! Please register online via Fortnightly and monthly payment options are available. If minimum numbers are not met the program will not be able to run. More Information If you require more information or would like to discuss the program in more detail please contact Music Stars directly using the information below. Phone: Web: We hope you can support this program.