Campin 1:30-3:30pm Grades: PK to 2nd Come and spend a week with us as we "camp" in the woods for a week of crafts, games, and fun! We will learn diffe

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1 Summer Camp 2017 Get Ready for PK, K, 1st, and 2nd Grades! 9:00-11:00am Must be enrolled in that grade for the school year. Students will be introduced to their classrooms, routines, and peers as they become familiar with their teachers! Saint Clement teachers will be showing the students how it looks, sounds, and feels to be a Wolverine who is anchor in faith! American Girl 1:30-3:30pm Grades: PK- 3 Do you have an American Girl Doll? Bring it to share and explore with others! We will be reading books, dancing, and playing with our American Girl dolls! Taught by Mrs. Huml - Art Studio 11:30-1:30pm Grades: 3rd and up Students will develop their skills in innovation, material exploration, and personal expression in Art, while learning about 2 different artistic movements. Students can work individually, collaboratively, large or small-scale, and will be required to develop an artist statement to define and describe their completed collection of work. An art show display and reception will take place at the end of the camp for parents to attend! This camp will allow a maximum of 15 students Taught by Mrs. Peck -

2 Campin 1:30-3:30pm Grades: PK to 2nd Come and spend a week with us as we "camp" in the woods for a week of crafts, games, and fun! We will learn different campfire songs, go on a "bear hunt", make smore's and more! We will also learn and explore different animals and plants in our campsite. Come and join us! Taught by Ms. Smith and Ms. Weaver Cooking 9:00-11:00am Grades: 1st and up We will spend the week learning a handful of healthy and tasty meals that you can share at home. You will learn basic chopping skills and how to properly set a table. All recipes will be compiled into your own cook book. Taught by Ms. Otter - Fairytales Grades: PK to 3rd Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, oh my! Join Mrs. Guess and Ms. MacDonald for a magical week of playing fairytale games, reading the classics, and creating new stories. Taught by Mrs. Guess and Ms. MacDonald - Gamekeeper 9:00-11:00am Grades: 2nd and up Come and play a series of games, board games, and gross motor games. At the end of the week, students will build their own board game to take home! Taught by Ms. Patterson -

3 Jewelry Making Grades: 2nd to 5th Join in as we explore using beads, lanyards and yarn to create oneof-a-kind jewelry pieces to take home or give as gifts! This session will include lunch. Taught by Mrs. Kerewich - LEGOS Grades: PK to 3rd Calling all future engineers and architects! Come join us for designing and creating exciting LEGO structures! Students will work both as individuals and as a part of a team to explore various aspects of building and design. They will be given basic challenges and are encouraged to think outside the box to build creatively! Taught by Ms. Blackall- Music and Art Camp Grades: PK to 2nd Does your child love drawing, crafts, painting, singing, playing instruments, and dancing? If so, please join Miss Bax s and Mrs. Peck's Music and Art Camp! Students will spend the week with Miss Bax and Mrs. Peck playing music games, exploring music through movement, creating masterpieces and more! Taught by Mrs. Peck and Ms. Bax -

4 Musical - On the Radio 9:00am-11:00am Grades: 3rd and up Learn some old classics and be on the radio this summer! Welcome to KYDZ, the radio station that plays the hits! Meet a disc jockey and his sidekick as they play the oldies, the goodies, and all the songs kids have loved throughout the years. From Elvis and the Beatles to disco, the radio is where America hears the songs that become the soundtracks of their lives. If you'd like some stage time this summer, try out this camp! We will sing, act, dance, design sets, and have costumes! On Friday, we will put on a show for the parents. Taught by Ms. Bax - Musical - I Need a Vacation Grades: 3rd and up Start the summer vacation out right performing a musical! Have you ever wondered how doing things like school work, track practice, choir rehearsal, and your paper route are all going to get done? Have you ever felt like screaming, "I NEED A VACATION!!!?" If you like to perform on stage, this is the camp for you! There are roles for those who like to sing, dance, and act. We will rehearse this musical all week and give a performance for the parents on Friday. Working on the set and costumes will be a part of this camp, too! Taught by Ms. Bax -

5 Olympics Grades: 1st to 5th This just in...the Summer Olympics are back this summer and St. Clement has won the ticket to host. Was your child interested in the Rio Olympics? Do they love to play sports and learn about new sports? Then olympic camp is for them! Monday of camp will be opening ceremonies leading into a jammed pack week of learning about the history of the olympics and getting to compete in different events. Go for gold in having a week of fun! Taught by Ms. Barry - Ooey Gooey Science Grades: PK to 2nd Come explore the world of experimenting! We will be creating gak, making eruptions and creating our own masterpieces. We will hypothesize, experiment and record our observations! Taught by Ms. Arnold - Partying in the USA Grades: PK to 3rd Have you ever wondered what it's like to surf in California, eat pizza from New York, or wear a Mardi Gras mask in New Orleans? Join us on a week-long "road trip" to visit five different states. During our journey, we will be chefs as we taste different foods; adventurers as we imagine hiking, surfing, and fishing; historians as we learn interesting state facts; and artists as we draw and create projects to represent each adventure. Pack your bags because this will be the trip of a lifetime! Taught by Mrs. Guess and Ms. MacDonald -

6 Passport Around the World Grades: 2nd to 5th Join us for a trip around the world! Each day you will stamp your passport and enter a new country. You will learn about the culture, people and cool facts about each country while also learning where it is in the world! You will become a professional map-maker throughout the week as you learn about each different country. Different foods, activities and languages will be experienced by all!!! Taught by Mrs. Connolly and Ms. Patterson - Pokemon and Minecraft Explorations Grades: 1st to 4th Bring in your Pokemon cards to talk, trade and enjoy Pokemon centered activities with like-minded Pokemon enthusiasts. We will be creating our very own Pokemon cards and characters! For the Minecraft fanatic, we will enter the land of Steve by creating our very own Minecraft stop-motion animation movies. Taught by Mrs. Kerewich - Popstars and Rockstars Grades: PK to 2nd Come and walk the red carpet! Spend a week with Ms. Smith and Ms. Weaver singing and dancing as pop stars and movie stars! We will make our own music videos, karaoke, and make crafts and snacks fit for celebrities. It will be a fancy and fabulous week fit for the stars! Taught by Ms. Smith and Ms. Weaver -

7 Space Grades: 1st and up This camp will be an adventure into the amazing world of outer space. Students will be explore the wonders of stars, planets, and space travel through science experiments, art projects, games and much more! Taught by Ms. Annie Matchinga - Tech Time 9:00am-11:00am Grades: 1st and up Students will explore tech tools and projects of their choice, including keyboarding, photo editing, video/comic book/ slideshow creation, coding/ programming and more! Students will also review netiquette skills and practice safe behavior using technology and the internet. Taught by Ms. Jahraus - Under the Sea Grades: PK to 4th Dive on in and explore the many layers of the sea! Students will explore the ocean and the animals in it through books, games and fun crafts! Sign up early to reserve your spot in the sea! Taught by Mrs. Huml - Wizarding 9:00am-11:00am Grades: 2nd and up Come join the Saint Clement School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! During this magical week wizards will be immersed in the world of Harry Potter as they craft wands, mix potions, study magical creatures, play Quidditch, and much more! Taught by Ms. Annie Matchinga -

8 Yoga Grades: 1st and up Yoga for children have been known to improve focus, school work, body awareness, and stress. Your child will explore different yoga poses and venture into calming activities. Your student will be transformed into a yogi! Taught by Ms. Barry -