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1 The Early Childhood Prep.School January Newsletter A WORD FROM ELIZABETH Happy 2019! Can you believe it is the year of 19? The Christmas Season was special with our celebrations for Christmas and the birthday party for Jesus. We appreciated all who donated treats for the parties. Santa Claus was great and had a fun time with the children. We have a lot of January activities involving academics, social skills, and fun. Read through this newsletter and feel free to inquire in the office for more information. Please keep these newsletters in a handy place as a reminder of all the fun activities, daily curriculum, and other necessary January items. The following activities are simply a few of the fun, educational projects we did last month for in nine content areas: December Content Areas Early Childhood Prep. School January 2019 Special Events this month: New Year s Off Jan 1st National Missouri Day Jan 4 Germs Are Not For Sharing - 9th Police Officer Day Jan 11 National Hat Day Jan 15 Winter Blues Pizza Party - Jan 18th Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Jan 21st PARENT NIGHT OUT Jan 25th Blue day Jan 31st Inside this issue: Calendar of Events 2 Dramatic Play: Role play Santa s Workshop, Role play the Manger scene and Gingerbread Man Group: Christmas Party, Christmas Finger Plays, and Manger Studies Large Muscle: Christmas dancing, Polar Express Day Fun and Christmas games Language: Letter recognition, Winter and Christmas Weekly Readers, Christmas stories and Letter Sounds Art: Happy Birthday Jesus Art, Angel Art projects and Christmas Art activities Mathematics: Number review, Christmas Math manipulatives, and New Years Math Musical: Christmas songs, Christmas finger plays and Christmas music with Mr. Saxophone Science: Cookie Baking Fun, Christmas Categorizing, Fire is a Tool, Green Day Discussions, and Reindeer food Spiritual: Discussions of the First Christmas, Stories of the Holy Infant, and Christmas Prayers Charity Drive 2 Extra Curricular Reminders 2 Donation Thank You s 3 Snow Closings 3 Final Thoughts 3 Ladybug Curriculum 4 Caterpillar Curriculum 5 Butterfly Curriculum 6

2 January Calendar of Events New Year s Day Handwashing Class Police Officer Day National Hat Day Winter Blues Pizza Party Martin Luther King Day Tuesday, January 1st: ECPS will be closed in observance of New Year s Day. We will re-open on Wednesday, January 2nd, with normal business hours. Wednesday, January 9th: All Caterpillar and Butterfly students are invited to come and learn all about germs, germ prevention, and how we can help stop germs from spreading. This class is free. Friday, January 11th: We have a special parent guest coming to demonstrate and educate the chil dren on the duties of a police officer. Tuesday, January 15th: In honor of National Hat Day, children are asked to wear their favorite hat to school. Friday, January 18th: Let s kick those winter blues with a Winter Blues Pizza Party. Unlike years past, this event is free. It is our thank you to everyone s awesome donations in December. Monday, January 21st: We will be open regular hours. We will be doing many fun activities explaining who MLK is and discuss his influence of peace, harmo ny, racial equality, and love. Parent Night Out Friday, January 25th: Our last PNO was a success! The children had SO much fun and the parents could finally have a night to them- selves, so we are doing it ECPS has a USAGAIN bin in the parking lot. Anyone is able to put donations of clothes, footwear, handbags, gloves, hats, belts, backpacks, sheets, blankets, curtains, linens, etc. into the bin. The items will be picked up weekly and ECPS will get a check from USAGAIN monthly. This check will be used for items needed at the preschool. If you have any Sports, Dance, Gymnastics and Computer Classes Gymnastics All Star Sports The Gymnastics on Wheels program is Thursday mornings. We have three classes scheduled. Ask your child s teacher what time your child s class is scheduled. Children 18 months and and older may participate. This program goes year round and can offer gift certificates. This fun Sports program comes on Fridays. This class has a different sport each week. The kids enrolled love this class. You pay only for the classes your child attends. The classes can be paid weekly or monthly. Page 2 The Early Childhood Prep.School

3 All of the special Christmas and holiday presents, goodies, and other treats given to the staff were sooo very much appreciated. We are also appreciative for the treats for the Christmas Party and Happy Birthday Jesus morning of fun. Let this be one HUGE thank you from all our staff at ECPS. Thank you for making us feel so loved. For the rest of the items, if we omitted you, we apologize. Thank you for your support in We look forward to the year May it bring more learning, fun, and memories! The Steele family donated pie for the teachers. The Wideman family donated sippy cups and clothing. The Wilson family donated baby room supplies. The Williams family donated paper products. The Lillard family donated paper products and Christmas gifts. The Kamoshita family donated to the food pantry and paper items. The Eiceman family donated daily devotionals. The White family donated an extra book and crafts. The Kinney family donated sidewalk chalk and paint. Donation Thank Yous!!!! The Hawkins family donated cupcakes and paper products. The Hart family donated paper towels. The Saunders family donated cupcakes and donuts. The Hardee family donated birthday cupcakes. The Mauer family donated clothes and pop tarts. The Seggerman family donated BBQ to the teachers. The Biggs donated donuts for the staff. The Flynns donated dress up clothes. ECPS 2018 Giving Trees Once again our ECPS families do not disappoint when it comes to stepping up for a worthy cause. Our school donated many items to Shelter Friends Program and to our teacher wish list. It is so wonderful to be a part of a school that strives to teach their students about generosity, kindness, and giving. Way to go ECPS families and staff! THANK YOU! ECPS Snow Closings During the icy and snowy weather we always try to open, but if we do close or open late, you can find out by checking: 1. Channels 2,4,or 5. We will be listed under Early Childhood Prep. OR Early Child Prep - Harvester. 2. Check the voice mail at Facebook Final Thoughts.. Once the children were in the house the air became more vivid and more heated: every object in the house grew more alive. Thank You! From Elizabeth and David Sparks And the faculty and staff of The Early Childhood Prep. School Page 3

4 Early Childhood Prep School 1530 Country Club Plaza Drive St. Charles, MO (636) January Lady Bug Preschool Curriculum Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ECPS Winter Penguin Snowman Puzzle, Snow Man Arrange Closed Learning Winter Which One In Size, In Day Is Different?, National Spaghetti Day Observance Fun And And Of Winter Which One National Missouri Day New Year s Day! Comes Next? Projects Winter Weather Week I, K Vocabulary Words, Letter K is for Letter K is for Letter K Coloring, Letter K Week, Diamond Tracing, King David, Kangaroo, Winter Patterning Diamond Week, Winter Matching, Diamond Coloring, Cold Weather Coloring, Project, And And And Learning Not To Take Objects That Are Character Education Learning To Tell The Clothes in Winter Others Toys, And Diamonds, And Trustworthy Week Truth Diamond Recognition Police Officer Day Winter Weather Week 2, L for Lemon, Religious Freedom Day, Today Is Thursday, L for Light, Letter L Week, Number 7 Recognition, L Tracing, Number 7 Coloring, Learn To Follow Rules, Number 7 Week, Today Is Tuesday, Number 7 Activity, Ll is for Lamb: Number 7 Counting, Learn Days of Week And Today Is Wednesday, Learn To Share, Today Is Friday Character Education- Math Winter Mat And And Snowman *****Winter Blues Fairness Week Winter Activity Gluing Project Pizza Party ** Bear Week 1, Bear Puzzle, Bear Order By Size, Letter M Recognition, M for Manger, Letter M Week, Bear Coloring, Letter M Project, Learn Panda Bears, Grizzly Bear Oval Week, Letter M for Mouse, Oval Art Work, Panda Bear Coloring, Studies, Martin Luther King Jr, And And Oval Tracing, AND Oval Recognition, And Character Ed- Oval Coloring Mitten Color Matching National And Responsible Week Compliment Day Letter M Words Bear Week 2 National Puzzle Day, Letter N is for Nest, BLUE DAY! Letter N Week, Bear Seek and Find, Number 8 Projects, Number 8 Week, Number 8 Recognition, Bear Activities, Wear the Color Blue National Hug Day, And And And Come for a Character Education- Letter N Handwriting Learn Good Manners Full Day of Fun Respect Week With the Color Blue! Page 4 The Early Childhood Prep.School

5 Early Childhood Prep School 1530 Country Club Plaza Drive St. Charles, MO (636) January Caterpillar Preschool Curriculum Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ECPS Imagination Week, Projects With National Missouri Day Is Working with Action Heroes, Fairies And Wands, CLOSED Ideas And Dreams, Action Song, What Is Magic, In Observance And And Learn About How Of Use Our Imagination Which Item Does Spaghetti Is Made, And New Years Day! For Stories Not Belong? Shape Matching Review Letter K Week, Today Is Tuesday, Letter K for King David, Diamond Identifying Police Officer Day, Diamond Week, Diamond Recognition, Trace the Snowman, Today Is Thursday, Letter K Words, Learn About The Days Big and Little K Today Is Wednesday, Letter K Tracing, Diamond Tracing, Of The Week, Handwriting, Diamond Coloring, And Today Is Friday, And Character Education- And Why We Should And Tommy & the Bad Day What To Do If We Are Trustworthy Week Tell The Truth Hand Washing Class Story with Projects Having A Bad Day Winter Weather Week 1 Learn Winter Words, National Religious Snowman Listening Letter L Coloring, Letter L Week, Number 7 Math, Freedom Day, Cutting Snowflakes, Number 7 Train, Number 7 Week, Letter L Handwriting, Letter L for Lamb, Letter L Tracing, Winter Picture Talk, And National Hat Day, AND Number 7 Tracing, Number 7 Projects, A Very Cold Story Character Education- Fran & Freddy Clean And And Learning To ******Winter Blues Fairness Week Up Story With Projects Seasonal Changes. Obey Rules Pizza Party***** Winter Weather Week 2 Character Education on Winter Clothing National Compliment Day, Staying Warm & Cozy, Letter M Week, Responsibility, Activity, What Comes Next, Objects That Are Ovals, Ovals Week, Oval Coloring, M Is For Manger, Oval Tracing, Letter M Tracing, Martin Luther King Jr., Letter M Handwriting, Pattern Activity Letter M Words, And And And Character Ed- And Melting Ice And Roy & the Learning To Take Care Education Week Science Activity Oval Identification Carrot Seeds Book Of My Belongings Winter Animal Week, National Puzzle Day N for Noah, BLUE DAY! Letter N Week, Letter N Handwriting, Number 8 Recognition, Number 8 Week, Dot to Dot Seal, Learn About Arctic Wear the Color BLUE Learn About Hugs, And Animals, And Come for a Character Education- Rusty & Rita Play Nice And Full Day Involving Respect Week Together Learn To Share. The Color BLUE! Page 5

6 Early Childhood Prep School 1530 Country Club Plaza Drive St. Charles, MO (636) January Butterfly Preschool Curriculum Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday ECPS Hibernation VS. Narrate a Story, Alphabet Review, Is Adaptation, Learning About Winter Winter Math, CLOSED Number Review, Animals, Winter Matching, In Color Matching, And Winter Sorting, Observance of And Old v. New Activity And New Year s Day Animal Matching Worksheet National Missouri Day Letter I Week, I Is For Inchworm, Letter I Handwriting, Find Letter I, Today Is Friday Number 7 Week, Learning To Measure, Number 7 Identifying, Write Your Own 7, Letter I Tracing, Learning Positive Number 7 Math, Winter Matching, Today Is Thursday, Number 7 Practice, Character Traits Week, Today Is Tuesday, Practicing Kindness, And Setting Goals, And And Learning To Today Is Wednesday, Learning About And Winter Which One Days of The Week Be Kind Hand Washing Class Determination Is Different? Letter H Week, Learning To Forgive National Religious Trace the Letter H, Upper and Lowercase Oval Week, Others, Freedom Day, Who Can I Forgive, Letter H Handwriting, Winter Project Week, Oval Identification, Find Letter H, Oval Tracing & Oval Coloring, And Letter H Is For Hat, Cutting Practice, Identification, And Winter Math Learning Positive And Winter Hat & And And Winter What *******Winter Blues Character Traits Week, Cutting Practice Make Your Own Oval Comes Next Project? Pizza Party***** Letter E Week, Learn What It Means Letter E Words, National Compliment Letter E Handwriting, Number 8 Week, To Be Courageous, Number 8 Math, Day, Learn To Be Learning Positive Find Letter E, Be Courageous, Number 8 Tracing, Encouraging, Character Traits Week, Number 8 Practice, And Write Letter E, Number 8 Gluing, Martin Luther King Jr Day, And Winter What And And Winter Which And National Hug Day Winter Math Comes Next? Winter Puzzle One is Different? Letter L Week, National Puzzle Day Letter L Coloring, BLUE DAY!! Diamond Week, Upper and Lowercase Diamond Identification, And Letter L, Learning To Be Wear the Color BLUE Learning Positive Diamond Tracing, Positive, For a FULL Day Character Traits Week, And Learning To Be And Of BLUE Fun!! Generous Winter Cutting Page 6 The Early Childhood Prep.School