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1 12th March 2015 Principal s Desk Grow it Local You may recognise at least 2 of the faces in this photo. If you are a gardener you would also recognise the beard. This is a photo of Jade Kavanagh and Amy Dowling with Costa at the Grow it Local presentation dinner. Jade and Amy actually won the whole event and were presented with their award by Costa.It is amazing how quickly and how widely news is spread in this day and age. One of our teachers found out about their success form her daughter in Perth seeing it on Facebook and Jamie Oliver (Great Britain) liked their photo. Congratulations to both Jade and Amy. You deserved that success after all the hard work you have put into the garden. Congratulations Congratulations to Mackenzie Scott who made it through to the Division Swimming Sports and represented our district in the Breaststroke event. Although she didn t win, apparently it was a very close finish and it was a great effort to make it through to such a high level. Road Safety Our students are encouraged to ride their bikes or scooters to school. The only proviso is that they obey the road rules. If your child does ride to school, could you please take a little time this weekend and ensure that they understand why they need to obey the road rules. I have had concerned people contact me to inform me of Bonbeach students weaving in front of oncoming traffic, others who have suddenly swung to the other side of the road without indication and others riding hands free. These are all potentially dangerous habits that could have disastrous outcomes. If your child rides on the footpath, please warn them to keep their eyes and ears open as one of our students was knocked by a car backing out of their driveway. Mr Langford Mr. Langford won t be around the school for a while because he is taking a well-deserved 2 week long service break starting next Monday. We all wish him a safe and restful holiday up north and look forward to seeing all the holiday happy snaps when he returns next term.

2 Help your kids build their own firewall against online Nasties Fiction vs. reality. One of the biggest concerns I have as a parent at the moment is the relative ease with which children can have access to online pornography. Recent studies revealed that children as young as eight years old have seen it, and most kids have witnessed it before parents have even considered discussing it. For me, it s about considering what the long-term effects are going to be on our children s future relationships. With wide access to the internet, including mobile devices and gaming systems, it is too easy for even young children to reach inappropriate content. Most kids who have seen pornography know immediately that it feels wrong. They can feel strange and their personal instincts kick in like an alarm system telling them something is not quite right. They may feel sick, embarrassed, confused. Some kids stumble across it (many porn sites know popular key strokes kids use), and others are exposed to it by friends or family. Is pornography really that big of a deal for our kids? The simple answer is yes. Pornography damages their brains by tricking them into releasing the same pleasure chemicals that drugs do. A child s brain is more vulnerable as it is rapidly forming neural connections. Viewing pornography can reprogram a child s brain and initiate an addiction that is often harder to overcome than drugs or alcohol, says Kristen Jenson, author of Good Pictures, Bad Pictures. Pornography harms relationships. Youth are being exposed to pornography even before they have had the opportunity to experience a relationship. Teens tell researchers that they don t like pornography but they feel pressured to watch it, and they even acknowledge that it provides a model for them to follow. When we start to think about kids getting sex education from pornography, we can start to understand why we should be worried about their future relationships. Viewing pornography is setting up unrealistic expectations and desensitizing sexual expectations. Pornography can distort a person s view of what a healthy relationship should be, and devalues the principles of mutual respect, trust and love we expect our children to experience in the future. What can parents do to build their child s firewall? Be proactive, be preventative. Like most things it s helpful for parents to begin the conversation before their child becomes interested in porn. Younger kids are more likely to see the parent as a dependable source of information; by the time they are teenagers peers become the reliable source and peer pressure and curiosity can lead them down a path of unrealistic expectations and perhaps, even addiction. Be open. Most kids won t tell their parents because they know they shouldn t be looking at that stuff and, worst of all, you might take the technology away from them. Be honest, for many of us that might be our first reaction. But in hindsight it only prevents kids from telling us about their online experiences later on. It s okay to say, Thanks for telling me, I ve had that happen too, or Let s look into that together.

3 Start by asking your child. Ask whether they have ever seen inappropriate photos online. Let them know that if it happens you expect they will come and tell you, assuring them they will not get into trouble and will not have the device taken away from them. You can suggest your child leaves a note for you if they see something online that makes them feel uncomfortable. This lets you know when they are ready to discuss it and gives you the chance to have a chat with them on the subject when you are ready. Internet filters and porn blockers. These are important, but they are not a one-stop shop on protecting our kids. They can certainly help by minimising the risk of random porn attacks, but they won t safeguard them either. Even if we feel we have placed adequate measures within our own homes, children must, and do, go out into the wider world where they will have exposure that is beyond our control. Developing internal filters is about getting kids to understand what pornography is, how it affects their brain, and coming up with strategies they can use when they are exposed to it. Children need to be able to make safer choices when they are in situations where content filters or adults are not monitoring their behaviour. It is normal for kids to be curious and as they head into the teenage years that curiosity peaks. As children grow they spend more time online and get exposed to more of the online world, with parents having less control over their viewing habits. Parenting responsibility. Websites and governments are taking the minimum responsibility on these issues, so it has to become primarily a parenting responsibility. Children can be protected and harm can be minimised by taking some common sense approaches. Parents need to establish their expectations about children s viewing; make sure communication devices are used in public places; install net nannies and firewalls where appropriate and don t be afraid to keep a check on website histories. Investigate how you can protect your children and minimise their exposure by installing a porn site blocker onto your internet connected devices. A quick Google search will provide some options which best suit your family. Discussions about pornography need to be part of an ongoing conversation within the family. Talking won t put your kids at increased risk; in fact, it increases their awareness and empowers them to make safer decisions when the time does come. Short, frequent discussions will help your child remember information rather than one big long lecture. As bestselling author Steve Maraboli advised: Take action! An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention. Ken Jones Principal

4 PARENTS AND FRIENDS COMMITTEE WHAT S ON TERM 1 AND 2 Easter Bonnet Parade: The whole school will take part in an Easter Bonnet parade on Thursday 26 th March on the basketball courts (or in the hall if wet). So let s get creative! Each child will need to make an Easter bonnet at home to show off on the day and wear as they parade around with their class. Parents please stay and watch the parade. Easter Raffle: The Easter raffle will be drawn straight after the Bonnet Parade. Mother s Day Stall: A stall will be held during the week of May 4 th. Low cost items will be available for the students to purchase. More information closer to the date. Annual General Meeting: The AGM was held on 5 th March and positions for 2015 are: President: Nikki Faid Vice President: Andrea Garwood Secretary: Carly Swallow Uniform Shop: Bonnie Griffiths, Katerina Matic and Misako Talbot Canteen: Rosa Westrup School Council Representative: Andrea Garwood Green Thumbs Representative: Jade Kavanagh Thank you to everyone who volunteered to help run P&F for this year. FREE Premiers Reading Challenge Calendar The Victorian Premiers Reading Challenge is now open! Don t miss your FREE giant calendar poster in the Herald Sun on Tuesday 17 March. Featuring key Challenge dates, literary events, fun facts, popular authors birthdays and tips, it s a great way for parents and children to track their reading progress, count down the days and stay motivated throughout the Challenge. For more information on the Challenge visit:

5 GROWERS OF THE YEAR Grow it local is a project that celebrates backyard, balcony, community and windowsill food growing. 50 golden tickets were to be handed out to the best growers and partake in a Growers Feast in conjunction with The City of Melbourne s Sustainable Living Festival. The 50 lucky few were to donate produce from their gardens that would be cooked by chef, Vanessa Mateus from Pope Joan in Brunswick, with the feast being served at The Testing Grounds in Melbourne and guest host Costa, from Gardening Australia. There were 1332 gardens registered, Amy and Jade from Bonbeach Primary School Green Thumbs, registered their volunteer run school garden and received 1 of those golden tickets. They jumped at the chance to take aubergines, lettuce, beans, sage, rosemary & 3 dozen eggs to the chef and be cooked. Attending the event, they were excited just to be there to enjoy the fresh feast and a chance to meet Costa! Did they meet Costa? Yes they did! They shared a dessert plate with him and when they told him who they were, he almost fell off the apple crate he was sitting on - he knew something that they didn t. The night s speeches were made by organiser, Jess Miller and Costa talked about Amy and Jade s school garden, their Farmer s Market Worm Wee stall and their importance of teaching children about gardening, growing and cooking fresh produce and the fact they volunteer to over 250 kids, sharing their knowledge, making it fun and why passing this on to the next generation is so important. Bonbeach Primary School s Green Thumbs were that 1 in 1332 and announced GROWERS OF THE YEAR! the pair almost fell off that same apple crate. Well done Jade and Amy, it is a huge achievement. Bonbeach Primary is very lucky to have you actively involved, and running, our school s garden.

6 National Ride2School Day is the perfect opportunity for Australian students and school communities to embrace a healthier start and to try walking and riding to Get active on Friday 13 th March by riding, walking, scooting or skating to school for National Ride2School Day! The purpose of National Ride2School Day is to show school communities that riding to school is an easy and fun activity. It is a chance to celebrate on a large scale and prove it can be done! We ll be counting how many children participated on the day, and rewarding them with a Ride2School sticker! For any further information, ask at the school, or check out the Ride2School website!

7 2015 Team Vic State Teams - 12 Years and Under Teams Nominations Now Open Parents of Grade 5 and 6 students are advised of the following key dates for registering to trial for the following 12 Years and Under State Teams. The nomination form for School Sport Victoria District Australian Football, Basketball, Football (Soccer) and Netball trials is to be downloaded from the SSV website These must first be returned to your school who will in turn forward it to the District Coordinator. Late entries will not be considered. District trials for these sports will be held in the first week of next term. As the District can only forward 3-5 representatives for each sport, school nominations must be of a very high standard. Students should be competing in Rep teams or above and be considered exceptional at that level. For all other Team Vic State Team sports, but in particular cricket, rugby, hockey and softball, you are advised to access the SSV website to find nomination procedures and trial dates.

8 Congratulations to the following children who will receive Student of the Week awards at this week s assembly. JJ JS JT JW Brenan T Michael K Jasmine V Chloe P 23B Isobel R 23E Ruby N 23M Jacob M 34B Isabel G 34K Ande L Senior School: Max G and Hau-Jin Y Contact Details A reminder that it is very important we have up to date contact details should the school need to contact you in regard to your child/ren. Please let the office know of any changes immediately. If your child has a Medical Management Plan eg: Asthma, Allergies etc please provide a copy to the office as well. Sending money to school When sending money to school please ensure that all money is in a sealed envelope with student name, grade, activity description, permission slip (when requested) and correct money enclosed to the office by the due date. Please do not send permission slip and money separately. Sign In / Out Book Please remember to have your child/ren signed in at the office if they are late for school and also when leaving school early for an appointment etc. your child needs to be signed out from the office. Thank you for your assistance. Sharon & Wendy All children are required to wear a wide brimmed hat until 30th April. Thank you Reminder that the Canteen is open on FRIDAY S ONLY for over the counter sales of snacks and lunch orders. Fri 20/ :30 Christina H / Elise Z Sally G 11-1:15 Fiona B / Rachael K Dang F 1:15-2:15 Emma T / Jenny T Thank you Canteen Committee

9 3 year old Bonbeach Preschool enrolments 2016 Expressions of Interest for three year old preschool in 2016 open on Monday 2nd March. Expression of Interest forms can be collected from the school office, preschool or downloaded on the primary school and preschool website: bonbeachps.vic.edu.au Families are strongly encouraged to return the expression of interest form along with a $10 deposit before the end of term two, as letters of offer will be sent out early in term three. For further information please contact Miss Emily at the Preschool on STUDENT SCHOOL BANKING Fri 13/3 Wed 18/3 Fri 20/3 Wed 25/3 Thur 26/3 Fri 27/3 Term 2 Mon 13/4 Wed 15/4 Fri 17/4 Tue 21/4 Mon 8/6 Prep/1 Colour Dress-up Day - Purple Summer Sports Yr 5 & 6 Lightning Premiership Prep Entry Assessment Appointments No Preps at school Prep/1 Colour Dress-up Day - Orange Summer Sports Yr 5 & 6 Seaford v Bonbeach 9:30am Prep Entry Assessment Appointments No Preps at school Prep/1 Rainbow Party Summer Sports Yr 5 & 6 Bonbeach v Chelsea 9:30am CANTEEN CLOSED Last day of term - students dismissed at 2:30pm Term 2 begins 9am Preschool meeting 7pm Student School Photos School Council meeting 6pm Queen s Birthday holiday Please bring your student bank books to the school office on THURSDAY mornings. Thank you Wendy Once a week, take a peek! Families please check your child s hair for Head Lice each Sunday before they return to school. Please treat immediately if an infestation is found. The incidence of head lice would reduce significantly if this quick check was undertaken weekly.

10 FROM THE ART ROOM STAFF CAR PARK Please provide your child with an Art Smock. It can be an old large t.shirt or shirt. All children are to bring an Art Smock if they are participating in Art classes. All paint used is non toxic and water based. Paint on clothing: Hand wash in cold water with soap. To remove any stains remaining in the fabric use a stain remover and follow the directions. It is important NOT to use hot water. A reminder that the lower school car park is reserved for staff use only and also should not be used by pedestrian traffic. In the interests of safety the pathways should be used and care always taken at pick up and drop off time. Thank you for you cooperation. Thank you Bu King The Uniform Shop is open on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from 8:50am - 9:15am. Prepaid completed orders forms can be left at the office to be filled. Orders will then be available for collection Tuesday afternoons from the office Thank-you Bonnie, Misako & Katarina