ABS Safety GmbH. Safe and sound.

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1 ABS Safety GmbH. Safe and sound.

2 Meet our company. ABS stands for top quality, comprehensive fall arrest systems designed for individuals. We leave nothing to chance through our one-stop service portfolio offer: All aspects are covered from planning the details to managing the individual project phases and implementation materials and finally carrying out maintenance and regular inspections. That guarantees maximum security all round. All the hardware and components implemented in our fall arrest systems are manufactured in our own workshops. Our experienced team of safety experts designs clear-cut project plans. Minute analysis of each individual situation enables us to develop extremely convincing tailor-made solutions. At ABS, 42 experts continually pull on their broad knowledge base to keep people safe. Whatever the type of building, landscape or surface ABS s fall arrest systems offer one hundred percent safety in all situations. And because we at ABS have never heard of the word fluctuation, our customers benefit long-term from having their own personal safety experts experts who are well-acquainted with the on-site situation. ABS s experience and precision are very much in demand. ABS Safety GmbH is the No. 1 player in the fall arrest arena in Germany and is one of the market leaders on the international stage. ABS products are implemented worldwide by a network of safety specialists working in an independent distribution partnership setup. ABS - your safety is our goal.

3 Our service portfolio. We offer a broad service portfolio covering all types of workplace and any space where individuals need to be fall-protected. Our main fields of operation are: All roof types Façades, windows Machinery Crane ways Maintenance halls for trains, busses and airplanes etc.. Obtaining an initial quote is quick and easy. Just call our safety experts who will then take a complete inventory of your requirements using building blueprints and available Internet tools, such as Google Earth. We then take on full responsibility for planning and realizing your system quickly and reliably. Our portfolio includes: Anchorage points for rooftop fall protection Horizontal fall arrest systems Vertical fall protection cabling systems (vertical lifelines) Personal protective fall equipment (PPE) Guard rails (flat roofs) Mobile window guards Mobile anchorage devices Going beyond our tried and tested systems covering all the standard situations, we also develop solutions for special or particularly difficult requirements in our own development department solutions that keep what they promise, e.g. on surfaces such as trapezoidal sheeting, wood, pumice etc. and in adverse weather conditions. We have developed our ABS safety systems ourselves and most of them are patent-protected or have registered designs. All our products run through comprehensive test procedures prior to going into mass production including maximum load tests from our drop tower. On the safe side - ABS. Mit unserer Videoüberwachung hätten Sie diese Anzeige schneller entdeckt. Telefon: Videoüberwachung Mobilfunk und Festnetz Lösungen für Unternehmen Optimierung Ihrer Telekommunikation: TK-Anlagen Tarife Rechnungen GUTES DESIGN BEEINFLUSST IHREN GESCHÄFTSERFOLG SCHLECHTES AUCH. Corporate Design Druck Werbegestaltung Direktmarketing LETTERSHOP Werbetechnik Werbemittel Ihr Allround-Dienstleister in Sachen Werbung! Nicolaisen GmbH Zeppelinstr Geldern T F

4 Quality made in Germany. For fall arrest systems designed to protect human lives we have to be one hundred percent safe. We do everything in our power to ensure our portfolio and hardware components achieve this goal. Our own quality assurance department guarantees that our strict quality policy in accordance with ISO 9001 is complied with. In addition, we are also a member of the standards committee and regularly carry out internal checks in cooperation with the DEKRA Exam test institute. This dense network of quality control measures is unique in the industry and points the way ahead. Managing our products in batches is an additional asset - one that guarantees ABS Safety GmbH a pioneering role. After intense scrutiny using state-of-the-art measuring techniques even going as far as checking for radiation and extensive x-ray analysis to check for possible material fatigue, all components processed as part of a complete system receive an individual batch number. As a result, each individual component can always be traced back. This system is far superior to the common industry practice of using serial numbers for identification purposes. ABS. Keeping the whole world safe. When we export ABS fall arrest systems we are exporting German safety quality to almost every country in the world. Independently-operating distribution partners work very successfully with our systems and know-how. 5,000 customers of all sizes and levels of complexity go to show just how rapidly our company not yet 10 years old has actually grown.

5 Company history with great future prospects Ingrid and Ludwig Beckers found the ABS company in the basement of their private home. ABS. The systematic approach to fall arrest systems. Our first employee, Josef Bergrath, is signed up. We take part in the A+A exhibition for the first time. We move into our new headquarters in Kevelaer. The number of employees has now grown to 6. We are certified in accordance with ISO A drop tower for our own testing purposes is built. A second hall doubles our warehouse capacity Our team expands to 14 employees. Participation at the ROOF+TIMBER International exhibition. Our own welding robot allows us to produce a large number of system components by ourselves. Inauguration of our own training room. The number of employees rises to 20. Work begins on increasing production, office and warehouse capacity Over 800 new pallet storage spaces and up to 30 new office workplaces are created. The company now employs 42 people A laser machine, surface polishing system, welding machine and a bender have all contributed to extending our own production capabilities. Active customers: Over 5,000 Selection from our list of references: Milan Exhibition Center Frankfurt airport Fraport Allianz Arena Munich Tottenham Hotspurs stadium BMW Dingolfing and Leipzig Mercedes-Benz Arena Stuttgart Cologne and Stuttgart exhibition halls

6 Maximum warehouse capacity for a minimum response time. Be it a new project, an extension of an existing system or a component replacement as a result of maintenance work we have the material you need in stock. We plan ahead a total inventory of 1.5 m and 1,400 pallet storage slots ensure that we can process our contracts quickly. Modern packing lines with a double inspection mechanism allow goods to pass through quickly and deliveries to be processed with a high degree of accuracy. Normally, from receiving an order to supplying the required article takes less than 24 hours.

7 There is a system behind our know-how. At ABS Safety GmbH we train our employees as fall arrest craftsmen or administrative specialists over a period of 1-2 years, depending on their job requirements. As part of this special, high-level training program, we pass on the concentrated knowledge we have gained from a multitude of projects to our future staff getting them up to speed so they can cope with any safety challenge. ABS experts know the ropes when it comes to legal provisions or practical needs. We know what counts. Ongoing training measures ensure that our whole team is always on the ball. ABS. Secure your future. In less than 10 years we have grown to a team of 42 employees. And because our company is also set for further expansion in the future, we are offering young, committed junior staff members good solid vocational training in an exciting occupational field. We are running the following apprenticeship courses: Office administrator Industrial manager Warehouse specialist ABS. Training for anyone interested. We pass on what we know. We offer one to two day training sessions for anyone interested in the basic principles of fall arrest technology. This offer includes an introductory session on the topic of safety and safety theory as well as product training incorporating the most important points that need to be observed when doing maintenance on our systems. Based on this training course, it will be safe to work on our ABS systems on your own. In future, we are planning to offer further training packages on personal protective equipment used in combination with our systems. Moyländer Straße Bedburg-Hau Telefon (02824) Telefax (02824)

8 In action. ABS Safety GmbH always has exactly the right safety technology to hand to be able to solve any problem linked with securing individuals. Be it for an industrial, communal or private facility our safety solutions alleviate the dangers wherever they may arise. Highly qualified safety experts use their in-depth know-how to analyze the overall situation. They are able to recognize particularly dangerous spots, such as the corners of buildings, where a fall would have particularly serious consequences. From the initial planning stage right through to the realization phase, all the details are cross-checked and carefully scrutinized. On the safe side - ABS. Duisburg Nord Landscape Park A4 federal highway near Jena V & M Tube Company Dusseldorf Boll Systembau GmbH Gewerbering 38 b Kevelaer Tel.: Fax:

9 In all events. ABS offers a comprehensive product portfolio to meet any fall arrest requirement. Anchorage points are secure, fixed points in a system for your personal protective equipment. Our anchorage points comply with the requirements laid down in DIN EN 795 and DIN EN 517, class B. ABS anchorage points are mobile, permanent anchorage points available for a wide variety of PPE systems. Airplane maintenance hall Dusseldorf ABS anchorage points - fields/types of application: Flat concrete roofs Flat metal roofs Wooden constructions Lightweight concrete, wooden floorboards, ribbed ceilings etc. Seam roofs Pitched roofs Penetration-free roof anchorage points Façades requiring overhead work Window guard systems Mobile anchorage points Duisburg Nord Landscape Park AMK Iserlohn Königspalast Arena Krefeld Das Werkzeug & Maschinenhaus Partner der Firma Niko

10 Original ABS. In focus. Our customers. Fine from best brand recreate PMS Original Recreated PMS Find from best brand recreate PMS ARTEX Personensicherungssysteme GmbH Auffanggurte / Haltegurte Verbindungsmittel Mitlaufende Auffanggeräte Auffangsysteme Anschlageinrichtungen Höhensicherungsgeräte Abseil- und Rettungsgeräte Karabinerhaken Zubehör Gewerbepark Oberraden Tel.: +49 (0) 26 34/ Fax: +49 (0) 26 34/

11 Advert ABS. Our collaboration with Eschke Medienberatung GmbH. Our website is our most important marketing instrument. We are especially proud of the consistency of our business: Our customers have been loyal to us for several years, because they trust in our products and processes. And that we are Steadily at the top with the right partner Wherever new customers look for fall arrest systems online, they will find our range of products. We are ranked with links to attractive content on the first page of Google & Co. with hundreds Exclusively for customers and partners of ABS Safety GmbH Free web audit by our experts of Eschke Medienberatung GmbH. Get to know how well your website is doing at generating new customers via the internet and get practical tips for more success on the web. Optimally prepared for a successful future Our experience has been so good, that we developed our new website hand in hand with Susanne Eschke and her internet experts. Our extended homepage concept is being adjusted Germany s number one and among the market leaders worldwide for fall arrest systems, than this is also due to the constant competent support of our internet marketing service provider, Eschke Medienberatung GmbH. For nearly ten years now has the team around Susanne Eschke taken care of our top-placements in search engines and in the minds of our target groups. The resulting strong market presence was definitely a competitive advantage. of valuable keywords. We are being asked a lot: How did ABS manage that? We are getting nowhere with our website! Actually, the answer is quite simple: We have had the right partner for many years. Every single content page of our website has several top-placements in Google. We cater to the demands of our customers with suitable content while they are searching, for example when searching for anchorage point sandwich panel. Give it a try on Google. according to our extensive range of products. The way our products are organized in the navigation menu have been modified towards customer needs and an additional quick-search function, our new product finder, has been programmed. The requirements of search engines and internet users will keep on changing at a rapid pace. We at ABS see this with relative ease, when it comes to internet strategy our business is in the right hands with Susanne Eschke and her team. Eschke Medienberatung GmbH Telefon: Web:

12 ABS Safety GmbH. We are looking forward to seeing you. ABS SAFETY GMBH Gewerbering Kevelaer Germany Tel (0) Direct link to our homepage Fax 0049 (0) Concept: JS Media Tools A/S