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1 Brethren in Christ Church Southeast Conference 2014 Agenda 24rd Annual Meeting April 25-26, 2014 Vida Abundante, Miami, Florida

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3 APPENDICES TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction of Staff 4 II. Annual Meeting Membership (Pastors and Delegates) 4-6 III. Bishop s Report 7-10 IV. Board of Directors (BOD) a. General 11 b. Financial 12 V. Regional Member of the General Conference Board Report (GCB) 13 VI. Camp Freedom Reports a. General b. Financial VII. Leadership Council Report (LC) VIII. Equipping for Ministry Report 24 IX. Council for Woman in Ministry & Leadership 25 X. Brethren in Christ Foundation Report XI. Board for World Missions Report XII. Messiah Village Report (Lifeways) XIII. Messiah College Report 31 XIV. Mennonite Mutual Aid Report (Everence) XV. Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) XVI. Confirmation of Church Property Trustees XVII. Recommendations 40 a. Annual Meeting 2015 XVIII. Nomination Committee Report XIX. Elections XX. SE Budget Report 41 XXI. Conference Reports a. Financial b. Statistics XXII. Adjournment 3

4 I. Introduction of Staff 1. Moderator Aner Morejon 2. Assistant Moderator Bishop John Zuck 3. Secretary Paola Villa 4. Recording Secretary 5. Registrar 6. Tellers II. Annual Meeting Membership (Pastors and Delegates) CHURCH PASTOR DELEGATES/ALTERNATES FLORIDA Bethel (Miramar) BIC Jose Castro Buenas Nuevas BIC (Mela-Minst. Evang. Latino Amer.) Alfredo Dominguez Casa del Dios Viviente BIC Ruth Villamizar Centro de Adoracion Refugio Eterno Inc. Valentin Fontanez Community Bible Chapel Larry Woomert Mary Woomert Cristo es la Respuesta BIC Luis Hernandez Cristo Rey BIC Roberto Alegre Sr. Cristo Vive BIC Rene J. Pérez Dios Sanando Nuestra Tierra (Iglesia de Dios) Manuel Lopez Discipulos de Cristo BIC Elias Noa Ada Daniel Ebenezer BIC - Hialeah Moises Hernandez El Aposento de la Gracia BIC John Jairo Gallo Esmirna BIC José F. Rodriguez Fuente de Salvacion BIC Samuel Cruz Hialeah East BIC David Harold Rugama Holy City Church Juan Gallo Iglesia Cristiana Bethel BIC Emilio Batista Iglesia Cristiana Jesucristo es Rey Osvaldo Joaquin Díaz Iglesia Cristiana Oasis BIC Andres Pineira Iglesia Cristiana Refugio de Amor BIC Jorge Fontanez Iglesia Cristiana Restauracion en Cristo Lazaro Perez 4

5 Iglesia de Dios Marathon (Dios Sanando Nuestra) Manuel Lopez Iglesia Estrella de la Manana Pastor Aida Ortiz Jesucristo es La Solucion BIC Juan Roig Keila Roig Jesus Redentor de Vidas Jose Acosta Sarita Acosta Jubileo BIC Juan Barban La Puerta BIC Abraham Rivera La Roca Firme BIC Pablo Lago La Vida Verdadera BIC Jose Xuncax Maranatha BIC David Monduy Yanet Lopez Abdiel Gonzalez Ministerio Buscadores de Fuego Alberto Cubas Ministerio Casa del Alfarero BIC JoseLuis Rodriguez Ministerio Centro Internacional Cristiano BIC Daniel F. Batista Ministerio Cielos Abierto Gloria a Dios Perla Fiallo Gloria Espinosa Josue Cruz Ministerio Cristiano Monte Sion BIC Samuel Ramos Ministerio Cristo Fiel y Verdadero BIC Carlos Alfaro Ministerio Int. Fuego en la Palabra Elias Jaime Ministerio Int. Jesucristo Rey de Reyes BIC Miguel Segura Ministerio Int. La Gloria de Dios Miguel Ramirez Ministerio La Roca BIC Ezequiel Reyes Ministerio Sanando las Naciones Oscar Gomez Ministerio Vida Plena en Cristo BIC Tony Calvo Monte Calvario BIC Osvaldo Soca Naples Bic Loida Morejon Nueva Jerusalem BIC (Hialeah) Victor Perez Nueva Jerusalem BIC (WPB) Jose Aristides Carranza Nuevo Comienzo en Cristo BIC Douglas Castillo Palabra de Vida Juan Lopez Poder de Dios BIC Josue Balon Principe de Paz BIC Pablo Rodriguez Raquel Gonzalez Vladimir Gonzalez Recobrando le Perdido Juan Carlos Zaya Redimidos por la Sangre de Jesus Carmen Chavez Revelation Church Constain Carrillo Teresa Rodriguez Arturo Aguilar Rey de Reyes Rodolfo Lorenzo Carlos Nunez Yolanda Rivero Torre Fuerte BIC Luis Parra Vida Abundante BIC Roberto Colloca 5

6 Vida Nueva BIC Daniel David Tejeda GEORGIA Grace Community Pastor Frank Rodgers Tammy Nunnally KENTUCKY Beulah Chapel Bloomington Chapel Knifley Chapel Millerfield TENNESSEE Center Hill DeRossett BIC Pastor Clifton Bennett Pastor Ralph Foster Pastor David Book PastorJ. Richard Lehman Pastor Larry Steffee Pastor Irving Parker Pomeroy Chapel Pastor Bryan Jones Dale Pack Tina Pack Rolling Acres Pastor Tony Smedley Rose Smedley VIRGINIA Bethel Pastor Phillip Madison Calvary Bible Pastor Robert Howard Community of Faith Pastor Darren Potter Highland Park Community Church Dublin Pastor Michael Blouse Patty Blouse La Roca/Ridge View Pastor Roberto Alegre Mayelin Alegre Andrew Alegre 6

7 2013 Associate Bishop s Report of the Southeast Conference (GA, KY, TN, VA & English Speaking Churches in FL) It has been my privilege to serve as Chairperson of the Southeast Conference Board of Directors and Moderator of the Southeast Conference through April 2013 and then to shift roles and serve with Associate Bishop Aner Morejon as he assumed these positions. It is a good experience serving in partnership together! Our Board of Directors provides excellent leadership for the conference as we pursue the BIC Vision 2020 of AN EXPANDING MOSAIC OF CHURCHES, ALL SEEING LIVES TRANSFORMED BY JESUS CHRIST! I express my thanks to Associate Bishop Aner Morejon and the Board of Directors for the opportunity to serve in partnership across the Southeast Conference. Special thanks to a behind the scenes person that most of the Southeast Conference constituency has never met, my office assistant, Todd Hammond. While he serves in the office only fifteen hours weekly, he does an excellent job in assisting me as I serve across two conferences and travel much of the time. Further thanks is emphatically expressed to my wife, Connie, who endures many hours of traveling across many states and multiple days at home while I m traveling and participating in numerous meetings. There are sixteen English speaking congregations in the Southeast Conference scattered over five states plus I oversee one Spanish speaking congregation (La Roca, VA) because of proximity. During 2013, I met with all of the pastors and spoke in all but three of the congregations, conducted cluster meetings in Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia, plus met with eight congregational leadership teams. Specifically, Bethel, VA signed a Pastoral Statement of agreement, Grace Community, GA extended an invitation to Frank Rodgers to serve for a three year term, while Teddie Rodgers, his wife, serves in partnership as Co-Pastor. Tony Smedley submitted his resignation to the Rolling Acres, TN Church Board in August and concluded his ministry there at the end of December This has resulted in five Pastoral Search Committee meetings, four by teleconference call. In addition, in January, I met with the Camp Freedom Board of Directors and participated in the camp meeting for several days. Most congregations are stable, several are increasing and a couple are declining. Some highlights are: Bloomington Chapel, KY, completed their new facility and are now averaging about 160 on Sunday morning. Four congregations have taken advantage of the BICF New Outreach 50% Matching Grant, plus the Southeast Conference 10% Matching Grant. For 2014, I would like all congregations to consider this outreach opportunity, enabling a congregation to do up to a $2,000 new outreach for only 40% of the cost, that is $800. La Roca, Roanoke, VA has initiated a 2 nd site in Harrisonburg, VA, La Roca Eterna. The lawsuit against Pomeroy Chapel, TN has been settled. 7

8 Pastor Roberto Alegre reports that the lawsuit against Ridgeview/La Roca, VA and the BIC Church has been dropped. A book, Cure for the Common Church, God s Plan to Restore Church Health by Bob Whitesel has been distributed to all pastors of our English speaking churches. While this oversight ministry involves considerable travel, I am enjoying becoming better acquainted with the Southeast Conference congregations and leaders. Many have expressed appreciation for the BIC connection. In joyful partnership and prayer in Christ, Associate Bishop John Zuck, Conference Action: Report to: Southeast Regional Conference of the Brethren in Christ Church From: Aner Morejon, Bishop Date: April 26, 2014 I have completed a full year as Bishop for the Southeast Conference in the Hispanic area. I must confess, time has flown by, partly because I had to adapt to a new realm of functions which I needed to learn, activities that require great planning and the increased travel involved in this role. I cannot say that we are fully satisfied with our accomplishments to date, given that our Lord and his works deserve so much more; nonetheless we strive every day to give our best. In the later part of the year, we had to move our office location. This hindered some of the work being done as the new location needed some remodeling, still it was worth it. The new location is well situated and it has great space. At this point in time, we have a great tool that we are benefiting from, our webpage ( It is our hope that the pastors familiarize themselves with it, in order to facilitate their job. The Hispanic Convention was a great blessing. We were able to celebrate this event in one of our newly remodeled, beautiful and comfortable church "Iglesia Vida Abundante". The Regional Youth Ministry has accomplished a special work with the youth of our churches by having periodic activities, and annual youth camp to unite different churches. They also gathered the youth leaders for a weekend retreat. During this year, some pastors have completed their D&Q (Doctrine Questionnaire) and we have held two ordination courses (Core Course): Theology of the Church (Osvaldo Mottesi, Professor) Theology of Salvation (Alan Robinson, Professor) In addition, we have held a course to equip the ministry C.R.A.C.K.E.D Wide Open. All of these courses have had great attendance and participation. 8

9 Monthly meetings with the pastors have had great attendance and companionship. In November, we celebrated an End of Year Banquet. During this event and to my surprise, the pastors distinguished "Bishop's Day". This showed me the respect and great love they have for me. In December we partnered with BICWM and IBICA in San Jose, Costa Rica to hold our first Latin American Summit. This summit was represented by various countries from the Caribbean, Central and South America. This came to pass from the need to create connections and affirm the identity of the family of the Brethren in Christ. It was also an excellent platform to meet the coordinators who are working in each of these areas. Once again, we can state that the pastor's orientation was successful. All the participants of our conference, came back filled joyful and with good information. I had to travel to Nicaragua to connect the leaders of the Conference with a sister who belonged to my former congregation in Hialeah, FL. She decided to return to Nicaragua and is donating her property to build a new church and establish a new church pastor in such. This year we have also founded a new church in Kendall, FL. The pastors are Constain and Martha Carrillo. We also added two new churches. I am greatly thankful for the unconditional cooperation my assistant, Magbys and my beloved wife have provided, with them we make up a team with which God can count on. It is our hope to have at least five new churches in our 2015 Conference. Additionally, we continue to work with those that are established to fuse the identity of the Brethren in Christ (BIC) and the ten values. We conclude stating that: whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus... Aner R. Morejon. Southeast Conference Bishop El 2013 fue mi primer año a tiempo completo como Obispo de la Conferencia del Southeast en el área hispana. Debo confesar que paso muy rápido y creo fue debido a la adaptación de la nueva función y todo lo que de ella debo aprender, además de los muchos viajes y actividades que se programaron. No podemos decir que estamos satisfechos con lo que hemos logrado, pues mi Señor y su obra merecen mucho más, pero deseamos cada día dar lo mejor de nosotros. En los últimos meses del año, tuvimos que cambiar el local de nuestra oficina, esto entorpeció un poco el trabajo, pues el nuevo local necesito también de remodelación, pero consideramos que valió la pena por su buen espacio y ubicación. En estos momentos nos estamos beneficiando de una herramienta muy valiosa, que es la página web ( y procurando que el pastorado se familiarice con ella, para facilitar el trabajo. La Convención Hispana fue una gran bendición y pudimos celebrarla en las instalaciones remodeladas de la Iglesia Vida Abundante, las misma quedaron muy cómodas y hermosas. 9

10 El Ministerio Regional de Jóvenes ha realizado un trabajo muy especial con la juventud de las iglesias, teniendo periódicamente actividades unidas en diferente iglesia, además del campamento anual y también un retiro con los líderes de jóvenes de las iglesias. Durante este año varios pastores han terminado su D&Q (Cuestionario de Doctrina) y hemos impartido dos cursos para la ordenación (Core Course): Teología de la Iglesia (Profesor Osvaldo Mottesi) Teología de la Salvación (Profesor Alan Robinson) También un curso de Equipando para el Ministerio C.R.A.C.K.E.D Wide Open. (Bien Abierto) Todos estos cursos con muy buena asistencia y participación. Las reuniones mensuales de los pastores han mantenido buena asistencia y compañerismo. El último día de Noviembre celebramos un banquete de fin de año y en el mismo fui sorprendido por los pastores, celebrando el Día del Obispo. Fui objeto de mucho amor y muestras de respeto. En compañerismo con BICWM e IBICA celebramos en los primeros días del mes de Diciembre en San José Costa Rica la Primera Cumbre Latinoamericana, con representación de varios países del Caribe, Centro y Sur América. Esta surge con la necesidad de crear conexiones y afirmar la identidad de la familia de los Hermanos en Cristo. Fue además una buena plataforma para presentar los Coordinadores que están trabajando en cada una de esas áreas. Nuevamente podemos decir que fue exitosa la orientación de pastores, todos los que participaron de nuestra Conferencia, regresaron llenos gozo y buena información. Necesite viajar a Nicaragua para conectar los líderes de la Conferencia con una hermana que pertenecía a mi antigua congregación y decidió regresar a Nicaragua y esta donando sus propiedades para fabricar una nueva iglesia e instalar un pastor en ella. En este año se fundó una nueva iglesia con los pastores Constain y Martha Carrillo en el área de Kendall. Y también se añadieron dos más. Estoy grandemente agradecido por la cooperación incondicional de mi asistente Magbys y también de mi amada esposa, con ellas formamos un equipo con el que Dios puede contar. Es nuestro deseo que para la Conferencia del 2015 podamos presentar al menos cinco nuevas iglesias. Y continuar trabajando con las que están establecidas consolidando la identidad de los Hermanos en Cristo, (BIC) y los diez valores. Podemos terminar diciendo: Que todo lo que hagamos sea de palabra o de hecho lo hacemos para Dios.. Aner R. Morejon. Obispo SEConference Conference Action: 10

11 Board of Directors Southeast Conference Annual Report The Board of Directors of the Brethren in Christ Church in the U.S., Southeast Conference met twice in 2013: April 26 and October 5. Both meetings were held in Miami. Those attending the October meeting were: Alan Robinson, John Zuck, Aner Morejon, Larry Woomert, Jose Lemus, Jose F. Rodriguez, Roberto Colloca, Carlos Alfaro, Marilyn Rivera, and Abraham Rivera (serving as translator). Tammy Nunnally was excused. Following are the highlights of the October meeting. After presenting his report, Bishop Aner Morejon updated the board regarding various ongoing projects that have been implemented during his first 14 months as Associate Bishop. Bishop John Zuck reported on the English speaking churches in the conference and then presented his report. Alan Robinson congratulated both bishops for their work and recommended that Bishop Aner be appointed to a new term next summer. The Treasurer s Report was presented by Jose Lemus. After a few recommendations, the report was accepted. Several members shared positive testimonies regarding finances. It was agreed that the budget be revisited in the April meeting. The General Conference Board Member Report was presented by Carlos Alfaro. He communicated that the GCB is very happy with Alan Robinson s work thus far. Other topics touched upon were: health insurance, audits of denominational financial records, and pension funding. Bishop Aner reported on the restructuring of the missions previously established by the Spanish speaking congregations. With the help of BICWM and IBICA, these missions were divided into the Caribbean, Central America, and South America regions -- each with their own coordinator. Details were agreed upon for the Annual Meeting in Miami, FL. Arrangements were also decided upon for the Pastors and Spouses Retreat. It was agreed upon that the speaker for this retreat should Alex Alvarado. Respectfully Submitted By: Marilyn Rivera Secretary, Southeast Conference Conference Action: 11

12 INCOME Southeast Conference BIC Balance Sheet January December 2013 Beginning Bank Balance 1/1/2013 $54, Cooperative Ministries Designated $24, Proportionate $0.00 Total CM $24, ECP $33, ECP AND CM $16, SLT Endowment - Regional Camp $0.00 T- Mobile reimbursement $15, Spouses Retreat Registration $6, Misc. $0.00 Vida Abundante $8, Annual Meeting offering $2, Outreach $1, website $ Auction $2, Total Income $105, EXPENSES Transfer from Future Funds $0.00 Transfer from TAP $0.00 Total Income + Transfer $105, Income + Balance $159, Transfer to Dominican R. $16, Other Expenses Bank Service Charges $88.00 Administrative Assistant $2, Website $1, Conferences and Meetings $4, Annual Corporation Filing $ Dues and Subscriptions $1, T-Mobile Tower Reimbursement (Bethel) $7, Office Supplies $ Postage and Delivery $ Annual Spouses Retreat $12, Total Other Expenses $30, Subsidies Miami BIC Churches $65, Total Subsidies $65, Total Expenses $111, /31/2013 Ending Balance $48, /31/2013 BICF Investment Account $262, /31/2013 TAP Account $11,

13 Conference Action: BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH IN THE U.S. GCB SOUTH EAST REPRESENTATIVE REPORT- Pastor Carlos Alfaro 1.PENSION FUND : The General Church will be contributing $250, per year to the pension fund. 2. BUDGET 2013 AND 2014: Andrew Steckbeck communicated that the projected 2014 budget is an increase on 3% on HEALTH INSURANCE: The transition has been complete. 4. CHART OF ACCOUNTS: The reworking of the chart of accounts is in process and the transition is going smoothly. 5. SECRETARY OF GENERAL CONFERENCE BOARD: Wanda Heise was asked to fill role of Secretary of the General Conference Board until General Conference 2, GENERAL CHURCH DIRECTOR: The board discussed a six-month evaluation for Alan in his role as National Director. 7. GENERAL CHURCH REPORT: -BISHOP KEN HOKE: would continue with a full six-year contract, as Bishop of the Susquehanna conference. -BISHOP PERRY ENGLE: Will continue for a full six-year term for both, Midwest and Pacific Conferences. -BISHOP ROB PATTERSON: Will continue for a full six-year term as Bishop of the Allegheny Conference. -BISHOP ANER MOREJON: Will continue for a full six-year term and will become the Bishop of the Southeast conference. -BISHOP JOHN ZUCK: Has two years left and will provide Bishops Services to English speaking congregations in the Southeast Conference as well as the Great Lakes Conference. -CHRIS SHARP: Contract will not be renewed as BICWM Executive Director. -BISHOP PAULINE PEIFER: Is able to extend her service beyond General Conference for a short time if needed, while the search for a new Atlantic Conference Bishop continues. Conference Action: Camp Freedom General Report It is with pleasure that I again have the opportunity to share with you what the Lord has done and is doing for Camp Freedom! We enjoyed getting together for the annual camp meeting January 24-February 02 in St Petersburg, FL, even though the weather was cold and rainy for most of the camp. Our evangelists this year were 13

14 David Fulton and Rollin Mitchell, who were joined by Bishop John Zuck, Paul Pierpoint, and Don Walden. Adult Sunday School lessons were taught by Allen Swarey and Richard Lehman, both members of the Board of Directors. Don and Valerie Quales with daughter Brooke were the song evangelists; Hobe Sound Bible College was represented by the trio Reflection, and Penn View Bible Institute by the quartet Praise Singers. The whole camp flowed smoothly, with speakers and singers working well together. Missions Day brought Steve Hight, president of Evangelistic Faith Missions, and John and Esther Spurrier, of Brethren in Christ World Missions, sharing in the morning and afternoon services. Offerings for those two services amounted to $619, but by the end of camp that amount had grown to $1,264. We thanks the Lord for what He does in our own circles, and for what He does around the world. The camp was blessed again by both children and youth in attendance. The numbers vary year to year, but John and Ruth Pawelski reported 5 regular children, with another 5 coming sporadically. The youth group was quite a bit larger, with at least 15 regulars with others coming in. Philip Snyder was the Youth Bible Teacher; Bruce and Rhoda Byler and Brian Miller cared for the activities and afterglows. We tested two new aspects for camp this year. First, we made the camp cell phone number available for any who were watching via the live-streaming to text in any prayer requests. That function was used several times in the meetings, and the requests were given to the prayer leaders and platform personnel for prayer. This year we also introduced a small snack bar for those wanting a bite to eat or something to drink before retiring, and to promote fellowship among the camp attenders. Judging by the number of people seen there, it went over well. Permit me to alert you to the next event for Camp Freedom. We are planning to hold another mini-camp, to be held on Saturday, August 02, 2014, at the Clear Creek Brethren in Christ Church, Everett PA. There will be services at 2:30 and 6:30 pm, and a banquet at 4:30. All are invited to attend, R.S.V.P s are needed for the banquet. Those with PA addresses will receive more information closer to the occasion, but you can be included by contacting the Director at Then, too, we extend a warm and hearty invitation for you to attend Camp Freedom 2015, the Lord tarrying His coming. The dates are January 23 - February 01, with Daniel Stetler and Henry Miller serving as evangelists, and Larry and LaDonna Thomas as song evangelists. Hobe Sound Bible College and Penn View Bible Institute will also be represented. Come if you can, pray for us if you can t! Visit our website for archived sermons and services from previous years at In His Service, Dennis L Ritchey, Director Camp Freedom of St Petersburg, FL Conference Action: CAMP FREEDOM BALANCE SHEET As of December 31, 2013 Assets Checking/Savings $15, Cash on Hand Total Current Assets 16, Fixed Assets Furniture & Equipment 11,

15 Land & Buildings 803, Total Fixed Assets 814, Grand Total Assets 831, Liabilities & Equity Current Liabilities BICF Loan 15, Individual Loan 1, Total Liabilities 16, Equity Opening Balance Equity 799, Unrestricted Net Assets 21, Net Income -5, Total Equity 814, Total Liabilities & Equity $831, CAMP FREEDOM PROFIT & LOSS January through December 2013 Income Camp Donations 50 th Anniv Promo Items $ Camp Offerings 9, Credit Card Payments 5, Dining Room Donations 3, General Operating - Pledges Received 5, General Operating Offerings 1, Hymnal Donations Lodging Donations 4, Missions Donations 2, PA Mini-Camp 3, PayPal Donations Project Donations (tape & CD) Total Camp Donations 37, Capital Donations 1, Caretaker s Income 4, Camp Freedom Holiness Church Grand Total Income 44, Expenses Camp Freedom Expenses Board Member Expense 1, Camp brochure printing

16 Camp Staff 9, Canadian Exchange 5.00 Children s Supplies Dining Rm Food & Supplies 3, Hymnals IHC Advertising Lodging Expense Missions Expenses 2, Office Expenses 3, PA Mini-Camp Expenses 1, Public Relations Staff Entertainment Tabernacle Decorations Youth Entertainment Total Camp Freedom Expenses 25, Camp Freedom Holiness Church Caretaker s Expenses Advertising & Promotion 8.43 Furniture & Fixtures 1, Housekeeping Supplies Maintenance 6, Office Supplies Public Relations Square Income Transfer 4, Utilities 5, Caretaker s Expense - Other Total Caretaker s Expense 20, Insurance Expense 3, Sound Equipment & Expenses Grand Total Expenses 50, Grand Total Income 44, Grand Total Expenses 50, Net Income -5, CAMP FREEDOM 2 Caretaker s Financial Report As of December 31, 2013 Assets Current Assets Checking/Savings Accounts Receivable 12, Other Current Assets Un-deposited Funds 2, Grand Total Assets 15, Liabilities & Equity 16

17 Equity Opening Balance Equity 1, Unrestricted Net Assets 7, Net Income 25, Total Equity 34,306. CAMP FREEDOM 2 Caretaker s Financial Report Profit & Loss January through December 2013 Income Caretaker s Operation Income Camp Donations Donations 16, Laundry Camp Donations Other Total Camp Donations 16, Hymn Sing Income Refunds/Rebates Rental Income Electric Reimbursement 4, Rent 18, Rent Late Fees Security Deposit Sewer Reimbursement Water Reimbursement 2, Rental Income - Other 24, Total Rental Income 51, Transfer From General Account 2, Total Caretaker s Operation Income 70, CFHC Utility Reimbursement Grand Total Income 71, Expenses Camp Expense Dining Hall Sound Youth Entertainment Total Camp Expense 1, Caretaker s Operation Expense Laundry Mat Building Maintenance 2, Equipment Grounds Maintenance 1, Maintenance - Other Suburban Propane 3, Supplies Hymn Sing Supplies Office Expenses 2, Other Total Caretaker s Operation Expense 11,

18 Rental Expenses Utilities Electric 13, Garbage Pick-up 1, Internet Sewer & Water 14, Telephone 2, Total Utilities 32, Grand Total Expenses 45, Grand Total Income 71, Grand Total Expenses 45, Net Income 25, Conference Action: General Conference Board and Leadership Council Report The work of God in and through the Brethren in Christ Church primarily occurs in local congregations across the United States and around the world. It is in local congregations that women and men are reached, discipled, and trained for service to a new King and His kingdom. Local congregations are nothing more than a collection of likeminded women and men who covenant together to follow and serve Jesus in community with one another. As individuals live and serve together they are able to accomplish more than any one person could do alone. We are deeply grateful for each congregation, and each person that enables that local expression of the body of Christ to be a witness on the global mission field. Thank you for your ministry. In the same way that Jesus-followers live in covenant community together in local congregations and so are able to accomplish more together than any one person can do alone, so too congregations choose to function in community with other congregations. There are aspects of the work of the church that are larger than any one congregation can accomplish on its own. By joining together with other like-minded people and congregations, we enjoy the benefits of broader community and accountability, and the opportunity to combine our resources so that we can accomplish together what none of us can do alone. In the Brethren in Christ Church this broader community is organized at regional and national levels. The national level is referred to as the General Church. Thank you for choosing to live and serve in the community of the local congregation, the regional conference, and the General Church. Prayer One way in which the Brethren in Christ value of fervent prayer is reflected each year is in the call for each person and congregation to spend the first week of the year in prayer. We are grateful for this opportunity to earnestly seek God s face. 18

19 Thank you for making this a priority in your own life, and in the life of your congregation. Leadership Transition The 2012 General Conference (GC 2012) approved the initiation of a search for a new general church leader. The search took place during the end of 2012 and the beginning of The result of the search was a recommendation for Alan Robinson to take the newly titled role of National Director. This recommendation was approved by General Conference Board (GCB), and, by electronic ballot, by the voting delegates of the 2012 General Conference. Alan began his term in this role on August 1, 2013 Thank you for your prayers for the search committee as it undertook this search. Please continue to pray for Alan in his new role. Disciple-making Congregations We are committed to the task given by Jesus to his church to make disciples of all people. We believe this great task primarily occurs in local congregations across the U.S. and in local congregations across the globe. We remain committed to helping pastors and congregational leaders as they provide leadership to each congregation. The role of the bishop and the regional conference can be a vital resource for each congregation. We encourage congregations to continually ask questions of mission, vision, purpose, and strategy as they seek to fulfill the biblical mandate to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Church Planting Because the work of the church to make disciples of Jesus occurs primarily in local congregations, we desire to increase our efforts to plant new congregations. In November 2013, Warren Hoffman and Ron Bowell led a gathering for church planters. This event was hosted by the churches in and around Salina, Kansas, and they shared their experiences of church planting in that part of the country. Participants came from each of our regional conferences and it was a great time of fellowship and inspiration for those who participated. The goals of the event included an increased interest in church planting and support and encouragement for church planters. Adopting Congregations In recent months several of our bishops have been contacted by congregations who are either independent and desire to join with a like-minded tribe, or are connected to another denominational entity but are considering leaving that denomination and joining another. Some of the reasons that have been cited by others for their interest in joining the Brethren in Christ include a desire to affiliate with an Anabaptist family, and an increasing uneasiness with their current denomination s direction on some theological issues and a desire to be part of a denomination that remains committed to certain understandings of scriptural teaching. Leadership Council has reviewed and discussed a document intended to help us to know how to work with existing congregations that may want to join us. 19

20 Leadership Council Leadership Council members (bishops and executive directors) serve in their leadership roles for terms of fixed length subject to a review every two years. Every member of Leadership Council except one is scheduled to complete his or her term on July 31, During recent months the National Director has worked to conduct end of term evaluations and provide recommendations for future service. The following recommendations were approved by GCB at its meeting in February Allegheny Conference: Rob Patterson, term ends July 31, 2014, - new six year term Atlantic Conference: Pauline Peifer, term ends July 31, 2014 search for new bishop Brethren in Christ World Missions: Chris Sharp, term ends July 31, 2014 Great Lakes Conference: John Zuck, term ends July 31, 2016 Mid-west and Pacific Conferences: Perry Engle, term ends July 31, 2014 new six year term Southeast Conference: Aner Morejon, term ends July 31, 2014 new six year term Susquehanna Conference: Ken Hoke, term ends July 31, 2014 new four year term In addition to his role as bishop of the Great Lakes Conference, John Zuck has also provided bishop service to the English speaking congregations of the Southeast Conference. We are deeply grateful for John s additional service in this way and his ministry has been deeply appreciated by the congregations he has served. We plan to continue this arrangement for the next two years. The church is grateful for the ministry of Chris Sharp (Executive Director of Brethren in Christ World Missions) and Pauline Peifer (Bishop of the Atlantic Conference) for their leadership and service. We pray they will know God s continued presence and blessing in their lives. In the coming months there will be continued discussion about how best to structure and organize BICWM so that the important global ministry of the church can continue to be advanced. In addition, the work of the bishop search committee for the Atlantic Conference will continue until a new bishop is approved. Thank you to each member of Leadership Council for their leadership and service. Pray that this important work will continue to be significant in the advancement of the work of God through the Brethren in Christ Church. BIC U.S. and BIC Canada The 2012 General Conference also approved the reorganization of the church in the United States and Canada so that the national church in each country will now operate as its own national or general church (or conference). Since GC 2012 we have been known as the Brethren in Christ Church in the U.S. (BIC U.S.), and the Canadian Church has been known as BIC Canada. These transitions necessitated the writing of a number of documents that will guide how both national conferences will continue to work together in shared ministries. A joint ministry agreement (JMA) will ensure compliance with legal requirements for the use of funds given by donors in Canada but used for ministries that are part of Brethren in Christ World Missions. A memo of understanding (MOU) will guide non-legal matters where Canada and the U.S. may partner together, such as in the training and credentialing (and transferring of credentials) of ministers. BIC Canada also experienced a change in leadership during Darrell Winger ended his term as Director and 20