Roger Pelrson and Bill Masara, both with Western Dairy Products; Henry Wright, Kaiser Trading Corp.; and Chase Webb, Behring International.

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1 Chuck Konopka, Komatsu America Corp.; Houston s C. A. Rousser; Bill The Port s Bill Cook; D. J. Baker, Agricom International; Don Rauch, Nulph, Sea-Land Service; and Bill Clemens, Marcona Corp. Traffic World Magazine; and Phil Remedios, Levi Strauss International. Hans Topel, Bechtel International; John Gazzano and Frank Fazlo, both R. E ~. Thomas and J. E. McGee, both with American Forest Products; and with Behring International; and F. J. Scaily, Southern Pacific. Tim Jilek, Marine Chartering. Houston s George W. Altvater; Murray Fox, Pacific Agricultural Corp.; Doug Fellons, North American Maritime Agencies; and A. M. Canonlca, Fritz Mar~tTme. Roger Pelrson and Bill Masara, both with Western Dairy Products; Henry Wright, Kaiser Trading Corp.; and Chase Webb, Behring International. Robert Collins, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co.; Henry Wright, Kaiser Trading Corp., and Pete Mason, Fluor Utah, Inc. Fred LaRock, Getz Brothers; A. J. Fritz, A. J. Fritz and Co.; and George Campbell, Lykes Brothers Steamship Co. OCTOBER,

2 Grain Executives Are Entertained By Port Houston grain industrv executives were tile guests of the Port of Houston authority last month at the Port s second in a series of luncheons for local shippers. Port staff members were on hand at the World Trade Club to answer questions and discuss new developments at the docks. The following pictures arc of some of the guests at the luncheon, hlentifications are from left to right. Richard P. Leach, Port General Manager-Adminlstration; Grady Tiller, Coca-Cola Foods; Ralph Royster, Coca-Cola Foods; and Lloyd C. Phillips, Riviana International, Inc. C. E. Bullock, Port General Manager-Operations; Jake Fuentes, Southwest George Strange, Houston Port Bureau; Dan Wiggins, Comet Rice; A. A. Trading Co.; John Garcia, Comet Rice Mills; Ed Luedke, Comet Rice Mills; Barnett, Comet Rice; Herb Warren, Comet Rice; and AI Albrecht, American and Roy Bryant, Blue Ribbon Rice Mills. Rice. ii ~ ~iiii i! Bill Suggs, Elso Shipside Elevator; James Kacurek, Elco~ Shipside Elevator; Bill Knowlton, American Rice; Cecil Walton, American Rice; andhume Henderson, Port Southwestern Sales Manager. J. R. Curtis, Port Senior Terminal Manager; Robert Cummings, General Foods Corp.; A. H. Sheffield, General Foods Corp.; H. C. Newman, P&S Rice Mills; and E. L. Maxcy, General Foods Corp. C. A. Rousser, Port General Sales Manager; Felton Overbey, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; Jimmy Green, Coca Cola Foods; Gary Coleman, U.S.D.A.; and Mark Vaught, Comet Rice Mills. Lee Adams, American Rice Inc.; George W. Altvater, Port Executive Director; Frank J. Suchecki, Hitex Corp.; and Vincent Morales, Elco Shipside Elevator. 12 PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

3 Artist Judy Saks Paints Bicentennial Series On Port of Houston History By MIDDY RANDERSON Publicity Manager The cover of this month s Port of Houston Magazine is a reproduction of the first painting in the Port s Bicentennial Series depieting historical events at the Port of Houston. Houston artist Judy Saks, well-known for her adherence to historic detail in her work as well as for her obvious artistic talent, was commissioned to paint six pictures tracing the history of the Port of Houston from its earliest days as an overgrown bayou to its present status as a bustling center of commerce. Judy is an honor graduate of Sophie Newcomb College and has done extensive graduate work in art at the University of Houston as well as taking courses at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and Rice University. Her work has been honored at several one-woman shows, including one at the Houston World Trade Club in 1971, and has won numerous awards at art competitions and shows. Her avid interest in ships and ports made her a natural choice for the Bicentennial Series and one of her paintings of the Port s inspection vessel SAM HOUSTON was the cover picture for the September, 1971 Port of Houston Magazine. As soon as she accepted the assignment for the series, Judy The historical detail in the painting extends to the faces and clothing of the people. The man with the mustache on the bank in the lower right corner is A. C. Allen, co-founder of the City of Houston and promoter of the LAURA s visit. One the foredeck of the boat, J. K. Allen stands with his hands on his lapels waiting to disembark. Capt. Grayson is shown in the pilot house. Judy researched even the flags and the foliage to be sure each part of the painting was accurate. Painting 1975 by Judy Saks Artist Judy Saks puts the finishing touches on another port-related painting in her Houston studio. immersed herself in research for the first painting. It was to show the historic visit of the Steamboat LAURA, the first vessel to make its way up the tangled and winding Buffalo Bayou to Allen s Landing at the foot of Houston s Main Street, in January, The voyage was meant to prove that Houston could become a Port city despite reservations to the contrary in the minds of many. Houston s founders, J. K. and A. C. Allen had promoted the trip as a publicity stunt rather than a cargo-carrying run and the LAURA was loaded with passengers including, "distinguished citizens, frontiersmen and ladies in their finest dresses." Francis R. Lubbock, later to become a Civil War governor of Texas, also was aboard, but debarked before reaching the landing to make bids in a land sale. Judy spent hours in the Texas Room of the Houston Public Library ferreting out portraits of the Allens, Lubbock and the vessel s master, Capt. Thomas Wigg Grayson. She also studied newspaper files of the period, checking clothing advertisements to make sure the people in the painting would have the correct attire for the time. She made several trips to Allen s Lauding, trying to imagine how it looked 138 years ago and spent time sketching remote areas of Buffalo Bayou that have not been surrounded by the city as the Landing area has. Since all reports of the voyage mention the den~ foliage on the banks of the bayou, Judy called the Houston Arboretum to double check the kinds of trees and bushes that would have been growing at Allen s Landing. She painted in the willows, cottonwood trees, red holly bushes and cattails that grew in abundance on that stretch of the bayou. She also included a magnolia tree in full bloom in the right-hand side of the painting, but then painted out the flowers when the curator of the Arboretum assured her magnolia flowers would not be blooming in Houston in the middle of January. If the Texas flag on the boat s prow doesn t look quite like the one we re used to seeing, it is because Judy took the trouble to look into the subject of Texas and American flags of the period. She discovered that the present-day Texas flag with a lone star on a blue field with red and white bars did not become the official flag of Texas until The flag shown in the painting is the one designed by Republic of Texas President David G. Burnet in 1836 and used until the present flag was adopted. The American flag on the stern also is authentic. The twenty-five star flag was adopted in 1836 when Arkansas joined the Union and was used for only one year, until Michigan became a state and added another star to the flag. Other paintings in the series will be appearing on the Port Magazine cover at regular intervals. When the series is completed, a portfolio of lithographs of the paintings will be assembled and made available to the public. OCTOBER,

4 Trade Development Staff Revised; Three Veterans Take Retirement Every organization goes through changes periodically and the Port of Houston certainly experienced its share of change at the end of September. Three long-time employes retired after many years of service to the Port, and the Port s trade development and promotion departments were reorganized. C. A. Rousser, Port General Sales Manager since January, 1974, has been named Director of Trade Development with responsibility for the trade development and promotion, public relations, advertising and library departments of the Port Authority. A graduate of Texas Tech University and the American Graduate School of International Management in Arizona, Rousser joined the Port staff in His duties included those as district sales representative, district sales manager and western sales manager before he became general sales manager. Armando S. Waterland, Port Midwestern District Sales Representative for more than two years, has been named Midwestern Sales Manager with responsibility for developing trade in a 14-state area in the midwestern United States. He also is taking on international duties and will tie traveling overseas represent-.~- }, ing the Port and developing trade in foreign countries. Waterland is a graduate of the University of Houston and had previous experience with a local steamship agency. William R. Cook, who has been with the Port a year and seven months, will continue h~s duties as Western Sales Manager covering a ll,-state area in the western United States. Cook attended Northern Illinois University and was affiliated with tile Burlington Railroad and Rock Island Lines before joining the Port staff. Two new faces on the trade development staff are Barclay Terhune and Van DeWitt, both of whom will assume duties as Port Sales Representatives responsible for trade promotion in the Houston area. Terhune, a graduate of St. Thomas [iniversity, came with the Port in September after spending several years as a sales representative for General Foods. l)ewitt, a senior marketing major at the University of Houston, is moving to Members of the Port s trade development staff include, from left standing, Armando S. Waterland, Midwestern Sales Manager; C. A. Rousser, Director of Trade Development; and W. R. Cook, Western Sales Manager. Seated are Barclay Terhune, left, and Van DeWitt, Sales Representatives. the trade development department from his current position as Wharf Supervisor at the Port s Barbours Cut Terminal. He has been on the Port staff since 1973 and worked in rail and truek originations before going to Barbours Cut. The Port also maintains a two-man field office in New York City where Ed Moore and Frank Ward are responsible for trade development in the Eastern Seaboard area. As new people join the staff, familiar ones depart and with the retirement of Vaughn M. Bryant as Director of International Relations, the Port loses a man who has made friends for the Port of Houston throughout the world. Bryant joined the Port staff in 1953 with responsibility for developing trade in the Latin Americau countries. He had a journalism and public relations background with a journalism and arts degree from the University of Missouri and had done graduate work at the Universities of Virginia and Mexico. He had spent several years with the Associated Press in Central and South America and had worked with the Texas Good Neighbor Commission, the Department of State in Louisiana and International House in New Orleans. I)uring his years with tile Port, 14

5 Bryant s duties expanded to include Port promotion in European and Asian countries, supervision of the Port of Houston Magazine, responsibility for public rclations and press relations, and serving as the Port s liaison with the ever-growing local Consular Corps. Bryant saw the Corps grow from merely a dozen local legations in 1953 to the present count of ll, countries represented by consulates in Houston. Bryant was one of tile original promotets of the Port s internationally famous Seamen s Center, served as the head of the International Relations Committee of lhe American Association of Port Authorities for 12 years, helped establish the Puertos Amigos program :for training port personnel from Latin American Countries, and has been active with the Japan-America Society and the Houston-Taipei Sister City Com- :mittee. He plans to retire to a lake-front home hi Hot Springs, Arkansas. Bryant s duties will be divided among three existing Port staff members. Armando Waterland will take over his international trade promotion responsibilities, and Mike Scoreio, Executive Secretary to the Port Commission, will become the Port s liaison with the Houston Consular Corps. Middy Randerson, Port Publicity Manager, will assume full responsibility t!or information and press and public relations. Another retiree, Hume Henderson, is leaving his duties as Port Southwestern Sales Manager to enter the real estate field. In his 20 years with the Port of Houston, Henderson has developed hundreds of contacts and friendships for the Port throughout the midwestern United States. A native of Alabama, Henderson had been with Waterman Steamship Corp. for 16 years before he joined the ]Port staff at the Kansas City field office in When the Port opened a Chicago field office, he took charge there and remained in that post until the office was closed and he came to Houston in It has been said that no one knows the shipping business people in the Midwest as well as Hume Henderson and he will be sorely missed. Frank Smith, an employe of 27 years standing at the Port, retired the end of August and his friends at the terminal office say he will probably turn pro golfer before too long since he ll have more time to practice. Smith joined the Port in March, 1948, and has served in many capacities ineluding chief billing clerk and chief revenue clerk. His position on retirement was Manager of the Revenue Billing Department. Smith s wife, Marion, works for PTRA Railroad and they have a daughter and a SOIl. Vaughn M. Bryant, second from right, is shown with his silver tray, a gift from the Consular Corps, and certificate of appreciation from the City of Houston which he received at an appreciation luncheon given in his honor by the Houston Consular Corps. From left to right are Fentress Bracewell, Chairman of the Port of Houston Commission; Jim Westmoreland, Houston City Councilman, and Ignace van Steenberge, Consul General of Belgium and Vice Dean of the Houston Consular Corps. Hume Henderson is shown at center with his fishing gear, a parting gift from his friends on the Port staff given during his staff farewell party. Congratulating him on his retirement are George W. Altvater, left, Port Executive Director, and C. A. Rousser, Port Director of Trade Development. Frank Smith, third from left, discusses golf shots with his friends at his retirement party held at the terminal office. They include, from left, J. R. Curtis, Port Senior Terminal Manager; Mrs. Frank Smith; George W. Ahvater, Port Executive Director, and J. K. Henderson, Controller of the Port. OCTOBER,

6 HOUSTON PORT BUREAU, INC. RECEIVES FAVORABLE DECISION FROM INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION THE HOUSTON FORT BUREAU and other industries in Houston have been fighting an enormous increase in carloading switching charges within Houston and minimum charges on shipments moving to and from the Port of Houston. This battle has been before the Interstate Commerce Commission since June i, 1973, when the Bureau and other protestants were successful in securing an order from the Interstate Commerce Commission staying the rates for seven months, which resulted in substantial savings for shippers of approximately $i million dollars. The Interstate Commerce Commission order served September 23, 1975, affirmed an earlier order of the Review Board s decision that increased interstate switching charges and minimum charges at Houston had not been shown to be just and reasonable. The latest decision from the Commission ordered the railroads to cancel the higher switching charge of $ per car when in railroad-owned equipment and $ pre car when in privately owned equipment, and reinstate the lower charges that were in effect prior to June i, 1973, plus approved general increases which result in a switching charge of $87.40 per car on all cars. This order results in a reduction in the charges of $92.72 per car on railroad equipment and $71.10 per car on privately owned equipment. Based on a switching study that the railroads conducted and considering the volume involved, the interstate shippers in Houston will save when this order goes into effect approximately $1.8 million per year. This being the case, the rail lines serving Houston may appeal the Commission s decision to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. In the meantime, George Strange, General Manager of the Bureau, states that the Bureau, being the watchdog for the Port of Houston shippers, will continue its fight. CARRIERS APPROVE diversion- proposal, despite objections SOUTHWESTERN reconsignment 16 of bureau and others: Southwestern railroads, despite objections of the Bureau and other port representatives, have approved a proposal that would assess a charge of $14.86 per car on export freight consigned to a port with no further specification and subsequently ordered to a designated wharf. A Bureau representative attended the September i0 public hearing in St. Louis and submitted a statement in opposition to the proposal. In its statement, the Bureau pointed out that approval of this charge would result in ports becoming non-competitive with other ports and carriers assessing the charge becoming non-competitive with carriers not asessing the charge. The Bureau has appealed this proposal to the Executive Committee of the Southwestern Freight Bureau.... SOUTHWESTERN RAILROADS continue switching proposal on docket: Southwestern railroads following a public hearing in St. Louis on September 9, voted to continue SWL Application on the docket. This proposal contemplated increases in intraterminal, inter-terminal and intra-plant switching charges throughout the Southwest. CIRCUIT COURT DISSOLVES Mini-Bridge injunction, decision appealed; FMC law Judge serves initial decision in European mini-bridge case: The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has found that a District Court injunction against Seatrain Lines European Mini-Bridge service should be dissolved. The injunction, granted by Judge Taylor of Beaumont would have meant a discontinuance of this service. Parties opposing the service immediately filed for a rehearing before the circuit court. On September 5, Judge Levy of the Federal Maritime Commission served his initial decision in the complaint of the Forts of Houston, Galveston, Beaumont and New Orleans against Seatrain s European Mini- Bridge service. Judge Levy found that the service had not been shown to be in violation of provisions of FMC law. The Port of Houston and the Bureau have requested an extension of time to file exceptions to this initial decision. PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

7 Complete independent,contracting STEVEDORE 300-ton mobile heavy-lift crane tt "ivate terminal services general or ect cargoes. RS President Jr.--Vice President Clinton Drive Texas OCTOBER,

8 National Italian Line From:Houston New Orleans Direct To: Barcelona Marseilles Savona Genoa Leghorn (Vessels will call other ports subject to inducement) HEAVY LIFT CAPACITY UP TO 300 TONS Gulf General Agents: S T Slll PPING COM P,~" 1400 Cotton Exchange Building Houston, Texas / Telex: Captain C. Ray North, national President of the Propeller Club of the United States, spoke to a packed house luncheon of the Propeller Club, Port of Houston, recently. He was introduced by James R. (Bob) Curtis, First Vice President, left. On the right is Ed Vickery, a Houston maritime attorney, who was National President a few years ago. SHIP VIA THE PORT OF HOUSTON NEW ORLEANS MORGAN CITY HOUSTON GALVESTON HAMBURG PARIS TOKYO TRANSOCEANIC SHIPPING COMPANY, INC. INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDERS AIR/OCEAN * EXPORT FREIGHT CONTRACTORS VESSEL CHARTERERS & OPERATORS CUSTOM HOUSE BROKERS---VESSEL ENTRY AND CLEARANCE Suite 239 Houston World Trade Bldg. (713) HOUSTON 3039 Jetero Blvd., West Houston Intercontinental Airport (713) HOUSTON Suite 1505 International Trade Mart (504) NEW ORLEANS Suite 500 Moody Ntl. Bank Bldg. (713) GALVESTON 18 PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

9 Lykes Elects New Scindia Lines. West Gulf Veep Expands Service James G. Tompkins, III. has been Biehl & Company has been named elected vice president of Lykes Bros. U.S. Gulf Agents for the newly ex- Steamship Co., Inc. and he will head- panded Far East service of Scindia quarter in Houston as head,,f the West Lines. Gulf 1)ivisi,n. Seindia will offer direct service to Tompkins has just returned to the --I sell for-maany United States following an extensive assignment in Europe with Likes Lines means Agem y. Inc.. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lykes Bros. Steamship Company. ]n the most efficient cost," his last assignment he served as Vice Cornelius & Associates represents many President for Continental Europe and large insurance companies so they re under the United Kingdom. no obligation to sell for just one company. l/is service with the Lxkes organizati.n dates back to He is a graduate Cornelius & Associates has the freedom to Because they are an independent agency, carefully analyze your operations and put of the New Mexico Mililarv Institut,.. the Georgetown Unixersitv F~reign Set~ vice School, and the 1].S. Merchant Marine Academy. He also attended Mexico City College. In 1961, he was named Assistant Manager of Lykes Lines ~gency in gon,h,n, and a year later was made Manager of the l.ondon ottlce and Director of all United Kingdom operations. In 1963 he was transferred t,~ Antwerp as Continental Director and was named Vice President for Europe and the U. K. in Manila, Taiwau and Hong Kong in addition to its regular mot,thlv service to Singapore, India and Bangladesh. The new service will begin with the 11.I 7. JALARASHMI, which will load in Houston on October ]2. The vessel will then sail through the Panama (ianal direct to Manila. (Jeneral Agent in the U.S. is the United States Navigation, Inc. insurance companies, not just one, which I can give you the most effective coverage for together the most effective insurance package for your company. Whether you re involved with ship building, ship repair, drilling, tugs, cargo barges or any other marine-related industry, Cornelius & Associates can tailor a program to meet your needs and budget. Contact Cornelius & Associates and learn how many benefits an Independent Agent/Broker come can.,,..o.,e. offer you. The Policy People Fire Workmens Compensation General Liability Umbrella 3101 Richmond Avenue. Suite 240 WetMarineBuildersRisk ShipRepairersLiability Houston, Texas (713) Bonds o Hull Protection and lndernnity and we have over 35 years experience in SOUTH ASIA. AMERICAN EXPORT LINES, INC. 17 BATTERY PLACE, NEW YORK, NY , (212) , Cable EXPOSHIP To INDIA PAKISTAN BANGLADESH SRI LANKA (CEYLON) LYKES BROS. STEAMSHIP CO., INC., Cotton Exchange Bldg., Houston, Texas 77002, (713) , Cable:LYKES OCTOBER,

10 The BANK LINE Regular Service from U. S. Gulf Ports Sidney Direct to Australia Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Fremantle New lealand Auckland General BOYD, Wellington Lyttelton Agents WEIR and SEWELL, Inc. New York Capt. Charles Hansen, left, of Gothenburg, Sweden, representative of Atlantic Gulf Services, was in town recently to visit with Strachan Shipping Co. executives, local agents for AGS, and to view Port facilities. He is shown in the Port Executive Offices with Klas J. Roos, AGS owner s representative in Houston. UMI~.SORB Distributed (MOISTURE ADSORBENT) DESICCANT, ACTIVATED, BAGGED, FOR PACKAGING USE AND STATIC DEHUMIDIFICATION locally stocked by the Desiccant Company in 1 thru 80 unit bags. Available with tie strings, heat sealed bags or in bulk containers as required. By" IHI~ DI~SII~CANI COMPANY Gulf Agents A Division of Allied Tape & Strapping Co., Inc. 520 SAMPSON (713) HOUSTON, TEXAS STRACHAN SHIPPING CO. Houston - Galveston - Mobile Memphis-New Orleans-Dallas Chicago - Atlanta - St. Louis Charleston - Greenville MANUFACTURED BY CALL PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

11 Egyptian Line Will Call At Gulf Ports Mabmoud ]smail, President of the Arab Investors Union and Chairman, Alexandria Shipping and Navigation Co., Alexandria, Arab Republic of Egypt, announced the appointment of TTT Stlip Agencies, Inc. as General Agents and Smith and Johnson!Shipping) lnt. in the U.S. Gulf, for their new liner service between U.S.A./Canada and the Eastern Mediterranean. Alcxship x~ill inaugurate their conference serxice about mid-october with fast modern conventional Egyptian flag vessels and. at the outset, will offer monthly service from all major U.S. Gulf, Atlantic and Canadian Ports to and from the main North African and Eastern Mediterranean Ports. Law No. 65 and Republic Declaration No were passed during 1974 enabling Alexandria Shipping and Navigation Co. to become the first joint Commercial Stock Company, with combined Arab Capital, to be established under Egypt s new open-door policy. They are the only Egyptian and Arab Company operating Egyptian Flag vessels within the conference structures in both Atlantic artd Gulf Services. Fanning Named George J. Fanning, a veteran in the shipping industry, has been named manager of the New Orleans office of Norton, Lilly & Co., Inc., C. L. Rankin, Vice President. Gulf Division, announced in Houston. Fanning has been with several other steamship agencies, both in Houston and New Orleans. Heis a native of New Orleans and a graduate of Louisiana State University. From this little First ship--sailing schooner "Doctor Lykes" schooner came /. Lykes Modern Fleet of 41 Ships Lykes Gulf Prides--8 Lykes Gulf Andes--5 Lykes Gulf Clippers-- 12 Lykes Gulf Pacers-- 13 Lykes Seabees--3 Fasl, Sure Service to World Markels Great Lakes Line U K Line Continent Line Mediterranean Line Africa Line Orient Line West Coast of South America Line Independent Marine Surveyors Lykes seafaring tradition commenced at the turn of the century, and it has steadily grown into this modern, world-ranging fleet of 41 highly flexible ships. We carry cargo in bulk, break-bulk, unitized, containerized or in barges. We are noted for our ability to transport heavy lifts and over-sized shipments. We re proud to be at your service as we observe our Diamond Anniversary. Limited Passenger Accommodations Lykes Lines LYKES BROS. STEAMSHIP CO., INC. Growing with the Lykes-Youngstown Corporation Offices at: NEW ORLEANS, HOUSTON. GALVESTON, NEW YORK, Beaumont, Chicago, DaHas, Kansas City, Lake Charles. Memphis, Mobile, St. Louis San Francisco, Tampa+ Washington, D.C. Offices and agents in principal world ports ~. ~;.i:: :.<~... e~ :~.... RELIABLE AND EXPERIENCED... :: :;. ~.~..- 2::~ 24-HOUR SERVICE Our competent staff specializes in cargo inspections, including chemical, hull and cargo surveys, port captain assignments, and general marine surveying inc uding grain stability calculations, deadweights, container inspect ons, on/off hire surveys. Consultants for design, economic studies, acquisitions.,,... ~ "~7>: ~-;~. ~ " ~ <":~::~ ::~::: :~:~:~~::~G. ASSOCIATES, Capt. Bill Case 212 World Trade Bldg. John Ebany~(Lt. Cdm. USN Retired) Capt. Richard Jacques Phone: (713) Rite: Houston - Galveston Sabine Ports Houston, Texas OCTOBER,

12 LINE~ LIMITED 38 VESSELS SERVE HELLENIC SHIPPERS UNDER THIS FLAG~ Frequent Sailings Express Service to and from the MEDITERRANEAN EAST AFRICA RED SEA ARABIAN GULF and INDIA/PAKISTAN CEYLON/BURMA Mayor Jacques Medecin of Nice, France, headed a delegation of City Councilmen and other civic leaders to Houston last month on a return visit of one made by Houston Mayor Fred Hofheinz and other Houston leaders in October of 1974 to establish the Houston-Nice Sister City Association. While here the visitors made a tour of the Port aboard the SAM HOUSTON, and Mayor Medecin, center, is shown above with Madame Susanne Pathe (with hat), who organized the Nice branch. Kneeling Nice City Councilman Georges Chamaillard and City Councilman Maurlce Slama and Madame Slama and Mademoiselle Slama are to the immediate right of Mayor Medecin. At left rear center are Paul Charrin, president of the Houston branch of the Nice Sister City group and the Honorable Louis Vorms, Consul General of France. Second from left, front row, is M. Paul Fabian, president of the Nice Promotion Council. At right is Vaughn M. Bryant, director of international relations of the Port of Houston and at far rear, right, Tom Conry, programming officer of the Institute of International Education, which was in charge of the group s visit. Trucking-Warehousing-Distribution DELTA BONDED WAREHOUSE U.S. CUSTOMS BONDED 5534 Armour Dr. (713) *Refrigerated Space *Heavy Lift Capacity Up To 100 Tons *Deep Tanks For Liquid Cargo *Passenger Accommodations 26 HELLENIC LINES LIMITED 39 Broadway. New York (212) Great Southwest Bldg. Houston (713) International Trade Mart. New Orleans (504) Companla Sud Americana de Vapores Express Freight Service From HOUSTON * GALVESTON MOBILE NEW ORLEANS AND OTHER PORTS AS CARGO OFFERS TO PANAMA ECUADOR BOLIVIA One World Trade Center, New York Tel. (212) Gulf Agents TTT SHIP AGENCIES, INC. 609 FANNIN PHONE (713) E. 5. BINNINGS, INC. SHIP AGENTS" STEVEDORES" TERMINAL OPERATORS 711 FANNIN, SUITE 906 Telephone: HOUSTON, TEXAS HANSA LINE (Persian Gulf) GRANCOLOMBIANA LINE (Colombia, Ecuador Panama via Cristobal) SEA EXPRESS LINE (Southeast Asia) SHAW SAVILL LINE (New Zealand) NAWAL (West Africa) OFFICES NEW ORLEANS HOUSTON GALVESTON ST. LOUIS DALLAS PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

13 A seminar on Business Interests Between Houston and Japan was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel last month to outline the economic ties between Houston and Japan, the Port of Houston s largest trading partner. Included on the panel of speakers were, left to right, Rudy Muto, Manager of the Petrochemical Division of Mitsubishi International Corp.; Teruo Kamlhigashi, Consul of Japan; Dr. Chiaki Nishlyama, Professor of Economics at Rikkyo University in Tokyo; Harry Golemon, Chairman of the Houston Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee; Yoshlaki Shibusawa, Southern U.S. Representative for the Bank of Tokyo; and Kiyoshi Tabata, Director of the Japan Trade Center. Santini Bros. Name Sales Manager Bill Brown, General Manager of Santini Bros. Houston Branch, announced the appointment of J. R. " Dick" Nevotti as Sales Manager, Houston. Nevotti has FROM HOUSTON & NEW ORLEANS TO THE UNITED KINGDOM an excellent background of 28 years in sales, public relations, management and operations. He is married and has three ~row[l SOILS. MANCHESTER - LIVERPOOL - ABERDEEN - GLASGOW Belfast and Dublin on Inducement PHI&IPS-PARR, Inc us (713] Cotton Exchange - Houston New Orleans - Galveston - Dallas - Memphis Houston New Orleans State of Mysore Oct. 27 Oct. 30 VISHVA TEJ Dec. 2 Nov. 29 NORTON, LILLY & CO., INC. General Agents New York - 90 West Street- (212) New Orleans Intern l Trade Mart Houston McFadden Bldg Galveston U.S. Nat l Bank Bldg Dallas Cotton Exchange Bldg Mobile - Marine Bulk Ore Terminal m General Agents / \\\ / / /// / / T s just around the corner. From Houston to the Mediterranean, Sea-Land is the most efficient and effective service to your customers in Southern Europe. The reason? We ve qot more ships, more containers, more exclusive port facilities than anyone else. That means plenty of ship space and a variety of container types always available. And once your carqo arrives, there ll be a chassis waiting. Ready to dispatch it to thousands of inland destinations. Still safely sealed in our container until it reaches your consignee s door. Ship Sea-Land from Houston to the Mediterranean. And to the four corners of the world. Call us in Houston at (713) Sea-Land delivers l~ the Mediterranean OCTOBER,

14 TURNER, CUMMINS, MOORE, ZIMMERMAN ENGINEERS & PLANNERS Port & Harbor Facilities Planning, Design & Management Studies 3222 Marquart Phone: (713) OSHA* has accredited Kirby Steel Products Company to inspect SHORE-BASED CRAWLER AND TRUCK CRANES LOOSE GEAR AND WIRE ROPE Under Cargo Gear Certification 29 CFR Part 1919 This service is available through INSPECTION SERVICES DIVISION Phone Kirby Steel Products Company 1102 Hub Street/P.O. Box Houston, Texas "U S Dept of Labor Occupational Safety & Health Administration The S/S ADABELLE LYKES received the Lykes Lines Annual Safety Award for accldent-free operation in a ceremony held at the Port of Houston last month. The officers and crew of the ship were commended for their outstanding safety record and the captain was presented a plaque and certificate naming his ship the safest in the fleet. Shown aboard the vessel are, left to right, J. D. Kroger, the vessel s radio operator; Capt. W. W. Waggett, Captain of the Port at Houston and Commanding Officer of the Coast Guard Port Safety Station; Capt. J. E. Wilson, the ship s master; W. C. Eitelbach, Lykes Brothers First Vice President for Operations; Louis F. Brown, Jr., Port Chief of Fire Protection and Traffic Control Officer; and Coast Guard LCDR. Ted Waiters, Executive Officer of the Port Safety Station. WANTED: Your Paint Business! X lnternational Marine Coatings Complete Factory Stocks MARINE ANTICORROSIVE & ANTIFOULING COATINGS & SYSTEMS. TECHNICAL SERVICE Clinton Drive, Houston Day: (713) Nite: (713) or Interi~t[onal Paint Company, Inc. NEW YORK S&N FRANCISCO NEW ORLEANS OIL SPILL CLEAN UP SERVICES MARINE POLLUTION CONTROL, INC., with headquarters in Houston, Texas is a private contracting firm specializing in the containment and recovery of oil and hazardous material spills in the Gulf Coast area. Over the years our services have been effectively used by both private Containment and recovery of oil and hazardousubstance spills. Recovery of channel and harbor debris. MARINE POLLUTION 409 s. 60TH st., HOOSTO., OFFICES (713) TEXAS CONTROL, INC. NIGHTS & HOLIDAYS (713) industry and the EPA, Coast Guard, and other governmental agencies. Experienced personnel and the most advanced spill recovery equipment and services are available 24 hours a day to provide: Deployment of boom around moored vessels. n Equipment rental-containment boom, pumps, oil skimmers. n Complete oil, chemical and waste disposal. "Aquarius"-- one of the most advanced and efficient skimmer vessels in operation 28 PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

15 IT S NEW! Ship Reporting Service Faster Service & Lower Rates After more than a dozen years as Vice Consul in the Consulate General of The Netherlands in Houston, Miss Hetty de Bruijn, third from left, has been transferred to her country s embassy in Washington and was given a farewell luncheon last month by the Port of Houston in the World Trade Club. From left to right are Robert Wright, local realtor; the Honorable Leticia Umafia, Consul General of Costa Rica and former Dean of the Consular Corps; Miss de Bruijn, Vaughn M. Bryant, director of international relations of the Port of Houston; Mrs. Jeanette French; Vincent F. Doodeheefver; the Honorable J. A. M. Verdonk, newly named Consul General of The Netherlands in Houston; Bernard Murphy, executive director of the Houston World Trade Association; Michael Scorcio, secretary to the Port Commission; Albert H. Liedts, past president of the Houston International Seamen s Center, and the Honorable Paul E. H~demann, Royal Danish Consul. Customs Collections Increase Customs colections for the fiscal year ]975--July 1, 1974 through June 30, by the Treasury Department s U.S. Customs Service totaled $:1,.5 billion, an increase of 6.1 percent over the previous year, according to U.S. Commissioner of Customs Vernon D. Acree. The Houston Customs District collected $153,53 1,310 during the fiscal year to lead all other Gulf Coast districts. Dired Radio Service To and From Ships in 75-Mile Radius Radar & Visual Contact in Channel A & W Communications 3?3 Boy Ridge Rood LaPorte, Texas Phone: (713) CUSTOMS BROKERS AIR CARGO CONSOLIDATORS INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT FORWARDERS Petroleum Bldg., Houston, Texas 77002, Phone (713) U.S. National Bank Bldg., Galveston, Texas, Phone (713) Los Angeles San Francisco Chicago New York Houston Miami Atlanta Bogota Medellin r ~ DALTON ~..~t~,w.l~s ~,s.m~r WEST GULF 7th Floor World Trade Center Houston, Texas Tel: TWX T E A IVB S H I P CORPORATION EAST GULF 736 Union Street New Orleans, Louisiana Tel: Cable "DALSHIP" TWX Gulf Agents for: ALCOA LINE CONCORDIALINE JUGOLINIJALINE MUHAMMADILINE N.Y.K. LINE POLISH OCEAN LINE SCINDIA LINE OFFICES IN: Beaumont Dallas Galveston Memphis Mobile New York Port Arthur In Mexico City--Agencia Transoceanica de Vapores, S.A..~ In Houston and the world, s busiest ports " Sea-Land serves you better, saves you money! SEA-LAND DELIVERS THE GOODS/ OCTOBER,

16 The Waterman expansion program moves ahead 3 ULTRAMODERN LASH VESSELS 16 VERSATILE CAR6OLINERS With the backup of 8 branch offices and 9 agent offices throughout the U.S. Waterman Steamship Corporation, owners and operators of Waterman Line and Waterman-Isthmian Line Division, now offers shippers one of America s most modern and updated fleets. Comprised of Mariners, C-4 s, and ultramodern LASH vessels, the Waterman fleet delivers barge, container, break-bulk and heavy lift capacity to meet the challenges of today s most exacting and unusual requirements. Far East--Waterman Line U.S. Flag service between U.S. North Atlantic and Gulf ports and Yokohama Kobe Busan Inchon Keelung Kaohsiung Bankok Hong Kong. Continental Europe--Waterman Line U.S. Flag Service between U.S. Gulf ports and Antwerp Rotterdam Bremerhaven United Kingdom. Ultramodern LASH Service--Waterman-Isthmian Line Division of Waterman Steamship Corporation: U.S. Flag service between U.S. Gulf and North Atlantic Ports and Red Sea Arabian/Persian Gulf Pakistan India Bangladesh * Sri Lanka (~S~TEAMSH I P CORPORATION 120 Wall Street, New York. N.Y * Phone: (212) Branch offices in: Chicago, Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, San Francisco, San Pedro and Washington, D.C. Agents in: Baltimore, Boston. Charleston, Dallas, Galveston, Memphis, Norfolk, Philadelphia and Savannah and other principal ports. The Shaw-Savill Line vessel M/V AMALRIC made her maiden voyage to Houston recently and the event was celebrated in the usual way with the presentation of a color photograph of the Port to her captain. Shown aboard during the ceremony are, left to right, Terry Jordan, West Gulf Traffic Manager for E. S. Binnlngs, agents for the vessel; Capt. D. A[tchlson, master of the ship; and J. R. Curtis, Port of Houston Senior Terminal Manager. ASME CONVENTION COMING Tile American Society of Mechanical Engineers will h,,ld its 96th Winter Annual ~ Meeting in Houston November 30- December 5, 1975, at the Hyatt Regency and Sheraton- Houston hotels. The annual meeting of ASME, the first to he heht in Houston, will bring more than J,000 engineers to the city f~r tile largest technical program ever assemhled for a winter anmlal meeting. NORDANA LINE MEDITERRANEAN SERVICE to Algiers, Tripoli, Benghazi, Genoa and other ports an inducement *MICHIGAN Sails New Orleans Oct. 8 and Houston Oct. 14 A VESSEL Sails New Orleans Oct. 14 and Houston Oct. 17 MISSOURI Sails New Orleans Nov. 8 and Houston Nov. 14 *Also calls Alexandriand Iskenderon. BARBER-BIEHL, INC. Petroleum Bldg., Houston, (713) International Trade Mart, New Orleans, (504) BOSC0 SERVICES Houston Division of lo-year-old Tulsa Crating firm expands in Houston to 146,000 square foot warehouse under roof EXPORT CRATING Phone: (713) Glesby 3351 Rauch 30 PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

17 Saudi National Lines To Start Liner Service Saudi Lines of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, announced the first regular liner service will start soon under the Saudi Arabian flag from the U.S Atlantic coast and the U.S. Gulf ports to Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Gulf. The new line will operate under the name of Saudi National Lines. The parent company, Saudi Lines, is the most important shipowner of Saudi Arabia and at the present time operates eight cargo and passenger vessels under the Saudi Arabian flag. Costa Line has been appointed the exclusive representative for Europe and North, Central and South America of the Saudi National Lines. Overseas Consolidated Company, Ltd. of New York, agents for Costa Line in the U.S.A. will also act as the general agents for the Saudi National Lines. Smith & Johnson, Inc., is the U. S. Gulf agent. The first vessel, S4UDI GLORY, is scheduled to load at U.S. Gulf ports about October 25. Zim Israel Names New President Zim Israel Navigation Co., Ltd. has named Avner Manor as President of Zim American Israeli Shipping Co. and Zim Container Service, U.S.A. to be in charge of all Western Hemisphere operations. Mordechai Chovers, the outgoing President, is returning to Israel and will be situated in the company s head office in Haifa. ui MARINE CANVAS & TARPAULINS m i Fast, Quality Service n Pick Up & Delivery _ New or Repairs ~_w 4617 N. Shepherd n Ilia u m nn n nn wbwmmimn muuiuullim = = =.. u~ nn nm = nn m nn m m ~m~ m~ LONGHORN TRANSFER SERVICE, INC. SPECIALIZI NG--IMPORT/EX POR TRUCKING 7112 Avenuo C Houston, Texas "Perfect/on in Perfermmlce is Ackiet, ed Only by Experience" GULF PORTS CRATING CO. Export Packing Commercial Military Boxing--Crating-:P rocessing HOUSTON: 1225 McCar~ NEW ORLE,~NS: 1717 Tchoupitoulas DOCKSIDE GENERAL REPAIRS Including Electrical and Refrigeration Worldwide Recognition For Our Tank Cleaning Equipment and Services Complete Fabricated Stevedore Equipment U.S. Department of Labor Certified Testing Station MARINE MAINTENANCE CO. Houston, Phone (713) Galveston, Phone (713) SO CONTRACTING & CONSULTING STEVEDORES GENERAL BULK & GRAIN CARGO HANDLING CAR & BARGE LOADING & UNLOADING HOUSTON NEW ORLEANS 1324 lntern l Trade Mart New Orleans, La (504) GALVESTON McFadden Bldg Prairie Ave. 717 U.S. Nat l Bank Bldg. Houston, Texas (713) Galveston, Texas (713) NAWAL brings West Africa tothegulf Nowdirect service to and from all major gulf ports. A coordinated service of Belgian Line - Chargeurs Reunis - Compagnie Maritime du Zalre - Elder Dempster Lines NORTH AM MOAN WtfT AFRICAN LINt General agents in the United States: Atlantic Overseas Corp. 5 World Trade Center New York, New York Agents in the Gulf: E. S. Binnings, Inc. 711 Fannin Houston, Texas Phone: (713) OCTOBER,

18 " o" o" " " " ". G ulf P orts Elect " ~ ",. ~p~ [~(~[~z~[l_ i AltvaterPr ~side,nt ~ ThePort of HoustonsExeeufive w ~ ~ ~ i " i reet r GeOrge W" Altvater was named president of the 22-member Gulf Ports Z (THE NORTHERN PAN AMERICAN LINE A/S OLSO, NORWA,Y) $ Association at the group s recent cont FROM Uo So AND MEXICAN PORTS vention in Brownsville. In an address to the members, Altrater expressed the hope that officials in i FORTNIGHTLY TO i LA GUAIRA, PTO. CABELLO, RIO, SANTOS, MONTEVIDEO, ~ Washington, D.C. will begin to take more BUENOS AIRES notice of the importance of the U.S. Gulf 8 (Will Call tiler Bmzili... d River ]Plate Ports if Sutffieient Cttrgo Offers) t p rtswe ~ - feel it is now time to establish an t~: ~nn i v-pr" ; i identity with peaple in Washingt n he o said, and ealled on the member ports to. i work to develop a greater awareness among federal agencies. Altvater said that the ports would k~u0, A~FR/Cl ~ i launch a promotion program aimed at DAtAR O federal and state agencies and that they I i o~ NIIOVlA ē plan to hold sessions in Washington in me Oil I~li ~tla~etllt.tria r ~ the coming year. me sourn AMEmCA $..z,t.,o l~ illl"e~t I g $ ] ib Ih~-" ~i-,-. t Binnings Is,,,~ m---,.aj~, Acj ent,, mr~,._. I.,,I ij ],., j~j~ll, For NAWAL Line D n o Atlantic Overseas Corporation announced the appointment of E. S. Bint NOPAL WEST AFRICA LINE t n~.~, ~ncas Gulf Agents for North ~ American West African Line (NAWAL) " FROM U. S. GULF PORTS effective with the M/V GOOD MAR1- NER scheduled to sail from Houston MONTHLY TO: ~ October 15. oo NAWAL is a coordinated service of DAKAR, MONROVIA, LAGOS/APAPA, PT. HARCOURT, IVARRI, Belgian Line, Chargeurs Reunis, Corn- PORT GENTIL, DOUALA, LUANDA pagnie Maritime Du Zaire and Elder Dempster offering direct service from oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo q~ Gulf of Mexico ports to Dakar, Abidjan, OIVIND LORENTZEN, INC. 8 Tema, Lome, Cot non, Lagos/Apapa, 1103 World Trade Building, Houston, Tx Telephone: Port Gentil, Pointe Noire, Matadi, Warri Ge=er~,l A~e,ts and other West African ports subject to IVIED LORIE2gTZE~, I~C., 522 Fifth Ave0aue; 19th l~loor, :New York, ~. Y sufficient inducement. Atlantic Overseas 8 TWX t-5029 CABLE ADDRESS" NOPAL Corporation, at New York, is the U.S. Ooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooeooooooooooo ~ General Agent for NAWAL." Your Vessel will be met at the Bar and Piloted to the Port of Houstonby HOUSTON 6302 PILOTS GULF FREEWAY HOUSTON, TEXAS PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

19 Our Service Is Free To You! NEW CENTURY TRAVEL SERVICE SEAMEN S FARE - AIR TICKETS - RENTAL CARS TOURS - BUSINESS TRIPS - GROUP TRAVEL 1026 Cotton Exchange Bldg. Phone: (713) A group of 16 foreign journalists stationed in the United States were in Houston last month as part of an Agriculture in America tour sponsored by the U.S. Information Agency. The Port of Houston Authority sponsored a luncheon for them at the World Trade Club before they left on a tour of grain handling facilities on the Houston Ship Channel. They are shown above at the Club following the luncheon. Willlam Gordon, program officer with the USIA, is shown at center. Barge Sunk- On Purpose A 600-ton vessel, manufactured by Wyatt Industries Division of U.S. Industries, Houston. was recently transported from Houston to a chemical plani located in the Texas gulf coast area. aboard a Union Meehling Corporation heavy duty deck barge. After being loaded in two 80-foot sections, which were then welded into a solid unit, the vessel was transported to Green Bayou Terminal where Manitowae Crawlers, owned by American/Marks ]/igging, were placed under each end of tile vessel. When it arrived at its destination, the barge was ballasted. It sank seven feet to rest on the solid river bottom. This aligned the barge deck ~ith the dock. The crawlers drove the vessel off tile barge, onto the dock and up into the plant. N.Y.K. LINE EXPRESS SERVICE GULF PORTS TO JAPAN GULF AGENTS DALTON STEAMSHIP CORPORATION HOUSTON * GALVESTON BEAUMONT DALLAS PORT ARTHUR NEW ORLEANS * MEMPHIS MOBILE senco Automatic Fastening Tools For The Crating and Pallet Industry AIR DRIVEN NAILERS STAPLERS & TACKERS Phone (713) ~ 528 W. 28th Street, HOUSTON, THE BRITISH A RE COMING!... And, With Your Help, We re Here To Stay! IN HONOR OF YOUR BICENTENNIAL WE RE COMING BACK... sen o HOUSTON WE HOPE WE RE WELCOME! We Haven t Wasted These 200 Years, Though... We ve Spent 130 of Them Gaining Experience in the Persian/Arabian Gulf. We Want to Share This Experience with You. The " STRATHAIRD " Sails OCTOBER 17 TEXAS STAR SHIPPING CO., INC. Steamship Agents-- Stevedores Charter Brokers Texas Gulf Ports Houston Office: 506 Cotton Exchange Bldg. (713) TWX OCTOBER, 1975 Corpus Christi Office: 521 Atlantic Mobil Bldg. (512) Our United States Agents: P & 0 STRATH SERVICES TILSTON ROBERTS CORPORATION 17 Battery Place Philadelphia: New York, N.Y / / Baltimore: 301/ ROBERTS STEAMSHIP AGENCY, INC. 500 ITM Building Houston: 713/ Chicago: 312/ New Orleans, La Mobile: 205/ Cleveland: 216/ / Galveston: 713/ Savannah: 912/ THE PENINSULAR AND ORIENTAL STEAM NAVIGATION COMPANY General Cargo Division London 33

20 Propeller Club Convention Set Topical concerns of the nation s maritime industry will be reviewed at the Fast Cargo Service 19th annual convention of the Propeller Club of the United States and American Merchant Marine conference October at Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Host is the Port Everglades Propeller Club Port. Delegates to the three-day meeting will represent 13,000 members from 75 FROM HOUSTON AND NEW ORLEANS U.S. and overseas ports affiliated with the national organization. An array of more than 30 speakers and panelists from the ranks of industry, government and labor will address the delegates. The 1975 convention theme is American Maritime lndustry s Role in Economic Security. FORTNIGHTLY to Maracaibo*, Aruba*, Curacao*, La Guaira*, Guanta, Barbados, Trinidad, Pro. Cabello* Georgetown and Paramaribo *On inducement from Mobile Agents: Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Memphis, Atlanta... STRACHAN SHIPPING COMPANY Philadelphia, Pittsburgh... LAVINO SHIPPING CO. Baltimore, Norfolk... RAMSAY, SCARLETT & CO. Detroit, Cleveland... INTERNATIONAL GREAT LAKES SHIPPING CO. Ibual fldherlands $leamship i~ompang (Antilles) FIVE WORLD TRADE CENTER, NEW YORK, NEW YORK Gilbert Reyna has been named import-export Vice President of Dynamic Ocean Services International Inc., customs brokers and freight forwarders. Company offlces are at 1201 Hahlo St. in Houston. In Corpus Christi This Could Be Your Office! The Petroleum Tower in Corpus Christi offers a rare combination of beautiful facilities and elegant surroundings at surprisingly competitive rental rates. It is in the heart of the central business district easy access by car or public transportation. with It is convenient to the nearby financial institutions and has a scenic view of Corpus Christi Bay. Additionally, The Petroleum Tower has newly refurbished hallways, elevators and lobbies with the emphasis on warmth and luxury. Great adaptability of office suites allows the user to meet his specific space requirements. This lovely building can be your ideal office, and your neighbors will be among the city s most reputable companies as well as the famed Petroleum Club. The Petroleum Tower is now being managed by Laguarta, Gavrel & Kirk, Inc. For full information phone or write Gary Ainsworth (512) , 200 Petroleum Tower, Corpus Christi, Tx THE PETROLEUM TOWER 34 PORT OF HOUSTON MAGAZINE

When Injured On The Job, Who Do Seamen Call? Maritime Injury Lawyers Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P.

When Injured On The Job, Who Do Seamen Call? Maritime Injury Lawyers Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. When Injured On The Job, Who Do Seamen Call? Maritime Injury Lawyers Gordon, Elias & Seely, L.L.P. Call Us Toll Free 1.800.773.6770 I SIDELIGHTS 4605 NW 139th Loop Vancouver, WA 98685 360-901-1257

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Antitrust on The High Seas

Antitrust on The High Seas By: Walter A. Pavlo, Jr. August 1, 2012 Antitrust on The High Seas Jacksonville, FL is one of the busiest ports on the east coast of the United States. Shipments through the port represent more than 16

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GAO: Jones Act ensures reliable, regular service between U.S. and Puerto Rico

GAO: Jones Act ensures reliable, regular service between U.S. and Puerto Rico Volume 43, Number 4 April 2013 GAO: Jones Act ensures reliable, regular service between U.S. and Puerto Rico In a report released to the public in March, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) observed

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THE MARITIME LAW ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES [16449] DOCUMENT NO. 804 Fall 2011 THE MARITIME LAW ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED STATES THE MLA REPORT Editors: Chester D. Hooper David A. Nourse 2012 by The Maritime Law Association of the United States

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National Security Depends on Strong U.S.-Flag Fleet

National Security Depends on Strong U.S.-Flag Fleet Volume 75, Number 4 April 2013 National Security Depends on Strong U.S.-Flag Fleet Guest speakers including AFL-CIO Richard Trumka (at podium in photo above) recently addressed the executive board of the

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Attacks on Jones Act continue

Attacks on Jones Act continue Volume 70 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, MARCH 21, 2014 No. 3 Attacks on Jones Act continue Lawmakers from Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Guam are teaming up to pressure the U.S. government for relief from

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Budget Office. Johnathan A. Stukey, Budget Officer. Linda E. Morris, Assistant Budget Officer. Sharon E. Cook, Budget Analyst

Budget Office. Johnathan A. Stukey, Budget Officer. Linda E. Morris, Assistant Budget Officer. Sharon E. Cook, Budget Analyst Office Johnathan A. Stukey, Officer Linda E. Morris, Assistant Officer Sharon E. Cook, Analyst Sheila J. Faries, Contract Coordinator/ Technician Valerie W Smith, Senior Staff Assistant Special Thanks

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Jones Act Jobs in the Crosshairs

Jones Act Jobs in the Crosshairs Vol. 48, No. 1 Jan. - Feb. 2012 The International Marine Division of ILA/AFL-CIO Official Voice of the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots Jones Act Jobs in the Crosshairs Politicians

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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 22, 2015 7:30 8:45 REGISTRATION 8:45 9:30 OPENING REMARKS President, GNOBFA Karl C. Gonzales Gulf South Marine Transportation, Inc. Harahan, Louisiana Seminar Co-Directors Alan J. Savoie

More information ABC Texas Merit Shop Journal October 2009 1 ABC Texas Merit Shop Journal October 2009 1 ABC Texas Merit Shop Journal October 2009 1 Turnarounds and revamps with special emphasis on HF Alky Units. RepconStrickland companies support the Associated Builders and Contractors of

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Honoring Our Pro Bono All-Stars


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EXPLORES... How Global Trade and Transportation Trends Impact America s. Can Shippers Cope? V o l u m e F i v e 2 0 0 8 S p r i n g

EXPLORES... How Global Trade and Transportation Trends Impact America s. Can Shippers Cope? V o l u m e F i v e 2 0 0 8 S p r i n g CSCMP The World s Leading Source for the Supply Chain Profession. EXPLORES... V o l u m e F i v e 2 0 0 8 S p r i n g How Global Trade and Transportation Trends Impact America s Transportation Infrastructure:

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BBN Brevard Business News

BBN Brevard Business News BBN Brevard Business News Vol. 32 No. 6 February 10, 2014 $1.00 A Weekly Space Coast Business Magazine printed in Brevard County, Fla. since 1984 Longtime area resident Weinberg is elected to the Fidelity

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2013 - Our 25th Anniversary

2013 - Our 25th Anniversary FOWLER RODRIGUEZ Counselors at Law 2013 - Our 25th Anniversary Immigration Group Joins Miami Office Norman Sullivan Named Maritime Lawyer of the Year Congratulations to Norman C. Sullivan, Jr. who was

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Aaviation litigation

Aaviation litigation Clifford Law Offices Aaviation litigation Clifford Law Offices has represented victims of aircraft disasters around the world.the firm has represented passengers and crew against virtually every major

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representing las Vegas Metro Police Department officers and Deputy city and Municipal court Marshals

representing las Vegas Metro Police Department officers and Deputy city and Municipal court Marshals representing las Vegas Metro Police Department officers and Deputy city and Municipal court Marshals VOLuME 4 ISSuE 3 september/october 2009 See page 10 Clark County Credit Union is Nevada's only not-for-profit,

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THE CHICAGO AREA TRANSPORTATION STUDY Creating the First Plan (1955-1962) A Narrative By Andrew V. Plummer

THE CHICAGO AREA TRANSPORTATION STUDY Creating the First Plan (1955-1962) A Narrative By Andrew V. Plummer THE CHICAGO AREA TRANSPORTATION STUDY Creating the First Plan (1955-1962) A Narrative By Andrew V. Plummer THE CHICAGO AREA TRANSPORTATION STUDY Creating the First Plan (1955-1962) Introduction...3 Acknowledgements...4

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The 2nd Avenue disaster was the

The 2nd Avenue disaster was the BELLTEL RETIREE The Official Newsletter for Union and Management Retirees and Employees of Bell Atlantic, GTE, Idearc/SuperMedia/DexMedia, NYNEX, MCI, Verizon and its Subsidiaries. Paid for by contributions

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Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013

Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Vol. 84, No. 5 Official Publication of The American Legion Department of California December 2013 Southern California National Commander Visit 12/9/13 (Monday) 1000 Riverside National Cemetery 22495 Van

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Organized 1885. Official Organ of the Sailors Union of the Pacific. SUP President s Report

Organized 1885. Official Organ of the Sailors Union of the Pacific. SUP President s Report Organized 1885 Official Organ of the Sailors Union of the Pacific Volume LXXVIII No. 2 SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA Friday, February 20, 2015 Bipartisan legislation recognizes roll of WWII U.S. merchant mariners

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Copyright 2001-2007 by Patsula Media. All rights reserved. From the creators of Smallbuisnesstown TM.

Copyright 2001-2007 by Patsula Media. All rights reserved. From the creators of Smallbuisnesstown TM. The ENTREPRENUER S Guidebook Series TM THANKS for selecting this guidebook! Many hours of painstaking work have gone into its creation. Send feedback or suggestions to And check out

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USFA-TR-146/May 2003 Homeland Security

USFA-TR-146/May 2003 Homeland Security U.S. Fire Administration/Technical Report Series Special Report: Fireboats: Then and Now USFA-TR-146/May 2003 Homeland Security U.S. Fire Administration Fire Investigations Program The U.S. Fire Administration

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1960 FUKUKAWA MARU 22,000DWT Iron Ore Carrier 2006 HUMBER BRIDGE 8,000TEU Containership

1960 FUKUKAWA MARU 22,000DWT Iron Ore Carrier 2006 HUMBER BRIDGE 8,000TEU Containership 90 th Since 1919 Anniversary 1937 KIYOKAWA MARU 9,000DWT Cargo Boat 1957 FUJIKAWA MARU 20,000DWT Oil Tanker 1973 EUROPEAN HIGHWAY 4,200Units Pure Car Carrier 1968 GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE 700TEU Containership

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NEWSLETTER 124 North Van Avenue PHONE: (985) 851-2134 Houma, LA 70363-5895 FAX: (985) 879-3911

NEWSLETTER 124 North Van Avenue PHONE: (985) 851-2134 Houma, LA 70363-5895 FAX: (985) 879-3911 NEWSLETTER 124 North Van Avenue PHONE: (985) 851-2134 Houma, LA 70363-5895 FAX: (985) 879-3911 Number 82 JAN. FEB. MAR. 2012 I N S I D E T H I S I S S

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Outsourcing a High Speed Internet Access Project: An Information Technology Class Case Study in Three Parts*

Outsourcing a High Speed Internet Access Project: An Information Technology Class Case Study in Three Parts* Teaching Case Outsourcing a High Speed Internet Access Project: An Information Technology Class Case Study in Three Parts* Richard G. Platt William B. Carper Department of Management and MIS College of

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Longman Communication 3000

Longman Communication 3000 LONGMAN COMMUNICATION 3000 1 Longman Communication 3000 The Longman Communication 3000 is a list of the 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English, based on statistical analysis of the

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Maritime and Transport Law news

Maritime and Transport Law news Maritime and Transport Law news Newsletter of the Legal Practice Division Volume 7 number 1 september 2011 Long established as the trading and commercial hub of the Middle East, Dubai combines the excitement

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Get In Get Out Stay Out


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256 th COMMENCEMENT 256 th COMMENCEMENT MAY 14 2012 MA Y 14 201 2

256 th COMMENCEMENT 256 th COMMENCEMENT MAY 14 2012 MA Y 14 201 2 256th COMMENCEMENT 256th COMMENCEMENT MAY 14 2012 MAY 14 2012 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA KEEPING FRANKLIN S PROMISE In the words of one elegiac tribute, Great men have two lives: one which occurs while

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