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1 U C S A N T A C R U Z Private Support Making a Difference Inside: Annual Report of the UC Santa Cruz & Honor Roll of Donors, November 2005 shmuel thaler At her investiture as chancellor, Denice Denton emphasized private gift support as an ongoing campus priority, and at the Scholarships Benefit Dinner the following day, she announced record giving totals for fiscal year $35.3 million another record year Private gift support for UC Santa Cruz reached $35.3 million in the second consecutive record year of fundraising. Across the range of disciplines, from the social sciences, humanities, and physical and biological sciences to the arts and engineering, our donors are making a positive difference at UC Santa Cruz, said Chancellor Denice D. Denton. We depend on their generosity and support and are very grateful for it. This Annual Report tells the stories behind some of the gifts and remarkable donors that made this such a successful year. Celebration honors diversity, leadership, and student support Guests from across the state, around the nation, and as far away as Japan gathered for three days of special events that explored diversity in higher education, celebrated the investiture of Chancellor Denice D. Denton, and supported UC Santa Cruz students through the Scholarships Benefit Dinner. At the third annual dinner, which honored longtime UCSC supporter Jack Baskin with the first Fiat Lux Award, Denton announced that $2.7 million in student support had been raised in the past year. The celebratory events began with Achieving Excellence Through Diversity, a public symposium on issues of diversity in higher education. Keynote speaker Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and former chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, posed the question of how institutions of higher education can identify and enact the best practices for access and inclusion. Diversity is not radical, said Anuradha Luther Maitra, president of the UCSC, in her symposium remarks. It s a risk-averse strategy for survival. Luther Maitra and Denton presented Jackson with the UCSC Medal in recognition of her career achievements, which exemplify the ideals and vision of UCSC. On the day following the symposium, the UCSC Music Center Recital Hall was filled to capacity for the investiture of Denton. UC President Robert C. Dynes called Denton I am proof of the life-changing power of giving. Tremain Jones, scholarship recipient a trailblazer in pursuit of equity and multiculturalism prior to presenting her with the UCSC Chancellor s Medallion, the official emblem of her office. In her inaugural address, Denton challenged the campus to lead at the edge and outlined six priorities that will guide decisions and the distribution of resources (see the Chancellor s letter, page 2). Success and surprise characterized the Scholarships Benefit Dinner, the final event in the three-day celebration. Chancellor Denton announced the successful conclusion of the UCSC Cornerstone Campaign (see related article this page), and Tremain Jones (Kresge 05), recipient of a Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award scholarship, spoke about the impact of student support on his academic success. I am proof of the life-changing power of giving, said Jones, who completed a B.A. in anthropology and will travel to Borneo this winter to study orangutans in their natural environment. Campus and community benefactor Jack Baskin received the Fiat Lux Award in recognition of his distinguished and sustained service in support of UCSC s programs and goals. In a surprise announcement, Chancellor Denton revealed that Baskin s family, friends, and colleagues at UCSC and the Jack Baskin School of Engineering had created and funded the Jack Baskin Engineering Scholarship. They have taken this opportunity to honor your educational leadership and vision for our young engineers, said Denton. For more about these special events, see page 2. Cornerstone Campaign surpasses goal The first campuswide fundraising effort in UC Santa Cruz s history is a resounding success. A total of $67.6 million was raised, surpassing the campaign s goal by $17 million. Our supporters have joined with us in taking UC Santa Cruz to the next level of achievement, said Gordon Ringold (Crown 72), chair of the Cornerstone Campaign Council. The tremendous success of this campaign is thanks to the demonstrated commitment and support of our faculty and staff and the greater UC Santa Cruz community of alumni, parents, and friends. Running from July 2003 to June 2005, the Cornerstone Campaign benefited virtually every area of the campus. Gifts large and small contributed to this achievement, and more than $5.2 million was raised for undergraduate and graduate student support, a focused effort within the campaign. Support from the UCSC Alumni Association s newly created First-in-Family Scholarship helped Melissa Salas enter UCSC as a junior transfer psychology major. I never questioned whether I was going to come to UCSC, it was just a matter of when, said the Watsonville, California, native, who received support enabling her to transfer right after completing her A.A. degree. Ocean sciences graduate student Petra Dekens (Crown 98) is benefiting from a new Center for the Dynamics and Evolution of the Land-Sea Interface (CDELSI) Fellowship, generously created by an anonymous donor. To have funding for my last year is really great, said Dekens, because I know I ll be able to really focus on writing up the research I ve done so far. Good news about your UCSC gift and taxes See page 5 for details. UC Santa Cruz (usps ) Volume 43, Number 3 / November 2005 UC Santa Cruz is a series of administrative publications published in August, September, November, and March by University Relations at UC Santa Cruz. Periodicals postage paid at Santa Cruz, CA University Relations University of California 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA Periodicals Postmaster: Send address changes to the University of California, 1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA

2 U C S A N T A C R U Z : Thinking at the Edge U C S A N T A C R U Z : Private Support Making a Difference From Chancellor Denice D. Denton On behalf of the UC Santa Cruz community, it s my great pleasure to thank you for your support and advocacy, which has brought us phenomenal success in our Cornerstone Campaign and taken us to a second consecutive record-breaking year in private gift support. These achievements have been accomplished through your generosity, without which many key advancements would be impossible. I also acknowledge and appreciate the leadership of previous administrations and the hard work of faculty and staff. As we work together toward the next level of distinction for our campus, I am pleased to share some of the priorities that will guide us. R Expand educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students; emphasize the role of the colleges; establish professional schools. R Build on the quality of existing academic disciplines to develop new programs, particularly those that are interdisciplinary. R Bolster fundraising and organizational effectiveness by increasing productive partnerships among campus units and with companies, educational institutions, and governments in Silicon Valley, the Monterey Bay region, and beyond. R Renew the campus s commitment to our local community, partnering with local governments on issues such as housing and transportation, while underscoring UCSC s contributions to education, volunteerism, culture, and economic growth and stability. R Showcase the excellence of students, staff, faculty, and alumni who are driving progress across a spectrum of disciplines and making a difference in our world. R Develop new strategies to attract, recruit, and retain exceptional students, staff, and faculty from diverse backgrounds. Again I thank you for your ongoing commitment and support of UC Santa Cruz. Sincerely yours, Denice D. Denton Chancellor UC Santa Cruz matt fitt rod searcey Today, we begin again. Our campus was born of a pioneering vision, which yet endures. Replete with stellar achievements, UC Santa Cruz is but a brilliant intimation of even more greatness to come. I look forward to joining you in the journey. Jacta alea est! Diversity is a forward-looking strategy, not just a mechanism to redress past injustice.... Diversity makes for robustness, resilience, and stability. Anuradha Luther Maitra President, UC Santa Cruz At the symposium on Achieving Excellence through Diversity UC Santa Cruz, November 3, 2005 Denice D. Denton Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz From her inaugural address, November 4, 2005 Diversity, and discussions of it, can be turbulent and uncomfortable. But, it is also clarifying, illuminating, leading to a deeper understanding of one s self and one s world. Diversity advances innovation diversity powers excellence. Shirley Ann Jackson President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute From her keynote address at the symposium on Achieving Excellence through Diversity UC Santa Cruz, November 3, 2005 UC Santa Cruz is developing a school that will meet the engineering challenges of the 21st century. I am delighted with the engineering school s progress and consider it to be my greatest legacy. Jack Baskin Philanthropist Recipient of the first UC Santa Cruz Fiat Lux Award November 5, 2005 shmuel thaler rod searcey jim mackenzie Kumar Malavalli and the first Malavalli Chair in Storage Systems, Darrell Long Industry leader creates endowed chair $1 million gift from A Kumar Malavalli has established the Kumar Malavalli Endowed Chair in Storage Systems at UCSC s Baskin School of Engineering. All of the information that is generated in different areas of your life and in different businesses has to be stored, moved around, replicated, and backed up, said Malavalli, cofounder of two data storage and protection companies and inductee to the Silicon Valley Engineering Council Hall of Fame. The technologies are growing by leaps and bounds, but we still don t have an optimal solution. More research is needed to fill the holes that exist today to provide the best solution for society. Thanks to Malavalli s generosity, the Baskin School s Storage Systems Research Center (SSRC) will be able to focus greater resources on this crucial issue. UCSC has appointed Darrell Long, professor of computer science, as the first holder of the Malavalli Chair in Storage Systems. Long said the funds from the endowed chair will support research, graduate students, and other activities of the SSRC, a national leader in research on data storage and storage systems. I see this endowment as recognition for the excellence of the research conducted by the SSRC as a whole, said Long. The center will benefit greatly from having this permanent source of support. For more information on supporting Baskin School of Engineering programs and students, contact Stephen Bourdow, director of development, (831) or jim mackenzie Donors with dual roles support library and students UCSC s McHenry Library is undergoing a comprehensive expansion and renovation, creating a model 21st century facility that integrates the latest information technology with traditional resource excellence. Major gifts and valuable input from three supporters who provide considerable volunteer service as well are leading the way in this ambitious effort. UCSC trustee Kit Mura-smith (Merrill 75) served on the advisory group that shaped plans for the library project. A retired technology industry executive, Mura-smith has also made a $1.4 million planned gift to support the library expansion and to fund scholarships through Services for Transfer and Re-Entry Students (STARS). UCSC welcomed me and provided the support I needed to concentrate on my studies to complete my degree in one year, said Mura-smith, who enrolled as a senior transfer through the same program her scholarship will support. Mike Graydon (Cowell 70), also a trustee, and his wife, Sally, a board member of the Friends of the UCSC Library (see related story page 5), have established the McHenry Library Expansion Learning & Outreach Center Fund, which will enrich a state-of-the-art instruction center. The fund will be vital in maintaining and updating the learning center, where students will develop lifelong skills in research and information literacy. By supporting these programs, we re helping new generations move through new experiences and helping expose them to the brilliant people at UC Santa Cruz, said Graydon. For more information on supporting the University Library, contact Margaret Gordon, director of development, (831) or UC Santa Cruz trustee Mike Graydon (Cowell 70) and his wife, Sally, who serves as a board member of the Friends of the UCSC Library Professor Emerita Jean Langenheim and ecology and evolutionary biology Ph.D. student Krikor Andonian, recipient of the first Jean H. Langenheim Graduate Fellowship in Plant Ecology and Evolution Coastal research and graduate students benefit From meticulous coastal surveys to controlled greenhouse experiments, researchers and students in the physical and biological sciences benefited this year from generous support. The Gordon and Betty Moore and the David and Lucile Packard contributed a total of more than $7 million to the Partnership for Interdiscplinary Studies of Coastal Oceans (PISCO), a longterm collaborative research project that received UC Santa Cruz s largest private contribution. PISCO focuses on processes driving West Coast tidal ecosystems. Survey findings so far covering nearly 100 sites, from Baja California to Alaska reveal previously unrecognized geographic biodiversity patterns. There have been a lot of intertidal surveys over the years in certain places, but what really sets us apart is the geographic range that we have been able to cover, said Alison Kendall (College Eight 01), one of five UCSC alumnae who make up the survey team. Moving quickly at low tides, the team documents the abundance and diversity of intertidal algae and invertebrates. Focusing on terrestrial ecology issues, Krikor Andonian is researching how fungi affect exotic plant invasions and the regeneration of two California oak species. A Ph.D. student in ecology and evolutionary biology, Andonian received the first Jean H. Langenheim Graduate Fellowship in Plant Ecology and Evolution. Langenheim, a professor emerita in ecology and evolutionary biology and an eminent plant ecologist, said the $200,000 gift had long been part of her estate plan. She created the fellowship now because state budget cuts and rising student fees make private graduate support all the more important. I simply decided to support the field in which I have been doing research for so long, Langenheim said. It actually surprised me to look back and realize that it has been 60 years since I took my first courses in plant ecology. For more information on supporting physical and biological sciences programs and students, contact Lynne Stoops, director of development, (831) or jim mackenzie 2 U C S A N T A C R U Z : Thinking at the Edge g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 3

3 U C S A N T A C R U Z : Private Support Making a Difference contributed photo New Teacher Center mentor Sharon Galloway (left) working with fourth-grade teacher Hugo Diaz at the King Kamehameha III School in Lahaina, Hawaii Individual and foundation gifts boost social sciences sandor nagyszalanczy jim mackenzie Donor profile: David Kaun The story of David Kaun s life is written in his philanthropy: a passion for music; a commitment to education, teaching, and students; and the sheer joy of giving back. It s wonderful fun, he said about his experiences as a donor. I ve helped some students, which is really a great pleasure. I ve seen the value in Drew and Myra Goodman national resource for A teacher training, the UC Santa Cruz New Teacher Center (NTC) has developed a mentoring program that dramatically reduces new-teacher attrition. Typically, nearly half of all new teachers leave the profession within five years, but we re able to retain almost 90 percent, said NTC director Ellen Moir. NTC s success throughout school districts in more than 30 states has attracted major foundation support, including a threeyear, $750,000 award from the Wachovia to fund a mentoring program in District of Columbia public schools. In addition, a $725,000 grant from the William and Flora Hewlett will support NTC s work in three of East Palo Alto s lowest-performing elementary and middle schools. The Goldman Sachs gave a $300,000 grant to bolster NTC s organizational infrastructure and support the rapid growth of the center, which has developed a support program for principals as well as teachers. UCSC students are also benefiting from the generosity of Mark Headley (Stevenson 83) whose all the support I ve given. A devoted and generous donor to UC Santa Cruz since joining the faculty in 1966, Kaun said, I m an economist by profession, but a clarinetist by temperament. Kaun s major UCSC gifts include two music scholarships; a University Library music endowment; composer sponsorships for Shakespeare Santa Cruz; and underwriting the Arts & Lectures classical music program. When Kaun attended the first season of the UCSC Pacific Rim Music Festival, he was so impressed he became a festival supporter. UCSC associate professor of music and festival artistic director Hi Kyung Kim surprised Kaun by inviting him to perform a piece composed in his firm, Matthews International Capital Management, has established the Transforming Asia Fund. The fund will support an Asian economies conference, a distinguished-visitor lecture program, and an undergraduate research award. All Transforming Asia Fund activities will take an interdisciplinary approach. In another example, Drew (College Eight 83) and Myra Goodman are helping students in one of UCSC s oldest interdisciplinary programs, environmental studies. They created the Earthbound Farm Environmental Stewardship Award, named for the farm they founded 20 years ago. The award supports students who are actively engaged in protecting and conserving the environment through organic, sustainable agriculture. For more information on supporting social sciences programs and students, contact John Leopold, director of development, at (831) or Humanities graduate program gains support honor at the next festival. It was phenomenal, said Kaun, describing the debut of Duo , which he performed with composer and clarinetist John Sackett, a lecturer in music at UCSC. Himself a recipient of student support, Kaun endowed a graduate student award in social sciences after working with outstanding teaching assistants. I do believe that the only intelligent thing to do with your money is to spend it in the ways you want, and to do some good in the process, he said. For David Kaun, that includes his generous support of the arts, education, and students at UC Santa Cruz. For more information on supporting arts programs and students, contact Ann McCrow, director of development, (831) or edu. You can read David Kaun s complete profile at stories_of_support/profile-kaun.asp. Longtime UCSC staffer Betsy Wootten in the Kresge College courtyard, holding the college tile presented to her by campus colleagues One of UCSC s earliest graduate programs has received a major gift from Craig Schiffer (Cowell 78), who established the History of Consciousness Fellowship Endowment. Funding graduate students is especially challenging in interdisciplinary departments such as ours, said James Clifford, professor and chair of history of consciousness. This gift is a crucial step in supporting our students. The first History of Consciousness Fellowship was awarded to Kimberly Bird, whose dissertation studies California poets from the 1930s and 1940s who affiliated with a variety of democratic and anti-fascist causes. History of consciousness is an interdisciplinary Ph.D. program centered in the humanities with links to the social sciences, natural sciences, and arts. Schiffer s gift provides essential student support, enabling focused dissertation research and writing. For more information on supporting humanities programs and students, contact Nora Sweeny, director of development, (831) or Colleges benefit from commemorative tile program Colleagues and friends of Betsy Wootten surprised her with a college tile when she retired after 34 years as Kresge College faculty services coordinator. I was thrilled, said Wootten, and pleased to receive such a wonderful and unexpected honor after so many years of work. The purchase of Wootten s tile benefits Kresge College, where she has spent most of her 40-year UC career. Wootten continues to live up to her 2001 UCSC Alumni Association Outstanding Staff Award. Opting for phased retirement, she now works part-time in the Feminist Studies Department. The College Tiles Program has raised more than $100,000, enabling provosts to support, initiate, and expand programs that enrich the UC Santa Cruz college experience. The tiles will be permanently displayed at the college of the donor s choice, and are a unique way to commemorate graduations, retirements, family achievements, and other occasions. For more information about supporting UC Santa Cruz colleges through the College Tiles Program, return the enclosed envelope or contact Jennifer Wood, director of development, Annual Fund and Colleges, (831) or jim mackenzie Volunteers make the difference Volunteers have been a vital part of the campus community since they first helped bring the University of California to Santa Cruz. The group of local community members who lobbied to establish UC Santa Cruz evolved into the UCSC Affiliates, the first of the campus support groups whose members provide a crucial foundation for many campus programs and activities (see sidebar). For Joya Chatterjee, president of the Friends of the UCSC Library, volunteering is both a family affair and a family tradition. Her parents gave time and books to establish libraries for the poor in Calcutta, India, and her husband, Bijoy, serves on the Jack Baskin School of Engineering Regional Advisory Board and as an adviser to the Electrical Engineering Department. Their sons also volunteer generously for their favorite projects. We ve taught our children that they must spend some of their time to make a difference in someone s life, or to an organization. This will make everyone feel better, said Chatterjee. From funding scholarships to setting up endowments, from acting as docents to staffing events, community volunteers generously give their energy, ideas, and donations in support of a wide range of campus programs. Most volunteers belong to one of several campus friends or support groups, which have a combined membership of nearly 4,600. The varied expertise and ann m. gibb Scholar profile: Melissa Salas Melissa Salas is a trailblazer. The initial recipient of the UCSC Alumni Association s First-in-Family rod searcey Joya Chatterjee (right), president of the Friends of the UCSC Library, and her husband, Bijoy Chatterjee, member, Jack Baskin School of Engineering Regional Advisory Board knowledge of volunteers brings a rich culture to UCSC, said Joya Chatterjee. Volunteering is self-fulfilling. When you give, you see the growth. You see the difference that you make. And it s exhilarating, to say the least! Good news about your gift and 2005 federal taxes Thanks to the Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act of 2005, Congress will assist donors and their favorite charities including tax-exempt organizations like UC Santa Cruz by providing federal tax breaks. To qualify for both Scholarship, Salas knows there is more than her future riding on her educational success. It s a milestone, said Salas, as she completes her first quarter as a psychology major. It s definitely something that my family, generations from now, will look back on and see that I made this first step for them. For more information about supporting the UCSC Alumni Association s First-in-Family scholarship program, contact Jennifer Wood, director of development, Annual Fund and Colleges, (831) or You can read Melissa Salas s complete profile at top-students.asp. tax breaks, your gift must be given: (1) as cash, check, electronic transfer of cash, or securities; (2) between August 28, 2005, and before January 1, 2006; and (3) to any public charity, not just those providing hurricane relief (gifts to donoradvised funds or private foundations do not qualify). Normally, taxpayers lose a percentage of their itemized deductions when their adjusted gross income (AGI) reaches $145,950 (if you re married but filing separately, this threshold starts at $72,975). For this tax year only, the bill waives the phaseout on contributions if they meet the three rules noted above, and you can deduct 100 percent of your itemized gifts to qualified charitable organizations. In addition, the Katrina Emergency Tax Relief Act raises the maximum deduction for charitable contributions made from Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Generally, the amount withdrawn from an IRA is subject to income tax.* In 2005 only, Congress has raised the AGI threshold to 100 percent, which gives anyone an opportunity to donate their IRA, in whole or in part, to charity, while incurring little or no tax liability. Please see your tax consultant for more information. * The 10 percent penalty for IRA withdrawals before age 59.5 is not waived for charitable contributions. Join us! Opportunities abound at UC Santa Cruz for volunteering and having fun with all of the following campus-affiliated groups. We welcome your involvement. UCSC Affiliates Enhance campus and community connections through various activities, including funding scholarships and selecting the recipients of support. Contact Liz Evanovich at (831) or Arboretum Associates Promote and support the Arboretum through memberships, gifts, and individual and group volunteer work. Contact Tad Sterling at (831) or Friends of the Dickens Project Provide support for general public programs presented during the annual Dickens Universe conference, including performances, lectures, and afternoon teas. Contact Joanna Rottke at (831) or Friends of the Farm & Garden Raise funds to support the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems and promote environmentally sound organic gardening and farming through education and outreach. Contact Martha Brown at (831) or Friends of the UCSC Library Sponsor events and raise funds to enrich the University Library s collections. Contact Margaret Gordon at (831) or Lifelong Learners Participate in lectures, discussion groups, and other learning activities and support textbook scholarships for re-entry students. Contact Corinne Miller at (831) or Friends of the Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center Help support the center s comprehensive range of educational, informational, and advocacy services. Contact Deb Abbott at (831) or Friends of Long Marine Laboratory Support educational programs at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center as volunteers and donors. Contact Lisa Rose at (831) or Shakespeare Santa Cruz Board of Directors Raise funds for the plays and education and outreach programs of the Shakespeare Santa Cruz Festival. Contact Marcus Cato at (831) or Friends of Shakespeare Santa Cruz Provide volunteer support throughout the Shakespeare Santa Cruz Festival and Holiday Show seasons. Contact Jim Chambers, (831) or UCSC Women s Club Raise scholarship funds for re-entry students and sponsor informal lectures, book talks, and other events shared by campus and community members. Contact Liz Evanovich at (831) or 4 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 5

4 UC Santa Cruz Annual Report From the President of the Board I am honored and pleased to serve as president of the UC Santa Cruz Board, and I thank my predecessor, Ken Feingold, and all trustees for the collegiality that makes this job such a pleasure. With their support and enthusiasm and the leadership of Acting Chancellor Martin M. Chemers and Chancellor Denice D. Denton, we raised a record $37.5 million in private gift support in fiscal year This is an impressive precedent and an energizing challenge as we continue working together to support UCSC students, programs, and faculty. I grew up in India, moved to the U.S. as a graduate student, and have made California my home for 30 years. My recent association with UCSC has the feel of an arranged marriage, arranged oddly enough by my late husband, Sidhartha Maitra, and Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood. After the first flush of excitement, I found myself asking: Why Santa Cruz? Why the? I come from a country of heartbreaking poverty. How could I justify using my spare resources energies, time, money in support of what seem, in comparison, trivial causes? I only had to simultaneously widen and extend my vision to recognize the answer that I knew in my heart to be true. Here at UCSC, there are faculty and students doing research that will help solve the challenges that all humanity faces. I feel privileged to be in a team supporting this work and creating generations of socially responsible leaders. I invite you to join with me and my colleagues and support the work of UCSC through your advocacy, time, energy, and donations. There are an amazing array of activities here, and I encourage you to find one that speaks to you. It might be related to human challenges including energy, poverty, or the environment, or it may be in music, art, history, or drama. After all, what is the point of saving the world if there is no music when we are done? As we proceed, I take a cue from a recent article I read on successful leadership. Two essential qualities are chutzpah and grace, with chutzpah being most effective when used for a larger cause. We intend to lead with chutzpah and grace. 6 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u Anuradha Luther Maitra President UC Santa Cruz UC Santa Cruz Board of ees The UC Santa Cruz is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization formed in 1974 to support the University of California, Santa Cruz. In close partnership with UCSC s chancellor, faculty, and staff, the encourages and accepts private gifts to address critical campus needs not met by state funds. Ex Officio ees Denice D. Denton Chancellor and Professor, Electrical Engineering Dominador J. Siababa Merrill 75 President UCSC Alumni Association Elected ees Anuradha Luther Maitra President Gordon M. Ringold Crown 72 Vice President Timothy J. Morgan Cowell 70 Parliamentarian Bruce D. Aidells Graduate Studies 74 Sara Bachman Allen Jack Baskin President, Narpat Bhandari Ramesh H. Bhojwani Barbara W. Canfield Donald E. Cooley President, Harriet L. Deck Larry deghetaldi Merrill 76 Mary E. Doyle Porter 74 Yolanda A. Dybdahl Kenneth A. Feingold Cowell 71 President, James W. Fuller Allan J. Goodman Stevenson 67 Michael P. Graydon Cowell 70 Paul J. Hall Merrill 72 John M. Halliday President, Susan W. Hammer Kamil H. Hasan Paul Irwin President, Stoddard P. Johnston President, Narinder S. Kapany Frans M. Lanting Anne Neufeld Levin President, Kiran Malhotra Linda Dyer Millard Stephanie Lynn Mills Lawrence A. Moskowitz Cowell 74 Kiyoko M. Mura-smith Merrill 75 Adam I. Nathanson Gary D. Novack Kresge 73 Leon E. and Sylvia M. Panetta Leticia Quezada Oakes 75 David B. Regan President, Patrick G. Riley Cowell 68 Richard T. Spieker Garry A. Spire Stevenson 77 Loren A. Steck Porter 73 Lynn M. Stegner Porter 78 Gregory A. Steltenpohl Kristen Tibbitts Graduate Studies 91 Antonio R. Velasco Crown 75 Virginia C. Wilson Mary Elizabeth Woolpert Samuel L. Wright Jr. Emeriti ees Margaret S. Lyons Giberson Arthur A. Graham Harold A. Hyde Vice Chancellor Emeritus, Business and Finance Ernest T. Kretschmer Burney J. Le Boeuf Professor Emeritus, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology George A. Malloch President, Edward C. Thayer Honorary ees Martin M. Chemers Professor, Psychology, and Former Acting Chancellor Faye J. Crosby Professor, Psychology, and Chair, Academic Senate Alison Galloway Professor, Anthropology, and Interim Vice Provost, Academic Affairs M.R.C. Greenwood Professor, Biology, and Former Chancellor Francisco J. Hernandez Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs Edward F. Houghton Professor, Music, and Dean, Arts Michael M. Hutchison Merrill 76 Professor, Economics, and Interim Dean, Social Sciences Sung Mo (Steve) Kang Professor, Electrical Engineering, and Dean, Jack Baskin School of Engineering David S. Kliger Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, and Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor William A. Ladusaw Professor, Linguistics, and Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Education Gary L. Lease Professor, History of Consciousness, and Interim Dean, Humanities Larry Merkley Vice Provost, Information Technology Meredith G. Michaels Vice Chancellor, Planning and Budget Robert C. Miller Jr. Vice Chancellor, Research Cathy A. Sandeen Vice Provost and Dean, University Extension/Summer Session Robert L. Sinsheimer Professor Emeritus, Biology, UCSC and UCSB; Chancellor Emeritus Lisa C. Sloan Professor, Earth Sciences, and Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate Studies Virginia Steel University Librarian Robert B. Stevens Former Chancellor Stephen E. Thorsett Professor, Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Interim Dean, Physical and Biological Sciences Carl E. Walsh Professor, Economics, and Vice Provost, Silicon Valley Initiatives Honorary Emeritus ee Karl S. Pister Chancellor Emeritus, UCSC; Roy W. Carlson Professor Emeritus of Engineering, UCB Officers Thomas M. Vani Interim Executive Secretary; Vice Chancellor, Business and Administrative Services Kirk L. Lew Interim Treasurer; Campus Controller William L. Jump Assistant Treasurer; Controller, University Relations Christine S. MacFarlane Interim Assistant Treasurer; Director, Accounting Services This report honors the many UC Santa Cruz contributors who have invested in the achievements and future of this outstanding university. Many direct their gifts to one or more programs of special interest to them, such as a college, academic department, scholar- ship fund, or specific area of research. The ways of giving are as diverse as the opportunities to join the campus in its mission of education, research, and service. The UC Santa Cruz welcomes outright gifts of cash, securities, and property. Gifts may also be pledged, with payment extended over time. There are also deferred giving options, including charitable remainder trusts, life insurance gifts, and bequests. Unrestricted gifts allow the campus to direct resources where they are needed most. Other vehicles for giving include annual giving, endowment gifts, special campaigns, and honorary and memorial giving. The UC Santa Cruz welcomes all expressions of support. The has tax-exempt status granted under Section 501(c)(3) of the federal Internal Revenue Code, and all contributions to the are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Financial data in this report were compiled prior to the final fiscal-year audit. Copies of the s audited financial statement are available upon request. We deeply appreciate the many individuals and organizations that support UC Santa Cruz, and are pleased to acknowledge their generous contributions. University Benefactors (pages 7 8) are individuals, foundations, businesses, and other organizations that have made cumulative contributions of $50,000 or more over the history of the campus. Through the 21st Century Club (page 8), we acknowledge those who have made deferred gifts to UCSC or informed the university that they are remembering the campus in their wills. Contributors have made gifts or pledges totaling $100 or more to UC Santa Cruz between July 1, 2004, and June 30, Individual Contributors (pages 9 13) and Parent Contributors (parents of current students, pages 13 16), are recognized by giving club. Alumni Contributors (those who attended UCSC for three or more quarters, pages 16 23) are listed by class year and giving club. We list alumni contributors with spouses or partners, UCSC alumnus/a listed first. If both are alumni, their listing is followed by an *. Contributing Businesses, s, Campus Organizations, and Other Organizations (pages 23 24) are listed following contributing alumni. s (page 24) recognizes gifts received in affiliation with a trust. We also list Honorary Gifts (page 15) and Memorial Gifts (page 20) made during the year. UC Santa Cruz ees are indicated by, and former trustees by. Source of of Private Funds: Funds: (Total: $35,385,455) (Total: $35,385,455) s: $16,604,894 (46.9%) Parents: $1,611,870 (4.6%) Alumni: $2,848,634 (8.0%) Businesses: $8,961,123 (25.3%) Other Individuals: $4,092,180 (11.6%) Campus Organizations: $44,134 (0.1%) Other Organizations: $1,222,620 (3.5%) UCSC Purpose Report of of Gift: Private Support Purpose (Total: $35,385,455) of Gift: (Total: $35,385,455) Student Support: $3,019,100 (8.5%) Department Support: $1,157,412 (3.3%) Instruction: $2,304,000 (6.5%) Faculty Research: $16,777,159 (47.4%) Campus Improvement: $7,810,912 (22.1%) Unrestricted: $175,100 (0.5%) Other Purposes*: $4,141,772 (11.7%) * Gifts to the University Library, Arboretum, KZSC, Women s Club, Farm & Garden, Affiliates, Extension, Sesnon Art Gallery, and other campus galleries. Honor Roll University Benefactors (cumulative gifts) Individual Benefactors Gifts Totaling $5,000,000 or more Jack Baskin and Peggy Downes Baskin Gifts Totaling $1,000,000 to $4,999,999 Elena Baskin Charles Griffin Farr Florence J. French Alfred E. Hahn Ardis Hyde and Philip Hyde Anne and Paul Levin Joseph M. Long Robert M. Long Kumar and Vijaya Malavalli Adolph C. and Mary Sprague Miller Kiyoko M. Kit Mura-smith ( 75) and John Ware H. Boyd Seymour Jr. Barbara Klowden Snader Harry O. Warren Gifts Totaling $500,000 to $999,999 Morley and Frances Baer Elspeth G. Bobbs William H. and Susan B. Irwin Pirkle Jones Thomas and Roberta Lumb Dean E. McHenry and Jane S. McHenry Charles E. Merrill Jr. Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Siegfried B. Puknat Gordon Ringold ( 72) and Tanya Zarucki Gifts Totaling $250,000 to $499,999 Sara B. and C. Donald Allen Jr. Ramesh H. Bhojwani Ethel Hammond Curtis Margaret Lyons Giberson and Alan Giberson Arthur and Carol Graham John M. Halliday Layne Halliday Lou Harrison and William Colvig Kamil and Talat Hasan Robert and Virginia Heinlein Alfred and Ruth Heller Paul and Anne Irwin Barbara Lee Jorgensen Narinder and Satinder Kapany David E. Kaun Jean H. Langenheim Gerry Marcus and Zoe Anne Orr Marcus Rebecca and James Morgan Nell Newman The Family of Juei-Ming Ong Federico and Rena Perlino Thomas B. and Bernice H. Porter Patricia ( 88) and Rowland Rebele Katherine M. Sage Barbara M. Shields Casey Catherine Silvey ( 83) Richard and Mary Solari Robert Stephens ( 73) and Julie Packard ( 74) Clay B. Tousey Donald and Marion Younger Gifts Totaling $100,000 to $249,999 Peter C. ( 83) and Karen G. Adams Rolf S. Augustine Elizabeth C. Barber Joseph and Sara Bunnett Eugene and Aline Burkett Donn R. and Judy Campion Charles and Cherri Canfield Barbara Sesnon Cartan Joya and Bijoy Chatterjee Donald E. and Diane P. Cooley Margarete Didden-Ilksen Jerome and Sylvia Drexler Growth of UC Santa Cruz Endowment /Unitrust: (Millions of dollars) Growth of UC Santa Cruz Endowment /Unitrust: (Millions of dollars) UC Santa Cruz UC Santa Cruz Endowment Endowment Performance: Performance: (Total (Total percentage percentage return return for fiscal for fiscal year year ending ending June June 30) 30) 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% -5% -10% /Unitrust Funds UC Regents Endowment (UCSC s portion) UC Santa Cruz Endowment Yolanda and Chris Dybdahl Dorothy Nadine Emigh David Graves ( 74) and Elizabeth McKinne Michael ( 70) and Sally Graydon M.R.C. Greenwood John L. Halverson Clara-Belle Hamilton Rose P. Hand Ruth Hare and George H. Hare William M. Hilton Jr. and Elena Delgado Elise Hoffman Thelma Hoffman Emmet T. Hooper and Leanore Theriot Hooper Harold and Dorothy Hyde Persis Hyde Charlotte I. Jackson Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell David Kashtan William and Marina Kast Robert and Rosalie Kraft Jean Kretschmer and Ernest T. Bud Kretschmer L. W. Lane Jr. and Jean Lane Glen and Marian Langdon Erik M. Lauritzen David S. Lee Sidhartha Maitra and Anuradha Luther Maitra John G. and Billie K. Mahaney Dominic and Karen Massaro Melanie J. Mayer Frances B. McAllister George Ow and Gail Michaelis- Ow ( 74) David and Lucile Packard Christopher ( 84) and Karen Payne Edward and Camille Stahl Penhoet Jesse C. Rabinowitz Esther L. Rice Ted and Adele Right Barry Ross Paul Schranz Porter Sesnon William T. Sesnon Jr. Barbara Sheriff William R. Shields Alan B. Simpkins and Phyllis Simpkins Total Funds Invested UC Santa Cruz Endowment Comparison Performance Value Benchmark return based on the University of California s Office of the Treasurer s composite of performance indices. See treasurer/updates/ IAC%20601% pdf. Annual Rate of Inflation Robert and Carol Simpkins Albert B. Smith M. Brewster and Deborah Smith Rebecca and Steve Sooy Tod and Catherine Spieker R. Michael and Eileen Tanner Angus E. and Patsy Taylor Gloria Hihn Welsh Malcolm C. Williams W. Todd and Corinne Wipke John Woodward ( 74) and Leslie Lingaas ( 74) Gifts Totaling $50,000 to $99,999 s Charles ( 72) and Elaine Adams Glenn L. Allen Jr. Eliza ( 75) and Arthur Anderson Linda ( 89) and William Anderson Jean Beevers Robert H. Bisno Daniel J. Brimm Theodore Burke Alison Keeler Carrillo Robert Carroll Dennis Cavallari John T. Chapin Barbara ( 85) and John Chilton Ellen W. Chu ( 71) Henry D. Chu ( 72) and May Chou Alan Lee Cima Donald T. Clark and Emily Clark Lee and Nell Cliff Catherine and Robert Cooper Marion and Newton Cope Steve Crouch Richard ( 77) and Alison Crowell Richard L. DePofi Helmut G. Diener Susan Sesnon Dolkas Stephen and Christine Domenik Merritt S. Duncan Lisa Eltinge ( 78) and Jonathan Burton Ruth and Samuel G. Engel Norval and Mary Fairman Stanley J. Farwig g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 7

5 Kenneth ( 71) and Moira Feingold ( 72) Jerry F. Feldman Lawrence Ferlinghetti Bob and Helen Goode Cynthia Grenfell Elinor R. Heller George P. Hitchcock Otto Julius Holmok Marcia Landels Hyman and Bruce Hyman Michael and Grace Jacobs Helen B. and John W. Jarman David Jonson Sonia and Philippe Kahn James and Sylvia Katzman Stanley and Elvera Kipman David Kirk and Larry Millsap David and Rachel Kliger The Koshland Family Jayne Ann Castle Krentz ( 70) and Frank Krentz Peter Lambert ( 75) Edward D. Landels Travis Lee Norman and Mary Kate Lezin Salem Magarian Kiran and Arjun Malhotra George and Linda Malloch Mary and Donald McKenzie Lawrence Michaels John J. and Rebecca Moores Richard and Nancy Morgan Shiv and Kiran Nadar Arthur N. Nelson Anna L. Nickel Bernard and Priscilla Oliver C. Leo Ortiz and Carolyn Reynolds Ortiz Alan and Beatrice Parker Norman and Gertrude Pendleton Noel Perry Thomas J. and Margot L. Pritzker Alice Reed David and Lynn Regan Joanne Reiter ( 75) and Burney Le Boeuf Kanwal and Ann Rekhi Henry P. Renard Barbara Rogoff Lillian McPherson Rouse Craig ( 78) and Amy Schiffer Robert Scowcroft Barbara Jones Sedletzky Joseph H. and June Chavez Silverman William and M. B. Rawson Simpkins John B. Simpson Robert and Karen Sinsheimer Garry Spire ( 77) and Ramyne Khan Howard Stein Winifred J. Steiner Norman H. and Charlotte Strouse William G. and Carol M. Symons Kenneth V. and Ann M. Thimann Amanda Kay Topper ( 75) Elsie W. Triebig Thomas and Patricia Vani Antonio Velasco ( 75) and Isabel Guzman Velasco ( 77) Judy ( 71) and Carl Walsh Gerald Weber ( 80) and Suzanne Holt Jean and Tim Weiss Albert E. and Eleanor Whitford Ronald J. and Mary M. Wickum Stephen and Jean Wyckoff Viola Zorn Guillermo and Gloria Zúñiga Business,, and Organization Benefactors Gifts Totaling $5,000,000 or more Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gordon and Betty Moore David and Lucile Packard Texas Instruments Gifts Totaling $1,000,000 to $4,999,999 American Cancer Society American Chemical Society ARCS Bridge Information Systems Cadence Design Systems Carnegie of New York S. H. Cowell Digital Equipment Helen Diller Family of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Charles Griffin Farr Ford Goldman Sachs Gray Whale Ranch Investors and Gray Whale Ranch Properties William and Flora Hewlett IBM Intel Jewish Community Federation Walter S. Johnson W. M. Keck W. K. Kellogg Kresge J. M. Long Lucille P. Markey Charitable MLB Noyce Oregon State University PALCO Laboratories Rockefeller San Francisco H. Boyd Seymour Jr. Alfred P. Sloan Barbara K. Snader Spencer Stupski Family Sun Microsystems UCSC Alumni Association Gifts Totaling $500,000 to $999,999 Agouron Institute AVI CHAI Cisco Systems Community of Silicon Valley Crown Zellerbach Walter and Elise Haas Fund Clarence E. Heller Charitable Hewlett-Packard John S. and James L. Knight John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Charles E. Merrill Newman s Own/Newman s Own Organics Peregrine Fund Pew Charitable s Spruce Street Symantec Gifts Totaling $250,000 to $499,999 Alias America Allstate Amoco ARCO Margaret Ingalls Bodfish Burroughs Burroughs Wellcome California Institute of Technology Columbia Community of Santa Cruz County Educational of America Ellison Medical FP International General Signal Thinfilm Company Halliday Hasan Family Robert and Virginia Heinlein Japan Landmark Graphics Henry Luce Lucent Technologies Gerena E. Macgowan March of Dimes Birth Defects Microsoft Morgan Family National Semiconductor Nature Conservancy Paul Newman Charitable Giving Pacific Bell Pacific Gas and Electric Company Packard Humanities Institute Pharmix RAMCO Rebele Living Damon Runyon Walter Winchell Cancer Research Fund San Francisco Estuary Institute Shell Stuart Syntex Research Wayne and Gladys Valley Xilinx Gifts Totaling $100,000 to $249,999 Affymax Research Institute Agilent Technologies Ahmanson Alaska SeaLife Center Altera American for AIDS Research American Petroleum Institute Amgen Apple Computer Aramco Services Company AT&T Bank of America Barkley Fund Arnold and Mabel Beckman Beckman Instruments BHP Billiton Lynde and Harry Bradley California Public Interest Research Group California Wellness CERES Chevron Research and Technology CIDA Technology Coast Commercial Bank Compton ConocoPhillips Company Cooley Family Cultural Council of Santa Cruz County Danforth Dow Chemical Company Drexler Camille and Henry Dreyfus Elkhorn Native Plant Nursery El Rancho San Benito Environmental Systems Research Institute Evans and Sutherland Exxon Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund First National Bank of San Jose Max C. Fleischmann Flintridge Flora Family Ernest A. Forssgren Ann and Gordon Getty J. Paul Getty Global Software W. T. Grant Harry Frank Guggenheim John Randolph Haynes and Dora Haynes Heller Charitable and Educational Fund F. Hoffmann LaRoche Homeland Hyde Family Island Conservation and Ecology Group Jet Propulsion Laboratory Ada Howe Kent Korea Telecom Koret Kosan Biosciences Kretschmer Revocable David S. Lee Lighthouse Information Systems Lightwaves 2020 Linguistic Society of America Logic Automation Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Publishing Company John G. and Billie K. Mahaney Margoes MasPar Computer Richard McGraw McKnight Microelectronics Advanced Research Monsanto Company Moore Family National Geographic Society Jessie Smith Noyes Occidental College Charitable Fund Oki Electric Industry Company Oracle Bernard Osher Elsa U. Pardee Karen and Christopher Payne Peninsula Community Pergamon Press PLC Quantum Research Rockwell International Science Center Russell Sage Saintsbury Samsung Electronics Company Santa Cruz Business and Professional Women s Club Santa Cruz Operation Santa Cruz Seaside Company Screen Imaging Technology Semiconductor Research Porter Sesnon Barbara Sheriff Silicon Graphics Simpson Timber Company Stanley Smith Horticultural Solari Charitable Southcoast Wilderness Sanctuary Spieker Companies W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone Storage Technology George B. Storer System Studies R. Michael Tanner Tektronix Telik Vanguard Group Universities Space Research Association University of Arizona USENIX Association Vector Laboratories Wallace Genetic Washington Mutual Dean Witter YY Labs Gifts Totaling $50,000 to $99,999 Amber Engineering American Society for Engineering Education Asian Cultural Teachings Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy Banbury Fund Barry Swenson Builder BP America Sidney S. Byers Charitable Virginia C. Campbell Anne Jane Fanny Carruthers Charitable Leadership Chiang Ching-kuo Clearpoint Research Complex Chemicals Consulate General of Brazil Marion Cope Revocable Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Cure Autism Now Dehlsen Merritt S. Duncan E-MU Systems Elf Exploration Production Epic Design Technology Federal Republic of Germany Financing for Science and Industry for Deep Ecology Fujitsu Laboratories Galileo Laboratories Genentech Genopsys Glaxo Wellcome Richard and Rhoda Goldman Fund HCL Technologies America William Randolph Hearst George P. Hitchcock Industrial Areas Integrated Device Technology Integrated Solutions International Human Frontier Science Programs Michael and Grace Jacobs Family Kativik School Board Sylvia and Jim Katzman Ewing Marion Kauffman Kearney of Soil Science Henry P. Kendall Khan Spire Family Kinnetic Laboratories Lee-Kahn Lockheed Martin Richard Lounsbery Makhteshim-Agan (America) James S. McDonnell Moores Charles Stewart Mott MultiGiG n&k Technology National Academy of Education National Fish and Wildlife It was very easy for me to go to college, so I could particularly appreciate how hard it is for any re-entry student. Lee Gilbert, who, with her husband, Dan, has created a planned gift endowing a scholarship for re-entry students National Research Council National Writing Project Network Appliance New-Land Ong Organic Farming Research Pacific Mariculture Parallel Computers Philanthropic Ventures Plantronics Margot and Thomas J. Pritzker Family Siegfried Puknat Roche Bioscience Rohm and Haas Company Salad King Salz Leathers Santa Cruz Sentinel Schwab for Learning Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Science Applications International SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology SETI Institute Shadowbrook Restaurant L. J. and Mary Skaggs Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Spaceport Systems International Speech Technology Laboratory Winifred J. Steiner Texaco Philanthropic Mariel R. Thorp 3Com Trianon Press True North Veritas DGC VIA Technologies Victor Technologies Weiss Family Wells Fargo Bank Ronald Wickum, D.D.S. Working Partnerships USA Wyse Technology 21st Century Club Charles ( 72) and Elaine Adams Rolf S. Augustine Frances Baer Marietta Louise ( 71) and Stephen Bartoletti Jack Baskin and Peggy Downes Baskin Chip ( 75) and Mary Bissell Clarissa L. Blount Marnie Bodek ( 74) and Edwin Moss Rita and Thomas Bottoms Walter H. ( 74) and Betsy Boyes Betsy Buchalter Adler ( 70) Joseph and Sara Bunnett Wayne ( 72) and Judy Burger Linda Burman-Hall and Charles Hall John Campbell John T. Chapin Joan Cook Aleck ( 70) and Nancy Darr Jim ( 79) and Jean Davidson Pamela E. Davis ( 85) Anita Diaz and Nicholas Meltzer William C. Dickinson ( 68) David Doden Mary Ellen Doden Mary Doyle ( 74) and David Greenwood Sherwood Dudley Jim Duncan Yolanda and Chris Dybdahl Allan J. Dyson and Susan Cooper Stanley J. Farwig Kenneth ( 71) and Moira Feingold ( 72) Richard Fenno ( 73) and Jan Gillispie Colin Fletcher Barbara Franger John K. Gamman ( 74) Deborah and Keith Gardner Aviva Garrett ( 75) and David Doshay ( 82) Lee and Dan Gilbert Allan ( 67) and Nan Goodman Margaret Gordon and Alan Ritch William A. Grant Ronald and Barbara Grieson Tom Griggs ( 75) Bonnie ( 73) and Lee Grisham Paul ( 72) and Karen Hall John M. Halliday Barbara and Jim Hammond Joan Harrington-Trenbeth Lou Harrison Jennifer Hassett ( 76) W. Kevin Hassett ( 76) Elsie Hermann ( 73) George P. Hitchcock Mark Hofstadter ( 70) and David Zurlin William S. Howe Jr. Harold and Dorothy Hyde Paul and Anne Irwin George and Virginia Jansen Dale R. Johnson and Isebill V. Gruhn Helen I. Johnson Verna Johnston Pirkle Jones David P. Kirk and Larry Millsap Stephen C. Klein (72) David and Rachel Kliger Jayne Ann Castle Krentz ( 70) and Frank Krentz Ernest T. Bud Kretschmer Peter C. Lambert ( 75) Jean H. Langenheim Erik M. Lauritzen Nancy S. Lenz Anne and Paul Levin Allison Rubenstein Levy and Frank Levy Valerie Anne Lovett Bruce ( 79) and Linda Lymburn George and Linda Malloch Zoe Ann Orr Marcus Donna Maurillo ( 78) Jay D. McEvoy Dean McHenry and Jane McHenry Charles E. Merrill Jr. Kathryn E. Metz Whitney ( 82) and Richard Miller ( 79) Elizabeth Mullen Kiyoko M. Kit Mura-smith ( 75) Gary ( 73) and Dona Novack Miriam Patchen Rena Perlino Dan Porter ( 70) Christie and Kevin M. Rabe Jesse Rabinowitz Holly Lynn Ray ( 76) Janet C. Reed Karen Rhodes ( 77) and Robert Weiner ( 83) Randal Woods Rogers ( 78) H. Boyd Seymour Jr. Barbara M. Shields Casey Catherine Silvey ( 83) Jeff Skala ( 85) M. Brewster and Deborah Smith Barbara K. Snader Audrey E. Stanley Jean and Jim Stanley Loren Steck ( 73) and Annette Yee Geraldine Sweet Angus E. Taylor Marion E. Taylor David J. Thomas Mary E. Thush Edward Tighe ( 75) Amanda Kay Topper ( 75) Elsie W. Triebig Douglas ( 83) and Anneliese Tucker Blade C. Underwood Linda Valdés ( 86) and Nicholas Bilardello Marian Wagstaff Patricia A. Weenolsen ( 82) Melanie McCabe White ( 71) and Frank White Robert and Bonda White Constance S. Wright Contributors Individual Contributors Gold s Sara B. and C. Donald Allen Jr. Elizabeth C. Barber Ron and Christine Barrington Jack Baskin and Peggy Downes Baskin Jean Beevers Ramesh H. Bhojwani Nick Bilardello and Linda Valdes Barbara W. Canfield Charles and Cherri Canfield Alison Keeler Carrillo Robert Carroll Alan Lee Cima Donald E. and Diane P. Cooley Catherine and Robert Cooper Wayne Dai Victoria and Anthony ( 72) de Alcuaz Susan Sesnon Dolkas Norval and Mary Fairman Stanley Farwig Doireann FitzGerald Bob and Helen Goode Sally and Michael Graydon M.R.C. Greenwood Cynthia Grenfell John M. Halliday Lou Harrison Jill Hopkins Herzig George P. Hitchcock Carolyn Hyatt Bruce Hyman Bernard and Ruth Issenman Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell David E. Kaun Alan Kawamoto and Mary Geyer Ramyne Khan and Garry Spire David and Rachel Kliger Ujjal and Sarita Kohli Jean H. Langenheim Erik M. Lauritzen Anne and Paul Levin Robert M. Long Anuradha Luther Maitra William and Saida Malarney Kumar and Vijaya Malavalli Diana and Steven Meckfessel Rebecca and James Morgan Nell Newman and Gary Irving Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Miller and Bunny Outcalt George Ow and Gail Michaelis- Ow Diane Panos and Tad Taube Karen and Christopher Payne Rena Perlino Jeanne Polson Rowland and Patricia Rebele Henry P. Renard Amy and Craig Schiffer Jean Marie Scott and Carol Tolbert Robert N. and Florence Slinger Rebecca and Steve Sooy Richard and Helen Spalding Tod and Catherine Spieker Audrey E. Stanley Winifred J. Steiner Roger and Isabel Sturgeon Geoff and Colleen Tate Cameron Tolbert-Scott Clay Tousey Sheena and Vijay Vaidyanathan Thomas and Patricia Vani Carl and Judy Walsh John Ware and Kiyoko M. Kit Mura-smith Carol Pilz Weisskopf and Gene Weisskopf Gloria Hihn Welsh Ronald J. and Mary M. Wickum Jon and Jill Winston Mary Elizabeth Woolpert Silver Katherine Abelson Mary and Bill Ackerknecht Suzan Trinh Almony William and Linda D. Anderson Dipak and Radha R. Basu Jim and Anne Bay Richard and Kathy Beal David and Kristen Benjamin Giacomo Bernardi Robert Boltje Alison and Richard Crowell Darrell and Karen Darling Anita Diaz and Nicholas Meltzer Vera Domingues Jerome and Sylvia Drexler Yolanda and Chris Dybdahl Myra and Drew Goodman Art and Carol Graham Susan and Philip Hammer Kamil and Talat Hasan Chris J. Hayden Barbara and Andrew Imbrie Arthur and Marianna Keller David Kirk and Larry Millsap Frank Krentz and Jayne Ann Castle Krentz Norman and Mary Kate Lezin Gary Love and Mary Wells Kiran and Arjun Malhotra Dominic and Karen Massaro Lucy McCluney Nan Tucker McEvoy Don and Mary McKenzie Kathryn E. Metz Alan and Leta Miller Dona and Gary Novack Richard Oettinger Peter and Rita Prindle David and Lynn Regan Robert and Edie Rittenhouse Carlos and Elizabeth Rojo Cathleen M. Rountree Louis Runeare Robert Scowcroft Byron Servies Richard and Cheryl Shapiro Robert and Carol Simpkins Diane C. Simpson Odette Sims Carol and William Traver Randall Trinh and Kim-Yen Bui Trinh Clara and William Turner Gita and Ashok Vaish Romesh and Kathleen Wadwani Esther H. Abbott Gabrielle and Kenneth Adelman Michael and Toby Alexander John and Betty Altman Kevin and Katherine Biddle John and Gina Biondi Harry and Mary Blanchard Elspeth G. Bobbs Victor F. Bogaard III and Suzie Bogaard Jack Bradley and Cathy Richards Gerald Bronstein John and Linda Burroughs Maureen Callanan and Frank Halasz Jim and Mary Chambers Bijoy and Joya Chatterjee Martin Chemers and Barbara Goza Chemers John and Barbara Chilton Emily Clark Barbara Collins and Andy Todd Mary and Paul Cosper Geoffrey Couch George Couch Jeff Cowan Donald Craine Harriet and John Deck Lee and Emily Duffus Anita Elliott and Robert Taren Allan Emkin and Wendy Mandel Robin and Douglas Engfer Richard E. Faggioli Lawrence Ferlinghetti Lynn Gallati and Marty Cagan Nan and Allan Goodman Kirsten Gruesz and David Morrell Kurt Grutzmacher Timothy and Virginia Guhin Mark and Ann Hamburg Paul and Mary Hammond Craig W. Haney and Aída Hurtado Karen Holl and Michael Loik Suzanne Holt and Gerald Weber Greta and Michael Hutchison Harold and Dorothy Hyde Steve and Lesa John Chelsey Juarez William L. Jump Candis and Bruce Kerns Armin and Ann Kessler Ernest T. Bud Kretschmer Arlene Levy Susan and Joseph Liddicoat Lesley MacDonald Susan and Marc Mangel S. S. Martin Marsha Miller Marie Minton Frank Minuti Michael and Judy Muldawer Bob Munsey Ed Musselwhite and Linda Silvestrini Phyllis Norris Piermaria and Barbara Oddone C. Leo and Carolyn Ortiz Robert and Cynthia Pensinger Karl and Rita Pister Sally I. Reagan Dixie G. Rees Patrick Reilly and Diane LaMotte Tom Rocklin and Kim Ephgrave Kevin Rooney and Rachael Spencer Jeff and Lisa Rosendale Jozseph Schultz Ben Senauer Suzanne C. Sexauer Jacqueline and Robert Shaw Robert and Karen Sinsheimer M. Brewster and Deborah Smith Rutha and Scott Spear Daniel Stolpe Steve and Sue Stolpe Jane Walton Anthony Warman Andrew Weyman and Terry Davis Paul Whitworth and Kate Hawley Virginia and Terry Wilson Lawrence and Diane Wolfsen Sam and Terese Wright Adrienne Zihlman and Jerry Lowenstein Nancy E. Abrams and Joel R. Primack Chris Allaman and Angela Molina Russ Anderson Myrtle Atkinson Jim Beauregard Michael and Susan Beevers Robert Berg Mary and Paul Beyer Carole A. Birmdorf Betsy W. Bliss George Blumenthal and Kelly Weisberg Enda T. Brennan Frank and Loreen Bridges Enid and James Brock Kenneth and Marian Brown Joseph and Sara Bunnett Theodore Burke Jeffrey M. Canepa Anthony Caselli Jennifer Choate Wood and David Wood Lorna Clark Christopher Clarke and Carol Doyle Vallance Cole and Freny Cooper Ray T. Collett Jr. Craig and Tina Conway Joan Cook Peg Copple Michael Cowan Phil and Peggy Crews Faye Crosby Andrea R. Davis Raymond E. Davis Joseph A. Denicola and Cynthia T. Furze George and Patricia Deppe Marsha and Paul De Somma Steve DiBartolomeo Daryl V. Dichek Daniel F. Doak Victoria Doria Julie Dryden-Brown and George Brown Carol Eger Charles and Sandra Eldridge Shelly Errington Leo and Ivelisse Estrada Judy Estrin Albert and Amy Everitt Stephen and Madeleine Fackler Francis Fernandez Herb Finkelman Robert and Bette Finnigan Arthur and Brenda Fischer Jerry and Millie FitzGerald James Fuller and Marsha Vande Berg Robert B. Garner John and Lane Giguiere Arnoldo Gil-Osorio Allen and Shirley Ginzburg Robert Glaser Lynda J. Goff Annette and Harold Gordon Jim and Ann Gordon Margaret Gordon and Alan Ritch Tom Gourley Holter Gragam and Neela Vaswani Gary B. Griggs Nancy K. Guard Evans Jan and Shawn Hailey William and Jill Harmon Matthew Henry and Kevin Rasmussen Francisco Hernandez and Veronica Hinojosa Douglas Hetzler and Suzanne Kerley Elizabeth and James Holton Leanore Theriot Hooper Edward and Marian Houghton David Hoyle Rebecca A. Hufft Paul and Anne Irwin Robin and Robert Johansen Irene Johnson John and Jane Jordan Joyce B. Justus Steve and Mia Kang Narinder and Satinder Kapany Mary N. Kashtan Ovillee Kennedy Maria Kerschen Lorri Kershner Ted and Sandra Kirkiles Harwood Kolsky Robert and Rosalie Kraft Grady and Cheryl Kromer Mark and Cynthia Kuhn Joan Kurjian Leah Kushner Edward and Miriam Landesman John and Florence Lawrence Gary Lease and Dorothea Ditchfield Mima LeCocq Chan Lee George Leet Janet Leonard and Bruce Karsh Judy and Bill Levin Rick Lewis Jeremy Lezin Flora Ling and Paul Sturm Lindsay Livingston Sanford K. Ma and Gloria Fong- Ma Mary Rose and Ian MacKenzie Morgan L. Magid Seth and Marilyn Manning Dennis and Marilyn Martin Susan D. Matthews Judith and Christopher Mauche Marvin and Wendy Maynard Harry Mayo Frances B. McAllister Ann McCrow and Randy James Steve McGillen Dean and Jacquelin McHenry Henry and Linda McHenry Jane McHenry Keith and Della McKenzie Scott McLernon Peter B. Meehan Jacob and Hila Michaelsen Robert C. and Patricia Miller Jon C. and Patricia Minsloff Barbara and Frederick Mitchell Jeffery Moering Emile Mooser Robert Morris Jennifer Mullin Motoko Naruse Adam I. Nathanson Robert and Carolyn Nelson Harvey and Judy Nickelson Laura and Ken Nisbet Gilbert and Joan Nordquist Jerold O Brien Tammy and Sean O Carroll Jack O Neill Mary Orr and Russell Atkinson Donald and Irene Osterbrock Frances M. Owens Wayne Palmer and Earleen Overend Katia Panas Roland and Nancy Pascal Elizabeth and Paul Peak Larry and Shelly Pearson Ira Pohl and Debra Dolsberry Donald Potts and Laurel Fox Todd and Jill Prindle Gordon and Teresa Pusser Christine E. Quinn Rosemary and Brian Raphael Gary Reece Robert and Ruth Rees Carla W. Reiter Heather and Darryl Richman Gail Rios Elizabeth and Dennis Rizzi Kayla Rose Lisa M. Rose Vicki Ruiz John and Enid Rusev John Sackett and Hi Kyung Kim Ed and Norma Sacks Larry Samuels Manuela Sanchez and Stephen Diaz Ratna and Subhas Sarkar William F. Sater Robert C. Schellentrager Annual Fund sets two records Santa Cruz alumni, parents, and friends UC came through once again, raising more than $2.7 million and setting two Annual Fund records. Alumni celebrating reunion years gave a record $1.7 million, and the Telephone Outreach Program, a key component of the Annual Fund, raised well over $1 million for a second consecutive record-breaking year. Annual Fund donors are the basis for UC Santa Cruz s fundraising success, said Zachery Weigert-Derr (Cowell 02), assistant director of the Annual Fund. They helped propel us to the most successful campaign total ever. Many new donors joined our efforts, and our loyal donors continued to increase their giving to benefit all areas of campus. More and more donors are using to make Annual Fund gifts. There was a large increase in online giving last year, said Weigert-Derr. Donors like the convenience, including the ease of making year-end gifts to secure tax deductions. For more information about supporting UCSC programs, colleges, and students through the Annual Fund, contact Jennifer Wood at (831) or Gifts can also be made online at Campus and Other Organizations: $224,598 (8.2%) Businesses and s: $376,006 (13.7%) Division of Humanities: $187,883 (6.8%) Parents: $596,153 (21.6%) School of Engineering: $86,596 (3.2%) University Library: $129,891 (4.7%) Division of Social Sciences: $249,665 (9.1%) Colleges: $293,231 (10.7%) Ronald Sessions Sheryl Sessions H. Boyd and Deborah G. Seymour Ralph J. Shapiro Shirley Shapiro Priscilla W. Shaw Labron and Pamela Shuman Jim and Marie Sikora Treg Silkwood and Candace Martin Oscar Simo Phyllis F. Simpkins Source of Annual Giving: (Total: $2,752,909) (Total: $2,752,909) Source of Annual Giving: Annual Giving Totals: (Millions of dollars) Other Individuals: $846,294 (30.7%) Alumni: $709,858 (25.8%) Annual Giving Use by Activity Center: (Total: $2,752,909) Annual Giving Use by Activity Center: (Total: $2,752,909) Division of Physical and Biological Sciences: $562,246 (20.4%) Annual Giving Totals: (Millions of dollars) Student Affairs: $437,306 (15.9%) Division of the Arts: $463,647 (16.8%) Chancellor s Office*: $342,444 (12.4%) *covers campuswide programs including unrestricted financial aid John B. Simpson Barry R. Sinervo and Jean Vogelzang Gregory and Robin Sirakides Judith Skenazy Bryan C. Solis Richard S. Spencer III and Shawn Gould Celeste and James Spillane John B. Steck Christa Stiner and Ray Garrett Stephen and Pamela Storrs 8 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 9

6 Ronald P. Suduiko and Lois Graham Leslie Sunell and William Steinke R. Michael and Eileen Tanner Marion E. Taylor Merritt E. Taylor Palmer and Susan Taylor Bruce and Mary Beth Train Edda Tusinac Odell Valenzuela Robert and Patricia Varesio Michael and Nikki Vasquez Robert and Helen Verkins David and Edna Vollmer Sue Vroom and Ric Kirkish Daniel and Carol Wacker Rita Wadsworth Robert R. Walker III Eugene and Bessie Walsh Richard and Diane Watters Seema Weatherwax Rachel Wedeen Chris Wellens and Karl Auerbach Sandra and Keith Wells Kristian Whitsett W. Todd and Corinne Wipke Dorothy Wise Annette Yee and Loren Steck Michael and Kalena Allard Howard B. Allen Judith Allen and Susan Seaburg Dan and Lynne Alper Ralph Alpert Diane and Robert Altagen Yvette Alva Loen Amherd Kathryn Anderson Roger Anderson and Myrna Britton Rosemary L. Anderson Steven and Heidi Arch Simon R. Avakian Gary and Patricia Avnet Carolyn L. Ball A. G. Banman Michael and Judi Barton John and Catherine Bartoo Murray and Sheila Baumgarten Richard and Susan Beach Marie and Rex Beckham Frank and Judy Bella Colleen Berlin Lawrence and Theresa Biggam Sam Bishop and Elena Laborde Bradley and Karla Bogard James and Cynthia Bogard Peter and Dona Boone Jennifer and John Bost Thomas and Rita Bottoms Jane E. Bradford Thomas Bradley Thomas and Virginia Brewer Elizabeth and Peter Broen S. Colin Brown and Susan Schaefer Priscilla and Michael Bull Rosalee Cabrera Marilyn and Andrew Calciano Lionel and Rosario Cantú June A. and Earl F. Cheit John Chenoweth and Carol Kraemer Phebe and Kuen Chin Joan Chun George and Bonnie Clark Thomas S. Clark Sue Close Frank and Sue Ann Clugage Peter and Martina Cornelius Jon and Karen Covello Beatrice C. Coxhead Robert and Katherine Dalziel Richard and Arlene Daniels Eugene S. Daszko Paul and Janice Davis Thomas and Sonia Deetz John and Mintong Dennis Janet E. Derecho Frank and P. G. Dingler John Dolan Michael and Grace Dooley Diana and Phillip Drews Gary and Susan Duck Gloria and Chuck Ensey Linda and Tom Evenson Sally Fairfield Julian F. Feingold Paul Fleischman Theresa Fleming Allen and Barbara Frank Tom Frankl Angelica Frausto Fred Frausto and Lisa Brown Celia Frausto-Fairfield Seena and Edward Frost Margaret Fusari Alison Galloway George and Katherine Gallucci Philip Garcia Leonard and Offra Gerstein Brian Gibson Charles and Eleanor Gilbert Lee and Dan Gilbert Carol Godsave Cecilia Goez-Crocker Robert Goff and Eleanor Littman Eileen and Kevin Goodwin Barrie and Julianna Graham Sue and Churchill Grimes Isebill Gruhn and Dale Johnson Margaret Guichard Howard and Marjorie Haber Eileen S. Hamilton Sandra Hanner Cleon Hayes Mark Hendricks Francois and Krista Henley Deborah and Robert Higginbotham John G. Hill Charles and Marva Hobbs George and Inga Hoffman Ernest Hudson and Diana Chase Pamela Hunt-Carter and E. James Carter Claudette and Bob Hunter Michael J. Hutnik Stanley E. Iversen Alison K. Jackson Joni L. Janecki Doris Jenkins Nancy Jones Karen Juliano John and Edith Keech Gary Keeley Ruth Keeley Barbara B. Keller Jason and Joumana Kidd Chung Hyun Kim Jennifer Ann Kim Wontak and Joung Kim Naomi Kirschenbaum Richard and Diane Klein Arnold R. Klemola Richard E. Klontz Jan Kohlmoos Janette Kolar and Stan Hajduk William A. Ladusaw and Kenneth Christopher Steve Leonard Patricia B. Lindgren Jeffrey Lipkin and Kathleen Anderson Mercedes Alani Liu John Livingston Bhudeb Lodh Mark Lord Steven Lovett and Abby King Marsha J. Lubow Sandy and Ann Lydon Christine and Kent Madsen Joseph Malloy and Alice Wilkins Sandra Martin and Art Winterling Evelyn McCabe Michael and Bertie McElroy Charles and Barbara McFadden Ritu Prasad Meister Larry and Bev Merkley Daniel Miller Luen Miller Joyce Milligan Steven Minar Mary Beth Montgomery Richard Moore Emily Morgan and Douglas Rader Ann Morhauser Pete and Janice Mufich Joseph Mullinix Kim I. Musch Beth and Ken Myers Sonya Newlyn and Jeffrey L. Stock Jeffrey and Catherine Norton Ruth Ocheltree John and Patti Ohslund Dale O Rourke Joan R. Osborne Jayson Pahlmeyer Mary Joan Palevsky Daniel Palleros Alexander F. Panelli John and Vicki Pearse Priscilla and Sidney Peters Gloria and David Peterson Robert and Bonnie Peterson Carmen and Michael Plunkett Trink Praxel and Don Zimmerman Katherine Prokop Elizabeth Prothro Ezequiel Ramirez Dawn Rawls Gypsy Ray John and Evelyn Readdie Roman Resuello Esther L. Rice Stephanie Riger Eddie and Lori Scher Margaret and Don Schmitz Ronald and Francie Schusterman Ann and Ed Schwabecher Karen Schweizer J. Campbell and Joyce Scott Clare Sheils and Margaret Leonard Jean Shimoguchi Robert and Joan Shomler Bill and Deborah Shubin Robert Siegel and Teresa DeBell Michael Silton and Susan Myer- Silton Bill and M. B. Rawson Simpkins Paul Skenazy William Skinner and Susan Mann Walter and Judith Sleeth Sally Smith James Spiegel and Sharon Tapper Mary and Jack Stagnaro Paul and Laura Stampleman Eric and Polly Stanbridge John and Martha Stead Byron and Lee Stookey Lynne Stoops and Patrick O Hara Walter A. Stringfellow John Strother Joseph and Ellen Suckiel Eric and Tamah Swenson Kayvan Sylvan Nicole Takahashi It s clear that the creative environment at UC Santa Cruz is what motivated me to succeed in this career. Paul Rabwin (Cowell 70), a multiple Emmy-award nominee, Golden Globe winning television producer, and donor to the theater arts program Cathie and Jeff Thermond John W. Thiemann Paul Thiltgen and Maureen Roll Charles and Terre Thomas William A. Thomas Angelina Thompson James and Barbara Thompson Douglass and Cherie Thorne Prudence and Kim Tolleson Gary Trowbridge Kathryn Valdes Brad Vale Alphons M. Van Adrichem Denise Vogel Barbara Waaland Bob Walker Jerry and Robynn Walters Stuart and Paula Walzer Scott L. Waugh Larry and Judy William Florale and Richard Williams Carter Wilson Debra Wollesen Jennifer M. Wood Winston Wyckoff James and Margery Wylie Jacqueline and Bret Zischke David Zucker Jim and Edith Abendschan Mike and Barbara Adams Wendy Adler and Steve Siegel Deborah Allen John T. and Kathryn Allen Steve and Saskia Amaro Jason Amici Leslie and Richard Andrews James and Kathleen Andric Joan and John Aristei Ralph and Kay Armstrong Dolly Arond and Warren Felt Kerry Atchison Rod and Mary Atchison Nancy Austin and Bill Cawley Yong Bai Sandy Baily Steven and Barbara Baker Susan Albro Barkan Raymond and Tammy Barnett Utahana and James Barton Cindi Baskin Sandra and James Beck Leonard and Patricia Beevers Robert Begun and Doree Steinmann Mary Amanda Behe Kent Benedict Claude and Carol Benedix Judythe R. Benson Thomas and Linda Berger Larry and Cayetana Bergeron Nancy and Bob Berk Paul and Carol Berman Claire Biancalana and William Kelsay Nancy and Henry Bley Kenneth and Christine Bloome Peter Bodenheimer Rush and Janet Bolender Gerry and Kay Bowden Allyson Bradley Ryan and Mari Brandt Eric Bridgeland Betty and Richard Brock Barbara and Charles Brogan Alan and Gwen Brown Kenneth and Anne Bruland Pamela and Daniel Buecher Dietmar Burkhardt Margy J. Cacitti Christine C. Caldwell Ann and Harry Campbell Barbara Canup Rocco Cappalla Ceinwen L. Carney Lawrence and Juliana Carney Helga and Karl Cathrein Lou and Christi Caviglia Brian Cayton Cerise E. Cazet Frank and Eve Child Kenneth and Kathleen Child Myongbae and Kwisook Choi Maria Choy and Charles Perez John and Marilyn Christenson Carolyn and Neil Christopherson James Chubb and Martha Lopez- Chubb George Chunn and Debbie Amable Ceil Cirillo Stephen R. Clabuesch Rachel Clark Lee and Nell Cliff Tom and Vicki Cline Jerry and Madeleine Cohen Harriette Cohn Thomas Cokenias Joe Collonge Mary and Lynn Comeskey William J. and Mary Comport Jim and Robin Conerly Joan Cooper and Owen Lang O. James and Ave Marie Cope David and Joan Craig Marlene Craig Sandra Dacosta Scott and Kathy Daly Gerard and Katarina D Amore Alan Daniel and Kathleen Kenan Joel Davidow Frank Davis Robert P. and Ruby B. Davis Winifred and and William Davis Thomas Anthony DeBartolo Annette Delgreco John P. Dietz Sandi Dihl Matthew Dini Sharon D. Dirnberger Julie A. Dixon John and Ann Dizikes Debra A. Dobosz Dwayne and Linda Downing William and Glendawyn Doyle Ron Duke William and Joan Dunn Melanie Du Puis and Carl Pechman Ted and Pat Durkee Allan Dyson and Susan Cooper Andrew and Barbara Eaton Robert and Mary Edmund Jean Edwards Alfred Ehlenberger Patricia Emard and John Wiechman Gretchen Emmons Steven and Christiane Engel Susan English and Michael Kalkstein Gerhard and Kristi Epke George Erickson John and Elena Espinoza Sam and Shary Farr Robin and Rosemary Farrow Donald Fennell C. P. Fernandez Terri Fette Paul Figueroa Traci and Michael Fink Brian and Kathy Fisher Bodwyn Flores Christina Floyd Don and Christine Forbus Donald and April Foster Anthony T. Francis Michelle Franklin Robert and Mary Franson Mary and Francis Frazier Edward and Helene French Richard and Tanya Freudenberger Alma Friedman and Kiturah Wang Ben and Cecilia Fu William and Susan Fujimoto Catherine G. Gaehwiler Charlotte and Anton Gaidos Maureen and Frank Gardea Andrew C. Garling Lisa Garono Jan and Robert Garrison George Gaspari William and Terry Gaus Cathy Geary Farhad Ghafarzade Robert and Priscilla Gilbert James and Catherine Gill Muis Gilpatrick Devin Michael Gneiting Alice Godfrey and Jordi Bruguera Kate Godfrey Greg Gomon Howard and Reka Goode Jeff Goodman Sherri Gottfried Laurel Grace Julia Grau and Edmund Medley Barbara Graves and Bruce Daniels Thomas A. Graves Donald E. Grimes Thomas J. Grover Howard and Diane Grunes Ute and Ernst Haberli Don Hale Greg Hales Stanford and Jacquelyn Hall Virginia and Philippe Hammerness Joseph and Patricia Hansen Leona Harrington Greg A. Harshaw Joseph and Britt Haselton Amanda Hawes Kathleen and Delf Hedde Alan Heit Cathy Henderson David and Nita Hendrick Marjorie and Lester Heringer Patricia and Brian Herman Bernard and Eleanor Hilberman Galen H. and Henry R. Hilgard Kathryne Hill Jim Hillis Mary Hinz Richard and Mary Hochleutner Trude Hoffacker William and Valerie Hogan Ivana Hoholik Joanna S. Holt John Holzrichter John Hope Dean Hendricks Horner David and Miriam Horton Diane Howard Shu Dean Hsu Marie Hughes William Hughes and Jean Kamps Carol Hunter Thomas and Connie Hunter Ed and Susan Hutton Colleen and Dave Iermini Eileen and Gerald Ikeda Kent and Marie Imai Duane W. Ingram Anand Inumpudi Edward Irvin Alfred and Rosemary Iversen Karen Jachens Robert and Barbara Jackson Cynthia Jahns Marilyn James Pam and Henry Jeffries-Archbold Lauren and John Jenkins Barbara and Rolfe Johnson Erik and Judy Johnson Larry Johnson Marilyn Johnson Virginia Johnson Helen B. Jones Judy Jones Padmini Chari Kadaba Stanley D. Kahn Sue S. Kato Lisa Kauckak John and Deborah Kaufman Dennis and Maureen Kawaoka Kevin Kean and Lori Moak-Kean Dale and Judy Keedy David C. Keller David and Maureen Kelly Kern and Julie Kenyon Stephen Kidd Ellen B. Kimmel Christine King and Mark Neenan Deborah and Virgil Kirk Jim and Nikki Kirwan Raymond Koch and Aldine Pollock Martina and Catherine Kroll Raphael Kudela and Sarah Schuster Monty D. and Kevin Ann Kurek Raymond Laborde Harry N. Lalor Vince and Jan Laman Esther and David Landhuis Suzanne Landucci Glen and Marian Langdon Linda Larkin and Harold Widom Paul and Gayle Larson Lesley Lathrop Virginia and Howard Law Nancy S. Lenz C. J. Lesley Ronni Cole Levin Charles and Beverly Levine Mark and Sandra Levine Jacqueline and Allen Lichtenstein Fredric Lieberman Frank L. Lima Laura Lindskog William S. Lockman Rosemary Lonergan Kathleen A. Loughlin and Randall Rea Carol and Vernon Loverde Margaret Luebs-Goedecke Rebecca Lundberg Michael D. Luther Doris Lyonga Roy H. Lyons Andrew Macica Leslie and Andy Mackenzie Beatrice MacMillan Matthew and Sharon Madison John and Elisa Mahoney Marsea Marcus Lin Marelick Brian Maridon Tom and Jane Marshburn John and Denise Martellacci Debby and Tom Martin Dianne Martin and Brian Payne Gerald and Suella Martin Judith and Charles Martin-Hoyt Jiniko Martinez Donna Maruoka Richard Matlack Errol Mauchlan Babu and Rose Mavunkel Catherine Mayer and Peter Pearson Robert McCampbell Debra McDaniel Van McFadden Gillian Elizabeth McGraw Robert McKim John and Nancy Mead Leslie and Patrick Meehan Arabella and Douglas Mezan Paul and Shannon Micevych Cheryl Mietz Ken Mignosa and T. A. McCrory Craig and Dusty Miller Larry and Chandra Miller Marco Milletti Leslie and Mary Minkus Robert and Julie Minnis June Misono Christine and Henry Mitchell Helene Moglen and Sheila Namir Gary Moiseff J. P. Moore Margaret Moore Thomas Moore Cecilia and Walter Moran Richard Morgan William and Gail Mowatt Liza Muhly Betty Mullin Patrick Mullin Diana Murphy and Dan Dwyer Dareth Murray Keith Muscutt Johnny and Kathleen Musser Len Nelson Mark and Danielle Nespeca Donald and Mary Neufeld Allison and Paul Niday Nicholas and Corinne Niven Lisa Nolan Ginger Noland James and Kathleen Noonan Linda S. Novinson Gail Oakley Sarah and Kent Oakley Michael O Grady Pat O Grady and Elizabeth Falade Elliot Omiya William and Lorraine O Neill Michele and Joar Opheim Elizabeth and Richard Orser Ernestina Osorio Diane and Lon Otterby Sherry Palacios and Richard Pasetto Joy and Thomas Parker Tom Peabody Tatiana Ivanova Peeva Alma Pera Tucker and Patricia Peterson Regina Phelps William Phillimore Patricia and Luis Pin Walter E. Pingree Jettieve C. Plaskett Flavia Polensky-Geist and Donald Polensky Richard and Robin Polse Fred and Willye Powell Jack Price Jr. Pamela Price Carol Provan Niels Provos Alejandro Quan-Madrid Bettie Quinn Robert and Paula Quinn Marilyn Radisch Anna Rainie Jan Ralston Lynda and Steven Rannals James D. Reddell Burton and Cynthia Rees Teri and Tony Reese Heidi Rentería John and Margo Restrick Vicki Riley Susan and Richard Robbins Jim Robertson Peter Robertson Henry and Julie Robinson Hase and Beryl Rodenbaugh Mary J. Rodriguez Janine Roeth and Henry Hooker Karen T. Romer Hans and Eleanor Rosenast Roger B. Rosenbaum Bruce and Phyllis Rosenblum Don and Diana Rothman Carol Ruff Kay V. Ruhland Siek Run Dan Rutan Louise and William Sackett Joshua L. Salesin Rusty and Carmen Santee Matthew and Corinna Sassano Mitsunori Satomi Walter and Ruth Schillinger Thomas and Brenda Schmida Paula Schneider Richard and Joyce Schneider Carleen and Paul Schomberg Nichole Schoppe Diane Schulman Peter and Marita Scontriano Joseph Scott William Seaman Andrew and Marva Seidl Eric Seifert Mary Selby Evelyn and Eliezer Shamam Jim and Patricia Shand Gloria Sheppard and Stuart Folinsky Barbara M. Shields Michael and Rosalind Shorenstein Cynthia L. Siegel Eli Silver and Martha Jordan Mary E. Silver Al and Dru Simon Karen Sing Mark Smallen and Marcy Helm Albert T. Smith Kevin Smith Alexandra J. Snyder Darren Peter Soby Catherine B. Soehner Valentin Spitkovsky Gloria Spitzer Kathleen Starmer Celia Staufenbiel Warren and Harolla Steiner Shell Stephens Lynne Stietzel Vern and Marion Stoops Paul Sullivan and Judith Kempf Carol Summers Howard and Neilda Sussman Derek Sutton Jean Swanson and Brendan Leary David Symonik Tom Teifer Stuart and Christa Teitelbaum Edward and Marcia Thayer Stephen Thorsett and Rachel Dewey Daniel and Vonda Tibbitts Michael and Lesley Tierra Velma Tiffany Larry Tjernell Vanessa Tollefson Jim and Carol Toney Tamara Torlakson Ode and Carole Touye Marta and Chris Tremblay Esther Trible Cindy and Kelley Trousdale Daniel Turner Steve and Anne Turner Kenneth and Judi Twomey W. J. Shiloh Unruh Kyle Utsumi Lisa Vandenberg Peter and Marybeth Varcados Alicia Vargas John Vesecky and Cynthia Noble- Vesecky Christina Villarreal Herbert and Audrey Vogler Kathryn Wagstaff T. Mike and Sandra Walker Michael M. Wallace Helen Wallis John and Mary Louise Walter Gregory Walther Michael and Susan Warren Carol and William Wass Eleanor Wasson Vera Mae Watson Lenore Wax Rachel Weeden Lana K. Weeks Janey Weinstein and Felicisimo Requiro David J. Weiss Henry and Stephanie Wells Gregory Wetzel Therese Wiese Mel and Leslie Wild Roberta Wilkins Cyndie Wilks Aaron K. Williams Carolyn Williams Peggy and Hillis Williams Keith Wills Jeffrey Wohler Mary E. Wondolowski Daniel Wood and Janet Lever- Wood Karen T. Yamashita Nicole and Joel Yellin Mary Ann and Don Youmans Peter and Christiane Young Joan and Stan Abrams Geetal Ada Robert and Linda Adams David and Sara Aftergood Isaac and Avital Agam Robert and Sheryl Ainsworth Consuelo Alba-Speyer Dan and Elaine Aldrich Lois Aldwin Susan Allard and Steven Craig Charles and Doreen Allen Michael and Margaret Allen Marcy Allingham and Sammy Watkins Paul Alpers and Carol Christ Gregg and Merrill Alpert Khalid Alrasheed Vincent N. Altman Michael A. Aluffi Eugene Alward Kathleen S. Anderson Lupe Anderson Susan C. Anderson Niklas Andersson Dennis and Maria Andrews Michael Andrews Peter and J. Irma Andrews Aimee Angel Bruce and Suz Antink Gregory and Margaret Antonoff Judith Apple Courtney Armstrong Christine Arneson Bruce and Phebe Aronson Rudy and Cynthia Arrieta Kathleen M. Arroyo Susan Arthur and Keith Henderson Susan Atkinson Michelle Augius Alison V. Augustin Rolf S. Augustine Barbara J. Austin Robert and Katherine Ayala Helen Aylsworth Nina Rogers Bailey Dennis and Madelyn Baiser Adam Baker Henry and Joyce Baker Laurie Baker Raymond and Nancy Balberan Clay and Beverly Ballard Eda Balsam Jay and Mary Balzer Brian Barhaugh Laurel Barile Steven and Bonnie Barisof Enid Baron Robert and Michelle Barone Shawn Barron Lisa Barsotti John and Sheila Bartelt Paul and Anne Bartkiewicz Kay D. Bartlett Terry Barto Gina Bartolomei Francisco and Imelda Batac Frank Bauer Liz Bauer Mark and Pan Bauer Sharon-Ann Baum Allan and Patricia Bayer Beverly and Mark Bayer Katherine J. Baylor Lorraine Bazan Richard Beadle Ralph and Marjory Beal Christina Beams Russell and Jane Beatty J. W. and Kate Becker Kathleen Beitiks William and Diane Belanger Ann L. Bennett James Berg Caroline M. Berger Harry Berger Claude F. Bernasconi Marrield Elizabeth Berry Kirk Bertsche Katharine Snow Beutel Cheri and Jerry Bianchini Keith and Frances Bickford Thomas and Linda Biesheuvel Erich V. Bitonio Douglas C. Bleakly Karen and Nigel Bleasdale Alan Bloch and Nancy Berman Donnella C. Bloebaum James and Berma Blomquist Alan and Deborah Blumberg Robert and Virginia Blumberg Dan Blunk and Nancy Alstrum Mary Ann and Jerry Boddum Madeleine T. Boden Ned W. Bogie Tony Bole Rossana Bonadei Safiya Bonaventura Michele Bonnett Kira Bonomo Michael and Marianne Booth James and Sandra Boothe Gerlinde Boright Robert Bornick Howard and Nancy Bott Nina Bouley-Naylor Marie Bourget Barry and Emma Bowman Patrice Boyle Reno and J. K. Bradfield Stacey and Nelson Braff Connie Brandon Paul E. Braun Bill and Pam Bray Barbara Breger Marv and Marilyn Brenner Caren I. Breschini Fred and Sandra Brewer A. Mark and Renata Briones Dianne Brittain Anita Brockie Roberta Bromberger Nancy Bronstein Robin and Katherine Brooks Allan Gary Brostrom Jamie Brouwer Arley and Ruth Brown Gerald Browne Kevin M. Browne Coral A. Browning Caitlin Brune William A. Bryan Stephen and Maureen Buchner Ken and Inez Buckley Deborah F. Bulger Martha Burdick Carole S. Burke Edmund and Carolyn Burke Vicki and Richard Burns Gail P. Burriss Jules Burstein Jill and John Bushakra Marilyn Cahn Kathy Cairns Brian Cakebread Manuel and Olivia Caldera Evy Cambridge and Lalo Fiorelli Daniel G. Campbell John Campbell and Catherine Larrick Jose and Barbara Capitan Teresita Cardona Luisa Celia Cardoza Lori A. Carey Janice Carlisle and Joseph Roach Andrew Carman and Bonno Bernard Ismana Carney Jennifer Carole Patricia M. Carr Ted and Libby Carr Kathleen Carroll Nancy Carroll and Martine Dolciamore Wiley Carter Linda Caruthers Don Carver and Marie-Louise Bernier Evelyn and Dante Casolari Ryan Llamanzares Castaneda Karen and Jim Cauble Norma Caylin Sheila Cayton Paz and Larry Cespedes Jenna Ann Chabot John Chakmak Christine Chan Joseph L. Chan Ho Eng and Pauline Chang Patricia Chang Nicholas D. Change Paul and Marilyn Chapin Sean Aaron Chapman Nancy E. Charlson Cindy Chavez Lish-yann and Betty Chen Juliana Cheung Joseph and Debbie Chilco Angelo Chiurato Barbara Choi and Anthony Condotti Rose Cholewinski Edgar and Stella Chou Eric Chou and Jean Cheng Henwell and Catharina Chou Beyat Christen Becky Christensen Carla Christensen Gerald Christensen and Bonnie Moore Carolyn Chu Josephine Chun Daniel Clark Michael Clark Michael and May Clark Stephen and Denise Clark Allan and Donna Claybon John Clayton Betsy Clebsch Ronald and Rosemary Clendenen Henry E. Cleveland Thomas J. Coad Barrie and Carol Coate Peter Coates Andrea Cohen Sandra Cohen Robert C. Cole Elaine Coleman Alison Collins Leroy E. Colombe Mary Jay Combs Elaine and Richard Conley Gale Conley John and Gena Connelly Mark D. Conover Shirley Cook William Cook Bob and Maggie Cooney John and April Cordes Ian and Ellen Coren Kristine Corliss and Lawrence Oswald Mitchell Wayne Cornish Laura Agatha Corso Anthony L. Costa Patricia and Peter Costello Gregg Courand and Tina Panantin Constance and Lawrence Cowper Wendy Cozen Glynis Crabb Heddi and Brian Craft Jody E. Crail John Craver Paul Crawford Dorothy and Scott Creely Steven Crocket Jesus and Antolina Cuevas Patricia Cullinan Kay and Gordon Cumming Irene Dailey Sandra Daley and Joseph Carmellino Michael and Carolyn Dal Ferro Ruth Danbom Nancy Dran D Angelo Ramin Daniels Michael Darby and Toni Martin John and Marilyn Darlington Bob and Betsy Darrow Shermeil Dass Virginia and Edward Davies Bill Davis Cheryl K. Davis Lee and Stanley Davis Marjorie Davis Paul Davis Paula and Chandler Dawson Jerry and Sylvia Deck Michael Declement Vincent and Priscilla Dedoro Kevin Deetz Sarah Defenbaugh Roger and Linda Delgado Gerard and Shirley Demaison Joyce Demerritt Carole and Steve Demkowski Michael Layne Denton Scott Derrick and Helena Michie Charles and Cheryl Devlin Linda T. Dewing Cindy Diaz John and Kay Dietz Paulo and Aleth Dimaano Jazzy Dingler Debby and Stephen Dix Stefanie Dobrin Todd and Margaret Dods Harold and Kay Donnelly John and Marita Dorenbecher David and Kendra Dorfan Marshall and Morgana Doud John and Karen Dowdell Frances S. Drake Marilyn Drury-Katillo Michael and Loretta Du Bois Donald and Kathleen Duley John and Helaine Dunmire Kimberly Dunn Mia Duquet Leo and Charlene Dwyer Dale and Anne Easley Margaret East Suzanne and Mike Ebrahimian Richard Egelhofer and Kathy Gies Karen H. Ehrlich Rosemary Eichorn Sherry Eisendorf Roger W. Ekers Bernard Elbaum and Nina Koocher Charles D. Elias Elaine Elkin L. Bruce and Nancy Ellis Richard and Linda Ellis Gail Ellison Michael and Barbara Ellison Tom Ellison and Larry Friedman Evan Gary Elsenbroich David and Barbara Elson Carolyn and Ronald Emrich Cynthia K. Enderlein Cheryl England Nancy and William English David and Mary Ennis Jamie Enns Hedwig Epple Antonio Escareno Larry and Lori Esquivel David Estrada Francisco Estrada Rene Estrada Lauri Evans Brooke T. Ewoldsen Barbara J. Fairhurst Jim and Paula Faris Shari Farlee Janet T. Farmer Jack and Iris Farr Michael Fauria Ben Faus Adele M. Faville Nicholas and Rosalie Fedoruk Gary and Patricia Feikert David Feindel Don Feldon Doug Feldon Jane and Jim Felton Henry and Gilly Fenton Robert Ferber and Rhee Bretson Norma and Rick Fernandez Kathleen and Robert Ferraro Carolyn Fetler Jerry and Theresa Field Hank and Hela Fields Jill Finsen Diana Fish Andrew Fisher and Caroline Pomeroy Charles Fisher Noel and Miriam Fishman Richard and Mary Lu Fissel William Patrick Fitzgerald John and Edwina Fitzpatrick To have funding for my last year is really great, because I know I ll be able to really focus on writing up the research I ve done so far. Petra Dekens (Crown 98), Ph.D. student in ocean sciences Stanley and Renelde Flatté Russ and Brenda Flegal Joan Flippin Aristeo Flores Alice Florio Steve and Linda Foltz Peter and Claudia Fonda-Bonardi Mahlon and Joel-Ann Foote Hilary and Alan Forbes Janis Ford Matthew Ford Susan G. Ford Shirley Forsyth Kimberlyn Forte Barry Fowler Bob and Susan Fox Peter Franus Don Fredrickson Joy Freeman Mike and Carol Freeman Rosa Linda Fregoso Kimberly M. Frentz William and Valerie Friend Shaun Fung Glenn A. Funk Chayla Ann Furlong Jay and Laura Furlong Harold and Pamela Fuson Elizabeth M. Fye Jay Gabany Ezio H. Gallarate Dania Moss Gamble Miriam and Gerald Ganley E. W. Garbisch Martin and Susan Garbowitz John Garcia Monique Gardiner Travis James Gaskell Edna Gaub David and Patricia Geddes Richard and Susan Geiger Robert and Kathleen Genco Hans and Elizabeth Gerritsen Kelly and Leslie Gheen Don and Tammy Giang Margaret Lyons Giberson and Alan Giberson Hank and Dorothy Gietzen Diane Gifford-Gonzalez Daniel and Linda Gilbert Catherine Gill John and Sharon Gillette Elisabeth and Max Gitter Jack and Charmain Giuliani Janet and William Glucksman Barbara and George Gnoss Ron Goad Michael Goldstein Linda and Harley Goldstrom Jay Kevin Gomez Paula Goodell Raymond and Dorothea Goodrich Mark and Barbara Gordon Tait Gota Sheila and Dean Gottehrer Belicia Govine Dennis Grady Bruce and Hermine Graham Susan and Robert Graham Alison Gray and John Lowell 10 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 11

7 Leslie Green Gregory Greenman Robert and Margaret Grim Seymour and Irene Groner Bob Gunnell Russell Habecker Juleen Hafen Linda and James Hagan Christopher Hagerty Pam and Jack Hahn Rebecca and Dan Haifley Arthur and Kathryn Halenbeck Anna Lorene Hall Gene and Karen Hall Jenessa Chanel Hall Jim and Melanie Hall Joe and Marcella Hall Nancy and D. H. Hall Georgia Hallyburton Shoko Hamano Paul Hamburg Georgia M. Hamel Wanda Hamming Richard and Kimberly Haney Lydia Hanich David and Susan Hanks Mary Hanlan Penny Hanna James and Joan Hannon Anne Hansen Eleanor Smith Hansen Brent James Hanson Hardy and Ruth Hanson Anne M. Hanssen Lea Haratani and Colin Young Stephanie Harlan David and Jane Ann Harper John Harriman Frances Anne Harrington Joan Harrington-Trenbeth Barbara and Michael Harris Nancy L. Harris Richard and DeAnne Hart Arthur Haseltine Carol Haubach Caitlin Hawkins Mark and Eleanor Hawkins Peter and Lynda Haworth David and Jackie Heald James E. Heaney Julie Barrett Heffington and Tim Heffington Alfred and Ruth Heller Lea Henderson Alan and Vicki Hendin Elizabeth Brooke Hendon Carina Hendricks Clement B. Henriksen and Carolyn L. Whetzel Fred and Jeanne Henry Patricia Henson Kathy and Alfred Herbermann Stephanie Herdrich Laura and Randolph Hernandez David and Winifred Heron Gail B. Hershatter Robert and Ann Hestand David Heuser Elaine Heyman Katsumi and Alice Hikido Roberta and Charles Hilton Lucie Hinden Ernest and Carolyn Hinds Patti Hiramoto Jeff and Elaine Hirashima Andrew Hogan Edward J. Hogan Sharon and Keith Hogson Karen Hokanson Andy Homer Emily Honig Robert and Vera Hope S. C. and R. S. Horii Margaret Horton Michael Hough Lynn Houser Sarah Howell Jocelyn and David Hoy Janis and J. Chris Hoyt Vincent J. Hrovat Kevin Ching Wen Hsieh Alfred and Eleanor Huang Jane A. Huffman Scott Arthur and Janet Marie Humburg Jeannie and Gene Humphrey Donna Hunter Nancy D. Hymen Roger J. Hymen Don Iglesias and Cathy Stefanki- Iglesias Ilysa Iglesias Garth and Wendy Illingworth Eli and Margie Ipp James and Elizabeth Irwin Yu Iu Dennis Jackson and Nadine Hutton Nancy and Robert Jackson Stephen and Suzanne Jackson Linda Louise Jacob Julie and Michael Jacobs Michael and Grace Jacobs Susan L. Jacobs Susan J. James John and Joan Jamieson Ann C. Jeffrey Stephen Jelso Sharon Jenkins Jaime and Lora Jerugim Denise A. Jimenez Mark Johansen Bonita John Bret Johnson Dalene Johnson Daniel Hall Johnson Dorothy and Martin Johnson John Johnson Kari Johnson Sue M. Johnson Tamara and Matthew Johnson William and Jean Johnson Howard and Virginia Johnston Christopher Jones David Evan Jones Fredric and Jo Lynne Jones Robert Jones Terri Ann Jones Julie and Kenneth Jongsma Jinho Joo Eric and Edith Juline Linda Kahler Evelyn and Farooq Kamal Janet Kamiya Gurson Kantor Lucia and Mark Kaplan Snehendu Kar Stephen and Susan Karon Alvin and Beverly Karp Paul and Nancy Kashap Don Kauchak and Katherine Lake Michael and Madeline Kauffman Barbara and Peter Kausteklis Kenneth J. Keech Glenn and Bonnie Keet Kevin Kelley and Randy Saldinger James and Juli Kendall Kathleen M. Kenyon Marjorie and Lee Kern-Marshall Nancy A. Kerns Charles and Patricia Kieffer Joy Kilner Robert Lee Kilpatrick George Y. Kimura Dennis King John and Priscilla King Juana King Lorraine D. King Mary Kay and Gary King Marjorie A. Kirk Eva and Scott Kitayama Penelope Kleinhans Barri and Steven Klingaman Robert T. Knight and Donatella Scabini Nancy Knudegard and Renwick Curry Lynn and Arnold Knudsen Gavin Kogan Janet Kokosinski Gale A. Koliha Peggy Kono David Koo and Anna Hackenbracht Eugene and Claire Kopp Melissa Sue Kort Keith and Connie Kortman James Kosic Nancy Krantz Rosemary Krause Janet and Robert Kropp Karen Kroslowitz and Richard S. Muller David and Melanie Krueger Patricia and Kenneth Kulzick Chris Kump Steven and Susan Kundell Carmen R. Kunz Mack and Joan Kusumoto Carol Laflin Richard Lahey Joan Lam April and Brett Lambert Patricia and William Lamson Pamela Landry and T. C. Miller Richard and Alexis Landsman Sue J. Lang Don and Shirley Lantz Carolyn Lasar and Trissa Baden Valerie Lasciak John Latasa Jeff and Christa Lawrence Connie Lebaron and Anthony Giannotti Agnes and Stephen Lee Albert and Grace Lee Dan and Donna Lee Donna Lee James and Rella Lee It s very practical. It s a way of giving that more people should think about. Kit Mura-smith (Merrill 75), on one of the benefits of planned giving Miki Lee Valerie Lee Gifford Lehman Charles and Ellen Lehner Ron and Maureen Leimbach Christopher and Patricia Le Maistre Karen and Alex Lenke Michele Leonard and Jeff Knowd Francine Lerner Charles J. Leslie Charles Lester and Joan Norvelle Alan and Judy Levin Elise Levinson Abraham and Arlene Levy Harriet Levy and Bruce Raful Ivan and Eulalia Lewis Jackie Lewis and Howard Katz James Lewis and Dale Ann Roche Joan Lewis Mary S. Lewis Roberta Lewis Jeane Ley Stacy and Marguerite Li Linda Liaw Gordon and Eileen Libby Dottie Lieber David and Geri Lieby Helen Lin Dorothy Lindskog Johnny and Victoria Lingbanan Evelyn Linkemyer Maaike and Matthias Linnenkamp Ronnie Lipschutz and Mary Wieland Alexander Lisin Hiram Little Josephine F. Little Shuyun Lo and Amy Marlo Anne Lober Robert and Calleen Locke David Lombard Mary L. Lombardi Susan Longini Denise and John Loomis Julio Lopez and Ana Lopez-Atienzo Donna Love Theresa Lovering-Brown Paul Lubeck and Kristine Eriksen Bob and Lisa Ludlow William and Carolee Ludwig Barbara Luedtke Ann M. Lundy Michael Lussier Harvey Lynch John and Sharon Lyon Melony Maass Heather C. MacBride R. G. MacDonald Christine and Bruce MacFarlane Laurie MacFarlane Caryn Machado and Luis Dinos Gary and Patricia MacKenzie Kathy Madore Eduardo and Erlinda Madriaga Sally Madrid Masayoshi Maeshima Salem Magarian John and Billie Mahaney Carl Maida Carol and Sal Maleti Fontaine A. Malisos Arsenio Mandilag Teresa Mangum and Corey Creekmur Peggy T. Mansfield Tony Marden Cynthia Margolin Anne Marszalek Allen and Janet Martin Merc and Kathy Martinelli Carolyn Martin Shaw Rhonda Martyn and Joe Novello J. T. and Sophie Mason Jennifer Masten Donald and Joan Mastronarde Mary Jo May Jeffrey Mayer and Tacy Witter Annette Mayman Leon and Janet Mayou Paulo Mazzarella Peter F. McAndrews Doug and Carol McBride Craig and Sadia McCaleb Edgar McCanless Ellen McCann William and Beverly McCauley Linda McConnell Jeff McCormac Virginia K. McDermott Deborah McDonald Kelly McDonald Margaret McDonald Peter C. McDonald Stewart McDowell Leslie and Scott McGilvray Meghan McGuire-Pickett and Tobin Pickett Jill McKee Kathleen and Richard McKee Doug McKinnen and Alison Markiewicz Lucille McLoughlin James McLure James K. McManigal Marcia K. McNutt Pat McVeigh James and Norma Medlin Sara B. Megling Adam Mekler Kendall Melville and Sabina Wallach Roy Mendelssohn and Kathy Foley John Mendez Frederic Mennillo Ellen and Joseph Merics Carol A. Merrell Cathy and William Mertz Robert E. Metcalf Patrick Meyer Berri Michel Paula Mierau and Larry Payne Susan and Andrew Mihalik Laura and Arthur Milburn Melvin C. Miles Eugene and Jan Millburn Alice and Mathew Miller Andrea Miller Gertrude L. Miller Marianna E. Miller Sam Miller and Maude Pervere Peter and Trudy Minkler Marvin Miracle Katherine Lani Mitchel Alfred and Ruth Mitchell Colin Mitchell Stephen and Lynn Mladineo Richard Jay Moller Grace Moore Marcia A. Moore Paul and Debra Moore Lawrence Moorman Martha Mora Ron Moreland Marta Morello-Frosch Noel and Vera Morey Inara and David Morgenstern Ronald Morrison Hidetoshi Mouri Carol Mullane Larry Munn Robert and Donna Munoz Mary Munro Heidi Munzinger Bill Murphy Margurite M. Murphy Richard C. Murphy James and Carolyn Murray Richard and Peggy Musgrave Steven and Mardi Musick Vivianne and Jack Nachmias Eyleen S. Nadolny Burton and Marlene Nanus Ruth and Venki Narayan Matthew Nathanson Mike Nease Shawne Neeper John and Pat Nellany Linda and David Nelsen Jocelyn and Jerry Nelson Bill Nevins George Newell Maureen and Anthony Newhall Gloria P. Newhouse Ray Newkirk Edward and Carol Newman James Newman and Margaret Collins Merrill and Alicia Newman Robert and Linda Newsom Kathleen Nichols Christine and Jesse Nickell Sally E. Nielsen Ann and Daniel Nitzan Landon C. Noll Mark Edwin Norris Gus and Joy Norton Dorothy Novack Kenneth M. Novack Jeff November Margaret Ann Null Hiroji and Yasuyo Obayashi D. D. O Brien Rachel Ann Ocampo William O Connor and Janette Marietti Kenneth Odell Sean O Donnell Peter and Jennifer Odryna Gary and Elaine Ogawa Mary Ohlson Robert Ojeda Rose Okada Jennifer and Kevin O Keefe Patricia Oliansky Natalie T. Oliver Erica Olsen and David Mackie Vernon and Dorothy Olsen Thomas C. Olson Joseph Albert Oppenheim Romana and Joseph Orban Arlene Orens Florence Orenstein Alverda M. Orlando Hugo and Bertha Ormachea Rocky and Margarita Ortega Paul A. Ortiz and Sheila Payne Bruce and Deborah Owdom Bill and Kathleen Owen Taffi and Gordon Owen Farideh Paknad Mary S. Palumbo Jose T. Pantoja John Paquette Heather Parish William and Marlene Park David Parker Janet Parker Dayle Parkes and Patricia Jackson Bryce Cameron Parmelly Cynthia L. Passaro Seth Pasternack Al and Pamela Patrick Stephen and Sherry Paul Richard and Patricia Payne Hank and Joanne Pearce Eduardo Pech Sarah Peck Beth Penney Cynthia and Ernie Peterson Daniel Peterswright Thomas and Ann Pettigrew Gene and Kathryn Pfeifer Robin L. Phillips Stan Phillips Jennifer Lynn Pitino Gayla Pius Douglas Thomas Plante Cecil and Helen Platt Sandi Plenge Jim Plourd Elia and Ryszard Pochron Archie and Irene Polanco Scott Polland Edith Pollock Mary Hilton Pon Margaret Popken Harry Powell and Rosalind Hirst Margaret and Robert Powell Jordan and Lynn Price Terry Price and Kerry Campbell- Price Paul and Debora Prokop Beth T. Proudfoot Laurel A. Przybylski Valerie and Mark Publicover Tony and Suzanne Purcell Vernon Putnam Barry Qualls Frances and Edward Quartini Daniel and Susan Quijano Philip Quinn Richard Ragany Cathy and Jeff Raice Marilyn Raines Brian K. Ralph C. J. and Carol Ralph Jessica Ruth Rand Richard and Joan Randolph E. Francesco Raneri Ned and Joanne Rankin William and Betty Ranney Evan Ranta Loretta Rao and Richard Josephson Sylvia Real and Bill Taggart Bruce Redpath Cecil and Carol Reed Steven Reeder Timothy J. Reeve Eric Ansel Reid Lewis and Mary Reid Patrick and France Reilly Laurie Reiss and David Peterson Diane and Robert Reklis Kathryn Remick Mario and Diane Rendon Elizabeth Renfro and Casey Huff Robbie and Robert Revel Don Reynolds Gayle R. Reynolds Marianne Lea Reynolds Richard Rhodes Darien Rice Fredrick Rice Naomi and John Rice Raymond and Janis Rice Michael Rich and Debra Granfield Alfred and Maureen Richard Alan Richards Donald C. Richards George and Salma Richmond William and Pamela Richter Richard Riehle and Sera Hirasuna Carol Riewe Joseph L. Rink Lark Ritson Carolyn R. Roberts Bob and Everil Robertson John and Denise Robertson Valera Robertson Pamela A. Roby Leon and Myrna Rochester Elio and Joy Rodoni Robert and Patricia Rodriguez Brenda and Craig Rogers Barbara Rogoff Dana L. Rohlf Mark and Sue Rolen Wendy Roloson Jared Rondoni Persis and Thomas Rooth Barbara Rose and Jason Herlitz Earl and Joan Rosebraugh Leslie H. Rosen Judith J. Ross Steven and Karen Ross Richard Rossi Barry Roth Paul Roth and Renee Winter Marilyn and Ronald Rotter Glenna Roukes Juliana Rousseau Annette Roux Nick and Ruth Royal Mari M. Rubens Michael and Jennifer Rubin Margit Rubins Dorothy B. Ruby Bert B. Ruivivar Michael Runeare Ann Rupert Charle and Mary Sue Rupp Diane M. Russell Cara Lorraine Russo Paul and Donna M. Saffren Laurie D. Salatich David J. and Geri Salazar Ronaldo and Maria Sale Ralph and Sharon Salisbury Payam Saljoughian Steven and Lori Sallee Edwina Salmon Nancy Sanborn Britney Sanchez Cathy Sandeen and Ron Compesi Ronald B. Sandidge Rosalind San Felipe Floyd and JoAnne Sanger Mikaela Sarde-Sanfield Judy Sass Robert Sass and Brenda McGowan-Sass Julia Sauer John Ramsey Saunders Mitchell and Cynthia Saunders Thomas Savignano Lynn and William Scally William H. and Dorothy Schaumberg Ryan Scheiber Frieda L. Scherf F. Tracy Schilling Stuart and Audrey Schlegel Priscilla Schleich Thomas and Patricia Schneck Ken and Marcia Schneider Joachim Schnetzler Jay and Janice Schuffman Jane D. Schwartz Richard and Janet Schwind Benjamin Scott Cynthia and William Scott Peter and Celia Scott Robert and Barbara Scott Sequoia Seaborn James and Cindy Searles Bonita Sebastian Big-Qu and Dewey Seeto Paul and Mary Seever Chad Segal Mark Segal Scott and Kajsa Seidel Donald Seiler Daniel and Linda Sekella Steve and Jean Seki Larry and Marti Selman Edward and Linda Serros Kelly Shaeffer Linda Shaffer Roberta Wilson Shakya Nik Shan Whitney and Clasina Shane Janet and Mark Sharron Deanna M. Shemek Antoinette Catherine Shetler Teri Shikany Norman and Marion Shires Gary L. Shoemaker Sandie and Wells Shoemaker Nahum and Donna Shpak Anne Shultz John and Marianne Siembieda Fernando and Bertha Silva Thomas C. Silva Grace and Ray Silva-Santella Cathy Silvasi Steven Silver Henry and Katherine Simpson Mathew Simpson Wendy Sinek Sam and Anne Singer Wanda L. Sisnroy and Stephen Pearl Keith and Rebecca Skaug Paul Skenazy Shelly Jo Skye Mitchell Slade Janet K. Slay Lisa C. Sloan Rita Slobodian William Smart Adolph Smith Annabeth M. and Frederick M. Smith Carol L. Smith Christopher Smith Cris Lambert Smith Gloria D. Smith Graeme and Maria Smith Kirk and Pat Smith Mary F. Smith Stephen and Judith Smith Steven and Kristin Smith William D. Smith William E. Smock Marcia and James Smullen William M. Snider Ava D. Snyder Karen Snyders Irwin and Ceevah Sobel Richard and Mary Solari James Solie David and Mary South Bruce and Betty Southstone Sam Spencer John Speyer Vaughne Sprowls and Peter Jungschaffer Douglas J. Spurr Dianne and John Stafford James and Judith Stambolis Carrie M. Starr Richard M. Starr Judy Lynne Stavely Carol Ann Stein Art and Norma Steiner Ann Steinlauf and Bill Miller Scott and Victoria Stephens Judith and Richard Stern James Stevens Robert Stevens Patricia A. Stewart Daniel Stobbe Debbie and David Stogner Sigrid A. Stokes Norman C. Stolzoff Paul Stone and Patricia Haymond Rita Stone Robert and Walia Stone James and Mary Stoner Cecelia Storr Joseph and Kathleen Strafford Tone and Peter Strom Susan Struck Carole Stuart Tom Stuart Rebecca Hope Stuhlbarg John Sullivan and Carlene Johnson Timothy and Linda Sullivan Edward C. and Seely Sumpf Niels and Patricia Sundermeyer Patricia Sutch Diane Sutton Joan G. Suzio Jaime Swain James and Andrea Swanson David Sweet and Elaine Kihara Woutje Swets Ellen and Eugene Switkes Esther R. Sylvan Lysa H. Tabachnick Ann Tafolla Terry and Sally Taitz Renee Tajima-Peña Harriet Talan Lillian Tamoria Joanne Tanner and Charles Ernest Robert F. Tanner Carol and John Tara Marjorie Taylor Sally and Winslow Taylor Harold and Sherryl Teel Nata and Yakov Tentser Robert and Debra Thicksten Richard and Angie Thieriot Joseph Thomas and Susan Gomez Mark Thomas Mary C. Thomas Paul and Noriko Thomas Jill and John Thompson Nan Thorngate Richard Tiffin Thomas and Lauren Tobin Joseph Toby Robert Tolles Adelle and Erwin Tomash Gregorio and Nelia Tomista Todd and Nancie Townsend Thomas Tozier Wally and Lois Trabing Bob and Becky Tracy John and Beth Trend Melvin Trickey Roy P. Trowbridge John True Patrick True Huey and Kimchi Truong Donald and Amy Tsiang Brett Turner Dwight Turner Frederick and Nancy Turner Matthew J. Twisselman Breck Tyler Jennifer Diane Uhlig Sarah E. Ullman Martha and Vernon Ummel William D. Ungs Lanz VanBeurden Phil Vandenberg David and Debra VanDommelen Liese Varenkamp Bill Varie Jon and Janet Vasche John Vasconcellos Mark W. and Agnes K. Vaughn Antonia Verleye Jan Villott Jean Vlamynck William Vroman Melvin Leroy Vyborney Brittany Lee Wacker Denise Waite Bruce and Evonne Waldo Christine Walker and Nathan Fluegel Gary Walker Greg and Evelyn Walker Jennifer Walker Susan Walker Harvey B. Wallace II Matt Wallace and Adela Feran Anne Walsh Edward and Suzanne Walsh Stephen and Linda Walsh Lilian Walter Lee A. Walters Tamera Walters Michael Walton and Deborah Burns-Walton Thomas and Julia Wangler Bob Warfield Kathryn Warren Richard and Phyllis Wasserstrom Shawnte Sukria Watson Larry and Angela Watts Lewis G. Watts Judith Webb-Boyette Bill Webber Gary and Susan Weber Cheryl Webster Charlotte Wedge Alice Weigel Steven and Zipora Weinbaum Lynn Weiner Phillip and Carol Weir Samuel and Lynne Wells Sondra Wells Susan Welte Janet and James Wenninger David West Stephen and Patricia West Putney and Anne M. Westerfield Julienne Weston Randall and Janet Whitchurch Dan White Robert and Bonda White Rose M. White Alan and Patricia Whiteside James and Betty Whitlatch Elan and Nick Whitney James E. Whittaker Sheila Wickens and Roger Bach Jean Wilcox Alan Wilhelm Margaret Wilkinson Charlotte Williams David A. Williams Mason and Phyllis Williams Susan and Thomas Williams Suzanne Pfeiffer Williams Wendy Willis Maureen and David Wilmot Heidi Wilson Jon Wilson Richard C. and Jill Wilson Jill Winegardner Marilyn Wingfield Greg and Melissa Winslow Edith Wirtanen Carol Wirth Monika Witte Jonathan and Susan Wittwer Jane Wohlhueter Stan and Lois Wolfberg Cheryl A. Wolfcale George and Lois Wolfe Michael B. Wolfe Janet S. Wolski John and Joanne Wondolowski Cynthia Peng Wong Georgina Wong James and Gayle Woodhead Justin Forrest Woodjack Ken Woodrow Mary Wootten Chris Worley and Peter Hood Don and Ethel Worn George and Kimberly Wright Linsley and Anne Wyant Frank and Julie Ann Wyatt Jacqueline Ann Yamaguchi Vennie Yancy Pat and Edward Ybarro Laurie Yessick Berlina Young Stephen Zaslaw Patricia J. Zavella Robert and Antonette Zeiss Jane Zelie Robert and Lynn Zeller Larry and Barbara Zemansky Bob Zoccoli Patti Zoccoli Parent Contributors Gold Stephanie Cantor-Ruppenstein and Edward Ruppenstein Corinne and Steven Miller Heidi and Erik Murkoff Helen and Richard Spalding Tad Taube and Diane Panos Judy and Carl Walsh Silver Barbara and Richard Armenta Corby Perkins Baumgarten Gordon Ringold and Tanya Zarucki Steve Brock and Gale Heringer- Brock John Martin Carroll Carlos Esquivel Ramon A. Galindo Sr. Donald P. Jones Wendy Mandel and Allan Emkin Carol and Douglas Marin Brenda Robbins Kimberley and Paul Tozer Harry and Laurie Abraham Barbara and Richard Alger Dan Altemus and Marie Riehle Lina and Rodolfo Antonio Kenneth and Cheryl Beck Patricia Bell Elizabeth Davidson Bishop Ann and Mark Bonas Daniel and Rhea Brunner Kathy and Marc Carpenter Cindy Chamberlain Cynthia and Ron Chin-Perez Gary Clark and Victoria Guagliardo Carol and Gil Cormaci Joann Deutch and Paul Sweeney Nancy Patricia DiCenzo Chandler and Denise Diehl Julie and Wayne Driscoll Gayle Dukelow and Rosalyn Zakheim Ray Elam and Diana Gold Jean Fang and Hanns Kristen Gary and Sue Ann Fountain Janet Frost Alberto and Nancy Galindo Carol A. Gault John Joseph Gillagan James and Mary Graffius Bruce Gray and Beverly Russell- Gray Jon and Rebecca Hayman Neal and Jackie Henderson Lynda and Paul Hummer Ian and Rita Isaacs Dan Johnson Nanci and Scott Kauffman Lynne and Michael Kidder Peter and Suzanne Kistler Marie and Larry Krumland Donald Lathen and Nancy Newman Lily and Noel Lee Ronald and Sheila Litzinger Jacob and Linda Locker Bruce and Carolyn Lowenthal Terry Mandel Dell and Lynn Marcoux Jeanette and John Marquess Jr. Jesus and Dilia Martinez Donald William McCormick Stephen and Diane McGillin John and Kelly McShane Judy and Richard Meelia Adiofel and Evelyn Mendoza Paul G. Miffitt Gary Migdal Vivienne E. Miller Jorge D. Minor Marvin Morrison Kent and Megan Mouton Steve and Susan Mulholland Gina Nari Charles and Linda Pence Janice and Rocky Pipkin Lisa and Matthew Radeski Carlos and Sandra Rivera Asher and Nancy Rosen Joel Rudnick and Belita Moreno Rudnick Paul and Paulette Ryan Clara and Ernie Sanchez William and Amy Scott Ashley and Mike Shinozaki Raj K. Singh Charles and Sherrie Socci Deborah Steinthal and John McJunkin Outing Sun Thomas Sundell John and Kirsten Swift Lucy and Wallace Tai Anahid and Philip Terrence Mark and Joanne Thompson Diana and Tom Torlakson Marianne and Rainer Wachalovsky Annie and Jean Walrand Linda and Michael Weitzman Carolyn and Jack Westermeyer Alan and Rhonda Wharton Rita and Bill Williford David Wittenkamp Joseph L. Yousem Judith and Jeffrey Abrams Staci and Mike Aden Barbara and Mark Altenberg Tom Amandes David and Eileen Anderson Richard and Susan Anderson Lou Aspell Patricia Azarkman Carol and Jeffery Baldwin Kay and Ron Balue Shannon D. Banks Yolanda Beatty Scott Bell Burton and Elizabeth Benson David and Nancy Bishop Brenda and Jeff Bissett Barbara Blackmore Randi Blumenfeld Douglas and Yvonne Boggs Eric A. Bottorff Stephen and Nancy Brecht Annette Brengan and Tyler White Betsy and Peter Breunig Gretchen and Steve Bronstein Ann and Don Brown Toni and Jerry Buffa Jon and Anne Burghardt Loretta and Gilbert Campos John and Julie Capetta Yvette Carlo and Juan Meja Peter Cartwright Joseph and Peggy Casey Anthony and Heidi Chiodini Alan and Fritzie Clark Mary-Jill and Wulf Clemens Calleen Cochran-Tinonga and Luigi Tinonga Alexander and Pamela Constantino Irene and Ricardo Contreras Michael and Stephanie Conway Jim and Jenny Crotty Burt B. Cummings James and Teresa Curl Renato and Anita Fe De La Cruz David Denier and Joy Kosobayashi Daniel and Lorene Deornellas Claudia and Jack Dixon Gordon and Virginia Dudley Beatrice Elliott Brooke and Guy Erdman Dino George Fekaris Barbara and Dale Flick Arnold and Jean Fong George and Judy Fong Bud Froton and Barbara Quarton Angel and Rosario Gabriel Sandy Garber and Ralph Meyer Alan and Sandra Garver Frank and Karen Geefay Bettina and Michael Gilligan David and Linda Glenwinkel Elizabeth and Michael Godden Michael Gold Amelia and Antonio Gonzalez Ron F. Gordon Laurel and Michael Gothelf David and Kate Gross Donald and Susan Guest Michael Joseph Hallinan Robin Hansen and Gordon Ulrey Roy and Virginia Harrington Glenn and Lina Hatfield Sharon Hayes-Davis and Michael Davis Miriam and Tomas Hintz John and Wendy Hoag Elisabeth M. Holdship Deanna and Edward Hong Jackie Horlick Moses and Nina Huang Mark and Alta Hull Alexander Izmailova and Olga Tinina Leslie Janoe Andres Jimenez and Maria Martinez Pei-Chuan and Tenshang Joh David and Susan Jones Bernadette and Jim Justus Christine Kalb John Karnay and Elaine Unemori Veronica Kidushim Samuel and Leslie Kusic Joseph and Alice Landolph Malinda and William Law Adria and Karl Lawson Margaret Y. Lee Marianne and Samir Lehaff Jeffrey and Louise Lieb Nick and Winnie Lim Teresa Lopez Donna V. Maher Ken Margulis Deborah Marrow and Michael McGuire Joyce and Thomas Martin IV Modesta Martinez Willy Mata Nanci and Robert Mathison Kohnosuke and Luz Matsumoto Edward and Maria McDevitt Michael and Nancy McGregor Gregory and Lori McIntosh David Ralph McKirahan John and Kris McLoughlin Helen McMillan and Jay Settanni Margaret and Viktor Meniailenko June and Peter Mierau Caroline and Thomas Miley Susan and William Mocsny Alan K. Mok Janine Molgaard Cathy Morden Patricia Nevares Gale O Brien Tanya A. Ojala Evangeline and Sadiri Ordinario Joe Frank Pacal Marylyn and Timothy Paik-Nicely Richard Paisner and Christy Weiner Sven E. Persson George Pettit and Mollie Dent Julia and Thomas Philbert Laurie and Phil Pincus Audrey and Michael Powers David and Joyce Primes Frank and Nancy Quacinella Alexandrina and Apolonio Ramirez Romeo and Lilibeth Ramirez Brian and Joan Rea Ron J. Rezek Patrick G. Riley Soveida Rodriguez Steven Rodriguez and Deborah Wantuch Helen and William Rogers Mary and Philip Rogren Deborah Dei Rossi Catherine Rost Alice and Krikor Sarkisian Jurgen and Susanne Scheulen Carolyn and Jack Schlumberger Ken Schwab Jerry Scott Otis and Willie Scott Ann and Timothy Shannon Robert and Ruth Shaps Michael Shiffler Regine Siebenmorgen Priti and Ramvatar Singh Jan Allen Smudski Donna and Tom Smyth Manuelle Solorzano William Stern Elena and Ilya Stomakhin Elizamina and Roque Suba Kathy and Richard Sutherland Susan Tacata Tristan and Steve Taggart Barbara and David Tocco Richard and Sunnye Tuch I see this endowment as recognition for the excellence of the research conducted by the Storage Systems Research Center as a whole. Darrell Long, professor of computer science and first holder of the Kumar Malavalli Chair in Storage Systems Anne and Dermot Tuohy Philip A. Turner Pete and Jean Vegas Joann and Paul Warner Patricia K. Werner Sutie and James Wheeler Frances Whitnall Barbara and Charlie Winton Karen and Thomas Worthington Adam and Virginia Zaremba Steve Zukmann David and Linda Adams Humphrey and Myrina Alba Andres and Maria Alegria Rayce and Rosa Anselmo Debra and James Applebury Ian and Stacey Archbell Mark Arena Alex and Mary Arevalo Carol and Wes Armand Maria and John Arnott JoEllen and Theodore Ashton Stephen Au and Peggy Chen Michael E. Augustyn John Avila Heidi and Jose Ayap Susan Ayer-Marquette and Thomas Marquette Daniel Bambou 12 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 13

8 Cheryl and Fred Barbaria Daniel M. Barnard Guillermo and Theresa Barragan Martina and Dirk Bartels Rick and Wayka Bartolacelli Gregory A. Bauer Roberta and Terry Bavin Maria Beacom Lili Wenzel Beggs and Tom Beggs Dyan M. Beito Sue Bender and Larry Pardi Mary Berg and Alan Speidel Susan Berl Elizabeth Bernal Victoria Betancourt Gabriel and Stephanie Bettencourt Judy Bigsby and Ashley Everly Richard Bishop and Georgia LaMantia Stephen Blitch and Francoise Putting Harrison and Patricia Bloom Karen and Scott Blumen Guadalupe Bobadilla Ron and Tamra Bottorff Marsha and Keith Boxerman Lynn and Robert Brandt Jerry and Maria Brenholz James Brighton and Franchesca Callejo Kent Browning Madeline Bruning David and Pamela Buckey Joseph and Lisa Buckwalter Anne and William Callahan Patrick and Dorothy Canfield Sandi Cantor and Kenneth Clayman Cece and Ross Cardinalli Bill and Karen Carr Kevin M. Casey Edna Cash-Dudley and William Dudley-Cash Gregory and Hiroko Caster Greg Catani and Nima Grissom James and Rebecca Catterall Karen Causey Gary Cecchini and Kathleen Mullen I-tau Chang Jackie Chapman Jeff and Vivian Chapman Jeany Chen and Shinn Lee David Cheng and Susie Ng Linda and Siu Chew John and Bambi Chilese Winnie Ching Stella and Tam Chiu Barry and Sonia Chu Peter Chung and Linda Prajudha Robert and Susan Cimmiyotti David and Julianna Clark Margaret and Richard Clarkson David Clough and Diane Powell Patricia Cobaleda-Kegler and Lance Kegler Mary and Richard Coburn Lou Anne and Peter Colburn Brian Stuart Collins Peter and Susan Connery Carol Connolly and Hal Gislason Denise and Robert Cook Angela and Gabriel Costa Richard and Rosemary Cress James and Marianna Crider Chung and Nancy Dai Norma Dale Craig S. Daley Harry and Norma Dassah Dareyl Ann Davidson Michael and Susan Davis Jeffrey and Threse Deane Vicky and James DeBartolo Barbara and Donald DeBold Renayda DeLaRosa Anne I. Deleage Toni H. DeMarco Levon Der Bedrossian Mary Dermody Jacqueline M. Dewar Loretta A. Diamond Cruz and Gerardo Diaz Bill Doak Gary Dobson Georgiana Domingo Helen Downs Elizabeth Doyle and Ernie Lavorini Allen Dragge Cheryl and Tedd Duncan Chris Dunlap Pam Eastmond Tijanna Odette Eaton Florencio and Nenita Ebalo Gordon and Kirsti Elder Abby and Linda Emadzadeh Crystal and Kingston Eng James Engelman and Claire Witherspoon Jane and Jesse Escobedo John and Maggie Estrada Rafael and Carlina Estrera Beth and Peter Favero Judith and Steven Feher Paul and Suzanne Fiedler Daniel and Sherry Fields Charles H. Fillhardt Andrew and Elizabeth Finfrock David Finkbeiner and Beth Matesi Barbara Foster and Jack Stone Marlene and William Frank Cheryl Lynn French Julie and Bradley Frick David and Patricia Frieband Judy Friedman Richard Frohlich and Barbara Roberts Walter Fujii and Sharon Hemling Wade Timothy Fulbright Maureen and Russell Funk Debbie and Mel Gadbut Janna and Phillip Gadd Frances C. Gallegos Donald Garcia Michael P. Garvey Donna Gary and David Vaniman Ann Christine Gaskell Rona Giffard John Gladstone Diana and Dick Glanville Dale R. Goetsch Karen Goldberg Rose Gong and Garry Ness Emmanuel and Irma Gonzalez Jim and Maria Gonzalez Randall Goodall and Naomi Schiff Douglas Goodin and Carmen Violich-Goodin Joyce Gorham Lorraine Grauso-Herman Kathy and Ken Graves Rosanne Graves and James Barnard Lewis and Tonia Green Catherine Greene Sydney Grieve Lori and Stewart Grodman Cecille and Morgan Gunst George and Rhoda Gustafson Jose Gutierrez Sally Hackworth Don and Kathleen Hall Carrell Halley Catherine Halsing and Robert Sarlatte Lung-Wen and Teresa Han Bonnie and Dan Hariton Celia and Terry Harms Richard and Terrel Harms Kurt and Marlina Harrison Ronald and Valerie Harrison Judy Hartnett Emiko Hatayama Jim and Karen Heffern Donna and Ken Henderson Kevin Bruce Hensley Eric Herman David and Marita Hillman Ned and Sheila Himmel Denise and Robert Hoffman John and Kerry Holtrust Amy and Larry Hoover Christopher and Suzanne Horsley Philippe Hourlier and Beverley Powers-Hourlier Jane Houssiere Catherine Hubbard and James Spaulding Bill and Kelly Huber Dana and Fernando Huelga Maricela and Augusto Huelgas Gary and Suha Huffaker Paxton and Stella Hui Thomas and Wendy Ichimaru Barbara and Farooq Iftikhar Maureen and Orin Ineich Annette and Joel Inglish Clay and Eva Ingram Ronald Inman and Mary Woodyard Rosella Isidro Richard and Susan Jacob Doreen and Douglas Jacobs Nancy Jenkins Morena Jimenez Charles and Kathleen Jones Charles Jones and Bernice Shimabukaro Larry Jones and Diane Maskell- Jones Terrence Jue and Diana Hiranaga Donald and Young Jung Howard and Nancy Kaneg I simply decided to support the field in which I have been doing research for so long. Jean Langenheim, professor emerita of ecology and evolutionary biology, who created a graduate fellowship in plant ecology and evolution Candace Amy Kastner Alisa and Howard Katz Terry Keifer Lynn and Michael Keller Thomas Kelly and Barbara Woodford Mary Kennaugh Christian and Hedwig Kennerknecht Abdul Khan Harry and Young Kim Anthony G. King Michael Kluwin and Tess Sanchez Galina and Vladimir Koshevatsky Ruth Hardee Kovacs Gloria and Stuart Kreitman Catherine and Joern Kroll Heddy Kung and Dennis Yep Elissa and Richard Kurk Paula K. Kuvelas Choon and Mi Sook Kwon Lionel and Rosalind Laferriere Julia and Thomas La Grua Bernardine Chui Lam Christopher and Patricia Langton Gayle John Lau Nadine Lauterjung and Robert Johnson Clayton and Vicitacion Layus Joseph Lee Len and Vivian Lehmann Daniel Paul Lehner Ron Leibow Harry Leroy and Ruth Richards Colleen LeVoir Glen and Rita Lezama Chuang and Wen Lin Eric and Tiffany Lin Jim and Maribeth Linhart Ruth and Zaki Lisha Julie Little Kerry and Dewey Livingston Pam London Manuel Longoria Bertha Lopez Regina Lozano David and Dorothy Lum Annika and Sonny Lundin Darla Mabery Irene C. Macres Glenn and Stephanie MacWhorter Son and Supranee Mai Mariette Malveaux Saras and Surendra Mani Gerard and Nancy Mannion Andrea Mansfield Ronald and Dale Marcikic Melinda and Ronald Marian Graciela Markarian Cheryl and Raymond Mastrovito Tom Maxon Ann and Ron Mayo Jorita and Soloman Mbagwu Douglas and Naoko McCall Catherine and Joe McDonald Aileen and William McInerney Bonny and Rich McKinney Kristin and Eugene McNany Jan and John Meacham Charles and Kathleen Mendenhall Margie and Robert Mercer Lyle Merithew and Eileen Swirsky Marjorie and Michael Merza Jr. Julie and Mark Meyers Adolfo Meza Donald and Maureen Mikuleky Daniel Miller and Semadar Barzel Susan Miller Steven and Wendy Mills Cynthia Mioduchowski Carolyn Moore James and Susan Moore Joseph Morgan Elisa and William Morris Jennifer Morrison Dennis and Janet Mulshine John and Donna Mulsow Vickie Mumford Abel Murillo Bryan Murphy Chuck and Reva Murphy Adele Myers Charles and Eileen Neuhauser Jeri and Stewart Ng Avram and Susan Ninyo Mamoru and Jane Nishimoto Keith and Valerie Nishimura Bill Nobles Shirley and Tom Norton Philip O Carroll Colleen O Hara Anna and Michio Okamura Dennis and Judith Orellana Nancy Ortiz Lynn and John Osth Jose Padilla Palasik and Roxana Palacios Inhyuk and Sung Park Martha Park Amy and Dennis Parker Shirley and William Parks Barbara and Gary Parlapiano Nonic and Ricardo Pascual Jr. Diane Patterson David and Marylyn Paulsen Lorentz and Maria Pe Benito John and Terry Perazza Ana and Matt Perez Kim and Walter Perez Salvador and Sylvia Perez Yolanda Perez Frank A. Petrilli Sally and Williar Phelps Pat Phillips Victoria and Michael Plefka Dare and Molly Porter Gina L. Potter Trish and Richard Power Allen and Annette Purdy Nancy Purtill Patricia Quinones Rodulfo M. Quizon Francesca and Joseph Raccanello Julie and Mark Raine Deva Rajan Bernadette and Bob Ramer Henry and Thea Ramirez Martha and Miguel Ramos Malcolm and Sheila Reeve Norma and Rene Reyes Paula Reynolds Daniel Richter Nancy and Triantafillos Rigopoulos Manuel and Elisa Rivera Adrien S. Rivin Alfonso and Norma Rodriguez Thomas and Vera Rogers Jon and Kathleen Rosselle Daniele Roth Paula and Ted Roussos Kathy and Scott Rubin Karen L. Russell Michele and Kent Russell Carmin and Glen Salle Norah Au Salzer Daniel and Marie Sampior David and Alma Sanchez Debra Sanfilippo Gordon and Lois Sangster Angelito and Rebecca San Juan Juanita and Senando Santos William and Cora Saperstein Haruo and Yuko Sato William Sause Michael and Mary Schaaf Mike and Thelma Schnoll Karen and Kim Schoknecht Brett and Sheila Schrank Jo Ann Schroeder Diane Schultz Donna and Robert Schutt Kay and Paul Schwartz Catherine B. Scott Lisa Ann Scoville Jeff Seidner and Linda Sinatra- Seidner Gary and Joyce Sernaker Stephen Sharp and Valerie Wallace Mick and Meg Sheldon Elizabeth Shelstad Alex and Isabella Shtulman Ellen and Karl Shultz Jose and Virginia Silva Michelle and Scott Silverman Linda and Sewell Simmons Suzanne and Jamie Simon Moshoula A. Simondis Ravendra K. Singh Allen and Marjorie Siverson Theodore Sklar Craig and Linda Smith Gordon and Jacqueline Smith Julie and William Smith Richard Smith and Robin Smith- Tischer Timothy K. Smith Christopher and Kathy Snyder David and Patricia Sodaro Datar and Jatinder Sodhi Joe Sousa Mark and Sheryl Speer Karima and William Sperling Dara and Michael Stafford Colleen and Larry Stamper Joan C. Stanwyck Harvey and Michelle Stein Melinda Stern and Lon Dubey Janice Lee Strassburg Carolyn and Lin Stripling Deborah and Bill Swigart Francesca and Ronald Symmes Marie Symmes Bernadette and Matthew Szydlowski Erlinda Tang Kathleen and Roger Taylor Barbara and Habtezion Tecle Jesse and Juana Tello Lance and Theresa Terry Howard Thayer Bill and Marie Thompson Patricia Miller Thornhill Steven Tilles Joseph and Lorraine Tipane Barry and Charlene Tobisman- Davis William and Danise Tomlin Phuc Tran and Anhhoa Le Dave and Margret Traulsen Charles and Kathleen Turner Elizabeth and John Turner Jeffrey and Nancy Uhler Paul Upp Beatrice Valdivia Olga Van Der Kolk Charles and Mindy Vanry Macarena and Michael Vaquera Elsa Velasco Linda Verheecke Ronald Vieira Hector Villarreal Richard and Kelly Vorous Isabel Wadsworth Mary Waldner Edwin and Patricia Warren Stephen and Julie Webber Daniel Weber Karen and Charles Weiss David and Marilyn Wellmon Debra Whiford Bruce and Patrice White Kathryn and Ronald Williams Louis and Valerie Willsea Cathy and Locke Wilson Aaron and Lisa Wong Coleman and Mamie Wong Dianne Wong June and Kenneth Wong William Blaine Young Paris and Shahrzad Zarrabian Carole and Seymour Zemlyn Susan Zepeda Jon and Srbijanka Zivku Albert and Teresa Zobrist Larry and Kitty Abbott Rachael Abraham Elias and Susan Abuyaghi Judith Accardi and Larry Perloff Antoinette Acenas Janet and Larry Acheatel Yesan and Gary Ackerman Maria Guadalupe Acosta Jan and Patrick Adamiak Adee and Rosalyn Adekunle Judith and Les Adler Diana Agnew Azalea Aguilar Alicia Carmen Aguirre Anthony and Marifi Aiello Crispin and Elizabeth Alanzalon Jim Alftad and Roberta Gotfried Bariq and Noreen Alizai Carol L. Allen David and Fannie Allen David and Susan Allen Teresa Alvarado Lorena Alvarenga Gustavo Alvarez Diane N. Alves Paul M. Amicone Fereshteh Amin and Hamid Reza Shafipour Dortee and Philip Anaya Erin Anderson Dennis Andrews Debbie Andrus Anthony Francis Angelicola Avril Angevine and Jon Stewart Elia M. Anguiano Jesus Anguiano Paul Anjeski Hazel and Marc Anker Hugo and Patricia Arabia Ofelia Arcos and Salud Lopez Susan Arechiga Ana and Manuel Arias John and Sheila Armstrong Robert and Rochelle Armstrong Enrique and Graciela Arreguin Noli and Petronilo Aspuria Frederick and Milagros Asuncion Janette and Nabil Athanassious Pamela and Steve Auer Sally Ann Auerbach Michael Austin Frank and Christina Avelar Gail and William Avila Leonardo Avila Richard and Susan Ayer Debra and Sim Ayers Laurie Baccus Coleen and Michael Baer Jeffery Baird Jose and Ana Baires Gordon and Cindy Baker Joseph and Becky Balagot Elizabeth and Fernando Balon Teri and William Banka Oscar and Victoria Barahona Daniel and Teresa Barber Neosha L. Barnes Regina Barnes Hugo Barrales Catherine Clarisse Barrey Guadalupe Barron Maureen and J. B. Barton Theresa and Chris Bartos Christina Nystroem Batt Jagmohan and Prabhjot Batth Diana and Robert Bauman Clayton and Nancy Bavor Tim P. Bazar Michael Bear Anne Beckes Pamela and Rocky Beckner Laurie and Alfred Belanger Linda G. Bell Lois R. Belt Beth and Yagel Ben-Aderet Alma and Robert Benavides Marilyn Benedetti Beverly Benner Cathy Bennett Lawrence and Martha Bennett Mark and Sarah Benninghofen Barbara M. Bent Candice and George Benton Eva Berend Cynthe Ann and Morry Berenjian Amanda Bereny and Craig Southard Sharon and Earl Berman Nenita Bernal-Connelly and Edmond Connelly Marianne Bernard Nancy and Timothy Bernard Diane and Ronald Bertrand Enzina and Makram Bestowrous Hank and Gail Biddle Shelley Biermann and Richard Smith Doug Biggs Robert Biggs Brian Bitney Joseph and Pamela Bitterman Bill and Sheelah Black Ken and Shelly Blakemore Robert and Paula Bliss Gail Block John Blong and Theresa Woehrle Edward Blumen Richard and Rosanna Blumenberg Doreen and Kirk Blunck Moti and Miriam Bogler Leticia P. Bohling Susan Boiko Maria Boj Judy and Rich Bollinger David Bomse and Claire Romero Brian and Deborah Boni James Bonomo and Janet Wainwright Marilyn Bookbinder and Burton Levy Patricia M. Born Ben and Margaret Borson Norris Bossier Olga Boswell Tom Bourret Mark Boyce Linda and Basil Boyer James and Melissa Brackett Donna and Doug Branaman Guy and Susan Bredesen Robyn Bringans Laurie and Robert Briskin Alice and Paul Bristol Steven Brockhage Nicole Eden Brockriede Linda Brookover and Alain Silver Michael Brooks and Sue Warnock- Brooks Eric and Leslie Brouillette Claudette and Harvey Brown Cynthia Brown and Pat Cadam David Brown Juliette and Paul Brown Christine and Dale Bruso Ernest Bryant and Mary Cunningham Carla and Allen Buchanan Diana E. Buchbinder Edward J. Buck Kathleen Buckley and John Miller Al and Jean Buennagel Leslie Burkhart Henry and Jane Burnham Shelley Bushway Kathryn Butcher Cindy and Ken Butner Angela Caballero Elbalena and Mario Cabrera Jon and Linda Cady Fran and Len Calderone Lesley and Tracy Call Kathryn Cameron Dianne and James Campbell Kathy Matsue Campion Juan and Magda Campo Tony Camuti Lou and Patrocinia Canio Al and Sue Capeloto Marie Carbonneau and Al Thoman Laurie Ziegler Carey David and Nancy Carlock Cleotilde and Victor Carlos Robert and Virginia Carlson Janet M. Carmona Chris and Lauren Carneghi Cathleen Carpenter and Sally Maneker Kathryn Carpenter Bernardo and Carmencita Carrasco Lilia and Pedro Carrasco Dianne and Joseph Carroll Susan and Thomas Carter Angela and Frank Casey Maria Casillas Gerardo and Socorro Casimiro Sherry Lynnette Castro Stevan Cavalier and Stephany Houghton Carol and Larry Cavalli Teri Cavanagh-Miller and Eliot Miller Alice Cavey Angelo and Marcia Cayo Karen and Patrick Chabot Betty Chan Darold and Toni Chan F. Hong and Jenny Chan John and Lilian Chan Lih-Hsing Chang Chris and Maureen Chapple Janice and Jerry Charter Sheila Chase Steven Chase Evangeline and Marcial Chaves Betty Chen Charlie and Linda Chen Deeping and Antony Chen Julia Chen Karen Chen Margaret and Robert Chen Melody Chen Christine and Patrick Cheng Ida and Cheong Leonard Ginny and Jack Chiang Julie and Steven Cho-Polizzi Kimberly and Kyung Choi Christine Chong Kenneth and Miranda Chow Eva Choy Hollie Churchill-Towle and Tom Towle Barbara Christian Julia Christian Seekean Chuah and Robert Cohen Amy and Darien Chung Charles and Deborah Clagett Patricia Clancy John and Suzanne Clark Lauri Ann Clupper Pamela and Steven Coak Bruce Cohen and Jan Dederick Daniel and Nancy Cohen David M. Cohen Jo Anne Cohen Maria E. Cohen Rudy and Smader Cohen Pamela Coker Peter Hays Cole Robert and Marie Cole William Cole Douglas and Yvonne Collins Sondra Colvin Anne and Steven Cone Anne Cook and Will Mosgrove Karen H. Cooper Bruce Cornelius and Janet Evans Glen and Juanita Corso Maria Cortes Gina and Salvatore Costanzo Jeff and Carla Couture Sara Crabb Armand and Blanche Crabe Margaret R. Crayton Clayton Creager and Martha McCoy Charlotte Creaghan and Robert Happy Elizabeth Crilly and Scott Hagan Dominador and Maria Cristobal Joseph Croco and Laura Douglass Blesilda and Pedro Cruz Carmen and Platon Cruz Kathy Cunningham Patricia D Agostino Michael Daigian and Dana Iscoff Mark and Peggy Daigle Irene Dailey Gail and Jim Daily Herbert G. Dang Melinda Dart and Jamie Padover Larry and Sandy Daunell Jeanne and Kevin Davidge George Albert Davidson Gary Davis and Ida Griffin Meredith Davis Michael and Susan Davis Leslie and Michael Dawe Audrey and Michael Dawson Gail and John Day James and Molly De La Loza Maria Teresa and Roberto de la Paz Maylie De La Paz Rosemarie De Pinto Kurt and Linda De Stigter Andrew and Susan Dean Ben and Beverly DeKoven Emilio and Josanna DeLeon Francisco and Susan Delmendo Harry Delmer and Deborah Hecht Dilip and Ramila Denapiya Kelly and Robert Dennison Mitra Deris Terry and Gail Deschamps David and Roni Deutsch Alaknanda and Prakash Devaskar Evelyn DeVault Hortencia and Victoriano Diaz Val Dietrich and Monique Goossens Kathleen Dillon and Douglas Devera Patricia Ann Dobson Casey Doherty Phillip and Deborah Dolan Paul Domigan and Susan Haselhorst Bill and Jennifer Domitilli Barbara Ann Donnelly Kathy Dotson-Brown and Don Brown Nicola R. Draper Caroline and Michael Drinnan Deborah and Michael Drucker Mary Drumonde Michael Duckworth Elizabeth C. Dugdale Freda and Larry Dun Reggie and Valerie Duncan Harold and Joyce Dunn David C. Dupart Evangeline Duque and Michael Gamson Douglas and Sandra Durand Michael Dwyer and Brenda Saucer Paul and Ginny Eddy Victor and Monica Edgerton Harlan Edmonds Larry G. Edwards Peter Edwards Robert Edwards Joanne and Mark Egerton Linda Elkins and Michael Romano Susan Ellenberger Elyse and Lee Ellinger Jane Ellis-McNaboe and Gerald McNaboe Mohamed and Harlowe Elshafie Catherine and Steve Enbody David Encina Douglas and Joan Enns Connie M. Ersoy Hamid and Nazy Esfahani Amy and Thomas Evans Gary and Paula Evershed Gina and Larry Everson Fidel and Sol Fajardo Dennis and Lorna Fantin Monica Farac and Scott Nuckels Sandra and Steve Farley Jean and Mark Farmer Laura Farnham Tom Fashinell Leslie Faust and Peter Graham Sung-Ja Feldman Teresa M. Ferguson and Peter G. Scott Monica Fernandez Noel Ferris and Parker White John and Karen Fiddes Arlene and Ron Finger Steve Finnegan Jan Fish David Fittinghoff Mary Fitzpatrick and David Van Pelt Randy and Kimberly Fix Jeffrey Fleck and Deborah Steinhart David and Virginia Fleming Debi A. Fletchall-Olson Duane and Terri Flock Julianne and John Flora-Tostado Darcy and Donald Fluitt Carol and David Fluke Mary Katherine Flynn Irene and John Fojtik Peggy and Al Foletta Edward Fong and Mary Maguire Kevin Fong and Ginny Fraire-Fong Brian and Nancy Fortini John Forward Alan and Patricia Francis-Lyon Leslie Frank Doreen Frankel and Jake Hurwitz Angel Franklin John and Paula Franklin Jonathon Freedman Maureen and Roy French Nancy and Richard French Elaine and Michael Fresco David and Linda Friedland Paul T. Fuller Raye L. Furst Ludwig and Susan Furtner Jim and Patty Fusting Ken and Maureen Gaare Jody and Stanley Gabara Owen Gabbert Betty Gai Maggie K. Gajek Juan and Maria Galan Anita and Victor Gallardo Clare and Frank Gallardo Margarita M. Gallegos Lucy Gambarina and Yakov Sheynkerman Edward and Elvia Gamez Xueni Gao Baldwinder Garcha Robert Garcia Robin Garcia-Orme and John Orme Russ and Theresa Gardiner Jane Kathryn Gardner Ellen and John Gasser Laurie J. Gaynor Joe and Pat Gazdowicz Cynthia and Richard Gebhart Stephen Gehrett and Anne Rockwell Richard and Susan Gentilucci Daniel and Toni Gerling Masoud Ghafarzade Parvin Ghaffarian and Aboutaleb Saei Linda and Valerio Giannini Ziaieh M. Gibbs Randel and Robert Gibson Arthur and Joanne Gigantino Jack and Shelly Gillan Mary Glazer Dianna and Mike Gleason James Glickman Connie and Leo Goggins Donald and Mary Golad David and Sherry Goldojorb Genet and Manuel Gomez Jesus Gomez Laura and Ron Gomez Erica Gong Carmen and Ramon Gonzalez Eleanor Gonzalez Elias and Gloria Gonzalez Alan and Bobbie Goodman Jordan and Linda Goodman Margie Goodman Mark and Roberta Goodman Iosif and Rimma Gorenshteyn Beebe and Thomas Gorrie Catherine and Ralph Gorrill Judi and Stephen Gorski Amy Gottlieb Linda and Michael Gourley Janet Marian Goy Frank and Luli Graetch Mary and Stephen Graner Deana Granger Ann Grassel Keith Grassel Adela and David Gray Barry Gray Cathy J. Gray Debra and David Gray John Gray Barbara and Philip Green James and Janice Greene Marjorie Greene and Garrett Nicol Jay and Sally Grewal Sherry Grewal Margaret Groner Lisa Guadagna Barbara E. Guerrazzi Florante and Veronica Guijo Rebecca T. Guinto Kailash and Shashi Gupta Kathy Guthrie Bob Gutierrez and Pearly Masters Edmundo and Elena Gutierrez San Juanita Gutierrez Arnon Hadar and Marci McCormick Bruce Hagel and Debra Price Adela and Stewart Hall Don Hallenbeck Andrea and Jim Ham Bob and Mary Hamill Andrea Hamilton Jasch and Kathleen Hamilton William and Jennifer Hamilton Emily Hamlin Susan Hamstra Angeles and Jose Hamtig Nicola Hanchock and James Moore Ernest and Sharon Handa Ken and Sandy Handel Sue Hanenburg Emily and Stephen Hanisits David and Marcia Hardy Sylvia Hardy Jim and Liz Harley Deborah and James Harmon Jana and William Harrison Jim and Vanessa Harskamp Dave and Julie Harter Donna and Bruce Hartman Greg Harvey Carl and Sheri Hass Molly Hastings Heinrich and Elsmarie Hau Cecil and Julie Hawkins Eugene and Laura Hayden Michael and Joan Healy Patrick and Yvonne Hearn Patty J. Heckendorf Betty and Michael Heil Gregory and Tharese Helbick- White Brenda and Michael Helm Bob and Veronica Hemphill Susan Henkin-Haas and Rudy Haas Brian and Susan Hennessy Sally and Steven Henrikson Connie and Edward Henry John and Laura Heraty Armando Hernandez and Jovita Jimenez Margarita Hernandez Jennifer A. Hess Craig and Luanne Heuer Virginia M. Hewgley Kevin Hickey Raul Hidalgo Leticia Hilbert Cheryl and Jim Hinton Cathryn and Steve Hipskind Oncita N. Hirata Cher and Eric Hisken Bill and Diana Hoddick Lisa and Michael Hodgson Kathy and Charles Hoehn Hermelinda C. Hoelscher Guy and Roberta Hoffman Terry Hoffman Elle Hoffnagel and Terry Murphy Dirk John Holkeboer Alvis and Ruth Holland Lynell and Micheal Hollarman Murphy Holmes Nancy and Rodger Holton Morrissa Holzman and Joseph Sebastian Sheila Raman Honeycutt Ellen and Michael Hood Renee D. Hoover Sondra Hopkins Patti and William Horan Ken and Flora Horjus Amy and Stephen Horn Hiroko Horner Paul House Allen Huang and Thu Tran Wei Huey Dana Huff Theodore Huff Ben and Karen Huffines Lynne Huffman and Allan Reiss Gary and Karen Humphreys John and Rose Hunter Joseph and Arsenia Hurlbut Peter Hurley Gigi Hurty Carol Hutchings Deborah and Kurt Huysentruyt William Eric Hvidsten Sharon Inase Lorenzo Isaac Joseph M. Isaacson Cengiz and Dilek Isbilen Lynn and Ted Israel Debbie Izumizaki Marcia and Ryuzo Izumoto Berni Jackalone Karen Elizabeth Jacke Annette and John Jackson Annette Jagers John and Patricia Jameson Larry and Jean Jang Lovell Jarvis and Maria Rivas-Jarvis Francisco and Gloria Jauregui William Jetter and Kyung Son Enid Joffe and Joel Shapiro David J. Johnson Jean and Peter Johnson Maria Johnson William Todd Johnson Debbie and Warren Johnston Janell Jones Susanna Jones Joanne Jordan Abraham and Susan Joseph Maria Juarez Judith Kahn Konrad C. Kaltenborn and Cathie Schumacher Gail and Kurt Kamph Don and Sharon Kaplan Laura Kaplan and Jim Tucker Ruth E. Kaplan Richard Katkov Deborah Kaufman Craig and Kimberley Kausen Brian and Martha Kautz Yoshie and Shigemori Kawaguchi Beverly and Kevin Kearney Chuck and Nancy Kearsley Thomas and Charlotte Keller Denise Kennedy Roger and Suzanne Kent Connie and James Kerr Kathy Kerridge and Daniel Morgan Barbara and Richard Kerrigan Ellen Kerrigan and Baker Peeples Thomas Kerrigan and Beth Margolis Charles and Fleurette Kersey Rheta and William Keylor Naazmin Khan Ewa Kielczewska Flo and George Kimmerling John and Christy King Joana L. King-James Richard E. Kipling John Kirihara Linda Kirkhorn Sara Knight Walter and Murni Knoepfel John and Linda Ko Kang and Shan Ko Harvey and Maureen Kochen Katherine Hisako Kodama Marie and Samuel Koerper Adelle Kohl and Timothy Smith Fei Yan Kong Donna and James Kostenko Mohammed and Nazma Koya Florence and Michael Krasnick John and Mary Kriege Martha and Steven Krow-Lucal Alison and Stephen Kubick Teresita Kumar Janifer and Leslie Kwong Lowell Labez Margaret and William LaChance Robert and Sheila LaCour Eric and Martha Ladner Alfred and Jan La Joice Kimie Lakomski In Joo and Michael Lambert John and Rachel Land Leticia and Pete Landa Lawrence Lanes and Carol Kronenwetter Jurg Lang Billie and Chris Lange Robert and Cynthia Lanning Jerry Larsen Kathy and Frank Larson Jim and Marcia Larsson David J. Latt Karen Laven Norma Lawrence and Lionel Pine Rose and Scott Lawrence Garret Dempsey Leahey Eleanor G. Leard Cathy and Charles Lecroy Chun and Lucy Lee Estella and Richard Lee Frank and Jeri Lee Ken and Stella Lee Lori and Martin Lee May and Wayne Lee Rebecca Lee Marsha Lenox Charlene Letourneau Marsha Levelle Anne and Peter LeVine Karen and Stephen Levine Debra Levitt and Steven Rosenblum Alan Jeffry Lew Daniel I. Lewis Maia and Steven Lewis Winnie Lewis Betsi and Marc Lewitter Margaret and Parker Libby Robert and Sheri Liebe Dennis and Lorrie Lim Wendy Lim Ramona Linan and Jaime Molina Robert Lind Teri Cohan Link Kate Lipkis Roberto and Maximina Litiatco Cynthia and Richard Liu Nancy and Thomas Liu John and Rosanne Lloyd Robert Locke JoAnn and Ronald LoForti Jane Logan Bessie and Wai-Bong Lok Barbara and Stan Loll Susan Lominska and Jack Mills Linda and Stuart London Lisa London Lena Long Helen and Robert Longo D. Andrew and Toni Loomis Alice and Salvador Lopez Nora and William Louie Arnold and Carolyn Loveridge Sam and Wai Low Anthony and Sabrina Lozano William J. Lucchesi Gina E. Luciano Donald and Barbara Lueder Marjory F. Luxenberg Laohieng and Sokhuong Luy Richard Lyon Sandra L. Lyon Edward and Susan Mabery Janice Macchia Mary Ellen and Michael MacKenzie Betty and Wilfred Madamba Linda and Marcus Madden Janette Magana Amy and Stanley Makson Amy Malloy-Collins Debra Malschick Carol and Arturo Mancera Arthur and Lorna Mandap Marc Daniel Mandel Frederic and Rosny Mandell Allen David Mangurten Barbara and Harry Manhoff Charles and Jeri Mann Richard and Sharon Marcus Mark and Sheila Marion Michael and Susan Markowitz Dana L. Markus Sheila and Stephen Martenuk Carlos and Blanca Martin Steve and Jackie Martin Bernadette Cruz Martinez Ricardo Martinez and Carol Pritchard-Martinez Susan and Jerry Martinez Kathryn and Thomas Martinsen Kathy and Mark Masaoka Alice and Michael Masek Cameron and Mercedeh Mashouf Roslyn and Glen Masumoto Frank and Yuko Matoba Fumisake Matsuo and Ruth Smith-Matsuo Mitch and Patricia Matsuoka Honorary Gifts Gifts were given in honor of the following individuals. Murray Baumgarten Emily E. Clark Celeste Cassidy Coleman Denice D. Denton William C. Dickinson Kenneth and Moira Feingold Shirley Ferer Stephen Gliessman M.R.C. Greenwood DeAnne and Richard Hart Kamil Hasan Adalaine Baneek Holton Patricia R. Johnson John O. Jordan Morgan J. Miller Robert C. Miller Jr. Linda S. Moore Gary Novack Ira Pohl Jeff Skala Eleanor Wasson Mary Wells Betsy G. Wootten Ella Bo Traber Mary and Nelson Samuel Robin Sirakides Anna Tuite 14 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 15

9 Gina Matthews Debra Mauzy-Melitz Dennis and Nancy Maxson Ken Mazawa and Mary McDonald Daniel McCarthy and Theri Todd Kellie and Michael McConnell Janice and Thomas McCormick Linda and Thomas McCoy Amberson and Mary McCulloch Danille and Lance McCune Ronilyn Louise McDonald Sheila McGann-Tiedt Ellen and Dennis McGoldrick Catherine and Mark McHenry Michael McKeever and Stephanie Wong Karin and Thomas McKenna Trice Mckenna Deborah McMahon James Martin McReynolds Suzanne and David McSpadden Susan Meade and Tim O Konski Evelyn and Victor Medel David and Johanna Mednick George and Izolda Megla Kelly and Lynanne Mehlhaff Peter and Tatyana Melikov Hovsep Melkonyan and Natalya Ossina Pat and Steve Melnicki David and Dorita Menconi William and Elizabeth Menkin Ed and Louisa Mentz Darlene and Thomas Mercurio Barbara Merino Jeanne L. Merrill Jeff P. Merrill David and Marsha Mesher Gary and Gerda Meyer Kathleen and Rex Meyer Margarita Meza-Perez and Manuel Perez Julia Michaels Laurence Michalak and Karen Trocki Peter and Susan Mieuli Julie and Peter Miletich Elizabeth Miller and Doug Thorley George Miller and Kim Myers Kathy and Steve Miller William Davis Milligan and Cathy Redwine Cindy and Mark Minasian Jorge and Nilvia Miranda Linelle and Michael Mitchell Susan and Edward Mizrahi Teresa Mo Patrick and Patricia Mobley Michele Modena Vikki Modglin Deborah and Gerard Mogg Mohammad and Monique Mojaddedi Marta and Rene Monterrosa Chris Moore George Moore James Moore Christine and David Moorman Richard and Sharon Mordecai Joanne and John Morelli Don and Linda Morita Jeff Moroso and Jane A Hearn Elizabeth D. Morris Lyle and Marie Morris Andrew and Isobel Morrish Afton Morse Joann Morse Jerome and Lourdes Mosley Jarina Mowrer Daniel Moyer Karl and Patty Moyer Michael Muldoon Michael Munday and Christine Romo-Munday Joanne and Richard Munoz Gene Murano and Ursula Wollschlaeger Silvia Murguia Debora and John Muskivitch John and Deborah Myers Mitchell and Susan Myers Scott Myers Anne and Dan Nackerman Judie Nadel John and Yolanda Narvaez Anna and Dimitry Nasledov Paul and Sally Nasman Scott A. Neirby Douglas and Patricia Nelson Kathleen A. Nelson Steven and Troi Nelson Susan Nestor Eric and Patricia Newman Ida Newton and Tom Lee Bob Nicholas Jackie and Michael Nilan Fred and Kathleen Nitz Charlene and Virgil Norman Andrew Norrell Jeffrey and Patricia Nossen Athleen Novak Micheline Nzessi Beth and Jim Oberg Joel and Kathy Ochoa Donna Oehlberg Michelle and William Offerman Dee and Jack Ohsberg Kathy and Mark Oium Janet and Roger Oliver Elizabeth and John Olson Joanne Omeara Norman Oppenheimer Charles Philip Ordahl Miriam Elizabeth Orellana Rodger and Holly Orman Arturo Orona and Laura Ramos- Orona Joseph and Marie Orr Richard M. Osiecki Katrine and Wayne Otsuki Janine and John Oubre Tracy Pacheco Inez Paepcke Terri and Raymond Paetzold Ash and Heman Pahwa Janice and Michael Paquin Kenton Parker and Symona Siqueiros Steve Parkford Miguel and Sonia Pasion Bruce and Polly Patton James and Lynda Patton Karen and Randolph Pauly Anne and Rodney Pearlman Christopher Pearson and Joyce Brody Rick and Ruth Peck Hayden N. Pelliccia Carl and Sherrill Pentis David Reeve Pepper Luis and Rebecca Perez Panfilo and Cathy Perez Sally and Mark Perkins Rachel and Bob Perlmutter Michele Ann Perrault Herbert and Victoria Perry Mark and Sara Perry Mark and Susan Peterson John N. Petterson Denise and Harry Philibosian Cara and Jim Phillips Peg Phillips Lupie Picarello Lori Picha Jeffrey William Pickin Pamela W. Pierre Rodolfo and Martha Pizano Leigh Ann Plasencia John and Marian Plastini John T. Platt Ellen Kathleen Pohl Michael R. Polen Virginia and Stephen Porter Kenneth James Potempa Gunda and John Pramuk Subhas and Young Prasad Ann and Troy Prater Tony and Wendy Price Carolyn and Victor Prosak Bonnie Quan Doretta Quan Edward and Marianne Quinn Marta and Edward Quinn Bernice and Ricky Rael Carolynn Rafferty Ward Rafferty Kathy and Pete Ramage Marta Ramey Gloria and Jose Ramirez Sabrina J. Ramirez Lisa M. Ramirez-Ivy Angelina Ramos Johnathan and Debbie Rand Randie Randell Lorna and Satvinder Randhawa Robert and Sharon Rasmussen Edmund and Sallie Raspa Judith and Michael Rattray Myra and Louis Ratzesberger Heather and Ron Ravani Vivian F. Ray Cheryl and Dennis Reagan Igor Rebrin Jon and Ruth Record Roger and Mayda Redfield Denis Reed Sharon Lee Reed Sherla Judith Reeves Jesus Regalado By supporting these programs, we re helping new generations move through new experiences and helping expose them to the brilliant people at UC Santa Cruz. Mike (Cowell 70) and Sally Graydon, donors and campus volunteers Roberta and Roger Reid Keith and Mary Jo Reinhardt David and Karen Reinker Sally and Steven Reiter James and Janet Respess Margaret and Wayn Resta Peggy Rex John Reykjalin Henry Reynaga Judith Reynolds Mary Beth Reynolds Ellen Reys Marianna and Ramon Reza Doris Rice Robin and Scott Rice John and Rosa Rick Frank Rico and Karen Van Zino Douglas and Grace Rivero Kimberly and Roy Robbert David and Karen Robbins Donald and Shelly Roberts Michael and Zenaida Roberts Dave and Karla Robertson Ken and Sylvie Robinson Kevin Robinson and Martha Scott Ron R. Rocco Susan and Richard Rodkin Arthur and Gloria Rodriguez Frank and Margery Rodriguez Jose and Maria Rodriguez Zenaida Rodriguez Kathy Adair Rogers Deborah and Erik Rogind Paul Rohrbaugh and Jennifer Sullivan Richard and Bobby Rohrlick Carlos and Dolores Rojas Francisco and Ines Rojas Gloria and Jose Rojas Eric and Susan Rolfsen Leslie Roseman and Bruce White Anne and Fred Rosenthal Leslie and Robert Ross Drue and William Rostel Donna Routley Cheryl and Rick Rowe Kimberly and Xavier Rubio Nubia Ruiz Katharin Rundus and Steven Wirth Brent and Cynthia Rusert Andrea Green Rush and Francis Rush III Janet and Michael Rushton Treva Rusiwicz and Rudolph Potenzone Frank Russo Yoshiko Russo Janie and Robert Rutman Karen and Robert Ruybal Joseph and Nancy Ryan Timothy and Patricia Ryan Sarah Saarman Melanie and Robert Sachs Deborah Sadler Cyrus and Muriel Safinya Dixie and Jeff Sala Jada and Michael Salamatian Audrey and Steven Salzburg Diane and Fernando Sanchez Adria Sanders Santok Sandhu Mary B. Santana Bobby J. Sarmiento Karen and Paul Sawchenko Denice and Dominic Scarola Patricia Schaefer Sara Ann Schaefer Charles and Linda Schaffer Debbie A. Schatmeier John and Vicky Scheibe Anthony and Suzanne Schiavoni Christina and Robert Schirripa Richard Schriver Christine and William Schroeder Steven M. Schwartzberg Robert Lee Scoville Alan and Irene Seales Nancy and Stuart Segal Diane Michele Seip Quincy G. Seitz Penni Seller and Penny Mills Robert and Susanna Serb Susan Sewell Farhad and Nancy Shafa Achikam and Rina Shapira Cathy Sharp K.D. Shaughnessy Kirby Shaw and Xandra Fisher- Shaw Chijow Shein Mara Shepard Teri and William Sherwood Bruce Shoemaker and Jane Steckler Andrew and Peggy Shorenstein Melen and Rustico Siazon Colleen and Michael Sichley Gail Sickler and Christopher Schmidt Kinga Siedlecki Warren and Ernestina Siegel David and Patricia Silva Jewel Simpson Stephen Simpson Amy and Gregory Simsar Kamaljit and Parminder Singh Prastish Singha Carin Sioux Christina Skillin Robert Osborne Skinner Joan Skolnick and Randy Reiter Becky Slade Allysonne and Tom Smith Annette Smith Elona Smith Gordon Smith Gordon and Nancy Smith John and Barbara Smith Mary and Christopher Smith Rachel and Richard Smith Shannon and Amparo Smith Tamra Smith Ken and Sandra Smits Barbara and Richard Smolen Nelia and Wilfredo Somera Kurt and Maria Sorensen Elizabeth and Harvey Sosin Linda Spencer Barbara and Tim Spicer Richard J. Spicer Lynne and Steven Spickard Mike and Sandra Spowhn Beth and John Sprague Judith Stalk James and Shirlem Stanford Jordan Stanzler Flo and Frank Stapleton David and Margaret Stearns Barbara Stedry Kathleen and Thomas Steele Rob and Wendy Steinmetz Robert and Maggie Stelzl Litsa and Stan Stenos Sheila Sterling Joel and Sheila Stevens Kathy and Michael Stewart Kathy and Stan St. Leger-Barter Russell Stockard and Marianne Tucker Terry and William Stocker Dale and Anne Stocking Debbie and Marty Stone Eileen Stoner Marilyn and Vaughn Stratford Peter Strauli Ruth Stringer Michael and Margaret Struck Cynthia K. Struve Marie and Raymond Su Abdulfatah and Nebiha Succar Jane Anne Sullivan Cathy Susick Bert Swan and Linda Vossler-Swan Edward Swanson Karen Sweet Robert Switzer and Elizabeth de Saussay Albert and Sufan Szeto Anthony and Carolyn Tabacco Daniel and Ping Tacconelli Michael and Debra Takagawa Sumy Takesue Edie and Samuel Talmadge Jiang-Shan and Juch-Yu Tang Shelley and Terry Tarditi Gayle and Leon Tarr Rose G. Taylor Russell Taylor Ann L. Taylor-Dang Myra Teare Josann Temkin Beatriz and Marcelino Tena Itsuko Terada Michael Terhorst Mary Allison Thames Veronica A. Thomas Willis O. Thomas Sherri Thornton Richard Thrift Steve and Linda Tidale Teresita L. Tina Steve and Teresa Tirado Duc and Jane To Robert and Sharon Todeschini Cecile and Ruben Tolentino Jane and Wing Tong Megan Tootell George Torok Lisa Torres Luis and Emma Torres Phillip and Robyn Torres Roger A. Torres Glenn and Jan Totten Michael and Sharolyn Toussaint Linda and James Townsend Diana and John Trapani Paul Edward Treanor Constance and John Trewin Andrea R. Triolo Cliff and May Truong Hau and Hong Truong Ru and Yeou Tsai Shou Chang and Meng Ping Tsao Edward and Irene Tse Huan-Chung and Jiunn-Jin Tseng Mikki and Nanci Tsuchida Janet Tuma Leah and Michael Tussey Barbara and Frank Uhlig Pauline and Richard Uhr Elisa Castro Urbina Frederick and Teresa Urekew Marilynn and Steven Uyeda Ken Edward Valcalda Elvin and Jennifer Valverde Kelly F. Vance Kelly and Robert Van Trease Wilian Vargas Alejandro and Oralia Vega Jorge and Socorro Vega Diana and Leonardo Vergil-Bolling Anthony C. Vickers Lorito and Lynn Victoria Justo and Maria Vilches Gloria Villegas Jennine Vinci Cuc and Khang Vo Vivian Vo Eugene and Sally Vrana Phuong Vu and Tien Do Cynthia Wakefield Jonathon and Kathleen Waldie Bonnee and Michael Waldstein Gordon Walker Dianne Elizabeth Wallace Henry and Mara Wallace Pamela K. Wallace Karen Walls and William Smith Patrick and Terry Walsh Judy and Tom Walters Henry and Janet Walther Gary and Pat Walz Tony Wan Jih-Jong and Lisa Wang Leslie and Michael Wang Tacheng Wang and Olivia Hsia Walter and Kiko Wanger Mary and Roman Watt Les Watts Joanne and Michael Weber Brendan and Fred Webster Hans and Janet Weedon Carolyn Wehan Alex and Amy Wei Denise and Kevin Weigant Zarmina Weiss Rose Anne Weissel Ann Weissman Jonie and Kim Welch Catherine and Steven Wells John Wertzler and Gail Bradley Daniel and Karen West Margaret A. Westlund Joanne White Joe White and Dulcie Sinn William L. White Teresa Whitlow Barbara and David Whitridge Eric Paul Whittington Sharon E. Whoolaway Dennis and Debra Wickham Bernadette Mary Wieland Charles and Sigrid Wiley Dietrich and Linda Wilke Marly and Greg Wilkinson Arthur Charles Williams Pamela and Walker Williams Ann and Philip Wilson Bonnie and James Wilson Carol Wilson Margaret and Gary Wilson Penny and Warren Wilson Yvonne and Johann Wimmleitner Helen and Victor Winfrey Robert and Sally Winkleblack Elizabeth and Gregory Winslow Lee Winstrom Susan Witthoeft Nancy Wolf Lee and Mike Wolfe Debbie and Matthew Wolk Betty and Pak Wong Dawn Wong Doug and Sophie Wong Florence Wong Michael and Arleen Wong Flossie Wong-Staal George Woodley Ian Woolf Michelle Woolner Elizabeth Worden Martha Worrall Chen Pou Wu Paul and Meisai Wu Beth and Gary Wynbrandt Ezra and Sonia Wynn Candice S. Wynne Takao and Mary Yamamoto Gail Yamashita Chih-yuh Yang Cesar and Maria Yanogacio Mark and Sandy Yarbrough Pamela Yazman Peter Yeung Clifford A. Young Frances and Kamel Youssef Chris and Nancy Youtz Lynne and Ming Yu Jean Yuan Deenie Yudell Janice and Patrick Yung Bela and Claudia Zabajnik Angel and Zenaida Zabala MaryAnn Chie Zalinski Susan A. Zarakov Karen and Stephen Zelie Fernando Zepeda Sharon Zhang John Charles Ziarko Daniel F. Zoellner George Zuluaga Alumni Contributors Class of 1966 Gift Total: $100 Participation: 50% Margaret P. Hughes Class of 1967 Gift Total: $16,863 Participation: 11% Silver Gary Love and Mary Wells Allan and Nan Goodman Robert and Carol Dodge Suzanne and Lawrence Hess Ann M. Hirose Susan L. Murphy David Guggenhime Dane and Kathleen Hardin* Suzanne Shellaby Charles McDonald John Wilkes Nancy E. Wolfberg Elaine and Michael Fresco* Joseph and Hilary Goldberg Vera and Andrew McLean Connie and Nathan Miller Mario and Sandra Nunez De Villavicencio* Lawrence and Terrie Raphael* David and Sharon Strachan Susan and Marvin Young Class of 1968 Gift Total: $6,470 Participation: 13% Silver William C. Dickinson Kathleen and Dane Hardin* Allan and Andrea Harris Patrick G. Riley Maria Tankenson Hodge Alys Briggs Arlene and Michael Cowan Lauren Crux and Canon Western* Janice and James Greene Bruce and Breta Holgers* Paul Markowitz and Renee Lancon Lesli Min Larry and Maria Nucci Sandra and Mario Nunez De Villavicencio* Terrie and Lawrence Raphael* Terry and Paul Strotman Arlene W. Dorn Trowbridge Natalie and Robert Warren Class of 1969 Gift Total: $25,001 Participation: 18% Sachiyo Aoyama Joan and Donald Scott Marilyn Shea-Stonum and Gary Stonum Russell and Melissa Smith Douglas and Yvonne Boggs David Brick and Mary Male Ellen Earley-Mitchell and David Mitchell Stephanie Fein and David Lakes Linda and Keith Hale Carol and Kenneth Kasses Mary-Joan Moran-Smyth and Francis Smyth Ed Salt Michael and Margaret Arighi Patrick S. Berdge Peter and Roberta Braun* Victoria and James Brown* Robert S. D Intino Craig Dore and Sheila Valorose David and Barbara Grandstaff Gregg Herken and Linda Switzer Sonne Lemke Allen and Linda Luger Cathy and Gary Meyer Richard L. Pearson Margaret R. Morton Smith Gerry Stokes Eileen Swirsky and Lyle Merithew Kathleen and Charles Turner Marc H. Aarens Christopher Ames and Carol Blanton* Robert and Nancy Bell* Patricia Bennett and Timothy Parker* Jill Betz Philip and Sharon Bushnell* Sheila M. Coonerty Richard and Debra Cutts Patti DeYoung James Dice and Emma Hess* Sydney and Gary Elliott Robert and Anne Falltrick Alan L. Fisher Thomas and Deborah Frady* Michael and Elaine Fresco* Kathy and Mike Gerber* Breta and Bruce Holgers* Ellen Janowitz Jane Kenner and Neil Morse Susan and Jeffrey Kluewer* Margaret W. Krausse Lotte and Alan Marcus Mark Meierding and Linda Lampson* Steven E. Mendelson William and Elizabeth Menkin* Stephan Miller and Terry Dash Christine M. Moffitt Gwen and Jim Neary Stuart and Deborah Oppenheim* Jock Reynolds and Suzanne Hellmuth Donald and Shelly Roberts Davis Straub and Belinda Boulter* Lesley and Erik Svenson Nancy and Dennis Vermette Zachary Wasserman and Meg Zweiback* Penny and Robert Weiss Jean Wharton and John Walker Jaclyn P. White Charles and Denise Worth* Lani Yoshimura Class of 1970 Gift Total: $42,248 Participation: 20% Gold Michael and Sally Graydon Robert Strand Silver Jayne Ann Castle Krentz and Frank Krentz Timothy and Judith Morgan Linda S. Peterson Betsy Buchalter Adler Michael Bryan Fiske Norma J. Maraschin Robert and Marilyn Moore Jeffrey and Nancy Sue Aleck and Nancy Darr Rhonda G. Fisher Judith and John Luce John and Judith Martin* David and Robin Minor Richard D. Weller Clifford A. Bernie Roberta and Peter Braun* Barbara Chatton Scott G. Clayton Nancy Coleman and Paul Pitkoff James Crane and Karla Forsythe Steven and Laura Droke William and Dawnine Dyer* Melanie and Robert Ferrando Pamela Gross Gregory and Barbara Helwig Robert and Susan Hughes* Peder and Nancy Jones Louise Lockard Anthony and Nancy Marsh Virginia Lee McKinley Maranell McKnew Adrien S. Rivin Thomas and Emily Rowe Laurence and Lisa Rubenstein* Steven and Alice Schnaidt Zachary Sklar Douglas R. Smith Leverett Smith and Gretchen Peterson Laurel D. Trask and Brian Connor David Vaniman and Donna Gary* Michael E. Wine Phyllis J. Anderson Susan Ashley Michael Baublitz Guy and Karen Beckwith Carol Blanton and Christopher Ames* Raymond Cadei and Toni Moore* Carl and Misty Cork Mark Andrew Cozad Dave Crook and Cyndi Chambers- Crook Roxanne C. Ekhos John Feldmann Robert Floyd Grigsby Anita Harten-Kroeber and Karl Kroeber* Tom and Marlene Haskell John and Diane Hickok* Larry Johnson Carolyn Karnos Roxanne Kellam and Leslie Brandt Carole and Al Kelley* Karen A. Kromhout Linda Lampson and Mark Meierding* Philip and Carol Lingman Alice and Salvador Lopez Alexander MacKay and Nancy Van Deusen Michael and Alice Masek* Don and Joella Olsen* Deborah and Stuart Oppenheim* Rebecca Ray and Tom Whieldon Mark P. Rudow Timothy and Janis Ryan Heloise Schaser-Hughes and Gary Hughes Paul M. Sommers Carl E. Thune Robin Wakshull and Dennis Rutkin Wendy Watson Pennie S. Weinberg Stephen A. Weldon Elizabeth and John Whitaker Ronald and Serena Whiting Linda and Steven Woodside* Class of 1971 Gift Total: $72,965 Participation: 15% Gold Ellen W. Chu Kenneth and Moira Feingold* Judy and Carl Walsh Ken and Katherine Doctor* James K. Graham Lawrence and Carol Cohn Bette L. Johnson Schon Levy and Michael Fehler Liz Sandoval and David Lewis Barbara and Mark Singer* Michael A. Temerin Melanie and Frank White Randi Burke-Aguiar and James Aguiar Sally and William Criss David Ehrman and Thaya DuBois* Anne Marie Manley and Michael Arellano Jeffrey and Phyllis Miller Steven Raas Timothy and Ann Shannon Frank Zwart and Julia Armstrong- Zwart Jack and Nell Aiello* Barbara and Sindo Amago Marietta and Stephen Bartoletti Reid and Laura Becker Louis and Noel Bock Michael J. Dorn Truman L. Grandy Scott P. Harman Paul and Sheri Howe* Robert A. Johnson Robin and S. Craig Justice Timothy and Barbara Leach Roger Lebow Edward and Maryann Lee Alice Pasetta Mead Mark and Caprice Moran Janet and Dennis Mulshine Glenn Oppenheim Jack and Cheryl Rabin Kenneth R. Robertson Roz Spafford and John Isbister Robert W. Thomas Edmond F. Trainor Kristin Mary Traylor Lee Anne Vezzani-Katano Mike Weber Julie Barker Maggie Barr Barbara Beck and Tim Brattin Michael Beehler and Kate Bligh Nancy and Robert Bell* Patte J. Bishop Barbara B. Blau Eileen and Don Blood Margaret Butcher John and Cathleen Carr* Deborah Childress Duane Claassen Singne and Robert Coe Paul Cofer Linda Cook JoAnne Dahlin Jean Diamond and Kirk Smith Roberta and Roger Dickinson David Dixon and Janet Ward* Christopher C. Farnsworth Deborah and Thomas Frady* Dale Friedman and Joan Bradus Joshua M. Getlin Douglas Allen Goepfert Lauren and William Keenan Karl Kroeber and Anita Harten- Kroeber* Carol and Jim Lapsley* David Leibowitz and Katherine Young Laura I. Luster Barbara Maloney Alice and Michael Masek* Katherine Matlack and Lloyd Price* Elizabeth and William Menkin* Linda Diane Metaxas David Morrison Susan Nerton and Thomas Thacher Susan Guerrant Nye Kitty Taylor Okamoto Joella and Don Olsen* Shelly E. Parks Katherine H. Peterson Chris E. Petzar Lon Porter Cary and Clifford Quayle Joanne Scherr and Michael Butnik Patricia and Mark Schimbor Richard S. Shaffran Jeanette Spangle and Alan Walfield Janet Stagnaro Judith and Michael Stobbe Gale Sunderland Bill Tetreault Garret and Charmagne Tollkuhn Maria M. Von Brincken Martha Hunt Wilson Martha Wolf Douglas P. Yamamoto Class of 1972 Gift Total: $73,896 Participation: 16% Gold Anthony and Victoria de Alcuaz Moira and Kenneth Feingold* Steven and Diana Meckfessel Steven and Corinne Miller* Carol Pilz Weisskopf and Gene Weisskopf Silver Henry Donald Chu Stephen C. Klein Walter Rask Gordon Ringold and Tanya Zarucki Bruce and Candis Kerns Adilah Barnes George T. Bennett Paul and Karen Hall John Laird and John Flores Stefanie Lenway and Tom Murtha Roger Peters and Stephanie Moulton Linda and Mark Schaefer* Bonnie and Douglas Sloane Sherril Smith-Scharf and Jeff Scharf* Anne Beroza and Allen Spirytus Steven and Mary Bignell Claire Bunton Lee Draper and Thomas Paiva Thaya DuBois and David Ehrman* Thomas English and Vicki Ono* Susan M. Fiske-Koehler Delores I. Garcia Susan and Alan Goldstein George J. Hechtman Eric and Gail Heit* Joan Namahana Kerr Robert and Susan Koeppen Rex and Joan Lake Catharina Marlowe David and Ann Mehr Jean and Douglas Miller Nancy Moss-Racusin and Gary Racusin* Janet Parkins Robert and Alison Sawyer* Barbara Beerstein and George Badger Bonnie and Stephen Chase Patricia Brown Coughlan and Scott Hale Alice Dubiel and Jim Hopfenbeck Marcia Ehinger Bruce A. Engelbert Irene A. Fujimoto Calvin and Lillian Gordon Bob Grindeland and Janet DeDonato Barbara A. Huff and Paul Compton* Melissa and Larry Kurtz Lynn M. Mally Florence L. Nelson Robert and Jennifer Niederman Lisa Rose and Kenneth Koenig Bill Rota and Suzanne Reed* Lisa and Laurence Rubenstein* Kristen Graves Smith Jay and Jacqueline Stephens Ann Umemoto and Richard Younge* Ronald and Kathryn Williams Linda Wilshusen and Rock Pfotenhauer* Dan and Elly Wolf Laurie Bennett Eva Berend Tobeylynn Birch and Michael Cowan Jill Blanchard Lorin Brennan Juliann L. Chang Irene Chennell and Mark Steidemann Marla and Franklin Dickinson* Susanne L. Dyckman Christine and Vincent Fayad Scott K. Fischer Daniel J. Goldstein Elinor Hall and Kenneth Venzke James W. Harris Donna E. Healey Dorothy Hinze Lin Ishihara and Eugene Wing John and Annette Jackson Catherine C. Jamentz Patrice and Jessie Jenkins Kenneth Kendler and Susan Miller* Martha and Steven Krow-Lucal Charles and Arlene Lapin Gregory Lehman Rosemary Levy Zumwalt and Isaac J. Levy Ruperto and Mary Luntao Bruce and Sandra Lurie Margaret K. Magallon Michael T. Melville Michael and Miriam Miller Phillip and Barbara Nowak Mark A. Ober Judith Totman Parrish-Jones Alyce and Richard Prudden James Francis Queirolo Terrill A. Rasmussen James and Janet Respess* Jane and Jeff Rhodes John and Rosa Rick Barney Rosen John and Pamela Sallee* John E. Sugar Catherine Ann Trejo Stephen J. Vincent James and Katharyne Waldon David S. Zinn Class of 1973 Gift Total: $37,197 Participation: 13% Gold Robert Stephens and Julie Packard* Silver Gary and Dona Novack Kathryn D. Sullivan Kevin and Katherine Biddle Larry C. Blaszczak Katherine and Ken Doctor* Charles A. Lawson Carol A. Gault Anthony and Louise Huang Richard and Pamela Kittler George A. Malkemus Janet E. Mason Russ Scott and Carolyn Villa-Scott Loren Steck and Annette Yee Paul Baren Jennifer Cook Scott Crask Kevin and Patricia Crowley* Donald and Signe Farris* Debra Hagan Neal Halfon and Jessica Laufer Craig Ishida and Barbara Telford Kenneth and Lisbeth Jensen* Mary Alice Kane Tad Kitada Karen E. Lynch Martin and Susan Mach Chalon and Sandy Mullins Jill S. Sakamoto Alison and Robert Sawyer* Joanne and Eugene Scanlan Patty Short Susan Stangl Peter and Judy Thibodeau Maria Lucia Woodbridge Dena Adelson Jean Gary Barowy Bruce R. Bowen Paul Compton* and Barbara A. Huff Lon Dubey and Melinda Stern Chris and Rossanna Dybdahl* Rick and Carol Edson* Ann E. Fox John and Janice King I have been the fortunate beneficiary of many gifts in my life, but none compares to the gift of opportunity I received when I won a scholarship to attend UC Santa Cruz. Tremain Jones (Kresge 05), recipient of a Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award Tim F. Lawton Raymond and Judith LeDoux Kathryn Thickstun Leff Frank Scott Lloyd Demian and Peggy Martin Claire and Richard McAdams Robin K. Miller Laurie D. Moore Joseph M. Palacios Linda J. Philipps Martha A. Ramirez Suzanne Reed and William Rota* Carol Rivin and Thomas Dietterich Kate and Rich Simpson* Glenn and Anna Stewart Karen Weichardt-Nyere and John Nyere Dennis and Lee Williams Carol and Stanley Williamson Richard Younge and Ann Umemoto* 16 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 17

10 Donna Blakemore and Eric Sueberkrop Belinda Boulter and Davis Straub* Jeffrey and Elizabeth Brook Robert and Thelma Brooks Robert R. Carey Clair and Pamela Carlson Ellen B. Cooper Ben Andrews Faber Chris and Fred Fabre Richard Fenno and Jan Gillispie Douglass J. Forbes Paul T. Fuller Cary and Katharine Gepner Don Gonzales John and Ysidra Gutierrez* Janice Hansel and Kelly Ward Patty J. Heckendorf James R. Hein Peter Courtenay Jenkins Jr. Rick Jones and Karen Christensen David I. Katzen John M. Keith Katy Korkos David and Claire Krawitz Jim Laffan and Kate Brooks* Evelyn and Cleveland Mangham Marcia G. Martin Diane P. Matsuno Suzanne Meyer and Jerry Budin Sloan Nota Cris Olsen and Istar Walls* Tom E. Ralston Enrique and Maria Rangel Ziggy Rendler-Bregman and Jesse Bregman* Michael W. Rodenburger Raymond and Grasiela Rodriquez Sheila L. Y. Sakashita Pamela and John Sallee* Kathryn and Stanley Scott Bruce S. Seidel Kathleen Smith and William Kier Jerald and Terry Spodick Richard Stanley and Helen Gibbons* Dave and Melinda Straub Rebecca and John Tammen Anne E. Terrell Mark Vawter Dana and Kent Whitson Glenn Wilhite Thomas Wright and Pamela Russell Jim Zalinski Class of 1974 Gift Total: $44,146 Participation: 14% Gold Pam and Brad Baer* Nion T. McEvoy Gail Michaelis-Ow and George Ow Julie Packard and Robert Stephens* Silver Richard and Barbara Armenta Leslie Lingaas and John Woodward* James P. Krageness Rachael Spencer and Kevin Rooney Steven R. Brown Mary Doyle and David Greenwood Arthur and Thelma French Randall Grahm and Chinshu Huang Charlie Haas Charity Kenyon and Michael Eaton* Robert and Michele Kibrick John and Viki Lindley Gail McGovern and H. Gordon Cox Lawrence Moskowitz and Louise Packard Priscilla S. Winslow Tom and Karen Akin Michael Brown and Laura Malakoff Patricia and Kevin Crowley* David Graves and Elizabeth McKinne Deborah and William Hackett Gail and Eric Heit* Nancy and Daniel Hendrix Rogers E. Johnson Daniel Klein and Rosanne Skirble Richard and Stephanie Loesch Noe and Elvira Lozano* Sarah E. Mack Katherine Jean McHale Patricia Morris and Guy Oliver* Lawrence Joseph Ouellet Diane and Gary Ransom* Pamela A. Silver and Jeff Way Lawrence and Joanna Weschler Bruce Aidells and Nancy Oakes Marnie Bodek and Edwin Moss Rick and Adele Burke Joan A. Chapin Beverley Clark and Steven Gallacci Penelope and Peter Daugherty Dawnine and William Dyer* John and Mary Eagle Shimmering Eagle Carol and Rick Edson* Pria Graves Katharine Haake and Jeffrey Tanzer* Christina M. Halsey Mark and Amy Jarman* Joshua and Jeanne Kaplan Alan and Robin Lilien Gerard and Nancy Mannion Martha M. Minnich and Kent Snyder Dency and Moira Nelson* Thomas and Jennifer Rose* Lynne and Stuart Rovin William Rubel and Sonia Banuelos* David Sawi Jeffrey and Dora Solinas* Bob Thomas and Rosanna Hertz Heather J. Urquhart Jeanine Weller Alan Acosta and Tom Gratz Martha and Jim Akrop Alan Allwardt and Jane Reid* Catherine C. Athans Maxine and Phillip Balma Bruce Carroll Baxley Paul R. Benson Ken and Melinda Block Renata S. W. Briones Kate Brooks and James Laffan* Laurie Ziegler Carey Leo R. Chavez Thomas and Patricia Chiu Mark and Ragna Christianson Jim and Angie Christmann Steven and Anne Cone Phyllis and Robert Conlan Steven G. Crowell Steve and Julia Davenport* Roberto and Teresa de la Rosa Frederick R. Dettmer Charles Eadie and Kimberley Cary Richard and Susan Farrington Daniel Friedman and Penny Hargrove Mary E. Furlong John K. Gamman Sally Gibert Beth Gleghorn David and Donna Griffith Irwin Griffith and Sandra Katz Christina Gutmacher Bradford B. Hall Marc O. Hand Renee Dobie Hayes James and Pamela Heisinger Robert and Sandra Henry Paula and Daniel Howard- Greene* Susan Jensen and Michael Fleming Maryann Jones Tressa and Daniel Kentner Bill J. Knox Kenneth J. Kondo Steven K. Lau Paget and William Lenarz Susan and Michael Litman Lisa McCallister Dani Wilson McInnes Gary Merrill and Donna Becker Christina Cowan Miller Stephen and Ellise Mills Brian and Ellen Murtha* Barbara and David Ng Richard Y. Nishikawa Carol and Wilson Pace* Rebecca Picard and John Allison Mark and Franca Posner Donna Reid Kevin Robinson and Martha Scott* Josephine Arroyo Rosen Eldon and Diane Sherwood Scott and Camelia Sutorius Christopher Tarp Jessica and C. Ray Turnley Paul Wagner and Margaret Clark* Don C. Wallace and Mindy Pennybacker Barry Louis Walton Janice and Steve Walton-Hadlock* Marjorie Wasek Barry Weingast and S. Cohen Steve M. Wesolowski and Robin J. Fawkes Kathryn Wunderlich and John Mackesey Ron Paul Yerxa Claude Zachary and Alice Lake Paul and Cheryl Zavagno Class of 1975 Gift Total: $1,471,965 Participation: 13% Gold Brad and Pam Baer* Peter Lambert Kiyoko M. Kit Mura-smith and John Ware Silver Karen A. Cogswell Joanna Miller Runeare Mark Engel Amanda Kay Topper Eric M. Berg I do believe that the only intelligent thing to do with your money is to spend it in the ways you want, and to do some good in the process. David Kaun, economics professor, clarinetist, and donor Steven and Barbara Carlson Michael Eaton and Charity Kenyon* Aviva Garrett and David Doshay* Robert and Christine Glaser Larry Hill Barbara Komas and Gary Sloan* Leticia Quezada and Steve Uranga Kristin Myra Richardson John L. Robbins David Rosenstein Jeffrey Scharf and Sherril Smith- Scharf* Linda Arnold and Edward Hearn Rodney D. Bertelsen Melrose Cunanan and Martin Schwartz* J. Michael Dessert Signe and Donald Farris* Susan Gibbs Dale and Lisa Hudson Patricia Ito Andres Jimenez and Maria Martinez Fred Linker and Mary Miller Robert and Anne Mass Syndi B. Master Martha Ann McGinnis and Donald Wittman Cynthia and Lars Nordstrom Gary Pischke and Elizabeth Herbert Charlotte M. Saxon Pete Sheehey Margery Simkin David Bridge Teton-Landis Antonio and Isabel Velasco* Timothy and Patricia Anderson Bernie Bayless John Crosson and Deloris Wilson- Crosson Louise A. Dickenson Donna Gary and David Vaniman* Steven L. Gibson John P. Grabbe Carolyn Guist and Paul A. Warkentin* Cynthia Loraine Guyer Mark and Amy Jarman* Carlisle Landel and Kathleen Lawler James C. Langdell and Danine Cozzens Brian Stanley Larkin Rud Lawrence Tim and Heather Matthews Bessie and Harry Miller David Plocher and Mary Brittingham Jennifer and Thomas Rose* Steven and Luanne Sacks Roma Sprung and Al Sakradse Nancy A. Taylor and David Walker Robert and Ingrid Wander* Hal and Carla White Lambert and Yuri Woo* Mary Woodyard and Ronald Inman Jean Marie Allison Gail Bakker Nicole Ballenger Bruce Bevan Chip and Mary Bissell Paula Bosler Donna Forkosh Brown Lerita Coleman Brown Larry Bruguera and Sharon Noguchi* Ocean Bunch-Jones Warner Chabot and Felicia Marcus Margaret Clark and Paul Wagner* Todd E. Easton Cheri Forrester James Fox and Lisa Ratner Margaret Fox-Kump Rob and Donna Franks Kenneth and Stephanie Funsten Clifford Keith Gates Peter Graham and Leslie Faust* Robert Gries and Helen Garvey Laurie Hauer Marc S. Herbert Caryn Hoffman and Jim Platel Mary Hogan and Eric Newton Manuel and Lydia Holguin* Daniel and Paula Howard- Greene* Michael D. James James C. Jenkins Alan S. Kawa Beverly and Kevin Kearney Donathan James Krier William and Kathleen Landing Esther and Gerry Levandoski Virginia Lim Catherine and Charles MacLellan Steven and Cherie Maier Thomas Manos and Jody Liddicoat* Kim Louis Marienthal Ricardo Martinez and Carol Pritchard-Martinez* Mike and Renee Marx Jerry and Maureen McMillan Pamela Mellon Susan Morgenstern Theresa and John Musser* John O Neill Nickel John and Sandora Nishio Terry M. Nordstrom Marilyn Oshiro Wilson and Carol Pace* Beata Panagopoulos Joanne Reiter and Burney Le Boeuf Janet and James Respess* Gary S. Ribar John Ricker and Bernadette Zavala* Roy and Marsha Rocklin Hannelore and Robert Royston Constance Rutherford Marlene Rae Sharon James and Margaret Shroyer Dom and Belen Siababa* James and Wendy Skinner Anne Lynn Slater Paul Tatsuta and Leslie Johnson- Tatsuta Steve and Janice Walton-Hadlock* Karen Wcislo and Steve Danner Ruth Pearl Wilson Joel Young and Deborah Bain* Carl B. Zimm Class of 1976 Gift Total: $33,589 Participation: 11% William Buxbaum Michael and Greta Hutchison Joseph C. and Susan Liddicoat William R. Connelly John and Paula Dunmire Steven E. Hopkinson Sandra Lynn Petznick Paul and Kristin Seeman Peggy A. Smith Michelle Zeidenweber-Katcher and Andrew Katcher* Nichola Carpendale Mark Carr and Mary Margaret Perez* Michael and Sharon Davis Glenda Hill Marlene R. Konnar Nancy and Guido Lamell Kimberly and John Mel Elaine Murakami and Frank Brown Chris Schlies Alison Thoreau and Louis Vasquez Elizabeth S. Bremer Edward P. Brow Evelyn Casuga David and Sharon Cohan Michael F. Di Donato Jane C. Dudley Lee C. Gaston Gregory T. Graalfs Hester Green Kurt W. Johnson Lisa Kermish Debra L. Mellinkoff Richard Milicov Mark Charles Orrisch Milan Pipersky and Alison Peck* Rhonda Press and Lawrence Ragent Gregory and Catherine Reyes Lawrence Rogow and Cathleen Collins Shannon and Stuart Rowson Joseph D. Schleimer Theodore Charles Shorrock Alison Till Steve and Kristin Venuti Robin E. Wagner Lee P. Wandel Yuri and Lambert Woo* Michael Yurow and Rita Abraham Deborah Abbott and Rebecca Tavish Debbie Bain and Joel Young* Adela Basayne Bill and Kathy Baumann Ellen Best and G. Anthony Jesse Bregman and Ziggy Rendler- Bregman* Nancy Brynelson Arlene Burney and Jimmie Reynolds Tom Burns and Eileen Leary* John Conroy and Delia Dempsey James Daley Gerri Dayharsh and Steve McCabe* Larry deghetaldi and Lynne Sims Frank and Marla Dickinson* Leslie and Joe Emery David B. Farber Leslie Faust and Peter Graham* Mary Fitzpatrick and David Van Pelt* Andy and Maria Flores Michael R. Galindo Jeffrey E. Glesmann Michael F. Gould Floyd Gray Lorna Gruber Jennifer Hassett Lydia and Manuel Holguin* Christopher and Anita Joy Al and Carole Kelley* Rebecca C. Lawton Paul and Collise Levan* Ann and James Ludy* Sergio Martinez and Marina Arano Diane Marvin Lynda Matusek James Watt McCormick Mary Louise McFaul Philip McLeod and Shawn Christianson Richard and Diane Mitchell John and Theresa Musser* Johannah and Thomas B. Newman* Michael O Hare Kelly O Neal Marlane and Joel Osman Peter Lewis Pollock Daniel D. Rodarte Michael Rosenthal and Marlene Roggow Delfin Rafael Ruiz Nancy H. Ukai Russell Roberta M. Schnittger Ellen M. Shortell Michael D. Shuler Philip Spencer Jeri Stalford Stephen and Mary Storms* Robert and Kimiko Takagi Morgan Taylor Kent and Misao Trabing Evelyn Treiman Michael and Gail Underwood Judy Lynn Vann James and Cynthia Wallick Riley Rogers Walton Connie Michele Ward William L. Wertz Alon Randall Winton Valorie K. Wright David Xavier and Alice Mendez* Joseph Zils Class of 1977 Gift Total: $49,480 Participation: 12% Gold Garry Spire and Ramyne Khan Silver Richard and Alison Crowell Karen Rhodes and Robert Weiner* Kim Ephgrave and Tom Rocklin Steven L. Phillips Raquel Dianne Arias Venetia G. Bradfield Judy K. Fialkow Lisa Jeanine Gimmy Nancy and Max Gisko Laurie R. and Noel King Jeffrey and Jenny Maenaga Robert Ray McDuff Sandor Nagyszalanczy and Ann Gibb Jerry J. Ruiz Celeste D. Berg and Mark Kot Kathleen and David Dettman James W. Draznin Kathy and Ron Fink* Keith A. Goldsmith Jeff R. Hodos and Lisa Mune Mitchell James Horwits Julius R. and Mary Krevans Chuck Ranberg and Bob Fisher Leslie Scott-Cocking and Paul Cocking Isabel and Antonio Velasco* Barbara and Randall Widelitz* Verna J. Arnest Gregor and Surrey Blackburn Mark Bradley Kenneth T. Briggs Kathy Bryon Sue and Frank Gallagher* Bonnie and John Hartman Wayne and Dena Lamprey Margaret and Leo Laporte Susan Lasko and Jeffrey Werner Jack and Catie Laufer Linda and James Lyon Ann McGuire and Duc Nguyen* Olga Najera-Ramirez and Ronaldo Ramirez Mark S. Priver Nathaniel Scoble Glenn Snyder and Cat Allman* Greg Spiering Toni Sutherland Susan K. Takalo Steven Unruhe and Jennifer McGovern Scott and Julie Ward* Martha A. Ainsworth Dean Alper Barbara Bair Timothy L. Barklow Louis and Rachel Benioff Sarah Bradley and William Jones Louise and Roger Brandt Lynne Marie Bryan David Classick and Andrea Mirenda* Ken Clements Robert and June Cordy Sheri Dabrusin and Terry Paul Anne and James Davenport Glenn and Barbara Dorin Kevin Eisenberg and M. Hastings Clinton B. Fisher John Ford Pamela Fowler Peter Gaarn and Nancy Port-Gaarn G. David and Mary Genochio* Steven and Lisa Gold David and Marsha Goldstein Patricia Goodman and Paul Mamula Gail Groves Jasch and Kathleen Hamilton Edna L. Hecht Tim Henkel and Sherry Barrett Emma Hess and James Dice Jr.* Rosellen and Gregory Hong Anne Huckins Ernest Jimenez Laurie Kiguchi and Steve Reed Dorothy Kingsbury Eric and Sylvia Lardiere Stuart Leff and Silvija Staprans* Collise and Paul Levan* Garth Lewis Jody Liddicoat and Thomas Manos* Terry and William Locke- Paddon James and Ann Ludy* Jeffrey G. MacMillan Alison Markiewicz and Doug McKinnen Stephen McCabe and Gerri Dayharsh* Steven Miyake Gregory A. Mock Marsha H. Nishi Michael Paparian Richard Clair Revoir John E. Rumel Susan Marshall Rush and James Rush Kandice L. Salomone Terence L. Schull Martha Scott and Kevin Robinson* Alicia Martha Stanton Christina Valentino and Michael Houlemard Jr. Lisa L. VanBenthuysen Brad and Jamey Wagenknecht Class of 1978 Gift Total: $84,137 Participation: 12% Gold Craig and Amy Schiffer Silver Jasmine Berke and Scott Roseman* Karen Axelsson and Philip Leboit John Bogart Jennifer Gates Durham Elizabeth and Millard Irwin Steven Jung and Lois Barnes Allan Karp Andrew Katcher and Michelle Zeidenweber-Katcher* Amy B. Newell Jeff A. Philpott Alison and David Polkinhorne Todd Werby and Nonie Greene Jeanne and Van Wolverton Timothy John Coker Donald P. Curtin Jr. Lygia Maria Ionnitiu Lisbeth and Kenneth Jensen* Frans Lanting and Christine Eckstrom Elvira and Noe Lozano* Edward Maynard and Pamela Taylor Roxanne Moger and Richard Kennedy* Manuel Pastor and Elizabeth Hamilton* Randall K. Rutsch and Kathy Rinehart Robert Sawyer and Charlotte Barnard Gary and Wynne Schumacher Jeffrey and Susan Sloss Kevin Ahern Kathleen Anderson Nell and Robert Bonaparte Emily and Bruce Chorba Kenneth Anthony D Antonio Paula and Karl Danz Lowell Finley and Candace Falk* Lynn Forester and Miles Gehm Douglas M. Hopkinson Roger and Stephanie Jungerman Thomas and Jerel Kellond John Kennedy and Marcia Stoutjesdyk John Kenner Greg and Liz Krause Grace P. Landel David Mealy and Barbara Stevenson James and Jill O Callahan Mary Patton Valli Thompson Power Gale Snow and James Montgomery Jim and Lisa Steele Justin and Maj StormoGipson* Suzanne Wolbers and Julius Spiegel Jean Walton Wolff Steve Ahmann Patti and Hugo Arabia Kathy Balint Theodore and Mary Barone Larry D. Bartholomew Richard W. Becker Georganne Benesch and David Condon Monica Berson David and Carole Brodsly Lisa Brussell and Brian Beaudoin* Margaret Copeland Burke Alice and John Carley Michael Cate Adam Colner Thomas and Jan Cooper Dan Costa and Mary Zavanelli* Bruce H. Cottrell Mark DeAntonio Robert H. Enkeboll Amy and Thomas Evans David and Leslie Farrington Dana Frank Greg and Christine Freeman Megan Gallagher and Bob Taylor Rachel Ginzberg Mark M. Gonzalez Shirley J. Gould Rosalind Greenstein Lori K. Gustavson Laura Haigwood and Chris VanDenBossche* Renee Harding David Heintz and Karin Grobe* Colleen Holmes Mark Jansen and Jolie Krakauer* Ken Johnson and Nina Grove* Melinda and Kevin Johnson Katherine Marie Jones James Lippincott Joseph M. Lubow Richard and Cynthia Mahon* George Martinez Susan and John McMurry Andrea Mirenda and David Classick* Steven and Troi Nelson Laurie and Robert O Loughlin Kenton Parker and Symona Siqueiros* Patricia Phleger Nona and Jimmie Pierce Kenneth Pisciotto Peter and Rosemary Robinson Rosalinda Rodriguez Joanna Rottke Barbara J. Ruben Jeffry Sackman and Jerolyn Crute Mark Schack Karen A. Scott Sally S. Sedgwick Dana Clyde Sherman Ken M. Simon Stephanie L. Spar David Stone Peter and Donna Thomas Pamela Kleibrink Thompson David Van Pelt and Mary Fitzpatrick* Katherine and William Wolff Frederick Karl Zack Class of 1979 Gift Total: $29,105 Participation: 10% Silver Scott Roseman and Jasmine Berke* David S. Watson Paul Davis Miriam and Paul Ellis Harry L. Fox Steven L. Harris Peter Jerram Curtis M. Obi Kenneth P. Alex Steven J. Brookes Bruce Falstein Renée Flower and Jim MacKenzie Delbert W. Lemos Cheryl Greer London Diana Magor Christopher V. Metzler James Robert Nelson Bob and Janet Tanaka Vincent J. Valdez James and Sutie Wheeler Aurora Belarmino and Richard Jullig* Constance and Paul Boulay Peter and Stephanie Brown Thomas Brown and Maureen Hoatlin Christopher and Eileen Frost Frank and Sue Gallagher* John Alexander Halley John Hardin and Janet Buettner Mimi Hills Julie A. Hutchinson Michael J. Jensen and Paula Marechal Megan Johnson and Kirk Casey Evelyn A. Johnston Peter and Katherine Knapp Julie A. Kosterlitz Glenn Alan Kramer Janet Stein Lazier and David Lazier Sheila Linderman and Alan Schiff* Bonnie Mullinix and Dave McCurry* John and Deborah Muth* Christina V. Papp Lad Perenyi and Laureen Suva Jeff Sacharow and Sara Wasserstrom* Roban Lynn San Miguel Elizabeth Shull Maj and Justin StormoGipson* Richard Strunin and Marcia Luisi Jeanine C. Asche Deborah Barker-Shaw Brian Beaudoin and Lisa Brussell* Thomas Cartelli Debra C. Chaplan Ralph Chesley and Laura Sangalli Jeff C. Clapper James S. Cohen Peter Hays Cole Thomas and Chris Crubaugh Constance M. Cummings Julia and Steve Davenport* Jean and Jim Davidson Michael and Kathryn DeNike William Elder and Deborah Schissell* Jane Ellis-McNaboe and Gerald McNaboe Donald Flick Dorothy Jane Franks Harry Friedman and Denise Diani-Friedman David Paton Gardner Jim and Eileen Geddings Richard H. Gibson Martin Ginnett Amy and Michael Glasgow Kathy Grayson Tracy Green and Alan Siegel Nina Grove and Ken Johnson* Ruth Gurney Julie Guthman Lanah Lynn Hartley Arthur Henriques and Margaret Cabral Lowell and Anne Jarvis James and Renee Jones Jolie Krakauer and Mark Jansen* Kathleen Sharon Lawson Charlene Leung and Robert Pressnall* Martin Wayne Lewis Bruce Lieberman and Marlene Meyer Mark Forest Linker Diane Manning and Eddie Kessler Jan McGeorge and Brian Bauldry Susan Meade and Tim O Konski Richard and Whitney Miller* Maria E. Montano-Banuelos Juana Alicia Montoya Toni Moore and Raymond Cadei* Anne Morse and Charles Tidd Kate and Kevin O Sullivan Jean Pallares-Leonard Andrea Nachama Pearlstein Dianne and Paul Pitman* Adam B. Polson Mitchell Posin and Anita Gramont* David and Elana Pyle* Bob Reade Catherine and Dennis Silva Rafael Siqueiros Silvija Staprans and Stuart Leff* Susan Jo Stein John Theibault Elia and Jose Trujillo* Steven Wallace and Trudy Sonia* Jim and Hillary Weaver John A. Wescoat Bernadette Zavala and John Ricker* Class of 1980 Gift Total: $28,735 Participation: 9% Gerald Weber and Suzanne Holt Kathy Beattie and Thorne Lay Trudie Coker Jerome W. Dixon Mary Grindeland and Steven Anderson Virginia and Denis Haberkamp Peter D. Matthiesen Timothy B. Mills Deborah Romer and William Tucker Margaret Sullivan and Richard Spear* Thomas and Chantel Walsh Jan Dierks Ken Friedenbach and Liz Alpert Kimberly and Peter Gregory Dan A. Lewis Kathleen Matthews Roberta and Gregg Pottorff* Michael and Patrice Roach Michael L. Scharfenstein Brian Nicholas Zanze James Alan Andrews Shirley and Pedro Castillo Peter and Susan Connery* Douglas P. Easley David L. Garrison Susan E. Georgette Ann Harvey Arlene and Karl Hovland Jim Jubelirer Greg Lowry and Nancy Ruttenburg* Dave McCurry and Bonnie Mullinix* Alison Peck and Milan Pipersky* Mike and Rebecca Pecsok* Sarah Reynoso and Mark Palley* Alan Schiff and Sheila Linderman* Ron Ward Sara Wasserstrom and Jeff Sacharow* Brandon and Yolanda Wisoff Bruce Bannerman Jeffrey A. Borchardt Douglas R. Chapin Ann and Stephen Cole Lisa and Thomas Deyo Pamela Dillehay and Marshall Moseley Suzanne Easton and John Hoffnagle Brandy Eiger Laura Ellen Forsyth Ted and Lynette George Helen Gibbons and Richard Stanley* Scott and Kimberly Grafton Anita Gramont and Mitchell Posin* Alexander A. Grillo Laura Herman and Michael Aplet Jacob and Deborah Herschler Barry Katz Jane Lapides Yvonne M. Licopoli Alice Mendez-Xavier and David Xavier* Mark and Aimee Miculian Shirley A. Peroutka and Raymond Barcia Donald and Deborah Peterson Sandra May Pillsbury-Gredzens Paul and Dianne Pitman* John E. Purser Ellie Reese Tom Ribe and Monique Schoustra Mary Beth Riordan Margaret Rusmore and Scott Bogue* Alison Russell Michelle Schaefer Eric Schaller Deborah Schissell and William Elder* Trudy Sonia and Steven Wallace* Beth Stiller Teresa Song Stover Leslie Swaha Jeanine Tangen Robert Thunen and M. C. Jones Trudi and Robert Trygg Kelly M. Vanderlan Michael K. Veseth Claudia and Michael Weaver Class of 1981 Gift Total: $18,783 Participation: 8% Marty Cagan and Lynn Gallati Randy and Stavroula Acedo* Valerie Chase and Bobbie Reyes Bryan and Deborah Clark Pamela and Donald Urfer Richard and Karen Gunderson* Elizabeth Hamilton and Manuel Pastor* S. Leslie MacDonald William A. Martin Mary Margaret Perez and Mark Carr* Gregg and Roberta Pottorff* Marc L. Sherman and Monica Oldmen James F. Simpkins Cat Allman and Glenn Snyder* Cynthia Ashbrook and Jeffrey Smith Heidi and Robert Black Paul Bousquet and Gwyn Barley* Timothy B. Byrne Caroline and Ralph Carney* Mike Charrier Thomas and Sundari Dadant Bob and Teri Doolittle* Ron A. Foster Roberta G. Gordon Diana K. Hembree Dianne Laurila and Richard Farmer Maxine and Barney McNamara E. Katherine Miller Mark Palley and Sarah Reynoso* I really appreciate the scholarship donors dedication to provide opportunities for women in engineering. Skye Vendt-Pearce (Cowell 05), who received an Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship in her senior year as an electrical engineering major Dana Priest and William C. Goodfellow Corey Salka and Lisa Orlick-Salka Peggy Spencer and Paul Davidson Mark and Meghan Thomas Tom Turpen Martin and Lori Wensley* Alan David Bender Kathryn Bikle and Daniel Weitekamp Mark G. Blumenthal and Mindy A. Goldberg Terry and Wanda Braschi Jim and Elizabeth Brock Samuel Morris Cantrell John Christiansen and Marguerite Wilbur Richard Cogan Ikuyo and Thomas Conant* Carol Diamond and Howard Rowley Jeff Emery and Andrea Webster Doyne Farmer Chuck Feiock Catherine Sonquist Forest Michael Garwood and Lynne Bisagno* John W. Hart and Lori Price Lawrence H. Hill Anastassia Kanavarioti Adam Kaufman Pamela Lemke and Graham Wright Phyllis Lindamood Laura Mason and Michael Kwass Ellen and Brian Murtha* David Thirkield Nesbet Katie Porter and John Jossy Elana and David Pyle* Karen M. Rafert Russell Rice and Helene Spivak Elizabeth and Kevin Riggs* Lisa Rosenthal Robyn Sandys Roche Tracey L. Schuster and Chris Petrakis Adam Dov Teitelbaum Daniel K. Thomas Adrianne Waite and Craig Himmelwright* Wendy Ellen Weiss Ann Wellington Susan Nadine Witebsky David L. Yip Class of 1982 Gift Total: $28,446 Participation: 10% Robert and Jacqueline Shaw David Doshay and Aviva Garrett* Peggy and Stephen Dow 18 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 19

11 Patricia Kelly Larse and John Larse David and Yolanda Lerner Mark Robert Lloyd Jennifer U. Saunders Richard Spear and Margaret Sullivan* Michael and Michelle Suval Margaret L. Becker Dorothy Chen and Byron Han Shari and David Clare* Bridget Maureen Devlin Paul and Cindy Geise Catherine Jeanne Gong Sarah and John Gustafson* Robert and Cynthia High Carole and Larry Peiros Traci and Bob Schaible Gabrielle Stocker Daniel M. Barnard Robert and Ulrike Brauneis Mark and Rebecca Childs Jeff Essex Alice Fishman and Ben Feldman Amy E. Goldberg-Day Stella R. Hill-Monterrosa Michael A. Jeung Jim and Mary Johnsen* Vance Chase Landis Ronn C. Loewenthal Jean and Robert Miller Katharine P. Minott Joe and Carol Palca Bob and Bernadette Ramer Dan and Kathleen Salter* Steven J. Schweitzer Julie Spiegler and Gever Tulley Kelly M. Thiemann Selene and Rene Vega Joan B. Wactor Ingrid and Robert Wander* Katherine S. Weaver Lori and Martin Wensley* Britt and Karyn Anderson* Janet E. Arnesty Memorial Gifts Gifts were given in memory of the following individuals. Stuart R. Abelson Nicole Hamade Auclair Roy A. Bailey C. L. Barber Cleo H. Barber Frank X. Barron Harry Beevers Lionel Cantú Jr. Ian William Carney Emma Helen Chalifoux William A. Chavez Steven Efthimos Christopher Fisher John Flint Sandra Frausto Michele Guard Ralph Guzman Edna L. Hecht Herschel Herzig Israel Herzig Ruth Herzig Sidney J. Herzig Richard M. Hooper Al Hutter Tim Jenkins Bette Ann Jordan John Kitsuse Tatiana Leikin Lynette L. Linden Gary Love Mark T. MacMillan Evelyn Meyers Rose Golda Millard David James Newton George Ow Sr. Gibson Reaves Ellen Debra Renard Peter H. Rushton Len Schlegel William Fredrick Schlegel June Chavez Silverman Wilbur Gene Sims Marilyn L. Stevens Robert C. Strand Sandra S. Tangri Eric Dean Thomas Christy Anh-Thu Trinh- Malarney Natasha S. Wakida Louise Yeazell Hortense Zuckerman Frederick Bicknell and Elise Eichenberg* Merry Bilgere and Nathaniel Henry Darlene Biondi Lynne Bisagno and Michael Garwood* Scott Bogue and Margi Rusmore* Jennifer and Robert Chaffiotte Caroline Chesebro Thomas and Ikuyo Conant* Peter Dedlow Brian and Sheri Del Core Laura Denny Cheryl Yvonne Edwards Ellen Fox and William Wright Megan Loef Franke Lynn and Robert Futoran* Geoffrey Hagopian and Gabrielle Jackson* Craig Himmelwright and Adrianne Waite* Michael Jay and Mary LeDonne Karen E. Katz Suzanne Mary Kayian Karen Mary Kuntz Jon Eric Lindstrom Rebecca Louise Lockhart Sabrina and Anthony Lozano* Burt Maertz Allison Maires Merle Malakoff Paul McPherson and Julie Lightfoot* Whitney and Richard Miller* Nana Montgomery David A. Newton Linda and Bruce Nicholson Janet Rapport Irene Reti Randall O. Rice Sylvia Lynn Seaberg Belen and Dom Siababa* Atesh Sonneborn and Patrizia Pallaro Mary A. Stearns Ronald Tarrel and Susan Gaines* Laura Ann Teasley Adrienne Terrass Chris VandenBossche and Laura Haigwood* Gary L. Veum Juliet and Chris Weare Terry M. Weiner Canon J. Western and Lauren Crux* Jessica Bernhardt and Theodore Goldstein* Casey Catherine Silvey Class of 1983 Gift Total: $74,324 Participation: 7% Silver Drew and Myra Goodman Robert Weiner and Karen Rhodes* Richard Barr David and Dixie Lindberg Deborah Rennels Salkind and Louis Salkind Helen Williams David and Cynthia Baskin Kathleen Dickey Margot and Willard Everett Douglas K. Fleming Steve Freer and Katrina Perry* John and Sarah Gustafson* Richard Kennedy and Roxanne Moger* Carolyn Jane Lambert Bruce and Linda MacLeod Gary S. Shameson Richard and Maureen Turman* Charles Wilbanks Charles Ball Gwyn Barley and Paul Bousquet* Leonard Barrett Stephen and Susan Booth Mark E. Briggs Eric Collins and Brenda Hansen Alma D. Donato Amy J. Driver David Fulton Richard Jullig and Aurora Belarmino* Richard W. Koepcke Maggie Kraft Lorna Krkich and Ed Rodrigues Doug Liljegren Michael E. Linick Christopher Nye Robert and Andrea Sabatino* Kathleen and Dan Salter* Wajdy M. Sharmoug Randall Stark and Denise Neopolitan Michael and Brenda Tzipori Bettina Aptheker Kenneth Averill and Pamela Moser * David Bacon Michael and Joan Barminski Jill Duerr Berrick and Ken Berrick Steven and Mindy Blechman Carol L. Bradshaw Kimberly Cary and Charles Eadie* Edward J. Coughlin Mary Culley Ronald and Sandi Davison Kendra and David Dorfan Kevin and Marnae Ergil Beth Erviti Gary W. Finn Kevin Fliege Bonnie Friedmann and John Cunniff Mary and G. David Genochio* Kate Gustavson Rick Gydesen Virginia M. Hewgley Christine Lewis Carol and Matt Lezin Julie Lightfoot and Paul McPherson* John J. Lupini Susannah Dorothy Aquin MacKaye Randall Alan Marrett Rob McClelland Cynthia Jean Milhous Tia Miyamoto Allison Paschke and John Danskin* Naomi and Seth Pollack Jane Reid and Alan Allwardt* Debby J. Rhoads Rita D. Roti Lisa E. Schaechter Beth Hope Shuster Anne and William Skamarock David and Anne Sondheim Abbott Stein Heidi Stein Sally Stephens Sue C. Stoebner Mary and Stephen Storms* Douglas and Anneliese Tucker Patricia Van Guilder and James Blomquist Stacey Ann Vreeken Daria Walsh and Bruce McNamara* Karen Hutchinson Wilbur Class of 1984 Gift Total: $19,902 Participation: 7% Gold Christopher and Karen Payne Silver Baldo Marinovic and Kristen Tibbitts* Mercedes C. Chapa Nathaniel A. Meyers Michael and Willela Robinson Lisa Sieverts David and Shari Clare* Leilani Ferrari Karen and Richard Gunderson* Samuel Lorenzo Hinojosa Kay and Todd Judson Scott D. Kramer Gary McCalla Lisa Medwid Lisa Y. Peacock Tony and Debra Sloss* Lisbeth Tam Maureen and Richard Turman* Patrick and Beth Walker Robert and Madeline Weber John S. Wimer Cristina Almada Biegel Candace Falk and Lowell Finley* Paul and Cindy Frost Rob and Theresa B. Houghton* Sheri and Paul Howe* Mimi and Stewart Le Sonia Lopez-Monguia Donna Mekis and Morton Marcus Beverly and Craig Norleen Tony Pechi Rebecca and Mike Pecsok* Rock Pfotenhauer and Linda Wilshusen* Robyn J. Pignone John K. Purchase Andrea and Robert Sabatino* Georgianne Siegfried and Matthew Shelton Ann M. Starrs and Jose Marti Melanie Kett Wirtanen Gregory J. Woodhouse Christina J. Armstrong Stephanie A. Bainbridge Marilyn and Preston Brahm Frank W. Brown Terry R. Bruns Teresa Bunuel Patrick Callens and Linda Feltham Julie Ann Carpenter Theresa and Mark Davis Sheri Dickstein and Ira Silverman Claire E. Ernst Christine Fallon Robin and Joseph Fallon Camille Farrington and Mark Courtney Jeri L. Francis Marge Frantz Lorien and Christopher French* Susan Gaines and Ronald Tarrel* Kay Gilles Susan and Constantine Gillespie Ruth and Tom Greenwood Claire Griffin Naomi Guth Phillip Heskett and Trudi James* Jon Mark and Cecilia Hirshon Lizz Hodgin Philip and Maureen Houtz Bruce Irving and Maryanne Rowell* Mark and Laura Junod* Eileen Leary and Tom Burns* Chris Linson Linda D. McCue Nicholas Meier and Elizabeth Good Craig Mitchell Nancy L. Morgan Charles Neal and Maria Felix- Neal* James and Julie Nickerson* Scott Perloff Susan and Paul Rockwell* Kari L. Silverman Martin M. Sirk Mary Smith-Reynolds and Chris Reynolds Craig Strang and Persis Karim* Michael S. Suckow Mark S. Waldrop David Waller Lenora Weber and Richard Link* Terry Michael Welsh Ben White Lynne Wittenberg and James Feathers May Ann Wong Class of 1985 Gift Total: $27,172 Participation: 8% Barbara and John Chilton Kate Hawley and Paul Whitworth Bettina and Richard Moss* Gregory Carl Allen Jeff Skala Michael J. Van Altena Steve R. Williamson Jay and Dora Downey Karen Graham and Victor Kimura Daryl Odnert and Jennifer Martin Kent and Elaine Screechfield Nancy Skinner and Mike Schneegas Mary L. Atchley Ralph and Caroline Carney* Daniel Dean Daugherty Jami Frost and Timothy O Brien Valerie Fuette Christopher and Nancy Heavey Paul and Jeanette Johnson Noreen and Tod Likins Evelyn M. Luluquisen Cheryl A. Magnuson Gregory Mee Dave Ream Dora and Jeffrey Solinas* Filomena Trindade and Duarte Avila Kennedy A. Adams Joy Albright and Frank Souza* William D. Anderson Nancy B. Berglass and Ricky N. Bluthenthal* Ethan and Lara Brown Cathleen and John Carr* Judith A. Clark Maria L. Contreras Andrea and Kevin Cox Diane C. Craddock Tara Crowley James S. de Champlon Alisa Delliquadri and Tom Meuser Conrad Delury Karen Penn De Martinez Godfrey DiGiorgi David M. Dundes Michael Richard Espey Jeff Evans and Mary Ballou Jonathan and Jennifer Fay Mark Fleisher Rebecca and Alan Galloway William Gooch and Lone Hansen* Miles J. Greenberg Janet Hamilton Wendy E. Hankin Sharon and Steve Jaffe Laura and Mark Junod* Persis Karim and Craig Strang* Gwyn Kelly David Korduner and Joan Krimston Shirley Lau Elana Leiken Dane Levens John H. Mandeville Karen Manring Liz and Sam Newnham Steven and Barbara Poyer Jose M. Rabasa Douglas Gray Rivlin Paul and Susan Rockwell* Rene A. Schena Joel Schwarzbart Monica M. Steichen Galen Diane Sullivan Philip Hougen Thorson Elizabeth and Craig Wahl Christine Weir and Sally Arnold* Daniel Weiss and Anne Stewart Jeff and Elissa Wingate Class of 1986 Gift Total: $17,860 Participation: 6% Gold Linda Valdés and Nick Bilardello Arron T. Campi Eric and Angela Elder Jeff Hayden Trudie Muir Jeannie Rodems and Guntram Wolski Connie Alvarez Annette Emery and Patrick Cody Rick L. Pettit Peter and Mary Yamashita Christopher and Holly Bolling Daniel and Angela Braude Dennis J. Brown Brandy L. Dean-Griebling Philip K. Diep Sarah Donovan Karl Fankhauser Susan and Tom Koontz David Leyton Kevin E. Meaney Raj Sabhlok Gregory and Marjorie Tupper Alicia Wu Jill and Philip Ziman* Ward Edward Alksne Jeffrey Berton Altmann Sally Arnold and Chris Weir* Ricky Bluthenthal and Nancy B. Berglass* Naomi Brokaw and Brian Moffet* Alison Cook-Sather John Danskin and Allison Paschke* David Davison Whitney Dixon and Dale Word Maria Felix-Neal and Charles Neal* Mary Fish Del Foster and Donna McIntosh* Paul A. Gallarate Maia and Paul Gendreau Richard Hatano Marcia Howell Linda Johnson Ursula and Derrol Jones April Fairchild Kane-Johnston Kirk and Jodi Kawagoe Margo and David Kipps Richard Link and Lenora Weber* Audrey Lyndon and John C. Williams Elizabeth R. Mamer Larry Manes and Maria Diaz* Steven Mauget Gary A. Moro Maureen O Mara Matthew Patchell Collette and Matthew Ricks Maryanne Rowell and Bruce Irving* Thelma Sass Melinda Schissel Scott and Peggy Seltz Michael Shipley Jacqueline Anne Tefft Joseph P. Terrazzino Anne Wittenberg Class of 1987 Gift Total: $20,995 Participation: 5% Gregory D. Collingwood Kristin Brown and Mahmoud Abu-Ajamia Marie and Brian Carlisle Karoline A. Delaney Mary James and George Cook Ari and Laura Kahan Paul Christian Rollins Jenny Wirtschafter Christopher and Lauri Lind-White Grant Marshall Eric Mendelson Merlin E. Nygren Wise D. Allen Jim Berg Nancy Cox-Konopelski and Joseph Konopelski Domenique and Bryan Embrey* Dennis Hogan William Jardine Peter A. Johnson Jr. and Elizabeth A. Shafer* Mark T. Price Malcolm Rucker Frances and Thomas Wortham Katrina Bledsoe and Walter Barry* Martin Antonio Carrillo Carolyn Chirichello Jennifer Denning Amy Duren Mark Richard Eastman Christian Kent Emmons Barry and Jacqueline Geipel* Eric Gilbert and Cynthia Giver* Miles J. Grant Janis L. Huntoon Ben Jacoby Steven Kenney Thomas Robert Love Miki Birrell MacDonald Donna McIntosh and Del Foster* Bruce McNamara and Daria Walsh* Griselda Mireles Michael and Janet Reedy Peter and Lisa Robinson* Rachel Roth Anne and James Rowley David A. Seckman Kerry Shafer-Ray Dawn Abigail Silberstein Kelly Tyler and James Von Hendy Ann Watkins and Randy Shepherd Craig L. Wilkerson Class of 1988 Gift Total: $15,027 Participation: 5% Gold Patricia and Rowland Rebele Connie Guzman Gail and Pat Mantey Kenneth Ray Pergrem Robert Ross Brooks Larry and Sandra Gilliam Arcenio Jimenez Ibardolasa Bret and Patricia Logan Debra and Tony Sloss* Randall Gerson Sommer David C. Stier Elizabeth Burns-Popoff and Eric Popoff Bryan and Domenique Embrey* Diana and David Eppstein Abigail Dane Faulkner Robert Irion and Barry Grigsby* Xander and Natasha Joyet Steve Lewis Stephanie Maggard Martha and Ray Mendoza* Holly V. Peck Diana and Dean Reece Lynda Rogers and Peter McMillan Chris and Pilar Rose Timothy Nelson Schott Daniel Seeman and Jennifer Lin Daniel and Laurel Amaya* Marina Basilisa Arellano Walter Barry and Katrina Bledsoe* Mysti and Dale Berry Patricia Billard Andrew Block Roy Bridgman Lisa Brill-Robinson and Peter Robinson* Charlie Crocker and Charity Kahn Marian and Lloyd Denny Kieran and Paul Dulik Annette Cristofori Earling Benjamin Elwood and Susie Steinbach Gary and Margaret Fisher Tracy Jeanne Fullerton Sonya Funck Evan Joel Gold Diane and John Hickok* Robert and Gwen Holden John B. Hunter Stephanie Jewett and Bill Mitchell John Leopold and Teresa Buika Leopold David E. Levy Remelle and Terry Olson Jim Paulus and Laura Burgess* Scott M. Payne Richard William Pogge Joseph Oliver Reed Jamila Rufaro Timothy Delos Schueler Sheila Shadeed Jose Sing and Flora Lara* Jeffrey Smedberg Carl and Sibylle Steiner Catherine Thomas-Beasley and Michael Beasley Andrew Thurber and Kathryn Perkins Christopher and Tasha Turzo Philip Van Allen John Zheng-Woo Wang Janet Ward and David Dixon* Frank Waung Seamus and Lorraine Whitley Class of 1989 Gift Total: $34,673 Participation: 6% Gold Corinne and Steven Miller* Silver Linda and William Anderson Jean Cho and James Kinoshita* Brian Staufenbiel and Nicole Paiement Daniel and Renee Tan* Don Terry Vincent Bennett and Christina Cavazos-Bennett* Leslie Ann Fiedler Kathleen Hughes and Katharine McGirr Curt Miyashiro Dije Ndreu Natalie Park Deborah Tirschwell Sterling Gray Watson Kyle Arndt Joy B. Brawn Jordan Dey Thomas K. Fowler Andrew and Courtney Giovinazzi Barry Grigsby and Robert Irion* Madison L. Kilpatrick Barbara Laurence and James O Connor James and Karen McClenahan* Bill McClintock Ray and Martha Mendoza* Lawrence and Judith Mennemeier David Shuman and Hilary Bryant* David C. Sonnenschein Leland Wallace Katherine and Jeff Adams Patricia Allen and David Sulser Thomas Backman Ernest Batrez and Marie Gallarate-Batrez* Kevin Beggs and Dianne Lau Edward Blair Monica and Jeff Border Bria and Matt Cartwright Joan Louise Cosper Donna and John Cox Jaime Lyn Dal Porto Lara DeLaney Bonnie and Tony DeVarco Douglas Dirks Kelly Evans Carleton Russell Eyster Robert Alan Fiero Cynthia Giver and Eric Gilbert* James Kerr Donna Kvamme Flora Lara and Jose Sing* Victor C. Lee David Laurence Lopilato Marilyn Pacheco Mara Eliot Cogswell Mason Kathleen and Edward Meserve* Donna Meyers and Roberta Hunter Charles and Kerry Mitchell Richard Alan Moss Paul E. O Connor John Rogers Payne Karen Platt Margaret and Mark Reed* Maria Guadalupe Rocha Margaret Rose Ronning Rachel Hannah Ruby Thomas Jeremiah Shea Laura Steele Monahan and Brian Monahan Gretchen Stoeltje Cynthia Switalski Jonathan David Weiss Xiao Ye Karen Zamzow Nick and Angelica Zweig Class of 1990 Gift Total: $17,322 Participation: 6% Diane and Lawrence Wolfsen Gregory Canillas Mary Anne Carson Robert J. Coontz Philip Du Beau and Lora Martin Jerry Kurjian Renee and Daniel Tan* James and Laura Anderson Karen and Kurt Christiansen Andrew T. Dinh Morgan and Sarah Smith* Blanca Arellano-Adams and Ray Adams Julia Elizabeth Breland Darin L. Buchalter Albert S. Chang Douglas and Tamara Dale Suzy Jones Anne and Chris Lademan* Christine Juliette Lamson Susan M. Loop Charles Ray Mara Elena Simmons Ruby Flores Velarde Alberto Villarreal Michael Weinberg and Cindy Larin Fran R. Zandonella Linda M. Blan Christine M. Burrola Sandra Calderon Michele Catherine Carrington Lisa F. Chavez Ruth Ellen Chow Camille Couture Kate DeLaPointe David Francis Doyle Monica Garner-Craig and Garrett Craig Mark Gundacker and Suzy Pak* Brian M. Gwinn Jennifer Heitz and Ian Wiener Jennifer and Michael Hernandez Jennifer and Michael Horne Tenaya Wynona Jackman Russell D. Jacobson Dorothy Jakobsen and Mark Creech* Jeanne and Thomas Kucsak Marc Luettchau Sarah M. Martin Ramona Noriega Aurora Pena Sylvia E. Perfetto Daniella and Joel Philliber Douglas Monroe Ptacek Bradley Alex Queen George William Redenbaugh Eric and Laura Reed* Debra J. Rice Steve Richie and Lillian Tsai* Kent Demar Roberts Leslie Sands and Kenneth Goldstein* Lou Fred Scaruffi Joshua I. Scherz Marsha Scott Jan Shirchild Deborah Tracy-Proulx and Timothy Proulx Mary Verkamp Brian S. Vina Stephen and Christine Watt Earl F. Wilson Class of 1991 Gift Total: $18,707 Participation: 5% Silver Kristen Tibbitts and Baldo Marinovic* Aaron Cole Laura Ibarra Jeffrey Paul Radick Rito Arellano Christina and Vincent Bennett* Luis M. Macias and Ilana Greenstein Karen and Frank Verprauskus Don Fong Richard Golding and Craig Cruz Debbie Gordon Jocelyn and John Guite Karen and James McClenahan* Wolfgang H. Rosenberg and Norma Del Gaudio Mike Rotkin and Madelyn McCaul Mark A. Sherman Gunjan Kumar Sinha Hema and Srinivas Sista Damon and Aldona Spiegel Stephen J. Turner Percival J. Webster Mia and Jim Whitfield Kenneth Pierson Woodruff Araceli L. Anderson Lisa C. Antonino Philip Mosher Armstrong Emiliano Barron Robin Bonner and Britt Rideout Lisa Browning and F. Jason Moore* Julie and Jay Cary Harold Cecil and Michelle Hanford* Melissa J. Chester Elizabeth and Gerald Cohen Jessica Dines and Ivan Resnikoff* Kenneth Goldstein and Leslie Sands* Maya Hart Leslie K. Harvey Fred G. Hochstaedter Bonnie Holmer-Orange and Daniel Orange* Julia and Mark Hughes Benjamin Lu Kristin Britt Lubenow-Lindsey Peter Basil Maduros Rachel Anne Martin-Long Edward and Kathleen Meserve* Joshua A. Meyer Dayna Christine Miller Eric Myers Jacobo and Alba Orellana Michelle AnMarie Owens Holly Marie Purcell Mark and Margaret Reed* Mary Elizabeth Reed Mike Riepe Elizabeth Ruhland Kimberly A. Ruiz Dan Sherman Doris and Benjamin Trask Stephen Tripp Carolyn A. Welch Yoshie Wong Mary Zavanelli and Dan Costa* Class of 1992 Gift Total: $18,626 Participation: 5% Sara and Michael Craig- Scheckman Amy E. Everitt Brian Douglas Green Jeffrey Nolan Susanne J. Obaid Michael Allen Wooldridge James Charles Almeida Kara Barros Laurie Ann Dederian Max C. Fischer Kirsten Anne Liske Ralph D. McLemore Rodrick Su Renee C. Anderson Sonia Banuelos and William Rubel* Ross Culverwell Kate Farnady and Phil Stevens Ian Cesar Gesundheit Paula C. Gomez Carl Haverl and Susanna Blackwell* Annette and David Hays J. Ian Klose Catherine and Daniel Mansergh* Anna and Eric Mathieu Erik Thomas Shiota Mercy Ahlgren-Murray and Brian Murray Kevin M. Arnold Cristina Isabel Beltran Tracy Brotze Christine Buell and Jose Vargas Jessi Tara Butler and Allen Bushnell This gift is a crucial step in supporting our students. James Clifford, professor and chair of history of consciousness, on the new History of Consciousness Fellowship Endowment created by Craig Schiffer (Cowell 78) Matthew and Julie Cummings Bernard J. de la Cruz Timothy Robert Dunn Deborah Marie Elissagaray Elaine and William Ernst Jessica Anna Fisher Bronson Fox Alissa Gardenhire-Crooks and Christopher Crooks Shawn David Grunberger Rachel Jeanette Howzell Hall Richard Hall and Rachel Leach- Hall Jasmin Hastings Laurencio Cruz Hernandez Kimberly and Robert Hinrichs Susan Leach Craig Andrew LeVier Christopher N. MacCracken Yvette Marie MacDonald Kirk and Diana McIntosh Michel McMahan and Jason Camara* Stuart and Allison Meyler F. Jason and Lisa Moore* Laura Beth Nielsen Angela Sharon Nunez Suzy Pak and Mark Gundacker* Andrew Pohorsky and Jo Ann Jeffers Bonnie Primbsch Ruth Naomi Rabinowitz Brett and Yvette Roeder* Michelle and Ronald Rozman Jan and Robert Rydzewski David Arthur Schroeder Theodore and Yonga Smith* Craig Souza Christine and Rod Stacey Carolyn Elizabeth Staehle Madhukar N. Thakur Jocelyn and Jeff Waite Alexandra Lee White Scott Jay Wittenkeller Andrew David Wolfberg Matthew Stephen Zito Dan and Marissa Zwelling Class of 1993 Gift Total: $18,978 Leslie Ann Budde Patrick Ford Christine and Dale Coke Tania Ann Ferguson Christopher and Karen Reynolds* Ari Haim Gertler Gilbert Goodwill Jonathan Granrose Emsal Hasan Chris Lehon and Blythe Todd- Collins Eric Campbell Loe Alana Julie Ramirez Barbara Elaine Alfors Brian Mark Buhrow Christine Gemperle-Bacon Cynthia Lynn Glickman Kimberly Howard and Edison Peinado Katy Kennedy Jacob Mishell Shalon Parker Shannon and Lance Peacor Shelley Peery Sharon and Steve Smith Kimberly Swaback David Arthur Van Brink Yvette and Christopher Belisle* Conrad Jaminola Benedicto Holly N. Boland Raphael Breines Jerry Cacia Crystal Cheryl Carroll Brian and Sally Chess Thomas W. Clemo Patrick Gragg Costello Nicolette M. Czarrunchick Sara Ewa Danielsen Jennifer Leigh Davis Kathleen B. Espana Burton Eubank Beth Ford Amelia Gonzales Matt Griffiths and Elizabeth Lawrence* Karin Grobe and David Heintz* Teresa Silva Hanna Michael and Nelya Hochleutner Bradford P. Holden Heather Marie Howitt Richard Walter Jankowski Douglas and Jennifer Jimenez* Donna Marie Jones Tabinda N. Khan Jane Lerner James Lucky Diane and Mark Mesiti-Miller Maura Dylan Miller Tamu Mitchell Molina Patel and Thomas Osmand* Kelly Jean Pirie Ilana Polyak Rebecca J. Prozan Michael Edward Rabehl Hallie Richmond and Duane Dauphinee Jim and Tamara Rodden* Yvette and Brett Roder* Libby Smith and Douglass Harman Eric and Erin Stangeland* Jonathan William Wisler Class of 1994 Gift Total: $15,535 Barry Alan Barrett Adrian Kayari Stephanie Millard Aaron D. Stockser Aaron Michael Williams Koji and Minako Amakawa Jamison Dufour Benjamin and Patricia Schneider* Oiching Yeung and Aaron Lai Christopher Rae Archibald Hilary Bryant and David Shuman* Michael Cohen Tamara Sue Crooks Joel F. Darnauer David W. Dumble Kiersten T. Elliott and Anthony Spencer Thomas and Sang Mi Geocaris Erik and Susan Giberson Mark Kelly and Anna Caccavo Tina Michelle Kesten Gabriel A. Mintier Mark Emerson Owen Geri Rauchell Patterson Manuel R. Rodriguez Alan Yoder and Julie Smith Whitney Brooks Abbott Lisa and Jeffrey Beardeaux Matthew A. Becker Ellen Chinn and Jonathan Southard Jes Raul Cisneros Scott Cooper Eleanor Clare Cumming Jessica Formosa and David Law Ryan Gabriel 20 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 21

12 Christian Geiser Katherane Gilford John Patrick Hart Jennifer Hastings and Julio Porro James and Pam Hay Jennifer and Douglas Jimenez* Alison Heather Killebrew Fumi Kimura Robin Adam Kopit Danicka Le Adam Loren Paulette Lucier Lisa Mayhew and John Nibarger* Damhnait McHugh Fidel Mejia-Gutierrez Eliza Lowe Pier Terran Rosenberg Adriana and Alfie Rouse Angelo Santa Ana Helena Louise Schniewind John T. Sharpe Sarah Beth Sussman Amy Eleanor Truex Charles Auen Warloe Lisa Whitener Dewey Wong Class of 1995 Gift Total: $14,391 Virginia and Timothy Guhin Daniel and Kimberly Grover Eric A. Haugen and Michelle Van de Voorde Susan Krivin and David Ohanesian John K. Mallory and Margaret L. Delaney Dennis D. Karlinsky Amy Susan O Gorman Monica Suzanne Brown Jake D. Brutlag Trang Thu Bui Charles G. Carter Jeffrey Scott Gragg Stephanie Klein and Larry Baer Arlene Kozimbo and Donald Burgett William Wray Macy Charles and Julianne McEwen Michele Mickela Marina L. Ramon Asher Siddiqui Alan Speidel and Mary Berg Cyrus Mehdi Armajani Nathan Daniel Arroyo Leisl Athen Lucille Ayon and Andres Vilchis Shelley Adina Bates Janis Batesole and Elizabeth Kennedy Christopher and Yvette Belisle* Charles Edward Bruscino Galen R. Carnicelli Marty and Kimberly Couret* Philip and Kathy Davis* Lisa Beth Dorin Mike J. R. Easter Julio Cesar Echeverria Gloria Flor Estavillo Jeremiah Farmer Peter Paul Godoy Eva Katalin Goode and Josh Sante Debra Lynn Grodt Zena Morrien Hunt Donna and Jim Kenney Marianne He-Sook Kim Sandra Jay Loving Alexander Ian MacBride Dominic Martinelli Kirsten M. Menking The scholarship is a way for Ed s vision and values to be carried forward. Alison Keeler Carrillo, widow of UCSC art professor Eduardo Carrillo. Alison and other donors have endowed the Eduardo Carrillo Memorial Scholarship Fund to help art students. Christine Mergozzi Susan Bell Murray John Nibarger and Lisa Mayhew* Jose Sanchez and Stephen Hauskins E. D. Schragg Darren Shearer Rebecca Mary Tearman Lise Margaret Thogersen Paul Joel Vega Maria Carmel Waller and Rod Waller John Andre Wiederhold Sylvia Pfeiffer Williams Corinne Wilson Corinna K. Wu Class of 1996 Gift Total: $16,128 Silver John Matthew MacMahon Scott Curtis Lohr Bryan J. Shapiro Kerstin Wasson and Bruce Lyon Paul James Ausbeck Adam Peter Borcherding Jayson C. Lo Nanette Yvette Ramirez Susanna Blackwell and Carl Haverl* Chandra Frankfort and John Marin Jason Theodore Nelson Linda O Donnell Marvin D. Schober Andrea Marie Testa-Vought Zachary Matthew Train David Valentine Colette A. Willey Jennifer Tecson Agbayani Laura and Gene Allen Manuel Montano Aragon Justin Charles Behar Yvette and Mark Bessey Andrew J. Breitenbach Kevin Stuart Butler Kelly Lin Chang Kimberly and Marty Couret* Kathy and Philip Davis* Maria Diaz and Larry Manes* Randi Lee Dicicco Aimee Laura Eggler Patricia Marie Fong Amy Maria Guthormsen Katherine R. Leslie Miriam Francine Martin Kurt Forg McCormick Chad C. McNeal Morris Allgyer Peters Lea D. Queen Brooks Anthony Robertson Jas and Kat Sandhu Michael and Leah Sievers Jeanine and Nichole Soterwood Christie Monique Thomas Frank Kenya Wheeler Claudia Christina Williams Carol Marie Yvanovich Class of 1997 Gift Total: $8,657 Participation: 3% Mark D. Nockleby Guy Oliver and Patricia Morris* Janis Andria Abbott Denise G. Dallmann Magdalena Gomez Melissa Sara Greco Mark Neely Kamiya Amy Lerner and Charles Hill Daniel H. Rotter Mark Isao Yoshinaka Lisa A. Bates Sharleen Boucher Michael K. Caulfield Cheryl Lynn Correa Marina Llynn Curran Brian Anthony DeVincenzi Peter Gustafson and Katy Cordes* Che Andrew Hammond Don and Meg Harlor Deborah Irene Jansen Georgia Flora Lampros Joshua Marks and Sia Chung- Marks* Denali Laurel McCullough Catherine Mary McGroarty Thomas Osmand and Molina Patel* Lorraine Suzuko Ota Nydia Amaral Pereira Alexandra Margaret Resch Camille and Homero Rey Matthew Rodkey and Summer Lange* Alicia Silverman Laura and Chuck Spidell John Anthony Swanson Carol Ruth Taylor Josh J. Weiner Bertha Magalli Yoho Jinsong Zhao and Lianying Duan Class of 1998 Gift Total: $11,824 Mark Leonard Lechler Noreleen de Mesa and Danny Ly Mattie T. Murakami Adrian Sosa Eric J. Thorne Raul Alfredo Arevalo Jeffrey Alan Craven Barry Edward Fujii Eric and Cynthia Furtado Danielle Marie Javier Marco Antonio Palencia Barbara Sprenger and Ken Meshke Dale E. Summer and Patrick Busch Jill Elaine Tuckman Jessica Gail Vodak Tenisha Hart Armstrong Virginia Janeth Bojorquez Lacey Miller Caldwell Diane Elizabeth Cameron Christopher and Kathryn Castelli* Patricia Chan Nathan Charles Collins Katy Cordes and Peter Gustafson* Allison Queen Cordrey Peter and Martha Dominick Julie Renee Durant Catharine and Peter Eastman Christopher and Lorien French* Lucio Garcia Michael Wai-Ho Gin Lindsay P. Gipe Sandra and David Greer Catherine Ann Handschuh Tiffany Maxine Harmon Jason Harris Hoffman Linda Hong Wendy Jimenez Marisa Amy Kahn Summer Lange and Matthew Rodkey* Jane Lear and Susan Myers Holly Maureen Ledesma Maria Concepcion Leyva Cynthia and Richard Mahon* Sia and Joshua Marks* Ann E. McDowell J. Stephen Miller Jaime Molina and Ramona Linan Amy Colleen Newkirk Sunshine M. Okano James Lindley Patterson Shauna Ann Potocky Courtney Vivien Potter David Ethan Sanders Adam David Sinton Gwendolyn Edrie Strachan-Davis Justine Turner Tomohisa Watanabe Olympia Charmaine Williams Autumn and Andreas Zindel Class of 1999 Gift Total: $11,335 Participation: 3% Silver Robert Brackett and Suzanne Garcia* Daniel and Janice Fischler Cheryl Ann Davis Jill and Hal Judd Danette and Paul Ahlin Lemor Alcalay Dominique and Thomas Czepowicz Nancy Yvonne Foster Sean David Hansen Renee Jean Heinlein Micol A. Benet and Daniel Roberts Michael Phillip Black Daniel Avram Borlean Michael August Bournique Angela Yumiko Boyd Roxanne Marie Brown Shoshana Dawn Brown Michele Leigh Buckhorn Louis Anthony Burchyns Craig Alexander Chalmers Tamara and Gerry Doan Laura K. Fisher Rafael Garcia Justin Daniel Guan Amber Rhiannon Hampton Christopher Dale Lewis Brian Alexander Martin Justin M. Meek Pamela Moser and Kenneth Averill* Daranee Suchada Oakley Tina Marie Piazza-Mazzella Robin Laurel Prather Marjan A. Rotting Christopher Jan Sabre Lissa Marie Schuman Jessica K. Sullivan Maria M. Villagomez Lorena Warner-Lara and Ebert Lara Jesse Lee Wernick Kelly Ann Williams Sarma Williams Class of 2000 Gift Total: $13,260 David Morrell and Kirsten Silva Gruesz Kyla Ardele Sankey Anne Makiko Ishii Patricia and Benjamin Schneider* Lisa Leanne Conn Fernando Delgadillo Bryce Edwards Tarita Ann Fazio Carole and Alex Keim* Alexander Tibor Stefansky Bayard Wesley Stryker Elizabeth and John Turner Carey Lene Anderson John Robert Carnahan Linda Consuelo Carrillo Dale and Jimmie Sue Clark Mark Creech and Dorothy Jakobsen* Elizabeth and Brian Eaton Kirsten and Travis Finucane* Ana Griselda Lazo Amy Jo Moss Jay Carl Nix Damian Michael Parr Lissa Faye Pearlman Jexter Austria Reynante Genica Robbins and Adam Schwartzberg* Nathan Peter Rogers-Madsen Hamsa Sanders Jessica Nicole Schattenburg Alexis Niccole Schopp Pamela Caryn Seid Mona D. Singh Kimberlee Michele Stack Michelle St. Clair and Michael Jerman Sara Bryony Sweet Courtney Elizabeth Utman Kyoko Yamashita Arman Zand Class of 2001 Gift Total: $4,792 Participation: 2% Silver Suzanne Garcia and Robert Brackett* Maricela Cortez Selene Benita Teitelbaum Jonah Michael Carson Alexander and Carole Keim* Krista and Robert O Connor Lily Korina Ruderman Kelly Aileen Bordin Molly Elizabeth Church Elva Luz Garcia Camille Xochitl Goss Angel Ismail-Beigi Branden C. Johannesen Valentin Macias Jr. Nicholas Alan Marchi Kimi S. Mojica Jason Scott Pasero R. Bruce Paton Christopher Gerard Potts Adam Schwartzberg and Genica Robbins* Class of 2002 Gift Total: $4,286 Participation: 2% Nadeen Jessica Saad Erin Kalendar Balabanian Denise Chyrl Fischer Elizabeth Gomez Zack Adam Weigert-Derr Scott Alan Adams Leah Elizabeth B. Berkowitz Melissa Grace Cespedes Kristin Lynn Cobb and Sameer Sainani Matthew Peter Engel Trevor C. Gauntlett Isaac Dylan Hoffman Deborah Enrile Lao Shellee Genna Leong Matthew Ryan LeVine Julie Owens Luikart Kendra Morgenrath Joshua Fisher Pappalardo Nick James Peterson Nanette Rincon Ryan Wing-Kit Tsun April Marie Yee Brian Andrew Yee Class of 2003 Gift Total: $10,261 Participation: 3% David and Laura Kulp Victor Bovee Dods Mischa Ray Plunkett Paula C. Allen Thomas Michael Belote Andrea Carmen Boggs Hannah Portia De La Vega Gabriel Juarez Johnny Ryan Luong Felicia Sheree Pate Laurie Astor Vierra Alta Aurora Mar Anzalone Jaime Anne Ballew Jennifer Anne Brooks Nicholas Ryan Burns Jason Camara and Michel McMahan* Susan Marie Campbell Billy Chau Alyson Judith Converse Alonso Corona Carolina and Fernando D Acosta Courtney Elizabeth Griffin Carlos Ebrian Gutierrez Marisa Christine Hernandez Kimberly Nicole Jackson Gabrielle B. Kilburn Benjamin David Kohler-Crowe Anthony and Sabrina Lozano* Sarah Beth Malashock Mark Pang-Fie Ng Paul Richard Oeser Nicholas Jess Philbrook Sam E. Ridino Hannah Rebecca Roth Derrick Christopher Seeto Dennis John Solis Erin Cathleen Tempero Eduardo Armando Vaisman Rebecca L. Wecks Jonathan Christopher Whittinghill Victoria Anne Wong Class of 2004 Gift Total: $18,460 Gloria Anzaldúa Peter M. Beckmann Stephanie Joy Miller Isaac Bowman Anderson Eric Rolfe Heine Navneet Gopal Mathur Monica Marie Carney Milton Shun Chiu Marshall Payne Clark Michael Cook Crosby Ricardo and Michelle De La Paz Sylvia Souza De La Sancha Frazier D. Haney Idonnah Hipolito Marisa Renee Louie Amanda Leanne Beaumont Julia Berezovskaya Christina Lenore Blakkan Daniel Ryan Blanchard Sheena Velasco Blanco Sam Butler Braff Jared M. Briscoe Cindy Chavez Nikolette Ysidra Clavel Pamela Jenny Diep Galen Cara Disston Sandra Patricia Fajardo Amy Marie Fernandez Jeffrey Earl Field Mark Takemi Finucane Joel Ram Ford Liron Friedman Arthur Slezak Gaus Carole Griffin Bruce Guenard David Alan Gurevich Nathan Joel Hendricks Evan J. Jaundzems Eden Silva Jequinto Kellie Ann Keirn Caitlin Grace Kimsey Aaron Michael Koblin Lynda Koepfer Kimberly Kay Korbein Jordan Alan Krone David Lam Daniel Kim Lebus Alexandra Morrash LeVine Peter Han Hui Li Michelle Margaret Lockhart Keith Long Erica Megumi Maeyama Thaddeus Adam Nespeca Kelly Brandon Ng Andrew P. Y. Peterson Nicholas Eldon Pisca Saskia Louisa Roessel Plessman Sabry Estuardo Ramirez Aurora Richard Nicole Irene Rios Jacob Samuel Harris Rudolph Sheng Siew Saechao Melissa Parichart Shelton Megan Kathleen Slusher Kathleen Breanna Smith Robbin Lynn Stull Mary Rebecca Sweeters Heather Ilona Tomlinson Autumn Serenity Wade-Hak Joshua Allen Bryan Wallace Elizabeth Ann Windham Aurianna Rosella Woodson Class of 2005 Gift Total: $13,528 Participation: 8% Leeor Ziv Brown Miguel Delgado Geoffrey Mun Fong Melanie Gault-Ringold Jaime Isaac Gonzalez Erin S. Gordon Alissa Dawn Krueger Latisha Kay-Shan Leung Mollie Jones Lewis Amy Marie Strang Kyle Maurice Weinberg Stanley G. Xu Jennifer M. Allen Elizabeth Catherine Atwood Giselle Tiongson Basada Andrew Blomquist Michelle Yew Mei Boey Anabelle Joy Carreon Joseph Zachary Chenoweth Jennifer Ann Conrey Katherine Magsambol Dela Cruz Elena Marie Finkbeiner Lindsey Ryan Fitch Daniel Neal Gebhart Todd Gonsalves Kirsten Laine Graves Russell Gronsky Sean Hadley Wendy Ann Hall Stacy Marie Hartman Yuki Hayashi Jose Hernandez Emily Van Dai Hoang Peter Michael Hopkins Keith Jackson Lisa Kauchak Sarah Kimbrell Stefan Kutzmann Candra Jean Lancaster Donald R. Lapel Miriam L. Lavender Shannon Lawrence Sarah Helena Levitan Sonia Karina Leyva Tony Loi Adriana Lopez Lorenzana Kimberly Anne Maas Kevin Mark McConnell Michael Sean McKaig Ryan McMullen Julia Virginia Mies Alexandra Hayley Mills Erin Lee Morris Daniel Nelson Jason S. Nou Kristin Marie Onorato Cameron Benedict Parkinson Elizabeth Anne Patton Renee L. Peck Robin N. Phillips Elizabeth Kathryn Pool Philip Samuel Reed Nicholas Jon Reynolds Megan Anjuli Rippy Angela C. Rosales Jillian Ruppenstein Paul and Marilyn Salazar Daniel McDonough Satterthwaite Heather Marie Schwappach Seyha Seang Holly Jean Shisler Lauren Reiter Swanson Kristine Vanderhoof Elisabeth June Wright-Valadez Daniel Alexis Xavier Business,, and Organization Contributors (Gifts of $100 or more) Businesses (Includes company-sponsored foundations) A & A Auction Galleries Acacia Winery Accenture Access Distributors Adaptec Adobe Systems Advanced Medical Optics Advanced Micro Devices Agilent Technologies AIG Albion Inn Allanson Insurance Agency Alma Gifts Almar Cleaners Anadarko Petroleum AnnieGlass AOL Time Warner Applied Materials Artwork Conversion Software AT&T Balance Hydrologics Balbas and Tiffany Ball Bank of America Barefoot Cellars Barossa Grill Barry Swenson Builder Baskin and Grant Attorneys at Law Bay Area Research Bay Photo Lab B.C.E. Beau Vine Vineyard Bechtel Beckmann s Bakery Bed and Biscuits/Groomingdales Berger-Lewis Accountancy Best Western Seacliff Inn BHP Billiton Big Creek Lumber Bill Cody Blackwell North America Blue Heron Design Group Bock Wines Boeing Company Bogard Construction Bolton Hill Company Bonny Doon Vineyard and Winery Bookshop Santa Cruz Bosso, Williams, Sachs, Atack, Gallagher, and Sanford BP Brayton and Purcell Bridal Veil Fashions Bristol-Myers Squibb Brostrom s Burlington Resources Business Wire Cadence Design Systems Cakebread Cellars California Pacific Designs California Pajarosa Campus Marketing Services Canon Capital Group Companies Charitable CapRock Geology Carried Away Cartwright, Fulton and Adams Chardonnay Sailing Charters ChevronTexaco Chicago Mercantile Exchange Chiron Christiansen Associates Cindy Searles Ceramics Cisco Systems CIT Group Citrix Systems Classic Cleaners Clorox Company Clouds Downtown Club Aquatic Sport Coast Commercial Bank Coca-Cola Bottling Company of California Coffee Cat Karen Cogswell s Network Mortgage Comerica Bank Commercial Assessment Consultants ConocoPhillips Company Cottonwood Consulting Couch Distributing Company Covello and Covello Photography Crow s Nest Restaurant Cruz Car Wash Cyclops Electrical Systems Darling House DATCO Services Deepleaf Productions Kevin Deetz Glass Art Digital Strata Walt Disney Company Dominican Santa Cruz Hospital Dot Constructors Dow Jones & Company Draper Consulting Group Duke Energy Moss Landing Power Plant ebay Max Ebrahimian, D.D.S. Eco Goods Edison International Educational Systemics Electric Sierra Cycles EMD Biosciences Emile s Restaurant Energy Research and Generation Erik s Deli Cafe E. Scapades Exxon Feathered Follies Federated Department Stores Fifth Third Bank Fine Art Photography First Data Western Union Firstwave Events FitzGerald Five Stars Yacht of Sausalito 4charity Frame Studio Franus Wine Company Freeline Design Funsten Asset Management FV Kyrabunga Gabriella Cafe Gap Gayle s Bakery and Rosticceria Frank Gaynor and Associates Genentech General Electric Geotrace Technologies G H Specialties Gilead Sciences Lisa Gimmy Landscape Architecture Goldman Sachs Gold s Gym Google Grunsky Ebey Farrar & Howell Haleiwa Joe s Seafood Grill Half Moon Bay Brewing Company Halliburton Halstead Pump Haro, Kasunich & Associates Peter D. Hart Research Associates Hartford Insurance Group Haselton and Haselton Attorneys Healthy Way Heather s Patisserie Heritage Book Shop Herland: The WanderGround Hewlett-Packard Hidden Gardens Nursery Hilton Santa Cruz/Scotts Valley Hines Pest and Weed Control Hotline Wetsuits Hutchinson & Bloodgood Ed Hutton Consulting Group IBM imacon Ineich & Company ING Intel J and L Adult Residential Facility Joni L. Janecki and Associates JK Group G. O. Johnson/Campbell & George Company Johnson & Johnson Rogers E. Johnson and Associates Journeyworks Publishing Kelt Systems Kings Village Shopping Center Klontz and Hurtt Knight Ridder Kosan Biosciences KPAN 76 KPMG Peat Marwick Krell Institute KT La Mission Restaurant Frans Lanting Gallery Las Olitas Cantina and Grille Lasting Impressions Photography Liberty Bank Eli Lilly and Company Linmar Management Lintelle Engineering Literary Guillotine Lloyd s Tire Service Local E Pages.Com Lockheed Scholarship Logos Books and Records Lubrizol Lundberg Studios Magnitude Electronics Mars McGraw-Hill Companies McHenry Vineyard McKesson Merrill Lynch and Company Meru Networks Michael s on Main Microsoft Mission Construction Modern Life Monster Cable Products Monterey Bay Kayaks Monterey Bay Nursery Moody s Matching Gifts Program Moore Tax Service J. P. Morgan Chase Morgan Stanley Dean Witter Morgan Winery MultiGiG Nalith Nannor Technologies Nara Bank National Everclean Services National Semiconductor NCR Network Appliance New Leaf Community Markets Paul Newman Charitable Giving Newman s Own Organics Nokia Nolan, Zinn and Associates Nordic Naturals Ocean Chevrolet Honda Odwalla O Neill Surf Shop/Sea Odyssey Oracle Oracle Systems Orchard Supply Hardware Orion Microelectronics Oxford West Pacific Credit Services Pacific Excavation and Retaining Walls Pacific Gas and Electric Company Pacific Investment Management Company Pacific Sun Properties Packet Design Management Company Pahlmeyer Winery Palace Art and Office Supply Palm Properties Panarex Electronics Par Builders Paradise Surf Shop Pasatiempo Golf Club Patagonia Peachwood s Steakhouse Pearl Alley Bistro and Wine Bar Pebble Beach Company Pelican Ranch Winery Peninsula Poultry Sales Pension Consulting Alliance Petroglyph Ceramic Lounge R. H. Phillips Hogue Plant Providers Plantronics Play It Again Sports Plaza Lane Optometry Poppleton s Porter Novelli Power Economics Pricewaterhouse Coopers Proteus Farm Provac Sales Qualcomm Steven Raas and Associates Pete Ramage Construction RAMCO Rathkenny Raytheon Company Red Restaurant and Bar Ristorante Avanti Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay Riva Fish House Roche Palo Alto Rocksoft Roti Indian Bistro Sabieng Thai Cuisine Safeway Saintsbury Salamandre Wine Cellars Sallie Mae Fund Samsung Electronics Company Sanctuary Cruises Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Santa Cruz Bicycles Santa Cruz Coffee Roasting Company Santa Cruz Medical Clinic Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard Santa Cruz Mountain Winegrowers Association Santa Cruz Radiation Oncology Santa Cruz Sentinel Sausalito Art Festival Savannah Chanelle Vineyards SBC Schneck and Schneck Law Offices Charles Schwab Science Applications International Scitor Screen Imaging Technology Seagate Technology Seagull Solutions Seascape Flowers and Antiques Seiler and Company Sessions Architecture Shadowbrook Restaurant Shamrock Agency Shell International Exploration and Production Sherwood Builders Sierra View Ranch Sigma-Aldrich Silicon Heights Computers Silkwood Glass Silva-Santella Gardening Silver Mountain Vineyards Ski Shop Santa Cruz Soif Wine Bar and Merchants Solcon Solar Construction Solutions for Biotech Sonnet Wine Cellars Sony USA Southern California Gas Company Spencer Roloson Winery Spex St. Supery Vineyards and Winery State Farm Companies State Farm Insurance Stonyfield Farm Storrs Winery and Vineyards Sun Microsystems Superior Foods Surfer s Paradise Hawaii Surftech Sutter Maternity and Surgery Center Swiss Re Symantec Tampico Kitchen Tom Teifer Women s Wear Tenet Healthcare Texas Instruments Theatric Support The Indus Entrepreneurs Theo s Restaurant Theravance Thunder Mountain Winery Tiedemann Nursery Tiffin Company TOTLCOM Twisselman Enterprises UBS USA UMB Bank Union Bank of California Union Oil Company California Unique Homes and Land Universal Audio Unocal Urban Groove Ursa Vineyards Vanguard Group Bill Varie Photography Vault Gallery Veritable Vegetable Verizon Via Ripatti Designs Wachovia Walther/Plevka Washington Mutual Well Being Center Wells Fargo West Coast Weather Vanes West Marine Western Medical Associates, Santa Cruz Westside Animal Hospital Woodall & Almeida Wylie Properties Xerox Xilinx ZMOS Technology Zoccoli s Delicatessen s Lester S. Abelson ACE INA Ahmanson Winifred and Harry B. Allen Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration ARCS Myrtle L. Atkinson AVI CHAI Ayco Charitable John D. Baldeshwieler and Marlene R. Konnar Barkley Fund California Endowment Community Technology of California S. H. Cowell Gladys Krieble Delmas Denver Zoological Dharma-Grace Drexler Driscoll s Charitable Fund Ellison Medical Finkelman Family Charitable Flora Family Ford Friends International Gaia Fund Ann and Gordon Getty J. Paul Getty Glaser Family Walter and Elise Haas Fund Halliday Bill Hannon Hasan Family Clarence E. Heller Charitable William and Flora Hewlett Hierarchical Systems Research Islands Fund Jewish Communal Fund Joyce Robert Wood Johnson Dirk and Charlene Kabcenell Kazaz, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons and Farrise W. K. Kellogg Ada Howe Kent Khan Spire Family Rose F. and Alice M. Koffend Koret John S. and Florence G. Lawrence L. S. B. Leakey Henry Luce Marisla Nan Tucker McEvoy McKnight Andrew W. Mellon Milligan Family MLB Monterey Bay Sanctuary Monterey Peninsula Gordon and Betty Moore Morgan Family National Endowment for the Arts Organic Farming Research David and Lucile Packard Karen and Christopher Payne Pottruck Family Renard Family Rockefeller Russell Sage Porter Sesnon Shapiro Family Charitable SIMA Enviromental Fund Raj Singh Skoll Walter and Judith Sleeth Alfred P. Sloan Spalding Family W. Clement and Jessie V. Stone George B. Storer Stuart Stupski Family Taube Family Texas A&M Research Tomash Family TOSA Wadhwani Wellpoint Westcliff 22 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 23

13 Campus Organizations Bay Tree Bookstore Theta Chi UCO/Lick Observatory UCSC Alumni Association UCSC Firefighters Association UCSC OPERS Boating Center UCSC Women s Club Other Organizations American Chemical Society American Composers Forum Asian Pacific Fund Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am Youth Fund Cabrillo Aquatics California Rare Fruit Growers California Retired Teachers Association Cars 4 Causes Community Alliance with Family Farmers Congregation Beth Am Consulate General of Japan Council of Graduate Schools Cultural Council of Santa Cruz Co. Delta Kappa Gamma Theta Glad Fellowship Goethe Institute Hartnell College Harvard University Inner Light Ministries Island Conservation and Ecology Group Japan Patent Office KUSP Radio Land Institute Monterey Bay Aquarium Monterey Bay Expeditions Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Monterey Peninsula College National Academy of Sciences National Dance Project National Geographic Society Nature Conservancy New York Community O.L.A. Raza New York Community Philharmonica Baroque Orchestra Play Faire Productions Rotary Club of Santa Cruz Sacramento Region Community Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce Santa Cruz County Chapter of the CA Native Plant Society Santa Cruz Masters Aquatics Santa Cruz Women s Club Seascape Greens Homeowners Association Soroptimist International of Santa Cruz Stifterverband fur die Deutsche Wissenschaft United Way of the Bay Area University of Puget Sound Western States Arts Federation Western Washington University Whitney Museum of American Art Woodside Atherton Garden Club s Stanley and Joan Abrams 2004 Community Property Allard Living Barbara J. Austin Family Skipper and Corby Baumgarten Margaret Ingalls Bodfish D. B. Borson and M. A. Rheinschmidt Bronstein Virginia C. Campbell Barbara Gay Canfield Carrillo and Franco Revocable Family Anne Jane Fanny Carruthers Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Donald and Emily Clark Glynis M. Crabb Laura L. Denny Living Robert W. Dodge Duffus Family Dunmire 1986 Beatrice D. Elliott Living Engel Fashinell Family Fiddes-Talmadge Family Gisko Family Wanda L. Hamming Revocable Living James H. Hammond and Barbara J. Hammond Robert and Virginia Heinlein Gregory Alan and Rosellen Diehl Hong Revocable Ronald and Lanette Irwin 1989 Family Richard Josephson Keech Family Melanie Kett Stock Kretschmer Revocable Lantz Revocable Living Dan A. Lewis Dean and Jane McHenry Alice P. Mead E. A. and L. S. Musselwhite Nellany Family Patricia E. Oliansky Revocable William D. Phillimore Living Rowland and Patricia Rebele Darryl and Heather Richman Mary Joan Rodriguez Ross Family 1981 Frances Tracy Schilling Living Schlegel Roberta Schnittger H. Boyd Seymour Jr. Shires Family Ethel Skenazy Stanley Smith Horticultural Winifred J. Steiner Stietzel Family Rev. No. 2 Peter C. Strauli Tate Family R. Michael Tanner Eugene B. Walsh Family Wasserstrom Family Rachel Wedeen Samuel L. Wright Jr. Family Chicken or Egg? For the Perlinos, the chicken came first. After years of raising chickens, the Perlinos, through a bequest, left a sizable nest egg benefiting students at UC Santa Cruz. At the same time, they bypassed capital gains and estate taxes. Discover how making a planned gift may unlock financial opportunities for you, too. Contact Adam Davidow, Gift Planning Analyst, at (831) or Visit us on the web at: CREDITS Writing: Ann M. Gibb Karen Kroslowitz Tim Stephens Editing: Vicki Bolam Carol Fox Jeanne Lance Art direction: Jim MacKenzie Design: Linda Knudson Jim MacKenzie Donor data: Rebecca Barnes Karen Kroslowitz Melissa Trail Mary Wells Graph design: Linda Knudson Production coordination: Janice Tetlow For more information, please contact: University Relations Elizabeth Irwin Thomas Vani Interim Co-Vice Chancellors (831) Development Jennifer Svihus Associate Vice Chancellor (831) Annual Fund and Colleges Jennifer Wood (831) Arboretum Tad Sterling (831) Arts Ann McCrow (831) Jack Baskin School of Engineering Stephen Bourdow (831) Humanities Nora Sweeny (831) Library Margaret Gordon (831) Physical and Biological Sciences Lynne Stoops (831) Scholarships and Student Affairs Ronaldo Ramírez (831) Social Sciences John Leopold (831) University Relations Office of Development University of California 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA (831) (800) Fax: (831) Web: Have you met your match? Double or even triple your UC Santa Cruz gift at no cost to you through your employer s matching gift program. Contact your human resources office or Zachery Weigert-Derr at (831) or for more information. We ll help you meet your match. 24 g i v e t o. u c s c. e d u 11/05(05-184/55M)


DUKE FORWARD CAMPAIGN: Fall 2012 A Development Newsletter for Duke Law Alumni and Friends ANNOUNCING THE DUKE FORWARD CAMPAIGN: Investing in the people who make Duke Law great Our goal is to raise $85 million in the next five

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Juan Delgado's. Poetry. The Public and Private Life of I N S I D E : Volume 13 Issue 1 Fall/Winter 2004. News for Alumni and Friends of the University

Juan Delgado's. Poetry. The Public and Private Life of I N S I D E : Volume 13 Issue 1 Fall/Winter 2004. News for Alumni and Friends of the University I N S I D E : What will the proposed observatory planned for Badger Hill be like? page 10 There s a new high school in Rialto, and no one could be more pleased than Amina page 25 The Public and Private

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News. UM Faculty FOUNDATION. Increasing. Support. Thank You. Benefactors Strengthen

News. UM Faculty FOUNDATION. Increasing. Support. Thank You. Benefactors Strengthen FOUNDATION Produced by The University of Mississippi Foundation FALL 2013 News Increasing Faculty Support Thank You Benefactors Strengthen UM Faculty Louis and Lucia Brandt of Houston, Texas, p. 11 Charles

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connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future

connections HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Legacies Point to Our Future HACC Central Pennsylvania s Community College Legacies Point to Our Future connections WINTER 2011 John Ford embraced pioneering attitude Dr. John Ski Sygielski designated 7th president To improve your

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C LBY-SAWYER. Hilary Cleveland s 50 Years of Living and Teaching History

C LBY-SAWYER. Hilary Cleveland s 50 Years of Living and Teaching History C LBY-SAWYER A L U M N I M A G A Z I N E Hilary s History Lobster Pie of the Gods A Humane Home on the Range Behind the Beats of WSCS Hilary Cleveland s 50 Years of Living and Teaching History S PRING/SUMMER

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A Historic Visit to Buffalo

A Historic Visit to Buffalo UB The Magazine of the University at Buffalo Law School The State University of New York LAWFORUM A Historic Visit to Buffalo Court of Appeals Invited by UB Law Alumni Association F A L L 2 0 0 5 UB Law

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it comes to the partnership of the UF College of Nursing and the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SGVHS).

it comes to the partnership of the UF College of Nursing and the North Florida/South Georgia Veterans Health System (NF/SGVHS). the gator Summer summer 2008 volume XI, Number 1 nurse the newsletter for the alumni of the uf college of nursing Innovation through Collaboration: UF and VA partner to address nursing shortage, education

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From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past

From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI Vol. 32 No. 1 Spring 2008 School of Law From Lawyer to Legislator: Learning the Process of Politics from Those Who Share A Common Past News for Alumni and Friends of the University

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2013 Reunion ALSO INSIDE: T H E A L U M N A E M A G A Z I N E O F S P E L M A N C O L L E G E V O L U M E 1 2 4 N U M B E R 1 S P R I N G 2 0 1 4

2013 Reunion ALSO INSIDE: T H E A L U M N A E M A G A Z I N E O F S P E L M A N C O L L E G E V O L U M E 1 2 4 N U M B E R 1 S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 Stacey Dougan, C 98, Raw Vegan Chef T H E A L U M N A E M A G A Z I N E O F S P E L M A N C O L L E G E V O L U M E 1 2 4 N U M B E R 1 S P R I N G 2 0 1 4 ALSO INSIDE: 2013 Reunion S P E L M A N Messenger

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GAZINE FOR LOUISBURG COLLEGE COLUMNS THE MAGAZINE FOR LOUISBURG COLLEGE ALUMNI & FRIENDS WINTER 2011 The Pathway to Education 224 Years and Counting... DONOR HONOR ROLL Inside Admissions Counselor Katie Price does her best to focus

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Gift to Engineering School Will Transform Information Technology at U.Va.

Gift to Engineering School Will Transform Information Technology at U.Va. volume 1, issue I, march 2007 The impact of generosity on innovation, progress and promise at the U.Va. School of Engineering and Applied Science Gift to Engineering School Will Transform Information Technology

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GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APPLIED AND PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY GRADUATE SCHOOL OF APPLIED AND PROFESSIONAL PSYCHOLOGY GSAPP Faculty and Alumni Provide Leading-Edge Autism Services See inside page 3 Spring 2014 Spring 2014 Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional

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Columbia College TODAY. Good Chemistry. James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College. Fall 2012

Columbia College TODAY. Good Chemistry. James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College. Fall 2012 Columbia College Fall 2012 TODAY Good Chemistry James J. Valentini Transitions from Longtime Professor to Dean of the College your columbia connection. the perfect midtown location: network with Columbia

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Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip!

Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip! BUSINESS NETWORK Spring 2001 Alumnus Bob Nieman Entrepreneurial road provides an enjoyable trip! Commencement Inside This Issue Dean s Message Inside Front Cover College Fact Sheet 1-2 Rockford Area Alumni

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the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Fall 2011 Law Campus Has A Bright, New Face

the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Fall 2011 Law Campus Has A Bright, New Face the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Fall 2011 Law Campus Has A Bright, New Face Message from The Dean These are challenging times for us all. The economic downturn

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No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report

No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report No one has to face cancer alone. 2012 Annual Report Supporting Patients Families Caregivers One in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Over 100,000 people will

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Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education. page 2. Insights. IECA Set for Texas Spin as We Celebrate 35th Anniversary Conference

Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education. page 2. Insights. IECA Set for Texas Spin as We Celebrate 35th Anniversary Conference Building Effectiveness Through Continuing Education page 2 Building Blocks to Independent Living page 6 Remembering Leslie Kent page 7 The Newsletter of the Independent Educational Consultants Association

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the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Spring 2012 Capital Center Experts Examine High Court Health Care Case

the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Spring 2012 Capital Center Experts Examine High Court Health Care Case the publication of the university of the pacific mcgeorge school of law Spring 2012 Capital Center Experts Examine High Court Health Care Case Create Your Legacy Include Pacific McGeorge in your will or

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Celebrating. Years. National Achievement Scholarship Program. National Merit Scholarship Corporation 2013 14 Annual Report

Celebrating. Years. National Achievement Scholarship Program. National Merit Scholarship Corporation 2013 14 Annual Report Celebrating 50 Years National Achievement Scholarship Program National Merit Scholarship Corporation 2013 14 Annual Report BOARD OF DIRECTORS RICHARD L. KEYSER, Chairman* Chairman Emeritus W.W. Grainger,

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i 2 e Ignites NYU-Poly Inaugural Commencement

i 2 e Ignites NYU-Poly Inaugural Commencement Summer 2009 Vol. 36 No. 3 THE ALUMNI MAGAZINE OF NYU-POLY i 2 e Ignites NYU-Poly Inaugural Commencement Jubilant members of the Class of 2009 wave fiber optic wands in celebration of their academic achievement.

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University of Southern California

University of Southern California 2010 University of Southern California University of Southern California University Park, UGB 205 Los Angeles, CA 90089-8006 A NEW DAY FOR USC >FINANCIAL REPORT USC celebrates a new president and a long-awaited

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BBN Brevard Business News

BBN Brevard Business News BBN Brevard Business News Vol. 32 No. 6 February 10, 2014 $1.00 A Weekly Space Coast Business Magazine printed in Brevard County, Fla. since 1984 Longtime area resident Weinberg is elected to the Fidelity

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Elizabethtown. Thanks to the single largest cash contribution in the

Elizabethtown. Thanks to the single largest cash contribution in the Elizabethtown News and Views from Elizabethtown College Summer 2006 To Serve Tomorrow Campaign Receives Historic Gift Elizabethtown College Breaks Ground on Masters Center for Science, Mathematics and

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Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform. Benefits

Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform. Benefits The magazine of florida COASTAL SCHOOL OF LAW Benefits Myths, Truths and Consequences of Health Care Reform SUMMER 2012 greetings from Coastal Law intracoastal Drafting my latest welcome note for Coastal

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Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts

Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts Published by John Burroughs School for Alumni, Parents and Friends July 2009 Celebrating the Shahan years and welcoming the Abbotts It had been more than a decade since so many JBS constituents had gathered

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COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations

COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES. Reaching Out. Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations I N S I G H T COMMUNITY FOUNDATIONS SERIES Reaching Out Board Ambassadors for Growth in Community Foundations january 2011 All community foundations do good. Some do better by making full use of board

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Campus Review. Clayton State Sets New Enrollment Record Clayton State University is bucking a trend, not just across Georgia, but across the nation.

Campus Review. Clayton State Sets New Enrollment Record Clayton State University is bucking a trend, not just across Georgia, but across the nation. DREAMS. MADE REAL. Serving the CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY Community Vol. 44, No. XIV Clayton State Sets New Enrollment Record Clayton State University is bucking a trend, not just across Georgia, but across

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